Pilot TEAM Sign Up Sheets
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Chancel Flowers (1):
The flowers on our Chancel each Sunday are donated by congregants, often with a special dedication or message that is printed in that week's Order of Service. 
Once you have signed up, please kindly send your dedication for the Order of Service via email to msc.uureading@gmail.com. If you do not want any dedication printed in the Order of Service, then kindly send an email stating "no dedication" for that date.
Quick Facts for Providing Chancel Flowers:
1. You may bring in a plant or flowers from home or your own garden.
2. You may call in an order to your own plant shop of your choosing and bring it to the church in time for the 9:15 AM service. (15 minutes early is sufficient) Please place it on the chancel and allow your gift to remain through the second service which ends at 12 Noon.
3. Flowers can also be picked up at a supermarket, such as cut flowers or perhaps a silk arrangement of your own choosing. Simple or grand, plain, or complicated, all offerings are equally appreciated and there is no spending requirement or visual requirement whatsoever.
4. After our second service, you can take the flowers home with you, or pre-arrange them to be brought to a church member in need by contacting our Pastoral Care Team or a staff member.
Please contact Melissa Martin, Member Services and Volunteer Coordinator, with questions or for more instructions (msc.uureading@gmail.com).
Ushers (2):
Thank you so much for volunteering for this important service to our congregation! Please plan to arrive 20-25 minutes prior to the worship service. Ushers offer a friendly and kind welcome to all – a smile and quick “good morning” as people enter the sanctuary. If no one else is helping you usher, ask a friend or see the Member Services Coordinator (MSC) who will help find another usher. Help new ushers “learn the ropes.” Ushers have reserved seats in the last pews in the sanctuary; please sit there with anyone who accompanied you to service. These instructions are the “nuts and bolts.” Full details and checklist can be found in the usher book on the usher table in the narthex.
Please put on an Usher/Welcome Ambassador badge (purple) along with your nametag.
Staff provides the Orders of Service (OOS) and any inserts, kept in plastic containers in the Narthex. Assemble the OOS with inserts, if any. Place the OOS on folding tables by both the atrium and narthex entries to the sanctuary.
One usher should be by the narthex entry and one should be by the atrium entry, handing out OOS while greeting members, friends, guests and visitors as they arrive.
Encourage everyone to wear his or her nametag. Provide stick-on nametags to newcomers.
Ask newcomers to fill-out a tan Connection Card if they would like to be contacted by the MSC and receive our email newsletter.
Point out or introduce newcomers to the MSC, if available, and to the minister, if possible.
As the service begins, close the sanctuary doors and take your seat in the rear of the sanctuary. Help latecomers find seats, if need be.
At some point, count the number of congregants. If children are sung-out to Religious Education, then they are not included in this count. Fill out the usher’s blue Attendance Book.
The OOS indicates when the collection will be and the Worship Associate usually announces it. Perform the collection using the brass plates – see detailed instructions.
Tally the collection; fill-in and sign the tally sheet. Put both in a collection envelope.
Deposit the envelope into the slot safe in the UUCR copier/mailroom. The safe is installed into the copier/mailroom cement floor to the right of the copier.
If there is a special collection, the same process should be used. Special collection money must always be kept separate, and separately labeled, from church offertory donations. Mark the envelope clearly that it is for the special collection.
After the service, walk through the pews collecting OOS for recycling & children’s busy boxes. Tidy up hymnals.
Busy Boxes (1):
These boxes supplied for children during our services are stacked at both entrances and contain a variety of materials to keep kids “busy” during service. If you sign up to do the Busy Boxes, you will simply be organizing and straightening them out for the next service by emptying trash left behind and restocking with paper and tinker toys, provided by the MSC. This task can be done anytime the church is open, prior to the 9:15 am service that you have signed up for.
Service Team Captain (1):
This newly created role allows you to sign up to be a resource for the MSC at the service in which you have signed up for. You are signing up knowing that you will help fill in where needed. The MSC is present for services 3 weeks out of the month. If you should be the Service Team Captain on the week the MSC is off, welcoming new visitors will be of extra importance.
Lemonade Maker (1):
During the summer service weeks (the last Sunday in June through the Sunday of Labor Day weekend) we gather for refreshments after our one summer Sunday worship service at 10 am.
We do not make or serve coffee in the summer months. Rather, we enjoy cold lemonade and conversation.
Please consider signing up to supply the lemonade after worship services. It is very easy to do! You may bring in two gallons of store purchased, or freshly squeezed, lemonade in a carton or pitcher.
Should you bring in frozen lemonade to mix in our kitchen, please note that the UUCR does have pitchers for your use. Cups are also supplied by the church. The average summer attendance is 20 to 50.
Volunteers should coordinate with others on that day’s team around supplies needed (2 quarts of Half and Half, 1 quart of milk, and any OPTIONAL snacks you wish to provide – such as fruit, cheese/crackers, veggies/dip, that are particularly welcome).  Please note that UUCR is a peanut-free zone;  in fact, we encourage no nuts in any items for the safety of all.
The Church provides coffee, tea, sweeteners, cups (hot and cold) plastic utensils, table covers, napkins, paper plates, etc. Church also has a good supply of juice and goldfish crackers for children.  You may wish to visit the kitchen ahead of time and familiarize yourself with its layout and workings and the location of the various supplies to reduce the possibility any last minute surprises. 
Coffee Brewer (1):
The Coffee Brewer should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of worship to simply brew the coffee for the morning.
For the first service:
Fill two coffee maker urns (one for regular, and one for decaf), and set out all supplies for both adults and kids (see below). The initial brew should provide a sufficient quantity of coffee for both coffee hours. 
Here are the steps for making coffee:
Use the large, 60 cup urn for regular and the 30 cup urn for decaf. Urns are located near the dishwasher;  additional urns are in the lower left hand cupboard under the counter. The coffee and measuring cups are in the cupboard next to the supply closet in the kitchen.
Fill the large urn right up to the 60 cup mark with cold water. (Run a little through the spout to clear any old coffee.)  Place 3-½ cups of regular coffee in the basket. Assemble the screen and dome and lock in place.
Fill a small urn to the 20 cup level with cold water (run a little water through spout). Place 2 cups of decaf coffee in the basket, assemble and lock lid in place.
Label the urns. Labels and Electrical cords are in the top left drawer under counter.  Plug both urns into the double electrical plug to the left of the counter – make sure the urns are perking before you leave. 
Coffee must be made and brewing prior to the start of the first service.  
If the Coffee Brewer was the designated person to bring the milk and Half and Half, those and any other perishables can be put in the fridge prior to service.  
Hot water for Tea:
Tea drinkers prepare their own tea using hot water and tea bags provided.
Simply fill a tea kettle with cold water and pre-heat before Church service. Most of the stove burners have pilots matches are not needed. If you find a burner without a pilot, there are matches in the closet to the left.
Turn the kettle off before heading into service.
Fellowship Hour Hosts (2):
Hosts should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of worship - arrive by 8:45 am for the first service; 9:30 am for a single service; and 10:30 am for second service.
These individuals will be responsible for the setup of coffee serving area and being on hand during the  serving of coffee, tea, juice and snacks to children, and optional snacks they may choose to provide on that morning.
If one of the Fellowship Hour Hosts  was the designated person to bring the milk and Half and Half, those and any other perishables can be put in the fridge prior to service.  
Hosts should exit the service during the final hymn so that you are able to get items out of the refrigerator, put out snacks, pour juice for children, etc.
Hosts will serve beverages from the windows over the kitchen counter.
In the event that optional food is brought to be served, this can be done from tables in Fellowship Hall that should be set up prior to the service (they are stored in the back room off the kitchen). Table covers, located in the closet just off the entry to the kitchen, are optional. 
The Coffee Brewer will have heated the kettle prior to service, and it will be ready for you to turn back on at the end of the service. Fill two insulated carafes found in the lower cabinet furthest to the right under the counter. There is a white one and a blue one-both labeled “hot water”.
Keep an eye out to see if another kettle full of water needs to be heated.
Regular, decaf and herbal tea bags are in compartments of the amenity dispenser (see below).
AMENITY DISPENSER (Revolving Tower) - A dispenser with compartments containing sugar/sweetener packets, stirrers and various tea bags is stored in the base cabinet immediately to the left of the stove.
At the end of the second coffee hour, tidy up the dispenser, restock if necessary (supplies in cabinet under serving window) and return to its cabinet.
KID’S WINDOW - The smaller window to the far left of the main serving area is where the kids are served juice and crackers.  Serve the juice in 5 ounce cold cups about ¾ filled. GoldFish crackers are served from a large bowl or the goldfish container into small cups. Kids help themselves.  Keep an eye out to see if refills are needed.  One or two kids may ask for cocoa. There are packets available (amenity dispenser) to satisfy this request; please help the child pour hot water and make sure the drink is not too hot – it takes a village!
Viewing the counter from the kitchen, we suggest that you place the decaf urn (which has a short cord) first, then in turn, cups, the regular coffee urn, milk and ½ and 1/2, the amenities, a holder for trash (packet papers, stirrers, etc.), hot water carafes, and then a few more cups for tea and a stack of napkins. 
Note that Cups, napkins, table covers, plastic ware etc. are in the closet just inside the kitchen.
If you are cutting cheese, bread or other foods and need a knife, there is a variety of cutlery in the left hand drawer in the cook’s table. Cutting boards are in the center drawer under the window counter.
Fifteen minutes into coffee hour, unplug the urns. Coffee will stay sufficiently hot.
If you need assistance, please indicate on the sign-up sheet and someone will be available to mentor you.
Fellowship Hour Cleanup (2) (after single or second service):
Clean up Fellowship Hour table, put things away, wash out coffee urns and any obvious messes.
About 15 minutes into Fellowship Hour, the Cleanup individuals should connect with the Hosts and decide when to begin removing items that have been emptied or used and tidying up the kitchen.
CLEAN UP (after the first Fellowship Hour):
Remove the grounds from each urn and tidy the counter and replenish supplies for adults and kids.
If applicable, before the second service starts, unplug the urns, carefully remove the basket and dump the grounds in the waste barrel under the counter. Note:  The basket and grounds are hot—use hand protection. Reassemble urns and re-plug. Make sure lids are locked.
CLEAN UP (after the second Fellowship Hour):
Pour any leftover coffee into sink (caution: coffee can be very hot).  Note:  Do not put garbage in sink. There is no disposal.
Using a handi-wipe, clean urn components with water only. Rinse well, including urn spout. Leave spouts open. Urns may be loosely reassembled and returned to cabinet to air dry.  Wash by hand any utensils used, especially knives and cutting boards. Dish detergent is at the triple sink.
Stow everything back into their respective cabinets and/or drawers.  Wipe down all counters and cook’s table with damp handi-wipes (include detergent if necessary). Dry with paper towels.
Sanitize counters and table by spraying with sanitizing solution. Sanitizing spray bottles are kept on the cleaning supply rack in the area immediately beyond the kitchen. This is a bleach solution so be careful not to spray clothing.  Dry all surfaces after sanitizing.
Role Descriptions