Everything is Everything Goal Setting and Action Plan Sheet
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*Challenge Details:

-There is no charge, this is about you against yourself
-Commit by signing your name below
-We can help you develop a goal and plan if needed
-The challenge starts on 9/27 and lasts for 5 weeks
Sept 2014 pre-tests
601RM2 mins
NameMDR or VeniceSpecific GoalEIE RESULTSPlan of ActionOther notes or infoSnatchC+JPistolsCals RwdDUsStr. PullUpsBar MUsT2BStr. HSPUsHandstand holdL-Sit
David ParadisoMDR Gain 10lbs by NoveTrain 5x per week, focus on strength training, perform conditioning 2x per week. To support muscle growth, ensure that I get a minimum of 7hrs of sleep a night, make sure I get enough carbs, don't drink alcohol late night during the week (only weekends:)Currently weigh 160lbs
Dutch SteutelMDR165# OHS by October 31 (which would be a 20# PR)185 OHS (improved mobility and a bit more shoulder strenght). Dropped 3 pounds to 176. Some Muscle gain due to more strenght trainng and less conditioning. Site effects: linking 3 to 4 Muscle ups, much improved strict push ups. 66 pistols in 2 minutes, versus 42 5 weeks ago. Improve hip -, ankle-, and shoulder mobility. Mobilize 7 days a week. Train 5X a week with focus on Oly lifting and squats. Condition during weekends. Drop 4# to 175# by eating less nuts and fruit. Based on squat and push press, strength should not be limiting factor for this goal.1351854250164110109 (it used to be 15)0:150:37
Estelle AtneyMDR105# C&J and 80# Snatch by Nov. 1, and cut out sugar and "bad" snacks (again)Hit VBC 2-3x per week, condition with fitness classes at least 2x per week, try to mobilize every day.  Make healthier choices when shopping instead of going by cravings.current C&J is 95#...current snatch is 70#709528 w/ red band0:20
Martina ParadisoVenice20" HSspend 10 minutes before or after every class practicing handstand progressions.Current situation is dire. Can stay inverted for at least a minute against the wall so have the strength. Time to actually practice.
James McCoyVeniceAchieve previous running ability at my current body weight. This is include a 5:45 mile and a sub 20 minute 5K.
Courtneyrose ChungMDR1 Strict HSPU, 1 Bar MU without a band, strict paleoWork on strict HSPU and bar muscle ups and progressions before/after class. Keep a nutrition journal and pre-plan meals and grocery shopping.Current HSPU is with blue bands. Current bar MU is with blue band.
Gretchen HeltMDR100 unbroken DU'spracitce practice practice! Lost my DU's. Sustained a miniscus tear in my knee and have to be super
careful, needless to say my jump rope prowess has suffered. Going to
start from basic progressions and commit to 15 minutes a day of
Alexandra CauseyMDRLinked Bar Muscle-UpsPrioritze progressions after training and group class. Specifically work on kipping and transitioning.Currently use blue band during workouts.
Travis AbrahamMDR350+ Back Squat. 225 Snatch. Continue to make strength a priority and focus on glute strength and mobility. Implement snatch first pulls and other variations to become stronger off the ground. Mobility is good but I am having more issues with soreness and tightness. I need to become more flexible with Hip ER and continue to mobilize the hips, hamstrings and IT Bands.
Dave ChungMDRIsabel Rx in < 15 minutes & lose 5 pounds Train 4x/week, go to VBC 2x+/week, train progressively shorter barbell EMOM-style workouts on the weekends. No sugary drinks and no bready carbs. Listen to McCoy so bar stops getting away from me.135# is currently my 1RM. This is a big stretch goal to be able to do this 30 times. Need to be able to power snatch 135#. I think my squat and shoulder strength is there, but need to work on form & consistency. Currently weigh 148#
Gordon GouldVenice1) complete Kokoro Camp 2) achieve previous running ability at my current body weight. This is include a 6:45 mile and a sub 20 minute 5K. 3) strict muscle up by 11/1/141) Complete the 20x and take learnings about weaknesses in my performance during that event to develop a training plan for Kokoro Camp in Spring 2015. This is my MEDIUM TERM goal but I think it is going to require good deal of smart training / prep for me to get a 45 year old body thru kokoro in one piece. 2) keep focused on endurance, power-endurance, and durability/mobility training up until 5 days before the event. Get lots of sleep and don't eat crap. Also need to take care of my achilles (both ankles) and my left elbow) 3) figure out a training plan to scale. Work on MU's post 20x1) this is a short-term goal since the event is on 9/27. Honestly, I am a bit freaked out by this event and am hoping I can finish it. I am pretty sure I can, barring injury but it is going to be grueling. 2) will have more details on best approach post-20x 3) can (occasionally) manage a kipping bar MU but usually need a band and they are def not pretty / textbook examples of an MU :)
Matthew WalrathVenice1)Hack's Pack HSPU Minimums (25 Strict, 30 Kipping) 20 Strict1)2x per week practice 3x5 Tempo HSPU, 1x strict 6" deficit for 3x Max reps. For all HSPU work outs I will take big sets strict and use band support to maintain force production in short period of time. Old strict HSPU PR is 17, will retest today. EDIT: retested at 13 :(
LG Venice 7 UB MU, 1 Strict MU Min 2x/week practice drills on floor, use band (ideally spotter) for strict. Keep up on shoulder stability/mobility exercises. Dont be so fat.
JackieMDRLink 5 T2BCombination of different core/hip flexor exercises 4 times a week. Work on Shoulder and Upper Back mobility. Currently could probably do 3 if I HAD to, but then grip goes. So maybe include some forearm/ grip work as well. But also have very weak lats.
Rob RayMDRLose 10% Body fat

Up participation to 3x a week
Cardio 2 mornings a week (30 min)
Watch Macro-nutrient levels
Performance goals all get easier if I fix the first one.
(i.e. be less fat)
Jessica SuverVeniceStrict HSPU/2 Strict Muscle upsNever miss Strict HSPU days with invictus. Spend one extra day a week working doing negatives on HSPU's. Work on strengthening arms through single arm work, static holds, etc. Can do 1 strict muscle up. Currently need one blue band and one red band to go to the floor (no abmat). Can currently do one strict muscle up. Just got back to HSPU's after injury at regionals. Did one with a small square mat before regionals.
Alex Kaobande a partDrop 10lbs, rehab shoulders.Focus mainly on diet: spend more time cooking, trying new recipes, add more fishes to my diet & more varied meat options. Get at least 7 hours sleep a night. Run 3-miles 3 times a week. Shoulder rehab exercises 3 times a week. Stretch class once a week.imbalance & tight shoulders affecting contortion & cf. focus less on cool bendy poses & getting stronger/being badass and more on increasing shoulder mobility and improving posture. Back to Basics..So Paleo.
Charlie MasonVeniceBar MUs (at least 1)my previous goal had been a Muscle Up, but i think that's a little ambitious currently. I do think i can get a bar MU, and that recent video inspired me. i'm going to try to put 10-15 mins extra work towards the bar MUs whenever I attend class. This technique is what got me DUs pretty fast.Also plan to lower my carbs back down. I've been less strict about it the last 5 weeks, and I feel noticably sluggish and otherwise not as good. I think minimal carb diet is the one I feel best on.

I also want to begin attending VBC again.
Eric BrachMDRBe able to play sports againPT, PT, PT. I hate PT, and whenever I'm assigned it, I rarely do it. I dislocated my shoulder in August, though, and I haven't been able to do a damn thing -- no sports, no CF, nothing. And it sucks. I miss doing stuff and I miss seeing my gym friends. My goal, therefore, is to PT for real, and do it, so that come November 1st, I can maybe play sports again and get back to PCF.Miss y'all.
Jan BartholemewVenice1 strict pull-ups/5 kipping pull-ups & drop 5 lbs fat Work after class 3x per week on building lat muscles and grip strength: i.e. Negative pull-ups, legless rope hang, heavy db rows. Gymnastics class 2x week. Focus on listening to my body's fuel gauge and maintain daily macros of 25/35/40.Currently need a blue and red band for strict pull-up. Can hit the kipping pull-ups with the purple band, and need to work on linking together more smoothly.
Ryan McCombVenice30 second strict handstand hold in free space with good form10 minutes of handstand practice per day, at home or at the box. Can currently hold for about 5 secods in free space with pretty poor form.
Terri AllegrettoMDR1 Bar MUBefore/After class-- Practice strict pull-ups, pull-up negatives, C2B pull-ups and work on core strength.Hope to attend some more gymnastics classes too!65100373311060712 sec44 sec
Philip IslesVenice-Back to 10% BF
-185 Snatch
-Front Uprise
-Lost 10 Lbs - BF 10.3 %
-180 Snatch (+5Lb)
-Much better Bar MU (also getting C2B Butterfly)
I will return to weighing and measuring food intake like I did before summer/traveling/job took over.
I will attend more VBC and gymnastics to work on my skills.
I will practice my snatch and Uprise every day, regardless of programming.
Current BF: 12%
Current snatch: 175
Current Uprise Progression: Strict MU on rings, kipping MU on rings and bar. Glide kip/straight arm bar MU just seems really foreign to me and I cannot seem to wrap my brain around it.
Emma D'AlessandroVenice5 pull-ups-with no band! I have been going to Paradiso regularly for 8 mos and can't do 1 pull up without using a band. Spend time after class and at home practicing pull ups, especially gaining strength in the negative, and asking for a coach to spot me instead of using band all the time. Maintain current fitness/nutrition level, increased protein intake & current weight (135) and continue to swim, bike and run for future triathlons-aiming for sub 3 hours.
Philip EvansMDRLose 10lbs + learn DU'sExamine my food intake for obvious gaps like late-night snacks (I get hungry!) + practice after every class for 10 minutes (which will help the first goal via cardio)Also--drink more water and get more sleep!
Steve ZerneriVenice205#/93kg Snatch1) 50 OHS w/ PVC before every training session. 2) Streches and Mobility sessions 30 mins the day before any "heavy" training 3) Cooking at least 2 of my meals a day (not necessarily related but will correlate with my overall performance) 4) Rotator Cuff Strengthening 3x/weekMax Currently = 198# but my rotator cuff has weakened since hitting that
Remy SchorMDRGet back to 6 strict pull-ups
Just like anything, I need to practice. When I hit 6 strict pull-ups in April, I was doing them every time I was at the box. Got away from it and now I'm lucky if I can hit 4.
I need to make time to stretch after my WODs - I always do so beforehand but for personal preservation purposes, I'd like to make time for both
Gully BurnsMDRInjury rehab and return to training, set clear benchmarks for Crossfit workouts. (1) Follow doctors orders to allow full recovery. (2) Return to training gradually and be patient. (3) Don't screw up. (4) Get back to basics and set up life to facilitate health (black out bedroom for sleep, prepare meals on Sundays, start meditation practice).Probably not going to be able to return to training before injury healed. Home yoga practice and floor work when cleared by doc. Focus on nutrition and establishing cooking routine to reset whole training paradigm.
Amy GarrettMDRMaster Double Unders, develop enough shoulder strength/rehab shoulder enough to do 10 unbroken pullups, back squat 155, Master squat snatch technique15 unbroken pullups and 6 strict! Still haven't mastered DU's quite yet... I also maxed out my squat snatch at 80lbs. Technique is still in the works. I also PR'd my C&J at 115!PRACTICE double unders for 3 min before and after each visit to the gym(i.e. stop rolling into class at 6:32 each time and get there early), squat 2x a week, do shoulder mobility exercises and practice hanging on the bar for 2 min every class, and/or after every class add a pullup each week, starting from 5, practice squat snatch technique with PVC, then 15 lb bar, gradually adding weight.Max DU: 5, Max Back squat: 115, Max Pullups: 6, Max Power Snatch: 75, Max squat Snatch: PVC....I have some work to do
Damian MurrayMDRLose 12 lbs bodyfatNo sugar, processed food, grains, or alcohol. 5 workouts per week. Getting back from back injury; need to focus on core
Kareem HammadVenice5+ Strict HSPUs, 5+ Linked MUsDo work with Joe D.Recovering from back strain... more mobility work.
Sam LimMDRHold Free HS for at least 10 Sec / Break 1:30 on 500 meter row My old 500m row was 1:50, before the challenge eneded i got it down to 1:32. As for my Handstand i got it to 5 secs from 0 secsPRACTICE EVERYTHING! detailed information on how will be entered soon.TBD
Shylah TheusVeniceDeveloping a solid snatch, 2 strict pullups and 6 kippingPracticing after class 3 to 4 times a week focusing on lat stregnth as well a maintaining a stronger grip. Participating in Venice Barbell Club 2x a week to develop my snatch
Dave PeetVenice185 snatch/240 clean and jerk/gain 5+ lbsNot running more ragnars. Adding more barbell work/McCoys vbc programming to my weekly routine. Eat more carbs and get on a more consistent meal plan. Currently at 171 for snatch/220 for c&j but my clean is at 242 so I essentially want to match my jerk to my clean. Current weight is 150
MarjolijnMDRLinking T2B (5x)practice before and after classNeed to stop ripping my hands :(
Ana OrtegaVenicelose 10 lbs bodyfat, link 5-T2B, get 2 Strict PUno sugar, processed food, grains, or alcohol. 4-5 workouts per week. Do PU and T2B negatives and strengthening exercises 3-4x weekStarted this week because; be on vacation Oct. 17. Is the fat truck coming to measure again?
Indu ReddyVenicelose bodyfat/ 2 lbsdrink more water, hold off on sweets, fitness 3x week, no sugar drinks.been at the same body fat size for a while, fluctuate b/w 116-118lbs, maybe get to 114-116 lbs? idunno..65 lbs85lbs232 w/purple band15 sec(Front sq - 85)
Ariel SandovalMDR1. Make my abs pop out even more so I don't feel fat around Matt W. and Graeme S.
2. Snatch 100Kg
3. Get better at breathing
1. GHD Situps as a cool down after every wod. On 45 reps this week, will add 5 reps each week.
2. Do barbell work at least once a week, also use the bar to focus on technique, work on ankle mobility during my breaks again.
3. Thanks to Amanda B, will do breathing excercises 3-4 times a week. I will focus on slowly breathing in and out. Start off with 5 seconds and build up from there.
Eric OrvietoVeniceLose 12-15 lbsNo processed food, lean proteins, lots of veggies, no alcohol, 4-5 workouts per week, start to run againGoing on vacation in mid-Oct, so will continue working hard up to then, then, while on vacation, will be very active and watching what I eat.
Dan AndersonVenice170 lb snatch / 220 lb c&jgo to as many of the mon/tues VBC classes as possiblecurrently at 160 for snatch and 195 for my c&j (however, my clean PR is 215 so I need to focuse on raising my jerk).
Eli AsheMDRhold free standing handstand for 30 secondsPractice handstand twice a day everyday for 15 minutes and do lots of stretching.I can hold a free HS for 5 to 10 seconds.
Greg BockholdVeniceIncrease conditioning threshold / 10 butterfly pullups2+ mile run once a week, interval conditioning once a week, practice butterfly technique 3+ times per week
Lauren KnoblochVenice10 second handstand hold and 3steps handstand walking5 minutes handstand hold work per day, 5 minute handstand walking per day, interval training 3x per week
Sondra JovelMDRHandstand walking and increase all lifting PR's by 10+lbsPractice not being freaked out handstand walking and slowly try to increase my walking time. Keep lifting heavy and try to go to Barbell Club to work
Amanda BenderMDR/Venice I'm confused! =)1 strict MU, 1 bmu, and get better at snatching & cj'spractice strict mu w/ spotter/bands and bmu 3x/week. Go to VBC 2x/week.Currently I use the red band for bmu in workouts. I'm so close to a strict mu. I need to practice my turn over at the top. Snatching 60 and cj's 115.
Anthony AlvarezVenice1. 3 HSPU 2.1000m row @1:50 splits get comfortable being upside down by practicing 3x a week. End each workout with 1000 meter row.
Stephanie CrullVenice1 Ring MU, Link bar MUs, work on handstands; Eat cleanGoing to devote more time to gymnastics and bodyweight training to get more efficient with my movements. As for my diet, it's a mess right now and I'm feeling it so I'm committing to making more of my own food and really avoiding bad carbs like bread, pasta as well as sweetsCan currently do 1 bar MU but it's ugly, chicken-wing style; have done 1 ring MU w/ yellow band which means it's more of a mental game; handstands are better but still inconsistent especially with static holds
Graeme SmithMDR215 Snatch, 265 C&J, get back conditioningCommit to 5 days / week of at least one strength + one conditioning workout. Don't leave the gym without conditioning, no matter how drained I am from strength work.210 personal best snatch (probably at 200 now), 253 personal best C&J (probably at 245 now), conditioning is not dialed in at all.
Patrick MadajVenice10 unbroken butterfly c2b pull-ups. Snatch 225. Clean 315.Stick with the program but supplement gymnastics work as often as possible.Side goal is to hammer down on nutrition, more consistency. See where weight goes. Not too worried about what the scale says as long a body comp. continues improving.looks like you already win
Luiz BuffMDRLose 10lbs. and 1 strict pull up4-5x Wod/Week, Track food intake on MyFitnessPal following EIE guidelines, 10min pull up practice after WODCurrent Weight 230lbs., Red+Blue band strict pull ups
Vivian BuffMDRLose 6-8lbs. and learn DU4-5x Wod/Week, Track food intake on MyFitnessPal following EIE guidelines, 10min DU practice after WODCurrent Weight 144lbs.
Laura VillandreMDRDo at least 1 pullup and lose 5 poundsFocus on nutrition and work on pull-up progression at least 4x per weekCan do kipping pullup with red band
Sandra JersbyMDRGain 2% body fat and 5 lb musclesEat consistently throughout the day (3 meals 3 snacks) larger portionsCurrent weight 126# and 10% body fat
Sandy HillVenice20 pistols, alternating legs.practice, prectice , practice.
Ted ZizikMDRThe Whole Crossfit Enchilada: Lose 20 lbs; ring MUs; bar MUs; DUs; pistols; (adding 25 foot handstand walk, because I'm an idiot)Work on this daily. No days off for the whole 5 weeks (on the technique work, that is). Work with Steve Sudell weekly on mobility, form, technique, specific strength. The weight loss will help all of these (turns out that throwing 206 lbs. around is kind of hard unless you're McCoy). Current weight: 206, weight goal: 185. No sugar, alcohol, bread or pasta for 5 weeks (actually I started this already). Can not currently do even one rep of any of these excercises. Sad, but true.
Monica GrueMDRLink 5 T2B / C&J 120 / Snatch 90Practice T2B kipping before or after class every time. Attend all classes with CJ/Snatch work and practice getting under the bar lower and quicker on heavier weight. Been stuck on 110 CJ and 85 snatch for a really long time because I change my form when I know the weight is heavier. I can only do T2B one at a time.
Allie FlinnMDR200+ back squat, lose 10 poundsWork on nutrition, and try to cook most meals at home. Do supplemental work after class to improve upper body strength. Focus on form when it comes to back squats, and do supplemental strength exercises outside of class to improve form. Current back squat is 185
Alisa ZandVenice5 Strict HSPU, 2 strict bar pull upsImprove pull ups by practicing negatives with weighted vest, practice 3 days a week, mental practice, etc. lose weight in order to improve this movement, practice HSPUs after class going all the way down to floor
Dustin ColsonTBD Lose 15-20Lbs and get a MU on Rings Also work on DU'sWork out 5-6x a week with supplementle work 3x a week and be very strict with portion and be mindful of carb intake Current weight 215 and DU retarded.
Leah GraceMDR10 butterfly PU's linked, faster 1 miWork on better techinique for butterly pu's before/after class, Re-testing 1 mile on 9/22
Sal GutierrezMDR1 - 3 BMU without a band I need to work on my strict pull-ups with a weighted vest, core strength (basic skills), work on my kip, box bar MU's, and drop about 10 - 15lbs.  I'm currently weighing in at 187lbs.  TOO EFING HEAVY!!!  Dropping some weight should help with getting my fat ass over the bar.     I can only do corner BMU's with the green band.  I've tried the straight bar with the green band and was able to get 2 but haven't been able to do it again. I'm pulling way too early and turns into an ugly chest to bar.   
Caitlyn McCrimmonMDRDo 5 unassisted pullupsNegatives or banded practice 2-3x/week doing 5 sets of 5 with grip varietiespractice will be done at home gym
Tara Lee GersonMdRMU either bar or ring or both, increase squat strengthWork dips and negative dips, vbc 2 -3 x week, gymnastics 1-2 x weekAlso, work some core strength thereby increase max on back squat, snatch and clean & jerk. Squat more, run less
Megan TroutmanMDRMU (either), faster mile time, and lose 5lbsWork dips and strict pullups 3 times a week, run at least 5 miles a week, get back on track with my eating with no more than 2 "splurge" meals a week (including when I travel!)Current weight 150 - 3 bar MU with red band, mile time 7:15ish
James GuardinoMDRRun 400 meters in 57 seconds or less3 x WODS per week, 1 sprint workout a week, b+ paleo nutrition, no beercurrent weight 1601358
Kaitlin MeekMDRPerform 15 regular pushups in a row. Lose 5 lbs.Goal 1: 3x WODs, 2x cardio (swimming, running, or spinning), 1x yoga a week. After each WOD, practice pushups: 5 negatives (for 5 seconds) with 60 seconds rest x 5. 5x10 bar pushups. Goal 2: Track all meals in MyFitnessPal. No sugar or grains. Sleep 8 hours/night. Continue meal prepping.
Barry KMDRNo CheatingMeal Prep and plan out all meals a week at a timeEat for success and not immediate satisfaction
Jeremy FabregasVeniceDo the splits. (Jean claude van dam style). Get a 250kg Weightlifting Total.Sit in the splits for 10 minutes a day. Do VBC with some extra accessory work and a few conditioning sessions a week.I have horrible flexibility and can use any good tips. In school I was always least felxibily and didn't even get a score on the sit and rach test cause I couldnt reach the board.
John CastiglioneVeniceLose 5 pounds body fat and improve body compositionLog food, improve sleep, manage number high intensity workout days in a row
Benjamin BrayfieldVenice225 snatch Classic CF warm up, invictus 5/week, 8 hrs sleepCurrent snatch 200
Erin DonelsonVenice10 lb loss - get back into better habitsmake a consistent plan at the start of every week, track everything I eat,
Vivek RaoVenice30 Strict Pullups/ Learn to kip, snatch, OH squatSHOULDER MOBILITY. Make an appointment with Steve and do mobility training every dayI have previously damaged pretty much every part of my body, but my poor shoulder mobility is by far my the most limiting. If I ever want to be able to perform advanced movements safely and properly, I have improve that.
Kelly LVenice12 lb loss - implement routine/schedule1. track nutrition- have plan/structure 2. sleep 7-8hrs a night 3. crossfit m/f -- yoga&run tu/thur -- bw&gymnastic w/sa. 4. 5wks- stay faithful thus enhancing: bodycomp, image, confidence, gymnastics foundation, health
Ilyse ZackMDR1 strict hspu, 5 strict unbroken pu'sWork on Strict HSPU and strict PU before and after class - start to keep a journal of my progressions.Currently at the redband for banded backpack HSPU. Currently only able to do 1 Strict PU at a time.
Cara CooneyMDR5 strict hspu, link bar mu's, get rid of my chicken wing on muscle ups!Deficit progressions. Work kip and proper form.  Enlist LG's help ;)2 hspu, 0 linked bar mu's.  Crazy chicken wing ring mu's.
Liam CooneyMDRSTART WALKING! Squat to stand progressions, furniture walking, increase spinach intake :)Walking while holding on to furniture.
Laura CliveMDRbar muscle ups, freestanding handstands, strict paleo (at least for next 2 weeks!)get back regular pull ups, work on strict and the transistions (done it before). Continue to journal nutrition to hold myself accountable :)only at 3 strict pus right now, need to gain strength back. Currently gluten free, need to cut out all grains and alcohol (and cheat candy!)110135yes?137 (poor)3
Eric CalderonVenice150lb snatch, 200 DU, and get to know people at Paradiso!1. Work mobility for snatch. Build up at 80%, 85%, and 90% 2x per week. 2. Train 5 times per week to regain metcon confidence. 3. Chat with at least 1 new person each time I take classes! :)Current Snatch PR is 140lbs (3 months ago). Been out-of-practice for the past 2 months. It's also only my 2nd week at Paradiso! Just moved to Venice from Hollywood!1351642135
Joshua OchoaVeniceGain 10 lbs by Nov 1Up calorie intake. Weightlifting. Current weight ~165 - Goal weight 170+/-
BrassardMDRlink 2 bar MU and get another ring MUlots of MU transition drills - at least 2x/week
Robert GieserMDR60 unbroken double unders, 1 strict hspu, improve core strength, improve pistols, snatch 105work on it after class. cut out cheat meals, alcohol and candy fo next few weeks.904570700
Troy SkinnerVenice185 Lb Snatch, 20 second Freestanding HSAttend VBC when possible. Work on gaininbg strength in bottom position. 155lb Snatch Currently. 7 second Freestanding hold.
Mariela StescobichMDRFreestanding HS hold (at least 5s)
Pushups without a band (at least 2 with good form)
1) practice free standing handstand prior class 3 times a week. 2)practice negative pushup (3 sets of 10 reps each) 3) practice pushups with band (3sets of 10 reps each)Currently practicing HS on the way and can hold it for 1 or 2 seconds
Currently doing WODs with red band for push ups
James DurandVeniceGain 10 lbs3350 calorie target, lower conditoning, increase stength training.Current weight 175
Damon PidhajeckyVeniceBody Weight SnatchPut extra effort into further increasing shoulder mobility, proper recovery, and getting the reps in. Also, eat right to not make the body weight goal harder than it needs to be.Current snatch pr is 145 lb. Body weight floats between 175 and 185.
Jeff MartinVenice15 stict pullups / 245# overhead squatDo pullup grip variations 3 times a week. Front Squat more and overhead squat weeklyCurrent strict pullups is 12. Current Overhead squat is 225#1852451296
George ChahrouriVenice
Daniel OrtegaVenice♦50 meter HandStandWalk ♦10sec.HSH ♦3-6MU ♦ 100#+Snatch ♦30 UB HSPU ♦30 UB T2B ♦Lose body fat%Practice movements @ PCF 5:30am. Cut sugar & processed foods. Eat lean, more veggies.Currently I HSW for about 5meters..I held a HS for a solid 2 secs. I need to practice the MU movements and link them. snatches are sloppy and weak (ha!) bla bla bla be strict and focused.9516014220202
Jane WilkinsVenice1 Strict HSPU, 5 Strict Pullups and 50 Double UndersAttend class 5x per week, no processed sugar or wheat, sleep 7-9 hours per night
Mary SmithVenicefreaking move to Venice already so that I can become a better PCF-er all around; increase all of my lifts--especially the squats/lower body ones; become more efficient at my gynamstics movements--make more use of the kip when it is available to mestick around before/after class more to work on those monster walks (like Martina has always said!) to make my squats better and also make more Venetian friends! (: no seriously I need to move to Venice by the World Championship comp...and my lifts have stagnated for 2 years and that is not cool. Yay goals!!!
Baylie FaveroMDRlink BMU, get first ring MU, lose 3 lbswork on transitions before or after class, eat clean, keep up on cardio work.
Glenn WilsonMDR1:00 handstand, strict MUMobilize shoulders every day. Practice strict MU progression every other day12545177
Devin AshburnVenice20 Pistol Squats, 10 each leg3x Week work Max Rep Pistol SquatsCurrently at 5 each leg. Time to do work.
Tibor LodyMDR
Gloria MorehartMDR
Matt OrrVenice14% body fat/Handstand holdClass 4 days a week/Cardio 2 days a week/Food log with % outlind by Diso18% Body fat now115175dont know4214240