Annual Goals 2013-2014
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Focus Project Area
University Core Values, and Key Performance Indicators and Action Steps
OU 13-14 Goals and Priorities
UTS Strategic Plan (number,letter)
Status UpdatesProject Status
High Performance Network: The campus network will provide robust and secure, wired and wireless, connectivity for education, research, and administrative activities.Institutional Priority 1: Create Productive Student and Faculty Experiences
Complete campus cyclical network electronics refresh: Shotwell Pavillion, O’Dowd Hall, Varner Hall, Hannah Hall, Pawley Hall, South Foundation Hall, and Elliott Hall.1aNew switches were successfully installed in Shotwell Pavillion, O’Dowd Hall, Varner Hall, Hannah Hall, Pawley Hall, and South Foundation Hall. Elliot Hall is scheduled for upgrade in the summer of 2014. The new switch platforms offer a ten-fold increase in performance with several new features specifically designed to increase reliability and uptime. These new switches also enable our new 802.11ac wireless access points to operate at full capacity. These new switches also include a free enhanced lifetime warranty which decreases support costs required for these network components, previously a $30k/year cost campus-wide. Additionally, in O'Dowd and Hannah (and, consequently, PSS), OU's current standard for building router diversity was successfully implemented to add redundancy and better avoid unplanned outages.Complete, with Elliott Hall completed June 25, 2014.
Complete cyclical refresh of Virtual Private Network (VPN). 1aThe new VPN environment was selected, purchased, tested, and installed in April 2014. The old VPN platform was designated End-of-Life by its vendor, resulting in ongoing operating system compatibility issues. The new platform's support lifecycle will ensure that we can implement ongoing updates to address client compatibility issues. In addition, as part of this implementation, two-factor authentication was enabled for certain users, providing another level of data security for critical applications.Complete
Provide network consultation and support for Hannah Hall renovation.1cHannah Hall renovation work related to networks was completed in fall 2013. Work included new switch install and network design for the School of Medicine Gross Anatomy Lab.Complete
Provide network consultation and support for O'Dowd renovation and rewiring project.1cSupport for O'Dowd renovation and rewiring continued on schedule for fall 2013. New switches and wiring were installed.Complete
Complete border router replacement and upgrades.1aPrimary router installed previous year; old primary router upgraded and installed during July 2013. The secondary border router was upgraded to allow higher capacity connections to the Merit backbone and commodity Internet. Both border routers are now on modern platforms that will allow for future growth and upgrades. The new primary border is currently 10G-ready, and the new seconardy border router is 10G-capable with the implementation of an additional module.Complete
Devise and implement updated architecture for redundant border connectivity.1bThe primary border router's connection to Merit will be upgraded to 10G, providing a tenfold increase in bandwidth capacity. This is OU's primary connection to the Internet, Internet2 and the in-state Merit backbone, directly connecting all of Michigan's major institutes of higher education. In addition, the remaining single-homed device at the network border will be migrated, so that the network border will be fully redundant in all regards. This connection is a critical component of OU's network infrastructure, and these changes will increase the performance and availability of 1) all OU-hosted services accessed by the Internet at large and 2) all Internet/cloud-hosted services accessed while on-campus.In progress, planned for June/July 2014
Complete wireless AP density analysis.1g, 1hMoved goal.Planning for 2014-2015.
Identify and mitigate wireless interference.1gProject to migrate to the Aruba wireless platform included tools available to detect WiFi and non-Wifi wireless interference.  The access points constantly scan the channels they are on and report interference to the controller.  The controller then will attempt to change channels on the effected radios if the interference is high.  For interference caused by other WiFi devices, we use the access points themselves and dedicated air monitors to locate and contain the source of interference. The management platform also allows us to see these devices on a map for easier locating. Other improvements for non-WiFi devices are in place. Complete
Begin wireless transition to new technical platform.1g, 1hCompleted project to move wireless access points to an updated controllers, improving capacity and system stability. New technical platform has been selected. Reviewed and developed budget for initial planned order. Initial order processed and received fall 2013. Migration to new wireless platform initiated in December 2013. Oakland Center completed December 2013. Dodge Hall, Science and Engineering Building and Hannah Hall completed Spring 2014. South Foundation Hall upgraded in April 2014.Project work scheduled for this year is complete. Additional buildings will be migrated next year.
Execute upgrades and replacements for DNS services.1aImplemented redundant DNS services in Macomb. Implemented redundant DNS resolvers behind the F5 load balancers. Previously a single-point of failure, the newly-redundant resolvers -- used by all on-campus network users -- are critical in accessing off-campus/Internet-hosted resources. The new high availability design also allows for easier maintenance and upgrades to be performed with no impact to the end-user.Complete
Execute upgrades and rearchitecture for IPv6.1aDistributed high-level analysis report from Educause for strategic reivew. All campus and datacenter cores are now IPv6-enabled with fully-meshed paths between. Existing IPv6 border firewall (Cisco ASA) upgraded with additional memory and the latest software revision, enabling additional IPv6 security mechanisms / application inspection. Research performed for additional IPv6-based security mechanisms, so that when client-facing IPv6 is implemented, it can be done so in a secure manner.Complete
Implement 10G links between Nook Core and distribution switches.1a, 6aAll distribution connections from the primary campus core (the Nook Core) are now 10G. This is a tenfold increase in previous bandwidth capacity.Complete
Complete datacenter fiber run project.1aFiber installed and in use. This fiber is required for the current data center upgrades and future expansion of next generation of high performance data center networking in 220 Dodge.Complete
Develop plan for conducting conduit study.1aHoldingCarry forward
Provide network consultation and support for new Residence Hall construction.1cAttended planning and review meetings. Project is underway and on schedule.In progress
Provide network consultation and support for a variety of smaller network projects: bell tower, parking structure, welcome center, Danny's Cabin renovation, etc.1cAttended planning meetings for parking structure; on schedule. Reviewed plans for Varner expansion; postponed. Credit union change project complete. NFH Welcome Center complete.Complete
Working with OUPD, develop plan for alarm network transition.1a, 1e, 1fDefined project direction with OUPD in September. OUPD has selected a new system. Plan for upgrade is complete, and funding has been secured. Implementation currently scheduled between May-November 2014. UTS will assist as needed.Complete, next step is providing implementation assistance
Complete VOIP transition in Wilson Hall.1eVoIP phone upgrades were completed for Academic Human Resources, Legal Affairs, the Budget Office, and most offices. Theater handled in the spring. Complete
Migrate Student Financial Services to UCCX call management environment.1eReviewing project plan and statement of work. Work scheduled and completed in April / May.Complete
Develop plan for migration of call distribution installations.1eOld Call Distribution system and related components have been removed and departments utilizing old system have been migrated to new systems.Complete
Complete Pawley Hall cabling improvement for VOIP prep.1a, 1eAn upgrade plan with better facility closet utilization has been approved and completed.Complete
Complete Hannah Hall cabling improvement for VOIP prep.1a, 1ePlanning stage.
Deploy AVG to provide analog services where required during VOIP transition.1eShort term plan for analog services where needed is in place.Complete
Identify, initiate, and implement VOIP building transitions. 1a, 1eVoIP infrastructure upgrades were completed for the Emergency Responder (campus 911 reporting and routing), Unified Contact Center Express (automated call distribution system), and the internal voice gateways.
Migration of offices in North Foundation Hall and O'Dowd Hall, Kresge and Oakland Center complete.
In progress, will be completed by end of 2014 calendar year
Migrate call handlers off phone switch.1eThis will be an ongoing project as call handlers are moved with each Departmental migration to the new VoIP phone system.In progress, will be completed by end of 2014 calendar year
Improve network monitoring and analytics to provide better reporting and analysis of historical data.1iNew open-source monitoring platform (Observium) implemented for specific, tightly scoped use cases. Existing monitoring platform (Intermapper) upgraded and modified to increase monitoring ability. While our monitoring abilities are improved, we may still need to move a new platform (Statseeker) to meet all of our needs (funding dependent).Complete (Still looking for funding for Statseeker)
Complete network projects designed to harden the network and improve resilience.1iImproved automatic failover mechanisms were designed and deployed campus-wide for all high-availability paired building routers.Complete
Complete emergency hot site at Macomb Anton-Frankel.5jDesign is complete and components ordered. Setup has been completed. Phones will be stored in two locations; Anton Frankle Center and OUPD.Complete
Robust Learning Communities and EnvironmentsInstitutional Priority 1: Create Productive Student and Faculty Experiences
Core Value Knowledge and Discovery, Core Value Student Success
OU 13-14 Goals 1 and 3
8b, 8c
Architect and implement improvements in the Moodle and eSpace e-learning technical environments.2a, 2b, 2dNew Moodle database server has purchased, installed, and deployed in time for fall semester. The new server processess tens of thousands logins daily, and has special packages, features, and settings designed to process high-speed database transactions and optimize repetitious database reads. Evaluating technical transitions and upgrades for ancillary systems, such as e-portfolio. Completed Quality of Service (QOS) module for Moodle system at the request of ELIS. Updates to eSpace and Portfolio in process - to include prod and development architectures (13683). In progress
Support transition to new web-conferencing learning platform.2a, 2b, 2d, 2jProject complete. We supported procurement analysis. The solution is in place and does not require technical support.Complete
Complete project to provide a development server for the School of Medicine library.2cWorking with library staff to define requirements. Requirements completed. All modules negotiated and installed. Library staff are reviewing, testing and looking toward migration to production dates. See tickets 425 and 13510 for possible summer production.Complete
Review and develop plan for virtual student lab.2d, 2h, 6b, 6hReviewing installation and licensing issues. Decided to focus on academic software. Obtained technical architecture design. Obtained first software license quotes. Developed budget. Seeking funding.In progress.
Support advising services.2lAdvising implementation projects include:                             
I.     Implementation of Banner Student Retention Performance, with student analytics, integration with Banner Communications Management, and real-time Banner data.  This is in the installation and test implementation phase.  Initial roll-out is in Enrollment Management and First Year Advising, but is also involving professional advisers.   Roll-out has proceeded successfully.
II.     Develop data file and login identity integration supporting the implementation of the Education Advisory Board – Student Success Collaborative. Completed data extraction and secure transmission processes.  Prototype verfication is underway.
III.     Finalize implementation of AdviserTrac. Originally purchased as a replacement system for a homegrown SBA advising appointment system, a campus-wide solution was purchased with SBA as the original departmental user.  This is an advising center management system that allows for appointment scheduling with session records, notes, and progress. Very quickly all advising areas became interested.  We are in the final stages to launch for SBA.  Other advising areas are interested in using the product, starting with the College of Arts and Sciences.  Each area will require a set-up.  We have no staff available to work on this, and outsourcing will be required for set-up in each area, funded by each using department.
IV.     Supported Registrar and Athletics in designing an athletics advising and academic progress solution using the Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP) module in Banner. 
V.     Banner Document Management:  Advisers use many documents to support advising.  Part of the project to implement Banner Document Management will be to create an online student file.  This project starts in January 2014 and is covered by a central university project budget. Advising will train with the Office of the Registrar in September.
VI.     UTS is building a MySAIL portal for advisers. We tracked over 80 systems and web sites in use by advisers; something around a dozen require a login.  We need to pull this together into a comprehensive view where advisors go to one URL and login once to get the information they need. In particular, a driving enhancement will be to give advisers access to see a student-friendly view of progress to degree, so they can see what the student sees. Version 1 is scheduled for June launch.
VII.   Providing advice to a Registrar / Student Team Kaizen Lean process that links current records advising to graduation application and graduation audit processes.  This will likely result in a supportive development process that will improve the graduation audit process. The graduation application has been implemented in Banner Self-Service (SAIL).
Enterprise Solutions: Enterprise technology will be efficient and effective, demonstrating technical progress.Institutional Priority 1: Create Productive Student and Faculty Experiences, Core Value Integrity and Stewardship
8c, 8d
Complete Banner upgrades, maintaining technical currency, and with a focus on enabling Banner XE in test mode.3bThe steps for the project:
1) Complete storage upgrade, with enhancements for Banner projects in August 2013.
2) Completed data refresh, building code tree in October. Created new test region.
3) Finish install of Financial Aid regulatory update with standard OU SOW.
4) Order OU SOW modification update required for XE.
5) Install database modification required for XE - to be done. Need both the 2014 FinAid and FinAid SOW updates first.
In progress
Complete Banner upgrades for Banner Flex Reg.3bUpgrade 8.5.5 installed in test regions and testing is occurring. Complete
Install Oracle Fusion Middleware to accomodate Oracle desupport of other implemented platforms.3bOutsourced to consulting vendor. Production upgrades scheduled in December/ moved to January. Contracted for installs in first quarter. Finalizing firewall rules in May.Complete
Install Banner upgrades for Workflow.3bReviewing for install; outsourced to consulting vendor / bumped by Document Management in December and January.Complete
Install Banner upgrades for Banner Communications Management and related products.3b, 3cWaiting for terminal release of BRM - 1.7. This needs to be scheduled after ODS project and review of Recruiter proposal. Currently scheduled for November completion. / Behind in January. Need update
Architect and implement improvements in the Banner technical environment.3bImplementing changes to backup environment; SyncSort scripts are complete. Implemented changes and an upgrade to printing environment. Reviewed and evaluated potential change to login process for Banner Self-Service, but need was removed and project stopped. Planning database server replacement.Complete
Complete project to upgrade the Banner Luminis / RHEL environment. Develop project to implement Banner Event Publisher to replace Banner Luminis Message Broker.2b, 3bReviewing project direction. Reviewing changes needed on Moodle side with ELIS. Event Publisher deployed in test. Plan developed.In progress.
Complete upgrades and projects for the Blackboard Transact ID Card environment.3hProject scheduled with Vendor during last week of April.Complete
Improve online forms environment and processes.3h, 7kAn RFP was distributed in support of a new system, received, and product / cost analysis completed. Installation underway. Training held last week of May.In progress
Complete projects to refresh print environment.3hCompleted and implented upgraded core print environment, and implemented a plan to end centralized print server services. No new printers will be added to the central print server environment and the environment will be gradually phased out. This represents a technical transition.Complete
Support implementation of changes required by the University Human Resources open enrollment and service improvement project.3bProject is underway with vendor. Project is on schedule. Supported vendor restructuring of benefits codes; completed in October. Supporting vendor development of data exchange scripts with benefits providers. Data file exchanges tested in November, and installation continued into December. Wrapped up details in January.Complete
Develop and implement integration between Banner and Adirondack to support Residence Hall operations.3gCompleted process for data integration between Banner and Adirondack. We are working on a new web services technology, but the original project is complete.Complete
Improve iPhone and Android mobile apps.3a, 3c, 7jReleased mobile iPad app for the alumni magazine.
Released a new version of the Android App to improve performance, add a EULA, and patch known bugs. Adoption numbers continue to increase.
Completed selection and launch of a mobile app to track bus and transportation schedules (BearBus).
Restructure architecture for MySAIL app due to platform change (Phone Gap).2g, 3a, 3g, 7jDeveloped a technical architecture change due to platform cost increase that eliminated current vendor's platform. Complete
Improve MySAIL portal.2g, 3a, 3c, 7jPortlet to enhance user tips installed. Improved display of secondary faculty.
Completed architecture upgrade to portal database to improve overall stability and simplify ongoing maintenance.
Upgraded the technical infrastructure supporting the MySAIL portal, including new implementing new database servers, upgrade to TomCat7, upgrade to Java7, and upgrade to the portal software. Upgraded components and added features for weather, tips, search, courses, announcements, email, and usage statistics.
Complete implementation of the Student Success Collaborative.3d, 3g, 7lData prototype files have been delivered to the vendor. Project team is reviewing direction and data validity.Complete
Complete State mandatated changes to Center for Performance and Information data upload. 3d, 3e, 3f, 3h, 7lData load for 2013 was completed on schedule. Planning for 2014 is in progress.In progress
Support growth of the Student Retention Performance and Recruiting and Admissions Performance implementations, including builds of the Operational Data Store, Enterprise Data Warehouse,and Cognos reporting analytics environment.3e, 3g, 5i, 7lTest environment is built and training was conducted. Working with consultant vendor on scheduling resources for production. Software install completed in November. January - working on data loads. Project complete. As new dataload issues are uncovered, each issue will have its own trouble ticket.Complete
Support campus Lean Projects including Athletic Compliance and UHR employee orientation.2l, 3d, 3e, 7kPrototype is developed and turned over to Athletics for testing. Providing counsel on the Graduation Audit lean project. Participating in the UHR employee orientation lean process project. Prototyped three workflows for data quality improvements on general person records.Complete
Implement Banner Document Management. 3b, 3c, 3f, 3g, 3hPurchase executed. Installation of virtual system and application completed December. Working on installation details and set-up on January. Training sessions planned for January-March 2015. First office, Financial Aid, launched in April. Project is complete and operational.Complete
Implement Banner Advancement Connector3bInstall component critical for the success of Alumni implementation of iModules. Implemented in Test; testing continued in June.In progress
Research: The cyberinfrastructure needed to support and secure research and educational activities will be advanced.Institutional Priority 1: Create Productive Student and Faculty Experiences
Core Value Knowledge and Discovery
OU 13-14 Annual Goals 3
Provide consultative technical support for the Physics Computational Cluster.4a, 4b, 4cNoted that cluster needs an upgrade; waiting for faculty to return from sabbatical.Need update
Provide consultative technical support for the Chemistry Computational Cluster.4a, 4b, 4cCompleted upgrades.Complete
Provide consultative technical support for the Biology Computational Cluster.4a, 4b, 4c Complete
Enable SECS storage intiatives.4a, 4b, 4cWe have implemented systems per specifications, expanding capacity and capability through virtual systems.Complete
Analyze support needed to align with university direction to grow research.4d, 4e, 4gSupporting research reviews, responding to NSF requirements, and other initiatives as emerging.Complete
Security and Compliance: Security and compliance are high-priority objectives.Institutional Priority 1: Create Productive Student and Faculty Experiences, Core Value Integrity and Stewardship
Research alternatives for improved network authentication.5aRFQ developed for consulting services to improve the capacity and stability of the Network Authentication System. Completed upgrade to 6.1. Implemented process changes to improve services.Complete
Review status and direction of all identity access management technologies.5a, 5bA project to separate roles and responsibilities for Google admin acounts is underway. Individual accounts created and transitioned. The root account password has been scrambled and stored for emergency use within the vault. All modifications are now trackable by individual.Complete
Analyze and devise strategy for two-factor VPN.5h, 5iRFP was developed and distributed. Waiting for responses; review completed in December. Implemented for vendors first quarter 2014.Complete
Complete annual PCI Compliance audit and integrate new compliance auditor to OU.5a, 5eTransition to new PCI auditor complete. Implemented new audit processes. Successfully passed annual penetration tests. First QSA review scheduled for late November. Completed PCI compliance 2nd quarter 2014.Complete
Complete NIST HIPAA / HiTech review.5a, 5eProject is 95% complete. Completed internal review. Working on training plan, and on logging / audit / alert scope documents. System improvement will be needed. Completed compliance project 2nd quarter 2014.Complete
Develop HIPAA compliant technical compliance projects and security training.5a, 5fIndentified training in partnership with the Grad Research office. Developing full training plan. Developing a list of participants and coordinating training completion.
Completed installation and implementation of the new electronic medical records system for Graham Health Center.
Complete Higher Edcuation Information Security Council Assessment.4f, 5eGoal postponed.Carry forward.
Complete initial 20 Critical Security Controls Gap Analysis.5eGoal postponed.Carry forward.
Complete or assist with all required audits.5aCoordinated incident response for several events in July. Incident response objectives were met. Successfully completed security review and audit with external university financial auditors.Complete
Develop plan to better utilize tools for security information and event management. This is needed for both PCI and HIPAA compliance.5c, 5d, 5g, 5hConfirmed requirements for both PCI and HIPAA. SIEM solution selection underway.Complete
Implement tools to identify and mitigate data vulnerabilities.5e, 5h, 5iIdentified tools. Related projects will be scheduled next year.Carry forward.
Implement firewall rules and configuration changes to better protect the university network and systems from know attack vectors.5e, 5g, 5h, 5iSignificant changes were implemented, particularly protecting the university from known and confirmed international attack vectors.Complete
Upgrade or replace campus firewalls.5d, 5hExperienced total functional failure of the primary border firewall, but the failure was unnoticed by the campus due to the redundant border architecture previously designed and implemented.
Completed installation of a new firewall technology and device for the residence halls network, with significant performance improvements and improved capabilities for ensuring security of student residential computing.
Complete, but firewall project will carry forward
Develop plan and identify tools to improve forensics.5c, 5g, 5hNew hardware was installed to increase the logging capacity and capability of the main campus border firewall.Complete
Analyze and develop a strategy for secure access to Internet Native Banner via the campus wireless network.5e, 5hTesting solution with working prototype. Carry forward.
Implement redesign of pin reset process.5hNew process flow has been developed. About half of the prototype development is complete.Complete
Implement redesign of emergency notification process.5hNew process in development.Complete
Datacenter: Manage the datacenter and related facilities environments.Institutional Priority 1: Create Productive Student and Faculty Experiences, Core Value Integrity and Stewardship
Complete datacenter network upgrades: access, firewall, fiber project and core move.1a, 1b, 1d, 6fFiber project completed.
Access/rack switch upgrades completed. These new switches offer 10G ports to servers by default, while maintaining backwards compatibility with all 1G servers. The new design reduces management touch-points, while offering a greater level of availability. On a per-rack basis, uplink capacity to the core has increased 20x with the ability to grow to 80x.
Firewall upgrades completed. This new platform offers a 10x increase in per-flow performance with a more than 5x increase in overall capacity. It was implemented in a new, high-availability architecture allowing for automatic, stateful failover in the event of a hardware or software failure.
Data center core move/consolidation/upgrade completed. We 1) added a second, active core configured for automatic failover, 2) increased our 10G core capacity, and 3) moved to the new DC network racks. This was all performed while still consolidating from our previous chassis to smaller chassis, resulting in a support savings of $75k over the lifetime of these switches.
Improve network inventory process for newly procured devices, released devices, and stored devices.6gGoal postponed.Carry forward.
Complete implementation of the new storage environment.6b, 6hImplementation of the physical storage is complete. Next project is for an upgrade to VMWare 5.5 planned for December.Complete
Demonstrate progress on rack and power management.6b, 6c, 6d, 6eSignificant progress has been made on the old PDU in the datacenter, with removal complete 2nd quarter 2014. Full electrical test confirmed working generator. Disaster plan and notifications were changed to reflect new risks.
Special note this year that the datacenter UPS experienced a complete failure resulting in the datacenter running on standard building electrical for a couple days. The recently redesigned and re-architected environment handled the electrical shifts on and off the UPS correctly and the repairs were unnoticed by campus.
Demonstrate progress with NFH communications demarcation renovation.6aReceived blueprints and reviewed design plans. Renovation underway 2nd quarter 2014.Ongoing
Governance: Support a strong technical organization.Institutional Priority 1: Create Productive Student and Faculty Experiences, Core Value Integrity and Stewardship
Pursue professional development, skill update, and certification in key technical areas.7g, 7hAbbo - completed certification as Certified Technology Procurement Executive, training Transitioning from Staff to Manager
Bolton - training SANS Critical Controls, attended Educause Security Conference, REN-ISAC Member Meeting
Chamberlain - attended Cisco Live
Derderdian - training Merit Web Security, uMobile Portlet Development, Merit Member Conference
Dhir - training Merit Web Security, uMobile Portlet Development
Foltz - training Merit Web Security, uPortal Portlet Development, Red Hat System Administration II RH134VT
Glowacki - training Merit Academy Leadership, completed certification Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer
Grant - training Merit Web Security, uMobile Portlet Development, Fred Prior Managment Training, Merit Member Conference
Jackson - completed certification - Cisco Certified Network Network Associate, Merit Member Conference
Jones - training Banner Document Management Financial Aid, BDMS Grad Admissions
Kee - attended Aruba Airheads, Merit Member Conference
Kindlimann - attended Cisco Live
Kirkland - completed certification - fourth Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert - Data Center track, attended Cisco Live
Kondek - training Footprints Systems, Banner Document Management - Technical, BDMS Finance, BDMS Financial Aid, BDMS Grad Admissions
Maktala - training Merit Web Security, uMobile Portlet Development, Fred Prior Managment Training
Nies - training uMobile Portlet Development, Negotiation Skills for Project Managers
Nowak - completed certification as VMware Certified Professional 5 - Datacenter Virtualization (VCP5-DCV), training NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration, Negotiation Skills for Project Managers, attended TechMentor Conference
Powell - training Grouper, uMobile Portlet Development, Merit Web Security
Tirpak - training Merit Academy Leadership and Educause Leadership, Merit Member Conference
Waters - training Transitioning from Staff to Manager, Merit Academy Leadership
Werthmann - training Merit Academy Leadership, NetApp Data Protection Software Administration, attended VMworld 2013, Transitioning from Staff to Manager, OU classes CSE 506, 507, 508
Annual Goals
OU 13-14 Goals & Priorities