NameGenderType/SpeciesDescriptions (urls help too)OrientationLikesDislikesAgeRelations/RelationshipsFetishes (F-Lists work too)Misc. informations/biosExtras
Astral SongFBat ponyReference Image (Astral is on the left)Bi, male leanAny hard fetishes, general racism against bat ponies22Moon Shadow(Sister)Works as a porn star and can be pretty slutty when requested.
BetnasMEarth PonyDark red stallion with bright red mane/tail (NSFW)BiFriendlinessIgnorance, and stereotyping27Not big on more hardcore kinks, but is very open minded about most things, doesn't mind age gaps, or multiple partnersFarm pony, wrestled in high school, college graduate
Blade SharpMPegasus, Sky PirateA smaller stallion with grey coat and darker grey mane. Yellow eyes, a dark patch around his left eye. Usually wears a red coat and a tricorner hat.BI but leans almost exclusively towards stallionslove, pranking, playing the flute, long flights, occasional sexWhen his bombs explode prematurely and inconveniently18
BlitzMHalf ChangelingRegular drone with Gold eyes | Natural form: Green fur thats gold tipped in places (Pega Wings gold tipped)BiFeeding20Canon:| Crush: Astral Song| Friends: Apple bloom, Nectar | Non-Canon: Bya?Uses a type of Headcannon >.<
BrandonXFox89MaleAnthro Pink FoxPink primary fur with white on chest going down to groin and under tail blue eyesBisexual (open to both males and femalesVideo Games. computers, males, open to most fetishesDeath, Watersports, Scat, Vore, etc. inquire to find out25None, SingleChubby furs/ponies, 69ing, Vanilla sexual stuff
ByakheeHByakheeReference imagebi:leans femalefun,meat, teasing, sex, hunting, relaxingarrogance and wimps320reiko:close freind, crush on astral songpiss and cumshotsthe spacebug, should say it allN/A
Candy BassMalePegasusDark Brown (Chocolate Brown Coat) Lighter Brown Mane and tail with a bit of yellow in it, deep dark brown Eyes,with glasses. Really Obese, so much that he cant even fly anymoreAsexual/PanromanticFood,massages,Belly rubs, even more food, having fun, a good book and foodVegetables,exercise,being made fun off,alcohol14None
CerulanneFemaleEarth PonyCyan-ish body, two toned blue mane and tail, and red eyes. She also wears jewelery with the most notable being the earringsBisexualYes
Clashing thunderMAlicorn (leans female)A lot of thingsbeing alone and board25you find out by interacting with himhas specialty with potions and phisics and wields wepons
CompuFemaleRobot/PegasusRed fur, Orange and Yellow mane and tail in a fiery pattern, Blue eyes with irises that glow, no cutie mark.BiTentacles, Orgies, Being fucked senselessPain, Death, Scat, Gore, Anal21 (Appearance), 4 (Actual)NoneTentacles, Cum Baths, Potions
Crimson TailFPegasusReference image (NSFW)Bi (Leans: Female)Yelling, anypony she assumes idiotic, being lonely24Engaged to CrystalF-ListGrumpy, also protective around her loved onesTends to lounge in high places
CrystalF (Crystal)UnicornDark orange with translucent/transparent patches of Crystal (This crystal can hold Magical energy that can be used to affect her own body without the use of her horn or to affect/power her own magic)Bi (Leans: Female)25-26Crimson Tail (Engaged) | Flitterbloom: Close friend + ExSurvivor of a large explosion at her Workplace (The Archive), The Blue Heart necklace around her neck was made by Flitterbloom, who bound a happiness spell to the necklace after Crystal attempted the previously mentioned spell on herself^
CupcakeWarrior (Strawberry Icing)FUnicornReference imageBi: Male Preferencebaking, friends, relaxing, snugglingbeing afraid, mean poniesBaker who runs her own shop, loves hanging out with her friends.
DarklightMPegasus Grey furGay23Canon: None | Non-canon: Bya?Age play
DoppleN*Mimic Dollplush pony, mare-size, grey, black irises, always smiling softlynogiving affection2Commissioned by Iron Heart for companionship in travel, this magical doll can polymorph into any pony form a nearby creature suggests, shaped by the expectations of observers
EbonyFemaleEarth PonyEbony coat, slightly lighter mane and tail, brown eyes, no cutie mark.UnsureBeing lazy, sleeping in!Strenuous work, having to make decisions.8None currently.F-List
EracleaFGriffonReference Images (NSFW)Bi (leans male)Jewelry, fine clothing, paws, alcohol, being treated like a ladysmells, being spoken down to (outside of sex/rp), being dirty in any fashion21Julian Windfeather (brother)F-ListPrincess Eraclea, 23rd and future Ruler of the Principality of Rigstadt, came to the present via a time portal opened by Polly. She had been allowed to explore her world in order to mingle with the commoners and perhaps bring back children of her own, to diversify the royal lineage, as was tradition of young noble griffonesses in her day.Eraclea details
FeisuMaleUnicornA unicorn made entirely of a shimmering darkness, with eyes entirely white, and a massive toothy grin that remains permanent on his face.Bisexual-Female preferenceMagic, darkness, evil stuff, sharp things, sex, creepy nursery rhymes.Light, Wisdom, idiocy.???Matchet/Spark, WisdomInto tentacle play and corruption for the most part.Wisdom's brother also experienced the same traumatic events as his sibiling. He's a creepy fucker, y'know? Also he has talent over darkness.
FlitterBloomFUnicorn(Cyan | Mutation: Wings (No muscle = No ability to fly) | Green eyes | Green magic (Changes to a Darker green with a hint of red when threatened (This also emits a dust similar to Netherrack in color and some properties (Will crumble to nothing if handled, Somewhat Flamable))Bi (Leans: Male)In others: Forgiveness, Loyalty | Things: Complex things (Things that can work her brain a bit (Exception: Riddles))Being Mistreated or Blatantly & Purposly Ignored when the topic is important or concerns the Safety of someone close or otherwise | Riddles28-29Skulker | Holly( Daughter)| Ex: Apple_Bloom, Crystal|colleague: Crystal | Hunted by: (Tartarus Demon | Need a name for him >.<)Foalcon (Among a tonne of other things)Has Figthing History (RP'ed) (Consequense: Seer Knowledge, Combat Tactics: Basic, Semi Jaded, Underworld/Hell knowledge(Magic, Partial History, Landscape Knowledge)) Has Magical Ability of Reversal(VERY situational); Has Combat Medic Training (Also RPed) (Consequenses: Semi Jaded, Medical ability and knowledge) EXTRA NOTES: Resides in room 7, which has been magically altered to be larger and is able to spy on room 8 and 5 (The expanded room is placed on top of room 6)OC of Poklj (PLAYER OK WITH FOALCON
GreenGameM/FAnthro WolfPrimary color: Frost White. Secondary: Neon Green. Red eyes. Gender Bender.BiRape and Foalcon.Everything but scat.
HelenaFemaleGriffonGolden brown griffon with white headfeathers, and dark brown eyes.BisexualFighting, teasing, lady-stuff, meat.Idiocy, chickening out from fights, vegetables.26PaulOpen for most things.May or may not be a princess!
Iron HeartMPegasusSmall brown stallion, blonde mane, red cloak, brown pendantHomosexual, PanromanticGood Company, Alcohol, Adventure21positive ties: Reiko, Flint, Blademinor nobility (via roleplaying history, not recognizable), has a sort of phylactery (visible in refpic), OC of Iosa Sakera, player okay with foalconpresent spell effects (with durations): true metabolism (continuous via item)
IsaacMaleHuman (ooh, spooky!)Brown curly hair, Caucasian, typically wears a red T-shirt and jeans. Hazel eyes. A slightly nerdy complexion.BisexualLearning the world, technology, magic.Drama, idiocy.22None!Open for most things, as long as it isn't fucked up.Came from another world apparently. Searching for a way to get back.
Jack-O-LanternMEarth PonyReference imageBi (Leans: Female)27-29Monster girls(goo girls is my fav) , S&M, Femdom.
JJVonVector/JJVonVictoria (R63 version)MUnicornWhen he is a changeling, He appears to be a normal changeling, but usually stays in his default form before he turned. A brown unicorn with a dark brown tail but no mane, he also usually dawns glassesBi (Heavily leans: Female)Science, Alcohol, messing with ponies, and havving a good timeRegection, Ponies messing with him, or his friends. PollyAppear to be in late 20sLife partner: Reiko Friends: Citizen Creations: Spark Raid, Nelaj, Scrap Metal, SpiritEverything except anything that involves a lot of blood and scatJJ and Victoria are now seperate entitiesThis is the RPer's default name
Julian (Windfeather)MGriffonReference imageIt's all goodAll sorts of things, with a particular love for strong musks and urethral playVery few things, see f-list profile23Eraclea (sister)F-ListQuite the horny catbird at times. Can also be quite casual and open about it~Can play a younger version too
LegionRedStallionDraconisEquusRoan gray, with large red ears, tail, and wings.Bisexual (Stallion pref)Being warm, Alcohol, Food, Cute Colts
Lore VentureMUnicornReference ImageStraightAdventuring and having funblood, gore, vomit, urine, feces34SingleF-ListLore Venture is an archeologist who enjoys fieldwork so much he made his home in the Everfree Forest. He uses his off time to take care of the barn and enforce the rulesLore may appear corrupt sometimes: but he'll do the right thing for the barn to keep a promise to an old friend. Here is also a reference image to his facial features
LuckyspiritMEarth PonyReference imageBi - leans to MaresPlaying, Pets, Cuddles, ERPS, general sillynessNot much into gore, vore, rape, pain.22NoneI gotta remember where it is.Just an Artist and Handypony around Ponyville.
Lyria BreezeFemaleSirenBeautiful siren with headfins and sharp teeth, with a sapphire jewel in her throat. Aqua mane, teal eyes, alluring and sweet voice. Homosexualmild charming, influence, flirting, romancespecism, taking advantage of others with her song???Generally open; prefer discussing heavy kinks OOCOC Siren
MatchMUnicornReference imageBI (Leans towards Males)clothing, parties, Reiko, dancing, teaching and pleasing othersDuct Tape
MatchetFUnicornA young black filly with an everfree green mane and bright golden brown eyesBI (Leans towards females)Danger, weaponry, BUTT SEX! (leave it be...), fruit, dress up, makeup.Loud noises15
May FlowersFEarth PonySee F-List.Bi- leans toward malesGrowing flowers, flower arranging, her older sister, plots, scatdry and hot weather, showersF-List
MegaMaleUnicornReference images, no cutiemark.HeteroBeing lazy, video games, socks, playingAnything that causes pain, necrophilia22None currently.hoof fetish, macrophilia, butt crushHe is in possession of shrink poison.
Mint TwistFemalePegasusLithe pegasus mare with light green fur and Pink and white hair. Her eyes are teal.BisexualGore/Necrophilia21Mostly open, except necrophilia
Miss SpiderFanthro spider mareA giant spider like being with the top half of mare or anthro mare deppending on how you view her, her spider half is solid black with a round blue ring on her... that bump thing spiders have on their back, her top half is a bright red mare with six eyes, three on each side of her headBIWebbing things and eating ponysNothing so far
Moon ShadowFBat ponyReference Image (Moon is on the right, tilted crescent moon cutie mark)BicuriousFruits, obviouslyLoud noises20Astral Song(Sister)Moon's bite can paralyze if threatened, the same applies for her older sister.
NebbieMaleUnicornReference imageBi (leans female)Mixing fetishes,butts, farts, feralScat, too much consensuality in sex, necrophilia25Reiko:preferred sex toy. Compu:close friend.F-ListHas a cozy cabin on the edge of the Everfree.Is very different in other rooms, and has an asynchronous hive mind of clones in the observatory for silliness reeasons
NectarFEletric powered unicorn, But! due to manestyle, horn is hiddenReference imagesAnyway goessee Nether2glorified clone looking the age of 29 whilst only created 2 years ago. genetic equal sans one chromosone to Nether
NelajMZebraReference imageBiEverything...litterallyPretty much nothing18Lovers: Reiko, Blade Creator: JJVery hyperactive and off the wall. Also an OC of JJ
Neon PixelFemaleNeighponese (small exotic earthlike) Petite, light blue unicorn teen with a bright green mane with white streaks. Darker blue eyes with a playfull glint in them.BicuriousGames, competition, flirting and painLosing, boys her age, soft lovers15Lookin for an older stallion~Generally open. No blood/scat/gore
NetherMElectric powered UnicornReference imagesEvery hole is a goalAlcohol / seduction / sexually willing partners who arent too slutty / domsSluts / guards / Cit the clit29none specificex gangmember / drunk / brewer of alcohol
Night SongFemaleQueen Changeling...It's a queen changeling, with some pudgyness to her tummy.BisexualCuddles, hugs, sex, kisses, snuggles, candy, pets, tickles.Spooky stuff, mean ponies, drama.38None!Hypnosis, mind control, and transformation!Not a whole lot is known about this bubbly changeling.
NivusMaleUnicornA friendly stallion, bit smaller than most with a desaturated dark blue coat and icy blue mane and tail. teal-cyan eyes.BiTechnology, electronics, politics, the interlink, running, word gamesnothing really19most things go. pet play,works out of the national labs researching electronics
PollyFUnicornReference imageBI food, drinking, illegal substances, fruitsPickles and vegetables!
PotluckFillyZebrastripey white and black coat with a dark brown/ sandy brown mane.BisexualGames, music, history and philosophy. Pain, blood, death, famine, pestilence, war. Caulliflower.For RP: Flexible.For RP: Kind of a slut, frankly :IThe gross fetishes u__u (scat, watersports, diapers), interspecies,
ageplay, incest. Also very accepting of more vanilla ponies :3
Kinda dopey, iRL & iRP
Raven QuillFemaleBat PonyPurple, anthro, wears a tanktop, shorts and armwarmers oftenStraightdrawing, cuddling, social drinkingpain, death, excrements, smoking, and black licorice23Canonly is reserved, rp wise is a bit more opententacle plants, tentacles, dogs, egging, vanilla and light bondage Raven is a kindly bat pony who loves the color purple. Her talent is artwork on many different mediums.
ReikoM"Pure" ChangelingReference imageBi (Leans: Male)24-26Close Friends: Iron Heart, Flint, Polly, JJ, Byakhee, Jack-O-Lantern, Citizen, Byakhee, Blade Sharpexperience in combat, Ally to Iron Heart a bard and former monster hunter with Jack-o-Lantern. can not devour love in exchange for limited power, changes and ability for flight.
Scott TrotterMaleEarth PonyGrey coated, Dark Brown mane and tail, Video Game Joystick as cutie mark, wears Black thick framed glasses, sometimes travels with a messenger bag on his side with the Punisher skull logo on it.BisexualGaming, being bottom, Sci-Fi stuff, Wubz, cuddles, and social drinking.Rudeness, Drama, Country Music, Scat, Trolls, False Friendship.20Skulker, Scootawisp, Compu, Hoofy.Pretty much open to almost anything, just ask. Scott is a very friendly but shy stallion, he will open up more when he gets to know you but also doesn't mind being approached strongly and controlling (He actually kind of likes it). But he does love sex and would hardly turn down the offer if given, just come and chat at him or sex him up, either one works! x3
Scrap?Uhm robot thingReference imagenot really uhm sex thingsPleasing othersViolence
Shadow forgeMKirin UnicornReference imageBi (leans to female )relaxing, adventure, any kind of fun1800+Citizen. FlitterbloomF-Listcome and ask yourselve~ too mutch to tellOC of Forgeponi
Silent Observer??????A strange pony wearing a custom fitted Mare-Do-Well outfit. Around 5 feet tall. Weight unknown.???UnknownUnknown???UnknownUnknownJust stands in a corner, watching everyone, doing nothing, saying nothing. Just watching.How's this for a fucking entry?
SneckF but can switch genderChangeling queen!a black large tall satanding changeling queen with red strips instead of the normal changeling green.BI!Love, being mischevous and harming others.Brocoli
Spell CraftMUnicorn (Half-Caribou)Baby blue coat, brown eyes, mane, and tail, red d20 cutie markBi (leans male for feral, female for anthro)Spell enjoys magic, crafting spells, healing ponies, and blathering about humansSpell dislikes strong scents, especially of the bodily odor variety, pheromones excepted, bulliesBody 9, Soul 40F-ListSpell grew up as a street urchin in Canterlot, as the orphanage was too restrictive about what he could practice. Sexual favors given to the Guards and/or appeals to their better nature kept him warm and fed.
String ShredessFemaleHuman (ooh, spooky!)A decently tall young woman, relatively long hair, usually wears jeans and a baggy T-shirt. Slightly chubby, but has all the right curves and a beautiful face, so it's all good. Good booty, good breasts, typical female OC, am I right? Very chilled, very relaxed, very sarcastic, and handles her alcohol rather well.BisexualSweet boys, sweet girls, cigarettes, whiskey, rock and roll, pot and, surprisingly, childrenDisrespectful ponies/other things, idiots and ignorant ponies/other things23Victoria, Paul (Polly), Green Game sort of, Byahkee sort ofOpen to try some things, just not the stuff mentioned in row 50A very beautiful, very carefree, and very smart woman, String was raised on the streets of Manehattan. She learned to play guitar quickly and used her talent to get money to survive. She can be very insecure sometimes, and tends to drink too much alcohol during these episodes of self doubt.
SugarcoatFemaleUnicornUnicorn mare in glasses; lavender coat, white mane, twintails and purple eyes/magicHomosexualHonesty, Sweets, Flirtingsuperdark kinks18Generally open; prefer discussing heavy kinks OOCEquestria Native/ Equestria Girls versions
Talia Pineople PinappleFUnicornA young black filly with a skunk like appearence, white mane and tail with a carbon black body, her eyes a bright shining race yellowBI (Leans towards Females)All the toys!, juice boxes, crayons, eating paintNothing so far
Water LillyFUnicornReference image(I was kinda lazy on this one)Bi27Age play(She hides the fact)Alchemist who runs her own business. She can also cast water or ice based spells. Sometimes on research expeditions to the far north.
WisdomMaleUnicornA well-endowed white unicorn with a curly blue and light-blue patterned mane. His eyes are white, and his cutie mark is that of a quasar. He seems to have a hardened look on him for the most part.Bisexual-Female preferenceMagic, books, science, acting, literature, practicing spells, Roaman mythology.Darkness, heights, drama.23Tinker.Mostly vanilla, but he's up to some things if you ask.This guy has a talent over light, so, he uses it when it's needed. The poor stallion is a little bit traumatized from the loss of his mother and father in Roam.
MaleEarth PonyDark grey/black coat with red-tipped black mane and tail. Blue eyes
Zeh'Ten "Z"MaleDemon PonyWhite, black, blue and teal demon pony with tentacle tails. Normally appears without them but he is able to retract and grow them at willBisexual leans towards maleDrinkingbig egos, pain, blood, scat, gore, watersports, ect.appears 25, actual age ???F-listHe can grow, shrink, change girth of his tails, and implant infertile eggs with his tentacle tails