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AI AcademyRobotics, Education, AIAI Academy is a start-up company that focuses on AI and robotics education. We are specialized in (i) assisting students in learning new technology such as autonomous driving and computer vision and prepare them for the future of artificial intelligence; and (ii) assisting teachers to teach students artificial intelligence. We design education tools and provide courses for AI and Wong
AntzKnow Technology Limited
Edu-tech, Big data, AIAntzKnow is a collective prediction platform and knowledge community that promotes thinking and learning for individuals, and offers valuable insights into the future for businesses, governments and other organizations.
Adopting a science-proven approach called collective forecasting, AntzKnow posts questions about the future on its platform, opens to the public to make forecasts, and aggregates the individual predictions with algorithms, thereby producing more accurate forecasts than other information sources. Accurate predictions have inherent business values which AntzKnow can monetize and share with the forecaster community. AntzKnow has three revenue models mainly in the form of SaaS (B2B), targeting universities, companies, governments and other organisational buyers. The larger the forecaster community is, the more accurate predictions AntzKnow can produce, and the larger value is created, captured and shared, which attracts more users to forecast. The whole eco-system forms a virtuous value cycle.
www.antzknow.comTristan Liu
ARTRO DigitalDigital ConsultantARTRO Digital aspires to become the leading digital strategist with an expertise in digital transformation in Asia. We work closely with 50+ corporate clients to provide strategic digital planning and the best cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to strive for the desired result.www.artrodigital.comWiva Wei
Banana PortalFreelancer and client matching online platform, data gathering site.Banana Portal is a hybrid of virtual freelancer community/platform and online outsourcing platform that aims at providing completely free, secured, decentralized, job hunting for freelancers as well as task outsourcing for the general public with data analytics and machine-learning-driven bespoke suggestions. Chan
BizuellBusiness Presentation and Visualisation Consulting & Training. We provide 1) business presentation design services (presentation for conference speech, product launch ceremony, brand book, annual celebration, startup roadshow, government report & etc.); 2) design standardisation & training (presentation skill training, presentation style guide, presentation course); and 3) presentation strategy (business presentation consulting, roadshow consulting).Bizuell aspires to become a leading business presentation and visualisation solution provider, serving both local and international brands and high-end professionals.Murray Cui
ChartipediaEducation and MediaWe think a chart speaks more than a thousand words and brings inspiration. We aim to be a visual educator by creating a chart community to share knowledge and insights.

We read thousands of texts, pages of articles and deal with so much data everyday, but how much insights can we get? Studies of Microsoft showed that the average human attention span has decreased to just 8 seconds - less than a goldfish's 9 seconds.

This is where Chartipedia comes in. We design and share simple, high-quality yet interesting charts to visualize data, ideas and facts that everyone can learn quickly. Ko
DataxData crowd-sourcing and exchange platform on blockchainDatax is a data exchange platform built on blockchain that reduces cost, enhances security and ensures ownership of data. It comprises of two major functions: Datax Workforce that allows AI researchers and companies to crowdsource data, especially AI training and market data, and Datax Marketplace that empowers businesses to commercialize data assets.https://datax.ioHinnes Lung
Technical basis includes use of iOS, Android, MySQL (Database), AWS (Cloud Server) and Php for the eCup Solution.Our team is a huge fans of coffee lover and quality life, we love to have a freshly brew coffee to light up our day. Sadly this come with a cost for time and choice which doesn’t align to our Smart Life Style. That’s why we created eCup.

eCup is an app that help user to save time by ordering the beverage while you are on your way to office or near the end of a meeting. Once your beverage is ready, it will notify you. User can see how busy the cafe is before you made an order. You will have an easier time management. To make an order, you can just do it in 1 click at the minimal without any sign-in.

eCup is not only an App, but also a symbolic of a Smart Life Style. Hope you all get a taste of Smart Life Style by using eCup. Lee
eFun LearningEducation technologyeFunLearning Ltd. offers a gamified English learning platform for Hong Kong kindergartners focusing on developing early English literacy for K1 students and improving reading competency for K2 and K3 students. The platform entails a well-chosen book list, post and during-reading challenges and progress reports (for parents and teachers). We believe that learning can be, and should be, fun and effective, and it is our vision to help kindergartners learn effectively through a gamified learning platform by incorporating evidence-based pedagogies with the latest technologies and innovations. More importantly, we aim to nurture Hong Kong kindergartners to attain all-round development in the domains of English listening, speaking, reading and writing.Kayla Siu
ERA SStartup & Growth ConsultancyERA S is the first startup consultancy company in Hong Kong. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs with various skills in areas including: fund-raising, idea validation, product design & development, growth & marketing and team building. Established in 2019, we aim to build the largest community of slash specialist to support Hong Kong Startups. www.s-eraclub.comSilver Wong
Farmer EraGamingPocTech Studio Limited is a mobile application development company. We are delighted to introduce our first application named – Farmer Era, which is a brand-new farming mobile game incorporating E-commerce feature based on an idea that gamers can receive tangible rewards through their virtual gaming experience. In Farmer Era, gamers could create and manufacture various in-game products and eventually redeem product discounts from our merchant partners both online and offline.
Moreover, Farmer Era acts as a unique E-commerce platform that enables our merchant partners to:
- Reach a larger base of potential customers (i.e. gamers); and
- Have interactive promotion for their products as well as the companies’ brand through offering discount.
www.farmerera.comJohn Tang
Formily LimitedEcommerce artificial intelligence engineFormily Limited focus on IT solutions. By researching for the latest technology such as deep learning and Big Data analytical, Formily Limited aim to use the technology to build a better society. Such that the team of Formily is always inventing some technology-based product mostly in smart city idea.www.formily.hkRicky Wong
Frame and Frame
Brand consultancy, coaching, design and SaaS (to-be-developed once admitted)We are a personal branding, presentation coaching and content marketing firm in Hong Kong. We help entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives to stand out from the crowd, be seen as the industry leader and accelerate growth.

We support clients by creating an impactful brand story, consistent flow of content for online presence, visual brand assets like personal branding portraits, logos and promotional materials.

Here are our Signature Branding Services:
Brand Consultation
Strengths-based Personal Branding Coaching
Pitch Presentation Coaching
Content Marketing and Social Media Profile Management
Personal Branding Portraits
Brand Identity Design
Keynotes, group Training and workshops on Personal Branding and Content Marketing related topics Ho
FreehunterCreative Industryonline marketplace to hire creative freelancing talents Cheng
fylpEducation, Language Learning matchingfylp - find your language partner - is a free mobile application that uses an algorithm to help users find people with complementary language skills and cultural interests. Aside from voice and text messages, fylp facilitates learning through real-time gameplay between users – creating not only meaningful social but also exciting learning experiences - increasing the chance any two users meeting up in
Julian Gaertner
GööpSocial NetworkingBuild a tighter group by letting everyone share their thoughts comfortably.

Use Gööp to:

.Create a private space for your group, accessible only with an Invite Code
.Discover Topics nearby
.Share honest opinions with others anonymously
.Make decisions by knowing what everyone thinks with in-group voting

Secretly proven to make your group closer together, more pleasant, and more engaging. We hope you’ll have a Gööp time.
Jonathan Ching
GraviCoinsBlockchain, Fintech and SecurityGravicoins is one of the leading companies in the digital exchange industry which can solve the security problems under the threat of hackers while maintaining investors' trading efficiency.

Our patent-pending exchange engine can protect digital property of investors and provide instant transaction confirmation. Compared to the current practice of both permissioned and permissionless blockchain requiring the majority to achieve consensus per a time interval, our engine consists of a sub-blockchain within a minor participants where each individual investor can control their digital assets with their own private keys and transfer their digital property in an instant fashion with a lower transfer fee. Therefore, it can fulfill the business needs of investors and industry participants. Moreover, their security can be assured.
https://GraviCoins.comKin Au
HACTISVirtual Reality (VR) solutionsHactis Limited is founded by researchers in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong in 2015 under the TSSSU@HKU scheme. Our vision is to provide the best bespoke virtual reality (VR) solutions to create a community of VR users to deploy VR effectively to excel in their business and profession. Wai Lam
Hong Kong Crypto Consultants
Blockchain ConsultancyHong Kong Crypto Consultants’ (HKCC) mission is to promote the use of blockchain technology within our society through a compliant and sustainable manner. HKCC provides a one-stop solution for blockchain technology services, we help our clients on a variety of professional services including the integration of blockchain into existing software architecture, the development of smart contract and token protocol, and professional advisory services for whitepaper drafting. Wong
HyperAir FXFin Tech/ Travel TechGet travel money smarter. Anyway.www.hyperair.comHaeley Leung
InnoTech Association Limited
Charity TechnologyInnoTech Association is a social startup dedicated to the use of technology for helping the disadvantaged and disabled.

Our Mission
Promote the concept of helping people through innovation and technology in the community.

Our Approach
1. Develop and procure technology products that can help improve the livelihood of the disadvantaged (including the disabled). Recruit volunteers to demonstrate and instruct people on how to use these products.
2. Organise activities for the disadvantaged to enhance their knowledge of innovation and technology.
3. Provide free tuition on technology knowledge to the disadvantaged, in particular the children from underprivileged families.
ONEs Software was founded in 2019 by several technology lovers and experts. Our mission is to create an entirely different way of working style and convert the traditional office into a more visualized, efficient, and interactive smart workplace. Discover and solve workplace challenges, changing the environment we work in.Kelvin Siu
iSpeechhealthcare, educationiSpeech is an online platform enabling people to seek speech therapy and purchase training resources according to personalized needs.Charlotte Yuen
KIN Technology Limited
Healthcare / Health-TechWe understand how troubling it is putting an effort into taking care of your health every day. Our vision is to make personal healthcare highly efficient and effective that our users can focus their valuable time on matters that are important. We design and develop our products with extremely high consideration and specification, to ensure we provide the best solution and user experience possible.

We are currently developing the KIN Pill Dispenser. It is an automated machine that highly minimised the human intervention required throughout the process from patients receiving medication to them consuming it. It can automatically dispense the right amount of pills at the right time. Once the dispenser is connected to the Internet, the users can also manage & monitor the medications remotely, ensuring the safety of the pills. Yeung
Koinbros Limitedmarket-making services and over-the-counter trading on post-ICO utility blockchain tokens.Koinbros is a leading global provider of post-ICO services to cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

We offer over-the-counter trading solutions to ICO projects looking to convert cryptocurrency raised via ICO to fiat currency that can be used to build out projects. We also offer market-making services to these projects as a way to create liquidity for their tokens.
www.koinbros.comXia Fanbing
Marketeer Limited
Healthcare, Nutrition, AI, Foodtech, Social SntrepreneurshipImagine going food shopping and with a click of a camera get bespoke recommendations on the healthiest ingredients suitable for your family. That’s “Marketeer” - helping you know your food.

Our Go-To App For All-Things Fresh uses innovative AI technology combined with a unique database that allow users to snap a photo of a fresh product with their smartphone and immediately obtain customized information about it to avoid cross-reactivity allergy, manage weight, succeed at health challenges and handle conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Daniel Edelson
MediConcenTogether we will build the first blockchain insurance medical network in the world. Our blockchain will instil trust even to the bonesetters so as to mobilise medical experts all over the wolrd to serve the insured population without middleman.www.mediconcen.comWilliam Yeung
Pandora TimesNews OrganizationPandora Times is a platform for journalists to interact with their readers, and allows users to fund their activities through individual subscriptions. It also uses blockchain technology to ensure a censorship-proof medium of communication during a time when the freedom of press and speech is under pressure worldwide.
Bryan Michael Galvan
Picare (Future Exploration Technologies Limited)Healthcare/Platform/AgencyPiCare is a healthcare matching platform using technology to help people in bringing a better life in exciting new ways, by connecting we, our family elderly and service providers together.

We are aspired to bring citizens closer through our booking and matching system to elderly as major targeting market to achieve three things: higher quality of healthcare service to elderly, one-stop family management and immediate recruitment of service provider.

Ultimately, PiCare would like to be the personal health assistant of us, so that you can reach every aspect of your healthcare needs, no matter it is seeing doctor, checking medical record, drug reminding, ai diagnosis, insurance and health-building.
Silver Ng
Planto LimitedFintech, Bigdata and AIFinancial planning is offline, dated and unscalable. Today, financial planning services are either sales-centric or comes at a very high fixed fee. The current process is offline and hard to scale. It's not surprising that only 20% of millennials in Hong Kong are confident about achieving their financial goals. The personal finance industry is sophisticated, however generic products are being sold to millennials via fragmented channels, and are not solving their problems. Planto is on a mission to modernize and scale financial planning to masses, starting with millennials in Hong Kong.www.planto.ioAnkit Suri
Portfoplus Limited
Fintech , InsurTechPortfoPlus is an InsurTech start-up providing a digital insurance platform for the general public and insurance advisers. We provide a digital insurance portfolio for advisers and clients to manage the insurance policies, consolidating policies from all insurance companies in one place.
We connect advisers and clients directly to solve orphan policy issue.
We provide unbiased Bigdata portfolio analysis for clients to have a better understanding of their insurance portfolio’s healthiness.
We provided a Sales Management System tailor-made for insurance advisers to have a better understanding of their client, helping them providing more personalized service.
www.portfoplus.comColin Wong
PriSec LimitedInfoSec, eID development, consultationPriSec is an information security company committed to the research and development of electronic identification (eID) solutions. We believe eID should be convenient to use, ensure security and prioritize users’ privacy.

We endeavour to provide first-class eID solutions to organizations and governments for meeting the challenges of the digital age.

One of our signature products is Authentik, an eID solution that seeks to revolutionize security and convenience in registration, authentication and authorization processes.
prisec.coEdwin So
ProEd LimitedEduTech, Administration, EcommerceWith the vision of simplifying education administrative process, ProEd aims to invent the next era of education by providing the first-in-ever comprehensive business solution that combines administration and e-commerce for education service providers which include tutorial centers, extra-curricular activities providers, vocational and professional training centers.

Current ProEd products include ProEd App and ProEd Business Management System. ProEd App is advertising, matching and e-learning platform for both businesses and public, while ProEd Business Management System is a backend management system for ProEd App, and administrative management system with features like class scheduling, staff and client management, etc.
proed.ioAnn Li
QINSUR LIMITEDInsurTech, platform, insurance sales channelQINSUR LIMITED is the creator of InsurGo, a project that aims to bring revolutionary impacts to the insurance industry by transforming the insurance application process through modularization, automation, and contribution tracking. InsurGo features a web app that helps a user to organize his/her demand for insurance from an unclear thought into clear requirements and find a proper insurance broker to fulfil it. Customers are put in control throughout the process and rewarded for their efforts. In addition, by using blockchain technology to track the contribution of each stakeholder in the process, we are able to build an effective incentive system that reduces the agency problem and ensure better customer protection.Charles Cheng
Relaxgo Company Ltd.
Healthcare, PlatformRelaxgo connects professionally trained and certified massage therapists to customers who are seeking an affordable and secure way to enjoy treatments in their preferred location for ultimate comfort, convenience and privacy. We want to transform the status quo of the massage industry in Hong Kong to be on par of that in the UK - where therapists enjoy the recognition as professionals. Li
Scancer LimitedData Science ConsultancyScancer is a data science consultancy specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science solutions for real-world problems.
By leveraging the power of AI, we assist leaders and organizations in unlocking their potential in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
www.scancer-hk.comKevin Luk
TaleEducation technologyTale is an A.I. presentation coach for users to practice presentation at anytime and anywhere. Presentation skills establish a person’s credibility and impact. Just like any other skills, such as swimming and maths, you have got to keep practicing in order to master presentation skills. Designed to improve the presentation skills of our users, Tale assists users to tackle problems encountered when presenting and provide professional guidance, prepare them to deliver an organized presentation with skills and confidence. Tale justifies a presentation in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication, using technology to help users to improve their presentation skills.www.talehk.comJaime Lao
TaxijoTaxi PlatformTaxijo is taxi rental system connecting taxi owners & taxi drivers.

For taxi owners:
- There will be no difficulty in finding drivers to rent their taxis, especially at nights & on public holidays.
- Reduction of management fees.

Taxi drivers:
- Taxijo can let drivers have real time information on what taxis are available. This provides them with options to suit their requirement and schedule.

This flexibility will attract new blood to enter the industry and help the taxi industry to solve its current problems. Cheung
TravelholicTravel, Application, Machine LearningTravelholic will be the market’s first application to provide free tailor-made travel plan. Once user enter information like destination, duration, travel style and members of the trip, our engine will do matching and create a personalized itinerary only for you. Users can customize their activities by easy drag and drops and collaborate with co-travellers. They can also share their itineraries, activities, flights and hotels, or take references from other itineraries on our social networking platform. Forming a network with people of similar travel style, users can get more up-to-dated and first-hand information. Lastly, our application also offers flights, hotels, restaurants and activities booking service which help traveller to work out their travel plan in one place.Billy Chu
WeavaEducation, Consumer AppsWeava speeds up students' research process by allowing them to highlight, organize, and create their research documents all in one place. Currently, we have tens of thousands of happy users from 100+ countries and 80+ higher-ed institutions. We are makers with prior experience at Amazon, Credit Suisse, and GoodNotes.www.weavatools.comMichelle Chan
Wepp Solutions Limited
Ecommerce platform: Magento, Salesforce
A team of 5 HKU EcomIcom students set up Wepp Solutions Ltd in Nov 2018. We started as a B2B web and app solutions provider with focus on CMS and e-commerce platform. Our main product, is a HKU EcomIcom approved project – GetSecGo, which is a company secretarial platform project. It aims to provide a total solution to all business operations needs for company secretarial and accounting firms. The purpose is to transform the manual physical operations into a digitalized integrated system. The platform assists company secretaries in managing all legal requirements, daily operations, and enable account management and tasks assignment over the Tsz Yiu
中醫運動隊醫chinese medicine【4th China “Internet+” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition|第四屆「中國互聯網+大學生創新創業大賽」】銀獎:Chinese medicine in sports 源一堂- 中醫運動隊醫

【China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition 2018|創青春浙大雙創杯全國大學生創業大賽】 Ka Lung
GrinBeanGreen technologyGrinBean is a profit-sharing ecosystem that is built around clean recycling, linking citizens, property developers and management companies, recyclers, and retailers. We aim to promote recycling and provide reliable technologies that enable an accurate sorting of recyclables and contamination control at the point of disposal, as a solution to the low recycling rate and the low recovery rate in Hong Kong.grinbean.hkTom Leung
ASGuideEdTech x TravelTechGladies Lee
WealthskeyFinTech, blockchain, CryptoWealthskey is a hi-quality content platform with our own digital currency for content payment and content sharing, powered by blockchain.http://wealthskey.comKenith Poon
SeniorDeliFood/TechnologySeniorDeli offers texture modified meals for elderly with dysphagia by making appetizing and nutritious soft meals for elderly who have chewing or swallowing problems by employing unique technology to modify food texture while maintaining their original form
Cheung Ka Wing
Care Adventure 卡牌大冒險
Social Enterprise / Education ServiceAco Studio Limited is a social enterprise that envisions a future where children in need can enjoy learning and realise their potential.

Our project, Card Adventure is a language learning platform using Augmented Reality (AR) backed by the Big Data Analysis that is designed for children with Special Education Needs (SEN). Ka Wing
Open Ocean Camera
Ocean Automation, AI-Imaging, CNN Deep Learning, Embedded Systems, Optics, Big-DataThe Open Ocean Camera reduces the cost of underwater data collection and processing by 350x using IOT and AI-based Imaging. The product is disrupting the conservation space, allowing us to accelerate the scale of ocean conservation activity at a fraction of the cost today. openoceancam.comSidhant Gupta
Alphabrain HK Ltd
Digital Data ManagementData disassembly technology to avoid unauthorized piracy; encrypted IP ownership certification empowered by distributed computing smart contract; API allowing the content to be played at 3rd party digital content player.
Joseph Chan
ReU BirdCreative Industry and Entertainment O2OReU Bird ( ) serves as a gathering planning assistant for people to schedule gatherings, finding and booking entertainment activities without hassles. It is also an online marketplace connecting entertainment providers and consumers with a directory platform listing different categories of entertainment.www.reubird.hkBrian Chui
LegalclarusLegal Platform; Legal KnowhowLegalClarus is the first Chinese legal marketplace in Hong Kong for matching legal needs. It serves to help you find the right lawyerlegalclarus.comLiu Chen-Wen
3BeeBoxSmart businessWe aim to help customers to reach different products by providing cash incentive, free product trials and find products that fit your needs and interests! Our product is called Turn Receipts into Cash.www.3beebox.comSimon Kung
Blockchain and cryptocurrency
We offer technical consulting services from use case exploration to full production‑grade implementations. We form joint ventures and incubate blockchain projects we believe in. We also support and leverage the core infrastructure of emerging blockchain protocols.blockdynamics.ioMax Song
TakeOffSmart VC investmentTakeOff has one mission: improve investment journeys for early-stage investment. We do this by building technologies that augment the decision-making process and increase transparency for investors and founding teams.https://takeoff.hkAditya Mehta
FridayEdTech; PlatformFriday’s creative solution starts from pointing out the largely ignored non-academic learning industry in Hong Kong. People cannot happily shop through hobby-related classes in Hong Kong since offline classes are scattered and online classes lack tutor’s personal guidance and direct feedback. Freelancers do not know where to advertise themselves while students can’t find the right teacher and have a hard time getting the class materials. Therefore, Friday uses its own proprietary web-platform and AI-driven recommendation algorithm to help potential students to shop through classes provided by credible tutors. Through technology, we encourage various ways of self-development skills not limited to conventional exam-based or academic Lee
ChestnutAiPlatform for AI modelsChestnutAI provides recommendation-as-a-service. Use our platform to build an accurate, interpretable, and tunable recommendation engine to deploy on your platform with a simple API call.
www.chestnutai.comJuwon Lee
Glide 劃翔Plaform and community for travel loversGlide is a social platform for travellers to discover, build and share first-hand itineraries with ease. Trip planning should always be a pleasant experience. We aim to enable users to locate suitable travel itineraries with only a few taps away.
Alex Tong
SoonlutionAquaculture innovationSoonlution is a Hong Kong-based startup company offering innovative solutions to the traditional aquaculture industry to facilitate the transition from being labour-intensive to be technology-based. From our roots in life science and engineering, we invent cutting-edge technologies to give our customers invaluable enhancements in their day-to-day practices./Meko Law
PickoPlatform; e-commercePicko is a social recommendation platform to help consumers make confident purchase decisions from their friends’ suggestions and profit as a Key Opinion Consumer (KOC). We also provide one-stop service to help businesses launch, host and operate KOC programs powered by Open Banking solutions without upfront cost.https://picko.lifeJensen Choi
PayPhone is a multi-fiat-currency e-wallet which aims to give users full control of their funds & e-receipts using blockchain encrypted transactions and smart contracts.
Aman Selarka
PhrmaSec Limited is a Hong Kong University-based spin-off Biotech Company in pursuit of solutions for the clinical situations associated with G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) mediated hormonal dysregulation. Our aim is to develop a novel treatment for hypertension despite there are several classes of antihypertensive drugs available. Still, about 100 million people are estimated to be non-responsive to all the conventional therapies.
Dr. Kailash Singh
Academy 22 Education for All Foundation Limited
Academy 22 Foundation Education for All limited (A22 Foundation) is a not-for-profit organization. A 22 Foundation is being formed to provide unique and timely educational programs for all children and practitioners of the library and information management field in order to foster lifelong learners with 21st Century skills and beyond. We plan to offer a dynamic and constantly-evolving program. Most activities will be a combination of education, information science and technology at the digital age. The organisation was formed by well-known EduTech scholars, library experts, marketing and banking professionals.
Helen Chan
Edtech - Ecommerce Marketplace
NoteSity is the largest educational resources online ordering platform in Hong Kong, aggregating 200+ product offerings, including exercise, notes, reference books, mock papers and online courses which are available for sale online. At NoteSity, students and their parents can browse, compare and purchase all educational products they need in one single place at discounted prices.
Zoe Poon
Flowsophic Limited
Education, trading of educational materials, matching between tutorial centres and students
We are Flowsophic. We navigate people towards the most suitable tutors. Our mobile application, FlowClass, is a search engine for education centres where students can then chat directly with the tutors.

We link thousands of education centres in Hong Kong. We disrupt the tutor middleman services market by offering the most cost-effective way to engage new students.

They can easily choose tutors according to their preferred locations, subjects, teaching styles, comments and other attributes. We provide customized news feed of educational events and free lessons gathered from partnering education centres. Students can always know what and where to learn.
Kelly Chan
IsoFoodtraceFood Testing
IsoFoodtrace uses stable isotope analysis to verify food labels and track food origin. Stable isotope analysis measures the natural weight variations that exist between atoms of all biological materials, and acts as an identifying fingerprint. These fingerprints can be harnessed to identify or confirm different attributes of food, including farming practices, feed diets, and geographical origin.
Colin Luk
Studtors Technologies Limited
We're revolutionising tutoring. Not only do we provide an exclusive platform to connect students to tutors, we regulate bookings to ensure for a safe environment for both parties. Tutors on our platform undergo a vigorous selection process before being part of our platform. We strive to help tutors realize their true potential in tutoring to provide the best value tutoring in the market.
studtors.comKwok Xi Zing
Information services (video-sharing platform)
Schotar is a video-sharing (short-film) social networking platform specially designed for the academia world. Every researcher can easily produce an accurate video synopsis of his/her work with our new video editing technology catered to scientists, and share the video and collect feedback from the community. Our goal is to build a platform that facilitates research promotion, improves efficiency in literature review process, and builds tight bonds among researchers from different places and in different research fields. Our mission is to inspire idea creation and scale social impact.
Will Chang
EdilerySustainabilityHult Prize 2021 Champion
Tanmay Nautiyal
Team ingCharity technologyHong Kong Techathon 2021 Turzo Bose
Peeker Charity technologyHong Kong Techathon 2021Tav Grewal
UKEIPlatform; networking
UKEI is a revolutionary geo-networking app that matches roommates with roommates, tenants with landlords, with the aid of big data and psychology-backed AI analysis. Through trust-building, it aims to promote a co-living culture and sharing economy, ultimately lowering HK people’s demand for individual housing without sacrificing living standard.
Ali Farooqi
ONEs SoftwareTechnology
ONEs Software was founded in 2019 by several technology lovers and experts. Our mission is to create an entirely different way of working style and convert the traditional office into a more visualized, efficient, and interactive smart workplace.
Ngai Kit
ChicxpearePlatform; e-commerce
Chicxpeare is an influencer-service company that empowers Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to launch their own merchandise brand. We pledge to provide quality services that enable clients to further pursue their dreams.
Louis Cheung
EnrollaOnline marketplace
Enrolla is an online marketplace for leisure class operators
https://enrollahk.comNatalie Man
Save Car KingInstant Car Services App
Hong Kong is an advance city in many aspects. However, the service of car maintenance is still not up to date. Drivers have to find the garage one by one by using phone call. In the driver’s stand point, this quotation process is time consuming and unfairly treated. Our vision is to offer the most cost effective solution and hassle-free experience for garages and drivers through a new way of interaction. We hope this competition provide network for us to link with the investor and public to promote our platform.
Rex Law
Invisible & Innovative Technology Co., Ltd
Invisible & Innovative Technology Co., Ltd. is a tech startup initiated by a group of HKU postgraduates, specialized in R&D, Production and Distribution of Acoustics Speaker-embedded products and technology. We customize acoustics products to address the increasing demand for smart living, home entertainment and commercial application from tech-savvy consumers, which perfectly meet their usage and living space requirement.
www.iithk.comPatrick Lee
InMagin StudioMarketing & Video Production
InMagin Studio aims to be the go-to partner for small businesses and start-ups. With the exceptional insight in social media marketing and video production capability, we helped our client to reach exceptional growth and provide tactical advice to boost up their social game.
www.edithype.comWesley Chan
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 人工智能及大數據
We aim at bringing values to the supply chain industry and logistics industry by providing accuracy and precision in predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA) of container vessel through integrating open source data in our own built model for analytics and machine learning.
N/ACatherine Chui
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Medical and Biological Technology 醫療及生物科技, Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發
Algal bloom is a deteriorating global problem. Society considers it as a harmful waste, but our team sees microalgae as an opportunity to be converted into useful products.
We produce natural pigments from microalgae, and aim to replace the toxic and synthetic colorants in our daily products.
Jane Wong
Blue Plate
Smart City/Living 智慧城市/生活, Social Entrepreneurship 社會企業, Living and Service 生活服務
Blue Plate is a student led platform which intends to solve student issues of unhealthy eating by providing personalized healthy meal plans! We intend to provide recipes using the same ingredients throughout the week, minimize waste and save time! We intend to create a close-knit student community consisting of students who face similar issues!
N/AAastha Gaur
Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發, Social Entrepreneurship 社會企業, Culture and Education 文化及教育
With a heart to love our neighbours as ourselves, CantoGather bridges both Chinese and non-Chinese communities of Hong Kong together through language and multicultural education. We empower our non-Chinese neighbours to be the next pillars of our society by disintegrating existing barriers for learning Chinese and understanding different cultures via our programs.

With Communication comes Unity — forming a true CommUnity.
Florence Lau
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 人工智能及大數據
Deploifai is a no-code infrastructure as a solution for machine learning. We believe that deploying machine learning services should be very quick and easy to do, and manage. We aim to become the only MLOps service you will ever need, to manage all your machine learning projects.
https://deploif.aiUtkarsh Goel
Develop of AR e-learning platform to enhance allied health care
Innovative Technology 創新科技
Develop of AR e-learning platform to enhance allied health care
My Product to be developed
Programme development: Storyboard with voiceovers and e-learning tools, immediate feedback after learner actions, and assess learners mastery and proficiency.
Develop AR platform to help medical and allied health learners learning by doing; to observe, collaborate and practice in their own time
Explore virtual worlds; the idea is to go beyond the classroom or textbook and use rules of AR on iPad device to enhance in-person learning experience everywhere.
High-resolution graphics with varying storylines based on user interaction
Different stories and case studies that mimic users' surrounding for the immersive learning experience in future development.
Content can be updated seamlessly for new learning chapters.
Cecilia Hoi Mei Kong
DEXInnovative Technology 創新科技
DEX’s secured one-click sign-in solution puts users’ digital identities back in their own hands by providing altered personal data to companies only. Users no longer have to worry about data leakage, cross-platform profiling while enjoying the digital world to the fullest.
N/AEnoch Lau
DNA-based Biosensor System (DBS)
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Medical and Biological Technology 醫療及生物科技, Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發
InnoDetection Ltd. focuses on developing novel point-of-care tests for the veterinary, livestock, and food industries. Our first product will be designed for detecting ASF virus to help China’s gigantic swine industry. This platform minimizes the spread of infectious diseases by providing a sensitive, economical, and fast DNA-Based Biosensor (DBS) technology.
Not applicable
Dr. Chi Bun Chan
GamesBondEntertainment 娛樂
GamesBond, is a social networking platform that promotes the philosophy of “gaming as a lifestyle”. Our platform integrates essential gaming features commonly found in different apps into one single app that is suitable for all gamers, from casuals to hardcores.
Roy Chan
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 人工智能及大數據, Social Entrepreneurship 社會企業, Entertainment 娛樂, Culture and Education 文化及教育, Creative Industry 創意產業, Living and Service 生活服務
With the vision to be the top-of-mind Gift Hub for everyone everywhere, GiftBa provides an all in one gift community and turns the gifting burden into a blessing through the use of centralized wish list, AI gift consultant, gift marketplace and donation community.
N/AHadley Leung
Smart City/Living 智慧城市/生活, Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發, Living and Service 生活服務
Groupsub is more-than-an-e-commerce company, which offers an end-to-end subscription solution, which empowers customers to automate their consumption needs, from grocery replenishment to services group-buy.
Manson Wong
Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發, Living and Service 生活服務
Gumbolo is the first instant booking platform for professional pet services in Hong Kong. Most vet clinics, grooming and training centres only offer phone bookings during office hours. Clients have to go through time-consuming scheduling negotiations; whereas service providers spend a lot of time fielding calls instead of optimising their time in providing services. Gumbolo’s mission is to bring convenience and ease to pet owners and pet service providers by providing a leap-to-the-eye scheduling, instant booking and health records system - and contributes to the higher accessibility and availability of information across the industry.
www.gumbolo.techJoey Wong
Hydroponics Furniture
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Smart City/Living 智慧城市/生活, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 人工智能及大數據
We integrate inspirational interior design elements and cutting edge technology to engineer the world's first fully automated, data powered hydroponics furniture. Our auto-dosing system, smart watering mechanism and space-efficient design bring households safe and affordable vegetables straight from their homes. Our goal is to help homes reduce the reliance on local sources and save money on purchasing costly vegetables that only claim to be free from hazards.
naGrace Ho
Invisible & Innovative Technology Co., Ltd.
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Smart City/Living 智慧城市/生活, Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發, Social Entrepreneurship 社會企業, Entertainment 娛樂, Creative Industry 創意產業, Living and Service 生活服務
Invisible Tech is a tech startup initiated by a group of HKU postgraduates, under the SEED programme of HKU iDendron specializing in R&D, Production and Distribution of Acoustics Speaker-embedded products. We customize products to address the increasing demand for smart living, esports gaming, home entertainment and commercial application for tech-savvy consumers.
CHEUNG Ngai Hang (Henry)
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 人工智能及大數據, Entertainment 娛樂
The existing social platforms don’t let people interact in the real world and encourage people to represent themselves virtually. We dive below the surface, we help you to initiate the first move by analysing your personality through dialogue and tests from our AI chatbot, after that we find you the creative activities with the right people at the right time. We cut through the noise in order to bring you the true self that shines and inspires shared experience with your tribe in the real world. That’s what makes Mochi different.
NAAriana Cheung
Potta (Previously named Valiant)
Financial Technology and Block Chain 金融科技及區塊鏈
Potta equips investors with NLP and big data to uncover investment opportunities. Our NLP-driven investment research platform leverages millions of live-streaming data, to empower retail investors to complete investment research, discover hidden links & information and transform ideas into strategies in a click – making smarter, faster, and better decisions.
N/AChan Wai Ying
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 人工智能及大數據, Culture and Education 文化及教育
PrepRoot is building a parenting UGC platform, providing personalised monthly book subscription for children and knowledge service for parents. The company was co-founded by education experts & passionate mums from University of Hong Kong, University of Cambridge & Oxford, who believe in the life changing impact of reading.
www.prep-root.comQue Zheng
RakoSellInnovative Technology 創新科技
RakoSell is a one-stop localised solution built for restaurants to build, manage and market their online shops within minutes. Unlike other ecommerce solutions, RakoSell caters to the complexity of F&B offerings and builds specific features for them. Wong
Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發
Schotar Co. Limited is a mobile video-sharing social networking platform designed for academia. Every researcher can easily produce an accurate video synopsis of his/her work with our new video editing technology catered to scientists and share the video and collect feedback from the community.
Chang Liu
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 人工智能及大數據, Living and Service 生活服務
SHARLO is an experience sharing platform, by utilizing AI deep learning technology, we can effectively pair Users and Sharers who come from similar backgrounds. Users will benefit from the past experiences of the Sharers when facing critical challenges, and obtain invaluable advice and insights from beyond their own social circle.
N/AAdrian Lau
SNAPP Robotics
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Robot Design and Development 機械人設計及開發, Creative Industry 創意產業
We are redefining the way we explore our oceans, all in a SNAPP.

We created a fast-swimming biomimetic robot fish that can explore the depths of the oceans, by providing unparalleled underwater mobility. SNAPP can take on any sensors; collecting data and providing insights on the underwater environment, empowering researchers and industries to leverage and create value in their operations.

With SNAPP, the underwater world will be our oyster.
Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel
StudentBaseCulture and Education 文化及教育
StudentBase offers personalized practice, crowdsourced notes and on-demand tutors to high school students.
Waqas Ali
Innovative Technology 創新科技, Product/ Service Research and development 產品/服務開發
TalkTag is a low-cost NFC reader/writer designed for visually impaired persons (VIPs) to be used for audio reminders/identifying everyday objects. This has a wide variety of applications including assisting in the identification of sensitive personal items, especially those with similar shapes.
N/AOlive Chung