2018 APSIG Application List
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1.1 Last Name1.2 First Name1.3 Email Address1.4 Mobile1.5 Gender1.6 Job Title and Employer1.7 Affiliation to Internet Organization1.8 Country/Economy of Residence1.9 Primary Stakeholder Group1.10 Please check if you agree to include your information on 2018 APSIG Participant List2.1 SIG Participation2.2 Online Course2.3 IGF Participation2.4 Organizing Workshop2.5 Speaker2.6 Project2.7 Publication3.1 Why Internet governance is important to you?3.2 Why do you want to participate in APSIG?3.3 Do you have any plan to actively participate national/regional/global IGF?3.4 What is your major project engagement on Internet Governance, if any?3.5 What is your major publication(s) on Internet Governance, if any?4.1 Please choose to show your consent on these copyright agreements.PointsFellowshipType of FellowshipAmenable to Partial Fellowship
SaraswatMohitmohitsaraswat@gmail.com502425011MaleFounder, Internet Society UAE ChapterInternet SocietyUnited Arab EmiratesTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesIn the current digital world, most of the economic and social transaction are executed with Internet as a medium. Its important that Internet governance is given its required prime importance and the thought space in order for it to evolve better. Being a technology professional, i feel very connected with this space. I feel its my fundamental responsibility to contribute in this space in whatever capacity I have.As mentioned in my response to the question 3.1, have a definite urge to contribute in the IG space. As a resident and domicile of the Asia pacific region I want to increasingly connect and colleborate with the stakeholders involved in this domain. APSIG provides us a platform that help us identify experts and upcoming talent/resource in the region. It help us further the cause of capacity building within the region, which to some extent is under represented in the global IG forums. This is inspite of bringing the most volume to the Internet ( even the next billion will come from it). - AprIGF, Vanatu as MSG and Program Committee Member
- IGF 2018
'- Contributor/Author, Enabling Digital Opportunity in the Middle East (https://www.internetsociety.org/resources/doc/2017/enabling-digital-opportunities-middle-east/)
- Esafe Society (Safer Internet Day 2018 and SID Challenge for AQDAR)
Digital economy, jobs and multi stakeholder practices, Geneva Internet Platform http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/digital-economy-jobs-and-multistakeholder-practices, Managing security risks for sustainable development, Geneva Internet Platform http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/managing-security-risks-sustainable-development, Enhancing Cybersecurity and Building Digital Trust, Geneva Internet Platform http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/main-session-enhancing-cybersecurity-and-building-digital-trust, A multi stakeholder and human rights approach to cybersecurity, Geneva Internet Platform http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/multistakeholder-and-human-rights-approach-cybersecurity, eNACSO - The Internet of Toys and Things (http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/enacso-internet-toys-and-things), WePROTECT: Combating Online Child Sexual Abuse with the MSM (WS27) (http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/weprotect-combating-online-child-sexual-abuse-msm-ws27), Collaboration Towards and Beyond the Child Online Protection (WS88) (http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/collaboration-towards-and-beyond-child-online-protection-ws88), Promoting Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Global South (WS212) (http://digitalwatch.giplatform.org/sessions/promoting-innovation-entrepreneurship-global-south-ws212), E-commerce: Good or Bad for Development? (WS151) https://dig.watch/sessions/e-commerce-good-or-bad-development-ws151, NRIs Collaborative Session: Fake News, Disinformation, Misinformation: Challenges for Internet Governance https://dig.watch/sessions/nris-collaborative-session-fake-news-disinformation-misinformation-challenges-internet, Cybersecurity: Balancing Security, Openness, and Privacy (WS31) https://dig.watch/sessions/cybersecurity-balancing-security-openness-and-privacy-ws31, The New Corporate Digital Responsibility; Duties of Care and the Internet of Things (OF40) https://dig.watch/sessions/new-corporate-digital-responsibility-duties-care-and-internet-things-of40. Crime and jurisdiction in Cyberspace: Towards Solutions (WS149) https://dig.watch/sessions/crime-and-jurisdiction-cyberspace-towards-solutions-ws149, Synthesis Document - A Collective Output Shaping the Future of IGF and NRIs: An Experience from APrIGF (WS290) https://dig.watch/sessions/synthesis-document-collective-output-shaping-future-igf-and-nris-experience-aprigf-ws290, Let the People Speak: Using Evidence from the Global South to Reshape our Digital Future (WS188) https://dig.watch/sessions/let-people-speak-using-evidence-global-south-reshape-our-digital-future-ws188, Centralized authentication using RADIUS and 802.1x, Infosecwriters (http://www.infosecwriters.com/text_resources/pdf/8021x_MSaraswat.pdf), APriGF Synthesis Document Drafting Committee Member (http://2015.rigf.asia/outcomes-document/)Yes, I agree.7YesFull No
SigdelSantosh Babu santoshsigdel@gmail.com977 9851096745MaleSr. Vice President, Internet Society Nepal Chapter Internet Society Nepal Chapter Nepal Civil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesInternet governance is important to me as the proper governance of internet ensures digital rights to individuals including the right to access affordable internet, right to freedom of expression over the internet, right to privacy on internet, rights of the persons with disabilities on the internet. Similarly, internet governance is also important to ensure and continue multistakeholder approach in designing and promoting internet. I would like to participate in the APSIG to contribute as well as to learn from the process. I have been part of the first Nepal SIG held in Nepal in 2017. We organized the event very efficiently and covered a lot of issues. I had also facilitated a session on "right to privacy in the realm of internet governance". As it was the first time, i felt that there are areas where we can improve and at the same time bring more knowledge on thematic issues. Thus, in the APSIG, i want to learn as well as contribute. Yes. I was also part of the first Nepal IGF held in 2017 and we have been planning second IGF in Nepal in 2018. I do have plans to participate in regional as well as global IGF I have been associated with Internet Society Nepal Chapter since last 8 years and in these years i have been part of numerous programs and facilitated dozens of sessions. I was part of the organizing committees in the first Nepal IGF as well as first Nepal SIG. Similarly, with ISOC Nepal, we also run a project on Freedom of Expression on the Internet. Under this project, i led a research to review Nepalese laws on FoE on the basis of report published by the UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue on FoE on Internet. Research on Review of Nepalese laws on FoE on Internet is one of the major work i led. Recently, i have published a booklet on Internet and Its safe use (Guideline for parents and Teachers) jointly with Ujjwal Acharya. This publication is available in Nepali. Similarly, I have reviewed "Online Media Operation Guideline" published by the Government of Nepal from the perspective of FoE on the Internet. Similarly, i have also reviewed Nepal Government Mass Communication Policy 2017. Yes, I agree.7YesFull No
ShabbirMuhammadmshabbirawan@gmail.com923005500991MaleResearch AssociateInternet SocietyPakistanAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesInternet governance is important for me because being the most used tool for information and communication, the secure, smooth, stable and accessible internet is the requirement for everyone. I have two-fold purpose to participate in APSIG: first, to share my experience of IG and benifit from the others' to take the lessons back home from amongst the AP region; and second, raise awareness about the need of accessibility for persons with disabilities in IG related discussions.Yes, I intend to participate in PKIGF and am also on the interm MSG.I am Member Board of Directors ISOC Pakistan Islamabad Chapter; and, Member PKSIG Program and Steering Committees.• Working Paper, "The State and Potential of Web Accessibility for Persons With Disabilities in Pakistan", A Working Paper, Written for and Presented at a Web Accessibility Workshop Conducted by Internet Society Asia Pacific Bureau and Bytes for All Pakistan, Held on 17th Dec. 2015. https://www.bytesforall.pk/publication/state-and-potential-web-accessibility-persons-disabilities-pakistanYes, I agree.7YesFull No
XueHong Hongxueipr@gmail.com8613611376518FemaleProfessor Beijing Normal University CN SIGChina Academic CommunityNo, I don't agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesMy teaching and research Share experience with others YesAPrIGF MSGEcommerce and IPRYes, I agree.7
HassanWaqaswaqas.hassanz@gmail.com923335159965MaleAssistant Director (International Liaison & Training), Pakistan Telecommunication AuthorityGeneral Secretary, Internet Society Pakistan Islamabad ChapterPakistanGovernmentYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoYesYesYesI believe that the internet holds the key to the future and developing countries must avail this opportunity to empower their citizens with digital tools and skills. I want to become a master trainer/mentor for my organization and community in order to apprise them of the immense potential that ICT solutions have to offer. Pakistan is at the crossroads of a digital revolution after a much delayed launch of mobile broadband in 2014. In just three and a half years, almost 50 million subscribers have adopted mobile broadband as a variety of Internet-based solutions and services are available for use. At the same time, these internet developments are also generating Internet Governance (IG) issues such as privacy, data protection, OTT regulation, cyber surveillance, IoT and AI governance etc. Therefore, it is imperative that forward-looking Policies are advocated in the Government and community alike. Since I work for the regulator and volunteer for community, I find myself to be in an ideal position to facilitate rational Policy development in Pakistan.APSIG provides a unique learning opportunity for the IG enthusiasts to stay updated about the latest Internet developments in the APAC region. In the current job role and volunteer position, I am responsible to learn and disseminate the knowledge about these emerging issues of IG to the higher management of my organization and community at-large. Therefore, APSIG is the perfect regional platform to interact with the students from all across APAC, build relationships, gather new ideas and engage with the highly reputed IG experts from around the world.I am already part of the APrIGF MSG, APrIGF Program Committee, Rapporteur on APrIGF Synthesis Document and one of organizers for national lGF of Pakistan. Moreover, I am also working on a workshop proposal for APrIGF 2018.I have partnered with ISOC-APAC to launch a free remote education project for a girl’s high school in a rural village of Pakistan. Teachers from the capital city of Islamabad deliver lectures on English, Mathematics and Science to the rural village over an internet video link using customized software. The project has been running for 3 months and received an excellent response from the students and faculty so far.Paper on ‘Measuring the impact of telecom growth on Pakistan economy: an econometric analysis’ - Selected for presentation at the CPRSouth2017, Myanmaar
Article for ISOC-APAC Newsletter on ‘From chain of command to multistakeholderism’, August, 2017
Paper Abstract on ‘Content Based Internet Tariffs: Promoting Access Delivery to Consumers in Developing World’
Yes, I agree.6YesFull
RahmanShahshah.zahidur@gmail.com8801717110055MaleSenior Engineer, Augere Wirless Broadband Bangladesh LtdInternet Society Global,Internet Society Banggladesh Chapter,Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum,Internet Engineering Task Force.BangladeshTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesNoI see internet as a digital force of nature, and if it has to be governed, it must be done responsibly, with respect to human rights. Otherwise it will likely keep on fragmenting and creating walls in itself, like in the case of China, Cuba and many middle eastern countries.If Internet Governance is done properly, the internet can remain a great motor for the future of humankind and its social and economic development. We need to give people access to their own personal data that’s held by the companies, as well as the data produced by the government, paid by us, in the form of taxes. The more relevant information people can access, the faster our collective development will be. Internet has also brought us closer to a global marketplace with perfect information. It’s now harder to sell inferior products that are more expensive. However, projects can now be crowd-funded, which has lead to a plethora of innovations that would otherwise have never seen the light of day.
So its mandatory to governing and regulating the internet, we must strive to keep it free, neutral and accessible for all. We need to open data, while protecting our privacy. finally Internet Governance plays a crucial role in making sure the playing field stays as equal as possible for all mankind.
I think APSIG is the most suitable platform to accrue knowledge on Internet governance however it has great role for awareness and capacity building across Asia pacific region. Internet leaders from Asia pacific comes here for speaking and training so it will be a great opportunity for me to learn from them as well as share my thoughts and raise questions for clarifications however making human network gives facilities to exchange information about cross cultural functions as well as governance practices for individual nation. It will in hence opportunity to collaborate with other SIG’s and IGF’s through meeting. Moreover participating APSIG will extend my knowledge on multi stockholders model. Yes, I have plan to actively participate to national, regional and global IGF. Its need to mention that I have already actively participated in our bdSIG and some of BIGF meeting locally. After gain some depth knowledge on internet governance I can engage myself fully and can make contribution regional as well as global. Also after this fellowship I am willing to take classes. After bdSIG I have taken ownership to build my local community and that’s way speaking in different university forum about internet governance and its awareness. Moreover I have created my own face book page “Internet Governance” for Knowledge sharing and capacity building. Purpose of this group is to exchange information about Internet Governance and policies and it’s made open for all to share knowledge to build community development and help each other. However Opportunities and events share also promoting in this page.

Other then I have awarded Policy fellowship at IETF 100 Singapore. So as part of my fellowship responsibility I am engage in encouraging engineer’s to involve them with RFC and internet draft. Trying to engaging university students and researches also professional those have expertise to get involve. Providing guidance and local mentor-ship for newcomers.
I have great desire to publish some article for underprivileged internet community.However I am publishing Internet Governance awareness through my Face book page "Internet Governance Bangladesh". Yes, I agree.6YesFull
TarunKrishnakumartarunkrishnakumar1@gmail.com919632745323MaleAssociate - Technology and Policy, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas and Co.Member ISOC; Former Legal Fellow, Wikimedia FoundationIndiaPrivateYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoYesYesYesInternet Governance defines the frameworks which govern and define the relationships and interactions between various stakeholders of the internet ecosystem. As such issues of internet governance not only affect this framework but also every stakeholder downstream. At the same time, at the lowest level of the hierarchy, individual users are not fully aware of the debates and discussions which take place affecting their rights and uses of the internet. As a lawyer who regularly rights for a wider public audience on emerging technology issues, I feel internet governance is critical so as to understand where we are and where we are going as technology becomes more pervasive into our lives with IoT and AI assuming importance.As a lawyer who regularly rights for a wider public audience on emerging technology and policy issues, I often engage with some of the most cutting-edge technologies for my clients. In order to more broadly relate these to societal issues and concerns, I would like to attend APSIG. Not only will APSIG provide me an opportunity to share my experiences working across diverse sectors such as private and non-profit (Wikimedia), it will be give me a chance to broaden my horizons and learn from the experiences of others within the APAC region. I am contemplating masters-level study in internet-related issues, APSIG would provide a critical input in narrowing topics for further research and dissertation.Yes, I have plans to participate in the upcoming global IGF as well as APRigf.I have worked on several of the leading internet law cases globally - both in India and abroad. In my current role, I have worked on several of they key litigations ongoing before the Supreme Court on internet/intermediary liability. Previously, at the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, I worked on several core internet content cases concerning the right to be forgotten (France), copyright (Spain), and global blocking of content (Canada). These issues will enable me to provide unique perspective.Full-length Articles
 From Flags to Facebook: Symbolic Expression in India and the United States, Computer Law and Security Review, Vol. 31(2), July 2015 [Reed Elsevier].
 The Legal Recognition of Electronic Evidence in India with a focus on the Authorship Requirement: A Comparative Study, Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, Vol. 20(2), 2014 [Sweet and Maxwell].
 How Copyright and Patent Trolls are Questioning the Jurisprudential Foundations of Treating Intellectual Property as 'Property', Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law, Vol. 5(1), 2013 [NALSAR University].

Policy and Case Notes
 Cyber Insecurity: Regulating the Indian Financial Sector, Oxford Business Law Blog (August 2017) [Oxford University Faculty of Law] [link]
 Decrypting India’s Encryption Debate, World Data Protection Report, Vol. 16(3), 2016 [Bloomberg BNA].
 Virtual Presence and Territorial Jurisdiction for the Purposes of Trademark and Copyright Infringement Suits: The Recent Decision of the Delhi High Court in WWE Inc. v. Reshma Collection and Ors., Oxford Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, Vol. 10(1), 2014 [Oxford University Press].
 India’s New Copyright Law: The Good, the Bad and the DRM, Oxford Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, Vol. 8(1), 2013 [Oxford University Press].

Newspapers and Media
• Privacy on Android: The Battle You Have Already Lost, NDTV Gadgets (March 2016)
• Guide to Two Factor Authentication in India, Medianama (January 2016)
• Why India too needs a transparent system of data breach notification, Indian Express (July 2016)
• The DGCA’s Proposed Drone Framework Has No Vision, The Wire / Carnegie India (July 2016)
• Why is the Government Being So Shy?, The Wire (September 2015)

Chapters and Other Publications
• Chapter on Indian Data Breach Notification Law, DataGuidance Expert Advisory Guide on data breach notification (2016 and 2017 editions).
• Chapter on Indian Law relating to Data Transfers, DataGuidance Expert Advisory Guide on cross-border data transfers (2017 edition).
• Chapter on Indian cybersecurity law, Debevoise and Plimpton Guide to Cybersecurity Regulation in Asia (2016 edition).
• A Roadmap for response and remediation to cybersecurity breaches, Asian-MENA Counsel, Vol. 15(1) (2017) [In-house Community]

Yes, I agree.5Yesfull No
KimKelly8kkim8@gmail.com821044640082FemaleGeneral Counsel/Open NetOpen NetSouth KoreaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoYesYesYesYesNoI'm working for Open Net, a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Internet free and open especially in South Korea. Everything we do deals with internet governance issues.I participated in APSIG 2017 and found it very helpful. I'm also co-organizing a case study session at APSIG 2018.Yes. Open Net is a co-host of KrIGF, and I've organized and spoke at many sessions at KrIGF. I've participated in global IGF for 3 consecutive years (2015-2107), and APrIGF for 2 years (2016-2017). I'm planning to continue my participation.I work mainly on freedom of expression and privacy online. One of the major projects I engaged in was "Ask Your Telcos" campaign on the warrantless seizure of subscriber information in South Korea (http://opennetkorea.org/en/wp/2087).None.Yes, I agree.5YesPartialYes
Al RahamnehAbdelhamidrahamneh@rocketmail.com962795555659MaleDirector GeneralRoadmap Working Group (RMWG) for Arab IGF 2020, ISOC Jordan, MEAC-SWGJordanCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoYesYesYesThe development of technologies has connected the world to an unprecedented level. Cyberspace has become a new battlefield for both nations and companies. In the connected society, national borders become vague, and jurisdictions become tricky. For example, laws usually base on the consent of people. However, construction of consent is cultural and contextual, which make the consent become hard to make in cyberspace. The tensions between cultures and nations have become frequent as well as vivid.We are in the internet era of the digital world today, where access to information, freedom, rights and every important aspects of life is dependent to one eminent change, the internet and the digital technology. Therefore, ensuring fair distribution of these facility and continued utility among the global citizen is clearly an important matter where I seek to develop my knowledge through this kind of opportunities to effectively participate and to enrich my knowledge in internet governance to add more insight to ISOC Jordan.Yes , I am already member of Roadmap Working Group(RMWG) selected by ESCWA , this group includes experts from various stakeholders , our task is to prepare the Roadmap for AIGF2020 , the last meeting was in December 2017 at UN-House in Beirut, Lebanon, the meeting was organized by ESCWA in partnership with the League of Arab States (LAS), this meeting is part of a series of ESCWA-LAS activities related to the Arab Dialogue on Internet Governance (ArabDIG) initiative, which previously confirmed the need for the formation of the Arab Internet Governance Forum (AIGF) and produced the new Arab Roadmap on Internet Governance.Currently I am working as consultant to Government regarding many ICT issues especially the Cyber Security , last year I got three different certificate’s in Cyber Security from UK , I am part of committee to establish IG in Jordan which was one of recommendations from experts meeting entitled "Second Arab Roadmap on Internet Governance – the Next Decade".
I hope the next Arab IGF will be in Jordan.
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is publishing the Arab Roadmap for Internet Governance, in its second edition, as part of the partnership framework with the League of Arab States (LAS) on Internet governance.
The Arab Roadmap for Internet Governance launched through the efforts of various experts and members of Roadmap Working Group(RMWG) which is I am already member of the Group.
Yes, I agree.6YesFull
VermaVaishalivaishaliverma04@gmail.com918860800306FemaleAdvocate, IndependentInternet Society: Delhi ChapterIndiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoYesNoYesYesYesI have chosen to dedicate my professional life to digital liberation - a world where digital freedoms are recognized to be not merely at par with freedoms in the corporeal world, but far exceed them. As has been recognized by the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Internet can be an important tool for exercising human rights. For most governments, the Internet serves limited purposes - possibility of better governance through more accessible services, easier outreach to the public, a way to conduct surveilance on the population, and revenue from Internet-based businesses. What is most important from the point of view of civilian populations and activists, is that the Internet can be a major tool for the protection and promotion of human rights and upliftment of groups and classes of population that have been left behind. Parts of the goals of governments and others clash with each other. While governments would generally prefer to have an easy way to access everyone's conversations, whereabouts, and other details so that crimes can be easily prevented and governance can be made easier, civilian populations and activists would object to this on the ground of violation of human rights. The protection of these rights is of utmost importance as we rush headfirst into an age where you are either online, or you are a ghost.I have a law degree, a masters in cyber law and over one year of work experience in the field of internet governance. However, I believe that I have much to learn from those that are more experienced in the field. APSIG would provide me a platform with three benefits: (1) to learn the latest developments and get a deeper understanding of the current issues in the world of internet governance and how to undertake research and advocacy so that I can learn better and more efficient methods to tackle my work in promoting digital freedoms; (2) to connect with others that form a network in the sphere of internet governance so that we can collaborate to achieve common goals; and (3) to be able to further teach people in my country how best to tackle issues of Internet governance.Yes, I intend to participate in the Asia Pacific rIGF which will give me an opportunity to connect with like-minded people across Asia-Pacific.During my time working with a digital freedoms organisation in India, I have worked extensively on Internet shutdowns in India, their impact and policy changes required to solve the issues. I have also been actively involved in the ongoing litigation concerning the National Unique Identification Number- Aadhaar in India. I have researched elaborately on the use of biometrics for the National Unique Identity programme and its consequences and its ill-effects on the privacy of the individuals.I have co-authored a paper on the National Cyber Security Policy, 2013 which analysed the draft policy and its shortcomings. Moreover, over the course of my time working with my organisation, I have published several posts on the state of privacy in India, Internet shutdowns in India, as well as on the much-disputed National ID Programme- Aadhaar.Yes, I agree.5YesFull Yes
UMESHADARSHadarsh.umesh@smartron.com919916290062MaleSENIOR DESIGN ENGINEERISOC MEMBER, ALUMINI, inSIG MEMBER, IETF MEMBERINDIATechnical Community, Academic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesNoYesInternet governance is the place where can bring major changes wrt to INTERNET in all perspective of developments and securities.To get involve more in Internet governance and to carry out the work that I have involved at present. To share knowledge and to learn more from all the other participants.Yes, I have plan for all the three IGF.SecurityPublished some of the articles based on security and IETF protocols standardization.Yes, I agree.6YesFull
KirindigodaMaheeshwaramahee@flexsoftserver.com94716109809MaleManaging DirectorISOC Sri Lanka Chapter , IGF Sri Lanka, SIG Sri LankaSri LankaPrivateYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesNoIt decides the futureTo gain knowledge, network with other IG activists,Yes, Coordinate National IGF and SIG for the year 2018, Planing a session in APRIGF and Global IGF , Participate in related discussions in Global IGFI have being involved in Coordinating the National IGF and SIG from its initiation and I am conducting varies activities on Safer Internet Program for youth and children for over 5 years, Involved with the Project for Visually Impaired to train them to use internet effectively.At the moment I am doing a research on Internet Addiction and its causes for youth and planing to publish a paper. Same time started to write a a book in local language on Internet GovernanceYes, I agree.6YesFull
PokhrelKrishna Prasadpokhrel.krishna@gmail.com9779801023771MaleDeputy CTO, Websurfer Nepal Communication System Pvt.Ltd.ISOC, Excom-Nepal chapter, npNOG, NPIX, FCANNepalTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesNoInternet is my school. Since we are depend on internet for knowledge its very important for me about governance. Its drive internet how it will be in future. As I am taking internet as a my school so definitely control, development of internet and resources are concerned for me.Recently ISOC Nepal chapter host NPSIG, I am the excom of under ISOC nepal chapter so I am very interested to learn more about Internet Governance. I am expecting from APSIG to exchange knowledge create network so that I can do more on regional or national SIG form the technical prospect.Yes, I am currently participating National IGF and trying my best to get involved on regional and global IGF too.IPv6 deployment, access to internet for remoteNAYes, I agree.6
BasuTamaghnatamaghna.basu@gmail.com919880307435MaleCTO/Co-Founder, neoEYED Inc.YesIndiaTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesYesYesYesBeing an offensive ethical hacker earlier and doing lots of experiment in OSINT and social engineering sector, I see an obvious threat due to the penetration of technology into our private lives. And all data being captured with or without users being aware and shared across net to clouds, data centers and other businesses. Hence, I feel, this is high time the decision makers and experts should come together and come up with a well-thought structure to sustain the technology advancement without compromising the privacy of individuals. Hence this kind of initiative is always I look up to contribute actively.As I mentioned in the previous answer, this is very much needed to bring the experts together and come up with some contructive strategy and APSIG is definitely one such brilliant platform to facilitate this. Besides, I would also want to share and showcase my observations and seek inputs from the experts to understand how can we build a responsible data sharing strategy.Yes, definitely. I would love to present a talk or workshop on subject of my interest.We are building an AI based authentication system which uses human behavior for authentication, this can be used without any violation of privacy and can relace the need for passwords, OTPs, tokens which can be stolen and create damages. Hence we believe our solution can solve a big problem of data breach and account take over and enable a better and safe online usage.I have more than 12 years of experience in cyber-security consulting and worked in large enterprises earlier to help them secure their products. My main areas of research include application security and network pen‐testing, incident handling and cyber forensic. I am a speaker/trainer in various security conferences like NULLCON, C0C0N, OWASP, ISACA etc. and member of NULL, DSCI and other communities. I have accomplished various certifications like OSCP, GCIH, RHCE etc. I have also co-founded www.weekendsecurity.org to promote cyber security learning and to create awareness on the importance of it in the community. It is a open community and everyone is welcome to join.Yes, I agree.5YesFull
AlnemrNardinenardine.nemr@gmail.com201211488770FemaleTeaching Assistant, British University in EgyptNone.EgyptAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoYesYesYesIG is central as ICT now is evolving drastically to command all aspects of life. Herein is my particular interest as to see the interaction of the social science, policy debates, technical and business argumentation pertaining the ways in which the Internet is to be harnessed for its capacity to serve the interest of each stakeholder.The online course I undertook in 2015 and attending AfriSIG 2017 were very enriching experiences in terms of its learning and networking. To be joined with participants from different backgrounds reflects the juncture of multistakeholderism in IG to the smaller processes of maintaining IG at the grander scale. I would like to be a participant to this process to contribute and learn. Most essentially, I would like to be a part of a South-South dialogue in which I get to learn about IG patterns, priorities, principles and processes to map the similarities and understand opportunities for collaboration for future knowledge-production.Indeed. Continued pursuit of opportunities of engagement through IGFs, relevant forums and SIGs. This is particular to maximize exposure to case studies, trends, approaches in order to produce knowledge that is both insightful and reflects a bottom-up approach to IG.Was a contributor to the Internet Policy Analyst Hivos project. Currently working on an academic publication.In progress. Currently co-authoring a chapter on Egypt for the Palgrave Handbook of Cybersecurity. The chapter aims at investigating the impact of securitised internet governance on social behaviour and double-sided restriction and threat to online freedoms.Yes, I agree.6YesFullNo
SemlaniMilimilisemlani@gmail.com917021170113FemaleConsultant with UNISOC, NetmissionIndiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoYesYesMy voluntary experience with Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) policy space started as a Netmission Ambassador in 2013. Ever since I have been a part of various youth initiatives and groups to foster the role of youth in IG. As a youth ambassador I was part of the pilot team to introduce youth participation at ICANN and other IG forums. Since 2014 my involvement has grown into a devoted volunteer at regional forums, ISOC chapters, APrIGF, and IGF. The role of youth as a stakeholder has gained prominence over the years but it is still quite nascent when it comes to creating impact. I wish to use my time and skills to take IG issues and decision making to a larger base of young empowered netizens. With involvement in groups like YCIG, the newly formed ISOC Mumbai chapter and as alumni of Netmission Ambassador Program I want to work more on decoding this space in terms of content and access and strengthen the policy making process.Most of my time in the IG sphere has been ad hoc and spaced out. Since I am professionally or academically not directly involved with the topics, I missed out on an entire dimension that involved structurally understanding the details of this mammoth set up. From organisations, hierarchies, regions, issues to processes, and how they work; understanding the space took me a lot longer thus limiting my contribution. I see APSIG as a a means to bridge that gap by gaining adequate knowledge and training of the IG ecosystem. This will allow me to contribute my opinions and participate in the various processes more effectively.I have attended 2 regional IGFs and one global IGF so far. I wish to keep continuing my participation as I am now also involved with other groups ISOC, YCIG at local, regional and global levels. I plan to actively participate in the various forums to advocate the voice of youth, women and also working on making the multi-stakeholder model more effective.I am working the the best practice forum of IGF on Gender and Access to bring in voices from the region via case studies, interviews, etc. I also am working on my own project to find the intersection of media and IG. As a journalist I have always questioned the lack of media in this space and how the important matters discussed and formulated at these forums seldom reach the masses. I am woking on a proposal to bridge this gap and hope to make a difference.The Gender and Access paper will be published by IGF soon.Yes, I agree.4YesFullNo
JamaluddinHazwanynanyjharon@my-straten.com60192235792Femaleresearch associatedataviz.myMalaysiaTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesYesYesNoNoInternet governance is important to me because issues that falls under the IG umbrella impacts everybody across demographic and geographic background, including myself. Despite gaining 79% of population using the internet as of 2016 according to the World Bank finding, the state of advocacy about internet governance in my country is very minimal. Which automatically makes IG becomes an elite knowledge. There are only a handful number of individuals who understands about IG against the rest of the population of the country, and only one local civil society organisation who understand about IG against hundreds of CSOs in the country. This shows that there is still a long way for us to go on keeping tabs on issues that impacts us all while holding the responsible institution accountable of their actions. Malaysia may not face the problem of net neutrality similar with United States, however, we do face a very serious data protection issues for many times that involves private telco companies. We also face serious internet censorship issues that involves the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, i.e. banning of Medium.com due to an independent news organisation reports on kleptocracy and Malaysia's prime minister Najib Razak. There is outrage reaction shown by netizens but such outrage only ends as a knee-jerk reaction. Additionally, the absence of reaction from Internet Society Chapter in Malaysia is deafening. Which is why internet governance becomes an important subject for me to understand and figure out ways to effectively disseminate the knowledge I have on IG in my country.The reasons I wanted to participate in this APSIG is to learn the right way about internet governance issues and the multi stakeholder processes that are largely responsible for driving these issues, to learn how I can apply the knowledge effectively in my work with Youth4Rights.asia & network with other fellows for possible collaboration.YesI don't have any, yet.I don't have any, yet.Yes, I agree.4YesFull
PacisJessamine Joycejessaminepacis@gmail.com639064379829FemaleProgram Officer, Foundation for Media AlternativesInternet Society - Philippines ChapterPhilippinesCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesNoYesYesInternet governance is important because as it is transforming the way everyone lives our lives, all sectors of society (and not only a select few) must also have a say on how the Internet is governed. As a digital rights advocate, I believe that human rights offline also apply online, and keeping track of the evolution of norms, rules, and procedures that shape the Internet is integral in making sure that these rights are protected.I want to explore new aspects of Internet governance from various parts of Asia Pacific. As an advocate working primarily in the area of Privacy, I am particularly interested in the sessions on cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. As these topics are rarely discussed in the Philippines, being exposed to insights from other countries would certainly be valuable in future local discussions.Yes. My organization (FMA) is working with ISOC-PH and the Department of ICT to organize a national IGF, and we regularly participate in the APrIGF as well. In the future, we are hoping to organize a session on Digital Identity and Privacy. In partnership with ISOC-PH and the Department of ICT, we organized the first Philippine Internet Governance Colloquium in October 2017. I worked on a paper on Internet Infrastructure and Governance in the Philippines, which is published here: https://citizenlab.ca/2017/03/new-report-overview-internet-infrastructure-governance-phillippines/Yes, I agree.4
JeridiAichaa.j.chebbi@gmail.com21698608551FemaleCoordinator North African RegionAFRICAN CIVIL SOCIETY ON INFORMATION SOCIETYTunisiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesBeause Internet is the most crucial component of our lives; Internet governance is important, because it allows not inly to share knowledge about the latest developments in technology and to the unconnected, but it also opens eyes on th multiple dangers internet brings to end users and teaches them how to fights them & secure their privacy and personal data/ My intenetion through my participation is first to bring the African context perspective, which I acquired in AFRISIG , qnd prepare for a report that summerises my experience with internet governance schools and reflects on more needs to address in these schoools and more themes to include.I am a MAG member in the NOrth African IGF and planning to participate in the next African IGF which will be held in SudanI am running a project of the first African French version of school of IG I wrote articles about cyberserity, security and freedom of expression.Yes, I agree.7YesFull Yes
UtmankhilMohibullahmutmankhil@gmail.com917760026183MaleNetwork EngineerNoAfghanistanCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesNoYesYesNoNoWe are in the information dawn, we cannot imagine our life without the Internet. Health, education, economy, security and politics are all tied to the Internet. This is where the Internet governance matters. For sustainable life we need sustainable internet.
Having such sustainable and open Internet, requires the interaction of all segments of the community in the development of Internet governance practices to overcome the challenges and work toward a better future for the Internet.
Afghanistan is an under developing country where the use of Internet is also part of the development. As a member of Afghanistan civil society, I believe that Internet should be free, neutral and accessible to all. We need open data, while protecting the privacy.
APSIG is one of the most acclaimed regional schools that annually organizes a large number of useful and effective programs related to the governance of the Internet. For the rule of the Internet in Afghanistan, We need to have the experience and knowledge of Internet governance. This program will be a great opportunity for me to learn from the experiences and challenges in the Asia Pacific region regarding the Internet governance and comfort the Internet challenges we have in Afghanistan.
In 2017, We experienced the first Afghanistan Internet governance Forum where I was one of the participants. the same year were able to organize the first Afghanistan Internet Governance School, which I was in the program committee and organized the program and we will have the 2nd version of AfSIG during next months. I prepared the structure for the Afghanistan Youth IGF but due to my studies that I am currently in India I didn't fix the date for the event.
In 2017 I participated in ICANN60 as the only fellow from Afghanistan and helped me to know about the echo system of the internet more and ICANN which has key role in the Internet sustainability. Yes I do have plan to work in the regional and global IGF as an active member from Afghanistan and APSIG would be a good opportunity that I get engage with more people in the region.
In 2017, we set up a project for universities in Kabul to make students familiar with how to protect their information on the Internet and their privacy while using smart phones and Internet.
I am currently translating ICANNWiki contents in Persian language, providing the content regarding the ICANN and Internet into my local language to increase the knowledge of internet governance for those who are not good in English.
Until now, I have not been able to publish anything regarding the internet governance. I am currently pursuing my mastery in Computer Science and Information Technology in India and I intend to research on “Internet dominance in South Asia and the factors of increased fragmentation” for my final research project. Yes, I agree.4YesPartialYes
LopezChristinathina@protonmail.com639081497606FemaleProgram Officer for Gender and ICT / Foundation for Media AlternativesInternet Society - Philippines ChapterPhilippinesCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesNoYesYesInternet governance has a big impact on issues like human rights, media freedom and development, making it important for everyone.I want further hone my knowledge on internet governance and understand what are the gender issues and concerns surfacing on this arena.Yes.My organization focused on the area of information and communications technologies (ICTs), to enable communities to assert their communication rights and defend their rights to information and access to knowledge, towards progressive social transformation. It has since evolved into a proactive research and advocacy agenda in the area of ICT policy and Internet governance.

We seeks to develop programs and projects that strategically address the questions of access to and equity of disadvantaged sectors in the area of information and communications - and in locating the so-called digital divide within existing socio-political divides, including gender.
Recently, my organization contributed two articles in GISWatch 2017 edition and here are the links for perusal:
(1) https://www.giswatch.org/sites/default/files/gw2017_aprigf.pdf
(2) https://www.giswatch.org/sites/default/files/gw2017_philippines.pdf

For Regional IGF, i published a blog thru GenderIT.org in 2015, here's the the link for reference: https://www.genderit.org/feminist-talk/lifelong-learning-experience-young-feminist
Yes, I agree.4YesFullYes
AlvaradoPedro Miguel Francopetruxito@gmail.com593 987271963MaleCybersecurity Officer ProgramAsociacion de Usuarios Digitales del EcuadorEcuador - QuitoCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesYesThe governance of the internet is the main gear of net neutrality, much less in recent years. It lays the foundations to achieve a true democracy in its diffusion and governance as well as balancing the forces of its multiple actors.It is important to achieve coalitions among the different sectors that participate in internet governance and participate in the various regional internet governance schools. It allows me to have greater scope to generate these alliances in search of a better diffusion of internet governance in benefit of the citizens of the world.Currently I am leading the creation of a school of Internet governance in my country; with the help of several international actors and academics with a long career in these issues. I believe that we can standardize criteria and share experiences for a better structuring and exchange of knowledge in the region.I have been a participant in the creation of the telecommunications law in my country as an independent consultant; in which the importance of the neutrality of the network, the privacy and anonymity of the citizens was being left aside, managing to incorporate several articles in benefit of the digital rights of the Ecuadorians.Unfortunately I do not have more publications on the internet, more than some articles for my students and some other blog.Yes, I agree.7YesFull
AdeelKashifkashifadeel@gmail.com96899274500MaleSr. Manager - Digitial InitiativesAPNG, ISOCOmanTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesYesYesNoGovernance provides a system that instills policies and rules for maintaining the cohesiveness of any organization. Same way, Internet Governance provides shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programs that shape the evolution and use of the Internet.To understand the developments related to Internet GovernanceYesI am working on various digital Initiatives like block chain, crypto, IOT etc. These all will be changing the way we use the internet today. NAYes, I agree.6YesFull Yes
TemaputraResaresa.temaputra@gmail.com6287877386981MaleCoordinator of KEMUDI (Digital Literacy for Youth)ID CONFIGIndonesiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoYesYesNoYesYesI want to be involved in and play a role in realizing the internet freedom, democratic sphere and neutral in Indonesia. Because in Indonesia there are many threats against it. The role of young people is very important in internet governance. because it is young people who will become policy makers in the next 5-10 years. If today young people do not have sufficient knowledge or ability about internet governance. So the internet in Indonesia will not support democracy, internet righst and equals in terms of access.I want to have more capacity to advocate on internet governance in Indonesia. Also want to be involved in a regional scale network. because I only have experience in the national scale related to internet governance. this knowledge and experience will be my material with KEMUDI, a digital literacy initiative to engage more youngsters in Internet governance.Yes, since I have been involved in organizing sessions at IGF Indonesia in 2016 & 2017. As well as being a participant in the Freedom Coalition Online conference, held on 16-17 October 2016 in Costa Rica. So in the future, I want to bring the results of IGF Indonesia is also to the regional and even international level.I am with a first initiative in Indonesia about digital literacy for young people named KEMUDI, has a module as a teaching material on Internet Governance. KEMUDI also conducts links & support to young people who want to engage and increase awarenessnya through discussion / seminar related to Internet Governance. We do this because of the importance of youth participation in the issue.Together with KEMUDI I created a module as a teaching material related to Internet Governance issues. In the module there are also several other topics, such as; Internet and Human Rights, Internet and Democracy, Privacy & Security on the Internet, and Youth & Digital Activism.Yes, I agree.4YesFullNo
SagenaUnggulunggulcenter@gmail.com6281584824084MaleRural Economy Policy Analyst / Ministry of Villages, Marginal Region and Transmigration of Republic of IndonesiaIndonesia ICT Volunteers (Relawan TIK Indonesia)IndonesiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesNoYesYesBecause Internet should serve as enabling tools and means of communication of every citizens. The regulation of internet in Indonesia should consider the scale of freedom of expression, freedom of opinion and promoting civic engagement. Therefore Internet Governance is a multistakeholders governance and should be independently self regulated by stakeholders. Otherwise, internet will not serves as enabling tools for promoting socio political and economic performance of one country.By joining the program, I believe will expand my horisons and deepening my knowledge to make significant contribution toward internet governance and ICT empowered civil society in Indonesia to contribute for socioeconomic development in Indonesia. As a ICT Volunteers and South East Asia Freedom of Expression Network member, I am dedicating myself for the better internet and a democracy, I will implement skillsets, knowledge and experiences from other country and use it to develop my competency in ICT related issues and policies in Indonesia. Yes, I am currently active in Indonesia IGF (ID IGF)Promoting Freedom of expression and opinion of West Papua natives on the Internet, Projects in online publishing of digital literacy books and Smart School Online workshopsGerakan Desa Berbasis TIK dan Tantangannya di Desa Era Baru (academia.edu) https://www.academia.edu/7725146/Gerakan_Desa_Berbasis_TIK_dan_Tantangannya_di_Desa_Era_Baru
Posisi dan Tantangan TIK dalam Kelembagaan Desa Era Baru (academia.edu) https://www.academia.edu/7724967/Posisi_dan_Tantangan_TIK_dalam_Kelembagaan_Desa_Era_Baru
Yes, I agree.4
KhanAamir Ullahaamir.khan770@gmail.com905536576270MaleI am currently pursuing master’s at Kocaeli University Turkey in Electronics and Communications Engineering. I am doing my research in Internet of Things (IoT) and privacy issues associated with IoT. I am also a Huawei Certified Trainer for HCNA (R &S) and HCNA (Storage). I have conducted trainings for students in order to increase their digital skills set. ISOC Islamabad Chapter, ISOC Turkey Chapter, SIG Women Chapter, Disability and Special Needs Chapter, Youth SIG, Youth ObservatoryTurkeyAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoNoYesNoAs far as I know, the internet is one of the most effective tool in human history. It allows billions of people to communicate with each other on the other side of the world, to access information about every aspect of the human life, to access books and research articles and to help learn new courses online. Internet, although still evolving but its primary function as a tool to access information has already been established. But there are countries that censor internet to undermine people’s right of access to information. I see internet as the ultimate digital force that must be governed. This governance should be done with respect to human rights, otherwise it will keep on fragmenting like China, Iran and other middle eastern countries. If the governance of internet is done according to its merits and principles, internet would become a great source for future of mankind and its social and economic development. When governing internet, internet design principles of openness and access should always be kept in mind. We need to open data while guarantying safe and secure internet for everyone. People should have access to their data held by companies. The more relevant information people can access to, the faster collective development will take place. Internet Governance plays a crucial role in making sure the playing field stays as equal as possible for all mankind. The more people we can engage with this universal tool, the more we’ll be able to draw from our collective intelligence. That cannot be achieved through censorship, fragmentation or eroding net neutrality.Being an electrical engineer with specialization in telecommunication, I have a basic idea about technical aspects and working of internet. But keeping current trends and my interest in mind I believe this is the right time for me to gain further knowledge about internet and related policies. APSIG will provide me with this great platform to start my thirst of deep knowledge where I can interact with people from government, private sector, academia and civil society. Internet is one of the basic needs of the modern world and its time that everyone associated should investigate the challenges faced today. APSIG would not only help me to expand my knowledge related to some of the major regional and international issues regarding the internet and cyber security, such as human rights online, digital gender divide, fake news and its impact in developing countries, privacy and surveillance, cyber-theft, but also about how internet and associated policies should be governed. It will enhance my views regarding internet governance. This will also provide me with the opportunity to interact with people having the same interest and working together to face the challenges faced today in internet domain. I want to throw in myself to IGF’s, ISOC's and other I* organizations' goal of implementing effective policies that will fortify the use of internet and related various issues faced at global, regional and national levels. tryYes. I am planning to participate more actively in IGF domain. I participated in Internet Governance Forum held in Geneva in 2017 as ISOC Youth IGF Fellow, which was an amazing experience. IGF 2017 provided me with the opportunity to interact with people having the same interest regarding the challenges faced in today’s modern world in the domain of Internet. In Pakistan, I also was selected as a fellow for Pakistan School on Internet Governance PkSIG 2017. I am looking forward to playing my active role in first national IGF to be held in Pakistan. I am also very closely following developments in IGF domain in Turkey. I am currently doing my mater’s research on Internet of Things and security issues associated with it. Other than that, I am currently doing my research on two topics:
1) Digital Gender Divide and Religion
2) Fight against fake news and hate speech in developing countries
In digital gender divide, one of the observations I made was the role of religion. In some parts of the world, where religion is practiced more than other, women are not given digital access as this is considered something against religion. It is also considered that digital access would stray them away from the right path. Along this important factor, then come along the pressures from society. I am currently doing my research on how to tackle this challenge of misinformation and how can more people be convinced that digital access for everybody would be for the greater good of society and growth.
In fight against fake news in developing countries, I realize that people in developing countries are affecting much more than in developed countries. One of the primary reason being “Digital Literacy”. People are more digitally aware and think more critically about source of any information. Whereas in developing countries both approaches are very rare. My research is currently focussed on how people can be educated and made aware to check the source of information, how can people be encouraged towards more critical thinking rather than believing on every story on the internet, and how governments and private sectors should be engaged to deal with the challenge of digital literacy.
At the moment, I have no publication. I am currently doing my research.Yes, I agree.4YesFullYes
AgarwalDivyanshdivyansha@iiitd.ac.in919958256111MaleResearch Assistant, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology - DelhiInternet SocietyIndiaTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoYesYesNoWith debates around net-neutrality, open access, privacy & security etc, pertinent in today’s world, the significance of Internet Governance is immense. Since the usage of internet applies to millions of young people, it is important for the youth like me to take part in dialogue and discussions related to the current concerns. As India moves into the era of digitalization, there are multiple concerns posed by the proliferation of the Internet in Indian society. Therefore, being a member of the youth and as a citizen of India, it is of utmost importance for me to be schooled in Internet Governance. As an early career researcher, participating in APSIG 2018 will broaden my understanding of the issues surrounding Internet, and their potential solutions. My research since the last two years is based on studying privacy and security concerns in the Internet domain. This makes the issue of Internet Governance highly relevant to my work and I wish to work towards its advancement.APSIG will enable me to spread awareness regarding the importance of Internet Governance in my local community. It will provide a global platform to convey what the Internet means to me and my community. The variety of people I will meet at APSIG will enable me to understand the issues Internet faces worldwide, find common grounds and engage in knowledge sharing with my peers. I have been a part of multiple youth conferences like the Harvard National MUN 2014 in Boston and the Hansen Summer Institute on leadership and international cooperation. Participating in such international programs has taught me the importance of engaging with the global community on common issues, and the incredible learning experience programs akin to APSIG prove to be. I find a vital need for constructive change that Internet can provide in the Asia-Pacific community, especially in matters related to literacy, poverty, gender divide and governance. In order to harness the power of the internet in the right manner, I wish to be an ambassador for Internet Governance in my local community, which I believe my participation in APSIG will ensure.I have been fortunate to take an online course on ‘Shaping our Digital Future’ which has ingrained in me the importance of participating in Internet Governance platforms to voice my opinions. I also volunteered for the organizing committee of Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS 2017) in India. I already work with the local Internet Society chapter in Delhi, and look forward to taking part in the Asia Pacific Regional IGF. India has a lot of fragmented efforts in the IG domain, through various local chapters. I wish to coordinate those efforts through the APSIG experience, in order to organize an Indian Internet Governance Forum, that focuses on IG issues from the Indian perspective. I feel immense value in an event like that, with the advent of a digitally blossoming India. I have already spoken to numerous people in the IG domain in India about the need of such an event, and hopefully APSIG will further equip me in realising this dream. Finally, I am also keen on taking part in the global IGF 2018, when I have gained more experience in this domain. As someone who has very recently been introduced to Internet Governance. I am keen on participating in such global forums on IG, so that I can inspires my peers to do the same.I do not have any ongoing project engagements directly related to Internet Governance, however, I currently work at a privacy and security research group in the Internet domain - http://precog.iiitd.edu.in/. My expertise is on studying privacy and security aspects of social media platforms, so in a way I contribute to the technical research on studying user behavior on these social platforms and how we can make them safer for the users. My recent project on identifying the effect of social feedback (likes and comments) on dangerous selfie-taking behavior was lauded by the Indian government and cited by press agencies around the globe. Specific to Internet Governance, I wish to motivate a project on introducing IG concepts in the local language for school and college curriculum in my city. I believe I can garner the support of the ISoC Delhi chapter in order to take this to the implementation phase.
I do not have any published articles in the Internet Governance domain, as I am still in the learning phase in this field. However, I do have a report written together with my peers during the online course on ‘Shaping our Digital Future’ that I participated in. Our report was on the analysis of the gender divide in the Indian Internet ecosystem. Working on this report gave me a lot of insights on the way the Internet users demographics was distributed in India, and the steps that can be taken by the state in balancing the gender divide.
However, I do have two research publications in the domain of wireless and infrastructure-less network routing, from my undergraduate degree in computer science engineering. In a nutshell, these research papers were aimed at developing low cost and reliable routing protocols for networks deployed in rural areas and areas where laying infrastructure for internet connectivity is infeasible. We are currently in talks with the Delhi government for testing these protocols in nearby rural areas that are currently facing issues with Internet connectivity. These publications can be found on my website at - http://precog.iiitd.edu.in/people/divyansh/.
Yes, I agree.4YesFullNo
UmerAnumanum.te48@gmail.com923215803364FemaleStudent- National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, PakistanInternet Society Pakistan Islamabad Chapter, Pakistan School of Internet GovernancePakistanCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoYesNoUnder the umbrella of Internet governance, based on discussions among various stakeholder groups, those holding policy-making powers set out the policies that directly or indirectly reflect on the lives of civil society. So, if civil society does not have a say in the multi stakeholder model and its bottom-up approach, part in showcasing their issues and ideas, right to initiate and negotiate policies and be part of final decisions made based on consensus, uplifting of common people around the globe is not possible. This is the basic reason that makes Internet governance important to me because I am the young representative of civil society. Civil society best knows and understands the public interest, it is expert in holding their government officials liable for setting out any policy and they are able to propose solutions to global needs and issues. It is thus critical for civil society to ensure their maximum participation on all IG related forums to make sure that their voices are enough and are heard so policymaking is in civil society best interest alongside strengthening a governance model fit for global lives today and tomorrow.I had my first formal introduction to internet governance (IG) at Pakistan School of internet governance (PKSIG), 2017. During the school, presentations of the guest speakers and discussions among participants on the topics I had a little idea of amazed me. Based on discussions, I saw that IG is an umbrella encompassing range of topics of my interest including privacy, security, robustness and availability of internet for all alongside several other interesting topics such as net neutrality and zero-rating. I am a master’s degree student working on my thesis titled “Stochastic modeling and performance analysis of multi-tier heterogeneous networks” with an aim of shaping 5G communications for guaranteed connectivity, best possible data rates and secure delivery of confidential information, respecting end user’s privacy. During PKSIG, speakers held a mock meeting session, dividing us into multiple stakeholder groups and assigned the task of deciding the topic for next IGF meeting. At the end of this mock session, I knew I wanted to learn more and be there with global community. By attending APSIG, I want to broaden the exposure I got at PKSIG 2017. I want to use this opportunity to learn from the experts from round the world coming to this Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance, to participate in global internet ecosystem and come back with much better understanding of all the concepts introduced at PKSIG 2017 and work towards betterment of my local community in a more effective way. I want to be part of APSIG2018 to get detailed insights on the idea of internet for all, to contribute towards spreading awareness, to educate my people about the need of internet and its usage for uplifting of our nation, economically and socially.Yes, I plan on been being more involved in Internet Governance activities in my region and globally. Unfortunately, Pakistan does not have a national IGF of its own but us, active members of Internet society Pakistan Islamabad chapter (ISocIbdPk) are working towards holding first Pakistan IGF soon. Moreover, being part of APrIGF is my goal that I want to accomplish this year. I am working actively for betterment of my community i.e. internet access for education, child online protection program and parents education about children activity online, under the umbrella of ISocIbdPk. Moreover, I am an ambassador to Digital Grassroots Ambassadors Program under which I am engaging with my local community on raising awareness about Internet of Things, cyber security, limiting digital divide, importance and challenges associated with local content and importance of internet for economic uplift of our nation. I am specifically engaged in the ISocIbdPk project of online child protection and digital education through internet. Reason for the specific interest and engagement in these projects is that as per the latest economic survey literacy rate of Pakistan is 58% whereas the internet penetration is the state is 75%. We as a nation need to educate our people about the right usage of internet; parents need to know about parental controls and monitoring tools while not limiting the younger kids’ access, freedom of expression and digital participation. Likewise, we need to empower our youth by guiding them about the power they have access to through which they can raise, promote and support causes best for their country and global interests, be the change bearer as faces of next generation and become part of civil society and may be the political life. This is the need of time while we work on internet provision at every nook of country and eventually our economic growth.
I am an ambassador to Digital Grassroots Ambassadors Program under which I am engaging with my local community on raising awareness about Internet of Things, cyber security, limiting digital divide, importance and challenges associated with local content and importance of internet for economic uplift of our nation. Under this ambassadorship program, I will also be getting the mentorship by highly skilled mentors on Internet Governance to enhance my understanding of Internet Governance and actively participate on various forums presenting youth of my country.
Not any yet but some articles are in process. Yes, I agree.3YesFull No
YousofiMohammad Sharif sharif.yousofi10@gmail.com93747334463MaleNetwok Administrator, Kabul UniversityMemeber of ISOC Afghanistan Chapter, Member of NITPAA(National IT Professional Association of Afghanistan) AfghanistanAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesNoYesNoNoNoYesInternet governance is a platform where people from different stakeholders come together and discuss the internet governance issues like access, security, stability, diversity and legal, political and economic perspective of internet. As a result, common policies and agendas are developed which directly impact our daily use of internet and the way of doing our business and carear.This school is good opportunity to improve our knowledge of internet governance. Meanwhile, this lets us share our ideas and discuss IG issues with different stakeholders and build our network of leaders from different stakeholders. Using the experience and knowledge gained, I will be able to engage more effectively in IG communities within our country. I am already member of ISOC Afghanistan Chapter, member of NITPAA (National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan), and plan to join the Committee Member of AFSIG 2018. Additionally, I will extend my engagement in cooperation with the Afghan Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) and ATRA (Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) in developing policies and improving telecommunication sector. I plan to make my team and work for digital rights and Privacy and Cyber Security legislation in our country.I have only a publication in a local monthly magazine under the name of “Threats everybody should know about using social networks” in Dari local language.Yes, I agree.3Yesfull No
ShagdarZolzayazolzayashagdar@gmail.com97680092800FemaleIT Operations Manager and Mogul Service and Support LLCAPNIC Member, Internet Service Provider , APNIC Fellowship AlumniMongoliaPrivate Company, Free-Lancing ResearcherYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoYesNoLet me start with a story. Last September I have attended two courses called "Licensing in a Converged Environment" by Asia Pacific Telecommunity and "Competition Policy in the Digital Age" by GSMA. These two courses were organized by Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia in order to educate high level managers at IT companies in Mongolia about changing digital environments and how to adapt to those environments. That was when I got convinced that Internet Governance is important for everyone and we all have to active part of policy making process in order to ensure safer and more convenient internet environment. Personally, I work as the operations manager and I am also part of Management team at my company, thus better internet environment is the base for us to succeed in what we do. Firstly, I want to participate in APSIG in order to advance my knowledge in Internet Governance and believe that this participation will help me to pursue my passion in research in the field of Internet Governance. Secondly, I am applying for APSIG because I want to share my knowledge and experience in Internet Governance in my home country - Mongolia with other scholars from different economies. Specially I am looking forward the case study session on "Gender and Natiolnal SIGs/IGFs" because this is the topic area that I tries to specialize in future research and have many cases to share with others and could contribute.
Lastly by meeting and interacting with scholars from diverse background at APSIG , I can build up borderless friendship and professional network. At the same time, I will try my best to contribute strongly to the excellence and the diversity of APSIG.
Firstly as I mentioned before I am planing to engage in research in Internet Governance thus I believe could actively participate all levels of IGF by presenting results of my research to various communities. Secondly I am passionate about bringing more women into IT sector, thus I will work to reach this goal by actively engaging in IGFs and making my voices heard and eventually call out other women in IT. After attending APNIC 42 as a fellow, I have started developing interest in policy making part of Internet governance and have been independently researching about various topics on Internet Governance. However I am more interested in relations between women and IT governance. Thus I am working on a project to attract more women to technology and also policy defining body of Mongolian organizations. I have not yet published any paper on Internet Governance exactly except my Master's thesis at Lund University in Sweden. This paper explored how Chinese government is using internet, particularly mobile internet as means to achieve faster development and eventually leapfrog other developed economies. Paper also furthermore explored issues of Great Chinese Firewall, controlled internet and competition policy. More at: https://lup.lub.lu.se/student-papers/search/publication/7867091 However I am very much interested in this topic area and willing to publish more papers on this and do further research. That is also the one reason I am planing to attend APSIG 2018. Yes, I agree.2YesFullNo
qamarabdullahqamarabdullaha@gmail.com923315314636Maleself employedISOC Pakistan IslamabadTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoYesNoYesNoThe Internet is a fundamental component of economic, social, and political life around the world. It currently connects more than three billion people, and it is estimated that 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. The stable and flexible functioning of the Internet is becoming increasingly important for developed, emerging, and developing countries and their citizens.
The governance of internet ecosystem has long been the concern of a selected group of stakeholders. But the number of interested parties, both state and non-state stakeholders, is increasing as global connectivity spreads.
I’m looking forward to this as an excellent opportunity for learning, capacity building and to make a profile of my own to benefit my region and by the global Internet community in better way. I seek for this as an opportunity for me to progress in my career development as well as enable me serve community batter way this participation can definitely help with my IT skills as well as for building and engaging audiences through variety of social channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whats App , interactive workshop and training.

It will provide me an opportunity to meet, engage, connect and discuss ideas related to my passion “internet” with people from different backgrounds and countries.while gaining access to comprehensive and structured knowledge on various aspects of Internet Governance, and the actors, issues and settings surrounding it.
yes i have worked with Mubashir Sargana as Pakistan School of internet governance Alumni on digital and social engagement, Initial stage working plan with MR Muhammad Shabir as technical resource person for Web Accessibility for designing and development of Accessible website.
And yes i plan to organize and actively participate in upcoming 1st IGF of Pakistan,APrIGF and Global IGF
I have worked with MR Muhammad Shabir as technical resource person for Web Accessibility for designing and development of Accessible website. Develop Pakistan blind Cricket Council web Working to promote cricket for the blind.
Don't have any major publication yet On IGYes, I agree.4YesFull Yes
lokedeclanlokedeclan@gmail.com60166776286QueerVice President, Pelangi CampaignEMPOWER (Malaysia), part of APC networkMalaysiaCivil SocietyNo, I don't agree.NoNoYesNoYesYesNoSeveral reasons, one is to occupy internet governance spaces with queer perspectives and voices, in which often unrepresented. Two, personally, I use the internet 24/7 and this is one way to make the space safer, more inclusive for myself and other. Knowledge and connection. Although I have done some work in internet governance, I have not official gone through any formal education/training in the field and it would be immensely beneficial for my work and myself.Yes. I have participate in AIrIGF(Bangkok) and spoke on a session and attended IGF (Geneva). I am also currently planning on submitting a workshop for the coming APrIGF.Online violence Yet, to have any official work publish till date.

At EMPOWER, we are currently doing a research on cybersecurity which is yet to be publish. At Pelangi Campaign, we are also doing a mapping research LGBT online sexual expression - pending to be publish.
Yes, I agree.3YesFullYes
MantoroTeddy Prof.teddy@ieee.org628119001033MaleLecturer/ResearcherSampoerna UniversityIndonesiaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoYesNoNoYesYesInternet will remain as a great enabler for the future of humankind and its social and economic development. Internet governance, can give the democratization of the internet, to allow everyone have the same access to the information everywhere and everytime.

Asia Pacific School on Internet Governance is important to enhance the knowledge of the leader and to participant in the discussion by undertanding the problems from different location/area and learn the best practice in solving those problems. By participating APSIG, it also will develop our network and relation with other paticipants in Internet governance and support each others. APSIG will held in AIT, Bangkok, where I was a master student in Dept of computer Science, 23 year ago, so it is a good time to come back to AIT and learn and share a new thing in Internet Governance.Yes, I do.Cyber securityWeb-Security using Reverse ProxyYes, I agree.3YesPartial
TiwariSurendralex.suren@gmail.com9849093540MaleAssociateCenter For Law and TechnologyNepalAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesNoYesYesNoYesNoThe internet is synonymous with Democracy in today's world. The world is being narrowed down by globalization and technology . The internet is paving the way for this. Until and unless people have full access to the internet, they cannot exercise the Freedom of Expression, Right to Information. Likewise, education, entertainment, access, information, opportunity, facility and many more things are directly and indirectly associated with this. Hence, internet governance has comprised many things. As a result Internet governance is the emerging jurisprudence of Internet and IT law. The Second importance of internet governance starts with the slogan "the internet for everyone". Which focuses for the equal access of all people without discrimination. i.e. Regional, gender, physical capacity, age etc. with quantitative, qualitative penetration and access is another issue. Hence, to address the such various issues, internet governance is important for me.I am working as a Senior researcher in the field of IT and internet governance through Center for Law and Technology. Likewise, I am also working in the field of Cyber issue, IT law, through the leading IT law firm in Nepal. Through this Organization, There are many projects like Summer School in internet issues, Cyber Ujuri, Broadband access to disabled person and many more. Additional to this I am also working on Upcoming Cyber Law of Nepal through delta law. Hence, experience and knowledge gained from here will compliment to me. As a result, it will benefit to whole society, though above mentioned task and project. I was the Active participant plus Organizer of First ever IGF of Nepal. Through our community like internet Society Nepal, NpSIG, Forum for Digital Equality and Center for Law and Technology we have organized and participated many event to discuss and promote Internet governance. so i have same plan for future as well as. the major project engagement in this issue are Cyber Ujuri (a platform for online complain in Cyber Crime), Policy Discourse in Nepal With Emphasis on inclusion of Differently Abled, npSIG etc. I have prepared thesis on the topic like Ethical Hacking, Technology Transfer in Nepal etc. Yes, I agree.4YesFullYes
PurnamaAlamsyahpurnama.alamsyah@lipi.go.id6281222042100MaleResearcher, Indonesian Institute of Sciencesid-config internet membershipIndonesiaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoYesNoThe internet has become main driver for economic and social development in many countries, like Indonesia. I hope internet governance appropriately
manages the risks arising from the internet's impact.
I want to update my knowledge about the internet governance and make research collaboration with speakers and other participant for improving internet governance in IndonesiaYesResearch for mapping discourse network on internet governance issues in IndonesiaNoYes, I agree.3YesFull
UmarFatimafatimaumar1989@hotmail.com96897106286FemaleDigital Research Officer, MUU&C Pvt. Ltd.ITU Young Innovator ProgramOmanCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoNoYesNoInternet governance directly relates to freedom of expression because almost all kinds of communications nowadays are happening and mediating via the Internet. Internet is part of everyone's life and right from the kids to adults, all are using Internet for 90% of their work. Therefore it is very important, that what our youth and people should see and what are the rights publishing companies/individuals should abide by before putting material on the internet.I strongly believe, this platform will give me an opportunity to enlighten the role of youth in countering the important issues of Internet Governance. I would be able to understand better the various aspects of Internet Governance and global controversies associated with it. APSIG will also help me in developing my social networking because participants from various nationalities are attending the event and I can share my experience as young ambassador and change maker who is working to build the society for betterment and prosperous future.Yes, I am eager to actively participate the regional / global IGFInternet for Everyone - My countries have digital divide areas, from Cities to Villages and access is an issue. If you don't have access to the Internet, this impairs your freedom to access information. Access to the Internet effects directly questions of justice and fairness. If you can't participate in Internet communication because there is no affordable Internet access in your place, then you are not very well off nowadays because you can't participate in many discussions and also in many aspects of economic development.Not Yet - However, my this year Goal is to do some write-up on Internet Governance IssuesYes, I agree.4YesFullYes
RAJARAMGNANAJEYARAMAN Dr.r.gnanajeyaraman@gmail.com919750433275MaleASSOCIATE PROFESSOR - SBM college of Engineering and Technology/ Digital journal Publisher- Magicsquare Entertainment Pvt LTD.IETF, NCUC, GNSO,INTERNET SOCIETY MEMBER( Chennai, Kolkatta, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Trivandrum Chapters)INDIAAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoNoNoInternet Governance plays a crucial role in making sure the playing field stays as equal as possible for all mankind. I am able to engage with this universal tool, the more i’ll be able to draw from collective intelligence.Particapting the APSIG is a wonderful opportunity for exploring Internet Governence, learning more about the diverse cultures of the Global connect, making new excellent ideas,Internet related policies and studying about the IG related issues around us. Moreover, participating APSIG promises to be an unforgettable experience in my Academic and technical life. As an academician i will taught my students and research group to actively involving, Contributing and participating to Internet Governance.YesCurrently i am not involve project. In future i am willing to engage myself in projects.On progress, I am willing to publish my research articles belongs to internet security and AI.Yes, I agree.2YesFull
Abdel-sadekAdelAdelsadek@hotmail.com201011147775MaleProject MangerArab center for cyberspace research -ACCREgyptAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesYesYesYesYesIt's making a maltistakhoderism as promoting our abilaty for polices on internetIt's helping me to make network,information,and sharing experienceI'm allready active in Arab internet governance forum .I'm aimed to launch internet governance program for capacity building especially between youthCyberspace and international relationsYes, I agree.5
BurrowsMartinMartin.burrows@usp.ac.fj6797224181MaleCoordinator University of the South Pacific LibraryMemberFijiAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoYesNoInternet governance is important because it touches a wide area of topics of interest in public policy including cybersecurity, privacy, and freedom of expression.My work has to do with sports by being the coordinator for Oceania Sport information Centre. However, I would like to educate sport federations on the topics of Cybersecurity, internet governance and privacy around the region. Attending APSIG 2018 will be a good way of being informed.Yes, I would like to participate nationally and regionally.Currently, I am creating a cyber security and privacy educational engagement took for National Olympic Committees and sport federations in the Oceania region.NoneYes, I agree.3YesFullYes
GUJJARAPPALOKESHlokesh.gujjarappa@gmail.com919986020922MaleResearch and Impact Evaluator Internet Society - Trivandrum Chapter, India India Civil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoYesYesThere is much of personal and confidential information shared on the internet without knowing and understanding the rules of internet governance and stakeholders. Internet governance is a broader umbrella that encompasses not only technology but also the ‘internet user perspective’ to make technology work for human development. I find that there is huge scope to bring in user perspective in internet usage and policy making; also, non-commercial community is currently under represented. Limited research evidence of user’s experience from global south is restraining policy development especially towards inclusion of marginalized populations. Being a development researcher these are the areas of interest I would like to pursue and hence I think learning internet governance is so much crucial to effectively participate in global and local policy making. APSIG brings in leaders and practitioners from global south and provides a platform to learn, share and contribute to internet governance policy making. I want to get acquainted with the latest policy discussions in social inclusion, gender digital divide, affordable technological development / transfer and how to influence government responsiveness towards connecting the unconnected. Networking could be one of the biggest take-away from APSIG. APSIG also opens up opportunities for cross border collaborations and helps develop interdisciplinary perspective on internet development which will help towards mainstreaming marginalized youth. I want to learn if any interventions have been conducted globally on how effectively such non-connected communities can be connected, their skills and capacities can be built so that they can become important stakeholders. This is the strong motivation I have to participate in APSIG.I was a fellow at first Indian school on internet governance (inSIG2016). I was selected in inSIG2017 also. My interest is in bringing marginalized communities onboard the internet governance forum. I want to take lead in conducting workshops on IG issues (mainly data protection and privacy) in schools and colleges especially in regions dominated by marginalized communities. I want to present fact sheets on internet access, adoption and usage among the marginalized community from India to the policy makers, academicians and practitioners of internet governance. I wish to take the user perspectives to the national and global platforms. I have submitted a proposal to understand gender digital divide among tribal communities in western India. The proposal is submitted to Internet Society’s Beyond the Net program. None on internet governanceYes, I agree.3YesFullNo
AltafMuhammadaltafork@gmail.com923339671145MaleCurrently I am working as a Manager Network/Systems at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.I am an active member of our local ISOC chapter. We have regular meetings and various events going on throughout the year from that platform. Since I have attended the first pkSIG, I have also been actively involved in the Internet Governance discussions within that group which helps regional community better understand Internet governance. I also closely follow the activities of our regional RIR APNIC & keep in touch regarding relevant topics with the acquaintances I have made in all these groups.PakistanTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoYesYesNoNoAs the impact of networked digital technologies continues to strengthen global socio-economic opportunities for all sectors of society, the importance of internet governance cannot be underestimated. Access to the internet in many developing countries is limited by basic infrastructure problems, I came to know about Internet Governance when I first attended the Cyber Secure Pakistan Conference, organized by my employer (NUST) in 2014 and I attended DNSSEC workshop jointly supported by APNIC, ICANN & ISOC. After that I joined Internet Society local chapter Islamabad and started attending their local monthly meeting. These meetings encouraged me to learn more about internet governance and multi-stakeholder approach by taking part in policy discussions during and after the meeting through emails and social media. Internet is the single most effective tool in human history. It allows billions of people to communicate with each other in a glimpse of an eye and a ubiquitous tool for communication anywhere on our planet. One Internet is better for everyone and multistakeholder model ensures that all voices are heard. Many of internet policies and important negotiations are not being held in a multistakeholder session, which impact the future of bottom up policy development. Also, Internet Governance is important to me because it relates to my education, work and my interests. As an emerging area of study, IG has a very important role in keeping the internet stable secure and resilient there by allowing different stakeholders from around the world to help contribute to the governance of the most important invention of modern times that has an impact on the socio economic trends world over.With the growth in information technology there is a great need to spread the awareness about the internet governance process. APSIG is a great platform where I can learn about Internet governance issues and policies and to collaborate in creating a better understanding of Internet governance perspective of the Asia Pacific region. APSIG18 involves different sessions which include Internet governance introduction, history and principles, regulatory frameworks and net neutrality, multistakeholder model and stakeholders. These sessions will give me more awareness of Internet governance, collaborative issues, platform of knowledge sharing. I will be able to communicate what I have learnt, in my country and initiate discussions in relevant circles for its implementation. My learning will have far reaching impact by sharing my experience with local community to promote Internet Governance role and multistakeholder approach. It is not only important to participate in APSIG, but also in IG/SIG activities throughout the year.Yes I do. Our national IGF is in the planning stage and I have plans to actively participate. For the regional and global one, I am also planning to participate and contribute in anyways I can.I have been fortunate to work with ICANN team in DNSSEC workshop SANOG29, last year in HEC, Islamabad. I worked as a Technical Resource Person during DNS workshop with instructor Mr. Champika from ICANN during the workshop. I gained a lot of knowledge by working with an ICANN staff. I received a positive feedback from ICANN team and I hope to contribute to future IG capacity building and outreach activities in Pakistan as well as in the region. Other than that, I have attended USC Annenberg, Spring Institute on Internet Diplomacy and Governance, California, jointly organized by USC Annenberg and ICANN. During the institute I was a part of gold team and we worked and presented on “Engaging Government Officials in Latin America” on Internet Governance.Currently I have no publications on Internet Governance, but in future I have planned to write on Internet Governance which is useful for our community and those who have limited access to internet to raise awareness and detect problems in adopting multistakeholder model.Yes, I agree.3YesFullNo
HeryantoRudyrudy@rembangkab.go.id62811288133MaleCivil ServantInternet Society ISOCIndonesiaGovernmentYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoYesNoBecause it has a big impact on issues like human rights, media freedom and development.I want to connect to a lot of part that concern in internet governance so i can implement in my duty as a public servant in my local governmentYes, i'd like to attend to IGF event in indonesiaSocial Media MonitoringNoYes, I agree.3YesFullYes
zafarmuhammad salmanursalman@gmail.com923335252560MaleDeputy Director (ICT) , Pakistan Telecom AuthorityInternet SocietyPaksitanGovernmentYes, I agree.YesNoYesNoNoYesNoInternet is a critical infrastructure for all around the word. In Pakistan, as per the published statistics, broadband subscriber are only 25.5 percent. As in today’s world most of the economic and social growth is internet driven. It is really important to bridge the digital divide for economic and social development of the country.
It seems that IG is just a phrase and nothing to do in daily lives, however it has big impact on issues like human rights, freedom of speech development and making internet available to everyone. As internet is borderless by nature, so if it is governed at national level or even by specific body at international level it may results in curbing freedom of speech and may be affecting overall economic development. It is therefore necessary to work on IG related issues and become the part of organizations at national international and regional level to shape internet for goodness of human beings.
The world is rapidly embracing the digital age with innovation and creativity enabling and enhancing what we do and how we do. It is the need that together we develop the vision and future of information society. Platform like APSIG are important to understand and deliberate on different topics of internet governance. This will help not only in building capacity but also clearing the thought for further representation in broader forums for open and multi-stakeholder dialogues that will definitely help in shaping the future of internet.

Pakistan has realized the infinite prospects of internet but there is still a serious lack of awareness and actionable plans. APSIG will disseminate expert’s take on the latest happenings in the internet development process that can shape my path towards participation in the internet community in Pakistan. I will engage with the experts at the academy to discuss the current internet landscape and seek their guidance on driving the internet forward in Pakistan.
I am hopeful of developing good networking with the diverse range of attendants so that we may work on collaboration in the field of internet governance. I will be more active in the local ISOC chapter and help in raising more internet awareness in the country. I would definitely participating in IGF in national/regional or at global level
My Journey with Internet Governance started in PKSIG 2016 which are organized by ICANN, APNIC and ISOC. Internet Governance always remain my interest topic, however attending PKSIG 2016 give me a new motivation and different perspective about the potential and opportunities of internet development. I later attended APSIG 2017 and APRIGF 2017 at Bangkok.

I work with Internet Society on the join project with PTA for embracing accessibility for person with disabilities in Pakistan. We arranged multiple awareness raising workshops for mobile developers and students in various cities of Pakistan. The main aim of these workshop(s) was to raise awareness on mobile accessibility, and providing interaction with persons with disabilities to brainstorm on their needs. I also remain engaged on the project of ICT accessibility for women, i organised several training programs for android application development for women.
NAYes, I agree.3Yesfull No
GhildiyalHarshharsh_ghildiyal@hotmail.com91 9963826450MaleFellow at Teach For IndiaISOC MumbaiIndiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoNoYesNoI am a law graduate immensely enthusiastic about technology policy (Internet policy in particular). Most of my time growing up was spent on the Internet, which taught me more than I have learnt from most other sources. The Internet introduced me to RSS feeds, podcasts, IRC, MMORPGs, forums, among other various things, and I believe that this platform for free exchange of thought is a revolutionary tool for harnessing and sharpening our intellectual capabilities. Some of the most productive discussions I have had have been over the Internet. In this day and age, the Internet is taking shape of the most important medium of communication of the fourth pillar of democracy, the media. Governments may begin censoring expression with the right intent, but once the first step is taken, the juggernaut is hard to stop. I believe the Internet is one of the best tools to facilitate development since it can be used to increase economic growth, the literacy rates, make individuals employable, and a host of other things. Internet governance is important to me because I believe a resource as important as the Internet should be governed by rules that are just, fair and equitable, and it must be ensured that it is not regulated according to the whims and fancies of certain individuals, and we do not have rampant censorship, preferential treatment of content, and other misdeeds. Needs of all stakeholders must be considered and policy decisions, present and future, must be thought through well, and not knee-jerk reactions - implications of actions must be considered beforehand. I currently teach over hundred kids, help solve problems their communities face, and work extensively on empowering the communities they come from. I was selected as a Digital Grassroots Ambassador, and with the help of mentors, I will work towards making the Internet more accessible to people, and help the ones with access make efficient use of it, harnessing its true potential, and help those stakeholders get their voice to the government, since they comprise a large chunk of the stakeholders that lack representation.

Attending a course on Internet Governance, according to me, would be the best way to join the IG community and gain perspective and knowledge, enabling me to contribute meaningfully to discussions, advocate for consideration of the marginalised, and stand on firmer ground while have Internet-centred policy debates/discussions. I went through the catalogue of classes, and each of the lectures piques my interest, as they are centred around issues I have previously worked on (domain name issues in India, cyber security with India’s apex Internet body, cyber crime with the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Mumbai, and the blockchain and AI through a series of projects while in law-school.) I went through the previous iteration's lectures on YouTube, and they were extremely impressive. Long story short, I am interested in the areas of discussion, and believe attending the APSIG will be an enriching experience for me, and help make me a meaningful contributor to the IG community.Yes, after having gained further insight which APSIG will provide, I plan to be a regular participant in Internet Governance events. As I am also engaged in the Digital Grassroots Ambassador program, I will undergo Internet Governance mentorship, and hope to apply to various IG opportunities such as ISOC’s Youth@IGF.Interning with India's primary government department that works on Internet law and policy, which I have expanded in the following answer. Additionally, I have worked with the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell in my city, which was an enriching experience to say the least. I am also currently a Digital Grassroots Ambassador. I will work on empowering communities through the Internet, and after the completion of that project, be mentored by young professionals in the field of Internet Governance.Comprehensive report submitted to the Cyber Laws and E-Security Group, Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The report which compared various international provisions relating to censorship on the Internet and intermediary liability, was submitted when an important case was being decided by the Supreme Court of India regarding censorship online.Yes, I agree.2YesFullNo
ZiyamMehar Abdeen Mohamed Ziyam27@gmail.com94777860687MaleComputer Network and Security trainerInternet Society Srilankan-ChapterSri LankaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesYesNoNoNo I am also an Internet concern citizen whom using and will use Internet in the future to connect all my work. If we don’t have proper guidance and Governance now later, it will be more complicate and will go into bad hands where you can’t take back to normal again. internet can remain a great motor for the future of humankind and its social and economic development. Someone must be there to run this internet Secure and safe for next generations.Hope I will be able to get all the regional and International SIG information’s and knowledge about how far those SIG’s currently working and how may I can contribute to those or can learn from those to start another SIG which no one still didn’t focus. Meet new people who are currently contributing to these SIG’s and may help to our SIG’s.Yes, I am already participating for the local IGF continually for the last two year and willing to participate and contribute more in the future as well. First time I was able to participate to IGF Global event. Hope to participate in the future as well if all works well.Currently contributing to NCUC. Very Recently join the ASO (Address supporting Organization) Working Group.Sorry I don’t have any. hope I will be in the future.Yes, I agree.4YesFull
FARAHATMOHAMEDfarahat_3@hotmail.com201224733738Malenational coordinator (African Civil Society on information Society-ACSIS) programs director (Egyptian Foundation for refugees rights -EFRR)African Civil Society on information Society-ACSIS)EgyptCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesYesYesNoAs it related to my work as human rights lawyer specially digital rights in general and for refugees in particular , online rights exchange the knowledge with others , raise ideas for discussion yes , next African IGF in Sudan and next global IGF , i going to organize side sessions and workshops within ACSIS we working on Francophone internet governance school, Arabic internet governance school also youth IG forum N/AYes, I agree.4YesFull No
ahmad fathanah harisahmadahmadfathanah93@gmail.com85341168026Malepubli interes lawyerLBH PERS JakartaIndonesiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesNoYesYesbecause IGF so many issu inside iti get new knowleadi have planright to be forgottenissu right to be forgottenYes, I agree.4YesFullYes
DebbarmaShibendushibendu@gmail.com919436120846MaleMTS E-III and STPIISOC, INSIG, ISOC Kolkata, DelhiIndiaTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoNoNoNoEvery day user of Internet is growing and Internet becoming life-line of everyone. We need to know about importance of Internet and its survival.To leverage my understanding of coming days Internet to face security, blockchain and other issues of machine learning and AI.Yes in InSIG 2018.Security and policyNot yetYes, I agree.3YesFull No
Yonggar DityaGadinggadingyd@gmail.com6281392946116MalePublic Interest LawyerAdvocate for Freedom of Expression Coalition-South East Asia (AfecSea)IndonesiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoNoYesNoNoYesNoIn Digital Age have many problem and impacts for the people. The problems are related to privacy right, data protection, piracy of intelectual property, electronic evidence and more. All people activity already to use internet and digital facility. The problems can be keep growth. So, we have to give our contribution to guide anything about internet governance steps.I want to learn more about internet governance. I will use all material that i get from APSIG to implement in my country. As a Lawyer, i start to concern about cyber law to my future. Not just a case, i want to contribute in my country in public policy sector.Of course. I want more contribute in any meeting or conference national or regional/global IGF to contribute of public policy. I want to hear sharing knowledge and experience about internet governance problem in many country.Yes, the project about Right To Be Forgotten, Internet Freedom Training for Lawyer, and handling case about internet freedom (cyber crime, defamation, blasphemy, hate speech, freedom of expression, intelectual property rights) Still dont have publication about study of research about internet governance. But i have major project about study of right to be forgotten but still in progress. Yes, I agree.2YesFullNo
JanaPriyatoshpriyatoshjana@gmail.com9002780765MaleAssistant Professor,Mallabhum Institute of Technology,BishnupurISOCIndiaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoNoNo As an Academician,I have expertise in the subject area but not in IG which are in Global Studies now these days. I need to extend my knowledge and I will motivate and collaborate research areas in Internet Governance to our local,regional, which are presently focusing on Internet Governance Issues, policy making and putting greater emphasis on global IG. Internet has been one of the most fascinating innovations and day by day the usage is increasing as a fundamental requirement in the coming century in association with the advanced technologies.
I would like to use this opportunity to extend my knowledge and learn the way how to participate meaningfully in multi-stakeholder environments like IGF.This APSIG would make me engaged mostly in Cybersecurity,Blockchain,Digital,AI Governance, Sustainable Growth, Inclusion and Openness.I think APSIG is such a platform to attend to become an IG leader in locally,regionally and globally towards Empowering and Educating the next billion Internet users. I hope this school on internet governance will help me in gaining experience to work on that direction.YesNot presently but trying to be engagedDon't haveYes, I agree.2YesFull No
saeedkamrankamransaeed666@gmail.com923018226173MaleNetwork Engineer (NOC) Cyber Internet Services Pvt. LimitedCyber Internet Services LimitedPakistanPrivate, Internet Services ProviderYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoNoYesNobecause it directly related to my career and i have to know the latest progress in the field of internet and the rules defined by internet governance.I want to participate in APSIG because of the vast experience of this precious event in the field of internet, from this experience i will contribute to my regional SIGs eventsyes, I have attended multiple meeting which are regional, national and international and i already actively participate in IGFactively participated in SIG policy in APNIC-44 held in taichung.noneYes, I agree.4YesFullYes
SadipunVictoriusvictor@datum.id6281294308480Maleadvisor /datum.id/tsoc.idisocindonesiaCivil SocietyNo, I don't agree.NoYesYesNoYesYesNofor mainstreaming ideas, channeling issues & leverage awarenessthere are several new development & issue regarding IoT, blockchain, AI & securitymostly yescapacity building on security & internet governancenot yetNo, I don't agree.4YesFullNo
FarooqiKashifcashif.faruki@hotmail.com923006354525MaleDirector, Association of Internet UsersIndividual member of ISOC PakistanPakistanCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoNoNoNoI see freedom of expression as a part of the overall debate around internet governance. In my country online expression is being curbed by the government in the name of "hurting religious sentiments" and "blasphemy". In today's world internet provides an opportunity for information and knowledge sharing and also gives voice to the marginalized sections of the society. Government in Pakistan is taking direct and indirect steps to govern internet in a way which is negatively affecting peoples' lives specially of those who are at the bottom of the marginalized sections especially people living with disabilities and sexual minorities. I believe its important to be a part of the mainstream debate and strive for an inclusive and accessible to all internet.I want to learn from international experts in the field of internet governance and grab an opportunity to discuss with them different aspects of and global debates around internet governance. Additionally I want to learn from the peer how they are striving for an inclusive internet in their respective areas. I believe that this platform is a wonderful learning opportunity that delivers updated knowledge and information.Yes, I want to play my active role in PkSIG and would plan with the organizers to shape up a session on internet governance and disability inclusiveness.I run an organization Association of Internet Users and engage with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and telecom companies to help them design inclusive policies.I haven't published anything yet but plan to write on digital inclusion.Yes, I agree.3YesFull No
PANDAYGANGADHARgangactor@gmail.com919618082288MaleFounder-President Babul Films Society NGONPOC and NBGP-IDN, ICANNIndiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoYesNoI want to ensure access to internet for all, especially overcoming the barriers of language and political interference.I want to continue what I learnt at inSIG2017 Trivandrum, India and expand my knowledge about IG.Yes. Non-Profits and Civil Society will be my primary focus and Language issues secondary focus.Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel - Expert for Telugu language. Chair-Membership Committee-NPOC, ICANN.NoYes, I agree.2YesFull
JainAbhishek786abhishekjain@gmail.com919463057375MaleBlogger at rustyblogger.comISOC Delhi Chapter, inSIG FellowIndiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoNoYesNoNoYesI earn my bread and butter from Internet and I have an active participant in inSIG 2016 and 2017.
I want to contribute to the efforts of the organizations who are helping to make internet a better place for all.
I have participated in inSIG 2016,17 and now looking to enhance my knowledge and efforts to promote Internet Governance Issues to next level.For the time being, due to budget constraints I can participate remotely only. When have sufficient budget, then can attend it in person.
I had budget for inSIG workshops so I went there to learn and contribute.
I am a active learner and want to contribute on the Internet Shutdowns in India and equal distribution of Internet to all.I have written articles about inSIG programs on my blog as well as on Apnic.net
Here are the Links:
Yes, I agree.2YesFull
ThinleyUgyen0214530.cst@rub.edu.bt97517454176MaleStudentCollege of science and technologyBhutanTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoYesNoNoAs technology evolves, the way we connect to other parties should be evolved and make things easier and more comfortable to keep things connected to each other in demands of the stakeholders.I am IT professional and it is my responsibility to enhance the knowledge on internet governance and make awareness of its importance to our least developed country (Bhutan) in the field of internet governance.Yes, I am keenly interested to participate in one of this IGF .In crime controlling and traffic monitoring.Not yet.Yes, I agree.2
SaputraOky Triaokytria@gmail.com6285780740217MaleVolunteer TrainerAPNIC, ISOCIndonesiaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoNoNoBecause IG is one of the forum that we can share and get knowledge about Internet Policy, Stakeholder, etcI would like to gain more knowledge and information about IG in APSIGAs a volunteer to taught around 500 teachers and lectures, i would like to get new knowledge and information about Internet Policy, Internet Technology, etc from IGF. So that i can sharing my knowledge to teachers and lectures that i taught in IndonesiaI want to be involved to Internet Governance which is would be increase my experience and knowledgeI still thinking about my publications on IGYes, I agree.2YesFullNo
MaulanaArdianSoneangka@gmail.com62 81394611569MaleResearch Fellow in Bandung Fe Institute and Center for complexities Surya University NoIndonesiaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoNoNoNoYesYesBecause internet governance is closely related to my research interest, that is digital politics. Currently, I have been observing and researching the phenomenon of misinformation, the spread of fake news, and bot network in social media. As we know this phenomenon has become one of the biggest challenges of the present era. Countering fake news, together with violent extremism content, is an issue in internet governance, in particular is a matter of content policy. How we handle this problem is challenging, both technically and philosophically, and can have significant implications for the role of Internet companies as intermediaries, as well as for freedom of expression.My goal is to deepen my knowledge of internet governance and learn the latest trends and issues in digital policy developments. In particular I hope from this event can get insight in a number of aspects that become my area of interest such as cyber security, cyber crime and digital politics. I also hope to meet, expand the network and collaborate with other participants on these issues.Yes, I will participate actively in national/regional/global of IGF. In my opinion the role of Internet Governance Forum (IGF) today is increasingly important and more relevant than before, This is because IGF provides policy discussions related to the internet development as well as interaction among stakeholders.Three years ago I was involved in a research collaboration on the dynamics of opinion and the spread of misinformation in social media. In this project we monitored public conversations regarding political competition in the 2014 Indonesian elections and examined the effects of fake news and misinformation on public discourse. Since then we continue to monitor the dynamics and propagation of misinformation in public conversations related to social and political issues in IndonesiaMy research report on internet governance-related issue is Complexity of elections: Case Study of Indonesia 2014 General Election (in Indonesia) Yes, I agree.2
Al NaserMd. Abdullahmail.naserbd@yahoo.com8801712572027MaleSr. Stems SpecialistISP/TechnicalBangladeshTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoYesNoAs a tech person I always believe that, I am also a part of IG. Because technical operation is a integral part of IG which helps to reach a number of unconnected people every single day. Besides technical operations a lot of policy issues to be discussed in IG to make the internet better, safer and unbroken.I think in our region APSIG is very suitable platform to discuss IG issues which are important for the future of internet. Various tech security, policy and capacity building sessions are there to improve personal capacity which enables an individual in order to contribute to build a better internet. That's why I am eager to participate in APSIG.Yes, I have a plan to participate in IG events/forum actively.N/AN/AYes, I agree.3YesFullYes
BaluGokulGokul.balu93@gmail.com918178800491MaleProject manager at PN FoundationMember of ISOC TVM chapterIndiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoYesNoNoInternet is a crucial resource of the 21st century and it is important for ensure availability, affordability and feasibility of this resource. To connect the next billion is our goal.To learn, understand and evolve myself with respect to the domain.YesInternet Saathi project by Google IndiaOn the importance of free and open internet and why regulations like Internet.org are capping the free flow.Yes, I agree.2
HamdardAhmad Faridah.farid.ha@gmail.com93791385293MaleExecutive Management Member NITPAA(National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan)I have been voluntarily working with NITPAA since 2016 as a regular member and recently as Executive management member.AfghanistanCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoNoNoInternet is the only medium through which people around the world are connected and share their ideas and views in different topics. Internet provides people the facility to practice freedom of speech and hold governments accountable, hence governing internet is one of the vital topics for the IT and Internet community and the societies in general.As an executive member of NITPAA which is the only recognized IT association in Afghanistan, i need to participate in APSIG and other schools related to internet governance to raise my awareness and knowledge of internet governance and bring it back to the community i live and share with them.Yes, i am looking forward to be active participants of national, regionals and global IGF.NANAYes, I agree.2YesFull
Syedul IslamMohammadsyedul@bdren.net.bd8801551079768MaleIP Network Specialist, BdRENAPNICBangladeshAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoYesNoNoYesNoInternet Governance is very much important globally to mitigating specially cyber crime. So I wish to aware myself on internet governance which will help me to expedite knowledge to my community. So it's very much important to me.Basically I am working to raising awareness and capacity building within educational community of Bangladesh as a part of BdREN. I believe that APSIG will more helpfull to me to learn lot of things regarding governance and to make policy for educational community of Bangladesh. So I really want to participate APSIG-2018.Yes, I will.bdYIGF and ISOC is major engagement on internet governance.NoYes, I agree.2YesFullNo
ParvezMd Nasimnasimparvez21@gmail.com8801717886405MaleThe Safeworks, IT Executive Internet Society Member ID: 168060BangladeshTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoNoNoInternet governance is the technical aspects of the Internet and its services. As a technical person, knowing the facts of the background procedure of the Internet and provide better secure Internet to the people and become a part of the future internet. I want participate APSIG 2018 to encourage my ability of knowledge on Internet governance and share in my community. And know the different fundamental rights of Internet, from different people those are contributing on the Internet sector. I am always looking for an opportunity to participate in any sort of active events in order to share and learn more skills which can be beneficial for my future.Now I am working on network security, routing and switching. I think it is also an important role of internet governance. Because, everybody needs to send or share their information to others, in a secured medium.N/AYes, I agree.2YesFullYes
TJAHJANadianadia.tjahja@gmail.com31650535800FemaleRecent graduate, currently applying for PhDWEOG Representative of Steering Committee of the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance, (YCIG) - an IGF Dynamic CoalitionThe NetherlandsAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoYesNoYesYesNoMy interest in internet governance lies on two levels - firstly, the hidden impact of the Internet on young people that we aren't aware of. For example, online job applications are only available to those who have access to the Internet, this closes the pool to those who cannot afford buying hardware or are ineligible for telecom contracts, but also technological developments - AI chips in arms are being tested in Scandinavia - how does this impact the future of young people and their right to privacy? or data protection? Learning, understanding and communicating these developments are incredibly important to me and is something I've decided to dedicate my volunteering time to. Secondly, my interest is also on an academic level - I'm interested in information warfare - particularly strategic narratives of global actors online (understanding the legal standing and other online elements which form and project particular narratives with the aim to influence) and violent extremisms, specifically online radicalisation. Understanding the relationship of nations or institutions with the media is such an important aspect of how we view the world and practice our understanding of democracy, this is why I have dedicated my academic studies to this.Recently I participated in the Council of Europe Youth Participation on Internet Governance consultation and the IGF in Geneva and realised that my knowledge is in very particular and detailed fields. Although I have briefly engaged with issues related to cyber security, blockchain technology and AI, I now understand better that Internet Governance encompasses a wide interdisciplinary field and I seek to enlarge the scope of my understanding of the Internet beyond legal and communications aspects and bring all the different aspects together in a better understanding of how they interconnect and feel that APSIG would be a wonderful opportunity for me to start with. I also primarily worked in and with the European Union and now seek to have a better understanding of other Global Actors, which is why attending APSIG in Bangkok, Thailand would allow me to engage with practitioners abroad outside of the European Union, and further develop my thoughts and values to better understand how interculturally and internationally we can work together in Internet Governance.At the global IGF, as member of the Steering Committee of the dynamic coalition "Youth Coalition on Internet Governance" we host a session, however the topic of the session is still to be determined as we only took office end December. I also hope this year to engage with NLIGF.In 2016, I was the project leader of an international online campaign called Newsworthy. We challenged violent extremism by providing the tools for source verification and fact checking and were awarded second prize by the US State Department and Facebook. I was invited to the White House to talk with National Security representatives about challenging extremism in universities and schools and how to protect young people online.N/AYes, I agree.3YesFull
AbdellateefMaiMai.abdellateef.86@gmail.com201060822433FemaleChange manager at Vodafone telecommunications companyVodafone telecommunications companyEgyptTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoNoYesI am interested in human rights and internet policy.I have been watching human behaviors over the last 5 years on Social media.And i have noticed a great increase in Cyber-bullying.people gives themselves the right to make fun of other people's appearances,jobs,etc publicly.those victims becomes stigmatized and sometimes they are socially marginalized which can result in dramatic consequences.I want to discuss why we are not having internet rules and laws in that can be used against those people and if there are laws,why they are not activated.I am a change manager I am responsible for approving or rejecting changes related to internet services and internet security. So the more information I get on internet governance, the better my work becomes. I need to get more information on cybersecurity, IOT and digital economy.I would like to attend this forum because I am interested in the human rights and Mass surveillance .As in a world that is run by technology, there is no privacy any more. which is disturbing every one of us and makes me more interested to be involved in the rules that governs internet usage. After Snowden Revelation, we all know that our privacy is breached and this is so obvious in a world having millions of applications and 2.77 billions of social media users. Whenever we download an application, it requests an access to our Cameras,Audios,files,etc.If you are in the subway, you will find, the person right next to you ,in the "People you may know" in your Facebook account. Many organizations now also make profits by selling customers' data. That’s why I am interested in being one of those people who can participate in making internet usage more safer.I am also interested to know more about blockchains,Cryptocurrencies and security and IotYesN/aI Proposed important elements for a plan to balance online human rights and the need for cybersecurity ,as part of the course:internet Governance in the Mena Region.the proposal included some tips to improve the website of EG-CERT (Egyptian computer emergency readiness team) directed by NTRA (National telecom regulatory authority) Yes, I agree.3YesFullNo
SilwalBibekbsilwal123@gmail.com9779843220120MaleIntern Engineer , Vastumandap ConsultancyIGF nepalNepalCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoNoYesInternet Governance simply governs the internet resources and and plays a very important role in the internet society of a particular country by bringing multi-stake holders to ta same platform and govern the internet. It brings out all the policy makers and facilitators to same grass root level and view from another perspective as well.Internet is always a fascinating word for me since childhood. Knowing about its importance and taking part in governing the internet is really fascinates me. APSIG provides a cross platform to interact with the other experienced internet governing individuals .Yes , i have a plan to actively participate in IGF. I am planning to contribute the IGF as an active civil society representative.It not like any major project engagement but i have been actively participating in bring awareness in the civil society about the internet governance.Well i am really sorry to say but there's no any major publication on Internet Governance but i will make it happen soon if you provide me the oppourtunity.Yes, I agree.2YesFullNo
RahmanpourAlirahmanpour@linkap.net989128601072MaleCofounder at Linkap, an Iranian IoT StartupICANN MEAC (Middle East) SWG, ICANN60 NextGenner, ISOC IoT WGIranTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoNoNoNoWe need to deal more about it in our country and region. I'm also part of Iranian communities related to IG and so have some activities in this area.To learn more about IG and gain more knowledge and experience for developing regional communities.Yes, I'm now part of regional communities to.I've done several projects as part of adviser group to Iranian Regulatory body (However they are not directly considered as a IG project and are defined in wider ICT scope)Just some articles in local media and also an article on personal observations in ICANN60 as a NextGenner in my blog: http://rahmanpour.ir/post/254Yes, I agree.1YesFull
StanikzaiAbdul Wasiwasi.stanikzai1@gmail.com93793232581MaleDatabase Development ManagerI am software engineerAfghanistanTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesNoNoNoThe world all business is stand by internet governanceTo get knowledge and share informationyes as software engineer i have plan to apply several idea at world and countryTo collect and join all related administrationi made administrative system for government sectorYes, I agree.2
UllahRizwanridwan307@gmail.com930744000096MalestudentAfSIGAfghanistanTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoNoNoSecurity is much important for the folks, especially the security of online world and the awareness is gained through this type of gatheringsTo get the new ideas of the internet governance and know about the challenges that Asia is faced with.yes, i have plan to participate.NillNot completed right now and is in progresssYes, I agree.2YesFull
SajjadAzeemazeemsajjad@gmail.com923454223815MaleAssistant Manager Projects, Ignite, Ministry of IT & TelecomInternet SocietyPakistanTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesNoNoNoNoNoWorking closer to government has enable to play my part in drafting policies as well as leading multiple strategies. In the current scenario and to grapple the need of the forth industrial revolution while enabling people to access ICT applications through innovative policies, Minister for IT has been launching multiple initiatives through the platforms of Ignite-National Technology Fund and Universal Service Fund in Pakistan.To share the country's policy perspective as well as to learn from the international best practices.N.AN.AN.AYes, I agree.2
Haroon - Ur- RashidMuhammadpioneercu@gmail.com923337421603MaleExecutive Information Systems & Fauji Fertilizer Company LtdInternet Society and PKSIGPakistanPrivateYes, I agree.YesNoNoYesNoNoNoInternet governance is the the area of concern particularly for country like Pakistan where the internet users are growing very quickly. To address the security issues and control the cyber crime legislation and policies regarding internet governance must be in place. To increase users trust and reliance on the internet and promote e-commerce governance is must to do thing. Furthermore, only governments can not do it without participation and support of civil societies like ISOC, PKSIG etc. Therefore, internet governance is key for internet.I have been the part of PKSIG 2017 as sponsor from ISOC Islamabad chapter General Secretary. Now i want to extend my participation at regional level. My purpose to attend this meeting is to collaborate and further understand the APSIG working and especially to understand challenges and their solution regarding Internet Governance. Being founding member and officer of ISOC Pakistan islamabad chapter i have an opportunity to further discuss and elaborate the same to the community from ISOC platform as well as from PKSIG platform. Since the internet policies are community driven therfore it is necessary to develop community understanding pertaining to APSIG for more effective participation in policy making. Being the part of industry, FF is a leading group my participation in APSIG will be an added advantage with respective to multistakeholder model of APSIG.Yes i have plans for active participation in nation and regional as well as global IGF. I have been part of internet society and remain General Secretary for ISOC islamabad chapter. Attended and supported PKSIG event in pakistan as a fellow. Now i want to extend my participation at regional and global level.Not yetNoYes, I agree.2YesFull
ADHIKARIROJINAadhikaryrojina@gmail.com9779843440685FemaleProgram OfficerForum For Digitial Equality(FDE)NepalAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesNoYesNoNoNoNoIt is important for me because it have impact on the internet , how it is managed on different kinds of issues emerging daily.I want to participate in APSIG to build more knowledge,techniques,ideas and encourage more people around.Yes, I want to participate in all possible region.No, I don't have any major project engagement on Internet Governance yet.No, any major publications.Yes, I agree.2
Erlangga SKalpinkalpin.silaen@xecureit.id6281222373778MaleSenior Security ConsultantXecureITIndonesiaTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoNoNoNoYesYesBecause Internet is now widely used by citizen and must be a nice place for each persionI want to update and broaded my knowled about Internet GovernanceYes, I have if there is an opportunityInformation SecurityInformation SecurityYes, I agree.2
ShresthaFrezafreza.shrestha@ntc.net.np9779851165611FemaleEngineer, Nepal TelecomNepal Telecom (NT), is one of the leading government owned telecommunications operators in Nepal. Currently its services include PSTN, 2G, 3G and LTE mobile networks, CDMA-2000, WiMax and WiFi Hotspots, ADSL, leased line, FTTH ,etc.NepalPrivateYes, I agree.NoNoYesNoNoNoNoI work in Nepal Telecom, which is a telecom operator providing data service through technologies like ADSL, WiMax, LTE, WCDMA etc. We depend on Internet for our day-to-day tasks and networking. Right internet policies needs to be formulated and followed to have secured transactions. Internet governance is important to me both as consumer and operator point of view.APSIG is a great platform, which gives the opportunity to meet with expert, industry leaders, Policies discussion with peers and experts around the world to exchange experiences and to extend the social and professional network. I want to apply the knowledge in Nepal Telecom ISP network for smooth Internet service.Yes I will participate actively in national IGF and spread the knowledge and experience gained in APSIG to my communityI have not been involved in project regarding internet governance. But since i am working in Telco operator, I am involved in operation and maintenance of GSM/UMTS/LTE core network.Till now i have no major publication in internet Governance, but i am intrested in writing about the importance of internet governance and way forward.Yes, I agree.1YesFullNo
KesumaEllenkusuma.ellen@gmail.com6281366509229FemaleIndependence Researcher and voluntary member of SAFEnet for Region IV (ASEAN Country)SAFEnet (Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network)IndonesiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoNoYesNoNoNoNoBecause internet is the livelihood in Indonesia and more people from many different background need to be a representative in the this topic.I was a newcomer at IGF 2017, I want to have more opportunity to expand my knowledge in the topic.Yes.None, at the moment.None, at the moment.Yes, I agree.1YesFullNo
Begumshahanajshahanajb@yahoo.com8801716011098FemaleCyber Security EngineerISOC memberBangladeshTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoNoNoWithout internet governance nothing is safe. for safer world internet governance is important.To build up network with the community and want to apply this experience in my countryYesNonoYes, I agree.2YesFullNo
IslamMd. Jahiduljahidul@bdren.net.bd8801535495370MaleManager-Innovation, Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN)Member, ISOCBangladeshAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoYesNoNoVery recently our government of Bangladesh had been restricted and limited the uses of internet before the secondary and higher-secondary examination to protest the leakage of examination paper. That should not be as most business are depends on internet and will cause huge demurrage of limited accessibility. APSIG is a platform to raise voice against misuse or restrict freedom of internet users in national/regional/global level. It quite happens in my country (Bangladesh) to restrict internet use for so called national security. Policy is very much necessary for regulation but in-parallel awareness is also much necessary for third world country. I wish to contribute in this regard to shaping the future internet.yes, I can participate with my office permission in the national/regional IGF activity. But not sure about participation in global activity in this year, May be possible in next year.yet notno publicationYes, I agree.2YesFull No
PudasainiRamesh Kumarnirdayaerp@gmail.com9779851040922MaleLecturer, Softwarica College of It and e-commerceINTERNET SOCIETYNEPALAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesNoYesNoNoNoNoInternet Governance is importantfor me. It will help me to figure out many more things I.e. cyber security, cryptocurrency, as well as i will get opportunity to learn about the policy of different country on internet governance.To know about the security, differentforums, cryptocurrency as wellas different country's policiesYes, I doNot any till the dateNot yetYes, I agree.2YesFull No
JansalinJan Jacob Glennpr1v13@gmail.com9258867026MaleNetwork and Systems Analyst/ UPLBmember I thinkPhilippinesAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoNoNoNoYesNoI'm currently taking up masters in development management and governance and my thesis is on encouraging local government offices to ideate and sponsor their own community networks. In this way the problem on the end-mile will be reduced, augment the national broadband project and increase participation in terms of managing internet resources.I want to meet other Tech and policy guys in the region and learn how they did it in their own countries and test it on different willing city governments.Yes, if I get exposure to local internet governance people and meetings.Encouraging local communities to imagine how internet resource should be and doing workshops on how they could move on from there.None as of the moment but hopefully it would be published by 2018.Yes, I agree.1YesFull
WangchukTashi0214522.cst@rub.edu.bt17714389MaleStudentStudentBhutanAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoNoNoNoYesNoSince internet is expanding rapidly, there should be certain principles and rules to govern the usage to prevent from auauthorized access of private information and internet crimes. Its also vital for security purpose since loss on security failure would be high.Since country Bhutan is budding on internet technologies and me undergoing course on information technology, participating in APSIG would provide me hand on knowledge on internet related issues and it would benifet my country and make the people of Bhutan aware of internet issues. Beside this, participating in APSIG would provide me explore on new technologies and experience a new culture exchange. It would also provide broad benefits and embark the international adventure.Yes, given an oppertunity i would participate in any kind of forums.I have done a literature review on issues relating to public ip address distribution with ipv4 as a part of academic.NoYes, I agree.1YesFullNo
KCSumansuman.kc@ntc.net.np9779851129104FemaleTelecom EngineerNepal TelecomNepalTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoNoNoAs being a lady from technical background i'm always interested in technical discussions. The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before.As Internet governance are the programs that shape the evolution and use of the Internet,it is important for each internet provider and consumer. Internet governance has a big impact on issues like human rights, media freedom and development, making it important for everyone.As I belong to business society as well as civil society of internet, internet governance is important for me.As being a technical person it is a great opportunity for me to learn more on Internet governance. A successful carrier in a technical position is not solely based on solid technical skills. It requires soft skills as well such as team collaboration and effective communication. The internet governance environment is absolutely the perfect place to foster those skills. And aside from the APSIG participants, it is a great opportunity for me to meet and get to know mentors from the community and even corporate sponsors. All these connection will definitely enrich my network. I have attended Nepal IGF and Npsig recently.After participating in those programs I got clear vision on internet governance.In IGF everyone's concerns and thoughts contribute to discussion, specifically to generate innovative solutions to connect with stakeholders and projects with whom we can create alliances to fill the gaps, especially in a digital world,it is always an opportunity to learn something. So I will definitely actively participate on national/regional/global IGF.Sorry to mention that I have not been engaged with any internet governance project.Sorry to mention but i have not published any publications related with Internet governance.Yes, I agree.1YesFullNo
NayPovpovnay@gmail.com85517773135MaleNetwork Officer at University of PuthissatraUniversity of PuthisastraCambodiaTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoNoNoNoInternet Governance makes Internet Better, like Technical Infrastructure, Policy Issue, and more are initiated and discussed by Internet governance's stakeholders.I want to further my studying in Internet governance school and give my contribution.Yes, and currently I subscribed to few mailing list and forum like IETF mailing list and ISOC public forum.Currently I don't have any.This is what I want to public for my Master Degree in next few years.Yes, I agree.1YesFullYes
SanchezEncel Eencels@gmail.com584126540044MaleBlockchain DeveloperInternet SocietyVenezuelaTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesYesYesNoNoNoNoInternet is the present and future, is the platform for develop and build new technologies for the creation the best society, a free society for get a free world.I want participate in PASIG because i have special interest on Governance of Blockchain and Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology. Into my country we are develop a new cryptocurrency called "Petro" and i wish learn more about these issues.Yes, we as organization from Internet Society (Venezuela Chapter) are creating workshops and proposals for participate actively in Regional IGF (LACIGF)My major project engagement on Internet Governance is the maintenance and optimization of network, create and to get better the infrastructure for the all users, without discrimination, with net neutrality.N/AYes, I agree.3YesFull
ChathurangaDammulla Hewa Samarappulige Menuka Kasunkasundhs@gmail.com94715755218MaleBSc in Engineering Undergraduate, Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri LankaUniversity of Moratuwa, ISOCSri LankaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoYesNoNoI am a first year engineering student and planning to do my major in Computer Science and Engineering.
As a student I build up my interest on the topic by participating an awareness session conducted by
SLNG. I believe awareness and the capacity on Internet Governance is very low in Sri Lanka. I think
student like me need to learn Internet governance in proper manner to increase awareness and build
capacity on Internet Governance for Sri Lankan users to ensure the concerns of Sri Lanka are taken into
account in the Internet Governance policy process. I have very brief understanding about multi-
stakeholder dialogue model. I think it’s something that can apply for many use cases beyond Internet
Governance policy process. I am like to learn political, economic, social and legal implications of Internet
Governance. I hope APSIG will be a really useful learning forum for me.
I would like to join with APSIG 2018 to share the knowledge and to have an international experience of
this kind of activity. This will be a precious opportunity to work with people from various parts of the
Asia. I hope APSIG 2018 will provide opportunity for open and inclusive dialogue and the
exchange of ideas. There will be lessons learned from previous meetings to produce the best
experience for IGF stakeholders. As a student these experiences will be help to play an active
role in regional and national Internet Governance forums.
I am interesting to engage with the global internet discussions to shape the future of the internet. I
believe national/regional/global IGF are a good places to have such discussions and I am willing to
participate for those. I like to disseminate my experience of APSIG 2018 through a youth event in my
university with help of Internet Governance leaders of my country.
I am
still a beginner. I am looking forward opportunities right after APSIG.
I am still a
beginner. I don’t have any publications on Internet Governance yet.
Yes, I agree.2YesFullNo
AlbertShajishaji.albert@gmail.com919387224226MaleSenior Clerk, Govt of Kerala, IndiaInternet SocietyIndiaCivil SocietyYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoNoNoI believe every social ecosystem should be democratic and inclusive, so the internet too. As a social activist I want to participate in Internet Governence activities to ensure the same.1. To learn
2. To enhance my socioeconomic concepts by sharing it with the experts.
3. To make a positive difference in IGF
I have no concrete plan yet. But I am doing research in data/content generation through crowd sourcing. My initial reading is the internet business model structure is some want upsidedown fashion. The original creator is not get enough recognition or placement. I want to concentrate my activities in that direction.Research in crowd sourcing internet business model and it's unjust.No publications yet.Yes, I agree.1YesFull
KhanMd.Kamruzzamanparveaj.ccnp@gmail.com8801618161686MaleCore network eng.YesBangladesh/DhakaTechnical CommunityNo, I don't agree.NoYesNoNoNoNoNoAs far as I know, the internet is the single most effective tool in human history. It allows billions of people to communicate with each other in a glimpse of an eye, on the other side of the planet, using different mediums as suitable vehicles of that information. We can search for information that other people have created and learn of distant cultures as well as obscure professional and academic disciplines.To build and enhanced my skill...YESN/AN/AYes, I agree.1YesPartialYes
NapigkitRic Josericnaps@gmail.com639204292234/639772030122MaleDepartment of Education - Schools Division of Zamboanga SibugayInternet SocietyPhilippinesGovernmentYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoNoNoNoEnsure the continued open, transparent, neutral and sustainable Internet, there must be policies, rules, protocols and other mechanisms in place and this can only be realize if the different stakeholders join together and make important decisions so that the Internet can achieve its goals.Through the APSIG, I will be able to broaden my perspective, knowledge and understanding so that I will be able to contribute to the continued discussion not only local sphere but also in global context of making the Internet open to all.YesNoneNoneYes, I agree.1
HartonoArisaris.hartono@trustmark.id628128998801MaleSenior Consultant, PT. SNIXecureITIndonesiaPrivate SectorYes, I agree.NoNoNoNoNoYesNoMy current work deals primarily with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) areas. As the Internet has been a very important part of modern societies, the governance of an organization is related to Internet Governance.To obtain first-hand knowledge on current Internet Governance issues and to develop network with Internet Governance experts in the Asia Pacific region.Yes.Currently I’m working with my office colleagues to develop the curriculum (in information security management aspects) of a professional certification called Cyber Security Certified Professional (CSCP).Currently not available yet.Yes, I agree.1
AndishyarAbdullahabdullahandishyar@gmail.com93787999908MaleFinancial Adviser, GIZISOCAfghanistanCivil SocietyYes, I agree.NoYesYesNoNoNoNoBetter setting and managing of the works.To add my experience and transform to my country with holding an event.YesCurrent jobNoYes, I agree.2
HayderMd. Toufiktoufik@dozeinternet.com8801689308193MaleNetwork Engineer-Core, Systems Solutions & Development Technologies Limited (SSD-Tech)ISOCBangladeshTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoNoNoNoThis is the big community to get knowledge and share with others community peoples.Want to learn technology and apply in practical lifeyes, if i get change i am interested to do itNonoYes, I agree.1YesFullYes
MasoodWaqaswaqasmasood1@gmail.com923345493799MaleAssistant Director (Communication)Pakistan Education & Research NetworkPakistanPrivate, ResearcherYes, I agree.NoNoNoYesNoNoNoInternet is everywhere and it needs to be governed. Internet Governance will be adversely needed in coming years and we need proper policing for Internet Governance.Being part of National Research and Education Network of my country Pakistan, its necessary to learn methods and policies for a better Internet Ecosystem. We at PERN are somehow dealing with provisioning of Internet and allied services and therefore, SIGs are an important platform to learn the policy making about internet services provision.Yes, i look forward to at least play an active role in regional IGFs.At PERN, i am responsible for the policy documentations that include Network Connectivity Policy and Access Usage Policy. Both of these relate to Internet Governance.NoneYes, I agree.1YesFullNo
ChapagainSalinasalinachapagain@gmail.com9779844614420FemaleResearcherForum for Digital EqualityNepalAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoNoNoInternet has become the important aspect of human life. Almost all the inventions and technologies have gone Online or use the Internet. In such scenario, the awareness and knowledge regarding Internet and its governance is the most. Further, Internet possesses a lot of benefits which can be explored only through understanding its issues and importance. The Internet if used properly, it can boost the other sectors of livelihood as well. So the Internet should not be the mere factor of luxury but of the basic need. The effort should be made for providing the Internet facility to every nook and corner of the world. Before to it, the Internet should be made systematic, secured and available. Being an aspiring youth, I intend to contribute the knowledge I will gain from this forum to make the Internet securely available for everyone. Therefore, Internet Governance possesses a lot of importance to me.I want to get involved on the discussions and dialogues relating to the issues on Internet. I want to familiarize with all the dimensions of Internet, by actively involving on the debates with all the stakeholders. And with the experiences and knowledge I will gain from this school, I aspire to further it back to the community. Yes, I have.No, there has not been any yet. No, there isn't any.Yes, I agree.1YesFullYes
MaharjanRajeshrojesh125@gmail.com9779851289581MaleIT Officer, CYber crime cell of Nepal PoliceGovernment of NepalNepalGovernment SectorNo, I don't agree.YesNoNoNoNoNoNoAs I work for Cyber crime, I have lots issues regardingly.I want to know more and share even more.No.Cyber security and policies in terms of trans border None
Yes, I agree.1YesFull No
DangolRamidangol.rami.rd@gmail.com9779851002060FemaleSenior EngineernpSIGNepalTechnical CommunityYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoNoNoPeople are now taking internet as the basic service of their life. The no of internet users in Nepal has increased rapidly in the last year. Nepal adds 2.25 million internet users in the last year. With reference to the NTA’s MIS 16.67 million Nepalese currently connect to the internet. This figure is actually 63 percent of the total population as per MIS of OCT 2017. This internet penetration index indicates the accessibility of internet to the people of Nepal. Last year Mangsir, the internet penetration was 54 percent. Mobile-based internet in Nepal is provided through platforms such as GPRS, EDGE, and WCDMA. Of the total mobile internet users, Nepal Telecom (NT) has the largest base of 8.66 million users, representing 54.91 percent of the market. Being the senior engineer of Nepal telecom i feel responsible towards the customer of my organization who use internet without knowing their rights and knowingly or unknowing they fall prey .Net Neutral, and Digital Divide, are the major factors that has increased the possibilities of problems like internet security, privacy, surveillance, pornography, confidentiality, copyrights, etc. which need further attention and research in my country. Therefore internet governance is very important to me as well as for my country Nepal.Being women from IT field it will be a great opportunity for me to represent myself in forum like APSIG. If I got the opportunity to attend the APSIG meeting, I can be in the position to share my field knowledge and experience with my colleagues and peers in the same field. I feel that learning through shared values is quite essential to grow with sound peer education. By attending such a dynamic forum, I will be acquiring experience and exposure to learn from great trainers and fellow recipients. Moreover, it will be an opportunity for me to represent the women in the IT field as women's participation in the IT world is minimal especially in Nepal. This is in line with the mission of promoting women’s participation and involvement from internet community at the conference. Besides, I will be in the position to share my field knowledge and practical skills from this forum with my peers and colleagues upon my return. In my organization we have the culture of knowledge sharing through job rotation, multi-tasking and preparing ‘standard operating procedures’ so that no employee is made indispensable thereby improving human capacity development.i'm looking forward to participate in national IGF if i get an opportunity.nonoYes, I agree.1YesFull No
DafallaHagodafalla@yahoo.com218945583314MaleLecturer, Zawia UniversityYiuth IGF Coordinator in.SudanLibyaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoNoYesYesYesNoNoBecause Internet Governance is the zfuture of InternetTo share my.information and knowledge with other participantYesNonNoYes, I agree.3Yesfull No
AmitMahajanamit.mahajans@gmail.com919419183767MaleUniversity of JammuISOCIndiaAcademic CommunityYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoNoNoNoIt is very important for analysis and management of international cyber incidents and conflicts including for activities such as development of policy related to cyber-crime and social media. Further, it is helpful for physical concepts related to human inspiration, communication and political models in analysis of different international issues related to cyber security including censorship, media operations and role of social technologies.ASSOCIATED with APSIGsince last year and find myself very resourceful . participating in APSIG will also help me to get associated with program more closely and off-course its a very good program to meet some wonderful , experienced colleagues .Yes , if given an opportunity would like to work actively in all levels Presently engaging my self on various topics related to cyber security teaching among various stake holders like police department , research scholars and other agencies .not yet Yes, I agree.1YesFullYes
AhmedIqbaliahmed77@gmail.com8801819216793MaleFreelanceISoC memberBangladeshPrivate, ResearcherYes, I agree.YesNoNoNoNoNoNoGrowth and usage of Internet have necessitated to introduce a guideline immediately.Being an active user of Internet, I want to be a part of the guideline developers.YesNot yetNot yetYes, I agree.1YesFullYes
TakeuchiMichaelmichael@takeuchi.id62 812-8188-9660MaleNetwork AnalystMaxindo Mitra Solusi, PT (AS38320)IndonesiaPrivate SectorYes, I agree.NoNoNoNoNoNoNoI think governance is related with regulation, i want to know about internet regulation and how governance manage the regulation. So i can use internet properly and wiseI want to make my social network bigger and increase my knowledgeOf course, I always have a plan to participate all of IGF event or some event that related with Information and TechnologyI want to Routing the World! Even into the rural areaAbout major publication, I don’t have yet. I always present about technical material to the other people, that’s why I want to learn about internet governanceYes, I agree.0YesPartial
KabirMd Humayunrasel915@gmail.com8801815639915MaleCustomer SupportYesBangladeshGovernmentYes, I agree.NoYesNoNoNoNoNoFor knowingI want to increase my skillYes, i haveNoNoYes, I agree.1
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