TimestampNameLocation CleanedDate(s) of the cleanupPlease estimate how much was picked up.How many people participated in your cleanup?
2/2/2013 14:56:58Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road / Segment Bridgeport Ave. between Long Hill Cross Road and Mill StreetMay 2012 - December 201248 Large Bags,Large Chunks of Styrofoam, Liquor Bottles, Take-out Food Containers, Beer Cans 1
2/2/2013 14:58:42Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross RoadJanuary 20139 Large Bags, Liquor Bottles, Take-out Food Containers, Beer Bottles1
2/19/2013 17:53:18Lisa Roshkind149 indian well rd Weekly2 large bags weekly Spring - Summershelton
3/2/2013 21:09:17Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road2/28/20132 Large Bags, Cardboard Boxes, A Large Piece of Linoleum1
3/4/2013 20:18:10Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road3/5/20133 Large Bags, 1 Vacuum Cleaner, 1 Large Plastic Container filled with Liquor Bottles and Take-out Food Containers1
3/7/2013 14:27:50Mike ClayPlatt RoadMay - December 201218 Large Bags, Liquor Bottles, Beer Cans, Take-out Food1
3/7/2013 14:29:47Mike ClayLong Hill Ave., near Platt RoadOctober 20121 Huge Refrigerator Box, off Long Hill Ave, down the Embankment1
3/7/2013 14:30:45Mike ClayLong Hill Cross RoadOctober 20121 Bike off the Road in the Woods1
3/7/2013 14:31:51Mike ClayLong Hill Cross RoadNovember 20121 Large Part of a Metal Fence1
3/7/2013 14:33:14Mike ClayLong Hill Cross RoadDecember 2012Box with 6-8 One Gallon empty Paint Cans1
3/7/2013 14:34:24Mike ClayPlatt RoadJanuary 20132 Large Bags, 1 Vacuum Cleaner1
3/7/2013 14:35:15Mike ClayPlatt RoadMarch 20132 Large Bags, 1 Swiffer Cleaner1
3/14/2013 15:03:36Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road3/13/20132 Large Bags, Take-out Food Containers, Liquor Bottles of all sizes1
3/27/2013 16:16:35Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road3/27/20132 Large Bags, Liquor Bottles all sizes, Beer Cans, Take-out Food Containers, not many Soda Cans1
4/3/2013 19:49:05Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road4/3/20132 Large Bags, Liquor Bottles all sizes, Beer Cans, Take-out Food Containers, Cigarette Boxes1
4/4/2013 16:58:47Ingrid Waters & Mike ClayPlatt Road4/4/20133 Very Heavy Large Bags, 95% Liquor Bottles of all Sizes, 5% Take-out Food Containers2
4/13/2013 13:13:40Teresa GallagherJudson & Mill Streets4/13/20133 bags - a lot of stuff from the utility companies1
4/13/2013 13:34:47Shelton Trails CommitteeBlue Trail at Indian Well4/13/2013mattress, box spring, propane tank, roof cement, beer bottles, buckets, etc. 3
4/14/2013 20:23:53Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road4/11/20131 Large Bag, 1 Medium Sized Bag, Beer Cans, Liquor Bottles of all Sizes, Take-out Food Containers, Cigarette Boxes1
4/17/2013 16:10:33Ingrid Waters / Mike ClayPlatt Road4/17/20132 Heavy, Large Bags filled with Liquor Bottles all Sizes, Beer Cans, Soda Cans, Take-out Food Containers, Cardboard Boxes that must have fallen off Trucks2
4/18/2013 16:44:35Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road4/18/20131 Large Bag, Liquor Bottles all Sizes, Debris left behind from Technicians, Beer Bottles, Beer Cans, Take-out Food1
4/18/2013 16:46:04Mike ClayLong Hill Cross Road4/18/20132 Pieces Sheet Metal Flashing about 15 Feet Long, dumped by the side of the Route 8 Overpass1
4/19/2013 9:23:02Daniele Dognin Long Hill Ave: 500' up & 1000' dn from traffic light; Constitu: Rt 8 bridge to Steepbrook Ln4/18/20138 large bagsmyself
4/19/2013 12:17:12Troop 19 Boy ScoutsRt 110 along Nichodale Farm4/13/20136 bags of trash, lawn mower, cables11
4/20/2013 19:43:12Teresa GallagherJudson St. & Buddington Rd to Mill St.4/20/20132 large bags1
4/21/2013 10:59:08Tom ChristianoBooth Hill Rd. between Waverley and Mohegan4/21/20138 large plastic garbage bags left sometime yesterday in a huge pile on the side of the only
4/21/2013 15:43:00The Gallagher FamilyMill St & open space from Judson to Buddington4/21/20138 large bags, part of a deck. More to remove still.3
4/21/2013 19:33:28Farmill River AssociationFarmill River behind the HiltonSunday April 218 large garbage bags, quarts of oil, construction material, radio,packing styrofoam3
4/21/2013 19:53:24Cub Scout Pack 27East Village ParkApril 21st 201341 trash bags/Tires/Bumper/metal/wood and more57
4/22/2013 7:54:36The Pastore'sFarmill River/Yutaka Trail to Farmill Crossing4/21/20132 Large bags, lots of styrofoam cups, plastic bottles, packaging materials, soda/beer cans4
4/22/2013 12:47:24Pat GajdosikShelton Ct Open Space Lot #11, Shelton Land Trust Lot #74/18/2013trash to fill 3 tapeing buckets1 adult 2 children
4/22/2013 14:45:48Pack 24 Cub ScoutsBooth Hill School grounds & hiking trails4/21/201310 garbage bags18
4/22/2013 16:57:16Tighe&BondIsinglass4/21/201325 Large Bags7
4/22/2013 17:36:53Caitlin McGuireBooth Hill Road (Aquarion property)4/20/201310 lg bags, pickaxe, 2 lg metal pieces 7
4/22/2013 17:50:05S. Maybeck-DutkaniczMeadow St.April 18th 20133 large garbage bags1
4/22/2013 19:45:32Ingrid Waters & Mike ClayLong Hill Ave. From: LHCR TO: Platt Rd.Earth Day4 Large Bags, 2 Heavy Boxes, Loads of Liquor Bottles all Sizes, Beer Bottles, Beer Cans, Dozens of filled Dog Poo Bags that were dropped into a Viaduct, Water Bottles, Take-out Food Containers 2
4/22/2013 21:31:25George WatersTwo Canals: FROM: 273 Canal Street TO: The DamEarth Day5 45-Gallon Bags filled with: Water Bottles, Plastic Bags, Fishing Line, General Trash & Debris PLUS 1 Tire, 1 Broken Chair, Parts of a TV Case, 2 Computer Monitors, 1 5-Gallon Pail, 1 Household Fan, 1 Crate, 1 Vanity Sink1
4/22/2013 21:31:55Shelton Land Trust - BSA Pack 810 - Troop 811Shelton Lot # 11- Shelton Land Trust Lot # 74/18/20133 taping buckets3
4/23/2013 9:09:03Girl Scout Troop 64164Park on corner of Long Hill and Constitution4/21/20132 large bags and several small bags11
4/23/2013 10:59:35Conner DiazRiverview Park4/21/20132.5 bags1
4/23/2013 11:17:52Ellen Cramp#1-39 Coram Rd.4/23/20133 large bags and 1 piece of rubber/plastic too large to fit in a bag1
4/24/2013 11:02:57david moraiswilloughby rd/ independence dr10/15/2012 , 4/2/20133 larges bags, 4 large bags2
4/24/2013 12:56:45Shelton Land Trust and abutting neighborsOpen Space adjacent to Wake Robin Rd4/20/20133 pickup trucks worth~10
4/25/2013 11:18:00Ivy Brook Medical CenterConstitution Blvd4/15/20133 large garbage bags1
4/25/2013 21:35:07Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Rd.4/25/20131 Large Bag, Liquor Bottles, Beer Bottles, Beer Cans, Take-out Food Containers, 2 Pieces Vinyl Construction Material about 15 feet long1
4/25/2013 23:22:10Sunnyside brownie and daisy troop 280Sunnyside schoolThursday April 18th 2013Planted in front of school,mulched and picked up 10 large bags of leaves and 14 small bags of trash29- 15 adults 14 kids
4/26/2013 10:14:23Girl Scout Troop 60394The reservoir fishing park on Nells Rock Rd.4/22/20134 Kitchen Garbage Bags7
4/26/2013 10:16:14Girl Scout Troop 60394The reservoir fishing park on Nells Rock Rd.4/21/20134 Kitchen Garbage Bags7
4/26/2013 19:14:48Brownie Troop #60650 from St Joseph SchoolAround Elm St & Coram Ave4/24/20133 large bags10
4/27/2013 0:41:00Girl Scout Troop 60778Elizabeth Shelton School4/26/20132 bags10 girls and 2 adults
4/27/2013 7:49:04CubScouts Pack 28Nike Ball Fields/parkinglot4/24/201310 large bags45
4/27/2013 15:01:46Boy Scout Troop 28Wiacek open space4/27/20132500 pounds of metal, 500 bottles, 10 bags of assorted trash17
4/27/2013 19:44:21Housatonic River Clean UpHousatonic River4/27/20131 dumpster full, plus piles located on Sunnyside ramp [about 65 cubic yards]168
4/27/2013 19:48:24Troop 55Shelton High School4/10/20138 large bags33
4/27/2013 20:49:15Friends of the Shelton Dog PArkShelton Dog Park4/27/20132 large bags of garbage.6
4/28/2013 10:39:05GS Daisy Troop 860, GS senior troop 60041Elizabeth Shelton SchoolFri., April 26About three garbage bags16 girls
4/28/2013 11:10:30The GallaghersMill Street & Buddington, Far Mill River4/28/20134 more large is now up to 16 bags for this spot1
4/28/2013 11:38:02Stone Gardens FarmBirdseye Rd. between Pearmain and Saw Mill City4/26/201311 large bags, 4 tires, 1 rug, 1 5-gal bucket, 2 seats from cars, rolls of electrical wire4
4/28/2013 22:02:47George WatersHousatonic River as of Derby/Shelton Dam going SouthRiver Clean-up/Earth Day - Lasted 6 hrs.5 45 Gallon Trash Bags,filled with Water Bottles, Beer Cans, Take-out Food Containers, Fishing Lines, Paint Cans.Plus some misc Debris: Pails, Styrofoam Boards and Other Junk1
4/28/2013 22:06:15George WatersDerby/Shelton Housatonic River and River BanksMay 2012 - November 201220 - 45 Gallon Bags filled with: Water Bottles, Styrofoam Cups, Take-Out-Food Containers, Beer Cans, Fishing Line Balls, Pails, Paint Cans1
4/28/2013 22:12:21George WatersHousatonic River, Naugatuck River around Sullivans IslandFebruary - March 20135 - 45 Gallon Bags filled with Water Bottles, Fishing Line Balls, Styrofoam Cups, Beer Cans. Large Debris that came down the Rivers during the Winter 1
4/29/2013 9:09:36kosturko klean sweepboothhill road4/27/20133 bags and tire and metal barsjust me
4/29/2013 16:36:03Girl Scout Troop 60086Open Space at/around The Slab4/28/2013Four large bags and a weird, decaying plastic square.14
4/29/2013 17:24:04Girl Scout Brownie Troop 60730Riverview ParkMon., April 22We filled up three garbage bags and one big plastic lid14 girls, one younger brother.
4/30/2013 9:31:09Melissa Cosscia & Jessica MasulliHope Lake, Community Center, Booth Hill School4/24/20133 large bags3
5/2/2013 15:49:06Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road5/2/20131 Large, Heavy Bag filled up with Liquor Bottles, Soda Cans, Beer Cans, Take-out Food Containers, Loads of Napkins and Take-out Food Bags, Large Pizza Pie Box, Many Styrofoam Cups 1
5/2/2013 22:19:14Girl Scout Troop 63140Mohegan School4/27/20131 large bag9 (4 scouts, 1 tag-along and 4 parents)
5/4/2013 8:56:35Cub Scouts Pack 25Longhill School 4/20/20133 bags of garbage8 Scouts 7 Adults
5/8/2013 0:08:1211 [who is this???]Isinglass Road at Water Co. property4/20/20138-10 large bags11
5/8/2013 11:54:43GS troop 60062LHS and behind sports store on river road4/23 and 4/247 large bags total14
5/9/2013 8:54:53Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Rd. & Bus Stop Bridgeport Ave.5/8/20131 Large, Heavy Trash Bag: Mostly Styrofoam Take-out Food Containers, Soda Bottles, Water Bottles, Beer Cans in Shopping Bags. The Bus Stop Corner Long Hill Cross Stop/Bridgeport Ave. was heavily littered with Take-out Food Containers that filled up a 1/4 Large Trash Bag.1
5/9/2013 22:04:32Girls Scout Troop 60058Rec Path parallel with Huntington Ctr and along the Far Mill River starting from Lane St.4/27/20131 large bag9
5/10/2013 7:34:28The Spillane FamilyPerry Hill Rd.4/28/201375 pounds4
5/11/2013 11:58:34Cub Scout Pack 20Sunnyside School campus4/26/20137 large bags of litter etc29
5/12/2013 23:08:07Girl Scout Troop 60831Isinglass Road at Water Co4/20/20139-10 large bags11
5/14/2013 10:52:33Daniele DogninLHA & Constitution Blvd area5/13/20131 med bag + chunks of asphalt curb1
5/15/2013 22:48:58Sunnyside Girl Scout Troop 280Front Flower beds and school groundsApril 4th And April 18th10 large bags and planted flowers28
5/16/2013 20:32:52Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road/Corner Bridgeport Ave.5/16/20132 Large Bags: Take-out Food Containers, Soda Cans, Water Bottles, 3 Large Cardboard Boxes that must have fallen off Trucks on Bridgeport Ave., 1 Medium Sized Piece Linoleum 1
5/16/2013 20:42:23Ingrid Waters/Mike ClayPlatt Road5/16/20131 Large Bag, Take-out Food Containers, Beer Cans, Liquor Bottles, Water Bottles, Large Plastic Landscaping Bags, Cardboard Trays2
5/19/2013 21:54:53George WatersJunction Housatonic River/Naugatuck River5/11/20131 - 45 Gallon Bag filled with: Fishing Line, Water Bottles, Styrofoam Cups, Pieces of Styrofoam, Plastic Cups1
5/23/2013 21:07:49Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road5/23/20131 Large Bag: Mostly Take-out Food Containers, Styrofoam Cups, Paper Plates, Water Bottles, Soda Cans1
5/30/2013 20:28:38George WatersPond O'sullivan's Island, Derby5/20/2013Swimming Pool Liner retrieved from main pond on O'sullivans Island, Derby... plus 1 Large Bag filled with all kind of take-out food containers1
5/30/2013 20:31:22Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road5/30/20131 Large Bag: Take-out Food Containers, Styrofoam Cups, Paper Plates, Water Bottles, Soda Cans, Lots of Beer Cans, Beer Bottles1
6/3/2013 20:11:15Elida PaizFar Mill River6/3/20132 large bags and a fender1
6/9/2013 21:07:31BSA Troop 101Farmill RoadMay 1st.201312 karge bags12
6/18/2013 20:01:04Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road6/12/20131 Large Bag: Loads of Take-out Food Containers, Styrofoam Cups, Plastic Cups, a lot of Small Plastic Bags, Soda Cans, Beer Cans 1
6/20/2013 20:19:33Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross RoadJune 19/20, 20131 Large Bag: Take-out Food Containers, Soda Cans, Styrofoam Cups, Paper Plates, Plastic Cups, Beer Cans, many Small Plastic Bags1
6/20/2013 20:21:59Ingrid WatersLong Hill Ave. From: Long Hill Cross Rd. To: Platt Road6/20/20131 Large Bag: Take-out Food Containers, Beer Cans, Beer Bottles, Landscaper Bags, Soda Cans, Juice Bottles 1
6/20/2013 20:24:11Ingrid Waters/Mike ClayPlatt Road6/20/20132 Large Bags: Liquor Bottles, Beer Cans, Beer Bottles, Soda Cans, Juice Bottles, Juice Boxes, Styrofoam Cups, Plastic Take-out Food Containers, 1 Small Appliance Box2
7/10/2013 21:27:22Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road7/10/20132 Large Bags: Mostly Take-out Food Containers, Styrofoam Cups, Trays, Plates, Forks, Water Bottles, Soda Cans, Beer Cans1
7/10/2013 21:34:19George WatersBanks of the Housatonic River, Shelton Side6/26/20131 Large Plastic Barrier Tarp & 1 Tire1
7/23/2013 20:47:32Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road7/23/20132 Heavy Large Bags: Lots of Take-out Food Containers, Water Bottles, Beer Cans, Cigarette Boxes, Liquor Bottles, Beer Cans1
7/24/2013 16:55:56Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road6/24/20131 Large Heavy Contractor's Tarp that filled up a huge Garbage Bag1
7/24/2013 16:59:41Ingrid Waters/Mike ClayPlatt Road7/24/20132 Large Heavy Bags: Takeout Food Containers, Liquor Bottles, 1 Large Plastic Tarp, Soda Bottles, Beer Cans2
8/1/2013 15:45:10Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Rd. / Platt Road8/1/20132 Large Bags: Take-out Food Containers of all kinds and sizes, Beer Bottles, Beer Cans, Juice Bottles, Water Bottles, Liquor Bottles1
8/8/2013 21:07:08Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road8/8/20132 Large, Heavy Bags: Mostly Liquor and Beer Bottles, Beer Cans, Take-out Food Containers, 2 Cardboard Boxes that had fallen off a Truck, A Large Piece of Insulation1
8/16/2013 10:33:51Daniele DogninConstitution Blvd S,Bpt Ave to end of park, Long Hill Ave & Kneen St near Constitution Park, Rte ramp areasself8/8/20133 large bags1
8/16/2013 10:56:29DanieleConstitution Park area, Long Hill Ave, Kneen St8/13/20132 large bags1
8/21/2013 16:52:23Ingrid WatersLong Hill Cross Road8/15/20131 Large Bag: Take-out Food, Beer Cans, Beer Bottles, Liquor Bottles, Many Styrofoam Trays & Cups, Pieces of Soft Insulation that must have fallen off a Truck.1