Adam's Bridges To Your Best Plan
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Week #BRIDGES Weekly Plan
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What will you DO this week in each BRIDGES element that will get you closer to achieving your "Best?"
BRIDGES BenchmarkChange (going from better to best) requires hard work. The catalyst that gets us out of our comfort zone and off to work is a bold idea that unleashes the passion necessary to make it a reality.Change is a war between your future dreams and your current comfort zones. Steel yourself for the battles ahead. Stay the course. Rise each time you fall. Resistance is often a sign you are on the right path. “Have a good attitude” has become cliché but it works. Rail against negativity.If you don’t control your destiny, someone or something else will. Modern life can move at a breakneck speed and you can’t afford to put your dreams in the hands of someone else. Make decisions quickly before complacency and mediocrity talk you out of it. Decide the life you want and then go get it on your terms and timing. No one owes you anything.Success and failure is determined by how much discipline one can muster to stay true to the bold ideas they are chasing and the conviction that the road they are on will lead to their true destiny.We actually get more by giving of ourselves…and the added bonus is that it feels better. Legacy. Leave the world and its inhabitants in better condition than you found it.Find your core values and be true to them, always! Do what you promise, or don’t make the promise. Stay true to yourself and others in the face of opposition, risk, and trials.Energy. Stay mentally and physically fit so you can work hard. Physical and Mental ability to push yourself to the next level. Push tirelessly to relentlessly deliver extraordinary results.
My BESTPursue the big things in life; unafraid of life's challenges and confident I will have no regrets when all is said and done.NEVER give up. Choose positivity daily. Inspire others with toughness and perseverance as I deal with setbacks and the hardness of life.Run my life in a way that exudes confidence and strength with the right dose of humility needed to "play well with others." My daily decisions reflect that I know who I am, where I am headed, and that I will get there.My life, made up of daily, even hourly, choices show that I am passionate enough about my dreams that I can sacrifice short-term pleasures for long-term joys.Work in ways both big and small to touch the lives of thousands of people for good.Never say or do anything that makes people wonder what I stand for. Live my life so people KNOW what I stand for. When I screw up own it, make up for it, and move on.Do hard things every day.
Annual GoalLaunch Bridges To Your Best as a full-fledged start-up company.Recognize setbacks as they occur and dig deep to find a way to recover. Get out of debt. Make decisions and don't look back.Lose 15 pounds, Publish book(s), Grow financial advisor business by 10%Begin Library for Africa project, Raise 25% more funds than 2011 for Bridges To America.Tell the truth always--don't fudge.Run a sub-4:30 marathon and a sub-2:00 half marathon. Cut out the garbage food and fuel like an athlete.
Weekly GoalAdd 10 connections on LinkedIn, Add 5 Twitter followers, Blog on ResolutionsWrite down one example of personal resilience this week in journalFinish CA tax return, Negotiate Chase credit card rateBed by 10, up by 6am 4x this week, work on Independence chapter, make 10 client/prospect callsUpdate Bridges To America website with Egbukonye family storySeize a moment to be really honest with someone this week.9 miles of running. Eat smart.
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