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SuperhotYPSVR23/08/20178Completed. I am officially a badass.
600 games down!
Battlefield 1YPS416/08/20174Completed – Hard, and it was a piece of piss.

Unsatisfying gunplay, great music, ungripping.
Online is a constant spawn and rush, not much in the way of tactics. Tiresome.
Super MotherloadYPS306/08/20176Completed. Normal.

Relaxing, apart from the end.
Game of ThronesYPS428/07/20179Completed.

Well this was wrenchingly depressing.
Pretty much everyone was dead, most of the decisions were anxiety provoking, the violence was horrible, the bad guys didn't really get their just deserts. Ugh. Not sure whether to give it a 9 or a 5 for how it made me feel. And Roderik must surely be dead from those wounds he suffered, or the game turns into a comedy.
I guess Tutle in the north, and Miri at Kings Landing didn't really have any effect, but I didn't know that whilst I was playing, and it just adds to the helplessness and depression of the game :(
God of War: Chains of OlympusYPS Vita28/07/20176Completed – Normal.

More angry shouty goodness.
The WitnessYPS427/07/20179Completed.

Had to look up the Mountain Chamber 3 puzzle answer, not because it was unfair, but because I am stupid.
The jungle puzzles had me stumped for a while because I was listening to podcasts :)

Great shooty shooty action, great difficulty balance, one INCREDIBLE cutscene about depression and relationships. Unbroken immersion once in game.
Alien RageYPS321/07/20178Completed. Hard.

This was great fun! Group think stops this game not being well known and respected, and the fact it came out around the time of the PS4.
God of War: Ghost of SpartaYPSVita14/07/20177Completed on normal.

Solid God of War idiocy. Looks great for a PSP title!
Neon ChromeYPS409/07/20176Completed.

Entertaining enough.

Another Vita game with great touch screen controls! That makes all of about 2 now! :)

Relaxingly easy. Shame all the presumably interesting text is far too small to read.
Actual SunlightYPSVita20/04/20177Completed.

Rather well done mental health simulator.
Until Dawn: Rush of BloodYPSVR01/04/20178Completed, normal.

Quite the thing this is. Quite the thing.
DishonoredYPS318/03/20178Completed, Hard.

Lots of save “scumming” though.
Fantastic world building, I don't think there has been another game where I read all the books lying around.
Titan SoulsYPS310/03/20174Completed.

Drab graphics, average controls, sparse levels, decent bosses, not much else.
Blaze RushYPS310/03/20177Completed.

Technically lovely. 60Fps, clean image, quick loading, intuitive UI. Game is quick and fun.
LumoYPS408/03/20175Completed, easy.

Leaden controls, mostly shit non puzzles involving pressing switches, the Vita version is a tiny squint inducing slow mess, can be charming, various references to 1980 8bit computer games – but to no end.
Xcom2YPS423/02/20178Completed, Hard (Commander, “Hardcore”)

I spent a lot of time trying to get a good early game going, it really is quite brutal early on. But you push towards the armour asap and the game gets a lot easier. Only lost 1 trooper in the end. The last few missions fuck around with the format – infinitely spawning aliens is lazy and cheap. Restricting to 3 squad members is annoying too. Still, I spent maybe 80 hours on this, and they were great :)

Oh, and I got my 3 man squad wiped and thought it was game over because I was playing on hardcore – but it just let me restart the mission? How the hell is that hardcore mode then? Console hardcore mode I guess.
Mafia 3YPS418/02/20178Completed, Hard

So much to like. Cutscenes are great, story is engaging, killing that drunken Mick fuck is enjoyable. Borrowed from Pete after I gave him my old PS4.
DoomYPS416/01/20178Completed, Ultra Violence

60fps shooty shooty. Some overly complicated levels, and a couple of bugs stop it being even better.
Azkend 2YPS409/01/20175Completed.

Prince of Persia: Forgotten SandsYPS330/11/20165
Completed, Normal.

Sands of Time on PS2 was better.

The problem here
maybe is that the game is so very linear, I am never in any doubt of the route to take. There is only ever one path open to me, this makes the puzzles without challenge.
The last level is pretty amazing looking, but the rest of the game looks very samey, there is basically ruined palace and pretty palace, and that's it. Combat is auto button mashing.
Lara Croft: Temple of OsirisYPS425/11/20166Completed

Decent enough.
Tomb Raider: Definitive EditionYPS419/11/20169Completed, Hard.

This is sublime gaming.
The framerate is a lovely 50ish fps, the gunplay is brilliant, the platforming pisses all over uncharted. The exploration is a superb combination of being map led, and exploration. It doesn't outstay its welcome. The sequel just went on my shortlist.
Costume Quest 2YPS314/11/20167Completed, 7h

Typical Double Fine fare.
Deadly Tower of MonstersYPS410/11/20166Completed, 5h30m

Rather confusing interfaces aside, this is a decent enough, slightly funny, pretty, hitchy romp.
Letter Quest RemasteredYPS408/11/20167Completed, Expert, 31h

Another nice PSPlus surprise!
Everyone's Gone to the RaptureYPS404/11/20162Completed.

And they probably went so they didn't have to play this game.
There has been been some debate as to whether this is actually a “game”, it is, it's just a shitty one.

Aesthetically, apart from a choppy framerate when the pretentious lights engine kicks in, this game has clearly had huge amounts of effort expended on it. It looks incredible.
According to my spies inside the Bohemian labour camp where this was made, the devs conversation went like this:
“OK, so we spent millions creating this great looking game, but our playtesters just aren't giving us enough credit that our huge egos crave”
“True. Let's force them to truly appreciate it by making objectives unclear, giving them directions similar to those of a Chinese local unwilling to lose face, and making the players movement speed that of a pavement hugging old man when you are trying to catch a train. This will force them to wander around slowly taking in the financial beauty of our creation”
“Brilliant. Anything else we need to do?”
“Might as well make the credits unskippable whilst we are at it”

And thus what may have been an enjoyable experience is turned into a trudge through molasses and 1970's quicksand.
Transformers: DevastationYPS412/10/20165Completed, Normal.

Combat is decent, but the game is tiresomely easy. Crafting makes no sense.
Story was uninvolving and baffling, as usual with videogames. Trophies are obscure.
From DustYPS306/10/20167Completed

Amazing tech on display! But the story levels present encourage you to rush them with various lava timer mechanics, which isn't very fun. This game should have a 1000 procedurally generated levels of a more relaxing nature, ala populous.
Killer is DeadYPS301/10/20168Completed, Hard, 20h

A marvelous dose of Suda51 style.
Uncharted 4YPS422/09/20169Completed, Hard, ~19h

The platforming gets a little tiresome, the gunplay is good, the walls a little sticky, the story simple and interesting, the graphics are fantastic. Obviously, as a complete graphics whore, this makes the game a 9.

Survival – completed Moderate 20/1/2017
Completed Hard 25/1/2017
Can't play Crushing, because matchmaking is disabled. Idiots.
Never AloneYPS416/09/20163Tedious platformer.
Magical platforms that take too long to appear, meaning there is no flow to the game, it is all stop start.
Wind annoys. What a shitty mechanic.
Add to that the hippy bullshit about eskimos, probably government funded it is so far up its own arse.
Lots of awful platformers on PSPlus, they belong in the 16bit era.
BadlandYPS409/09/20168Completed all 100 levels
Great difficulty curve, forgiving checkpoints, infinite lives.
Final Fantasy X HDYPS403/09/20167Completed.
FF with a plot that actually made a little sense.
Grind and listen to podcasts! :)
Fat PrincessYPS307/07/20164Completed, all 7 levels of it.
One trophy for offline.
I could play online, and have to try and herd a group of muppets into playing correctly, but that wouldn't be any fun.
Saints Row: Gat out of HellYPS407/07/20167Completed, Hardcore.
Gone HomeYPS420/06/20167I am not normally a fan of lazy walking simulators, but this was rather well done.
Tales from the BorderlandsYPS419/06/20169More Telltale brilliance.
A little dusty here too.
Hearts of Iron 4YPC17/06/20168Completed, won the war, Spain as Facist, maybe 50 hours?

Went spain, helped Axis win the war with France, got a bit dicy on the border though.
Somehow GB left their home islands undefended, so I unexpectedly grabbed them after a probe landing met nothing!
Russia took 2 years.
USA took another 3 – had to go via mexico.

Tech wise, I went Inf, Naval bombers, subs early on. Then much later, armour.
Broken AgeYPS Vita29/05/20167Completed.

Did the first half on Vita, until the egregious loading times took their tole.
Played without hints until the last weaver puzzle, then I gave up and used a guide for the rest of the game, because at that stage I was sick of it.
Charming and entertaining.
Wolfenstein: The Old BloodYPS411/05/20168
Completed, Hard ~10h

This game is huge amounts of fun. The shooting mechanics are brilliant. 60Fps is lovely.
The only part that annoyed me was accidentally triggering the quick turn by pressing L3.
Dear devs, please never use: touch screens, gyro controls, L3 and R3 for anything, for 2 good reasons. 1) They never work properly. 2) You have to change them when you port the game to another platform.

Got it for £7 from a place in an indie 2
nd hand shop in Worcester.
ZombiYPS409/05/20167Completed, Normal.

Hmmm, this is almost great.
The idea of playing a new character every time you die is fantastic, but the prepper chatter barely acknowledges it, and sometimes contradicts it!!
The voice acting is incredible!
Near the end of the game, the sewers fast travel gets buggy.
Some design aspects appear to be from another game – the turret guns in particular.
The insta death explosions are annoying (and why I wouldn't try this on ironman mode), and a few times I lost all my kit by getting it blown up/dying a few times on the trot – the game only seems to remember the last death?
Dragon Age: InquisitionYPS402/05/20168Completed, nightmare, 120h

Completed without dying once! (had to restart the game to get past the first boss without dying though).
I actually got my first ever platinum! – primarily because the trophies were all sensible and didn't involve any multiplayer bullshit.
This game is far too large though, it should have been half the size. 5 areas rather than 10 would have been fine.

I didn't feel as emotionally invested in this Bioware effort for some reason, maybe because that lessa Sera was immune to my charms.
ShutshimiYPS410/04/20167Completed, Normal, Victory lap 10.

Old skool shooting combined with new school attention span. Nice!
A virus named TomYVita06/04/20166Completed, used all my level skips though, didn't fancy spending too much time on this game.

Lots of effective jump scares!
GTA5YPS401/04/20165Another great tech demo, with tiresomely average gameplay, without as much biting satire as usual to save it.

The character controls appear designed to mimic a state of constant intoxication. Selecting weapons and radio stations is also a bit of a mess.
The missions are decent enough, but have the horrible habit of wrestling control away from you even more, so you can only walk.
Technically it is a marvel, wide vistas, amazing lighting, stunning city scope.
Cars control fine.
The music selection is mostly utter crap (like all music, but when you get to pick and choose the music for a video game the hit rate should be much higher!). The talk radio stations are sub par. There is no classical station!
Briefly started online, the game seemed to desperately want me to do a race against the AI. Er, no. Game goes on the shelf.
I think I brought this full price a year or so ago. Oops.
Oh, rather easy too.
WitcherYPC13/03/20164Hard mode

The combat is a floaty mess, with barely any feedback.
Inventory space is too constrained, frequently populated with many superflous, duplicate items.
Story is… ok. Skill system is quite good.
Awful crafting system.
Far too much running around on stupid quests, and the map kind of ruins everything too. I remember when you actually had to pay attention to complete games, not this one though!
Another game that thoroughly outstayed its welcome.
Fallout 4YPS428/2/20167Completed. Survival. Institute ending.

Ok, so I must have played this for 100 hours, and so the score is tainted by the utter boredom that kicked it before I decided to finish the story quests.
There seems to be no way to get all these fucking stupid, childish factions to behave like adults. So you have to pick a side. Which kills all immersion, and makes the ending even more annoying. You feel powerless at the end, and are forced into actions you don't want to make. It is most enjoyable when just wandering the wasteland, playing hardcore mode (where if you die, you restart).
Nova-111YPS404/02/20166Decent little puzzler, with arcadey aspects.
Papers PleaseYPC28/01/20162Ending 1. (20 different endings? Pffft).

An annoying game.
The interface is rather poor, and the harsh time limit on actions makes learning it an exercise in frustration. No tutorial to speak of.
If I wanted to work in an office stamping nonsense paperwork, I would (and frequently do). But I am not doing it when my reward for such efforts is to watch my fragile virtual family get sick after a day because they get cold and can't be bothered to wear jumpers in the house.
And who is in charge of printing all these passports? The amount of genders incorrect on them implies they are either all forgeries, or pointless to start with. I'd rather be batman smashing people faces into the pavement.
RocketbirdsYVita06/01/20164Sorta crappy.

You cant tell what is a wall and what isn't.
And it uses motion controls. Fuck that.
The Order: 1886YPS401/01/20169Hard

Best looking game ever.
Plays solidly, good story (makes a change!), emotionally engaging.
God of War: AscensionYPS323/12/20153Normal

Clunky combat, interrupts don't work.
Another incomprehensible, unrelatable story, full of creatures, even I as a study of ancient Greece, have never even heard of.
Yawnsome epic set pieces.

I had this 20 years ago on the Amiga, I sucked at it.
I played in on PC about 15 years ago. I still sucked at it.
I bought it from last week, started playing it Saturday, and only really just stopped!

Used a small number of settlements, understood that the real currency is horses when you are in a war, FINALLY understoof the “arty in open” penalty system and only declared independence when I had 20 arty and maybe 50 dragoons.
Far Cry 3: Blood DragonYPS305/12/20157Hard.

Shooty shooty bang bang.
JourneyYPS428/11/20159Completed, co-oped with Xandermac05 for almost all of it.
I am sure other people can write about the joy of journeying blind with others better than I.
Assassins Creed 4YPS423/11/20157Borderline shitty controls, fairly tedious missions, good fun to be had free roaming, the “boat” is fun.
Still has the pointless modern day fluff, but not so much of it.
The Walking Dead: Season 2Y PS407/11/20159More brilliance. Not as dusty.
Batman: Arkham CityYXbox 36031/10/20158Completed, Hard.

So polished, such a great looking game!
Didn't entirely get on with the controls, too many gadgets, too many combos, too many button presses to use gadgets.
Will no doubt tackle Arkham Knight in 3 years or so :)

I purchased this from amazon exactly 3 years ago for £15. The last of my 360 games! I did want to play “From Dust”, but I aint paying £10 for it, and PS3 version is a teary mess, and PC uses Ubi bullshit DRM.
Unmechanical: ExtendedYPS419/10/20158Completed (standard and extended section)

Some fantastic puzzles here, simple controls (incredibly welcome during the confusing mess of Arkham City), no hints on what to do, no stupid arrows, maps or assorted other bullshit.
Castle CrashersYXbox 36017/10/20157Completed.

Fun and well made (well, after they eventually patched the audio only coming from the left speaker).
Played some local co-op a few years ago when I got it, with the nephew of a lady I was dating.
Only one 360 game to go…
Halo 4YXbox 36015/10/20155
Completed, Heroic.

Time to put the 360 to bed I think, gotta complete the rest of my collection first though… Can't see myself replacing it with a 1970's VCR anytime soon.

Halo hasn't really evolved since the amazing original.
The gunplay is fairly tired, yet again the music is awful, the graphics are impressive (pristine image), the story is… yawn. I also can't understand a fucking word the grunts say. Christ. What a mess.
Completed the first half in co-op with Pete, which was utterly tiresome and unchallenging due to the inifinite lives respawn mechanic, did the 2
nd half solo (because neither of us fancied slogging through it in co-op – and actually did have some fun when things got epic with the big tanks and fighting with my marine chums – the entire game should be like that.

Spartan Ops uninteresting.
BloodbourneYPS408/10/20159Completed. Did the ending where Roosevelt kills me.

Difficult, atmospheric, challenging, great to play blind.
Will look up all the stuff I missed now :) (which turned out to be 3 full bosses!)
Frankenstien: Master of DeathYPC25/09/20154Steam Sale – 12p odd!!
Did it for the cards.

Probably quite a fun game for a small child to play. Rather impressive graphics.
So now I know exactly what a hidden object adventure is!! :)
Grow HomeYPS414/09/20156Entertaining enough.
Super Time Force UltraYPS Vita09/09/20158Completed.
Amusing, classy, original, technically adept.
Great bunch of PSPlus games this month!
Twisted MetalYPS307/09/20157Completed, Normal.
Would have been better but; controls not redefinable, and the last boss has you learn a load of new controls – that I am not interested in learning.
The main gameplay was amazing fun, smoothly sliding around, blowing cars up, great stuff!
ZeodrifterYPS Vita04/09/20158Much fun was had in a small amount of time.
Middle Earth: Shadow of MordorYPS423/08/20158The thing that this game gets right, that most other games fuck up these days, is the diffifculty and progression. The base game is quite tough, so you are incentivised to do the side missions to level up so you have a better chance to do the main mission. Simple and important.
GTA:Chinatown WarsYPS Vita20/08/20155GTA without the satire, making it not a very good game at all.
Decently hard, hard to control.
Technically accomplished, awful music.
RainYPS312/08/20156Fairly inoffensive.
Like a lot of Jap products, it doesn't really have a coherent ending.
Diablo 3YPS410/08/20157Hard
Demon Hunter

Frankly, was a little too easy. Didn't die once.
I should have picked a harder difficulty.
Watch DogsYPS422/07/20157Great city. I could live in Pawnee.
Controls never quite clicked.
Unrelentingly awful licensed soundtrack.
Amazing car chases.
Great attention to detail.
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsYPS Vita18/07/20158Superb. Last level took me about 4 hours to do. Old skool hard, just the way I like it.
EntwinedYPS Vita, PS3, PS412/07/20156Started on the Vita, continued on PS3, played some on PS4, finished on Vita.
That's automatic cloud saving for you!
Valiant HeartsYPS427/06/20159Again, more dust in here.
Call of Juarez GunslingerYPS313/06/20158Another fabby PSPlus game.
I hadn't even heard of this!
Great tech, stunning style, harsh, brutal sound, good story.
ResogunYPS Vita04/06/20158
Completed, arcade mode (5 planets), Experienced difficulty. Countless continues used.

knew this could be done on lesser platforms, I knew it!
The Unfinished SwanYPS411/05/20156Decent gameplay.
Rogue LegacyYPS402/05/20157Completed. 31H
Well... is ok. You can just level up your way through it.
Peggle 2YPS418/04/20158Peggle.
Gravity RushYPS Vita03/04/20155Completed.

Great Asthetics, really rather shit controls.
Ni No Kuni:Wrath of the White WitchYPS301/04/20158Completed, Normal, 50h?

Brilliant music, lovely animation, overly long, dripping in atmosphere.
Papo and YoYPS319/03/20156Completed

Technically both impressive and a chugging, tearing mess.
Bordering on pretentious, but never oversteps the line.
Short and sweet.
From the credits it looks like it was funded by taxpayer money in part. Never a good idea, so a point off for that.
SuikodenYPS Vita16/03/20156Completed.

Great music. Old skool. Recommendation from Chris at work.
Kick and FennickYPS Vita14/02/20156Completed, Normal.

Decent platformer, nice difficulty level, clean graphics. Crashy.
Infamous: First LightYPS430/01/20157Completed, Expert

Short and sweet
The Last StoryYWii18/01/20158Completed, ~28h

Amazing music, Stunning graphics (for a turbo charged gamecube), new and interesting battle mechanics, slightly iffy wiimote controls, great characters, slightly too story driven.
Not entirely sure of completion date.
The Last of UsYPS416/01/20159Completed, Hard

Solid gameplay, great story, well done cut scenes. 60Fps.
The Stanley ParableYPC10/01/20157Credits rolled.
Wasteland 2YPC03/01/20157Completed, Normal?, 122h

Rather enjoyed this until I got utterly sick of it.
Why are games these days twice the size they need to be?
Buggy as fuck later on too.
Far Cry 4YPS426/12/20146Completed, Hard, Auto aim off

Yeah... pretty good. Very similar to 3.
Resistance 3YPS321/11/20149Completed, Hard

Amazing gunplay, brilliant set pieces, impressive tech.
Nice to see levels populated with plenty of bad guys.
Infinity Blade 2YiPhone15/11/20146Credits rolled.

Nice to see someone making an iphone game with decent production values.
Binding of Issac: RebirthYPS Vita11/11/20146Completed. Normal. With the bat thing.
The Walking Dead: Season 1YXbox 36025/10/201410Sure is dusty in here.

500 games down.
Hopefully I can do another 500 before I die.
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