Kimmykims' Game Suggestion & Completed Lists
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Suggested Game/SeriesSuggested ByRandom NotesKimmy's StatusCompleted GamesNotesGame Inventory (Unplayed/Continuous Play)Notes
13 Skull and Shadow LaketwitchydebaserThese are Mystery Case Files, have most in Library, HOGsCompletedA Case of DistrustSuggested game11:11 Memories RetoldUnknown time, Story, Sad, WW2
A Case of DistrustShaun_Minns_PrintsDetective, MysteryCompletedAdam WolfeScroll down to find series1954 Alcatraz7 hrs, 3-4 streams, P&C, Adventure
A Plague Tale: InnocenceforcesinbalanceIntriguing story and interesting characters, but may be out of Kimmy's comfort zone due to the combat elements. (Shooting things with a sling.) "Puzzles" revolve around manipulating the environment with the sling.CompletedArt of Murder SeriesSuggested game3rd EyeUnknown time, Horror, cute, drawn
Ace AttorneyKita, Izzmerp, othersShow is on Steam, won't watch on stream (copyrights)PurchasedAviary AttorneySuggested game80 Days3-7 hrs, 1-3 streams, Adventure, Story, Choices Matter
After DreamsformSteamNot PurchasedBotaniculaAaeroRhythm game, 1.5 - 9 hrs long (main story 1.5 hrs, probably wouldn't go much beyond that)
AlbaFormSteamCompletedBroken AgeAdventures of Bertram Fiddle2 episodes, 2hrs for 1st episode, possible 9hrs for 2nd, 1-3 streams, P&C, Adventure, Comedy
Alice Is DeadIV_LoiteringFree Game (Series of 3) purchasedBroken Sword 1 - Shadow of the TemplarsAlan Wake11-20 hrs, 5-7 streams, Action, Horror, Episodic
Alicemareformanime, horror, pixelSteam WishlistChristmas Stories: A Christmas CarolAlicemare2-3 hrs, 1-3 streams, horror
Art of Murder FBIOnekhaleesi92Point & Click, order of games: McGee's Grimm16 hrs, 8-9 streams, Indie, Funny
Aviary AttorneyCompletedCrime Secrets: Crimson LilyAnna's Quest11-13hrs, 5-7streams, Daedalic, P&C, Fantasy, Dark
Awkward Dimensions ReduxformSteamNot PurchasedCube Escape + Rusty Lake Series + The White DoorBaba is You6-50hrs, 2-? streams, Puzzle, difficult
Baba Is YouforcesinbalancePossible filler for short streams. The game offers more than 200 puzzles in which the player manipulates word blocks in a 2D scene to change the rules of the scene and reach "Win". Since the puzzles are discrete, you can do as many or as few as necessary to fill out a stream. Note: I am told many of the puzzles are quite brain-bending.Steam Wishlist
Dark Parables hidden object game series
Suggested games, Completed The Curse of Briar Rose, The Exiled PrinceBear with Me7-10 hrs, 4-5 streams
Bad Dream: ComaFormP&C Horror game on Steam, great artCompletedDark Strokes: Sins of the FathersThe Beast Inside8 hrs, 4-5 streams, horror
Bear With Mefair_sissyNoir point-and-click puzzle with a story and a punny name. 3 episodes, collector's edition on Steam has them all in one purchasePurchasedDay of the TentacleSuggested gameBendy and the Ink Machine4-12 hrs, 2-6 streams, horror, puzzle
Bendy and the Ink Machinegamingpro060824First-person horror adventure with melee combat, sneaking, and minor puzzling in old-school cartoon style. PurchasedDead by DaylightBioShockBioShock (15-18hrs, 5-7 streams), BioShock 2 (12-15hrs, 4-6 streams), BioShock Infinite (12-16hrs, 4-6 streams), Action, Story, Horror, Shooter
BioshockThusSpokeSarathustra, fair_sissy, onikonytes, and othersHorror, ShooterPurchasedDead Secret & Dead Secret CircleSuggested gameBlack Mirror17 hrs, 9+ streams, P&C, Mystery, dark
Bioshock Infinite Same as previous cell.Horror, ShooterPurchasedDeponiaSuggested gameCall of Cthulhu8-10 hrs, 3-4 streams, Horror, Adventure, RPG
Black MirrorforcesinbalancePoint and click horror adventure set in 1920s Scotland. Decent puzzles and some very nice VA.PurchasedDISTRAINT & DISTRAINT 2Suggested gameCandle10-12hrs, Puzzle, Fantasy, Adventure, Hand Drawn
Blackwell gamesPrognosticallyPoint-and-click adventure. A medium and her noir-styled ghostly guide investigate mysterious deaths.CompletedDoki Doki Literature ClubSuggested gameChaos on Deponia13 hrs, 4-5 streams, 2nd in series, P&C, Funny
Book of Unwritten TalesLuciseauxPoint & Click, 3 games in series, The Critter Chronicles is a prequel to be played before 2 I believe, Completed 1st gameFirst episode completedDrizzlepathScroll down to find gameCinders6 hrs, 2-3 streams, Visual Novel, Romance
BorderlandsSeikoSeiko said would probably be best to play Borderlands 2 at least since there are lots of references to the original games in the TellTale version, Shooter, Co-op, not interestedNot PurchasedEdna & Harvey SeriesSuggested gameContradiction8 hrs, 3 streams, FMV, Detective, Mystery
Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray SyndromeGabHidden Object Game, on Steam and Big FishSteam WishlistEnigmatis SeriesCooking SimulatorAs long as you want, Funny, Sim
Bug FablesFormSteamSteam WishlistEternal Journey: New AtlantisThe Council15-20 hrs, 5-7 streams, Episodic, Story, RPG, Choices Matter
Call of CthulhuJohnHorror, RPGPurchasedEventide SeriesScroll down to find seriesCradle7 hrs, 2-3 streams, Sci-fi, Puzzle, Open World, Explore, Nudity
Cat AtelierformPlay Store, mobile game, similar to a visual novelNot PurchasedEverybody's Gone to the RaptureCurse3-4 hrs, 1 stream, Horror, P&C, Hidden Object, looks like Dead Secret
Cave Story+formSteamNot PurchasedThe Eyes of AraThe Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav12 hrs, 4-5 streams, P&C, Puzzle, Fantasy
Chronicles of Mystery SeriesOnekhaleesi92HOGs, order of games: the ReaperCurrently PlayingDark Fall: Ghost VigilUnknown Time, P&C, Horror, Jojo gifted
Clock Tower (1995)twitchydebasersand_box_god suggested that we look into the streamelements bot for some additional automation.Not PurchasedFirewatchDead by DaylightCountless streams, Co-op, Horror, Survival, Multiplayer
Coffee TalkformSteam & SwitchNot PurchasedForgotten Places SeriesDeponia Doomsday15 hrs, 5 streams, 4th in series, P&C, Funny
Dark Parablesasarigreenfire & EBAgentJHidden Object, 15 games in series, all on wishlistIn ProgressFran BowSuggested gameThe Detail4 hours, 1-2 streams, P&C, Noir
DarksidersLodrelhaiHack and slash adventure.**Steam WishlistFull ThrottleScroll down to find gameDetective Gallo4-5 hrs, 2 streams, P&C, Comedy, Mystery
Deadly PremonitionimliamobvSurvival Horror/Adventure/Mystery, Open WorldSteam WishlistGomoScroll down to find gameThe Dig7 hrs, 2-3 streams, P&C, LucasArts
Deponia game 1/4CompletedGorogoaDisco Elysium22-40hrs, RPG, Story, Choices Matter
Detective GallogeenobPoint & Click, comedyPurchasedGrim FandangoHad to stop because of techincal problems, hope to play through it fully one day! Suggested gameThat Dragon, Cancer2 hrs, 1 stream, Walking Sim, Sad
Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2formSwitch, PS4, sandbox game**Not PurchasedHeaven's VaultDraugen4-6hrs, 2-3 streams, Noir, Mystery, Story
DraugenSapphireCyborgFirst-person psychological mystery thrillerSteam WishlistHer StoryScroll down to find gameEscape from Monkey Island10-12 hrs, 3-5 streams, P&C, Comedy
Drawn: The Painted TowerLounnaPoint & Click puzzle gamePurchasedHope LakeScroll down to find seriesFinding Paradise5-7 hrs, story, pixel, probably sad
Dreamfall ChaptersformSteamNot PurchasedHouse of 1,000 Doors SeriesScroll down to find seriesFlood of Light4-6 hrs, 2 streams, RPG, Puzzle
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes CompletedHouse of Snark SeriesScroll down to find seriesForgivenessUnknown Time, Escape Room, Puzzle, Mystery
Edna & Harvey: the BreakoutCompletedI And MeFour Sided Fantasy2 hrs, 1 stream, Puzzle, Platformer
Emerald City ConfidentialMarielNot PurchasedINSIDEScroll down to find game, Suggested gameGhost of a Tale12-20 hrs, 4-7 streams, RPG, Stealth, Open World
FlowerLodrelhaiCasual aesthetic "experience". Not sure it has much in the way of puzzles or stories. PS3 (probably 4 as well), I've played this before in my own time, I think this would be difficult to stream honestlyPurchasedJazzpunkScroll down to find game, Suggested gameGone Home2 hrs, 1 stream, Sad, Walking Sim
Fran BowCompletedJourney Down SeriesGoodbye Deponia13 hrs, 4-5 streams, 3rd in series, P&C, Comedy
Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure
forcesinbalance, Lodrelhai
Point-and-click adventure, traditional 2D animation, mouthy talking cat, detectives, and crazy cultists.
Not PurchasedKathy RainSuggested gameGray Matter12-14 hrs, 4-5 streams, P&C, Puzzle, Mystery
GrannyDakotaNot PurchasedKelvin & the Infamous MachineSuggested gameHellblade: Senua's Sacrifice9-12hrs, 4-5 streams, Story, Psychological
Gray MatterPoint & ClickPurchasedKen Follett's The Pillars of the EarthEpisode 3 was accidentally deleted through a site wide glitchHollow Knight20-25 hrs, 7-9 streams, Platformer, Sidescroller, Difficult, Controller
Grim TalesasarigreenfireHidden Object, 5 games in series on Steam (all on wishlist), 15 games on WishlistKentucky Route ZeroHouse FlipperPlay with Kita, MANY HOURS! Wait until new computer
HeartboundcreativehealthdiariesComes out this year, early access on Steam, RPG, Indie, Adventure, Story RichSteam WishlistLamplight CityI am MeUnknown length, Puzzle, Cute, Already played some
Human Fall FlatformSteamNot PurchasedLast Day of JuneI Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream8 hrs, 3 streams, Horror, P&C
InsideCompletedLayers of FearSuggested gameIMSCARED3-5 hrs, 1-2 streams, must show files, Horror, Puzzle
InvestigatorformHorror mystery gameSteam WishlistLife is Strange: Before the StormNo videoIndiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb12-20 hrs, 4-7 streams, Action, LucasArts 2003
JazzpunkCompletedLittle MisfortuneSuggested gameIndiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis8-10 hrs, 3-4 streams, P&C, LucasArts 1992
JourneyFormSteamPurchasedLittle NightmaresSuggested gameIntruders: Hide and SeekUnknown length, co-op
Kelvin and the Infamous MachinelouannawolfA point-and-click time-travel adventure.Research Assistant Kelvin plunges into the past (via a shower) to try to keep his Mad Scientist from unravelling history.CompletedMachinariumScroll down to find gameIsolandUnknown length, Puzzle, Cute
Kindergarten & Kindergarten 2
Funny adventure game, played some of Kindergarten on streamPurchasedMaizeSuggested gameJackQuest: The Tale of the SwordUnknown length, RPG, Platformer
Knytt UndergroundformSteam, Made in: 2013, DEVELOPER: Nifflas' Games, PUBLISHER: RipstoneSteam WishlistMessage QuestScroll down to find gameKeep Talking and Nobody ExplodesCo-op only, good for back up (ex: trivia night)
L.A. Noire
Detective murder mystery game, mature content, some nudity but not sexualPurchasedMonkey Island SeriesSuggested gameKing's QuestFrom 2015, includes 5 chapters - 20 hrs all together. Want to play with John but unsure for John's schedule, P&C, Puzzle
Lake RiddenMyLaundryStinksSteam, Puzzle, story driven, supernaturalSteam WishlistMorphopolisScroll down to find gameKynseedUnknown time, RPG, Farm Sim, Mellow Monday?
Last Day of SpringformVisual novel game, Itchio, SteamSteam WishlistMURDERED: SOUL SUSPECTL.A. Noire21 hrs, 7+streams, Open World, Detective, Noir, try on PS4 or XBOX
legends of the worldasarigreenfireHidden Object, found PC game on Amazon PurchasedMy Brother RabbitScroll down to find gameThe Last Door - Collector's Edition4-5 hours, 2 streams, P&C, Horror
Little MisfortuneGabpoint & click, horroresque, on SteamCompletedMystery Case Files SeriesSuggested game - Huntsville, Madame Fate, Prime Suspects, Ravenhearst, Return to Ravenhearst, 13th Skull completed, Escape from RavenhearstLate Shift2-3 hrs, 1 stream, FMV, Choices Matter
Lost EmberformSteamPurchasedNancy DrewSuggested games *did not finish Curse of Blackmoor Manor but will play other Nancy Drew games, all of which will be under this playlist*Leaves: The Jouney3-5hrs, 1 - 2 streams, Puzzle, Daedalic
Love And Death: BittenMissMangaChickSuggested in KatFTWynn's chat after a raid, only found on or, etc, HOG, still can't findNot PurchasedNever Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)Scroll down to find gameLeaves: The Return3-4hrs, 1 - 2 streams, Puzzle, Daedalic
MaizeCompletedNight BlightsSuggested gameLIMBO3-4 hrs, 1-2 streams, Platformer, Puzzle, Played Before
Marvel PuzzlesAdamThere's about half the story left, and some of the best music, but I promise not to nag. :D Not PurchasedNight in the WoodsOnly 1 video saved, rest were not saved in time (early in streaming experience, didn't know how to save highlights)The Lion's Song3-6hrs (or longer), P&C, Pixel
Midnight Mysteries collectionWildEggBushSteam, HOGsSteam WishlistOri and the Blind ForestSuggested gameLong Live the Queen10 hrs, 3-4 streams, Visual Novel, Anime
Mortimer Beckett gamesLimalemHidden Object, 5 games in series, download from PurchasedOxenfreeSuggested gameMan of Medan6 hrs, 2-3 streams, Choice, Horror, co-op
MURDERED Soul SuspectformMystery action game, SteamCompletedPerceptionGame bugged out, incomplete seriesMemoria10 hrs, 3-4 streams, P&C, Puzzle
Mysteries of the Past - Shadow of the DaemonOnekhaleesi92HOGPurchasedPony IslandScroll down to find game, Suggested gameMetal Dead4-5 hrs, 2 streams. P&C, Comedy, Zombies, Puzzle
Mystery of the Ancients: No EscapeGabHidden Object gameNot PurchasedPrimordiaMidnight Evil4-5 hrs, 2 streams, Horror, Reading
Natalie BrooksOnekhaleesi92HOGS, dowload at, order of games at PurchasedSally FaceSuggested gameMoons of Madness6-8 hrs, 3-4 streams, Horror, Adventure
NekojishiformSteamSteam WishlistSamorost SeriesScroll down to find gameNanotale - Typing ChroniclesUnknown Time, RPG, Typing
Newfound CourageformSimulation, LGBTQ+, storySteam WishlistSara Is MissingSuggested gameA New Beginning - Final Cut10 hrs, 3-4 streams, P&C, Puzzle
Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed HeartRunningInHaranHidden ObjectPurchasedScheming Through the Zombie ApocalypseScroll down to find game, Suggested gameNewfound Courage5-7hrs, 2-3 streams, Story, Sim
No Voice but I Must ScreamMurasakitanI Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, horrorPurchasedSelma and the Wisp>observer_7-12 hrs, 4-6 streams, horror, sci-fi
NobodiesFormSteamSteam WishlistSilence of the SleepSuggested game, didn't finish, scroll down in linked page to see gameOctopus BarUnknown Time, early access, action, indie, casual
One Late NightQuinnMelleHorror, only Deadline is available on Steam, has bad reviews, probably won't playPurchasedSimulacraSuggested gameOld Man's Journey1.5-3 hrs, puzzle, story
One Night, Hot SpringsformItchio, visual novelNot PurchasedSnark Busters SeriesScroll down to find seriesOmen Exitio: Plague6-9 hrs, 2 streams, Horror, Mystery, Choices
OneShotformpixel, puzzle, adventureSteam WishlistSOMASuggested gameOneShot5-9hrs, 2-4 streams, Puzzle, Adventure
Oxenfreebelieve this was played?CompletedSouth Park SeriesOnly the end of The Fractured But Whole, no other video was saved in time unfortunately (first games streamed, didn't know what I was doing)OPUS: Rocket of Whispers4-5 hrs, 2 streams, Story
Paranormal StateGabHidden Object game CompletedSpooky's Jump Scare MansionSuggested game, the game itself starts at 1:19:50 since we tried to play Through the Woods beforehand and it crashed a bunch of timesOrwell6 hrs, 2 streams, Choices Matter, Detective
PhantasmagoriaQuinnMelleHorror FMVPurchasedStardew ValleyPlaying on Mondays and whenever we have an awkward amount of time after finishing a gameOutlast6-7hrs, 2 streams, Horror, Survival, Gore, Stealth
Phantasmat SeriesNayda on TwitterHOG on steamSteam WishlistStories UntoldScroll down to find game, Suggested gameOutlast 28-10 hrs, 3-4 streams, Horror, Survival, Gore, Stealth
Phoenix WrightNow on PCPurchasedStorm BoyScroll down to find gameOVIVO2-3 hrs, 1 stream, Platformer, Puzzle, Controller
Pony IslandforcesinbalanceHorrorCompletedStray Souls: Dollhouse StoryScroll down to find gamePapers, Please5-8 hrs, 2-3 streams [might take 16 hrs if we try to complete the game - could do as a co-stream with someone], P&C, Puzzle
Princess Isabella TrilogyformHOG**PurchasedStrong Bad SeriesEpisode one wasn't saved in timeParadigm7-9 hrs, P&C, funny, adventure
Professor Laytonjaylaw18There are a series of games - it's pure puzzles and story around it - quite fun but puzzle heavy - on switch and iOs - The switch makes it more likely that I can play haha!Steam WishlistTechnobabylonSuggested gamePeekabooUnknown time, countless streams, Multiplayer, Props vs Hunters
Return of the Obra DinnFormSteam, played on Sinow's stream, waiting until I forget more about the storyPurchasedThe Beginner's GuidePesterquest1-3 hrs, 1 stream, RPG, Visual Novel, Comedy, Anime
Sam & Max seriesMaledric3 seasons on Steam wishlist; bought first seasonSteam WishlistThe Blackwell SeriesSuggested gamePhantasmagoria7-8 hrs, 2-3 streams, FMV, Horror, P&C, Retro
SanitariumQuinnMellePoint & Click HorrorPurchasedThe Book of Unwritten TalesSuggested gamePhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney TrilogyFull Trilogy 60+hrs, 20+ streams, Visual Novel, Mystery
Sara is MissingJohnHorror, short, interesting, itchipCompletedThe BunkerSuggested gamePinstripe3-4 hrs, 1-2 streams, Platformer, Puzzle
Scarlet HollowFormSteam: chapter 1 free, chap 2 release in MayCompletedThe CaveA Plague Tale: Innocence12-17 hrs, 4-7 streams, Action, Adventure, Story
Scheming Through the Zombie ApocalypseRocthaice24Not sure what sort of game it is. May look it up and add notes. on Steam wishlist, looks really cute. Similar art & gameplay style to DeponiaFirst episode completedThe Dream MachinePlease, Don't Touch Anything1-2 hrs, 1 stream, Puzzle, P&C, Horror/Comedy
Sexy BrutaleMikolas_CagePuzzle, MysteryPurchasedThe Eyes of AraSuggested gamePortal Stories: Mel9-12hrs, 3-5 streams, DLC to Portal 2, Puzzle, Singleplayer
She Dreams ElsewhereFormSteam, demo downloadedSteam WishlistThe House of Da VinciPost MortemPrequel to Still Life & Still Life 2, 6-8 hrs, 2-3 streams, P&C, Mystery
Silence of the SleepJohnHorror, made by same developer of DISTRAINT, tried to play, couldn't finishCompletedThe Infectious Madness of Doctor DekkerSuggested gamePrice1-2 hrs, 1 stream, Free to Play, anime, horror, puzzle
Silent Hills 2rocketinflightHorror, not interestedNot PurchasedThe Last DreamScroll down to find seriesQUBE5-8 hrs, 3-5 streams, puzzle, action
SimulacraJohnHorror, from Sara is Missing, steamCompletedThe Last of UsSuggested gameQUBE25-8 hrs, 3-5 streams, puzzle, action
SlendermantwitchydebaserHorror, not interestedNot PurchasedThe Night of the RabbitSuggested gameQuest Room: HonanUnknown length, Puzzle, Mystery, P&C, HOGish