SourceSurnameFirst namesNoKRankService#EnlistmentDischargedRoll of Honour1st UnitBde & Div2nd UnitBde & DivMedal Index Card (awarded)Gallantry & CitationsMedal Roll EntrySilver War BadgeWoundedService RecordsDeath & CausePlace of deathCemeteryPhotoLivedRemarks
Records SearcAdamsAlbert JohnAlbert & Mary Henrietta, Sister Edith PrestonPte15948Nov-15n/aEast Surrey Regiment East Surrey Regt 7th Btn37th Bde, 12th Eastern Divn/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNo07/08/1916 - DoW Aged 32Front Line Trench Sector Near Orvillers (7/Aug/16 reports 6 wounded and 11 Men burnt in a dugout)Puchevilliers BritishNoBorn Middlesex according to SDGW? 1891 Census has Hampstead Norris , living Hermitage , Eling Common, 1901 censusCWGC parents lists Albert & (Mary) Henrietta Berkshire (Brother Willie) 19160928
NWN 19180207
NWN 19160914
NM Electoral roll 1919AdamsWillieAlbert & Mary (Henrietta)Pte 032364, 47694, 07120 Attested 19151920 at latest London Regiment ???AOC, 1/18th Btn London (Irish) RgtLondon Regt 141st Bde, 47th (2nd London Div)Hants Regt, Transferred on or about the 25th July 1919 (#07119 transfer date)n/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoEling Common, HermitageAlso Willie Adams #53364 15/17th West Yorks Regt #GS/131441 45th Btn London Regt
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityAdnamsWilliam JamesJames & John.. (Jack)n/kn/kn/kn/kNMn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/an/an/aNoHermitage....1916Born 1898/1899 listed as NM, no clear record of service. He is not Sjt William James Adnams MM from Donnington
Records SearchAllenOliverEmilyPte465723rd March 1896 (re mobilised 2nd Sept 1914 # 10124)17th August 1917Royal Berkshire Regiment3rd Btn RBRn/an/an/an/an/an/aYesNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoCommon Barn Cottages, Hermitage 1911 CensusBoer War Veteran 1st & 2nd
Electoral RollApplefordArthur Johnbrother of Frederick Charles ApplefordPrivate1595015th December 1914N/kRoyal Berkshire Regiment7th Battalion RBR78th Bde, 26th DivisionLabour Corpsn/a1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNoNo (Sick Malaria 1919)Non/an/an/aNoHermitage
Electoral RollAppleford Frederick Charles Esther Ethel (nee BarnesPte562314th August 191431st May 1919Army Cyclist Corps13th Divisional Cyclist Corps13th Divisionn/an/a1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesYesNoNon/an/an/aNoHermitage Electoral roll 1919 through to 1935, born in 1889 originally from Catmore, Brother Arthur John Appleford Private in Royal Berkshire Regt 7th Btn
NM Electoral roll 1919AubreyHerbert (Hubert) ArthurFather, Frederickn/an/an/an/aNMn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/aNoHatch Gate, Beedon HillBorn Hubert Arthur in 1899 listed as NM, no clear record of service
NM Electoral roll 1919AubreyHorace WilliamFather, FrederickPte then GnrR4/11902 ASC (MGC/Tank Corps (111911))25th May 191516th March 1919Tank CorpsASC Remount K Sqnn/aRFA (39th Reserve Bty), Then MGC Heavy Branch/Tank Corps 25th July 1917N/KBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoHatch Gate, Beedon HillShows as Hatchgate Hermitage 1919 Elec roll
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityAuburyWilliam Aubrey on 1921 Census - William or GM (George William Aubrey on 1919 Elec Roll) (Also on Hampstead Norris Active Service Roll as William Auberry)George & MaryTpr(3116 Tpr William Aubrey)Aug 1914After 1920Life Guards1st Life Guards3rd Cavalry Div, 1918, 1st (Life Guards) Btn Guards MGC Regt n/aWilliam Aubery 1914-15 Star, BWM and VMn/aYesNoNoYes held by MoD, Guards Divisionn/an/an/aNoEling, HermitageNWN listed on active service with 1st LG
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityAustinAlbertGeorge & Annie AustinPnr119785 or 96543n/kBack by 1919Royal EngineersRoyal Engineersn/kn/an/a(1914-15 Star), BWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoSellswood Coppice, ElingNM on 1919 Electoral roll, also on Cold Ash Roll of Honour, NWN Active Service List
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityAustinWilliamGeorge & Annie AustinLCpl447331st September 191423rd February 1919Royal EngineersRoyal Engineers, Bridging Coyn/kRoyal Engineers 5th Prov Coy5th Provincial BrigadeBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoSellswood Coppice, Eling, FencewoodHome service after France due to bouts of psoriasis, also Cold Ash Roll of Honour
NWNAustinEdwinGeorge & Annie Austin (married Fanny Kate in 1907)Pte26444August 1916Back by 1919Wiltshire Regt2nd Btn Wiltshire Regiment 1914-Dec 1915, 21st Bde, 7th Div, Dec 1915 to May 1918 30th Div, May 1918 58th Bde, 19th Western Divn/an/aBWM & VMMMYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoSellswood Coppice, Eling, FencewoodNWN For John Austin notice of death list all four Austin B.rothers serving, also on Cold Ash Roll of Honour
Memorial Cross Holy Trinity & NWNAustin MMJohnGeorge & Annie AustinPte117347th Sept 1914n/aWiltshire Regiment Wilts , 5th then D Coy 6th Btn58th Bde, 19 (Western) Divn/an/aMM, 1914-15 Star, BWM, VMYes MM, for relaying message underfireYesNo7th Dec 1916No17/6/18 Heart Failure, Reserve Hospital DortmundReserve Hospital DortmundCologne SouthernYes

Fencewood Cold AshPoW 23rd March 1918, Dulmen then Munster II, Amalagamated the Wilts Yeo to become (6th Royal West Yeo ) Btn, arrived in France 19 July 1915, NWN Active List
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBaidenJohn WilliamAnnie MariaPte (Pre WW1)n/an/an/aNM1st Btn KRRC pre war Regular India & Boer Warn/an/an/aIndia Medal 1891, Boer Warn/an/an/an/aNon/an/an/aNoBorn 1871, Died in Newbury, 1920 Electoral Roll Little HungerfordShows as NM on 1919 Electoral roll
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityBarlowFrederick WilliamWilliam and Ellen BarlowGnr6163384th Jan 1915n/aBerkshire Royal Horse Artillery2/1st Bty Berks RHA, 158 Army Bde RFA14th Divisionn/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNo18/8/1917 - KIA aged 19Passchendaele/Ypres (Battle of Langemarck)Coxyde MililtaryNoWestwood HermitageArrived in France 24th May 1916 (7) NWN article on his death
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBarlowEdward Thomas (Lindsay)Frank & JaneNMn/an/an/aNoHampstead NorrisNo confirmed records, Shows as called up (NM) on 1919 Electoral roll
Records SearchBarlowErnest Headley (Hedley)Father Thomas,
Wife - Emma, Son Thomas
Pte25996Jul-16n/aRoyal Berkshire RegimentRBR 5th Btn35th Bde, 12th (eastern) Div, 36th Bde from Feb 1918n/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNo02/01/1918 - DoW aged 37Nr Villers Guislain, Cambrai, DoW likely to have been sustained late November early DecemberSt Sever Cemetery Extension, RouenNoFrom Hampstead Norreys, Also lived in Marlston Cottages, HermitageWG 6,10
Records SearchBarrMary ElizabethTom & Elizabethn/a204618th August 191715th October 1919Queen Mary Aux Army CorpsQueen Mary Aux Army Corpsn/an/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoFrilsham, Hermitage
Records SearchBarringtonCecil StanleyErnest & PriscillaLeading TelegraphistJ34060Jan 1915Mar 1920Royal NavyRoyal Navy Numerous Shipsn/an/an/a1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNon/aYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNo1901 Census born in Hermitage
Records SearchBarringtonReginald FrancisErnest & PriscillaLeading SignallerJ49279Feb 1916July 1945Royal Navy Royal Navy Numerous Shipsn/an/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNon/aYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNo1901 Census born in HermitageServed through WW2
NM Electoral roll 1919BeasleyErnestWilliam & EdithPte13052Sept 1914Still serving 1919Royal Berkshire RegimentRBR, 8th BtnArmy Troops 26th Div until Aug 1915, 1st Bde 1 Divn/an/a1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesn/aYes Times 29th Sept 1916Non/an/an/aNoWellhouse, Hermitage
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityBeasley (Beaseley) (Beesley, registered birth name)Thomas (Tom)Fa - John
Mo - Eliza (Stepmother potentially) Br - William WG
Pte16415Dec-14n/aRoyal Berkshire RegimentRBR 8th BtnArmy Troops 26th Div until Aug 1915, 1st Bde 1 Divn/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesn/aNoNo04/12/1916 - DoW aged 28 (est)Front line trenches near Bazentin, trenches were evacuated due torrential rainWarlencourt British

Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBevanJames ArchibaldThomas & Mary, wife Helen Appleford married 1923Captn/aCommissioned 1913 2nd Lt, Served past 1922 as CaptainKings Own Royal Lancaster Regiment KORLR, 1st Btn12th Bde; 1st Divn/an/a1914 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNoNoYes MoDn/an/an/aNoBorn Columbia then lived in LancasterPoW Captured 20th Oct 1914
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBevanThomasMary CatherinePte (Jan 1915) Temp/Majn/aSportsmans Battalion Aug 1914 NWN, Commissioned Temp 2nd Lt April 1915Relinquished Commission 7th Nov 1919Royal Welsh FusiliersSouth Lancs, 13th & 11th Btn, 11th Btn 30th & 66th DivRoyal Welsh Fusiliers 6 Garrison Battalion (Capt & T/Major)6th Garrison Battalion
Formed at Aintree on 18 September 1916, and moved to Egypt in January 1917, remaining there throughout the war. From arrival it was based at the Citadel, Cairo. The battalion arrived at Salonika on 1 November 1918. After a brief stay at Salonika the battalion embarked for Bulgaria, landing at Dede-Agach on 10 November, and was employed in guarding the Salonika-Constantinople railway.
BWM & VMn/aYesNoNoYes TNAn/an/an/aNoWoodside, Hermitage 1914 Electoral RollBrother Archibald George Moore Bevan Gold Mining Engineer Columbia and Liberia, Father Cmdr George Dacres Bevan Royal Navy
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBookerGeorgeWife RosePte9409 (428200 Labour Corps) Enlisted 15th May 1916, 1st January 1917 (Service reckons from)19th October 1919Devonshire Regiment 2/7th (Cyclist) Devon Regimentn/aLabour Corps, 699 Agri Coyn/an/an/an/aNoNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoNo1 Perserverance Cottages, HermitageFrom Sussex
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBoswellArthur ErnestWife Ellen,
Children Isabel, Ivy & Margaret
Spr157424 & WR/2872034th April 191626th May 1919 ( No longer fit for service (deafness)Royal Engineers276th Railway Coy, EEF from July 1916 - Egyptn/kROD No 30 EEF?? From 94 Div Railway Engrs 17th August 1917n/kBWM & VMn/aYesYesNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNo Cottage HermitageEngine Driver
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBowditchWilliam AugustusAnn BowditchCpl (1st May 1918)41911515th June 191515th Jan 1919Canadian Machine Gun CorpsCEF
37th Btn
42nd Btn
7th Bde, 3rd Canadian Div20th Reserve Btn, 3rd MG Coy (June 1916) Canadian MGC 1st Btn (Sept 1917)3rd then 1st Canadian DivisionBWM & VMn/an/aNoYes - GSW Head, 4th June 1916 (Times) & GSW Right Shoulder 6th Sept 1918Yes CEF (DAC Project or Ancestry)n/aN/An/aNoCanada, born in UK, Aunt lived in Hermitage, moved to Old WindsorAttested Niagra Camp Ontario
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityBowditchJohn (Jack) ThomasFrancis & Ruth, however guardianship sits with his Aunt Ann BowditchPte419116 (408023)11th June 1915n/aCanadian Machine Gun CorpsCEF
37th Btn in Canada
42nd Btn in England, 92nd Btn in France, 17th Btn in France, 5th Reserve Btn in England
n/a13th CMG Coy 27th August 1917, Canadian MGC 1st Btn March 19181st Canadian DivisionBWM & VMn/an/aNoNoYes CEF (DAC Project or Ancestry)01/10/1918 - KIA, MG Bullet in chest during action at Blecourt aged 20MG Bullet in chest during action at Blecourt, North of Cambrai Sancourt BritishNoCanada, born in UK, Aunt lived in Hermitage, moved to Old WindsorAttested Niagra Camp Ontario, Chronic Bronchitis and other lung/throat illnesses.
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBoydenEdward HenryWife Mary?Gnr2398731916/1917n/kRoyal Field ArtilleryRFAn/kn/kn/kBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoEly, Evesham, Chelmsford, LeckhampsteadMaster Teacher Leckhampstead School, Secretary of Hermitage FC, only EH Boyden on record, appears on 1921 census
Records SearchBrainLionel HoratioWilliam & DorcasBdr6161644th January 19151919Berkshire Royal Horse Artillery2/1st Bty Berks RHA, 158 Army Bde RFA14th Divisionn/an/a1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoBorn Hermitage, lived NewburyFather William used be Hermitage Station Master
NM Electoral roll 1919BriantAlbert Richard (Grant)Albert & Christina, Wife Selina DavyNMn/an/an/aNoHermitageNo clear records
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBriantWilliam GrantAlbert & ChristinaPte202456 (631280)1916/171919Royal Berkshire RegimentRBR 2/4th Btn184th Bde, 61st DivLabour Corpsn/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoHermitage 1911 CensusVillage Baker
Records Search BriantWalter JamesAlbert & Christinan/an/aRegistered for US Draft Sept 1918n/aUS Drafteen/an/an/an/an/an/aNoNoNoNon/an/an/aNoBorn Hermitage, emigrated to the US (Washington)Draft Card
Records Search BroadMalcolm Percy EyreHS Broad2nd LtN/aYork & Lancaster Regiment
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBrooksArthur (Albert) William (1899)Arthur & Elizabeth (Walter Henry Cook Brother in law)NMn/an/an/aNoLittle Hungerford1919 Electoral Roll
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBrown Arthur (William)William & AdaOrdinary TelegraphistJ5467127th June 191628th June 1934Royal NavyRoyal NavyVarious shipsn/an/an/an/an/aYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoHermitage1911 Census, 1923 Census listed NM
NM Electoral roll 1919BrownFrederick JohnNMn/an/an/aNoHermitageNo clear records
NM Electoral roll 1919BrunsdonJames StanleyJohn & Caroline Pte201811 (G64133) (783443)15th November 191520th February 1919Royal Fusiliers2/5th East Surrey2nd Surrey Bde, 2nd Home Counties Div26th Btn & 29th Btn London Regiment124th Bde, 41st DivBWM & VM (medals returned)n/aYesYesDischarged Wounds GSW Left Shoulder 20th April 1918Non/an/an/aNoEling, HermitageServed France & Italy, Only one James Stanley Brunsdon born, and on medal roll, died in 1920 buried in Hampstead Norreys
NM Electoral roll 1919BrunsdonHerbert JohnJohn & Caroline NMn/an/an/aNoEling, Hermitage
NM Electoral roll 1919BuckellWalter (Edward) 1894Charles Shoeing Smith14103011th November 191512th July 1919Royal Engineers2nd Labour Battalion RE4th & 5th Army148th Army troops Coy Royal Engineers4th & 5th ArmyBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNo1911 Census, Little Hungerford in 1919, Servive records gives Bucklebury Alley, and ReadingFamily
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityBuckle (Buckell)Walter Edward (Edward Walter)Walter & AlicePte41824 (3797)17th Feb 1917n/aRoyal Berkshire RegimentBerk Yeo, 2/1st Btnn/aRBR 5th Btn35th Bde, 12th (eastern) Div, 36th Bde from Feb 1918BWM & VMn/aYesn/aNoNo27/03/1918 - KIA aged 19 (est)Burbure, WD states 10 Other Ranks killed. German Spring OffensivePozieres Memorial

NoLittle HungerfordNo Grave
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityBuddenSidneyMr & Mrs Charles BuddenA/Cpl1833414th April 1915 (#18333 joined the 2nd Btn this day)n/aRoyal Berkshire RegimentRBR 2nd Btn25th Bde, 8th DivRBR 8th BtnArmy Troops 26th Div until Aug 1915, 1st Bde 1 Div1914-15 Star BWM, VMn/aYesn/aNoNo03/09/1916 - KiA aged 23Battle of Highwood, The Somme 100 Other Ranks Casualties on the 3rd Sept 1916Caterpiller Valley Cemetery

NoThe Firs, Curridge, shows as residing Hermitage on SDGWWG 9
Memorial Tablet Holy Trinity (1919 Electoral roll)BurgessCharles James (Jnr)Edwin & Mary or Mother Jane or Charles James?Civilian War work or National Reserve/RDC???NMn/an/an/aNoLittle Hungerford 1911 Census 1919 Electoral rollWorked at the Racecourse? (PoW amp or Tank training and Development was carried out here)
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBurgessRalphMatthew (Widower)n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/aNoHermitage 1911 CensusWorked in Naval Docks Portsmouth, chilhood accident prevented enlistement.
Memorial Tablet Holy Trinity/ Records SearchBurgessRichard Edward & AgnesPte22132 (M/376193. Transfered on 10th Feb 1918)Mobilised April 1916 (Derby Scheme man, enlisted Dec 1915)7th June 1919Royal Berkshire RegimentRBR 6th Btn, A Coy53rd Bde, 18th DivisionRASC n/aBWM & VMn/aYesYesYes, WO Casualty list Nov 1917, GSW BackNon/an/an/aNoBorn Little Hungerford 1894
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityBurtWalter John (Jack)Arthur and Mary BurtPte11358Sept 1914n/aRoyal Berkshire RegimentRBR 5th Btn35th Bde, 12th (eastern) Div, 36th Bde from Feb 1918n/an/a1914-15 Star BWM, VMn/aYesn/aYes Aug 1915No09/08/1916 - DoW aged 25 (est)Battles of Pozieres. Trenches NW of Pozieres. WD states 39 Other Ranks wounded by shell fire.Bouzincourt CommunalNoWellhouse, Hermitagearrived in France 30th May 1915 Died on the Somme, NWM Article 1916, gives detail of his wounding, received shrapnel head injuries, which at first seemed minor, became worse.
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBurtGeorge Henry (CH)Arthur and Mary BurtFarrier, Pte Spr, Cpl Shoeing Smith2046, WR 194408, 70087, 495895August to Sept 1914n/kRoyal EngineersBerks Yeo 1/1st, B Sqn (2046) then RE (WR194408)Berks Yeo, 2nd South Mids Mounted Bde, 2nd Mounted DivBerks Yeo (70087)- Royal Engineers 474th (1st South Midland Fd Coy) (495895 (T))48th (South Midland Division)1914-15 Star BWM, VMn/aYesn/aTwo sick records, 1916 & 1917Non/an/an/aNoWellhouse, HermitageBlacksmith prior to the War, Arrived in Egypt 21st April 1915
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBushellPercy CharlesDaniel & Emily
Wife Dorothy (Salisbury England)
Pte46629th August 1914 in Queensland15th March 1919Australian Imperial Forces 9th Btn, G Coy 29th Aug 1914 - 11th Aug 1915, Then 3rd Fd Coy RE MEF3 Bde, 1st Div AIFAustralian Provost Corps 1st Jan 1917n/k1914-15 Star BWM & VMn/an/aNoNoYes Ancestry, and Australian Govn/an/an/aYes

Born Hermitage, Moved to AustraliaMoved back to England in October 1915 with Dysentry
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBushellDanielWife EmilyLCpl107212nd Sept 191424th Dec 1917Royal Defence CorpsRBR 4th Btnn/aDefence Corps (29th Apr 1916), 261, 300 & 266th P Coyn/aNon/an/aYesNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoHermitage
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityBushellLeslieDaniel & Emily (adopted Son)Pte27873 (TR/8/1678)10th May 191617th January 1919Somerset Light Infantry SLI, 8th Battalion63rd Bde, 37th Div from July 1916n/an/a1914-15 Star BWM, VMn/aYesYesYes WO Wounded weekly list dated 13th Nov 1918, Eithe Cambrai or Selle 1918Non/an/an/aNoHermitageLost an arm, discharged no longer physically fit under KRs. Local knowledge from also confirmed missing arm from the war.
Records Search & 1939 RegisterCampin Eric JohnEdward Catherine Pte535567Jan 1917by 1921London Regiment 15th Btn London Regt (PWO Civil Service Rifles)140th Bde, 47th Divattached 12th Btn London Regimemt 11th Aug to 9th Sept 1917 in France168th Bde, 56th London DivBWM & VMn/aYesNoYes, WO Casualty List 5th Oct 1917Non/an/an/aNoBorn Hermitage Arrived in France 25th June 1917
Red CrossCaseAnna MacrobinMother Henrietta Nicholson lived in Crossways 1920Nursen/a11 September 191530th October 1917British Red CrossCitadel Hospital Cairo, Egypt, Mil Hospital Eastbournen/aNo 10 General Mil Hospital Francen/a1914-15 Star BWM, VMn/aYesNon/aYes Red Crossn/an/an/aNoWoodside
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityCaseHenzellMother Henrietta Nicholson lived in Crossways 1920Private (2nd Lieutenant from Oct 1917)24345631st May 1917 (Commissioned Oct 1917)29th January 1919Royal Field Artillery RFA (Special Reserve)No 3 RFA SchoolRFA C Battery52 Artillery Bde RFABWM & VMn/aYesNoYes, GSW Right Shoulder 29th August 1918Yes TNAn/an/an/aYes

MIC address Crossways, Hermitage, Also lived in WoodsidePre war service in 1900- 1902 att KOYLI in Malta, 1900 to 1904 6th Btn Royal Fusiliers City of London Regt as a Lt. Arrived in France 13th April 1918
NM Electoral roll 1919ChamberlainArthur Charles (Potentially Albert Charles Chamberlain) NMn/an/an/aNoBurrows Hall Cottages, Wellhouse, HermitageNo clear records
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityChamberlainFrederick ThomasRobert & ElizabethLCpl16125 (25001 OBLI)28th December 19142nd May 1919Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry RBR 8th Btn, B CoyArmy Troops 26th Div until Aug 1915, 1st Bde 1 DivOBLI 11 Garrison BtnFrance1914-15 Star BWM, VMn/aYesNoYes GSW 25/9/15, Shell wound legs during an advance on German Lines Battle of Loos.Yes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoBurrows Hall Cottages, Wellhouse, HermitageCasualty card is signed by a Capt M or W Chamberlain. Arrived in France 7th August 1915 & 22nd August 1916
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityChamberlainOliver CharlesRobert & ElizabethPte1612728th December 1914n/aRoyal Berkshire RegimentRBR 8th Btn, B CoyArmy Troops 26th Div until Aug 1915, 1st Bde 1 Divn/an/a1914-15 Star BWM, VMn/aYesNoNoNo29/12/1918 - Died influenza (Spanish Flu) aged 26 as a PoWn/aCologne SouthernNoBurrows Hall Cottages, Wellhouse, Hermitagearrived in France 7th Aug 1915, died as a PoW captured 21st March 1918 during the German Spring Offensive. Red Cross records list him as Edward Chamberlain
Records SearchCheethamGeoffreyWilliam & RachelCaptain (Major General past WW2)n/a1911served past 1945Royal Engineers90th Field Coy Royal Engineers in 19159th Scottish Divisionn/an/a1914 Star, BWM & VMCB (1946) DSO & Bar (LG 28/12/1917) & MC (LG 02/11/1915) 2 x MiD (LG 17/02/1915) & (07/12/1917)YesNoYesMoDn/an/an/aYesSouthwoodBorn 1891 in India, became director general of the Ordnance Survey
Red Cross RecordsChiltonElizabethN/kHousemembern/a20th March 1918n/kBritish Red CrossConvalescent Home Sandhurstn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/aYes Red Crossn/an/an/aNoSouthwood
Local Resident Request 2018 ClynickThomas RileyTamsin Hudson 2018Chief Boatswainn/a22nd April 1895 Bostwain, potentially earlier enlistment14th October 1920Royal NavyRoyal Navy, various shipsn/an/an/a1914 Star, BWM & VMn/an/an/aNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoGreat Grandfather of Resident of Hermitage 2018
Records searchColyerWilfred JohnCynthia MLt WW1 (Brigadier end of WW2)n/aCommissioned 5th June 1917served past 1945Royal Garrison Artillery Royal Garrison Artillery 113th Dardoni BatteryIndian Mountain Artillery Various Indian/Punjabi Battalionsn/aBWM, VM Indian GSM n/aYesNoNoMoDn/an/an/aNoDrayton LodgeColyer Close named after him?
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityCookLeslie born 1898William below, Mo - AliceM/271875???1916???NMASC ??? 1916 Numbern/an/an/aNoGlenholme, HermitageDue to Dob should be 1916 onwards enlistment date
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityCookWilliamAliceSgt25791n/kn/kRoyal Defence Corps National Reserves. Potentially 39 Berks Coy Berkshire Imperial Yeomanry or Berkshire Regiment Prewar #5437n/kRDCn/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/aNoGlenholme, HermitageSgt W Cook National Reserve in the NWN 1915
NM Electoral roll 1919CookAlfredNMn/an/an/aNoLittle HungerfordNo clear records
NM Electoral roll 1919CookHarryNMn/an/an/aNoBenhams, HermitageNo clear records
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityCookCyrilEdwin & JanePte16227Dec 191420th Feb 1919Royal Berkshire RegimentRBR 2nd Btn25th Bde, 8th DivRBR 2/4th Btn France May 16184th Bde, 61st Div1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesn/aYesPoW file ICRCn/an/an/aNoChapel Farm HermitageArrived in france 9th June 1915, PoW Captured 22nd March 1918 Marteville
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityCookWalter HenryFanny A Brooks Son Frederick John?Pte1357111th October 19141st April 1914Wiltshire Regiment Wiltshire Regt 7th Btn, C Coy79th Bde, 26th Division, then 150th Bde, 50th Div from 16th July 19186th Btn Wilts Regiment???1914-15 Star, BWM, & VMn/ayesn/aYes GSW Right Buttock, 24/25th April 1917Yes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoSpring Cottage, HermitageLewis Gunner, Salonika from 21st Nov 1915 & France, 21st Sept 1915 , contracted Malaria June 1917, retuned to France in July 1918
Records SearchCooperHenry Charles Father Albert, Mother MarthaPte19615November 1915n/aRoyal Berkshire RegimentRBR, 5th Battalion35th Bde, 12th (eastern) Div, 36th Bde from Feb 1918n/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoYes Times 28th July ListNo03 July 1916 - KIA aged 24During the advance on Albert, 3rd day of the Somme Offensive 1916Thiepval Memorial


The Croft Wellhouse HermitageWG £3, no knownn grave
Records SearchCooperRobert WilliamMarried - N/KMajorn/aPrewar regular Officer in Royal Fusiliers, left in 1902 as Captain, renlisted in 191429th March 1919Rifle BrigadeGeneral Staffn/an/an/a1914-15 Star, BWM, & VMMC & 2 x MIDs, OBEYesNoNoOfficer File at the National Archives n/an/an/aNoEling House, Hermitage
Great Grandfather of Local Resident 2018CoulsonWilliam HenryMabel, née Linfield (Walter Linfield sister).PrivateT/406605 (16578)28th April 191515th February 1919Royal Army Service Corps 16th Hussarsn/aLabour Corps, then Army Service Corps n/an/an/an/an/an/aYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNon/a
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityCoxRaymond (?) CoxWife Mary, son Raymond GillettNK
Records SearchCoxJohnRhoda, children Reginald, Doris, MarionFarrier SgtRTS/10699 (12832)18th Oct 191525th March 1919Royal Army Service Corps AVC/ASC, 18 Sqn No 3 Base Remount Depotn/an/an/aBWM, & VMn/aYesNoNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoLived In Canada, pre war, came back to enlist, wife resided In Newtown, Father Law Matthew Burgess Lived in Hermitage
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityCoxRaymond GillettEdward & MaryLance Sgt (Lieutenant)170116th November 1914Relinquished Commission in March 1918 due to ill health through injury.Royal Flying Corps4th Wales & 13th (S) Battalion RWF (18th Oct 1915 Temp 2nd Lt 10th Res Btn East Lancs Regt)38th Welsh DivisionLt 1st Garrison Battalion Btn Worcs Regt attached RFC/RAF 11 Sqnn/aBWM & VMn/aYesYesYes GSW left elbow whilst Flying, cause of DischargeRFC Officer File the National Archives, RAF records on Find My Past, and Casualty cards on RAF ARCHIVE VAULTn/an/an/aNoSouthview HermitageOfficer files list Southview as an address
Records SearchCrosierStanley JosephFrederick and MarthaAC2F5063222nd February 19181st February 1919Royal Naval Air ServiceHMS President IIn/aHMS Daedalus Lee on Solent RNASn/an/an/aNoNoNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoHermitage 1911 CensusTransferred to RAF #250572 April 1918
Red Cross RecordsDavisDelia PeelMaria and CharlesNursen/aJan 19181919British Red Cross Albion House Aux Hospital, Newburyn/an/an/an/an/aNoNoNoYes, Red Crossn/an/an/aNo

Drayton Lodge
Red Cross RecordsDavisEthel Lydia PeelMaria and CharlesNursen/a17th September 191716th November 1917British Red Cross Albion House Aux Hospital, Newburyn/an/an/an/an/aNoNoNoYes, Red Crossn/an/an/aYes

Drayton Lodge
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityDavisGeorge Charles PeelWife, Daphne Parents Charles and MariaPte then Lieutenant 2524 RBR#22nd August 191412th August 1919Dorsetshire Regiment4th Btn RBR. On commissioning 3/4 Dorset Regt 24th Feb 1915 (85th Provisional Btn) Transferred /2/1st Dorset Yeomanry 4th November 1915n/a4th Btn Dorset Regiment (temporarily RAF)n/aSWB? (BEF May to August 1917 BWM & VM)n/aNoYes?Slightly Gassed and Trench Fever 12th August 1917 ( No 20 General Hospital Camiers)Yes Officer File at the National Archives , Also WW2 only with Australian/an/an/aYesBorn in Argentina, Lived in Londonderry, parents lived at Drayton LodgeGeneral Court Martial 6th August 1918 Disobeyed Direct order whilst on Active Service. Served in WW2 in Australia after moving there in 1923
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityDavisRobert Bruce PeelMaria and CharlesRigger1563836th November 191715th August 1919Royal Air ForceRFC & RAFn/an/an/an/kn/an/kNoNoYes Find My Past & WW2n/an/an/aYes

Drayton Lodgeserved in WW2
Records SearchDeaconFrank PhillipBertha May (nee Fyfield)Gnr741825 (162518)10th Dec 1915) Mobilised 19th June 1916 (Derby Scheme)Discharged 22 June 1917 (Sickness)Royal Field ArtilleryRBR Depot, unsuitbale for RE and transferred to RFA 68th Div 343 Brigade D battery68th Div343 Bde RFA D Bty68th DivSWBn/an/aSWBNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoMontreal Cottages, Living in Blenhiem House 1911 Census
Records SearchDenis De VitréEdward ChristopherGeorge Theodosius & Harriet MabelLtn/aCommissioned April 1916Served into the 1930sRoyal Berkshire Regiment1st Btn RBR6th Bde (99th Bde from 1915) 2nd Div2nd Btn RBR25th Bde, 8th DivBWM & VMMiD 1918YesNoNoMoDn/an/an/aYes.

Eling Farm, HermitageBorn Hampstead Norreys/Yattendon, Eling Farm 1911 Census, Father George on 1915 Electoral Roll, Medals with private collector
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityDockrillWilliam GeorgeLucy (nee Shepherd)Pte127691April 1917n/kLabour CorpsLabour Corpsn/kn/kn/kBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoLittle Hungergord, HermitageLandlord the Fox Inn and Coal Business, medals with Family
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityDopsonJonathanHannahGunner955871916 (Potential Derby Scheme enlisting in 1915) n/kRoyal Garrison Artillery RGA, 85 Coy6th Poona Divisionn/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aNoOld School HouseServed India & Mespotamia, Only one Jonathan Dopson served overseas.
Compilers Great GrandfatherDraperHenryRose DraperPrivate13546 (647862)5th March 191520th February 1919Royal Fusiliers25th Btn Royal Fusiliers1st East Africa Division, Legion of Frontiers men, Lindi Force, Lindi ColumnLabour Corpsn/k1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNoNo (Malaria)Yes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoWorcesterServed German East Africa, Compiler lives Hermitage
1939 RegisterDuncan-JohnstoneAngus ColinLilly AnnaLtn/a1914n/kWest African Frontier Force5th Btn West Yorkshire Regiment 146th Brigade, 49th (West Riding) Division.Gold Coast RegimentWest African Frontier ForceBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoOfficer File at the National Archives n/an/an/aNoHermitage 1939 Register
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityEdwardsHerbert SamuelMo - Mary Emily Stiles' (nee Edwards (James William Edwards wife) Son, William Henry Stiles' stepson born GosportLAC33630219191953 as a Squadron LeaderRoyal Air ForceRoyal Air Forcen/kn/kn/kn/an/an/aNoNoHeld by MoDn/an/an/aNoNo record c/o mother Mary Emily Stiles nee Edwardschange of service number in 1940 to 44329
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityEdwardsVictor Charles (Born Charles Victor)Mo - Mary Emily Stiles' (nee Edwards (James William Edwards wife) Son, William Henry Stiles' stepson born GosportNMn/an/an/aNoLittle Hungerford, HermitageNM 1919 Electoral Roll, 1901 Census under William & Mary Edwards
Berkshire and the WarEdwardsFrederick WilliamMo - Mary Emily Stiles' (nee Edwards (James William Edwards wife) Son, William Henry Stiles' stepson born GosportA/Bmdr336061910n/kRoyal Garrison Artillery 113th Siege Bty RGAVarious Heavy Artillery Groups112th Hvy Btyn/a1914 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNon/an/an/aYes2 Oare View, Hermitage1911 Census Frederick William Edwards 55 Coy RGA born Gosport, 1919 Electoral Roll, 1901 Census under William & Mary Edwards
Records SearchEmblenAlbertMrs A Emblem PteTF/2015651916n/aRoyal Sussex Regiment Royal Sussex Regiment, 7th Btn36th Bde, 12th Eastern Divn/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoNo25th Nov 1917 - KIASonnet trench near Gollelieu, during an assualt on German postitions during Battle of CambraiCambrai MemorialNoLived in Hermitgae in 1901, on 1911 Census showing as Sweet Shop Owner, In NewburyNo Known Grave (NWN Article notifying he is missing)
Records SearchFawcettCalebCaleb & SarahLCpl76982nd May 190425th April 1916Royal Berkshire RegimentRBR 2nd Btn25th Bde, 8th DivRBR 3rd Btn recovery then dischargeReading/Portsmouth1914 Star, BWM & VM , 1911 Delhi Durbar Coronation Medaln/aYesYesYes (Cmd Depot Sutton Coldfield 17th Nov 15), GSW left Foot in action 12th Mar 15Yes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoColes Farm , Marlston, Hermitage2nd Btn India 1911 (Malaria)
Memorial Cross Holy TrinityFisherFrederick GeorgeWilliam and Matilda FisherPte17631Nov-15n/aColdstream Guards Coldstream Guards, 2 BtnFrom Aug 1915, 1st Gds Bde, 1sr Gds Divn/an/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoNoYes RHQ Wellington Barracks24/11/1918- Died aged 22No 41 Casualty Clearing Station. The Btn were postitioned at Maubeuge south of MonsLa Cateau CommunalNoPoplar Cottage Little HungerfordDied in No 41 CCS
Memorial Tablet Holy TrinityFlitterWilliam JamesWife Elizabeth M, Father Alfred Henry, mother Sarah16405 (RBR) then 16162 (Devonshire) 11th January 19152nd April 1919Royal Berkshire Regiment Royal Berkshire Regiment No known overseas service Devonshire Regiment No known overseas service No known overseas service n/an/an/an/aPension Ledger giving 16405 & 16162, note his bother Frederick Flitter Berkshire Regiment number was 16404n/an/an/aYes (no clear indication of Regt)

Little Hungergord, HermitageNWN Article in 1917 confirms serving at " Home" but no inducation as to Unit. Update Roll of Honour
NM Electoral roll 1919FlitterJamesWilliam ThomasNMNon/an/an/aNoHermitage 1919 Electoral Roll
1939 Register & NWN ArticleFlitterCharles JesseAlfred Henry & SarahPten/kn/kn/kRoyal Army Medical Corps Royal Army Medical Corps n/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kn/kNon/an/an/aNoHermitage 1939 RegisterNWN articles stating serving with the RAMC
NWN ArticleFlitterFrederickAlfred Henry & SarahPte (Spr)16404 Royal Berks (156436 RE)11th January 191527th Feb 1919Royal Engineers1st Btn RBR6th Bde (99th Bde from 1915) 2nd Div173rd Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers (Transferred 19th June 1916)various1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNoNoYes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)n/an/an/aNoBrother of Charles and William Flitter
NM Electoral roll 1919FreeHaroldRalph & LucyPte21819 RBR S/394007 ASCDecember 1915n/kRoyal Berkshire Regiment1st Btn RBR6th Bde (99th Bde from 1915) 2nd DivASCn/aBWM & VMn/aYesNoYes, Daily list 27th Sept 1917Non/an/an/aNoWellhouse, HermitageReginal gerald Free his brother served in the ASC, only Harold Free with overseas service
Records SearchGibbsWilliam CharlesJohn & Emma King (John Stepfather)Pte73305 (2283 RBR#)27th March 1914n/aMachine Gun CorpsRBR 4th Btn, then posted to the 2/4th Btn RBR 21st Mar 1916, attached to 16th June 1916 61st Div Mining Coy , rejoined Btn 21st July 1916, attached 184 MGC Coy 3rd Nov 1916184th Bde, 61st (2nd South Mids) DivMGC 19th Btn, (transferred 10th Feb 1917), 184 Coy, then 182 Coy, Posted No 2 Reserve Btn MGC 14th March 1918182nd & 18th 61st Div, 19th DivisionBWM & VMn/aYesNoYes 27th & 31st May 1918?Yes (Ancestry/Findmy Past)6/6/1918 or - DoW (GSW Legs) 58th Field Ambulance 1st Jun 1918, No 48 CCS 6th 6th 1918During German assualt on trench positions near Sarcy, west of RiemsSezanne Communal CemeteryYesNoK Mrs Emma King, 2 Northfield road, Thatcham, born in Hermitagearrived in France 25th May 1916 & 15th April 1918W
Records SearchGilesHarry CharlesHarry and Sarah AnnPte1691 (70281)18th March 19121919Berkshire Yeomanry Berk Yeo 1/1st, A Sqn2nd South Mids Mounted Bde, 2nd Mounted Div, 6th Mounted Bde 1916, Feb 1917 Imperial Mounted Div, June 1917 Yeomanry Mounted Div."C" MG Btn, later 10st MG Battalion Army Troops1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNoNoPension ledger record gives mother's address which matches 1911 censusn/an/an/aNoHermitage 1901 Census, born HermitageArrived in Egypt 21st April 1915, Gallipoli, milkman in Newbury 1911, died 1923.The RQMS of Berks Yeomanry in Gallipoli was called Radnor and following the attack on "Burnt Hill" on 21st August he reported on each member of the regiment to record their status
Harry C Giles took part in the attack on 21st August 1915 and had concussion but otherwise was okay on 22nd August 1915 and remained at Suvla Bay in Gallipoli until 5th September when he was evacuated with "Dental" reasons. He rejoined the regiment on 10th October, he was discharged in 1919.
The Berks Yeo Museum don't have a photo but he served with "A" Squadron from October 1914 onwards, so would have been on the left had side of the attack on Burnt Hill at Gallipoli.
Records Search Soldiers of BerkshireGilesHenry JamesJames & JanePte16471January 191521st September 1919Royal Berkshire RegimentRBR 6th Btn53rd Bde, 18th DivRBR 2nd & 5th Btn2nd Btn, 25th Bde, 8th Div. 5th Btn 35th Bde, 12th (eastern) Div, 36th Bde from Feb 19181914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesNo1st Day of the Somme Casualty, Twice list 28th July 1916 (The Times) & 19th Nov 1917 (WO List)Non/an/an/aYes

Birth registered Newbury, listed as Wounded and from Hermitage in August 5th 1916 Reading Mecury, also listed as Marlston Hermitage in Nov 1917Arrived in France 11th August 1916
Records SearchGilesVictor EwartHarry and Sarah AnnLCpl178515th March 191221st July 1916Royal Berkshire Regiment1/4th Btn RBR145th Bde, 48th Divn/an/a1914-15 Star, BWM & VMn/aYesYesNoNon/an/an/aNoHermitage 1901 Census, born Hermitage Reading MercuryArrived in France 30th March 1915