Gamerhead Radio Episode 130 Show Notes
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Into0:00:00We're Awesome.
Game Releases0:01:229/1/2015Armello Win, Mac, Lin, PS4 [404]
Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls PSVita [405]
Mad Max Win, PS4, XBO, Lin [406]
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Win, PS3, PS4, X360, XBO [406]
Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence Win, PS3, PS4 [407]
Xeodrifter PS4, PSVita

The Deer God (Xbox One) - September 1
Grow Home (PS4) - September 1
Zombie Vikings (PS4) - September 1

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons — PS4, Xbox One
Fat City — PS4 Digital
The Muppets Movie Adventures — Vita Digital
Nova-111 — PS3, Vita Digital (Cross-buy with PS4)
Space Hulk — Vita Digital
Super Time Force Ultra — PS4, Vita Digital
9/2/2015Act of Aggression Win
Renowned Explorers: International Society (PC)
9/3/2015Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces (PC) - September 3
The Deer God (iOS) - September 3

Gunman Clive HD Edition — Wii U eShop
Gunman Clive 2 — PC
9/4/2015Super Toy Cars XBO [410]
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse XBO
Free Xbox Live Games for September 2015The Deer God - XBO - 9/1 through 9/30
Tomb Raider Anniversary - XBO - 9/16 through 10/15
Battlestations Pacific - 360 - 9/1 through 9/15
Crysis 3 - 360 - 9/16 through 9/30
Free Playstation Plus Games for September 2015Grow Home – PS4
Super Time Force Ultra – PS4 / PSVita
Xeodrifter – PS4 / PSVita
Teslagrad – PS4 / PS3
Twisted Metal – PS3
La Mulana EX – PSVita
What We're Playing0:09:37CharlieLara Croft GO Review!, Goat Simulator, Tales of the Borderlands
0:17:47GoatForza 5, So Many Me, Smite, Blues & Bullets
0:20:33JonLara Croft GO, Mass Effect 2, Saints Row 4 Gat out of Hell,
News0:26:255Aussie retailer stands up for Hideo Kojima with MGS5: The Phantom Pain displays
0:29:524‘Borderlands’ Videogame Movie in Works at Lionsgate
0:38:133The Humble Store now supports 35,000 charities
0:42:052YouTube Gaming, a streaming service aimed at Twitch, launches today
0:47:301Minecraft creator has existential meltdown on Twitter
Feature1:00:12Characters that used to be relavent and aren't anymore that we miss
1:18:57Brian LesserGeno from Super Mario RPG.

And with that said, let me direct my attention to Square and Nintendo. I don't care which of you two owns the rights to use the character or his likeliness. Just put him in a game, and I'll buy the game, even if I don't have the appropriate console.
Mat ElfringCuster from Custer's Revenge for Atari.
Danny MeclerNostalgia is running wild on Gamerhead radio, brother! We're gonna go way back to sitting crosslegged on a basement floor, controller in hand, and nose pressed firmly on a warm CRT screen. My best friend from down the street is sitting by my side, we're dressed in identical Lego tshirts and shorts (seriously, I have pictures), and we're playing super Mario world for my brand new Super Nintendo. I got it for my birthday, which coincidentally was yesterday at the time of recording…


Aw, thanks guys, you're the best.

Anyways, Super Nintendo was my favorite console, and I always miss the side scrollers from that era. I couldn't tell you how many times I've beaten Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2. It's still the benchmark that I compare all other games to. "Sure Gone Home was a great game, but it lacked a gorilla riding on the back of an ostrich collecting smaller gold figurines of itself." My favorite character, which was never playable, was Funky Kong. For those who can't remember, Funky was the Party-Animal character who somehow had enough of his shit together to open up an airline style fast travel system, even though we all know he's too drunk on banana Martinis to pilot this death trap barrel and wings he calls an airplane. He was the best! You can't go wrong with a monkey wearing sunglasses, that's comedy sitcom guest animal 101. I always envisioned playing as him in Duffy kong racing, but not making it very far after the other monkey police pull you over for a DUI.

Another bitchin' character I miss is Earthworm Jim. Jim was awesome! It was like playing a ren and stimpy cartoon, but with fucking Guns! And the best character names for a video game to date: Peter Puppy, Princess what's her name?, Psy-crow, queen slug for a butt, professor monkey for a head, Bob the killer goldfish! Jim even got his own kickass cartoon on Saturday mornings. It was ridiculous, stupid, and really fun. It's everything I was looking for in a game.

Now if you don't mind, I'd like to promote something I'm doing soon. Every Friday in September, I'll be performing Improv sets with my group, First Class. Tickets are only $5! Come out to Westside Improv at 123 Front street in Downtown Wheaton. Shows start at 8, and run for an hour. Be sure to get there early because parking sucks and there's usually a car show clogging up everything. And for those who like beer, Charlie, there's two local breweries very close to each other. Dry city, and Emmetts. Thanks!
Christopher BarrowChris here known for living with "Goat" on a bus for 2 months for hell on earth aka Warped tour! Speaking of Earth what ever happened to Earthworm Jim!? Who doesnt love a mutated worm with a robot body?! First a game then a cartoon, toys nothing!

Also for a laugh ask "Goat" about the lemon debacle. For card games/ table top stuff get Superfight!
Nicholas James ReardonEarthworm Jim, Crash bandicoot, bomber-man. Earthworm Jim because he was a cool character and it was a fun game. The other two were fun, but mostly reaching back to memories of playing with friends.

Parappa the Rapper
Mitch TyoEarthworm Jim seconded. I only miss Crash Bandicoot from the Sony ad campaigns.

I I wish Ōkami had become a bigger franchise. Those characters were all great.

ToeJam & Earl

the gun dude at the end of Double Dragon. It's time to make him playable.
Danny Waskow Came here to say Earthworm Jim. Apparently not a unique thought.

So, screw it. Sketch Turner from "Comix Zone". Because those games deserved to live on way longer than they did.

Altred Beast! ( your DOOM.)
Silas Dameron I miss Goemon (the Mystical Ninja). Those games were always wonderfully absurd.
Joe Mansfield It's good to have Conkers back on the Rare Replay
Dan Procell Bloodrayne... She got a 2D adventure a few years ago, but that doesn't come close to a Bloodrayne 3. The gore in 2 was still better than most games today.
Also Fierce Deity Link. I know he's made appearances, but bringing back the mask transformation option in a true Zelda game would be spectacular. A feature that belongs in more than just Majora's Mask.
Tom Lincoln Definitely Toejam and Earl. Used to play the heck out of that with my childhood best friend.

That dude from adventure island. And bonk were cool.

Sonic. He has definitely not got his dues. He has had a rough life since the 16 bit days. He used to be an icon. And Still is to us that grew up during his prime.
Kal DavisArthur - Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

I spent far too many hours of my childhood playing this game. It truly was a great game.
Javier ParedesSkullomania because I used to wreck people in the Arcade on street fighter. I think some of you are old enough to remember arcades lol
Michelle Faber WorthleyKlonoa! He was the first video game character to take me on an epic adventure and the first game I played that was more artistic and pretty. I probably played through it 10 times. I want Klonoa 2!
1:26:12Brian HornbergerArthur from ghost and goblins! Very popular games in the arcade and on consoles. Loved the SNES and Genesis games, but havent seen him much afterwards. Also Demons Crest is an awesome game.
1:27:07Jon's Responses
1:33:50SongbirdDear Technetronicorn, Goat, and Fallon Flynn,

Mailbag Answer - RANT TIME! So while he may not be truly unpopular thanks to fans, the lack of this characters existence makes absolutely no sense! Who am I speaking of? KING K. FUCKING ROOL! Now I know what you're going to say, "But Nintendo released DLC that lets - " NO! NO! NO! That Mii outfit is a sacrilege in every way possible and only adds more sting in our already bloodshot eye. Besides his absence from Smash Bros. he doesn't even appear in the latest Donkey Donkey games with the first one having boring Tikis and the later having vikings; while the vikings are a much better foe over the tikis they can't fill the void of the missing dictator. Also, it didn't help the final boss basically borrowed K. Rool's move set and he mocks you just like he would do! *Sigh* I know it's way too late to make a long story short, but I'll try to wrap it up. He's the main antagonist of one of the most beloved gaming trilogies, he's technically an enemy to an enemy, has even appeared in more games compared to a number of characters who are in Smash, and as to anyone who asks why he should ever come back I'll quote one of his lines from the Donkey Kong Country Show - "WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

Okay, there's actually one more character I'd like to give a shout out to who's a bit more "Rare-er"; Timber the Tiger from Diddy Kong Racing. There's not much to him other than the island he lives on is under attack by an intergalactic being, Wizpig, so he calls on others to help him by racing against the bad guy; pure genius I know. I play as him out of the notion I love cats and would love for him to come back if ever given the chance.

1.) Do you have a character who you think is overrated and/or don't like yet the majority of people do? Why? What could change your view if possible?

2.) Is there a gaming character's name who you find the name bland, dumb, or etc.? If you think you could come up with a more likable name then what should it have been instead?

3.) What is you stance about anthropomorphic animal characters?

Sincerely, Songbird
PlugsJonV is for Villains is play ing at Metacon in Minneapolis
1:50:37GoatCheck out Goat's friends from Warped Tour Ember Rose and Danny Finn on YouTube!
1:53:56CharlieFollow @PonyCiderfest, @BarleyPCF and @CaramelPCF on Twitter!
1:55:11Beer of the WeekSaison Dupant by Brasserie Dupont
1:56:37Next Week's Topic!First: Next week's show will be recorded and posted a day later than usual.

On next week's show we'll be joined by Kyle Gaddo (Save/Continue, Fatal Hero, Game Journalism Simulator) to talk about PAX Prime. Send all your questions!
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Easter Egg1:58:47The Baby's Room is Having a Sale!
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