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Spiro SkentzosBrandy Rivers/Industry Entertainment: brandyr@industryentertainment.com; also my WGA page: https://directories.wga.org/member/f6bc2e43-6732-40e4-857d-2c7222f8172f3 - Executive Story EditorARROW (1 season), GRIMM (2 seasons)gayHe/Him/His@spirographoNoI’m an armchair anthropologist, which bleeds into how I go about creating characters. Art, architecture, design are what inspires me in my personal life. (I also paint–not houses, but on canvas) I have a BA in Art History/minors in Film and Biology from University of Michigan. I grew up speaking Greek, Spanish & English and have been learning French, which after 4 years, the Parisians still think I speak horribly. I was weaned on comics, scifi and Star Wars. I write flawed & complicated characters who deal with their struggles with pathos and humor as they explore the relationships that make them who they are. My stories are often about redemption, rebirth and belonging – themes that have been a big part of my life. I've spent 3 seasons on network TV & have sold 3 pilots. I started in comedy, so I can bring you some funny as needed. My mom's mom literally walked across the Mexican boarder to Texas to give birth to my mom. For research I’ve been on an LAFD ride along, been to Ironwood State penitentiary to see inmates put on an evening of theatre; and I’m CERT trained, so I’m ready for the zombie apocalypse. I love character-driven material and genre and when I can do them in one show/script, I'm a happy camper.
Rob FormanManager: JD Sobol (pebbleent@gmail.com) WGA Find A Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/82bbae24-3a4d-4822-aaf7-5516079169fb2 - Story EditorTHIRST (BET Pilot, Creator, CoEP), IRL (Freeform Pilot, Creator, CoEP), iZombie (Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/His@robsformanNoRob Forman's first memory is of Princess Leia in her iconic golden bikini, choking Jabba the Hutt to death. It explains everything about his love of kick-ass female characters, escapism, and genre storytelling, but nothing about his sexuality. His childhood heroes were Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Sailor Moon. Rob specializes in stories about misfits & outsiders, usually with a grounded genre twist, and loves writing action, romance, and witty banter. His goal is always to focus on a character's heart in even the wildest of concepts. Most recent pilot, IDENTITY CRISIS, is about a gay James Bond struggling to keep lying to the man he loves.
Danny TolliManager: Garrett Greer, Haven (gg@haven.la), Agent: Melissa Darman, Verve (mdarman@vervetla.com)3 - Executive Story EditorRoswell, NM (The CW, ESE), Home Among Strangers (Freeform, Pilot/EP) The Catch (ABC, SE), Stalker (CBS, Freelance)GayHe/Him/Histwitter.com/dctolliNoFirst generation Latinx from Queens, NYC. Bullied in middle school for being gay and sensitive, so I took that angst and now write grounded character dramas with emotion & humor. Dysfunctional family, coming-of-age, & underdog stories are my jam. Good with structure & in the room, I bring positive energy and strong pitches.
Seth HarringtonEmail: Harringtonproductionsinc@gmail.com0 - Freelance Episode(s)I KILL for SkyTv (freelance), EMPIRE OF THE DRAGONS (freelance)GayHe/Him/His@SethHarringtonNoSeth grew up the gay kid on Army bases across the Bible belt – he learned right away to challenge the status quo. LIVES for Legal dramas, fantasy/scifi and magical realism. He writes smart, fucked up lawyers trying to do right. He has written in the mini-rooms for the crime drama I KILL for SkyTv, from Anthony Cipriano (creator of AMC's Bates Motel) and the martial arts drama, Empire of the Dragons. He's been twice featured on the BlackList, most recently for his pilot STAND. A graduate of Rutgers University, he’s also worked as a tutor to crazy rich Asians in Taiwan, a teacher in Compton and a reality TV producer. Seth speaks German and in his free time he runs an ultimate Frisbee league, Big Gay Frisbee.
Katrina MathewsonWGA PROFILE: https://directories.wga.org/member/bc7ea61f-c9f7-4f4e-a053-55563291b72c

MANAGER: Casey Neumeier at Artists First (cn@artistsfirst-la.com)
3 - Executive Story EditorHAWKEYE (Executive Story Editor)

VERSUS (Creator / Head Writer)

PITCH (Staff Writer)
LesbianShe/Her/Hers@katiemathewsonYesHalf of a drama/dramedy writing team with Tanner Bean. I’m a literal "dyke on a bike" from the Pacific Northwest. Tanner is a former Sunset Strip performing guitarist from Oklahoma. We’re genre agnostic, but focused on grounded characters and stories. So far, that’s included: grizzly bear attacks, a female superhero in the dark world of illegal immigration, a polyamorous family, and several stories set in music and sports (two worlds we love).

While staffed on “Pitch,” Tanner and I were tasked with writing and producing the penultimate episode. It ended up making The Ringer’s “Favorite TV Episodes of 2016.” Currently, we're staffed on "Hawkeye" -- Marvel Studios' upcoming series for Disney+. Ultimately, my and Tanner’s profoundly different life experiences combine to make us a unique team, and add a cool dynamic to a room. Neither of us is afraid of hard work, difficult stories, or the blank page. But we are afraid of furries (me) and sharks (Tanner).
Chelsea SteinerChallahbackGirl88@gmail.comTHANK YOU COME AGAINBiShe/Her/Hers@ChelseaProcrastChelsea was born and raised in New Orleans, which explains her affinity for cheesy grits and Britney Spears. She has been a WGA member since 2008, and works primarily in comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy. She loves genre mash-ups, and has been a contributing writer for Autostraddle, After Ellen, and is currently the weekend editor for The Mary Sue. She thrives at the intersection of geek culture and feminism. She wrote and directed the web series THANK YOU COME AGAIN, based on her real-life experiences working as a sex educator. She is the Vice Chair of the LGBTQ+ committee, as well as a former roller derby girl and a black belt in judo, so she is not to be trifled with.
Gil HizonMANAGER: Steve Smith (steve@stagecoachent.net) | Evan Lewis (evan@stagecoachent.net) @ Stagecoach Entertainment https://directories.wga.org/member/b66e4b43-419d-49e7-9f27-302afba230f91 - Staff WriterINSATIABLE (Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/HisInstagram: @gilhizon | Facebook: Gil HizonYesGil Hizon is currently staffed on Netflix’s INSATIABLE. Born and raised in the Philippines, Gil grew up watching variety shows, satiric comedies and melodramatic soaps. A serial monogamist and a child of divorce, Gil is drawn to narratives about the screwed-up ways people cope with relationship issues. The stories Gil writes are sarcastic and edgy, yet grounded and emotional. Gil has BA degrees in Psychology, Theater and TV Writing/Producing. He’s also a self-proclaimed astrology expert and a fitness freak. He’s a graduate of Fairfield University and Columbia College Chicago, and is thrilled to be an alumnus of the CBS Writers Mentoring Program.
Hilary HeldingManager: Peri Litvak peri@authenticm.com WGA Find A Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/08587d2c-1ccd-4c92-9e71-c170eb9544301 - Staff WriterDevelopment at ABC Studios, American Woman (Staff Writer), Sundance Episodic FellowshipLesbianShe/Her/Hers@TwoHsAreBetterYesHilary Helding grew up in a blue-collar town off some highway in central Illinois that you’ve never heard of unless you’re from there. She basically grew up in an ice rink, playing hockey, speed skating, and finally ending up competitive figure skating in a pairs team with her older brother. M. Night Shyamalan twist: she was the one who ended up being gay. After their father lost his job at the factory, they could no longer afford this bougie sport and Hilary entered high school without any extra curriculars. She had no choice but to join them all: the school newspaper, debate team, soccer, marching band, scholastic bowl, and even the boys wrestling team. It turns out she really missed wearing spandex. After escaping the farm, she moved to Chicago where she went to college, managed a bookstore, almost got murdered, and came out of the closet. As a result of almost all of those things, she moved far away to the safe city of Los Angeles. This is where Hilary discovered that she really enjoyed writing crazy mash-ups like a family sitcom about Henry VIII, a modern day chick comedy about gargoyles, or a drama about a woman wrestler. When she’s not writing you can find her planning her next adventure, creating custom greeting cards, or hanging out with her cat... possibly while wearing spandex.
Rachel Kileyhttps://directories.wga.org/member/7ef7f8a7-d40a-4d50-a3b8-63746122d49bI Ship It (co-producer, The CW), The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (co-producer, Emmy award-winning streaming series), The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet (Simon & Schuster novel)lesbianShe/Her/Hers@rachelkileyI’m a queer writer passionate about stories featuring messy young women navigating bizarre situations — preferably supernatural or musical — while relying on strong female friendships and maintaining a healthy dose of humor. I grew up in an Extremely Christian Suburb of Texas, bounced to NYU after high school so I could do things like “think abortion is fine” and “not see guns everywhere,” and then headed out to LA right after that, despite my deep loathing of sunlight. I had been adopted as a screaming infant and therefore wound up spending most of my early 20s tracking down as many of my Bandido biker birth father’s other children as I could (my digital private investigator skills have gotten AMAZING) and getting a catalogue of crazy stories from my family history. My other adult years have been spent living out of my car, jaunting off to the midwest for a year to try to make myself hate snow more than LA’s sun, (politely) kicking ghosts out of my apartments, and mostly, working in short form scripted and editorial writing.
Tawal Panyacosit Jr.Manager - Brandy Rivers (Industry Entertainment: (323) 954-9000) and Find a Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/3adcc262-5c75-4506-9969-96d3e57205592 - Story EditorLife After First Failure (CW Seed) - Co-Executive Producer with 3 episode writing credits. (Although, I'm currently staffing at Story Editor!)GayHe/Him/HisTwitter: @tawal, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tawal.panyacosit, NoTawal was born and raised in San Francisco, the second child of Chinese and Thai immigrants, who sent him to French school. Luckily, he did not turn into a cultural schizophrenic, but instead a global citizen who proudly speaks four languages. After attending Brown University, Tawal went through a super gay phase (there may or may not have been capes involved) where he worked as a political organizer for marriage equality, which led to a Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University. After a few more years in the good fight, Tawal returned to his first love: writing. Tawal’s writing credits include Life After First Failure (CW Seed), which he developed along with his former writing partner and served as Co-Executive Producer on the series. In addition to his comedic chops, Tawal is also a diehard genre geek with a penchant for anything magical, mystical, mythological, and/or musical (he was also a total drama club lifer). And, while his days as an activist knocking on doors are more past than present, through his stories and writing, he hopes to continue making the world just a little bit brighter and a little less scary. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9384937/
Glenn Gaylord 323-459-1870I DO, LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR, EATING OUT: ALL YOU CAN EATGayHe/Him/HisGlebborama on Instagram Glenn Gaylord is the award- winning writer/director with such credits as I DO, LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR, BOYCHICK, LOST CAUSE, IF WE TOOK A HOLIDAY, LEZ BE FRIENDS, and EATING OUT: ALL YOU CAN EAT. A graduate of the UCLA Film School, Glenn moved to LA from his native Youngstown, Ohio because if you’re gonna be unemployed, it’s better with sunshine. In between film projects, he has a wealth of insane experiences, such as a Jail Health Educator, a Clinical Trials Director and as an AIDS Educator at the height of the epidemic. Yes, he now owns a pair of Angel Wings.
Lynn SternbergerMainstay Entertainment (Tim Honigman & Ray Moheet) OR https://directories.wga.org/member/9f39e6bf-460b-4ad7-8525-c407a80708f63 - Executive Story EditorBLUFF CITY LAW (NBC/Uni, Executive Story Editor), THE BOLD TYPE (Freeform/Uni, Staff Writer), HEARTBEAT (NBC/Uni, Staff Writer)LesbianShe/Her/Hers@lynnsternbergerNoI grew up in Pittsburgh before it got cool. Thankfully, my mom's job with the city theater granted me early exposure to storytelling. I mostly came out in high school, but didn't tell my parents I was gay until midway through sophomore year at Wellesley (I cried. They didn’t.) I thought for a while I was supposed to work in publishing, and did that while living a wine-saturated single life in Boston. In 2008, I was on a family vacation in Panama when my father suffered a fatal heart attack while we were snorkeling. That experience changed everything. I left my job, met the French woman I would later marry, and moved to Vancouver for film school. Now I write about how families get upended by illness, and geography, and long-held secrets unearthed. How the political can be intimately personal, especially from the perspective of millennials, women, and queer people. While swinging between straight drama and dramedy, my writing is consistently grounded, female-centered, and always reaching for an emotional truth.
Beverly NeufeldSheree Guitar <sheree@shereeguitarent.com>0 - Freelance Episode(s)A Girl Thing (feature/writer). Wajda (feature, rewrite) Gummy Bear Show (freelance episode)LesbianShe/Her/HersYesI've been gay, teaching at Compton High School and then Orthodox Jews (don't like skirts, but had to wear 'em). I've had to be closeted, and the "other" in many places. I write about belonging, and making families and communities wherever you can.
Eric Reyes Loohttps://directories.wga.org/member/16e2b017-42db-42c5-9b6f-f65bfe61f99fA.J. AND THE QUEEN - Exec Story Editor, GUIDANCE - Co-ProducerGayHe/Him/His@loolooliciousI'm a triple threat - Gay, Chinese and Mexican - who writes witty character driven serialized dramas. I survived 16 years of Catholic school education and only survived that experience through Buddhism. Since I started out in the theatre, what the emotional violence of what people do to each other in the confines of their own homes appeals to me. And to offset that, my characters tend to be irreverent, sarcastic, sometimes caustic, and funny in order to keep themselves from crying.
Celeste VasquezKen Freimann (ken@circleofconfusion) - Circle of Confusion - 310-691-7020 THE BOLD TYPE (Staff Writer)
THE ORIGINALS (Freelance Writer)
BiShe/Her/HersTwitter: @trashquezI grew up in a small, gun-toting desert town outside of Los Angeles with my Guatemalan/Mexican-American dad, religiously conservative white mom, and three siblings. I identify as half Latina and half white trash. When I was twelve, my dad wrote and funded his own indie horror film and somehow got Corey Feldman to star in it. It was a disaster on many levels, but I got to visit set and found my calling. I moved out when I was sixteen so I could attend a more prestigious high school. Without my parents around, I joined the local punk scene and spent most of my time driving around the desert and cruising around Wal Mart with my friends. Sensible and economical (a.k.a. poor), I attended community college for two years and then transferred to UC Berkeley. I fell in love with the Bay Area, but got into USC’s Stark Program immediately post-college where I learned about the industry as a whole including budgets and story development. But more importantly, it’s where I realized writing is my true passion. After ultimately landing a job as Julie Plec’s assistant and subsequently discovering my bisexuality (long story), the rest is history. Outside of writing, I love playing soccer, running, playing piano, watching the NWSL, drinking coffee, and hanging out with my sister’s kids.
Luther M. MaceLuthermace@gmail.com; (310) 926-8809SURVIVOR’S REMORSE (Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/HisTwitter: @Luther11Situational dramas, dramedies and soaps are my lanes. I thrive on exploring the interconnectedness of human beings and our many dysfunctions. Passionate about reppin' the voice of the underdog. My sensibilities expand beyond my own point of view of the world. Strong at writing female characters. Great at tracking emotional beats. My most recent credit was staff writer on SURVIVOR’S REMORSE.
Michael KennedyManager Garrett Greer, Haven Entertainment gg@haven.la WGA FIND A WRITER: https://directories.wga.org/member/ba92c1d4-681f-45c7-a392-cd67052aeacfSERIAL GIRLS (CW, Pilot/CO-EP)
BORDERTOWN - Staff Writer
ATTACK OF THE QUEERWOLF! - Queer Horror Movie Podcast Creator/Co-Host for Blumhouse
Gay/QueerHe/Him/His@MichaelKenKenFrom a large, Irish-Catholic family in Cleveland to an out, proud, queer writer/creator in Los Angeles, I thrive on creating and writing characters that are female, queer, and, usually, also the underdog. My greatest asset as a writer is my gift for popping, snappy, real dialogue and the ability to blend humor within drama and scares. I have worked in comedy, animation, horror, drama (and occasionally all of the above at one time) and look forward to bringing more of me to characters and shows.
Jonathan HurwitzEmail: jonathanshurwitz@gmail.com; Cell: 301-219-1099; WGA Writer Profile: https://directories.wga.org/member/2ed6df4b-75ff-49fb-906e-94c78cae86471 - Staff Writer"LIZZIE MCGUIRE" (Disney+, Staff Writer); "SHOOK" (Disney Channel, Writer); "ANDI MACK" (Disney Channel, Writer's Assistant/Freelance Writer)GayHe/Him/His@jonathanhurwitzYesKids are mean, so I basically grew up within the comfort of my literal/metaphorical closet in Olney, Maryland. My first love was “Toy Story,” and eventually TV shows like “Six Feet Under” that gave me glimpses of characters who, like me, were struggling with their sexuality. It tracks then that I grew up, went to college, came out to my friends and family, then started my career in entertainment at Pixar, assisting the very people who animated “Toy Story.” Three years ago I started working in LA as a writer's assistant and freelance writer on Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack” (which featured the channel’s first openly gay character!), a gig that led to my current staff writer job on the upcoming "Lizzie McGuire" sequel for Disney+. My goal is to continue writing on shows (half-hour and hour-long dramedies) with LGBTQ+ themes that might be able to provide some light to audiences in the way that shows like “Six Feet Under” did for me. I have a particular interest in writing coming-of-age/YA stories (because the stakes when you’re a tween are truly wild), often centered on grounded, emotional characters who come from a misfit/outsider POV. But most important, regardless of which writer's room I’m in, I will inevitably make a daily reference to Queen Beyoncé, whose music got me through all those aforementioned years growing up in the closet.
Steven J. KungManager: Tyler Reynolds tyler.reynolds@esartists.com WGA Find A Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/03042c63-d8c4-41cc-868a-5c721d855ca3DEAR WHITE PEOPLE (Writer's Assistant/Freelance Writer), FALLING FOR ANGELS (Staff Writer), A LEADING MAN (Feature)GayHe/Him/Histwitter.com/stevenjkungBorn in Virginia Beach, the son of a computer science professor and tech entrepreneur, Steven rebelled by working in jazz programming at the Kennedy Center and teaching Latin dance. He is driven by stories about people on the fringes, evinced by his feature writing and directorial debut A Leading Man, and his upcoming episode of Dear White People, guest-starring Laverne Cox. Steven speaks and writes conversational Mandarin, but is grand master-level at eating and ordering Chinese food.
Kase Penahttps://directories.wga.org/member/ce5888f9-7a23-4d2e-b52f-d2130b89f5b4BRUJAS (Staff Writer); FULL BEAT (Writer) / HBO Distribution; TRABAJO (Writer) / HBO DistributionTransShe/Her/HersI am a Transgender Woman of color, Latinx to be precise. I represent an entire class of people that is totally under-represented in media, who's also capable of writing outside the Transgender experience. I enjoy writing character driven stories that are grounded in reality. Drama and Dramedy are my preferred genres.
Kylie CondonManager - Sarah Dodge at Industry Entertainment, sarahd@industryentertainment.com (323) 964-9222STILL THE KING (Staff Writer), BIG CITY GREENS (Staff Writer), BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (Freelance Writer/Writers' Assistant)LesbianShe/Her/Hershttps://twitter.com/kyliecondonKylie Condon is a Chicago-born comedy writer based in Los Angeles. She has worked on multiple award-winning TV shows including 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. More recently, she was a writer on Disney’s Big City Greens and CMT’s Still the King. Kylie is currently writing a digital series for Above Average, Nylon Magazine, and Archer Gray called Astrotypes, and a Fox Digital project called LDR. In her spare time, she teaches creative writing to elementary school students and is a writer for an LGBTQ+ travel website.
D. Pullanoggtown@mac.com, 323-823-1965, WGA profile with 1/2 hour writing sample - https://directories.wga.org/member/02690511-6a15-4b66-9c52-a8d5c2580154N/A - Haven't Staffed YetWRITER/CO-CREATOR: "The Immigrant" - Award-winning short film I co-wrote with Scott Thompson starring Michael Cera, Dave Foley and Will Forte that was optioned as a series by Fox International.

SENIOR PRODUCER: "Blind Date" (500 episodes)

WRITER: "Kung Fu Kids" - Feature comedy script starring Jackie Chan that was bought by the Weinstein Co.
TransgenderShe/Her/HersTWITTER @dspullanoYesAfter twenty years in Hollywood and a lifetime in the closet, I came out this year as a trans woman. As a comedy writer, finally embracing my authentic self unleashed a creative spark and voice that had been hiding in the closet with me. It also gave me a really unique perspective on gender, privilege and sexuality.

I grew up with offensive and unrealistic portrayals of trans characters on tv and film and it was the source of shame and discomfort. Subsequently, I’ve come to realize the importance of diversity on staffs, no matter what the subject matter. The final product can really affect people's lives. I feel my unique voice can be an asset to any show as I can see both sides of the coin.

I'm drawn to grounded comedy that flows from well-defined and complicated characters. And I love finding smart ways to explore and portray complicated subject matter.

My current sample is a half-hour comedy pilot based on my own experience of coming out as a trans woman while working in the male-dominated and at times misogynistic video game industry, all while raising a teen son as a single parent.
Cole FowlerPersonal Email: colefowler@gmail.com, Manager: Dianne Fraser, Industry Entertainment, 323-964-9235, DianneF@IndustryEntertainment.com, Agents: Cindy Mintz & Tahira Martemucci, Kaplan Stahler Agency, 323-966-2768 (Cindy), 323-966-2992 (Tahira), WGA "Find a Writer" Page: https://directories.wga.org/member/f958e91f-0587-44a9-94fd-1fae7fffb7fc2 - Story EditorSIREN (Story Editor/Staff Writer/Writers' Assistant), STRANGER THINGS (Script Coordinator), HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (Script Coordinator)GayHe/Him/Hishttps://www.facebook.com/colefowler220, https://twitter.com/coleman220YesAs a gay man from Texas, Cole writes stories about outsiders coming to terms with themselves. He likes to write YA, focused on characters who feel disconnected from society, and also character dramas, inspired by real-life people who have foregone tradition and forged their own paths.

As a kid, Cole desperately wanted to be a magician. He trained for years in the art of magic, juggling, and, yes, clowning. As a teenager, Cole’s passion for magic morphed into a more general love of performing and storytelling. Cole attended the University of Southern California on a Presidential scholarship, where he received a B.A. in Cinema-Television Critical Studies. After graduating, Cole went on to earn a Television Writing Certificate through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, where he focused in one-hour drama.

Cole wrote the Fringe comic entitled “Imagine If… Walter Outlived the Earth,” available through DC Comics. Cole served as the script coordinator on Twisted, Scream, How to Get Away with Murder, and Stranger Things. Cole wrote an episode of the web series Coffee Talk called “Sugar Daddy,” which along with the other episodes, won Official Selection in the Queer Bits Film Festival and Desperado LGBT Film Festival. Cole hopes to bring more complicated, nuanced portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters to television.
Kaja MartinTheKajaMartin@gmail.comStarter Pack (Staff Writer), Musings of a Mixed Girl (Writer), The Equals Three Show (Writer)Pansexual (Queer or Bi I also respond too)She/Her/HersFB: https://www.facebook.com/thekajamartin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KajaMartinKaja Martin’s greatest accomplishment was getting her full name announced at college graduation: Kadiatou Nzinka Dado Bntu Usmano Martin. Born to a strict Muslim father and far-out hippie mother, Kaja is a legacy for both African drumming and the Rajneesh, Osho cult.

Kaja has written on The Equals Three Show and Booze Lightyear, which catered to an audience of over 10.7 million subscribers. Most recently, Starter Pack, a show which Kaja co-created and co-wrote for Fullscreen & ATT’s Hello Lab was written up in the New York Times as, “one of the six shows on Facebook Watch that prove it’s a competitive streaming platform.” Currently the show has over 72 million views.

Kaja is the youngest of two with an older transgender brother. Kaja is passionate about minority and LGBTQ representation, both on and off screen. She has incorporated these ideas into her work since attending Occidental College when she collaborated with low-income Los Angeles high school students to create a play about gender roles and sexuality.

Currently Kaja writes and directs comedic sketches for Facebook where her most popular video, What Really Happens When Black People are Alone has over 2.3 million views. When not writing Kaja enjoys sewing, crafting, and backpacking. She is currently teaching her dog Neptune – a French bulldog – to read and write.

“It has been an incredibly slow process but rewarding.”
Matthew D'AmbrosioJulie Bloom, Spencer Robinson, David Chien (Art/Work Ent) Brant Rose (Brant Rose Agency)VAMPIRE DIARIES (staff writer), the WITCHER (staff writer)GayHe/Him/Histwitter: @drmattdambrosioBorn in New York, but for reasons out of his control grew up in a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Attended college and received a degree in Psychology, but fell back on his Film minor when he became a camera person for a local college’s distance learning program. Worked up the ranks of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, going from Office PA in season one to Staff Writer by the show’s final season. When not writing, he spends his time with all of his cats and his boyfriend. He also for some reason really "enjoys" Twitter, abstract painting, and some weekends can be found watching the entire (original) Star Wars trilogy in one sitting.
Price Petersonprice.peterson@gmail.com2 - Story EditorHEATHERS (Story Editor), SUPANATURAL (Amazon pilot - Co-creator), FANCY BASTARDS (MTV pilot - Co-creator)GayHe/Him/His@pricepetersonYesBorn in Fresno, attended UCLA, fell into sketch comedy. Story editor on HEATHERS, and co-created pilots for Amazon & MTV. Along the way wrote humorous photo-recaps of serious TV shows. Also a ginger (full disclosure).
Kris RehlManager: Jack Greenbaum at The Arlook Group (jgreenbaum@arlookgroup.com), WGA Find a Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/500dd9eb-635d-417b-ad71-cdfcebc012003 - Executive Story EditorGood Trouble (Executive Story Editor), The Fosters (Story Editor/Staff Writer)Gay, QueerHe/Him/His@krisrehlYesGrowing up in Georgia, I worked in a comic book store and was mentored by a felonious youth pastor at my gays-burn-in-hell local church, which is probably why I primarily write damaged outsider characters in coming of age and genre stories. Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which had the first series regular queer character I ever saw on television, saved my life as a teenager. The show’s central theme of self-empowerment inspired me to study TV writing at NYU with the hope of telling stories that might also positively impact the lives of others. Some of my most defining experiences were in college, including assistant teaching at a Chinatown elementary school, surviving a homophobic hate crime in my freshman dorm, and studying abroad in Florence. In 2011, I moved to L.A. and won the Disney employee Halloween costume contest, before spending the next few years working my way up to staffing on The Fosters. I most recently worked as an executive story editor on Good Trouble. My favorite types of stories to tell have a socially conscious message, and I love collaborating in a room, doing research, and finding grounded twists that impact characters in exciting and insightful ways.
Matt McConkeyhttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm2068346/RIDE OR DIE, Pop TV (Creator/Executive Producer)
HEATHERS, Paramount (Story Editor)
UNSEND, Comedy Central (Co-Creator/Producer)
GayHe/Him/HisCo-host of the queer Earwolf podcast “Homophilia” with Dave Holmes (featured on Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List”), and “Lost & Found” (profiling famous adoptees and adoptive parents). Renowned expert on Jennifer Aniston and The Real Housewives (New York and Beverly Hills only).
Barbara Friendbarbara.k.friend@gmail.com2 - Story EditorSTATION 19 (Story Editor, Staff Writer), GREY'S ANATOMY: B-TEAM (Writer)QueerShe/Her/Hers@babsamiga (Twitter)NoFrom Houston (like Beyonce), I attended an all-girls Catholic high school. I promise it didn’t ruin me; it actually taught me to be exactly who I am but not how to dress myself or how to talk to boys (this worked out just fine in the end…). I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio-Television-Film, a musical theater addiction, and a cake blog, “Sassy Badger Cake Baker.” Since moving to Los Angeles, I co-founded Queer Cinema Club (an online resource for LGBTQ+ films), started volunteering with the LA LGBT Center, and have watched from my studio apartment as all my friends back home purchased multiple homes! In my spare time, I like to play and coach soccer, mess around on multiple musical instruments… poorly, and “do” arts and crafts. I am a compulsive tooth-brusher who still sleeps with a baby blanket, and in looking forward at my career, my main goal is to work for shows and showrunners that set authentic and inclusive stories as a top priority. I am drawn to character-driven, typically dramedy, pieces that teach the world something new.
Charlotte Lewishttps://directories.wga.org/member/8886eabe-a082-4954-9fab-d8156adee36fTELL ME A STORY (Script Coordinator), FAKING IT (Writers Assistant/Derivative Web Series)BisexualShe/Her/Hers@charinchargeCharlotte is a queer woman in a family of all women. It's a running joke that all the men in her family aren't long for this world because they divorce out fairly quickly. It's not a surprise that all her content is female-driven and often centers around complicated female relationships. As a trauma survivor, Charlotte takes her difficulty with PTSD/mental health and and distrust of men and uses dark humor to make sense of it. She has a love of bossy bad ass blondes -- in her youth, her idols were Buffy and Britney Spears, and as a 31 year old she's moved onto Daenerys and Taylor Swift. Her love of all things teen is evident, and she hopes her writing makes struggling teenage girls specifically feel less alone.
Allen Claryhttps://directories.wga.org/member/4804a1c9-37c7-4bf2-ae39-9d3577bf62f1ZAC & MIA (Executive Producer, digital), 90210 (Staff Writer), GayHe/Him/His@allenstigatorBorn into a farming family in rural Texas, I was pretty much always laser-focused on writing for TV—much to the bewilderment and concern of my family. After attending The University of Texas at Austin and earning a degree in Radio-Television-Film, I booked it to LA, worked in TV development for almost four years, and then joined the writing staffs of the shows LIFE UNEXPECTED and 90210 on The CW. Most recently, I adapted the digital series ZAC & MIA for Hulu which blessed me with a Writers Guild Award and a Daytime Emmy in 2018. Having just completed the WGA TV Writer Access Project as a drama writer in the LGBTQ+ category, my writing "sweet spot" is stories that are character-, heart-, and emotion-driven.
Mike ZaraChelsea Benson at Echo Lake: (310) 789 - 4790MAJOR CRIMES (Story Editor), MAJOR CRIMES (Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/HisTwitter: @ZaraTalksI write poppy stories that are female character-driven in various genres, including dramedy, horror, musicals, comedy and YA. I’ve coined my genre as “Bloody Bubblegum.”

The reason why I gravitate to writing younger female characters is because I lost my 19-year-old sister when I was 15 – the teenage perspective is ingrained in me. I’m a sensitive guy and create characters based on that sensitivity. I understand the absurdity of tragedy. I like writing about the underdogs of the world, usually in dark places but always with surreal wit and a hopeful ending.

I started out as an actor in Los Angeles. I then spent five years running a successful fashion brand. At 30, I quit my day job and started interning for one of my TV heroes, Darren Star (side note: Beverly Hills, 90210 is why I’m even in Los Angeles). When the show Darren was producing (GCB) was picked up to series, I asked our showrunners if they needed any help in the writers’ room. But they thought I was a Darren’s executive assistant. I was like, “Nope, unpaid 30-year-old intern. Trying to get on a show.” They hired me and I never looked back. Since MAJOR CRIMES wrapped, I’ve sold two drama pilots (one to YouTube and the other to The CW).
Ryan Willisonhttps://directories.wga.org/member/d3a44789-d558-4057-a187-b134b2d87ed8THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (Writer of Episode 112, Writers' Assistant), GLOW (Script Coordinator), BLUNT TALK (Writers' Assistant)GayHe/Him/His@ryryredux on Twitter, @rgwillison on InstagramExperienced Writers' Assistant/WGA Associate Member looking for that Staff Writer jump! I got my start at the early age of twelve remaking beloved films like "Kill Bill" and "Moulin Rouge!" starring my two dachshunds and my sister's Beanie Babies. Now I write dramedies by day and run LA's only mime troupe, The Quiet Kids, by night. I serve jokes and poignancy equally well, always keeping the comedy truthful even when my characters are unhinged. And they... often are. Tonally, I'm the love child of John Early and Spike Jonze (god, that'd be hot). I've got reps at CAA, one "written by" under my belt, and samples available through the myWGA link for your perusal. Hire me and I will turn your writers' kitchen into a bootleg Great British Bake-Off.
Michael Poissonmikedpoisson@gmail.com OR Manager: Corey Ackerman - corey@cartelent.comRAISING DION (Staff Writer - Netflix - Hourlong Action Adventure Dramedy),
ROBOT CHICKEN (Writer - Adult Swim - Adult Animated Sketch Show)
ALIEN NATION (Creator/EP - Half Hour Sci-Fi Comedy sold to Eko)
GayHe/Him/HisI was once told by a boyfriend: "I like you because you're really fun and happy. But you also always have a slight undercurrent of sadness...” I think that pretty much sums up my writing. I had a tricky childhood with cancer causing the deaths of my dad and all four grandparents at a young age. Rather than going crazy, my mom taught her kids how to laugh through the difficult times. Now I write dark musical comedies about a psychopath who dissociates into violent musical numbers whenever she feels the urge to hurt someone. So, yeah, I'd say I turned out fine.

I think my voice shines best in either dark comedies, or light hourlong dramedies. Any show that can make you laugh AND cry, that's where I want to be! I'm also a comic book AND musical theater geek, so any shows involving superheroes or high-belting ingenues are also right in my wheelhouse.
I’m also very excited to be part of these LGBTQ+ Rainbow Pages!
Mercedes Vallehttps://directories.wga.org/member/83366df6-fc63-471c-adac-ee8686a89fea or www.mercedesvalle.com1 - Staff WriterELENA OF AVALOR (Staff Writer), VAMPIRINA (Freelance Writer)BiShe/Her/Hers@mercedesmvalle (IG, Twitter)NoMs. Valle is a writer, martial artist, and recovering lawyer, who was born in NYC. She was raised both there and Pennsylvania, but went to high school, college, and law school in New Jersey. As a bi black and Latinx woman, she didn’t always fit in when she was growing up. But she found “her people” when she joined Princeton’s Taekwondo Club. Not only did she make lifelong friends, but she also competed at the collegiate level, eventually placing third at collegiate nationals. After graduating from Princeton, she spent over three years in Seoul, Korea, where she earned both her third-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a master’s in Korean Studies. Then her life took a dark turn when she became a litigation attorney at a big New York law firm. But after being miserable doing what she “should” do, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Since then, she has written freelance for Vampirina and Puppy Dog Pals; and was a staff writer on Elena of Avalor. Also a longtime martial artist, Ms. Valle has been a Taekwondo instructor, coach, competitor, and referee. Currently, she trains in the Israeli self-defense system, Krav Maga. Ms. Valle can speak Korean and some basic Japanese.
Chase Heinrich & Micah SteinbergStephen Marks, Dialed-In Entertainment: 323-531-7999 / smarks@dialedinent.comStory Editors - Raven's Home (Disney Channel)
Staff Writers - The Thundermans (Nickelodeon)
GayHe/Him/HisTwitter: @chassiah / @hashtagmicahMicah is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community, WGA, Soul Cycle, and Grindr. Chase is a proud member of… the LA Public Library, CostCo and Blockbuster. After multiple attempts by Micah to make Chase his life-partner, they opted for the next best thing - writing partners. They were recently named a 2019 WGA TV Writer Access Program winner in the LGBTQ Comedy category for their pilot, Grindrs Keepers. Chase and Micah are currently in development with the Disney Channel/Disney+.
Jim Macakjimmacak@comcast.netTWO VOICES (Lifetime MOW / Writer); PENSACOLA: WINGS OF GOLD (Exec. Story Editor); GENERAL HOSPITAL (staff writer)GayHe/Him/HisI spent over 15 years in LA working as a TV writer (GENERAL HOSPITAL, NYPD BLUE, MOW’s) and as a freelance journalist (LA Times, Written By, Men’s Fitness). But I hit a dry spell and I hadn’t met the minimum number of years I needed to maintain my WGA Health Insurance. And I knew I’d need that insurance with some pending medical issues. I decided switch to teaching as an Associate Professor at Emerson College in Boston (a job that came with great insurance) and it was a smart move since I ended up with bypass surgery while there… In May, after 13 years at Emerson, I’m taking an early retirement to pursue writing again fulltime and yet another passion of mine: I’ll be serving as volunteer Private Investigator Trainee at Informed Decision Investigative & Background Information Services in Thousand Oaks.
Caleb AldrichMike Vanderhei, Seven Summits Pictures & Management, mike@seven-summits.org, Phone: 310-550-67771 - Staff WriterHEARTBEAT (NBC, Staff Writer), TRANSPARENT (Amazon, Freelance)GayHe/Him/HisTwitter: @thecalebowski Insta: @calebowski YesAfter spending his formative years moving to new cities every year with his single mom and consistently being the new kid, Caleb quickly learned that his best friend was his TV. Growing up on shows like Melrose Place and Buffy the Vampire, he fell in love with serialized storytelling and the power of a great one liner.
Now that he's older with actual human relationships, he still looks to TV for fulfillment only now it's in being part of the creative process. He loves drama and dramedy, with a passion for exploring what's beneath the surface of his characters. He's always trying to make his audience laugh or cry (or laugh and cry), but his main drive is to create work that is entirely entertaining. His favorite idea to explore is what it means to be a good person, and he loves the power of a great cliffhanger.
In person, he's warm and receptive, the kind of room member that encourages others to pitch without shame and who you can bounce ideas off of. Doesn't like mustard, so that means more for you!
Hilliard guessManager Jon Brown - Ensemble Entertainment - jbrown@ensembleent.comDeadly Class (Staff Writer), Tulsa - Black Wall Street Story (Feature), Cathay Williams - Mini Series (Co-Writer/Developed by)GayHe/Him/His@HilliardGuessBorn in the D, raised in the ‘hood near SF, military brat, 80s Style Gay Afro Punk who writes Underdog Stories centered in the Horror, Murder, Death, Kill World! Also love bio pics, music stories & gritty historical shit!
Brendan Cliffordclifford.brendan@gmail.com / WGA Profile: https://directories.wga.org/member/d817e3a4-bfca-490c-b134-22ca841ef23a6 - Supervising ProducerNIGHTCAP - single-cam comedy on Pop TV, 2 seasons (Supervising Producer / Staff)
TURNT - teen drama on Facebook Watch, 40 episodes (Supervising Producer)
AFTER LATELY - single-cam comedy on E!, 3 seasons (Executive Story Editor)
GayHe/Him/His@BrendanPlease twitter / instagramYesSome things: I'm in my mid 30s, I didn't come out of the closet until I was 32, I have a straight identical twin and a non-binary sibling 1 year younger, I love water and marzipan but not together (crazy right?). Culturally my most influential influences are probably Stephen Sondheim, The Simpsons, and Edward Albee. When I was 13 my CD collection was mainly musicals and 90s hip hop. I started as a playwright (which I still am), spent my early 20s assisting on Broadway shows and the last 12 years mainly in TV on cable comedy. My voice, as it were, fits in the comedy/dramedy world, and is pretty character and dialogue based. I gravitate toward grounded and absurd equally, drama and comedy. My resume is mostly comedy but I have worked on drama, and instinctually I'm not tied to either and have a wide range pilot samples: dark comedy, animated, half-hour dramedy, hour-long dramedy.

Professionally I've written half-hour cable comedy, teen drama, dark animated comedy, kids multi-cam sitcom, wacky political satire, sketch, variety, awards, and recently interactive ("choose your own adventure"). I'm adaptable to various genres, rooms, formats and budgets, and I've been involved through writing, shooting and editing on several shows. I've worked at staff level, mid level, supervising producer and I'll consider any contract level for a show I want to be involved with.

Working with queer people and on queer content more would be wonderful, it has been entirely lacking in my career opportunities until recently.
Justin BrennemanManager: Cassie Duffy & Lindsay Perraud/Kaplan Perrone (duffy@kaplanperrone.com)2 - Story EditorQUANTICO (Story Editor, Staff Writer)
SMASH (Freelance Writer)
MONK (Freelance Writer)
GayHe/Him/HisFacebook: justin.brenneman, Twitter: @justinbrennemanYesJustin is an ESE-level drama/dramedy writer. He grew up in Grand Rapids, MI, whose dubious claim to fame is being the hometown of Betsy DeVos. He’s a recent transplant to Los Angeles, having spent the past decade in New York – so if you’re planning a trip there, he has a lot of opinions on what shows to see.

He aims to write twisty, emotional, character-driven stories. He enjoys working in a variety of genres, including family and relationship dramas, crime/mystery/thrillers, teen shows, soaps, procedurals and dark comedies. Family is a theme in his writing, and he has extended family from all walks of life (journalist, songwriter, developer, high-school teacher, Wall Street, former military), including many in law (judge and A.U.S.A., public defender, defense attorney) -- any of whom he's willing to bug if it means making a character or story more authentic. Friendly and tireless. Can break story; write fast, solid drafts; and cover set.

Before he was staffed, Justin worked as a writers' assistant on RED OAKS, ALLEGIANCE and GIRLS and the pilots for THE AFFAIR, MADAM SECRETARY and MASTERS OF SEX. Justin graduated from the playwriting concentration at NYU Tisch, where he has since taught. At one point, Justin planned to become a therapist, and he also has a degree from NYU’s psychology program.
Krystal Banzonkfbanzon@gmail.comI FEEL BAD (Staff Writer)LesbianShe/Her/Hers@HandsOnBanzonQueer FirstGen Filipina, mama to 3, WGA drama/dramedy writer both half hour & hourlong. Love to write complicated family dynamics & soapy and/or snarky relationship driven stories! I especially live to tell queer love stories.

I was raised in the Breaking Bad deserts of California and born out of a marriage of convenience between a gambler-dreamer father who wanted a family and practical nurse mother who wanted a green card, so it makes sense that I write about love, relationships, and complicated family dynamics.

I got my BA from Smith College in women’s studies, a Masters in New Media from NYU Tisch, and a Fulbright fellowship to study theater in the Philippines. After working as a theater director in NYC, working in the multicultural theater scene, I transitioned to working as the Manager of Diversity Programming at NBC where I supported the network pipeline programs and worked to expand the representation of women and people of color in front of and behind the camera.

A long time ago, I once thought that being a lesbian was the best form of birth control…then I fell in love with a pregnant woman. Never one to say no to an adventure, here I am, three kids later (1 + twins)! I am an alumni of the CBS Writers Mentoring Program and was last staffed on I FEEL BAD.
Elizabeth PaddenRep: Corrine Aquino at Rain Management (310) 954-9520Untitled Walking Dead Spin-off (ESE), Altered Carbon (ESE), The Oath (SW)LesbianShe/Her/HersTwitter: @e_paddenElizabeth grew up in New Jersey just outside of Princeton. She has heard all of your Jersey jokes before, and is a master of laughing politely in response. She spent her high school years not noticing how uncool it was to be a teenaged Girl Scout, captain of the fencing team, and the only girl in the AV club. For college she defected to Canada, spending four years at Queen’s University where she majored in shoveling snow (and Film). Over the course of her career she has bounced from crime drama to teen show to comedy to sci-fi, and back again with equally unbridled enthusiasm.

Elizabeth aims to combine detailed character work with thought-provoking heightened environments and has done so on shows about Cop Gang Leaders, Future Space Detectives, and Teen Zombie Killers. She frequently draws from her own experiences as a gay woman, lapsed Catholic, outspoken geek, and member of a large, increasingly diverse family for inspiration. Other influences include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Orphan Black, Jessica Jones, The Leftovers, Big Love, and My So-Called Life.
Emily Schmidtemilyrschmidt@gmail.comNO GOOD NICK (Staff Writer), BLOCKERS (on-set joke writer), GIRLBOSS (Writers' Assistant)Queer/BiShe/Her/HersemilyrschmidtI'm a comedy writer and improviser from St. Louis Park, Minnesota who recently came out as queer. Truly, I feel like I've been "out" for years through the filter of the characters I write and portray onstage, but it's only been in the past few years that I've allowed that vulnerability into my real life. I write scripts about familiar women grappling with unexpected change, and find that the most satisfying humor comes from real and vulnerable moments. I love telling stories that may seem small, but actually have unimaginably high personal stakes for the characters. And since I've felt like I was 50 years old since I was 5, I predominantly write for older women. I mean, I was quoting The Golden Girls in 4th grade, and not much has changed. I'm also a playwright who has produced several original plays in the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and I earned a BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU Tisch. When I'm not writing or improvising, I'm playing basketball with the Lucille Ballers and baking bundt cakes.
Paul KarpEmail: pauljkarp@gmail.com / WGA Find a Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/1312562b-2649-4db5-a777-efb6f54ab4fd0 - Freelance Episode(s)ONCE UPON A TIME (freelance writer), MERCY STREET (writers' assistant)GayHe/Him/His@interruptingdadNoI grew up on Long Island and went to college at NYU, where I joined a fraternity of all things. After working on a string on rapper-fronted reality shows (50 Cent: The Money and the Power, anyone?), I finally found my way into a writers' room about two years after moving to LA.

I love exploring complex characters who have something to hide. Maybe it's because I grew up in the closet and was constantly having to pretend I liked sports and girls (like that). I find that trying to keep secrets at all costs can have totally unintended consequences and what's great about that is that they can be dramatic, comedic and everything in between. I really love writing and watching grounded, soapy shows with comedic elements.

Some favorite shows: Seinfeld (all time), Real Housewives, Succession (current)
Brad Baunerhttps://directories.wga.org/member/ace3925a-023d-43e9-9ef2-d28f129489a0Craig Wright's hour-long MTV dramedy UNDEREMPLOYED (Staff Writer), playwright, lyricistGayHe/Him/His@bradbaunerBrad was born in the metropolis of Noblesville, Indiana before enduring the culture shock of attending college at the University of Miami, FL where he studied acting and theater management. Post-college, Brad moved straight to NYC and worked in theater management for 9 years before transitioning to writing for the theatre (plays, musical books and lyrics) and, eventually, moving to LA and writing for television. While living in LA, Brad has worked in the dance world helping choreographers develop narrative pieces. He is currently developing a live stage show with “La La Land” choreographer Mandy Moore. Brad recently returned from a 15-month stint where he and his German husband lived in Munich and traveled through Europe. His German is still nicht so gut.
Drew Z. Greenberghttps://directories.wga.org/member/9082cdc1-a8d5-41db-af6f-fc880f55ba998 - Executive ProducerAGENTS OF SHIELD (Exec Producer), WAREHOUSE 13 (Exec Producer),
STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (Supervising Writer)
GayHe/Him/HisNoReally, I’m just trying to pay for my peanut butter M&Ms habit.
Andrea JanakasManager: Seth Nagel sethznagel@gmail.com / Personal email: aj@takeaspacewalk.com MEMORIES LOST IN THE GALAXY (Staff Writer/Sony Int.) / TAKE THE NET (Creator/Fullscreen) / OMAR THE OFFICE GHOST (Creator/STX)LesbianShe/Her/Hershttps://twitter.com/ajfilm I'm a Greek-American raised in a small town in Massachusetts who started out in journalism and shifted to film and television writing. Because of my journalistic roots, I gravitate towards true stories, book adaptations, drama, and true crime. I also write grounded sci-fi because I grew up on Dr. Who and my mom read me Stephen King at bedtime (no joke!). As indicated above, I'm also a lesbian and have a strong interest in exploring LGBT characters. While there will always be a space to tell stories about underdogs in the LGBT community, I think as current events have shifted in the world of LGBT politics, our community has found different footing. There’s now a great opportunity to explore LGBT characters as heroes, whether in extraordinary circumstances, or even ordinary -- such as a family redefined. I'm also a new mom and my wife and I are getting the chance to see the world through another lens -- our son. As an LGBT parent, I'd like to bring those personal experiences to the room because I believe those kinds of stories can be infused in not only family dramas, but also genre material.
Sarah AfkamiSafkami@gmail.comWilfred (Staff Writer) Legends of Chamberlain Heights (Story Editor) Dice (Executive Story Editor)TransgenderThey/Them/TheirsInstagram: @safkami Twitter: @safkami I believe we are at the core one and that storytelling is a way to draw similarity/unity through our differences. I was born and raised by Iranian immigrants in Texas so I have always had a focus on identity issues in my work. Feeling completely different inside than how you look on the outside gives a person great perspective on image vs.
interior world. We all have a universe of thoughts, hopes and fears— I love exploring and subverting people’s expectations of one another. Whether it be gender, race or religious/political beliefs. My ultimate goal is to reduce bigotry and engender unity.
Terrell LawrencePencil2Pad@gmail.com, Stage Coach Ent: Steve Smith - Steve@stagecoachent.net, Evan Lewis - Evan@stagecoachent.net / https://directories.wga.org/member/afe34b93-17f6-4a0e-b300-3af9bcf60b00YOUR FAMILY OR MINE (Staff Writer), UNDATEABLELIVE (Staff Writer)BiHe/Him/His@KronicleOfNunyaMy comedic writing voice is a genuine reflection of how life is full of ups and downs, depicting how both good and bad times are so necessary in helping us define ourselves on our own terms. I grew up in the backwoods of South Carolina and I always knew I was different. The slur faggot was such a regular occurrence, I became the Mr. Miyagi of appearing unaffected, like I was made of Teflon allowing nothing to penetrate my shield. But like so many others, it hurt me to my core, every single time the words were spewed at me. I spent much of my youth praying, wishing every single day of my life that I could just be normal. So after being sick of standing out, I started blending in. Doing whatever it took to be invisible. This disappearing act went on for years while secretly fighting to deny who I really was. But the main thing I eventually learned about living with secrets is that they'll weigh you down like the belly of a pre-gastric bypass patient. So after many years of carrying around an unwanted mass, I was finally able to build up enough courage to relieve myself of my metaphorical belly bulge. Now all I gotta do is get rid of the physical one.
Amy Sutoamymsuto@gmail.comCONDOR (co-wrote freelance episode 206)BisexualShe/Her/HersTwitter: @amymsuto Instagram: @sutoscience Website: AmySuto.comAmy Suto is a dramatic television writer specializing in stories about complex female characters faced with the cost of their own ambition. She would die on a hill for a good spy thriller, and once almost joined the CIA (and took a lockpicking and computer hacking class while studying screenwriting at USC!) but decided writing thrillers would be better for her mental health than living in one. She most recently co-wrote episode 206 of the conspiracy thriller CONDOR, but also was nominated for two College Television Emmys for a show she wrote and produced back in her USC days about con artists. When she isn’t writing, she collects hobbies like pole dancing, teaching yoga for writers, and ghostwriting memoirs for people all over the world. She’s decided that the best way to come out to the world at large is by writing a personal essay for the LA Times about how pole dancing helped her come out as bisexual, and then sending it to her conservative Arizonan family members with the subject line, “FYI.” The essay comes out in June so she’ll let you know how that goes.
Laurence Walsh-Hodsonhttps://directories.wga.org/member/25f5c1d9-8206-4913-b794-7d5f6006fafdThe Dresden Files, NCIS, CSI:MiamiBiShe/Her/Hers@LaurenceofLAWhen I'm not writing gritty, psychological thrillers, I'm composing heart-warming Christmas movies. I'm drawn to dark characters who have endured and overcome deep trauma and often have a sense of humor about it. Into scifi and law shows. Have a Masters in Psychology.
Bryce AhartJon Huddle (huddle@fourthwallmanagement.com) and Sydney Blanke (blanke@fourthwallmanagement.com) OR https://directories.wga.org/member/d018d599-f4e7-4d6a-bc63-b06b3eb38b9dSTERLING (HBO, Pilot, Co-Creator) LEGACIES (Staff Writer) GayHe/Him/HisTwitter and Instagram: @BryceAhartOne half of a black LGBT writing duo attracted to character-driven ensembles that speak to the human condition. During our senior year at NYU, my writing partner, Stephanie McFarlane, and I were two out of eight fellows selected for the 2017-2018 HBOAccess Writer’s Fellowship where we got to channel our personal ties to gun violence into ​Sterling,​ a pilot about the aftermath of a school shooting in a small Texas town. As the only dramatic selection chosen to be produced through the program, ​Sterling went on to premiere at SXSW. Most recently, we completed staffing on the CW’s ​Legacies​ where we wrote and produced two episodes.
Tom FarrellFarrellThomas@me.comDoom Patrol, Frequency, ContainmentGayHe/Him/Hishttps://twitter.com/tfarrell15I'm a queer screenwriter with a lot of on-set producing experience who loves telling ensemble character-driven stories that are equal parts comedy and drama. Great with fun, poppy dialogue, I'm a fan of all things genre/horror as well as more grounded "chosen family" stories. Will work for cheese and crackers.
Michael Svobodahttps://directories.wga.org/member/e6ad9142-91e8-4cfc-ac02-e33ab8ce6ee0GRAVES (Staff Writer) - CLUB DE CUERVOS (WRITTEN BY) GayHe/Him/Hishttps://www.instagram.com/brokeyolk/I'm a character-forward writer of funny/weird one-hour dramedies. My voice is more cable/ streaming than broadcast.
Gary Goldsteinhttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm0326211/?ref_=ttfc_fc_wr1"Hitched for the Holidays" (TV movie), "Smiling Jack's Records & Tapes" (half-hour pilot), "April, May & June" (produced stage play).GayHe/Him/Hishttps://twitter.com/GaryGoldstein7I find the humor both in the funny and the not-so-funny; specialize in mixing, I hope, well-earned laughs with deeper emotional beats; know how to tell a well-structured story without being glued to script paradigms; enjoy writing recognizably flawed but engaging characters; have been told I write women well; have a wide range of experience in TV, film and theater with much start-to-finish (that is, script-to-screen--and stage) involvement; collaborative, open-minded, supportive: I'm as comfortable managing people as I am being managed. I'm also a freelance L.A. Times film reviewer and arts feature writer so if you have a punctuation dilemma, I'm your guy. Thanks for listening!
Jan Miller CorranThreewomeninabox.comSnapshots; Salt Box House; Turn LeftLesbianShe/Her/HersThreewomeninabox.com; snapshotsthefilm.comWriter and producer of Snapshots, Turn Left, Salt Box House and Jillian’s Ladt Words. Consulting on I’ll See You in My Dreams.
Joanna Pashdaghttps://directories.wga.org/member/5825e64d-2ab9-4017-995c-93d2bcef02ed0 - Freelance Episode(s)Tales of the Gold Monkey (freelance episode), Remington Steele (freelance episode), The Bad Guys (feature film - writer)Trans, BiShe/Her/Hershttps://twitter.com/JoannaHorrocksYesAfter a year as an AFI Writing Fellow, I wrote several TV episodes, a bunch of sold but unproduced pilots, and a feature film whose highlight was a blond Adam Baldwin wrestling in American flag speedos. After that experience, I decided I needed to take a long vacation from Hollywood, so I became a forensic psychologist and made a career out of working with serial killers (really). The thing is, once you’ve sat down across the table from a guy who made girlfriend soup, it turns out producers aren’t that scary after all.

My current spec scripts are genre drama of one sort or another – contemporary horror, sci-fi, suspense, all a little twisted, some very twisted. I’m drawn to stories of devastating losses, impossible choices that lead characters into the very darkest places, and the grace of finding the one thing that gives them the strength to desperately fight their way back home. I have a somewhat Gothic fondness for windy clifftops and abandoned amusement parks, but I know the real monster’s sitting on a bench in the shopping mall, and that the sunniest beach in Hawaii is surrounded by sharks.

I lecture internationally on clinical & forensic psychology topics, particularly trans psychology. I split my time between London, California, and Hawaii, so I’m fluent in British and American English.
Jorge Ramirez-MartinezLawyer: Kim Jaime email: kjaime@jtwamm.com / https://directories.wga.org/member/62be8d8c-524f-42ed-93c6-ce52dd2016e7THE BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION (Staff Writer); SELENA: THE SERIES (Story Editor; Executive Story Editor) Gay He/Him/HisIG and Twitter: @battlewound86I’m a gay Mormon Latinx Virgo who loves to work, meet deadlines, and arrive early. I write dramas about characters who live in two worlds without fully belonging to either one, family dramas since God knows I have a lot of it, and the underdog. I bring positive energy to a room and I’m a great team player. I’m the one who cards (I have excellent handwriting) and I’m strong with story structure, organic character arcs, and pitches. Oh, and I always know the latest celebrity gossip. I was born in Guadalajara (Mexico) and lived there and Chicago before I moved to Stockton, CA, at age 5, where I grew up. I’m the eldest of 3. When my stepfather died, I knew his 401k was paid out wrong. It was meant for my mom, not my evil stepsister. His finance company and employer said there was NO mistake. But I took 1 year off my life and writing to gather evidence to prove them wrong. They still denied their mistake; no lawyer would take on case despite me having proof. So, I took to Twitter to BLAST the finance company and employer with proof and within a month, they paid my mother the 401k money. I got the idea to use bad PR to bend their arm to give me what I wanted because Olivia Pope on SCANDAL uses bad PR to get what she wants. I love a good challenge; there is nothing I cannot do once I set my mind to it.
Steve Chiversschivers@yahoo.com WGA Find a Writer https://directories.wga.org/member/d0f9f4d8-cf61-4fe6-9e19-f164e50affe55 - ProducerWriter - "American Scandal: BALCO" and "American Scandal: The Hare Krishna Murders" (two 6 part podcasts for Wondery)
Writer - "Intervention"
Exec Story Editor "The Parent 'Hood"
GayHe/Him/His@SteveChivers100 FB: https://www.facebook.com/heystevechiversYesI'm a versatile and experienced storyteller who has written for film, TV, animation, web and podcasts. Many of my credits are not listed on the WGA database. I've worked in comedy, drama, reality and documentary and have been active in the guild for many years. When I was 19, I moved to San Francisco and became an activist with Gays Under 21, the first gay youth group in the country. I spoke at an election night rally against prop 8 before a crowd of several thousand on Castro Street. Afterward, Harvey Milk kissed me and told me I gave the best speech of the night. Twenty days later, he was gone. A few years later, the AIDS crisis hit. I was in a writers group of very talented gay men. Almost all of them are dead now. I'm humbled and grateful to be part of a community that has fought, survived and thrived and it's made me realize how important it is to tell our stories and share our history. Let's tell some stories together!
Matt Morganhttps://directories.wga.org/member/86ad4ca6-d120-4d9c-8a19-92147e139895TV: SIREN (Producer), 12 MONKEYS (Exec Story Editor), FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (staff writer). GayHe/Him/Hishttps://www.facebook.com/matthew.morgan.165033Being the product of East Coast Irish/Italians, youngest in a family of five, all raised strict Roman Catholic, I decided to pursue a career in writing as a means of using the guilt, shame, alcoholism, and self-loathing as ammunition. I was obsessed with ALL things film and TV since I was a child. All things Spielberg and Star Trek The Next Generation on a constant rotation. After graduating Emerson College with the resume-busting “BA in Film,” I moved to LA and hustled through various worlds — low-budget special fx, post production, a little light stripping, and bad community theater — all to get to where I am today: a hopefully employable professional writer. When not writing, time is spent maintaining an adversarial relationship with my (probably closeted) conservative father, taking long walks on the beach (after an hour of traffic), reading, and trying to keep my fucking orchid alive. Whether intentional or not, and depending on the writing partner, I typically spin yarns about identity, the search for meaning, and broken people trying to overcome a terrible past by maintaining a fictitious present. To my manager's dismay, I also love writing period pieces.
Michelle Badillo & Caroline LevichManager: Odenkirk Provissiero - Eva DickermanOne Day at a Time, The Bold Type, UnRelated (Co-Producer)LesbianShe/Her/Hers@mistermichelle_ & @caroline_levichWe are a team of writers who believe that greater specificity leads to greater universality. We strive to represent the world as we know it, and make you laugh through the darkness.
Zac HugManager: Garrett Greer, Haven (gg@haven.la) WGA Find A Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/0f1fea4e-ca7f-4857-93a8-0b642ca08f8bShadowhunters (Staff Writer), Road to Christmas (MOW Writer), Drop Dead Diva (Staff WriterGayHe/Him/His@zachugI was born on an apple farm in Ohio. I grew up in Lake Tahoe. I was raised by a disabled father and a loud, funny mother. My first writing job was ghost-blogging for the Real Housewives of Orange County. I was a Digital Media Executive at Bravo, The View, and ABC Family. I teach television writing at UCLA Extension and DePaul University. My writing is about families and groups of people who try to find what’s good and funny and optimistic about things that are deeply unsettling or sad. I am very good at morale in a room. I write off-center characters and find what’s grounded about them. I run half- marathons, I live in a haunted apartment, and I am an excellent cook.
Roosevelt BrownNate Miller - Manage-ment; nm@manage-ment.com6968 BIG TOP LANE, BOUND, BURIAL JONESGayHe/Him/His@longlivethabeatI’m a black, gay, Texan who grew up in a funeral home, so my writing tends to skew heavily genre and darkly comedic. But always from the vantage point of someone seldom seen on screen—-with a touch of the supernatural to bring out the frailty and deeply hilarious moments within the human experience. From the yasss queens to the g-blerds, I cover them all.

My newest sample "BOUND" is a horror pilot inspired by real events in my hometown of Houston and experience dating in the military, about a soldier with PTSD who loses his husband in a tragic accident and moves his multi-racial family to a small town in Texas. But they soon learn this suburb is built on top of an old plantation, where the residents are possessed by slaves.

Other pilots include my comedy, "6969 BIG TOP LANE," about a struggling journalist who goes undercover to investigate the practices of a suspicious new housing community. But after a mysterious murder happens on the first night, he learns that this complex is sitting on a hell dimension----ran by fabulous drag queen landlord.

And my drama pilot, "BURIAL JONES,'" about a suburban Black teen whose forced to move to a rural Texas town after his father takes ill, and quickly finds himself embroiled in a generational war between two family-owned funeral home businesses.
Courtney Perdue & Baindu Saiducourtneyperdue1@gmail.com OR Manager: David Baggelaar (DBaggelaar@good-fear.com)BIGGER (Staff Writer), LEGACIES (Writers Assistant), THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE (Writers Assistant)GayHe/Him/HisTwitter: @CourtneyPerdue1Courtney Perdue & Baindu Saidu (B) are comedy & drama writers from the East Coast. B (a girl!) is from Philly (via Sierra Leone) while Courtney (a guy!) hails from Maryland, no place specific enough to mention. They first met while earning their MA’s from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. They were finalists in the inaugural “Script to Screen” contest launched by BET and Issa Rae’s ColorCreative, which resulted in them receiving a blind script deal. They were most recently staffed on a new cable comedy, BIGGER, for BET/Will Packer Prods.

The duo are affectionately nicknamed “Sass and Shade” for their snarky one-liners and tell it like it is personalities...but in a good way. Courtney is a connoisseur of pop and nerd culture, while B is a fun-loving artist who can throw down in the kitchen. Growing up in their respective families (quirky Africans—B; bold, independent women—Courtney) has prepared them for anything: comedy, drama, tragedy, horror—you name it! Previously Courtney worked as the Writers’ Assistant on LEGACIES (The CW) and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE (Netflix), while B was was a the assistant to Gaye Hirsch at The CW. Perdue and Saidu are a truly dynamic DU-o
Vincent BrownManager: Sheree Guitar 310-286-1900 sheree@shereeguitarent.com, WGA Find a Writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/dd156575-2a0e-4f96-96e3-0642bb7f2480A.N.T. Farm, Staff Writer, Girlfriends, Story Editor, Cousins For Life, ProducerAfrican-American, LGBT+He/Him/HisI love writing character-driven comedy as well as drama,. Sometimes, people say I'm a "smart" writer, but I have a real facility for writer physical comedy as well. I love writing empowered female and African-American characters. I've been with my husband (legally married) for a decade which gives me unlimited relationship material! Being gay, I try to represent that well when I can. My husband and I are co-parenting with our daughter's two mom's and that has given me new insight into the real hard work of parenting, of navigating group dynamics, and the challenges faces by the youth of today. I have a wide and diverse friends group and my quest to learn Spanish as adult opens a world of Los Angeles that probably would be invisible to me otherwise.
Jimmy MosquedaManager: Jeff Portnoy, jeff@bellevueprods.com. WGA page: https://directories.wga.org/member/cebca517-361f-4155-b194-0a428e5fe002LEGACIES (Story Editor); SCHOOLED (Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/His@jimmymosquedaMy lanes: Teen/YA, High School, Comedy, Latinx. My shit is satirical, sarcastic, sometimes surreal, but grounded in real human emotion. I write fucked up but funny stories that reflect my fucked up and somewhat(?) funny upbringing. My dad was a farmworker by day and a coyote by night, so basically Chesar Chavez meets Walter White. Proud FAFSA kid who go accepted into Stanford University (without the help of Felicity Huffman). After college did the whole Silicon Valley thing as an early employee at Facebook. Yes, I partied hard with Mark Zuckerberg and co. before deciding I wasn’t about that life.
Lucas O'ConnorGrandview Entertainment - Jeff Silver, Laura Leonard5 - ProducerHOME BEFORE DARK (Producer/Co-Prod), SNOWPIERCER (before the showrunner change), PERSON OF INTEREST (ESE/SE/Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/His@LucasBroconnorYesPros: Extensive experience on set and in post. I'll have lots and lots of pitches for you, whether your show is an intimate family drama or a high-concept genre piece. Cons: I'll probably eat everything in the candy drawer.
Alexander Newman-WiseKen Freimann @Circle of Confusion ken@circle of confusion.com https://directories.wga.org/member/48687b02-e0a7-4afa-b8e6-2ddc644d73d8 FOR THE PEOPLE (Staff Writer) THE CATCH (Researcher)GayHe/Him/His@newmanwise When I was sixteen, my father came out to me as a spy (working for the CIA). It took me several more years to come out to him as gay, but the shared sense of secrecy changed our entire relationship. I write relationships, families with secrets, sexual power dynamics, drama with a sense of humor, and have lots of procedural experience. I also have a lot of set coverage/episode production experience, can break compelling relationship arcs, and will pitch on story until we figure it out.
Victor De JesusSheree Guitar Entertainment, Manager: Sheree Guitar, sheree@shereeguitarent.com, 310-651-1900, https://directories.wga.org/member/ac94c1b3-293c-43a2-9fc2-ea301ecee299SMILF (Staff Writer), Criminal Minds (Staff Writer), Third Watch (Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/HisIG: frugalvic, @frugalvic1801Born and raised in New York City, I began my career in film and television working for director Spike Lee as an in-house production assistant. I eventually went on to manage several of Spike’s music videos and commercials. That experience of collaborating with music artists, led me to a stint in the Artist Development Department at Jive Records. After a few years at Jive, I returned to the film industry where I production managed several indie films for directors Darnell Martin, Jim Jarmusch, Jonathan Demme and Nancy Savoka; just to name a few. I then decided to try my hand at writing, specifically for television, and moved to Los Angeles. I applied to the NHMC’s Television Writers Program and upon completion I was staffed on NBC’s Third Watch. I come from a family of law enforcement, hence the knack for writing cop shows but I’m also drawn to family dramas (if you’ve met my family you’d understand why) and as a practitioner of the Yoruba-based religion, Santeria, I enjoy delving into the supernatural and science fiction. I tend to write character-driven stories incorporating personas who range from the flawed to the victorious and everything in between.
Christina de LeonKevin Herrera (manager) kevin@themachine.laiZOMBIE (staff writer), THE BAXTERS (staff writer), NASTY HABITS - a webseries (creator)BisexualShe/Her/Hers@ShutUpChristinaChristina de Leon is a bisexual Filipino/Mexican-American and daughter of an immigrant mother. She has a talent for quippy yet grounded dialogue and a love for teen and family dramas. In lieu of film school and university, Christina learned everything she knows about writing and filmmaking by producing two seasons of an award-winning webseries, Nasty Habits-- an anthology series featuring characters partaking in addictive habits. She's currently in pre-production for the third and final season, and has recently finished her first feature script.
Samuel Garza Bernstein https://directories.wga.org/member/0b19fa0a-7d9f-462e-aac1-781b1f3ddb3fBobbie’s Girl (writer/co-producer); W.I.T.C.H. (staff writer) Judging Amy (staff writer)GayHe/Him/Hissamuelgarzabernstein.comMuch of my life and my writing reflect the wild intersections of modern life. I was born to an undocumented Mexican mother who “passed” as white and a Jewish father who sold arms to the Palestinians when we lived for a year in Egypt. Really. He did. I was a gay Jewish kid surrounded by Muslims. I lived in my head a lot, spinning stories. I come to you as someone with a considerable amount of experience, but an odd career
trajectory. I started off 20 years ago in indie film, then wrote a couple of movies for Showtime, including the one my husband and I produced, “Bobbie’s Girl.” It earned an Emmy nom for Bernadette Peters. My subsequent adventures took me to theater and books and some episodic tv. Last year I began focusing again on tv and was chosen for the WGA Writers Access Program under Glen Mazzera. It was a great experience and a
new beginning.
Michael Montgomerymjmwrtr@gmail.com1 - Staff WriterThe Young and the Restless (outline, staff writer, script editor)GayHe/Him/His@mjmwrtrNoI am a Writers Guild of America and Daytime Emmy award-winning writer. I write drama, comedy and sci-fi television scripts with diverse characters and inclusive stories. What informs my writing? At age six, when my teenage parents decided they were incapable of raising a child, I was adopted by my aunt and uncle. My adoptive mother’s mental illness was a constant abusive and embarrassing presence in my life and her death by suicide shocked, angered, and divided my family. I was raised in Austin, where I attended The University of Texas (Hook ‘em Horns!) and graduated with a degree in Radio-Television-Film while toiling full-time at a grocery store. After graduation, I moved to L.A., interned at a daytime drama, worked as a CBS Page (I high-fived Bob Barker!) and a bouncer at a gay club (okay, that only lasted 2 nights, but it’s a good story). I divide my time between L.A. and Austin, where I spoil my three chihuahuas (pics available upon request) along with my partner, an E.R. doctor - so I have tons of weird medical stories in my files.
Dania Bennettdania.bennett@gmail.comCRIMINAL MINDS "IN THE DARK" (freelance writer), ACQUAINTED (short film, writer/producer), LUNCH, INTERRUPTED (short film, writer/producer)QueerShe/Her/Hers@daniabennett (Twitter, Instagram)I grew up in a small town surrounded by strawberry fields, horse pastures, and coastal oak trees. I was raised by busy parents. My dad built rocket computer systems for the government, including some work for the CIA. My mom designed houses. My two sisters went on to become a project manager for a pharmaceutical construction company and a nuclear engineer who is building the atomic battery for the 2020 Mars Rover. I, a self-declared writer since I was 7, dabbled in theatre and poetry in college and eventually received a Bachelors in Psychology/Neuroscience with a minor in Queer Studies. Before working in television, I worked in Nuclear Power, Behavioral Therapy, as a home renovator, and spent the last year as a caregiver for my grandfather struggling with heart failure. I crave live music and go to roughly 50+ concerts a year as well as write my own songs in my free time. I got my start working in television 10 years ago as a set PA after meeting an AD while working at Starbucks and being offered a job on the spot for “being helpful.” As one of many grand-nieces to Mary Queen of Scots, I am enthralled and passionate about history and writing historical dramas. I also love to use my psychology background to write characters with complex personalities.
Joshua Levyhttps://directories.wga.org/member/1a4daed1-c0d2-4cf4-91b6-5dfc64bd6f5diZOMBIE (Story Editor), BUNK’D (Staff Writer), F**KED UP - HBO Pilot (Co-creator)GayHe/Him/His@joshspeed667Joshua Levy is a twenty-something who writes dramedy and genre from a Gen Z point of view. Born an awkward mixed Asian and Jewish kid in San Francisco, he moved with his family to the very different and very suburban Plano, Texas, at the start of high school. Stuck in the beige-ist corner of the world, he began to wrestle with his American identity as well as his sexual orientation. Mining his own unique life experiences for humor and drama, he brings a modern lens to everything he writes. He went to NYU for filmmaking, then got his start in the HBO Writing Fellowship, and has been working steadily ever since.
Jonathon RoesslerManagers: Sara Bottfeld (sarab@industryentertainment.com) Ava Jamshidi (Ava@industryentertainment.com), Industry Entertainment3 - Executive Story EditorUNDERSTAY (Paramount, Creator/EP), COLONY (Hulu, Creator/EP), OVER YOU (eOne, Creator/EP)GayHe/Him/His@jonroessler (Instagram, Twitter)YesFUN FACTS ABOUT ME: My mother is a liberal Native American psychiatrist. My father is an Army General and a Republican. Add gay to that and you can see why I’m attracted to stories about characters that don’t fit into a specific community. Genre tales about outsiders, groups at the breaking point, Icarus tales: these are my sweet spot –– Age 13: I assumed I would fit in better in another country, and, without telling my parents, applied to boarding school in France –– this change in country didn’t solve my problems, but it did inspire the Hulu pilot I wrote last year about an evil school full of murderous secrets –– I’m one of those students that does all the optional reading, and at Vassar I stumbled into fulfilling a triple major of Victorian Lit, Film Theory, and Physics –– which didn’t seem that random once I realized that I often write about insular families, shifting allegiances, and science. Graduated from the MFA Film Program at Columbia University, and my thesis film won the DGA Award even though my advisor said he “didn’t get it.” This has become a daily reminder to always stay true to your instincts as an artist while additionally making me feel like Julia Roberts returning to that store in Pretty Woman. I also play competitive soccer.
Kaycee Felton-Luifeltonlui@gmail.comTHE CODE (Staff Writer), TALENTS (Producer, digital series)Bisexual / QueerShe/Her/Hers@kayceefeltonluiI'm from Los Angeles (seriously!). As a kid, I went to school on a farm run by Evangelical Christians who sent permission slips home with us so the staff would be allowed to do corporal punishment. I'm thinking about writing to let them know one of their students grew up to be a bisexual snowflake SJW who writes TV dramas.

As a staff writer, I was flown to NYC to produce my episode, and I love being on set. Prior to making The Jump, I served as showrunner's assistant to Craig Sweeny, and I've worked in and loved being a part of TV staffs since 2012. In my free time I like to read fiction (but I promise I haven't read nor do I own INFINITE JEST). My background is in network, but I have a cable sensibility. I excel at writing character, and I'm always rooting for the underdog. I'm a fan of genre blending and dramedy. A thing I hear often in meetings is, "Your pilot didn't go where I thought it would!" and I take that as high praise.
Lara E Spottsspottsify@gmail.com4 - Co-ProducerODD MOM OUT (Executive Producer) GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE (Network Executive) THE L WORD (Staff Writer)LesbianShe/Her/Hers@themspacman - TwitterNoLesbian mom to twin middle school boys. I love writing material that is provocative, smart, funny and surprising. I'm an upper level comedy and dramedy writer with a non-traditional background. Before showrunning S3 of ODD MOM OUT I was the SVP of Development for Bravo where I oversaw all unscripted development as well as scripted development and production. I write complex characters in unexpected situations saying irreverent things. My writing approach is highly organized, collaborative and always enthusiastic.
Heather Noël Aldridgeheathernoelaldridge@gmail.com "Criminal Minds" Ep. #1411, "Night Lights"(Freelance Writer), "Feral Black Sheep" - Author, "Criminal Minds" Seasons 11-15 (Head Writers' Assistant)BiShe/Her/Herspicturesofyore@instagram.com, https://www.facebook.com/heathernoel.aldridge“Feral Black Sheep” is the name of my published poetry book, but it could be the title of my memoir. I am the one you will never see coming, the underestimated, the misunderstood, the dark horse. You’ll think you have me figured out and neatly compartmentalized, but then something catches your eye: It’s the flash of my teeth when it’s a millisecond too late. Like my own life experience, I enjoy writing character driven stories full of intrigue, celebrating the multifaceted complexities of being human, exposing the delicious grey areas that most pretend don’t exist, and shocking the reader with a hefty dose of emotional truth and enduring survival. I love writing about stories that uncover the things that people usually sweep under the mat. Time to flip that mat over and shake it out! Dance within the uncomfortable realm of the REAL, and throw that "welcome mat" like a frisbee, off the cliffs!
George NorthyManager: Jennifer Levine at Untitled Entertainment p: 310.601.2105 e: Levine@untitledent.net4 - Co-ProducerCHARMED (Co-Producer), FAKING IT (Story Editor), Feature: G.B.F. (Writer/Producer)GayHe/Him/HisTwitter: @GeorgeNorthy Insta: @gwnorthyYesI love playing with genre... and that means ALL genre from teen comedy to heartfelt drama to action-packed sci-fi & fantasy. I don't do is bleak. I can write dark and twisted, but there has to be some sliver of hope or heart in there, too. I got my start in advertising where I honed my pitching and nonstop idea-generating skills, which is probably my biggest strength. I'm like a pitching Hydra, shoot down my pitch and three more will grow in its place. I'm equally comfortable in the room, out on draft and on set.
Jerry Mahoneyhttps://directories.wga.org/member/829e2689-8eee-467e-a677-a847d7e3f8f4MANSWERS (Spike), THE REALITY SHOW (MTV, Creator), MOMENTS OF IMPACT (Discovery, Supervising Producer)Gay AFHe/Him/His@WhyJerryWhyFor the last few years, I've been writing kids' books. I like to think of them as sophisticated literature for children of highly refined taste. My latest is called BUTTHEADS FROM OUTER SPACE. Before that, I worked in reality/documentary TV. I was selected as a Writer Access Project honoree for my pilot MY FABULOUS COUSIN LANCE.

I am all about writing complex, nuanced, real LGBTQ+ characters, including kids. Because fuck Kevin Hart, am I right? LGBTQ+ kids aren't something to be tolerated -- and they certainly aren't to be abused. They're amazing people full of heart, curiosity and enthusiasm, at least until a Kevin Hart comes along and smushes their awesomeness with shame.

That's why I believe representation is so important in TV, and that's the kind of perspective I can bring to your writing staff. Feel free to check out my pilot MY FABULOUS COUSIN LANCE, in which a gay kid from LA who's never been less than 100% himself visits his cousin in a small Texas town. He couldn't stick out more, but everyone loves him because he's so amazing.

I'm a gay dad who can write about traditional and non-traditional families, since I've been in both. I love smart comedies and fart jokes, too. Like Lance, I'm positive and fun to be around. Try me in a room!
Richard Daychardday@gmail.comARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (co-executive producer)
THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW (co-executive producer)
GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS (screenplay)
GayHe/Him/Hischardday@gmail.comA veteran of some of the best and worst comedy shows on television. I also
wrote and directed the cult drag film "Girls Will Be Girls," which premiered at
Sundance, and both the off-Broadway play and feature film version of
"Straight-Jacket," a fictionalization of Rock Hudson's marriage
Sylvia GreenWhatisitLassie@aol.com or Manager: Brandy Rivers, Industry Ent. 323-964-9298 https://directories.wga.org/member/9afa78ac-23c1-43ab-9c8e-b74b883fe3e2 LIV AND MADDIE (Co-EP)
RITA ROCKS (Producer)
GayShe/Her/Hers@SylviaRGreenFrom pitching the “toaster oven” tag in the history-making “Ellen” coming out episode to writing the script for Patty Duke’s return to sitcoms, I’ve worked on over 300 episodes of television. I love writing female-driven stories about connection. I grew up in Indianapolis, an identical twin and one of six kids of a nationally renowned pediatrician father and nurse mother. If you had told me then that I would one day work for my childhood idol, Billie Jean King, I would have believed you. I just knew. By the time I was 25, I was the communications director of her company. Billie Jean taught me the importance of going after what makes you happy. So I left one dream job to pursue another. As I wrote in The Huffington Post, working on Ellen’s “The Puppy Episode” profoundly changed my life (link @SylviaRGreen). After the 2016 election, I wrote the female empowerment script, “Stronger Together.” My marriage to my extroverted wife inspired my spec pilot, “Wade In,” about an introverted writer who hires her outgoing neighbor to be her public persona. Both pilots feature gay female leads and dogs (because dogs).
Nancy Kiuhttps://directories.wga.org/member/f226cc15-8836-4fc9-8c5f-f3f1d5ef0edc6 - Supervising ProducerBatwoman (Supervising Producer); MacGyver (ESE through Producer); Castle (SE); Revenge (SW)QueerShe/Her/Hers@nancy_kiuYesI'm a first gen Asian American, born and raised in Boston to immigrant parents. When I came out, I didn't know the Cantonese word for "gay," and the only gay reference my parents knew was Elton John. Suffice it to say, "Mom, I'm like Elton John" resulted in her asking "Wait, you want to take piano lessons again?" I love writing shows that are soapy or otherworldly but grounded in human emotion. I'm also interested in understanding why people keep the secrets they do.

Oh, and I finally learned how to say I'm gay in Cantonese.
Aaron BenayEMAIL: aaronbenay@gmail.com MANAGER: Lindsay Williams, The Gotham Group 310-285-0001 lwilliams@gotham-group.com WGA FIND-A-WRITER PAGE: https://directories.wga.org/member/f5646dcb-b228-4fcf-b849-415a6b5a50faNATIONAL TREASURE 3, Screenwriter (Jerry Bruckheimer / Disney); FEAR NO EVIL, Creator/EP (FX, Director Mike Newell); H.H. HOLMES PROJECT, Screenwriter (Leonardo DiCaprio/Appian Way)GayHe/Him/Hishttps://www.linkedin.com/in/aaron-b-1bb41a3/Along with my brother Matthew, we are the Benay Bros! I’m gay. He’s the father of a gender non-conforming son. We’re known for our research-intensive writing, smart action and genre storytelling, and excellent personal hygiene!

In features, we’ve scripted the next installment of the NATIONAL TREASURE franchise for Disney. We’ve also recently written LEGENDS OF THE CROWN for Skydance, which for the first time unites the most iconic princesses of folklore into one empowering, Avengers-style adventure tale.

In TV, we’re adapting the IDW graphic novel ELECTRIC SUBLIME with Akiva Goldsman, depicting a world in which criminals can enter works of art and perpetrate crimes in the psychedelic realm that lies within. We’ve written a number of other high-profile pilots including FEAR NO EVIL, a Nazi-hunting series for FX with Mike Newell attached to direct, and THE SECTOR, a sci-fi series for Ridley Scott.
Joshua Brownhttps://directories.wga.org/member/eca3ad85-0fce-4ca9-8c89-491865d04ccc0 - Freelance Episode(s)MacGyver (SC, freelance writer
seasons 2-3); Person of Interest
(SC, freelance writer season 5)
GayHe/Him/His@joshkebabNoAs a storyteller, I'm drawn to mysteries that explore the meaning of family – both the one you’re born with and the one you choose. This
fascination likely stems from my experience minding the gap between my biological and chosen families (the former – suburbanites turned
rural apple orchardists, the latter – your more traditional interracial intergenerational LGBTQ family unit). Like most families, both are
just messy and flawed enough to provide plenty of material to draw from in my material.
Kendall SherwoodStan Spry (Cartel Entertainment) - 323.654.3333 Find a writer: https://directories.wga.org/member/b641210a-d465-466a-9f77-a47c3b8d49dd7 - Co-Executive ProducerTHE CODE (Supervising Producer)
MAJOR CRIMES (Supervising Producer)
Devil May Care (play, Wishbone Theatre Co, Chicago)
LesbianShe/Her/HersInstagram @kasherwoodNoI grew up very Southern, very Baptist (though thankfully not Southern Baptist), which likely explains why I write stories about idyllic settings where people who present well are hiding the most sinister of secrets. I took etiquette classes called Perfectly Polished, where I learned to waltz, sit like a lady, and set a table correctly. I also competed in Bible Drill, where participants race to find a verse in the bible after being given only a few key words. On the farm, I helped my dad poison anthills, dig up thistles, and till Georgia red clay. But my story as a good Southern girl ends there as, in high school, I discovered my lesbianism and began writing plays.

I came to TV writing through playwriting and to LA by way of Chicago, where I got my masters in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern and learned I don’t do snow. On my first job, I was the only woman in the writers’ room for 6 straight years – which helped me define my feminism and strengthen my resolve.

Now I write about: crime, the South, women, religion, cultural traumas, fucked up families, and shame. Other passions include: beer, travel, Clemson football, and mastering the perfect lamb burger.
Beth Shermanhttp://www.bethsherman.com/5 - Producer91st ACADEMY AWARDS (2019)
ELLEN (writer/producer)
TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (writer/producer/segment director)
LesbianShe/Her/Hershttps://twitter.com/thebethshermanNoI’m born and raised in Philly suburbs. Not so close that I have any kind of urban credibility, but close enough to have the accent and to judge you if you ask for Swiss on your cheesesteak.

After two decades writing for big name comedians and high profile comedy/variety shows, I'd like to make the leap to scripted. My time on earth has given me life experience and stories to tell. My time on 5x week late night shows taught me how to be funny efficiently, consistently and in someone else’s voice.

Directly related to the above skill, I have a strong sideline in speechwriting, so I regularly use my powers for good punching up TED talks, commencement speeches, wedding toasts and eulogies. Yes, eulogies. Is there anything better than a genuine, universal laugh to break the tension at a terrible moment?

My wife’s English, and we watch loads of UK tv. (Diverse casting and dry humor. What more could you want?) I’ve probably already seen the next season of whatever British series you love, so if you book a meeting and ask nicely, I’ll tell you what happens.
Mike ZunicManager: Jay Glazer / ROAR (glazer@roar.la), Email: michael.zunic@gmail.com, WGA: https://directories.wga.org/member/7ef66954-1a3b-41f9-b490-2645db5529ce1 - Staff WriterFEAR THE WALKING DEAD (Staff Writer), FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Passage (Writer, Consulting Producer), FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Flight 462 (Writer)GayHe/Him/HisYesMike Zunic is a WGA Award-winning screenwriter, gay man, and broken neck survivor with a passion for telling visceral stories that unpack trauma in relatable, perspective-shifting ways. The first-born son of a Croatian refugee and a Jewish mother from Inglewood, Mike grew up closeted in New York’s Hudson Valley. The polarizing differences between his parents’ personalities coupled with his own repressed identity led to a fascination with psychology, which would later become the basis for his story-telling. Mike studied personality, social, and abnormal psychology at Duke University in an effort to understand what makes people behave in the ways that they do. Following graduation, Mike earned his MFA at the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC, where he realized that his lifelong hobby of writing could be a viable career choice. Since then, he’s written authentic stories about the underrepresented, oppressed, and marginalized. He believes visible representation and inclusive stories that celebrate diversity have the power to save lives. His credits include two short-form series starring diverse females, which went on to earn a total of 4 Emmy and 2 WGA Award nominations — including one win. Mike is drawn to stories about characters who lead double lives, carry heavy secrets, and overcome personal trauma.
Thomas WongManager: Chris Mills, Authentic Talent & Literary, 310.838.33332 - Story EditorBULL (Story Editor), MINORITY REPORT (Story Editor), BACKSTROM (Staff Writer)GayHe/Him/HisNoThomas’ parents were immigrants from China who built a small chain of restaurants in Denver, Colorado. Thomas practiced law in New York, focusing on criminal defense and labor and employment law. Before he moved to Los Angeles to become a TV writer, he sold luxury real estate in Manhattan. His parents still don’t quite understand what he does. BULL (Story Editor), MINORITY REPORT (Story Editor), BACKSTROM (Staff Writer).
Erica PetersonBrant Rose at Brant Rose AgencyThe Donors (Staff Writer), Bull (Freelancer), Faking It (Staff Writer)BiShe/Her/Hers@BarfieldLaRue (Twitter) @madelinekhaaaaaaaan (Instagram)Erica B. Peterson hails from Clear Lake City, Texas, home to NASA, fried everything, and category 5 hurricanes. A versatile writer, Erica is prolific in both comedy and drama. Her current credits include FAKING IT on MTV, BULL on CBS, and THE DONORS on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network. Her samples consist of dysfunctional family comedy LOSING IT, horror-comedy TEXAS CHAINSAW MIDLIFE CRISIS, action-dramedy TAKE CARE, and dark family drama PUSHED. As a bisexual woman from the South, Erica spent a good portion of growing up straddling the life her family wanted and the life she wanted for herself. Such life experience is reflected in her work, exhibiting the often-split worlds human beings sometimes have to dance along in order to discover who they really are. Erica loves to spin story for anything dark, whether comedy or drama, and with her incisive mind and quick, biting wit she is an indispensable asset in any writers’ room.
Wendy Engelbergwengelberg@mac.comEP/Creator "Daytime Divas" (VH-1); Co-Ep "Fuller House", "Drop Dead Diva"LesbianShe/Her/HersI have written (w/my partner/sister) for single cam and multi cam comedy, one hour light drama. Experienced in production. Love the edit room and the writers' room. Love writing strong female characters (partic over 40), social commentary, character comedy. Good on story, structure, and jokes.
Christine TorresCTorres1017@mac.com (310) 721-87591 - Staff WriterLaw&Order:SVU (Staff Writer)LesbianShe/Her/Hers@CMTorres1017 (Twitter), CTorres1017 (FB), CTorres1017 (IG)YesFormer Brooklyn prosecutor, well-traveled, speaks several languages, obsessed with corruption of all kinds from personal to local to global. Friendly, easy going and always curious.
William Lucas WalkerMANAGER: Zadoc Angell, Echo Lake Entertainment (zangell@echolakeentertainment.com); or contact directly through WGA DIRECTORY: https://directories.wga.org/member/9f54c77d-07c5-4b6b-bcde-27249c035540WILL & GRACE, ROSEANNE, FRASIER, THE CHRIS ISAAK SHOWGayHe/Him/HisDM through FACEBOOK: William Lucas Walker TWITTER: @WmLucasWalkerEmmy-winning writer/producer/dad whose early career included staffing on the classic comedies WILL & GRACE, ROSEANNE and FRASIER, voted among television's "101 Best Shows" by the WGA. Created the critically-acclaimed Showtime hit, THE CHRIS ISAAK SHOW before leaving television for a decade to take up a more challenging task: parenthood.

Fortunate enough to be among the first wave of gay men able to create a family and legally marry (in that order), I embraced fatherhood full-time, stepping away from my television career for ten years to raise a son and daughter. Cue ten-year gap in work resumé, best decision of my life, lots of diapers, doctor visits and cupcakes. During that extended hiatus, Arianna Huffington invited me to write a humor column about my experiences as a stay-at-home gay dad for The Huffington Post. Those columns ("Spilled Milk) led me back to television, where I’ve been actively developing since 2016. Sold a show to Amazon in 2017 and am currently working a new family sitcom, about a gay comedy-writer dad who leaves television to raise children... in South Carolina.
ELIOT GLAZERManager: Brian Steinberg at Artists First: bsteinberg@principatoyoung.com; 212-725-0010 4 - Co-ProducerBROAD CITY (Producer), NEW GIRL (Executive Story Editor), YOUNGER (Story Editor)GayHe/Him/Hishttp://instagram.com/eliotglazerYesWriter and real life inspiration for "Eliot" on BROAD CITY. Producer on BROAD CITY, Co-Producer on TEACHERS, ESE on NEW GIRL, Story Editor on YOUNGER. Not the BEST at being gay? But I try! Tenacious, devoted, and GIFTED when it comes to the dry-erase board. Also an actor, stand-up comedian, musician, podcast host AND guest. Owner of the ideal dog for writers rooms -- just ask anyone.
Naomi Iwamotonaomi.w.iwamoto@gmail.com2 - Story EditorTwenties (Story Editor) - BET
Happy Together (Staff Writer) - CBS
QueerShe/Her/Herswww.instagram.com/immanaomiYesNaomi Iwamoto is a Japanese American writer-director based in Los Angeles. Prior to completing her MFA at the USC, she wrote for LA Weekly and Los Angeles Magazine. Her debut short film, Lost & Found, was included in the inaugural Women Behind the Lens showcase at Paramount Studios and Ryan Murphy’s Director showcase. Her pilot script Rice, Fish, and La Croix was named the Cinestory TV winner and was the first pilot to go through the Outfest Screenwriting Lab in 21 years. Most recently she worked as a story editor on Lena Waithe’s upcoming half hour dramedy, Twenties. Prior to writing for Twenties she worked as a staff writer on Damon Wayans Jr.’s CBS sitcom, Happy Together.
Molly Manninghttps://directories.wga.org/member/e3149e1e-bb77-49df-b2ab-587324bc7fb8 RMG Rick Lefitz + Anne Damato (310) 9549520HIGHTOWN (Staff Writer)LesbianShe/Her/HersTwitter @moirajm - Insta mollyjmanningMy mom was a French teacher who loved “cinema” (as she loved to call it). She would drag me and my siblings to every art house and foreign film that came to our college town. My dad was a Shakespeare professor who thought nothing of acting out the entire heath scene from King Lear at the dinner table just to make a point. My theory is if you put any sensitive, creative kid into that incubator, you’re pretty much guaranteed a writer will pop out the other side. Which is what happened with me. I’m new to the WGA, coming off my first staffed gig - HIGHTOWN for Starz. It was a small room and we were all expected to contribute so it was kind of a trial by fire for me, but I loved it. I met really talented people who are now my friends, learned a ton, and got to write an episode. As a writer I like a vast array of topics but currently find myself drawn to themes of revenge, obsession, power, corruption, crime, the seedy side of the street. I did start out as a comedy writer though so levity, banter, humor in general are not strangers to me. Please click the link to my work, talk to my references - they can speak to my abilities way better than I can!
Robert Cohenhttps://www.wgaeast.org/mo/indexed_writers/583783 - Executive Story EditorLAW & ORDER: SVU (staff writer, story editor, ESE), BAR KARMA (writers' assistant, freelance episode)BisexualHe/Him/His@RobertBCohen (twitter)YesI identified as straight for most of my life, even though for many years I knew I wasn’t. But I didn’t think I was gay, either. Only after finding a bisexual community in NYC did I realize how trapped I was in a binary way of thinking, that sexuality is much more complex, and that there are WAY more “straight” guys who want to explore than anyone thinks. I’ve been very interested recently in exploring that spectrum of sexuality and gender, especially after seven years at Law & Order: SVU, which dealt with sex and sex crimes in a more formulaic way. I also love family drama (there is a lot in my own…), politics, sci-fi, and stories about nature, outer space, and how technology affects our lives. All my writing ends up being politically motivated and relatively earnest, no matter the subject. Lots of legal and law-enforcement knowledge. Psychology background – love writing about scientists and analytical thinkers. Lots of on-set producing experience at SVU.
Brandon BoyceManager: Authentic Talent and Literary Management 310 838-3333 WGA BIO: https://directories.wga.org/member/3ce8c264-a5df-40d1-8dc3-9482bd892f950 - Freelance Episode(s)TV: LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (writer). FILM: APT PUPIL, BAD SAMARITAN, WICKER PARK, VENOMBiHe/Him/His@Brandon__BoyceYesBi men make up the largest segment of the LGBTQ population, but are woefully underrepresented on television. Enough said. Feature /TV writer & novelist with several pilot and blind script deals.