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101Session 1A: 9:30-10:30 AMInstruction, Policy/ProgramTeachers (Elementary, Middle, Secondary)EnglishSpanish, FrenchShow-Off Your Program! Creating a Language Showcase for Your CommunityRebecca Klassen, Assistant Professor and Spanish Teacher, RIC and Henry Barnard SchoolMuch of what happens in today's world language classrooms remains behind closed doors. It is important to visibly display the valuable work that is taking place in the lives of world language students. As administrators and other community stakeholders make decisions about the future of world language programs in schools, it is more critical than ever that language educators show off the importance of their program. This session will empower educators to collaborate with other educators to create outstanding language showcase opportunities in the community. Participants will learn about a successful student-created film festival and a collaborative, all-school language concert. The purpose of the session is to compel language educators to think about creative ways to put their language program in the spotlight that it deserves.Becky Klassen has a BA in French/ Spanish Education from Grove City College and a M.Ed. in TESOL/ Foreign Language Education from the University of South Florida. She has taught French, Spanish, and ESOL to students from PreK-college level in Florida, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. She has lived and worked in several countries throughout the Americas and Europe. Currently, she teaches Spanish to students in PreK-5th grade at the Henry Barnard Lab School on the campus of Rhode Island College. She also runs an after-school French Club for interested students. Becky is passionate about getting students to love languages as she strives to provide fun opportunities to become proficient in other languages.
103Session 1B 9:30-10:30 AMPolicy/ProgramTeachers (All Levels), Administrators, PolicymakersEnglishBring Chinese or Arabic to your school district with the Teachers of Critical Languages ProgramJohn Pecoraro Chariho WL Dept. Chair and Wang Ling, Chinese Exchange Teacher at Chariho Regional School District, Participant in Teachers of Critical Languages Program This session will focus on the American Councils Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP). This program is funded by the US Department of State. TCLP provides funding for districts to create and support critical language programs in Arabic and Chinese. There are several award funding levels available.Wang Ling is from Liuyang,China and received her Master's degree in Education from Hunan Normal University. She has been an English teacher at Liuyang No.1 High School since 2002. She is also Head of the English group and has rich international exchange experience. She wrote the first partnership agreement for her school and so far her school has had three sister schools from the U.K., the U.S.A. and Korea.
107Session 1C: 9:30-10:30 AMInstructionTeachers (Secondary)EnglishItalianAATI Session: Searching for the way kids learn - Blended Learning, Station Rotation and making your own tutorials. Daniela Johnson, Italian and Spanish Teacher, Narragansett High School Kids are bored. Maybe there's a more efficient and fun way to learn.
Blended learning, station rotation, tutorials, striving for meaning and enjoyment are the topics of this session.
This old dog has learned a few new tricks and would like to share them with you! Please bring a device and headphones to this session.
I was born in Italy, received my Laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere (English and Spanish) from the University of Pisa, and then moved to the USA. Here, I earned a Master's Degree in Spanish at URI. I have been working for 25 years teaching High School Italian and Spanish. I love art and technology and I try to apply my skills in my Blended Learning lessons.
105Session 1D: 9:30-10:30 AMInstructionTeachers (All Levels)EnglishSpanishBeginning Strategies for New CI Teachers Matthew Mangino,Spanish Teacher, WL Department Liaison; Wethersfield (CT) High School Participants will learn about ways to increase their use of the target language (#TL90) using easy strategies for implementing comprehensible and compelling input for students. We will practice the “Special Person” interview and Circling (a TPRS skill). We will then use authentic resource(s) to increase student comprehension. Implement tomorrow!Matthew Mangino is a Spanish Teacher and the Department Liaison for World Languages at Wethersfield High School in Wethersfield, Connecticut. In 2017 and 2018, Matt participated as an emerging leader in ACTFL’s Leadership Initiative in Language Learning.
106Session 1E: 9:30-10:30 AMAssessmentTeachers (All Levels), EnglishEnglishOverview of Avant AssessmentJohn Guthro, Independent Representative, Avant AssessmentAvant Assessment is the leading language proficiency assessment provider. John will discuss all Avant products and how they can be used to fit each attendee’s testing needs. Whether you need a STAMP test to for Seal of Biliteracy, general proficiency, placement, or heritage learners, Avant has you covered. We also have tools for language teachers as well.John Guthro is a Canadian technology evangelist. His passion, using technology to leverage learning in K-12. John has been with Avant Assessment since 2013 and has helped many schools and districts move toward the Seal of Biliteracy. John was involved with several K-12 start ups including Talktrac, School Pointe and Zulama.
104Session 1F: 9:30-10:30 AMInstructionTeachers (All Levels), Administrators, PolicymakersEnglishSpanishIncreasing Speaking Proficiency in the Second Language ClassroomLe Anne Spino, Assistant Professor of Spanish, University of Rhode IslandPromoting speaking proficiency can be challenging, especially given the time constraints of language classes. This presentation will focus on identifying appropriate proficiency goals for the second language classroom and implementing specific activities to reach those goals.Le Anne Spino (PhD, Michigan State University) is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Rhode Island. She specializes in second language acquisition, and conducts research both on the processing of second language morphosyntax, and various issues related to language instruction.
106Session 2A: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PMInstructionTeachers (All Levels) EnglishSpanish and FrenchRethinking Authenticity in the World Language ClassroomKristen Archambault, Teacher in Mansfield, CTThis workshop will provide information on how to use, scaffold, and create authentic resources for the world language classroom and perhaps assuage guilt over the use of inauthentic resources as well.Kristin Archambault teaches French, Spanish, and ESL for the Mansfield Public Schools. She has been a language teacher for 23 years. She has a BA in French from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, an MA in Romance Languages from the University of Georgia, and an MLIS from the University of Rhode Island. She serves as a member of the RIFLA Board of Directors and is committed to providing professional development based on second language acquisition research to language teachers in New England.
103Session 2B: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PMInstructionTeachers (Secondary), Administrators, Community Members, PolicymakersEnglishPortuguese, Cape Verdean CreoleAuthentic Languages and Multicultural Relevance: Portuguese Dialects, Creoles and Immersion in the Classroom. Silivia Oliveira, Associate Professor of Portuguese Studies; Director, Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies, Rhode Island College.,Kasey Jeronimo (RIC student, Modern Languages BA-Concentration Portuguese, Márcia Ramos (RIC student, MAT-Portuguese)This session discusses authentic community language variance, language diversity and immersion practices in the classroom for the development of multicultural awareness and cultural inquiry skills. Presenters will offer research-based classroom units on the Micaelense dialect of Portuguese and the Cape Verdean Creole.
101Session 2C: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PMInstructionTeachers (Secondary)EnglishSpanishLifelong Learning: Personal Growth and Professional DevelopmentVanessa DelGiudice, Adjunct Instructor of Spanish, Rhode Island CollegeIn this session, I will talk about opportunities I have found to engage in learning for personal growth and share some activities drawn from my studies and travels in Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Spain, and the Persian Gulf.Vanessa Del Giudice is currently an adjunct instructor of Spanish at Rhode Island College. She has taught at Community College of Rhode Island and Salve Regina University. She was previously World Languages department chair and a teacher of Spanish and French at Barrington High School. She was also a National Board Certified Teacher (Spanish).
104Session 2D: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PMPolicy/ProgramTeachers (Secondary), Administrators, Community Members, PolicymakersEnglishSpanishSer un guerrero while keeping the peace: A case study for creating heritage classesMichaela McCaughey, Spanish Teacher, TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing ArtsThis session will explain how a Spanish Heritage program was established at one school, as well as brainstorm solutions for the unique situations different schools face. Participants will receive resources and guidance for teaching these courses.
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Michaela is a high school Spanish teacher at TAPA, a public charter school for the arts in Providence. Half of the students at her school are heritage learners, and maintaining a heritage program for them is central in her pedagogy. Her curriculum focuses on social justice, culturally responsive teaching, arts-integration, and (bi)literacy.
105Session 2E: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PMInstructionTeachers (All Levels, Administrators, Community Members, PolicymakersEnglishEnglish, Spanish, Latin, FrenchOptimizing Your Classroom Setup For MGMTLance Piantaggini, Latin Teacher, Springfield Honors Academy (MA)A good classroom setup not only helps make language accessible to everyone who enters the room, but also keeps students focused via MGMT-friendly routines. Participants will be shown how to create a safe, ideal environment for learning and living in the languageusing the physical space, including alternative seating arrangements, use of wall space, and important posters beyond just question words.Lance Piantaggini teaches Latin and other languages by making them more comprehensible through compelling storytelling. He enjoys rhythms, cooking and travelling with his wife, reading non-fiction, analyzing data to prove his points, and designing marching band shows.
107Session 2F: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PMPolicy/ProgramTeachers (All Levels, Administrators, Community Members, PolicymakersEnglishEnglishEncouraging Intercultural Communication Proficiency and CompetencyWayne Johnson, Advanced Automation Corporation (AAC)Intercultural communication competence is essential for schools to succeed in a multicultural environment. Cultural communication styles and values of organizations often differ from their students and teachers. This workshop will help educators gain skills in intercultural communication, recognize these differences, gain intercultural communication competencies, and improve results.Wayne K. Johnson has three decades of proven experience in higher education leadership, language and intercultural communication research. He currently writes and evaluates gaps/redundancies in language curricula. Wayne was a tenured professor at the Faculty of Intercultural Communication at Ryukoku University—the oldest university in Japan.
105Session 3A: 1:20-2:20 PMInstructionTeachers (All Levels)EnglishPortuguese, SpanishThe use of short videos to teach the target languageViviana Hardy, Middle School Spanish Teacher, North Attleboro Middle SchoolWould you like to improve your use of short videos to teach your target language? Do you want to ensure that you are differentiating for all your students? Do you enjoy seeing your students engaged in class? In this session you will learn about using student actors, props, circling, triangling, repetitions, etc to differentiate and engage your students. Come have some fun!
101Session 3B: 1:20-2:20 PMInstructionTeachers (All Levels), Administrators, Community Members, Policymakers
French and English
SpanishBlend it!Eric Lopez, World Languages TeacherThis session will be presented in the Blended Learning way. You will be introduced to free and easy apps that you'll be able to use now. You'll learn how to create a hyperdoc and will be given opportunity to start your own.I've been teaching French and Spanish for 12 years. I am originally from Senegal, West Africa. I earned my BA in French with a minor in Spanish and a Master's in secondary Education. Blended Learning and Personalized education is the way to for many students, let me introduce you to it the BL way!
103Session 3C: 1:20-2:20 PMInstructionTeachers (All Levels), Administrators, Community Members, PolicymakersEnglishEnglish/Spanish/PortugueseSocio-cultural implications of teaching social and emotional learningSoraya Gomes, School Social Worker, and Isaura Cortes and Maggie Habershaw, Special Education Teachers, International Charter School(ICS)Teaching Social and Emotional Learning correlates to better academic outcomes. We all struggle to develop a cohesive program that meets the needs of a diverse population (students, parents, staff). This presentation will explore some practical ways in which to consider this while making an effort to include and celebrate all aspects of diversity.Soraya is a multi-lingual clinician. She runs a school wide social skills program, chairs the Behavior Support Team and chairs the SEL team.
Isaura and Maggie are special education teachers at the International Charter School. Isaura provides instruction and intervention in Spanish and Maggie provides instruction and intervention in English to students in grades K-5. They are an active part of both the Behavior Support Team and the Social Emotional Team.
104Session 3D: 1:20-2:20 PMInstructionTeachers (Middle, Secondary, University)English French, SpanishStrategies for Teacher and Student Use of the Target Language Amanda Robustelli-Price, French Teacher, Enfield High School; Amy Jensen, World Language Department Coordinator, Enfield Public SchoolsIn this session, participants will experience specific strategies for encouraging both teacher and student use of target language it the world language classroom. Teachers will be given discussion time to personalize their learning.During her seventeen years in education, Amanda Robustelli-Price has worked as a French teacher, department coordinator, and teacher trainer. Passionate about proficiency, Amanda is in her second year back in the high school classroom, and is working diligently to propel herself and her students forward on the path to proficiency.
Amy Jensen is in her sixteenth year in Education. She has been a Spanish teacher and is currently the department coordinator for the Enfield Public Schools. Amy is currently leading the push of path to proficiency in the Enfield Public Schools.
107Session 3E: 1:20-2:20 PMInstructionTeachers (Secondary, University), AdministratorsEnglish Chinese, English, French, German, SpanishImmersion Language Learning While Interning AbroadSigrid Berka, Executive Director, International Engineering Program & Professor of German; Lars Erickson, Professor of French and Director, French International Engineering Program, University of Rhode IslandIn this session faculty directors of the International Engineering Program representing the Chinese, French, German and Spanish IEP share how they conceptualized a course in which students are enrolled while simultaneously interning at a host company in China, France, Germany and Chile or Spain. Sigrid Berka is Professor of German and the Director of the 5 year dual Bachelor degree International Engineering Program at the University of Rhode Island through which students pursue a foreign language along with an engineering major and spend one year abroad studying and completing a six-month technical internship in the FL.

Lars Erickson is Professor of French and the director of the French International Engineering Program. He recently was named Chevalier of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques. The award recognizes his outstanding achievements at promoting the study of the French language and culture. Lars also completed the manuscript for a textbook on French for Engineering.
106Session 3F: 1:20-2:20 PMInstructionTeachers (Middle, Secondary, University)EnglishSpanish, EnglishEffective, meaningful and fun strategies to teach vocabularyIñaki (Ignacio) Pérez-Ibáñez, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Teacher Education, University of Rhode IslandTraditional, mechanical ways of teaching vocabulary don’t work. This interactive presentation explores different fun, strategies and techniques to make vocabulary instruction more relevant and engaging for our students. We will discuss activities that go from Free Voluntary Reading in Advanced courses to uses of technology –not simple quizlet flashcard—and games. Iñaki (Ignacio) Pérez-Ibáñez (PhD, Universidad de Navarra, MATCP Secondary Education / Spanish, URI) is an Assistant Professor of Spanish / Teachers’ Education at the University of Rhode Island. He has ample teaching experience both in the US and Spain at the HS and University levels. His research on language instruction is based on his own classroom experience.
109Session 3G: 1:20-2:20pmInstructionTeachers(all levels)EnglishFrenchThe "Why's" and "How's" of Teaching Pronunciation in the FL classroomKayla Butts, French Teacher / University of Rhode IslandIn this presentation, I will talk about the importance of teaching phonetics in the classroom, as well as give examples of how to do so with the materials we already use. Pointing out details about liaison, language registers and different sounds can push learning to the next level.I have an MA in Education and am working on an MA in French Language Teaching in Angers, France. I am currently an adjunct Instructor at the University of Rhode Island, but have taught at the middle school and high school level as well.
106Session 4A: 2:30-3:30 PMInstructionTeachers (All Levels)EnglishSpanish, French, EnglishEvery Student is Special: How Student Interviews Lead to Community Building and Advance Language ProficiencyKristin Archambault, Mansfield, CT Public SchoolsAre you looking for a fun and authentic way to ask your students more questions in class? if so, consider using the Special Person interview to interact with your students, create a classroom community, and teach all those necessary conversational expressions like "How old are you" and "When is your birthday" in a fun and engaging way.Kristin Archambault has been a French and Spanish teacher for 23 years. She holds a BA in French and Spanish from UMASS Amherst, an MA from the University of Georgia, and a Masters in Library Science from URI. She is committed to helping fellow language teachers find joy in their teaching using comprehensible input strategies. She writes about second language acquisition and language teaching on her wordpress blog, I Heart Input.
104Session 4B: 2:30-3:30 PMInstructionTeachers (Elementary, Middle, Secondary)EnglishSpanishI Can Learn It! Empowering Students in Thematic Units with the Can-Do StatementsRebecca Aubrey, K-8 World Language Teacher, Ashford School, CTEmpower your students with an “I can learn it!” approach to unit design. This session will provide an overview of how to plan thematic units using the “can-do” statements. Multiple examples of how to facilitate self-assessment, which can be adapted to a variety of languages and ages, will be shared.Rebecca Aubrey has taught Spanish to students in grades K-8 for eight years. She holds a MA from the University of Connecticut. As the 2018 CT COLT and NECTFL World Language Teacher of the Year, Ms. Aubrey is an advocate for developing cultural competency in a target language rich environment.
103Session 4C: 2:30-3:30 PMInstructionTeachers (Middle, Secondary, University), Administrators, Policymakers, Community MembersEnglishFrenchAATFRI Session:What the AATF can do for you!Margarita Dempsey, French and Spanish Teacher, Smithfield High School; Michael Hebert, French Teacher, Classical High School; Cynthia Texeira, French Teacher, Coventry High School, Edit Dibra Education Officer at Consulate General of France, BostonJoin us to network with fellow French teachers and discover what the AATF can do for you! Our special guest, Edit Dibra will present an overview of the activities and possibilities the French Consulate can provide. Venez vous amuser avec nous!
105Session 4D: 2:30-3:30 PMAssessmentTeachers (All Levels), Administrators, Community Members, PolicymakersEnglishLatin (and maaaybe Maltese if I have time)No Prep Grading and Assessment Lance Piantaggini, Latin Teacher, Springfield Honors Academy (MA)Grading and assessing never cause acquisition, but few teachers are exempt from either one! Participants will be presented with an ACTFL­-aligned complete grading system designed for inclusion of all students, updated rubrics based on input expectations, as well as simple, no-prep assessments that satisfy even the most Draconian requirements, allowing teachers to love their jobs a little (or a LOT) more!Lance Piantaggini teaches Latin and other languages by making them more comprehensible through compelling storytelling. He enjoys rhythms, cooking and travelling with his wife, reading non-fiction, analyzing data to prove his points, and designing marching band shows.
107Session 4E: 2:30-3:30 PMInstructionTeachers (All Levels), Administrators, Community Members, PolicymakersEnglishSpanish, FrenchEnhancing Your Classroom Experience with the Rassias MethodJeffrey Wheeler, Master Teacher / Coordinator, Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures, Dartmouth CollegeCreated by Professor John Rassias of Dartmouth College, the Rassias Method® brings dramatic techniques into the classroom to encourage students to speak from their first day of class. The student-centered techniques are immersive, replicate real-life situations, and make learning fun and interactive. This presentation provides an overview of drill techniques and introduces opportunities for further training.
Rassias Center, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Assistant Teacher, Accelerated Language Programs, Spanish, French, and Portuguese (2015 - 2017)
Co-Master Teacher, ALPs, Spanish and French (2017)
Master Teacher, Community Language Program, Spanish and French (2016 - 2018)
Assistant Teacher, Community Language Program, Spanish (2015 - 2017)
Assistant Teacher, Teachers Workshop (2016)
Assistant Teacher, Inter-American Partnership for Education, Mexico (2016, 2017)
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