2021-02-2040.843-73.786Returned to City Island to collect ourselves and catch up on work after our tour of the Northeast. We expect to be here a few weeks.R
2021-02-1741.825-71.406Back to providence
2021-02-1543.71-72.832Skii day
2021-02-1341.818-71.435Providence (cake house)- walked the city
2021-02-0642.521-74.139Went cross-country skiing at the Pineridge ski area. The heavy snow of the past weeks made for great conditions. All four of us got some impressive falls in.R
2021-02-0342.521-74.139Rensselaerville is small, but noteworthy. The Huyk nature preserve and waterfalls are a short hike from the town center. And for the next stop on the best friend tour, Rensselaerville, NY! A week of warm meals, fire-side games, snowglobe views, and hikes with Lauren and Nat.A
2021-02-0141.799-71.946Snow fell all day today, covering Brooklyn and much of the eastern US in a foot or more of snow.Busy with work, we watched the snowstorm (and our Airbnb hosts and dog) out the window.R
2021-01-3141.779-71.946Allison walked on a frozen lake for the first time. A portion of the ice was clear, exposing small suspended stacks of bubbles in the frozen water. We met Rupert's friends for a snowy hike at the Lynn Woods Reservation, which happens to be the second largest municipal park in the country and a late 1800's project of Frederick Law Olmsted. The afternoon concluded with fiddle tunes in the parking lot!A
2021-01-2642.524-70.888Rupert and I are going to miss our furry and non-furry friends in Portland, ME. Onto the next stop on our northeast tour: Salem, MA! A
2021-01-2343.674-70.312Departed Nantucket on the 6 am ferry. It was a brisk and wavy trip. On the way to Maine we made a pitstop in Boston and stumbled on a sweet cafe, farmers market, and Uniqlo sale. Rupert snagged several notable pants during the outing. In Portland, Chris and Alex welcomed us with a below-20 outdoor outdoor dining experience at a local french restaurant. Frozen toes and hot toddys. A
2021-01-1841.266-70.074Probably because of its remoteness, more animal carcasses are visible on the way to Great Point than elsewhere on Nantucket. This year we came upon a beautiful duck surrounded by its last hours of unsure footprints in the sand. We also found a dolphin corpse which had been eviscerated by birds. These somber sights, combined with the stiff wind and unchanging appearance of the miles of beach, made us feel like visitors to a largely mysterious world of the ocean and the shore.We took a walk from the eastern Nantucket town of Wauwinet to the Great Point of Nantucket, at the northern tip of a long, narrow peninsula of sand and scrub. It's the third New Year's that my father & I have made the trip. It is both meditative and surprising. This year did not disappoint.R
2021-01-1041.266-70.074Came across a beautiful (dead and beached) fish, opalescent with big glassy eyes and thin as a razor. About 3" long and 1" tall.Rupert's father received a long-anticipated package today: we took the carefully restored Rolleiflex on a loop walk to Surfside beach, along with its little Rollei 35 cousin.R
2021-01-0441.266-70.074Many of the backroads on our walk were partially submerged, moreso than usual for this time of year. It must have rained quite a lot here over December.Took a walk out to the south shore, and ran up against the airport fence on our way back. It rained; we jogged home.R
2021-01-0341.266-70.074There must be tens of thousands of ducks and other seabirds that lounge and fish in the seaway between Hyannis and Nantucket. It must be just the tip of the iceberg of a complex ecosystem. So beautiful. Set out from City Island at 4AM to reach Hyannis, Massachusetts for the 9:15 ferry to Nantucket. We had a pleasant crossing with clear skies, and tiredly settled in. R
2021-01-0140.843-73.786It was cold!Took the polar plunge with what felt like a quarter of Earley Street. Note to self: diving and re-emerging wearing a cotton mask is tantamount to waterboarding yourself. Choose your gear accordingly.R
2020-11-2940.843-73.786Staying on City Island until January.R
2020-11-2840.843-73.786Rupert treated the birds to their morning seeds. The backyard quickly filled with starlings and two chubby squirrels-- one bold and one bashful.Settling into our City Island quarantine. Allison had her film developed yesterday and this morning we had the treat of clicking through the digital files. A reminder of what an adventure the last few months have been on the road. A
2020-11-2740.843-73.786A beautiful day. We rode on the Hudson River Greenway in our t-shirts.For our last pre-quarantine day, we drove across the Bronx for a bike ride down along the west side of Manhattan. Rupert got lost on the way home, so we had a somewhat scenic nighttime drive over the Whitestone bridge.R
2020-11-2640.843-73.786After last night's rainfall, the mosses and lichens on the trees spread wide with their most vibrant colors. The bare branches of the forest were more green than brown. Had breakfast with Reese and Grace at the hotel. Threw rocks in the river behind the property. Picked one last cider and donut up before heading south to City Island. Made a Thanksgiving for two and watched a movie by the fire. R & A
2020-11-2541.911-74.747Explored the forested acres behind the DeBruce, then headed to Livingston Manor for lunch. The rosemary ciders at Main Street Farm were a three days in a row purchase. After, Rupert and Reese played tunes for us in the outside tent cabanas. We had a prix fixe dinner at the hotel and s’mores by the fire before bed. It was a decadent evening. A
2020-11-2441.911-74.747Graham crackers have some interesting properties when burned. They retain their shape even after they have been completely consumed to ashes, down to the little holes.Arrived at the DeBruce. Had a lovely dinner, and celebrated with a round of martinis by the fireplace. Later, we met some colorful guests from Brooklyn over s'mores. R
2020-11-2341.738-74.95Sam took us on a ramble through the Catskills. We visited the towns of Roscoe and Callicoon, and innumerable back roads between. Allison & I made dinner for four (us, Sam & Keira) and we had a cozy and rollicking night in.R
2020-11-2241.738-74.95Drove the remaining 6 hours of our journey to New York, stopping only for gas and an impossible burger (it was suprisingly tasty, good job Burger King). We made it to Sam Fox's house in time for a candlelit dinner, involving home-made enchiladas and wine. It was a cozy first night in the Catskills. A
2020-11-2141.589-81.559Sang and played some favorites with Rupert's oldest and best Chicago confidant, Sam. Had a pleasant walk around Warren Park with Patrik, who was kind enough to meet us there. Headed to Cleveland, Ohio with more Ghareeb Nawaz for the road.R
2020-11-2042-87.684Drove through one of the nation's industrial backbones along the Desplaines River south of Chicago. The Exxon Mobil oil refinery and the intermodal frieght terminal were most prominently visible from the highway. This is America's largest inland port.Drove to Chicago, and got take-out dinner at the rightly famous Rogers Park Indian restaurant Ghareeb Nawaz.R
2020-11-1938.609-90.267We heard an owl very nearby in Tower Grove Park. There must be lots of good mice-eating in the park's open fields.Took a bike tour of Stella's neighboorhood and Tower Grove Park, with a few stops along the route to play frisbee and pick up vegan treats from Sweet Art. Stumbled upon a lovely wine and cheese shop.A
2020-11-1538.609-90.2674 gas stops and ~700 miles later we made it to Missouri! Spending the week with Allison's best friend, Stella. Looking forward to cat snuggles with Mo and Albert, frozen custard, and fried ravioli. A
2020-11-1433.026-99.78Ate our eggs and toast overlooking the Rio Grande. Made a few stops along TX-170. Once to dip our toes in the river and again to get an aerial view. Had our lunch in Terlingua, a mining town from the 1940s. We visited one of the historic mining shafts, where the old elevator cart has been preserved and the 800 foot drop down is still visible. A
2020-11-1329.5-104.238Ate burittos and watched the sunset over the Chinati Mountains.The camper is back in action. We left Marfa in the afternoon and started our next adventure southward towards Terlingua, a ghost town on the US-Mexio border. Found ourselves a campsite 500 meters from the Rio Grande along TX-170.A
2020-11-0730.314-104.012The yard is frequented by roadrunners. Gaudy and lanky as they are, they disappear easily into the ankle-high desert grass. To our collective relief (or, for many, despair), America has a new president-elect. We mounted the headbadge Allison designed onto her bike. A celebratory evening with an invented punch cocktail, the "desert veil".R
2020-11-0330.314-104.012Had tea with our friend Nick amongst the trees in his back yard. We snacked on dates and pistachios, and visited the whimsical playground he's built for the neighborhood.R
2020-11-0230.314-104.012Rupert's ballot is postmarked and on its way to be counted.R
2020-10-3130.314-104.012Saw a pronghorn buck walking amongst Judd's 15 untitled works in concrete. He was sporting a half-broken left antler, and clearly irritated by feeling of next year's antlers pushing in beneath. Pronghorns' closest genetic relatives are the giraffes & okapi of Africa. With a sprinting speed of 55 mph they are the second-fastest land animals, second only to cheetahs. They are thought to have evolved for speed during an evolutionary arms race with the 10,000-year extinct American cheetah.Examined Judd's untitled works, and the more durable (if individually transient) untitled works of the harvester ants. Followed our noses from shop to shop in Marfa and came away with some lovely finds. R
2020-10-3030.314-104.012Finally warm again! Biked into the sunset for pizza and frosé's (frozen rose-- delectable), and rode home towards the rising full moon.R
2020-10-2630.314-104.012A wicked cold front blew in overnight with a bit of rain. The humid air froze into rimes of ice on the ground, camper, and car. Winterized the camper's water system. Spent the day huddled around the house's two portable oil-filled radiators.R
2020-10-2530.314-104.012Met a friendly cat with a quarter-sized open wound or sore on its shoulder. The cat didn't seem to be in too much distress-- curious what kind of injury this is.Arrived in Marfa, passing various (and varying in their oddity) border patrol personnel, vehicles, and apparatuses along the way. We got a warm and thoughtful welcome in the form of Thai takeout.R
2020-10-2434.302-109.377Stumbled upon two remarkable artifacts of life in the Grand Canyon. First, a series of Anasazi granaries made of limestone and mortar, built into the high canyon rim (likely ~1000 years old). Second, the quartz-filled cross section of a fossilized Permian shell, exposed in the Kaibab Limestone.Took a quick morning hike to the shoulder between the canyon rim and Sinking Ship buttes. In the afternoon, we packed up and started out for Marfa, TX. We spent a quiet night on the side of the highway in Arizona, on fragments of an ancient lava flow.R
2020-10-2335.988-111.945With cake and burritos in the backseat, we picked up Sasha from her rim to rim backpacking trip and celebrated her birthday on some large rocks overlooking a dark Grand Canyon. We slept under the stars.A
2020-10-1235.219-111.613Enjoyed two weeks of co-workspace bliss at Sasha's house in Flagstaff. We rode bikes into downtown for baked goods and silver jewelry. Spent the evenings stargazing from the hot tub, playing 'Kaiser, König, Edelmann,' and dancing to loud music. A
2020-10-1135.219-111.613The cross bedded sandstone in Zion, evidence of one of the largest deserts in the history of earth, is sublime. On our hike through the strata below, we were also able to identify poorly sorted sandstone from a wetter and more turbulent time in the land's history, and a chert nodule: made either from compacted volcanic ash, or from the slow replacement of older rock by silicon permeation in groundwater.We drove through Zion Canyon and made the well-traveled hike up to the foot of the Watchmen. On the walk, we turned an amateur-geologist's eye to the huge variety of sedimentary rocks in Zion Canyon. We passed through hundreds of miles of desert, and Lake Powell, in the dark to arrive in Flagstaff.R
2020-10-1037.207-113.241On Interstate 15 south of Salt Lake City, we saw the flames of what appeared to be a recently-started fire in the foothills just east of the highway.A day of hard driving. We stopped for a post-breakfast tea at Chapolera Coffee Co. in Idaho Falls, and came away with coffee, pumpkin chai muffins, maple scones, veggie empanadas, almojabanas (Colombian cheese bread), and a sense of deep comfort. Alighted for the night in a well-used BLM land camp on Rte. 9 outside of Zion N.P.R
2020-10-0944.394-111.384It is not hyperbolic to say that all of the wonders of nature in Yellowstone are too numerous to recount. The most striking sight was a young buck elk doing some late-season courting. It also became easier, over the course of our drive, to believe that Yellowstone does have around half of all the geysers on earth.We finally arrived at Old Faithful well after dark, where we waited (nearby a family with a small child with light-up sneakers) to see the geyser's jet against the stars.R
2020-10-0844.668-111.311Another long work day as we gear up for a weekend of national parks, BLM Camping, and a long drive to Flagstaff.A
2020-10-0744.668-111.311work day
2020-10-0644.668-111.311Our waiter at the pizza restaurant recommended us a camp site outside of town with good reception and better views. Him and his wife live in a camper and know the area well. We filled up on water, propane, and groceries in West Yellowston then set off to claim our site.A
2020-10-0544.657-111.101Shopped around in a large rock & gem shop in West Yellowstone. There are an uncomfortable amount of signs downtown asking tourists to "Be Cool" , "Be Patient" , and "Be Kind." The town has a population of 1,200 and serves nearly 12,000 visitors daily. It must take a toll. A
2020-10-0444.657-111.101In places where temperate pools were surfaced with pond scum, the scalding spring pools and creeks were clear and vibrant with color-- or in some places sickly white. In the woods along the river, we saw many dried wolf prints. In the last mile of our hike, fresh prints evidenced a bear travelling ahead of us along the trail for a quarter mile.We started and ended our last day of backpacking by fording the Snake River. The second ford, at Yellowstone's south entrance, was wider and warmer than the first. Happily, neither was more than knee-deep. Midday along the river, a low lying steam cloud led us to a scalding creek. A departing bather pointed us to the mouth of the creek at the river, which had been fortified with large river rocks into several ~100º pools. After a long soak, we hit the trail again.R
2020-10-0344.175-110.569Lunched in elk beds along Red Creek. At the mouth of Red Creek we saw the red rhyolite canyon walls that must give the creek its name. Fetching water to douse our fire in the pre-moonrise darkness, we were surprised by a pair of wolves eyeing us near the river.Leaving Heart Lake, we climbed over a low ridge into the drainage of Red Creek, which we followed to the Snake River. We practiced deploying our bear spray several times on the trail in preparation for a close encounter. The trail along Red Creek has been flooded out for several years. Mistrustful of the well travelled new trail which did not match our map, we bushwhacked several miles over soft and soggy ground, following the creek and faint traces of the old trail.R
2020-10-0244.276-110.504Built in 1951, EBR-1was the world's first peacetime reactor made for generating electricity!Headed for Yellowstone early in the morning. Drove through Arco at dawn, "the first city in the world to be lit by atomic power." Made it to the trailhead with time to spare and bear spray handy. Hiked in 8 miles in to Heart Lake, exploring geothermal feautures along the way. Had our dinner by the water as the moon rose and reflected on the lake. A
2020-10-0143.461-113.561The same hotspot that now lives under the Yellowstone Caldera is thought to be the same one that once lived under the Craters of the Moon area. It migrated east some 11 million years ago. Biked the Craters of the Moon Scenic Bike Loop at sunset. Hiked to the top of an inferno cone and glaced into a few spatter cones. A
2020-09-3043.461-113.561Full moon rising over Big Southern Bute.Set up camp and our home office in the center of a 15,000 year old lava field. A
2020-09-2942.595-114.431Clear and calm. Squirrels & birds playing in the Airbnb yard.A work day.R
2020-09-2842.595-114.431The Snake River traces our trip in reverse, running north and west around the Malheur to join with the Columbia River in eastern Washington, which then runs out past Portland into the Pacific. The Snake River dates from before the last Ice Age, during which it served as the channel for a flood which drained the enormous Lake Bonneville, leaving behind Utah's Great Salt Lake-- only a quarter of of its size. Rode our bikes along the 500 foot deep Snake River Gorge, and were surprised by two large porcupines ambling in bushes at the gorge's cliff edge. They move like careful little clouds.R
2020-09-2742.595-114.431Visited the Malad Gorge state park, and read about a month-long manhunt for mail theives who hid themselves in its obscurity-- successfully until they ran out of food.Waded into the mysterious and open-ended world of tarot with Allison's beautiful set of cards.R
2020-09-2642.906-115.718Cloudy and windy at the Bruneau dunes. We saw seven swans in the distance on the lake at the base of the large dune. Banded cirrocumulus clouds overhead indicated the opposing winds that have formed the dunes over all these years. We spotted lenticular and cumulus clouds in various places at the expansive horizon.
2020-09-2542.906-115.718Met another Rupert today at our new campsite. He is a travelling union electrician working mostly at sites owned by big tech (Google data centers, Amazon fulfillment centers, etc). He once traveled Canada as a wrestler, and worked in a circus. He got the name from his father, a rascal who he never met.R
2020-09-2442.911-115.694Bruneau Dunes State Park is home to the largest single-structured sand dune in Northern America at ~500 feet. The dunes are belived to have been started 15,000 years ago in the aftermath of the Bonneville Flood. Prevailing winds blowing evenly from the southeast and northwest keep the dunes stable. Our new favorite 'board-dependent' sport is dune surfing. We spent a half day running up and surfing down the sandy hillsides with our rented boards. Rupert abolultey shredded the western face, making it down several times without a single face plant. A
2020-09-2342.911-115.694The night sky was exceptionally clear. Allison counted all seven sisters in the Pleiades star cluster.It was a productive work day in the Lyra cubicle, with intermitent frisbee tosses on the grass nearby. A
2020-09-2242.911-115.694Saw hundreds of geese flying in formation. Their distinctive 'V' shape allows the leader to break turbulence for the geese that follow. During a flight, the geese will rotate in and out of the lead position like roller derby skaters or cyclists in a peleton.At our host Royd's recommendation, Rupert biked along the Boise river to the Boise dam. The dam includes a logway, a gated section of the dam used to corral and release lumber being floated to mills downriver. The logway was last used in the 1930s. On our way to the Bruneau dunes along the Snake River, we stopped at George's Cycles to finish kitting out both of our bikes.R
2020-09-1943.583-116.18Blue skies and towering cumulonimbus clouds. The thin waxing crescent moon crowned our first clear sunset since Prineville. A day of cleaning, punctuated by excellent meals. We got our kicks sudsing, brushing, and power washing the camper at a self car wash.R
2020-09-1843.629-116.281Once a lake, the Alvord Desert is a seven mile wide playa that runs the twenty-mile length of eastern side of Steen's mountain, sitting in its rain shadow. Large bees, tenacious bushes, low sand dunes, and a single forlorn hawk were all that we saw other than the cracked earth. We took the Sportswagon for a spin on the playa, where there are no speed limits or rules. The haze from the fires and endless silt made it a martian outing. We rode bikes and tossed the frisbee on the cracked clay. Made it in time for milkshakes at the Field Station. After 60+ miles of driving on dirt and gravel, we arrived in Boise to find everything we own covered in dust. RA
2020-09-1742.543-118.534Last night, saw a family of raccoons foraging the campsite for scraps. Their pairs of shining eyes floated along eerily in the darkness. Rupert had a closer encounter with one particular pair of eyes & silhouette which may have belonged to a bobcat. Said goodbye to Frenchglen, and rode along a section of the Blitzen River on our bikes. During the evening's drive to the Alvord hot springs, our starboard rear brake enclosure picked up a hitchhiking rock. Jacked up the car, took off the wheel, and fished it out with the metal hook for removing lug nut covers. R
2020-09-1642.805-118.867Smoke from wildfires in Oregon and California is still thick. Visibility is less than a mile.We rode our bikes a few miles down the road to buy provisions from the local market in the morning. Rupert bought a pair of beautiful lapis lazuli studs. We took a mid-day dip in the river.RA
2020-09-1542.805-118.867Chilly nights in the high desert inspired a hot cocoa mix purchase. We didn't have milk so Rupert improvised with a touch of Fage yogurt. It was a sweet evening at Page Campground.A
2020-09-1342.805-118.867Several golden eagle sightings: heckling the crows in the deciduous trees at our campsite, flying low over the hayfields-- and several more yesterday, over the huge eastern face of Steens Mountain.Smoke from the central Oregon wildfires cleared a bit. We brought an afternoon picnic to our swimming spot along the canal.R
2020-09-1242.805-118.867Quietly observed a majestic coyote on the hunt for lunch. It was a privledge to watch from the car for several minutes, with Chopin's Nocturnes playing in the background. Last week a woman at the Prinevile post office told Allison that Steens Mountain is where God lives. After a 60 mile trip around the wilderness area, with various GORGEous stops, we believe this to be true. A
2020-09-1142.805-118.867Watched a snowy egret eat a frog. We were mutually aware of each other, yet the egret stood its ground impassively. We watched it absently swing the frog around for a bit before swallowing it whole. After digesting for a bit, it flew off for a spot a hundred meters down the canal.Finally arrived at Steens Mountain Wilderness, our planned "first destination" back in July. Nearly everyone we've met in Oregon has steered us to this part of the state with high praise. Our first day of five was full of good portents for the week: a shady campsite, delightful neighbors, a brisk bike ride & river dip in the Malheur wildlife refuge, and a duotone pink & baby blue sunset.R
2020-09-1043.215-118.949Met an archeologist & knapper at our hotel in Burns. He showed us photographs of several local projectile points he had collected. Based on their workmanship, he had dated the points to 1500, 5000, and 8000 years old respectively.The Burns Times-Herald: "Covering Harney County Like the Sage Brush"RA
2020-09-0943.587-119.054Allison started graduate school. Call her Dr. Donine in 5 years! We broke the cardinal rule of travel-- looking for a campsite at night-- ended up booking a stay at the newly restored historic Central Hotel in Burns. The owners are fine hosts.RA
2020-09-0843.442-118.641Discovered a dried wash with several trees completley upside down and buried up to their trunks. Perhaps they found themselves in this position after a flash flood? Or were placed there intentionally...?A
2020-09-0743.442-118.64115-25 knot winds from the north (brought by an unusually placed cold front from Canada) kicked up a formidable dust storm along our route. Visibility on the highway dropped down to less than a quarter mile. Watched a martian sunset from our camp, able to look directly at the sun.With incredible luck we found our missing Luci Light 9 miles downwind from camp. In the afternoon we swam Sylvie's River one last time and discovered a park slide that could put the rest to shame. Spent the evening soaking in Crain Hot Spring under the stars. RA
2020-09-0643.694-119.049Jupiter and Saturn orbit the earth once every 12 & 29 years, respectively. Since 29 is prime, they won't coincide in the sky like this again for 348 years.R
2020-09-0543.694-119.049Why are quail families always crossing the road in front of our car?To get to the other side. We woke up early in search of a spring. The spring was dry but we did find an established knapper camp, glittering with obsidian. The day's search for swimable water led us to an algal resevoir, a small-town brewery, and eventually a local-recommended swimming hole outside of Burns. RA
2020-09-0443.599-120.067Communed with seven visibly different species of flies, some of which were quite docile (pettable) in the midday heat. The ground at our camp is littered with obsidian. Immediately to our south are the Glass Buttes, a local source of obsidian for over 9,000 years.Hot. We met a travelling self-described rock hound passing by our camp. He was following a hand-drawn map to a source of green petrified wood, without success. He gifted us two beautiful obsidian rocks, and some local history.RA
2020-09-0343.599-120.067Saw a lizard catch and eat a plump horsefly, right in our camp. It looked like a dragon. We watched as its breathing slowed after the excitement of the kill. Afterwards, it ran up a tree to do some demonstrative push-ups.Carried 19 gallons of fresh water & 1340 Wh of electrons for the first time. Found our first BLM land campsite--a vast field of sagebrush--and ate dinner under the harvest moon.RA
2020-09-0244.161-120.785The full moon. Heavy smoke blew in on afternoon wind from the northeast, passing over into the sunset. Clear skies at night.Spotted the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars through a handsome reflector telescope.R
2020-09-0144.161-120.785Our stopover in Prineville has resulted in a few Camp-Inn updates. Our Luci solar lanterns, portable generator, sturdy folding table, and extra jerry can arrived this week in the mail! A
2020-08-3044.161-120.785Met four (a gaggle) of geese on a bend of the reservoir's shoreline. Do individual geese always migrate along the same route? Or might these geese end up in Upstate New York next summer?Kayaked a quarter of the Prineville reservoir shoreline.R
2020-08-2944.161-120.785Tim finished the wrap-around deck, a three year project in the making. We christened the event with a bike race on the newly laid boards. Homemade pizza and celebretory margaritas followed.A
2020-08-2844.161-120.785A quail family lives under the back deck. Quail mothers probably can't count their young, but most nesting bird mothers can sense whether their egg clutch has changed number by the way it feels under their belly.Ying and Allison share a flair for expeimental cooking and a tendency not to take things toooo seriously in the kitchen. Over margaritas and wine, we made veggie-filled Bao Zi (steamed buns) and pizza dumplings. A
2020-08-2644.161-120.785Watched a blood-red half moon set in the smoke from the Green Ridge fire (4,000 acres north of Black Butte).Our first day living a life of ease at the Prineville triple-wide (five-wide if you count the front & back decks). Kundalini yoga, artichokes, and cherry ice cream pops.R
2020-08-2544.161-120.785A still sunrise over Haystack Reservoir with light rain. Swallows fished the bugs from above, and trout from below.Stopped for farm fresh eggs along the 370. Enjoyed Bob and Ying's hospitality and Tim's grilled veggies on their 20-foot deck. Had a movie night featuring Blade Runner and Haagen-Dazs. RA
2020-08-2444.492-121.159Smoke from fires in CA and western OR is most visible and fragrant in the early afternoon. Bugs are as plentiful at the reservoir as anywhere I've ever been, but no mosquitoes. They like the camper's red lights just as well as the white.Camped at the Haystack Reservoir outside of Madras, OR. Spent the work day at a cafe in Madras, and found a bottle of Syrah-Grenache wine from a Lyle, WA vineyard: Syncline.R
2020-08-2344.848-120.878"Discovered" Mt. Adams. Beautiful crossing of the Columbia River into Oregon. Saw Douglas firs growing on northern exposed slopes, Ponderosa pines and oaks growing on southern exposed slopes.Goldendale, WA was completely closed up on a Sunday, except for the Chinese food restaurant where we ate lunch. Crossing into Oregon, we are in Wild Wild Country now. Passed through several ghost towns including Shaniko & Antelope.R
2020-08-2245.857-121.124Found at least four types of lichen growing on a handsome oak tree along Long Rd. 'Discovered' Mt. Hood visible from the edge of the Herland forest, framed with the moon between an oak & a Ponderosa-- like a Japanese woodblock print.Explored the grounds at Herland Forest / Windward Foundation. Rode our new and newly-kitted bikes a couple miles down a proper dirt road, and got water and a few laughs from a rancher's hospitality station: 'I don't hate hunters, I don't hate the president, I don't hate cows, and I don't hate you!'R
2020-08-2145.857-121.124The property is located at a transitional zone where you can see the co-occurance of Douglas fir and ponderosa pine growing side by side along century-old oak trees.Sat down with Walt, one of Windward's founding members. He shared with us colorful stories from his past and his vision for a sustainable paradise. Once a sailor, a pilot, a jeweler, Walt made his way west of the Rockies to join the Windward line family.A
2020-08-2045.857-121.124When human bodies are interred on a piece of cemetary land, it becomes legally protected from other forms of development in Washington state. Natural cemetaries have been promoted to support of conservation, restoration and stewardship effotts on semi-wild land. We are "completeley isolated from the world at large," per our HipCamp's description. The 40-acre campground is part of the Windward Foundation's intentional community and sustainability research center. It is also home to a natural burrial ground.A
2020-08-1945.519-122.649Made it to the Deschutes River Cyclery minutes before closing. After weeks of searching, we found Allie a bike! With two teal-accented Motobecanes on the roof, our setup is now complete (and V CUTE). We had dinner in Portland with Allie's friend from the Peace Corps, Mallory. HipCamp plans fell through and curbside camping ensued. A
2020-08-1848.124-122.832Celebrated our four-day Elevated Ice Cream Co. streak in Port Townsend with salted-carmel ice cream alongside cardamon-ginger ice cream cake. The chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream were the cherries on top. A
2020-08-1648.124-122.832Coming to terms with the fact that if the wine stocker at the local food co-op continues to recommend us new wines at checkout, we may never leave this town. A
2020-08-1548.124-122.832Oysters take 16-24 months to reach maturity-- longer than I thought. Dressed up and hit the town for dinner at Finistère.R
2020-08-1248.124-122.832Used an oven and dining room table for the first time this month! Dan and Sophie treated us to homemade pizza and a fire. A
2020-08-1148.124-122.832Learned from Dan & Sophie's heeler pup that dogs take their time acclimating to open fire. For Rooster this involved barking and jumping, nearly into the firepit. Celebrated a birthday at the future site of Dan & Soph's tiny house/garden/machine shop. Beautiful madrone trees and an open fire for toasting corn tortillas and marshmallows.R
2020-08-1048.124-122.832Headed back to Port Townsend from Olympia. We waited nearly half an hour at the Hood Canal Bridge for a tugboat— enough time to play a few tunes amidst wonderful views in all directions.R
2020-08-0947.031-122.883Mount Rainier is ranked third among 128 ultra-prominent mountain peaks in the US. As you enter Tacoma, Rainier dominates the southeastern horizon. Met up with Allie's friend Sydney and her newly adopted bunnies for lunch in Tacoma. Back at the Airbnb, Rupert played a socially-distanced concert for our host and the neighboorhood ladies. One woman brought her banjo and accompanied Rupert on center stage, playing old-time tunes. A
2020-08-0847.031-122.883Topped our instant oatmeal with huckleberries in the morning. Hiked the final 15 back to the trailhead. Whipped up pickle and hot sauce burritos to fuel us until we reached veggie burger territory. Cleaned ourselves up after two weeks of beach camping and backpacking at an Airbnb in Olympia. A
2020-08-0747.860-123.935We found it difficult to guess how deep the fissures in the glacier are. I wonder if there is a typical size for glacial features, or whether they all vary in proportion to the size of the glacier.Day hiked to the lateral moraine of Blue Glacier at the foot of Mt. Olympus, which looks worthy of its name.R