abigail_west@charleston.k12.sc.usAbby WestPEJune 11thSAWPFlorida Gators / Appalachian StateSeafoam blue, grayHarris Teeter brand salt & vinager peanuts/ beef jerky/cheetosWatermelon/ blueberries/strawberriesEclairs/ cannoli/ donutsCrumbl...or any cookiesHarris Teeter salt and vinegar peanutswinterfreshReese's PiecesNoneJoey's Bag of Donuts--Vanilla Chai Latte Hot or Starbucks--Dragon DrinkChick-fil-a, Moe's, Emoji PokeLong Island Cafe, Mex 1, Boxcar Betty'sMarble Slab--Chocolate w/reese's pieces & marshmallowsSunflowerBath & Body Works--Champagne ToastAnyFishing, boatingNoAmazon, Harris Teeter/WalmartKids Bop 2023 CD, floor tape
alethea_setser@charleston.k12.sc.usE.C. (Alethea) SetserSAILMay 15SAMSClemsonpurplepretzelsany!donutspeanut butterTrail MixExtra PeppermintPeppermint Patty or TwizzlersSprite Zeronone - can't have caffeineUmiMellow MushroomVanilla (any)DaisiesvanillaPro Nailsrunning/working outYESvegetarianAmazon/ProNails/Mellow MushroomPost it noteshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3CSYM9BLHWX09?ref_=wl_share
alison_cosgrove@charleston.k12.sc.usAlison CosgroveBookkeeper Nov 15MATCGators BlueCashews or trail mix mango/strawberries Red Velvet/Chocolate/Banana Cream Heath/Choc Chip Cashews, Trail mix Any cube gum Heath-100 Grand noneFlavored Black Coffee-no hazelnut CFA-Miglioris Agave SweetFrogHydrangea Fall, Pine, Linen, Floral-any! Pink Polish being a soccer mom ;)NoAmazon Febreeze Plugin Refills-Confetti Streamers https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/FDXJZPHDBBMI?ref_=wl_share
amy_ryan@charleston.k12.sc.usAmy Ryan 3rd grade 11/10SARRBoston College/Duke Blue/ Black Caramel Macchiato and Cookies and Cream Favorite Day Trail Mix from Trader Joes None:) Roasted Almonds or Smokehouse Almonds Blue Diamond Dentyne peppermint or Trident Peppermint~ Do not like Ice Cubes:) Cinnamon Gummies from Trader Joes, Coconut Almonds from Trader Joes None:) Starbucks Black Coffee ~ like Black Fox Too:) Rivertowne Pizza Tavern and Table None:) Any love the petite arrangements at Trader Joes Volcano~ Capri Blue, Also use fresh linen glade air fresheners and fresh waters glade in my classroom Pink Polish on 41 (Not Pink Polish 2) Exercising:) BeachNoiiBrunettes, Amazon, Target, Visa Black expo markers, electric pencil sharpener, chart paper, books, treasure box items, candyhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/awm76al?ref_=wl_share
amy_ryan@charleston.k12.sc.usAmy Ryan 3rd grade teacher 11/10SDuke, Boston College Blue, Black ~ not pastels Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds, Blue Diamond Roasted Salted Almonds,Caramel Macchiato trail mix from Trader Joes See above~ salty snacks dentyne ice peppermint, trident peppermint Cinnamon dragons from Trader Joes, Coconut, chocolate covered almonds trader joes Seltzer WaterBlack Venti Coffee ~ starbucks Rivertowne Pizza Kiki and Rye, Tavern and Table Any Capri Blue Candles, Fresh water glade air freshners for classroom Pink Polish on Hwy 41exercising, beach, reading, spending time with family NoIIbrunettes, amazon, Target Treasure box items (on wish list), starburst, smarties,blow pops, ring pops https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/117nqkQ?ref_=wl_share
anna_langley@charleston.k12.sc.usAnna LangleyThirdMay 29thMALLClemson TigersTurquoiseCheezitsBananaCookies, cupcakes, anythingchocolate chiptrail mixmintpeanut m&msdiet cokeStarbucks, skinny vanilla latteAgavesObstinate DaughterTulipsLavender843 Nail and SpaYoga, running, pelotonNoStarbucks, Target, Athleta, AmazonWipes, art supplies, glue stickshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/M99UVI0EZGVB?ref_=wl_share
anna_ledbetter@charleston.k12.sc.usAnna Ledbetter4th grade- Math and ScienceFebruary 4thLALBSouth CarolinaPinkCheez-itsStrawberries, grapesAnything chocolate :)Chocolate chipfruit mintSnickersCoke Starbucks or Dunkin- iced caramel latte Chick-fil-A, Mellow MushroomAgaves, Red DrumSweet Frog Any :)Seasonal (fall, christmas, etc)Polish 360 (Towne Center) or Pulse Nails (across from Costco)NoTarget, Amazoncandy/fun items for student treasure boxhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/H57QF0F2CKB4?ref_=wl_share
anna_ledbetter@charleston.k12.sc.usAnna Ledbetter4th grade teacher- math and scienceFebruary 4thXLALBUniversity of South CarolinaPinkCheez-its, Trail MixStrawberries, grapes, bananasAnything :)Choc. chipfruitpeppermintPeanut M&MsCoke ZeroDunkin or Starbucks- Iced caramel latteChick-fil-A, Mellow MushroomRed Drum, Agaves Sweet FrogHydrangeas Fall scent :) or clean fresh scent Polish 360 in Towne CenterNoAmazon, TargetCardstock paper, treasure box prizes, candyhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/H57QF0F2CKB4?ref_=wl_share
branford_little@charleston.k12.sc.usBrandy LittleReousrce/Special Education TeacherMay 8MbLbSouth Carolina Gamecocks pinkcheeze itsapples or grapesred velvet bundt cakeschocolate chipgranola bars/almondscinnnamonalmond joy or 3 musketeersn/Ablack coffeeUmi/Dog and DuckOpalanywhere-Mint Chociclate Chippink rosesvanilla or coconutNail Blisswatching football or my kids sports-baseball and vballNoTarget/Walmartdry erase markers and erasers
Brianna_Gibson@charleston.k12.sc.usBrianna Gibson5th4/12/88LBWGCollege of CharlestonGreen and blueAlmond butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe'sHoney crisp apples, grapes, strawberries, and blueberriesCookie cake/chocolate cakechocolate chipWhite cheddar popcornersReese's pb cups or regular M&MsStarbucks iced brown sugar shaken espresso with oatmilk or Tidal Grounds honey lavender latteAny :)Basil and Wild OliveJeni's Browned Butter Almond BrittleAny :)No preferenceAnycooking, reading, and runningNoTarget, TJ Maxx, Amazon, J.Crewcopy paperhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/ZOBLQ35VJZRQ?ref_=wl_share
carol_gurrieri@charleston.k12.sc.usCarol Gurrieri5th Grade TeacherOctober 1stXXLCJG or CGJ if middle name in middleClemson - but I prefer the Buffalo BILLSYellow or BlackPopcorn or Salt and Vinegar ChipsBlueberriesCannolisBlueberries or WatermelonAnyDiet CokeAny- Caramel Iced CoffeeChik Fil AHometeamYe Olde Fashioned - Birthday CakeHydrangeaAny Fresh ScentsI do my own dip nails using Revel powders and liquidsCrafting, decorating for holidays, reading, anything with my dogs, nail artNoMore just a preference but no peanut butter please for foodAmazon Any donations are welcome! Prize box items would be helpful!https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/4ZX64AKAF1OW?ref_=wl_share
collyn_zetrouer@charleston.k12.sc.usCollyn ZetrouerData Clerk03/01XLcZwSC GamecocksGreen, Teal, PurpleWhite Chocolate Covered PretzelsGrapes, apples, bananasRed Velvet Cake or BrowniesChocolate ChipFruitMintFavorReds Starburst, Dove Chocolate, Mini TwixCoca ColaDon't drink coffeeChick fil A, Moes1181, Kicken ChickenVanillaStargazer LilyRosePink PolishReadingNoTarget or AmazonFlair Pens
Dana_lentz@charleston.k12.sc.usDana Lentz4th grade teacherOctober 2SDMLpink/turquoisetortilla chips and salsawatermelon, blueberries, pineapplecurrently I cannot eat most however, I can eat items from Mabel Maes (currently sold at Joey Bag of Donuts)same as abovefruit, salted nutspeppermintdark chocolate with sea salt & nutsunsweet iced tea with lemon or water with lemon Iced decaf americano with almond milk and stevia (Tidal Grounds or Starbucks)Agave, Cava, KairosHometeam BBQ, Obstinate Daughter, Leons can't eat ice cream but I can have smoothies from Hustle Smoothie Bartulip, gerber daisy, rose. I love succulents (not a flower)fresh, clean, light- no floralanyreading, walking, fitness, biking, beachYESA LOT- sorry! No eggs, sugar, dairyWoodhouse Spa, Visa, Town Center, TargetBaby wipes, tissues, paper towelshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1P4J5PVB8EYQP/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
ellen_ambler@charleston.k12.sc.usEllen Ambler Music11/12XLeAsYellow, Purple, anything NEONFritos Red Raspberries CarrotChocolate Chip Dry roasted peanuts Cinnamon Peanut Butter M&MsCoke, diet Sunkist N/AMarco'sLa Pizzeria Love any place - caramel Love all flowers Fresh Water plug ins by Air wick Nail BlissPuzzles, booksYESAnything spicy Amazon Mechanical pencils, AstroBright paperhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/dl/invite/d2Eko9b?ref_=wl_share
emily_champion@charleston.k12.sc.usEmily Rosa ChampionSpeech Therapist (SLP)12/10/1985LERCMichigan State UniversityBlueGardettos Strawberries Donut Chocolate ChipKind BarsWintergreenAirheadsDiet CokeStarbucks - Caramel Machiatto ChipolteSolIzzy's Ice Cream - Vanilla Rose Rose or Lavendar Any :) Shopping or reading NoStarbucks, Amazon, Target https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2T0TB1F6DPHU1?ref_=wl_share
erin_strickland@charleston.k12.sc.usErin StricklandPE TeacherSeptember 19thMeSgNC StateTeal, Lavender, Peach Pirates Booty, Lays Stax (BBQ/Salt & Vinegar)Grapes, strawberries, honey crisp applesRed velvet, chocolate anything Sugar, chocolate chip Almonds, peanuts, protein barsAny mint flavorSnickers, 3 Musketeers, Kit-Kat, sour candy Ginger ale Starbucks (any frappe)Chick-fil-A, Kairos Mex1, Amalfis, Viva, Tavern & TableMint chocolate chip, chocolateAny kind Vanilla, balsam, mahogany843 NailsWorking out, calligraphy NoAmazon, TargetExpo markers, pencils, thumbtacks, sharpies https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/MA92AMDYKAT0?ref_=wl_share
ginger_kohler@charleston.k12.sc.usGinger KohlerOccupational TherapistJune 18thSGinger or GKCollege of CharlestonPink, light blue or greennuts or pretzelsstrawberriescupcakes or donutsoatmealnutsanydark chocolateunsweetened teagreen teaCavaSaviJeni'shydrangeaclean/light floralTiffany's nailscookingNoTarget or Amazonsensory fidget toys
Jennifer_Thrift@charleston.k12.sc.usJennifer ThriftTeacher LibrarianJune 1, 1974MJTPCarolina GamecocksBluePretzelsStraberries or PineappleAnything chocolateChocolate ChipHoney Roasted PeanutsMintDark Chocolate with Sea Salt CaramelGinger AleStarbucks - Dog and DuckBasilSweetfrogLilySweet GracePink PolishReadingNoWoodhouse, Pink Polish, AmazonSticky notes
jeri_barger@charleston.k12.sc.usJeri Barger5th Grade May 19, 1982SJ B STennessee VolsGold, Black, Bright PinkPretzels/PopcornBerriesCheesecakeChocolate ChipAlmonds, Pistachiosmint peanut m&m's or Reese Pieces La Croix or Coke ZeroStarbucks: Chai Latte with Almond Milk or dark roast with almond milkMarcos, Poke BrosSavi, Fuji, or Agave Sweet FrogTulip or Carnationbeachy, cleanPink Polish (Park West or Rivertowne)Running, reading, shoppingNoAmazon or The Slip Boutique in Belle Hall copy paper, Papermate Flair Pens, Expo markershttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/FS78XHC1CCN9?ref_=wl_share
jessica_beshaw@charleston.k12.sc.usJessica Grace 3rd Grade Teacher January 21st SJLGMountaineersYellowSalt and vinegar chips Apples Chocolate (Nothing Bundt cakes) Chocolate Chip Trail Mix/Nuts/Apples and Peanutbutter Mint Reese's N/APumpkin Spice Latte and/or vanilla latte Magliori's Opal, Tavern and Table, Obstinate Daughter Vanilla with sprinkles or chocolate TulipsClean, Fall, Holiday Modern Nail Salon Working out, going to the beach, running NoTarget, Nail Salon, Amazon, Restaurant Amazon Link https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3CVAR36RDBQ40?ref_=wl_share
jordan_culbreth@charleston.k12.sc.usJordan CulbrethSchool Counselor/Guidance1/19/1992SJordanCollege of CharlestonBlueboom chika popcornstrawberriescookies/starbucksallrx bars/almonds/protein bitesminttwix/gummiesdiet cokestarbucks/ cold foam nitro coffeecoastal crustcoastal crustcoffee/any shopdaisies/succulents/aloe plantgeranium/ anything all naturalLuv nails off of chuck dawley outdoors anythingYESno red meatstarbucks/amazoncalm down figets/social emotional books
katherine_smith@charleston.k12.sc.usKatie SmithThird Grade TeacherFebruary 10XSKASCitadelpurpleSkinny PopBerries and WatermelonCookie Cake and regular birthday cakePeanut Butter Cookies or chocolate chipFruit Salad/Granola BarsPeppermintM&Ms, Peppermint Patties, SkittlesMango BublyStarbucks, Nonfat Latte with cinnamon powderPoke Bros, Chick Fil-AAgaveYe Olde Fashioned-Butter PecanDaisyLavenderDon't really go...Gardening and readingNoAmazon, Target, Bath and Body WorksSticky notes, flair pinshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2R0G26TKVR7Y6?ref_=wl_share
kellie_dawson@charleston.k12.sc.usKellie Dawson5th Grade TeacherNovember 11thLKDCGamecocks - USCGreenPretzels Apples & BananasRed Velvet or Carrot/Spice CakeOatmeal RaisinTrail Mix w/ fruitSpearmintGummie Bears, Twix, Twizzlers, Milky WaysGinger AleStarbucks - Vanilla LatteChick-Fil-AHalls, Okra GrillBasking Robins - PralinesI love ALL flowers!! **Except orchids** I kill them. Sorry.Fresh, lavender or lemon verbenaPink - West Ashley location (I live there)Gardening, cooking & travelNoWoodhouse Spa or Lowes Grocery Store Pencils or Copy Paperhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/32WWIGCMAF9PN?ref_=wl_share
Kerry_Gholson@charleston.k12.sc.usKerry Gholson3rd Grade SAIL Gifted & Talented01/21/73MKGSLoyola U. of Maryland (Green) & United States Coast Guard Academy (blue & orange)PringlesRaspberry and orangesJust about anything chocolate.Tate's chocolate chipTrail mix, veggies & hummusmintGhirardelli chocolate squaresDark roast black or Mocha Carmen Y Juan's, Tropical SmoothieLong Boards, Obstinate DaughterZano's Chocolate velvet, coffeeallLillac or lavenderFamily Beach time, Rugby, sailingYESNO BANANASweet Juleps, Barnes & Nobles, Target, AmazonPlanting supplies, expo markers and small white boardshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2ZHANV6POBYJE?ref_=wl_share
kimberly_long@charleston.k12.sc.usKim Long5th Grade TeacherMay 21stXSKLLClemsonPurpleCashews and salt/vinegar pistachios or plain pistachiosBanana, Mango, RaspberriesNothing Bundt Cakes- any flavor! Cannoli's. Huge sweet tooth- love any and all treats!Crumbl Cookies- any flavor!Lara bars, trail mix, dried fruit, hummus or guacamole/chipsNAReese's cups or pieces, truffles, anything Ghirardelli dark chocolate with caramelflavored sparkling waterStarbucks- any flavored latte with almond milkToni's Detroit Pizza, Grace & Grit, Home team, Cuoco Pazzo Opal, Grace & Grit, Kiki & Rye, Graze, The Pickled PalateAnywhere- cookie dough, java chipZinnia's and Gerber Daisies anything that smells sweet like a bakery! Love Bath and Body works plug ins, soaps and candlesAnywhere!Baking and cooking, readingNoTarget, Kohls, Amazon, Trader Joes, Mt P Towne Center, PublixHeadphones, glue gun, prize box items, arts/craft stuffhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1J93DD2BQLNS8?ref_=wl_share
kristi_sparks@charleston.k12.sc.usKristi SparksLiteracy/Math InterventionistMay 2ndMkSaSmall college - no teamBlue and lime GreenAny chips, crackers, peanuts, chex mixAnyAnychocolate chipAny type of seeds/nuts/protein barsSpearmintSnickers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, peanut M&M'sCokeDunkin or Joey'sChick FilaTable and Tavern, Saltwater Cowboys, Home TeamAnyAnyvanilla or pumpkinMimosa nails in Town Center or Pulse Nails in C. Parkany fun craftsNoAmazon, TargetWhite board markershttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/35SYWM1QC9BPL?ref_=wl_dp_view_your_list
Kristin_Gubinski@charleston.k12.sc.usKristin GubinskiReading/Math InterventionistJanuary 8MKGAGeorgia BulldogsRedPretzels, chips , or nutsStrawberries, applesDonuts or chocolate cake Chocolate chipKind bars, trail mixAnyTake 5 , 100 Grand, Gummy bears, Peanut butter cups, peanut m&MsCoke zeroStarbucks (hot with milk), or Dunkin Hot with milkCFA, Zaxbys, Dog & DuckMarble Slab, chocolate with raspberry Sunflowers, hydrangeasModern Nails (Oakland shopping center) or PW nailsReading NoTarget, Amazoncandy, prize box toys, tissues, pencils , hand wipes
lindsey_jarotski@charleston.k12.sc.usLindsey Jarotski4th Grade Teacher11/06/1992MLGJClemsonPink/Purple/OrangeCheez Its/Honey Mustard and Onion PretzelsApples/Bananas/Clementines Cookies/DonutsChocolate ChipKettle CornSweet Mint/SpearmintMilk Chocolate with almonds/hazelnuts- any chocolate!Dr. PepperStarbucks- Iced Chai Tea Latte with OatmilkPanera Bread, Chick-Fil-A, Taco BellHometeam BBQ & Post House InnYe Ole Fashioned- Mint Choc. ChipTulips/SunflowersLavender 843 Nails/Ocean NailsGoing to the beach, reading, cookingNoTarget, Amazon, Marshalls, VisaCandy (non-peanut) for prizes, Tissues, Clorox Wipeshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3QVX1BA4WJKD7?ref_=wl_share
lori_tyree@charleston.k12.sc.usLori TyreeSAIL2/21LLTDClemsonTeal, Aqua, Grayclassic cheeze it mix or popcornpineappleMacarons or Nothing Bundt CakeChocolate chiptrail mixcinnamonSour patch kids or reese cupsCokeStarbucksChick-fil-ASOLAnyHydrangeaanything related to baked goodsN/AbakingNoAmazon, TargetSTEM supplies https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/456WZSYAO2YY?ref_=wl_share
marjorie_bailey@charleston.k12.sc.usMarjorie BaileySchool Nurse08/08/66MMBDClemsonRedCashewsAnyNothing Bundt, cream filled dough nutGinger snapVeggies-Any, AlmondsJuicy Fruit sugar free/Any sugar freeskittles/ any chocolateAny seltzer- no sugarBlack Coffee with cinnamon powder/StarbucksChick filet, Harris Teeter subsAcme, Islander 71Any-love allLavender, GainHaven's or 360 polishRunning, beachNoTJ Maxx/Marshalls, Amazon, StarbucksJuice boxes, Ginger ale, saltines, Life saver peppermints Kleenex?
mary_ledbetter@charleston.k12.sc.usLisa Ledbetter3rd/teacher11-13-69MMLEClemsonturquoise, orangeseasoning cashews, Cape Cod potato chipsblueberriesdoughnutsoatmeal chocolate chipdark chocolate almonds (that's healthy, right?)spearmint Snickers, TwixCokeVanilla Chai TeaCavaMex 1, Home Team, Saltwater Cowboysany-mint chocolate chipGerber Daisymore fruity scentsDon't have a favoriteReading, boating, beaching, taking picturesNoMarshall Home Goods, TargetClorax Wipes, colored penshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3MC2GS3JD2M2S/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
meagan_brown@charleston.k12.sc.usMeagan Brown Friday NurseApril 17MMBM (Meagan M Brown)South Carolina GamecocksTurquoiseCheez itz, popcornPineapple, watermelonCheesecake, lemon pie, key lime pieAny kind! Granola barsSpearmintSour patch kids, Laffy Taffy, Now and LatersSparkling WaterStarbucks-caramel macchiato, cinnamon dolce latte Chick-fil-a, Toni’s Detroit Pizza, Mex1Savi Cucina, Grace & Grit, Sol, Home Team BBQThe Crazy Mason-love them all! TulipBath & Body Works Aromatherapy line-any of them! Pink Polish Orangetheory Fitness, running, going to the beachNoTarget, Amazon, Chick-fil-A, any restaurants around town! Nurse posters for wall, band aids, tissues, pens, snacks for students if needed. N/A
megan_thompson@charleston.k12.sc.usMegan Thompson Special Ed Assistant 2/28XLMKTBlue & Green Trail mix Watermelon Coconut cake Peanut butter Cashews/macadamia nuts Watermelon or cotton candy bubble gumHeath barSpindrift orange Starbucks UmiAgaves Sweetfrog-tart House plants CleanHunting sharks teeth, beachNoTarget
melinda_turner@charleston.k12.sc.usMelinda TurnerInterventionDecember 5SMTSUniversity of Georgia, Auburngrey, whitechocolate covered pretzelsapplescupcakes or cookiesoatmeal chocolate chipcarrots and hummus Orbit bubblegumgummy bears, twizzlers, starburst minisblack coffeeverde, chipotleUmi, Tavern and tablepink polishrunning, working out, readingNoamazonpencils, candy for rewards
melissa_carras@charleston.k12.sc.usMissy Carras3rd grade teacher October 26MMCAOhio State Blue, purple, turquoise StrawberriesMint Diet Coke Mex 1Home Team, Sol, HanksHibiscus, hydrangeaPulse Lavender NoAmazon, Costco, Home TeamBooks :)
melissa_mulligan@charleston.k12.sc.usMelissa Mulligan3March 7thXLMMLUofSCTurquoise salt and vinegar kettle chipspineapplechocolatechocolate chipprotein barsmintTwix, Kit KatCoke ZeroStarbucks Carmel Carmen and JuanBurton's GrillYogurt YetiRoseCinnamonPink PolishShopping, MoviesNoAmazon, Publix, Chick Fil AArt supplies, Markers, Colored Copy Paper, Construction Paper, Paper Towels
michael_cragg@cjharleston.k12.sc.usMichael Cragg5th/teacherLong time ago...Lnot my styleUniversity of Virginiabluepeanuts...popcorn...sunflower seedsblueberriesnoneraisin oatmealvegetables and fresh fruitbreath mints rather than gumHeath toffee barnonedecaf. coffee cheap kindnonenonenoneplants I can replantI have one...yes.I was banned.Golf, lifting weights, history, politics - I'm boring.NoSEATT diet "Stop eating all the time" just kiddingsounds greedy to askwhite board markerscan't think of anything
olivia_malle@charleston.k12.sc.usOlivia Malle3rd, 4th and 5th special ed resource05/07/97MOMKCoastal Carolina UniversityOlive GreenPopcornBerriesCheesecake or chocolate covered pretzels chocolate chipcheese, crackers and apples.spearmint TwizzlersDiet CokeStarbucks & salted caramel cold brewPlaya BowlSaltwater Cowboys Jeni's, Mint Chocolate ChipSunflowerVanillaNails so depPickleball Non/aTarget, lululemon, homegoods, Ulta,sharpened pencils, Lysol wipes, sticky noteshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3KZ8EN2KFFC70?ref_=wl_share
Paige_Hoagland@charleston.k12.sc.usPaige HoaglandCounselor11/3/81MPHN or PaigeNFL Team - NY Giantsteal, pinkpita chips, pretzel crisps, grapes, strawberriesNANAtrail mixspearmintsour patch kids, kit kat, twix, reeses piecesNAIces Brown Sugar Oatmilk EspressoFuji, MarcosHometeam BBQ, Kiki and Rye, Savi, Saltwater CowboysNAPeony, Sunflowers, RosesVanilla candlesPink Polish Reading, JoggingNoAmazon, Target, StarbucksStress Balls, Kinetic Sand, Markers, Composition BooksCounseling Wish List - https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/Y6XTDMZBLJGV?ref_=wl_share Pantry Wish List -https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1390Q0UP5HLIH?ref_=wl_share
rebecca_accolla@charleston.k12.sc.usBeckyAssistant PrincipalMarch 10SAbluetrailmixapples, strawberries, pineapplekey lime piecrumbl cookie (lemon or choco chip)unsalted almondsExtra peppermint or icebreakerssour patch kids, Haribo gummy bearsLa Croix (watermelon or lime)Pike Place black from Starbucks, or Hint watermelon waterChick fil a or Emoji PokeMex 1 or BasilZanos at Shipyard Parkcalla lilyNANAExercising, beach, readingNoAmazon, Target, Walmart, CostcoSnacks and drinks for the Heart Cart schoolwidehttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3M7WBRIYNOQLV/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
rebecca_kohler@charleston.k12.sc.usRebecca fifth grade teacherJanuary 28MKohlerblue or greenSun Chips sour cream & cheddarAll, I love fruit! chocolate chipsmoothies, fruitI prefer mints (altoids or life saver mints)Dark chocolate, M&M's, Reese's, anything with chocolate and peanut butterStarbucks - hot oatmilk latte or cold brew with two pumps of white mochaChickfila or UmiAnything in Mount Pleasant (Local's, Paige's, Red's, etc)potted plants and flowerscitrus YESlactose intolerant Starbucks, Target, Amazonprize candy, items from Amazon Wish Listhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/LNPT1SFEAW2V?ref_=wl_share
ronda_douty@charleston.k12.sc.usRonda Douty4th grade teacherMay 13LRDSClemsonblue and greenPretzels, Chips and Mild Salsa, Cheddar Cheese Comboswatermelon, pineapple, strawberriesLove Nothing Bundt Cakes and Crumbl Cookie but not picky when it comes to dessert! chocolate chip Skinny Pop, Fruit, Trail MixCinnamonReese Cups, Plain M&M's, Sour Skittles, Pretzel M&M'sN/ADunkin', Starbucks, Tidal Grounds- Caramel Macchiato with almond milkChick-fil-a, Cane's, Umi, Boxcar Betty's, Mellow MushroomThe Front Porch, San Miguel, Home Team BBQ, Mex-1Crazy Mason- anything with chocolate but no nutsSunflowers, DaisiesFruityN/Abeach, boatingNoAmazon, Costco, TressesDry-Erase Markers, Gluesticks, Super Tips Crayola Markers, Fun-colored Penshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/31I5GJB0UZXS2?ref_=wl_share
rose_sanders@charleston.k12.sc.usRosa SandersComputerJanuary 9LRMS Carolina Gamecocksblack & whiteappleslemon cake or anything chocolatechocolate chiphumusspearmintReese'sno soft drinks - unsweetened ice teano coffee - unsweetened ice teaChick-fil-AHome Team BBQMarble Slab - sweet creamhydrangeaNail Blisswalking and readingNononeTarget or Marshalls Home GoodsPurell hand sanitizer
sabrina_miller@charleston.k12.sc.usSabrina Miller5th/Teacher ~ Math and ScienceJune 14thMSMAMichigan WolverinesNavyAmonds, any nut mixesGrapes, strawberries, bananasBrowniesChocolate ChipBaked chips, trail mix, granola barsCinnamonReeses Peanut Butter Cup or Hersheys with AlmondsGinger AleAny coffee shop and vanilla latteChick - Fil - AKiki and Rye, Home Team, BasilAny ice cream shop and chocolate Orchid or hydrangealavendar or eucalyptusNail BlissCooking, Gardening, readingNoAmazon, TargetColored cardstock, black Expo markershttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1CAEVUNL1MAR6?ref_=wl_share
samantha_rogers@charleston.k12.sc.usSamantha RogersArt05-21SRogersCarolinaLavenderSweet and Salty Pop Corn or Peanut Butter PretzelsApples or StrawberriesBrownie with NutsOatmeal RaisinKind Bar or Perfect BarAnythingDark Chocolate PB cupsLa Croix (no soda for me) or Ginger AleMatcha Latte with Oat from anywherePoke BrosEvo Pizza or BasilDairy Free Choc Chip Cookie DoughRanunculus or Spider MumLavender or FrankincenseCreative Nails Belle HallGardeningYESDairy SensitiveTarget, Amazon, StarbucksSharpies!https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3QVX1BA4WJKD7?ref_=wl_share
sandra_fitzgerald@charleston.k12.sc.usSandra Fitzgerald407-29-1970LSFMUGAblackchips and salsaberriesnoneoreos or Tate's Chocolate Chiptrail mixnonePeanut M&M, Hershey with almondsCoke ZeroI do not drink coffeeJersey Mikes, Carmen et Juans, VerdeGrimaldis, Basil, Mellow Mushroom, Bricco BraccononeGardenia, BasilLavenderAnything close to Park Westfarm lifeNoTarget, GAP, Amazon, Belkwhite card stock, colored copy paper, supplies for morning choice for morning choicehttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3FV1LWGEWCY8Z?ref_=wl_share
sarah_buechele@charleston.k12.sc.usSarah Buechele3/Classroom Teacher03/15SSBR if the middle is slightly taller (Sarah Richardson Buechele is my full name)ClemsonBlueCheddar Chex, Cheez-its, Chips (not salt and vinegar)Any except watermelon chocolate!Chocolate Chip (not white chocolate) Hummus, veggies, dried fruit and nutsStarbursts, Reese's, peanut M&Ms, gummy candyStarbucks; Misto or cafe au lait (coffee and steamed skim milk) +pump of peppermint Sesame, Five Loaves, Sushi Taro, Poke Bros, CFA, VerdeHometeam, Coastal Crust, Post House, Sullivan's Fish CampBirthday CakeTulip, sunflowerlavender anyreadingYESno beef or porkStarbucks and Amazon; B&N or local bookstoresbooks! https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/QD31G7XI1R7O?ref_=wl_share
scott_douty@charleston.k12.sc.usScott Douty4th grade teacherApril 23XLDoutyClemsonBlue or greyTrail MixAny kindN/Achocolate chipFruits and VeggiesspearmintN/AUnsweet TeaStarbucks- Hot Mocha LatteMellow MushroomMellow MushroomFishingNoAmazon, Lowes
Shanna_petry.c@charleston.k12.sc.usShanna PetryFront deskOctober 06Ls P l (Shanna Lowery Petry) or P or PetryCarolina or Clemson (I am a Carolina grad but my son goes to Clemson.Navy, Green, PinkPork Skins, cashews, pistachios anyanyany fruit or nutsSpearmintReese's, anything chocolateCoke ZeroStarbucks- Chai Tea Latte (Hot)Umi, Chick-Fil-A, ChipotleUmi, Wild Wings, La Hacienda, Home TeamZano's, Sweet Frog, Pelican's SnowballsHydrangea's, Tulips, Peonies, GladiolasPink Polish 2Watching my kids plays soccer.NoChick-Fil-A, Starbucks, Amazon, ChipotleVic Flair pens, Sharpies
stacey_lewis@charleston.k12.sc.usStacey Lewis4th Grade / math and science2/13MSLLUSC - GamecocksSky BlueBBQ chips, Cheez-its, FritosKiwi, GrapesBrownies, Raspberry CakeChocolate Chip, Sugar Granola Bars, Popcorn chipsnone pleaseDove Dark Chocolate, Lindt truffles (dark cho), Kit Kats, Reese'sPepsi or CokeNot a coffee or Tea drinker.Chick Fil A, Chipotle, Cane's (Any really)PF Changs, Steel City Pizza, Agave (Any really)Sweet Frog (choc and vanilla)Any Any Any Painting, DYIsNononeAny and All (Amazon, Versona, Target)White Card Stock, Colored Paper, Candyhttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/ICE2SLIU8ZQ7?ref_=wl_share
stephanie_parnell@charleston.k12.sc.usStephanie Parnell4th Grade TeacherOctober 7LSPPCarolina Gamecocks and CofCTeal, LavenderSun ChipsStrawberries, Pineapple, Clementines Cheesecake, Loaves (Pumpkin, Banana, Coffee)Chocolate Chip, SugarGranola Bars MintSour Patch WatermelonDiet Coke, Lime/Lemon La Croix Starbucks- Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte (I like it both hot and cold depending on the season!)Door Dash, Miglioris, Umi, Chick-Fil-A Hometeam BBQ, Halls ChophouseAny- Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughTulips, Hydrangeas, SunflowersSeasonal scents, anything "clean" PulseBoating, audiobooks, shoppingNoAny restaurant listed above, Nails (Pulse), Amazon, Target, Two CumberlandTreasure box goodies (fidgets, candy), sticky noteshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2M3GZ8Z4OZTJ2?ref_=wl_share
stephanie_slimmer@charleston.k12.sc.usstephanie slimmer4th and 5th grade resource roomjune 19, 1970LslimmerCofCGreen, blackbeef jerkyblueberries, raspberries, blackberriespeanut pies with chocolate or graham cracker crustwalkers shortbreadtrident tropical twist flavor or spearmintreeses peanut butter sticksseltzer water (berry flavors)starbuckspoke bowl, tazkiki's mediterranean cafesushi taro, grace and grit, the wreck, saltwater cowboy, sewee, tw grahams, husk, i don't know any ice cream shops here - but I love coffee ice haagen dazs ice creamdaisy, queens annes lace, wild flowersessential oils, lavender essential oils, skylar capri summeri don't know of any to go to herephotography, water skiiing, gardening, kayaking, bike ridingNotarget; walmart, amazonheadphones, educational games, bean bag chairs, file folders, ceiling hooks, scented mr. sketch fine markers, colored pencilshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/S5X01V9NDK6N/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
susan_grayson@charleston.k12.sc.usSusan Grayson4th Grade Teacher11/21MSGSGO GAMECOCKS! University of South CarolinaTeal and Lime GreenSmart Pop, Boom Chicka Pop, Tortilla Chips and Salsa, Chex Mix, PretzelsBananas, strawberries, oranges, tangerines Nothing Bundt Cakes, Key Lime Pie, DonutsCrumbl CookiesKind Bars and Trail MixIce Breakers Ice Cubes- Any FlavorDark Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Chocolate and Salted CaramelBubly and LaCroix (any flavor)Nitro Cold Brew or Iced Coffee (with nothing in it)Chick-Fil-A, Verde, Panera Bread, Dog and DuckHome Team BBQ, Islander 71, Locals, Page's Okra Grill, The Darling Oyster BarSweet FrogWould rather plants, but love any kind of flowersAny seasonal scentsAnyExercising, beaching it, cooking and decoratingNoN/AAmazon, Target, Marshalls/HomeGoodsTreasure Box Prizes https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/38AGVXMTH814K?ref_=wl_share
tamika_brown.c@charleston.k12.sc.usTamika M BrownSchool Resource Officer08/25/1972LTMBN/ARedDoritosPineappleCheesecakeOatmeal RaisinPineappleSpearmintMilky WayFrescaStarbucksChick Fil ALonghorn'sMarble SlabTulipsRosesN/ANails So DepNoAmazon
tara_cessna@charleston.k12.sc.usTara CessnaTAMarch 6, 1971MtChUSCteal and coral (changes daily) :)Mixed nuts, Cheese its, pretzelsApples, Strawberries, grapesRed VelvetAnything without raisins Pop cornBubble gum or cinnamonReeses Take 5 candy bars, original Sprees, Sweet/Sour stuffCoca ColaNo thank you. Chic fil a, Panera, CanesAllBubble Gum- Ye Ole FashionedTulipEarthy or BeachyAnyArts and Crafts- DIY projectsYESHigh citric acid contentsAmazonPencils, clorox wipes, expo markers, treasure box fillershttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3KZ8EN2KFFC70?ref_=wl_share
Tiffany_Henderson@charleston.k12.sc.usTiffany HendersonPrincipalNov 5thLTHAClemson Tigers!BluePretzels, Nuts, AlmondsAny and allDark Chocolate, White chocolate raspberryChoc ChipFruits & veggiesMintDark ChocolateDiet cokeWhite chocolate mochaCFA, Mex 1, Dog and DuckOpal, Agave, Home Team- I love to eat out!Hydrangeas - or anything really!I love candlesPink Polish or Pulsewalking, beach, reading, travelNoAmazon, Target, etcFront office decor, door prizes for teachershttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/FDXJZPHDBBMI?ref_=wl_share
Tiffany_Suggs@charleston.k12.sc.usTiffany Suggs3November 9 STSSPretty indifferent but USCtealgranola, cheeze-its, crackers/cheeseLove all fruitpie/donutsanydried fruit, granolafruityTwix, peanut m&m's, jelly beans n/aStarbucks- flavored lattes AnyAnyChocolate Chip Cookie DoughLilies or plantsAnyPulse GardeningNoRestaurants, Amazontreasure chest items, pens, stickers, colored copy paper https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1UDHUMA7OU27Y/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_2
trina_noonan@charleston.k12.sc.usTrina NoonanKaleidoscope/Site CoordinatorDecember 4LTNECharleston SoutherBlueHoney BBQ FritosStrawberriesCake- any flavorAny flavorTrail mixSpearmint Lindt chocolate ballDiet coheStarbucks- chai tea latteTropical smothieUmiMarble slab- birthday cakePeonies Clean / apple cinnamonPro nails/ anyRelaxing, beach/pool, family time NoAmazon, Target, bath and body works,
victoria_robertson@charleston.k12.sc.usVicki Robertson5th GradeSeptember 12thMVPR ClemsonAnySkinny PopGrapesNot a sweets person. :-) Not a sweets person. :-) Veggies and Dip, Skinny Pop, and PretzelsNot a gum person. :-) Not a sweets person. :-) Bubly & Bubly Bounce (Any flavors)Starbucks - Honey Almond Milk Flat WhiteJersey Mikes, Chick-Fil-A, FujiBurton's, Home Team, Cru CafeNot a sweets person. :-) Any!I love them all! Bliss or Pink PolishPhotography, Art, and TravelNoN/AAmazon or VisaWater Bottle Stickers for Reading Prizes, Restock Items for Spin the Wheel Prizeshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2S95Z3YOENETV?ref_=wl_share
zoe_gawrych@charleston.k12.sc.usZoe GawrychInstructional CoachDecember 17LZGGSouth Carolina and C of Cany shade of bluepretzelsallfruity or caramelanyfruit and veggiesmintm&ms, caramel, peanut butterStarbucks- regular with 2 pumps sf vanillaMex 1, pizzaHome Team, SOLI love flowers and plants!citrusPulse, Pro Nailscooking, gardening, readingNoAmazon, Maxx, Marshalls, Targettreats for teachers- snacks, pens, notepadshttps://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3KB5BUYOJM1XT/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1