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Through Storytelling
Beaver, Chris2019526Inspiration, Leadership, Development, CommunicationThis thesis will give the reader some best practices and techniques for preparing and delivering effective stories as a method of delivering an inspiring, persuasive message in a Scouting context.
LEADERSHIPUnit Leadership:
seeing what you have and developing what you need!
Hawley, Scott20191289Leadership, DevelopmentAssessing current unit leadership and implementing an intentional journey from Boy Scouts of
America (BSA) required to unit desired leadership. Impart a sustainable culture of engaged adult
leadership to support a thriving unit.
RECRUITING AND MEMBERSHIPScouting and FreemasonryNorton, Barry20191404New Units, RecruitingSince its founding, the Boys Scouts of America has been strongly supported by Freemasons, serving as volunteers and assisting their local and regional scouting groups in many ways. This has resulted in great benefits for both Freemasonry and Scouting. Freemasons exist in all walks of life with multiple lodges situated around most large cities, yet few, if any, scouters ever look to them as a source of adult leadership or Unit sponsorship.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPThe Round Table commissioner's role in improving the number of leaders who attend Roundtable as Cub Scout Leaders to "crossover" and continue to attend as Boy Scout Leaders.Smith, Dalton20191445Recruiting, Crossover, RoundtableThis paper will look at why so many involved Cub Scout leaders, who either routinely or sporadically attend Round Table, either stop attending once they cross over into Boy Scout leadership roles or have never even gave Round Table a chance. As we determine why attendance falls off with the Boy Scout newer leaders, we can address the issues and either bring them back to Round Table or have them start attending. Either way, hopefully, building better leaders.
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEHow The Unit Commissioner Can Better Identify And Nurture The Characteristics And Attributes Of Servant Leaders Within A Unit, To Aid The Unit In Growth And Development Of Current And New LeadersCancilla, Chris2018920Unit Service, Recruiting, DevelopmentThis document is designed to aid the Commissioner in identifying and nurturing the characteristics and attributes of Servant Leaders, especially those who hold key positions in the unit
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEWriting and Review Unit Detailed AssessmentO'Leary, John20181155Assessment, Tools, Unit ServiceDemonstrate a means of creating and reviewing a draft evaluation of a Unit Detailed Assessment with the Unit Key 3. This format will utilize reports from the Commissioner Tools, Journey to Excellence (JTE) form, and an assortment of other materials to aid in calculations for an overall unit score.
TRAININGThe Commissioner’s Role in Promoting Youth Leadership TrainingSchuster, Samantha20181048Youth, Training, Boy Scouts,A commissioner’s role can be vital in the health of the unit and its members by promoting training benefits and by providing resources to units for obtaining youth training.
ACTIVITIESCommissioner Helps on Introducing Scouts to an International Scouting ExperienceGulledge, Michael20171725International ScoutingThis thesis is written to show commissioners, especially those that may have direct contact
with units, how to educate units on opportunities to participate in international scouting
opportunities, both as a unit or individual basis.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPHow to Retain First Year Boy ScoutsMcCarthy, James K.2017667Boy Scout Retention If we as Commissioners can help in training Scout leaders in supporting the Scouts experience and fulfill these principles and objectives while they participate in Scouting, then we stand a greater chance of achieving success in the Scouting program and we will all together keep the interest of the boys and their parents for years to come.
ROUNDTABLEMaximizing the Roundtable Presentation ExperienceAffeldt, William Jr.2016426Roundtable, planning, RecruitingHow to design a succesful Roundtable program.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPHow program synergy affects unit healthBonnette, Kane 2015504Boy Scout, Growth, retention, size, Summer Camp, Order of the Arrow, Commissioner ServiceThis paper examines the relationship between various programs and qualities of units in the Boy Scouts of America, and how those programs and qualities affect the change in the unit’s size year over year. The programs studied are Summer camp, Commissioner Service, and Order of the Arrow membership. The qualities studied include unit size and ratio of adults to scouts in the unit. Although no program or qualities reports a high correlation with unit growth, they all show a positive correlation with the growth of the unit.
RECHARTERDistrict Recharter EnhancementLundgren, Ronald V.2015258Recharter, Process, systems, improvement, managing, This paper explains the Recharter process employed by the Mountain Lake and Silver Comet Districts, and the rationale of why the processes were placed. The Silver Comet District has been using this process for five years and has seen the number of units turning in their Recharter Packets increase from 20% to 75% in 2015.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPRetention in ScoutingEdmondson, Damon 20131876Retention Cub Scout Boy Scout Recoup Mapping The author uses technology and a list of dropped scouts (all levels, Cub, Boy and Venturer) to identify and target specific youth for” Rehabilitation” (getting them back into Scouting) using geo-mapping to find units for these “dropped Scouts, that might be a better fit.
ADVANCEMENTA Merit Badge College: A Leader’s Guide to ExcellenceBales, Thomas O.20127239Boy Scout Advancement Merit Badge Merit Badge Clinic Organizing Merit Badge CollegeThis thesis details the need for leader training prior to holding a large scale Merit Badge Clinic as well as provide a guide for organizing a large scale Merit Badge Clinic
TRAINING2010 New Cub Scout Program ConferenceGardner, Casandra W.2012590Cub Scout Leader Training New Cub Program The author describes a course she developed and led that helped Cub Scout Leaders understand the new Cub Scout Program Materials that were first introduced in 2010.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPWebelos Scout To Boy Scout Transition ProgramMartin, Dora L.201293Cub Scout Boy Scout Webelos Transition attrition retention Plan The author discusses the need for a well worked out transition plan that will help prevent Cub Scouts, graduating from Webelos, dropping from scouting, instead of moving into Boy Scout Troops. Although the author does not state “an established plan,” she does give good insight in helping a district establishing such a plan. She specifically notes some responsibilities various Unit Leaders in Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting, parents, the boys and the District Leadership should take on, in order to prepare a transition plan.
SCOUTING RESOURCESMobile Reference Library: Vision to be able to have manuals, Boys Life, Cub, and Scout Master Guides. To reach those packs, troops and crews of low incomeRafig, Hassan A.20122363Library Mobile resourcesThis thesis explains the rational and creation of a mobile library that commissioners can help units create, that will give the resources to unit leaders, that they can use to help their scouts. This thesis covers; resources to include, methods of storage, finding a home for the library, delivery method to the units and commissioner, continuity of the library and constructing the library
LEADERSHIP--Boy Scout The District Scout Skills Instructor ProgramRollbuhler, Tom 20123570Boy Scout Leadership Scout Skills InstructorThe Author advocates the creation of a new leadership position in Boy Scouting, “District Scout Skills Instructor,” whose purpose would be to be to teach physical and outdoor skills to a Webelos Den. He explains why this position is different from a Den Chief position. As a note this position was created and tested in the author’s District so it is not just based on theoretical thinking but also practical applications.
TRAININGSea Badge… A critical AnalysisRoss, Wilford H.20122937Sea Scout Leader Sea Badge Critique ProgramThe author reviews the Sea badge Scout Leader training program and offers his critique of the current program and improvements he feels should be enacted in order for the Sea badge training course to meet its purpose. It is written as a Proposal for Changes to the National BSA Sea Scout Committee
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPThe Venturing Experience: A Comparison of Three Models for Delivering the Venturing Experience to YouthGordon, Robert 2011734Venture Crews Orientation Affiliation GuidanceThis thesis serves as resource for Scouters and Youths to select a method of providing the Venturing Experience to specific target audiences. It provides am overview of three models for delivery and offers an assessment of aspects that to consider in making a determination of : Unaffiliated/Stand-Alone Venturing Crews, Venturing Crews affiliated with a troop and Troop-based Venture Patrols. Each of the models are analyzed from the perspective of Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
ACTIVITIESWebelos Outdoor Walk—On the Silver Comet TrailHaynie, Don 2011420Cub Scout Activity Webelos Silver Comet TrailThe author details plans for holding an outdoor activity for Webelos on the Silver Comet Trail. Besides planning for the activity, he describes projects and learning stations so the Webelos have a full day adventure outdoors on the trail
SAFETYCheck Lists for District and Unit Health Safety Officers for Standardizing the Health and Safety Position Duties to Promote Scouting SafetyTrees, Trent B.2011254Safety Health Safety Director Checklists responsibilitiesThis thesis is an aid to those in charge of health and Safety for the District and units, the author has devised a check list for Health and Safety Officer that outline their duties and responsibilities for district activities as well as for unit activities
ACTIVITIESThe Lost Boys: Planning a WebeloreeAmon, Beverly 201022,436Cub Scout Webelos Activity WebeloreeThis thesis gives a recipe to create and a program to carry out a Webeloree, which is an activity for Webelos Scouts, who often do not have an activity solely aimed at this age group
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEWho Ensures Successful District Committees? The Solution May Rest with Creating a new Position: The District Committee CommissionerCloss, James W.20101351Commissioner District Committee responsibilities duties job description conception This paper advocates the creation of a District Committee Commissioner, charged with the responsibility to assist in the year long pursuit of quality in the District. This new Commissioner implements the tools of quality assurance and quality management while serving on the Council Commissioner’s Staff (to also assure independence of the District he is mentoring)
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPHispanic Community: Undeniable Reality in the United States of America Today: An Opportunity for ScoutingHenao, Francy Juliana2010966Boy Scouting Cub Scouting attraction recruitment Hispanic Latino Understanding DiversityHispanic people comprise 44% of the US population. Although Hispanics have a similar language, they have different cultures, textures, colors and eat different foods. “One size does not fit all!” Scouting offers a way for Hispanic boys and adults to “do better” but Boy Scout Leaders are often unfamiliar with the differences of Hispanics. This unfamiliarity can lead to simple misunderstandings or worse case, blatant offenses. This thesis is designed to help the reader have a better understanding of the diversity with the Hispanic community and help the reader to resolving problems and help them expand Scouting to the Hispanic Community
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEUsing Your Compass to Find Your Way Through the Wilderness. AKA; A Guide to being a Successful District CommissionerCook, Frank 2009425Commissioner District Commissioner roles advice direction This project outlines the roles of the District Commissioner and the Unit Commissioner Staff and offers advice and direction for insuring a quick transition into this key position
LEADERSHIP--AdultsSharing of Resources Across Geographic BoundariesDeaton, Julie L.2009150Leadership Adult Cooperation Teamwork sharing This Thesis is an editorial that emphasizes the “Brotherhood of Scouting” and by helping any Scout you are helping your scout. The author stresses that there should be no limitations to scouts due to being out of council or out of district for any scouting activity. She also proposes area wide roundtables to exchange ideas between the geographic zones. Dr. Deaton also cites several examples already in use where area’s share, such as a National Web site/My Scouting, or links from one district web site to another etc.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPScout RetentionDowns IV, George E20091711Retention Boy Scout Cub Scout Reasons for QuittingThis paper does an in depth analysis of retention or lack of retention of all scouts (Tiger thru Venture) in the Milton District for the years 2007 & 2008. Dr. Downs in depth analysis includes what age of Scouts is retention most at risk. Why is Scout Retention important? What are the reasons Scouts leave the program. Which reasons are within the program’s (unit) control? What should we do to improve Scout retention from a national, council, district, charter organization and unit level?
LEADERSHIP--Cub Scout The Committee Makes the Pack Go!Gulledge, Vivian 2009213Cub Scout Leadership Committee Organization Recruitment Sub CommitteesThis thesis offers practical suggestions to the pack leadership for successful recruiting of parents to help run a pack committee by involving their Unit Commissioner. It also covers breaking the committee in to subcommittees and recruitment tactics in obtaining parents
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEThe Impact of Coaching/Mentoring by Unit Commissioners on Cub Scout LeadersKitchens, Dawn 20091449Commissioner mentoring support relationshipThis thesis discusses the support system of the mentoring relationship which can be created by a Unit Commissioner and/or an experienced Scouter.
COMMISSIONER COLLEGECollege of Commissioner’s Science Course ContentLangley, James E. "Jay"2009Commissioner College curriculum This paper is a summary of the project in creating the core curriculum for a Commissioner’s College. The content of this project provides Commissioner College Administrators with materials that can easily be used to present required course material as outlined in the new National BSA requirements for a College of Commissioner’s science
COMMUNICATIONSElectronic Technology, the Right for Scouting Is the use of electronic technology in Scouting a hindrance to building a quality unit?Orr, Edward "Ted"20092107leadership email electronic technology disadvantagesThe author concludes that the use of electronic technology in an excessive manner, or that reliance solely on electronic technology (i.e. e-mail and electronic presentations) reduces the effectiveness of a unit’s leadership in the areas of communication, training and continuity and thereby impacts the delivery of a quality program
HISTORYThe Inception and Interpretation of Commissioner History and Its FutureRoebuck, George L. "Buddy"2009887History Commissioners This paper discusses the history of the Commissioner’s Service in regard to the History of Scouting. It covers the very beginnings through modern day, of the Commissioner Service, with hopes of giving insight for the need of the Commissioner’s Service in the future.
RELIGIOUS RELATIONSCatholic Scouts and Scouters Religious Emblems, Knots, Awards and ActivitiesYeomans, Mary Ellen20095534Religious Award Catholic Requirements Activities Program Boy Scout Cub Scout VentureThis paper discusses all the common awards available to Catholic Scouts and Scouters as well as how to earn these awards. The author also discusses additional activities and awards available to Catholic Scouts and Scouters that are not so well known
RECHARTERRe-engineering the Re-chartering ProcessBarnes, Geoff 2008603Commissioner Recharter Process OrganizationThis project not only addresses the issues with the current rechartering process but also makes suggestions in reengineering the Atlanta Area Council recharter process. The results of this project will be presented to the “powers to be” at Atlanta Area Council in an effort to improve the recharter process.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPMembership Validation Procedures ImplementationChase, Larry H.20081357Verification of Membership Council Unit Health Monitoring action plansIn September 2004 Atlanta Area Council’s membership numbers were challenged by community and found to be erroneous. A system was developed for verification of membership numbers as well as the scout unit’s health, however this many aspects of this monitoring system was delegated to the Council Commissioner and the Unit Commissioner Corps. This project describes the process that supports the semiannual review of membership, unit’s health and action plans.
COMMISSIONER COLLEGECreating an Accessible Library of the Past and Future Commissioner’s College Doctoral ThesesKopel, Mark200896Commissioner College Theses LibrarianThis project located all past Commissioner Theses, scanned them onto a Computer, categorized them and made them available to the Scouting Community, by creating the position, Commissioner College librarian.
RECHARTERThe Role of the Commissioner in the Annual Recharter Process- District LevelPino Jr., Robert S.20082138Commissioner Recharter program Training resourceThis thesis provides Commissioners with an outline for a successful rechartering program for a Scouting District, a foundation for the annual training of Commissioners and an updatable resource that Commissioners may in turn use to assist the units of a district with rechartering
LEADERSHIP --Boy Scout A Study of youth Leadership Training with a focus on the District LevelSparkman, Ned 20081016Boy Scout Youth leadership Training NYLTThe author provides a synopsis of the Troop leadership Course and the New Youth Leader Training Course along with a course from the District Level, to provide a basis of Comparison. He also makes recommendations for “fitting” a District Level course between the two National Courses, as well as how the District Commissioner Staffs within the Atlanta Area Council can promote youth leader training at all levels
ADVANCEMENTBest Practices for an Effective Merit Badge ProgramSteindorf, Eric 2008542Boy Scout Advancement Merit Badges Merit Badge Program Regulations Rules organizingProviding a consistent, quality merit badge program can be a significant challenge for Troop Leaders. This thesis describes the merit badge program, as well as its rules, regulations, history and offers a “best Practices” approach for Scout Leaders as well a covering a variety of issues Unit Leaders face in regard to the Merit Badge Program.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPAn Overview of the Venturing Program for Youth New to VenturingWeiss, Lynn 2008210Venture Program New Venturer Orientation Explanation Information This thesis is an overview of the Venturing Program with an emphasis on educating youth and adults interested in starting a Venturing Program. Instead of reading all the different manuals this overview gives the youth or adult a good starting point and then for further information to go to the Official BSA publications for more details.
ROUNDTABLEPutting on an Effective Cub Scout Roundtable BreakoutDemby, Wanda L.20072889Commissioner Roundtable Cub Scout Guidance Planning agenda Breakouts topics scheduleThis thesis provides guidance and a schedule of topics a Roundtable Commissioner could use in planning one year’s agenda for Cub Scout Breakouts at Roundtable
ADVANCEMENTScouting Advancement Help Kit For Units and Districts in the Atlanta Area Council:Fitzgerald, Robert George2007258Advancement Boy Scout Adults Scouter Policies procedures resourcesThis Thesis is a resource for Scouts, parents, Commissioners, Unit and District Advancement Chairman on the topic of Scout Advancement (all branches including adults) and awards available to Scouts and Scouters. It includes information on the paperwork of advancement, the awards, the policies and procedures of advancement. This paper puts all the information regarding advancement at the reader’s fingertips, answering many of the questions both scouts and adults have regarding advancement.
ADVANCEMENTImplementation of an American Legion Award Program to Recognize Eagle Scouts in the Tidelands District of the Coastal Empire CouncilMastopoulos, Nick P.20071174Eagle Scout American Legion Award Adult Scouter Square Knot Citizenship medalThis thesis discusses several awards that have been available to Eagle Scouts, sponsored by the American Legion. These awards include, Eagle Scout of the Year, the American Legion Scouting Square knot, and the lesser know award he American Legion Good Citizenship Award (which is available to every Eagle Scout).
AQUATICSEmergency Action Plan Camp Alltoona Aquatics Base – Atlanta Area CouncilPineo III, Charles Chipman2007777Aquatics Emergency Procedures Scout CampThis thesis is actually an emergency plan with protocols to follow for specific emergency scenarios for the Lake Altoona Aquatics Base. Although this paper was specifically created for the Lake Altoona Aquatic Base, it can easily be converted to any aquatic base or aquatics section of a Boy Scout Reservation, or even if a unit is planning an aquatic activity.
ROUNDTABLEHow To Host An Effective Boy Scout RoundtableSniff, David 20071356Commissioner Roundtable Boy Scout Breakout planning This is a Power Point Presentation, to help the Commissioner host an effective Boy Scout Breakout Session Roundtable. It describes what Roundtable is, what you need to do to have an interesting and effective Boy Scout Breakout session to Roundtable.
RECHARTER2005 Hightower Trail District Recharter DayKaufman, Page 20051449Commissioner Recharter Hightower District Planning Organization ManagingThis project was to Act as the “Project Manager” by Planning, organizing, promoting and managing the 2005 Hightower Trail District Recharter Day
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPWhy We Cannot Say No To ScoutingByrd, Mary 2004917Boy Scouting Cub Scouting Importance This thesis explains why scouting is important in a boy’s life. It also shows how to work as a family and come closer together.
TRAININGDistrict Junior Leader Training – Development and ImplementationCampbell, Brian S.20041964Junior Leader Junior Leader Training Course District Level Syllabus Curriculum This thesis describes creating a District Junior Leader Training Course (including job descriptions for all training staff), who’s purpose would be to provide a link between the troop level training and the council (one week long) training. District Junior Leader training is a good adjunct for Scouts who have completed the troop Junior Leader training but are not yet qualified to participate in the Council Junior Leader training program.
ROUNDTABLEThe Basics of Planning and Executing an Effective Cub Scout RoundtableGibson, Deborah 20048437Commissioner Roundtable cub Scout planning executingThis thesis provides a resource for the new or struggling Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner and their staff, to guide them through the entire planning and executing processes.
DISABILITIESJust a Few Rocks in Your PackGilbert, Byron L.20042059Disabilities Handicapped Vision impaired Blind ResourcesThis thesis is an aid, in assisting units, scouts or families, who have a boy with impaired vision, as to what resources are available to help this scout with participating in the Scouting Program.
CHURCH OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTSWays LDS Bishops Can Assure a Successful Scouting ProgramHardy, Susan Matthews20041077LDS Latter Day Saints Scouting Training BishopScouting is a small facet of the responsibility of a Bishop of the Church of the Latter day Saints, and this thesis will help train the Bishop and his counselors in the needs of the Scouting program. It also helps to explain the Church of the Latter day Saints vision of using Scouting as the activity program of this Church. This thesis also gathers all the rules pertaining to Scouting in the Church of Latter Day Saints.
AQUATICSMitigating the Risk in Scouting with SCUBA at the Local Area Council. How to Create a SCUBA Aquatics program in your Local CouncilPakurar Jr., Thomas Allen200415478SCUBA Program ScoutingThis thesis discusses the creation of a SCUBA Diving Program within Scouting. In fact this thesis was instrumental in establishing the current guidelines for SCUBA safety and policy in the revised edition of the Guide to Safe Scouting.
IMAGEHey Ranger! The Boy Scouts are Here!! A Guide for Understanding Between Scout Leaders and National Park Service EmployeesVogel-Brown, Connie2004321Image cooperation National Park Service Partnership camping Eagle Projects This thesis covers real life examples of good and not so good working relationships between Boy Scout units and National Park Service Sites. It discusses the missions of the Boy Scouts of America and the National Park Service and their similarities and differences. It is my vision to educate both Scout Leaders and NPS employees as to how to work together as partners in order to meet each other’s mission. By discussing both viewpoints on scouts visiting NPS sites for visits, overnight camping, service projects, and Eagle projects, the reader should have a greater understanding as to the needs of both service related organizations.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPWhy the Parental* Role is so Important to Boy Scout RetentionBrewster, Jerry D.20031443Boy scout Retention First Year Scout Parents guide involvement participation This thesis provides guidance to parents (potential future scout leaders) on the importance of being an active participant in the scouting life of boys. This thesis covers the positives derived from active participation and the negatives derived from non participation
AQUATICSLogistical Plan for a 50 Mile Canoe Trip with Scouts from Tenderfoot to EagleHager, Jerry20032215Canoeing Planning logisticsThis thesis covers the ten steps of planning a successful canoe trip with guidelines where each planning step takes place explaining what it encompasses, who is in attendance, who the designated instructor is and what materials or equipment are needed. The conclusion offers a comparison of two troops planning and each embarking on a canoe trip. One troop had inconsistent training, omitting critical steps and the other troop did careful pre-planning. Needles to say one troop almost ended with a catastrophe while the other one in spite of having to use plan B had a great experience
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEA Round Peg In a Square Hole Placing Commissioners In Positions Most Conducive to Satisfaction and EffectivenessKubiak, Larry 200392Commissioner satisfaction effectivenessThis thesis examines the Myers Briggs types of various commissioners and how this corresponds to their satisfaction and effectiveness with that Scouting Role. Seventeen Commissioners were administered the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and a survey identifying their levels of satisfaction and effectiveness in their commissioner role. The results indicated that the majority of those who were satisfied and efficient had either the ESTJ or ISTJ type. This will provide guidance to District and Council Commissioners in selecting commissioners most likely to be satisfied and thus effective in their roles
LEADERSHIP-DISTRICT COMMITTEEDistrict Level Junior Leaders: Developing the Next GenerationsPesce, Louis D.2003736Adult Leaders Aging out Eagle Scouts recruitment Continuing Bridging This thesis explores the concept of bridging Eagle Scouts into their adult roles in scouting by offering them roles that are traditionally performed by adult leaders at the District Level.
ACTIVITIES-- DISTRICTPlanning a District Scout Show: Lessons Learned from the Hightower Trail ExperienceRitchie, Mark 20031360District Activity Scout Show Comparison District CouncilThis thesis details the process involved in developing a Scout Show. It discusses the history of the Hightower Trail District’s 2002 and 2003 Scout Show in relation to previous types of events both at a District and Council Level in Atlanta Area Council as well as other Districts and Councils
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEImplementing an Effective Performance Measurement Tool for Units and Unit CommissionersLongoria, Joe 20021061Commissioner performance measurement evaluationThis thesis is to give guidance to District Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners on implementing performance measurement tools. It covers the theory of performance measurement, the practical application of a performance measurement tool and the manner to implement measurement tools.
COMMISSIONERS SERVICEPositive Aspects of Conflicts of ScoutingMiller, Jody (JoAnn L.)20021026Commissioner conflict managementThis thesis was written to help Commissioners, Leaders understand what conflict is and positive ways in which it can help to solve problems, promote growth, increase motivation and creativity, and promote group cohesiveness. It is divided into two areas; the first explains what conflict is, the types of conflict and sources of conflict in Scouting. The second area discusses how conflict helps and successful conflict management
CITIZENSHIPFor Scouts Yet To ComePepper, Dale20021292Pollution, Environment, Leave No TraceThis thesis provides guidance on how to combat environmental issues facing our country.
ADVANCEMENTAdvancement To Eagle ScoutChristensen, John L.2001731Boy Scout Advancement Requirements This thesis covers all the requirements that a boy needs for advancement in the Boy Scout Program. It goes in detail on the requirements needed for joining as a Boy Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle and Eagle Palms. It also covers the area of Merit Badges Required for Eagle Rank as well as the Service Project Requirement.
COMMISSIONERS SERVICECommissioner Service To PacksDavis, Edward B.20011125Commissioner Cub Scouts Packs relationship guidance This thesis provides information and guidance to the Unit Commissioners and Cubmasters concerning the expectations of the unit service to Cub Scout Packs. The thesis covers the historic background to the relationship between Unit Commissioners and Cubmasters, the concept and scope of unit service to Cub Scout Packs by the Unit Commissioners. Some of the leadership needs in Cub Scout packs and the symbiotic relationship between Unit Commissioners and leaders of the Cub Packs
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPImproving Retention of First Year ScoutsPorwoll, Paul 20011881Boy Scout First Year Retention attrition Webelos transitionThis thesis addresses the issue of new scouts dropping out before their first year. It discusses a variety of methods for the “care and Feeding” of first year Boy Scouts. Practical advice is divided into four stages; 1) pre-selling the dream in the Webelos Program, 2) closing the sale in the Webelos-Scout transition period, 3) activating the sale in the critical new Scout Program and 4) extending the sale as the Scout reaches the next level
FINANCESStructuring an effective District FOS Campaign in the 21s CenturyStewart, James H.20012781Finances FOS organizing campaignThis thesis creates an ongoing effective way to build and run a Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign in the District. It details how to organize such a campaign, use of promotional materials, a localized message, timing and structural delegation of volunteers
TRAININGPresentation & Graphic Techniques for the TrainerBoutin, Jack 20001263Training Trainer Skills aides TeachingThis thesis will provide some basic tools in the form of mental preparation, public speaking, enhanced graphic skills and Innovation, all designed to aid you creating exciting and not boring presentations
TRAININGJunior Leader Training in Operation First ClassBrown, H.L.2000876Junior Leader Training Commissioner Operation First ClassThis thesis was written to provide guidance on the special importance of Junior Leader Training to the Operation First Class Program, and to provide advice on how a unit commissioner working with an Operation First Class unit can effectively promote Junior Leader Training at all levels, from Fast Start to attendance at the National Junior Leader Training Camp at Philmont Scout ranch
SAFETYScouting Safety AwarenessCato, Robert L.20002901Safety Activities accidents sources This thesis covers the following basic safety area that all Scouts face during their Scouting experiences: the use of vehicles/trailers, camping, food/water, weather, Wildlife, insects and water activities. Resource guides are included that can be used to improve training sessions
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPTraining Leaders for School Night Round UpColeman, Sharon 20001006Recruitment School night for Scouting Membership drive Round up Orientation ProgramThis thesis provides a tool for unit commissioners and unit committee members, in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, to hold a successful School night recruitment night. I t goes into detail of every element that should make the event more organized. It also covers every detail from the beginning or the process of recruitment to the turning in of paper work on both a unit and district level.
ADVANCEMENTDirector of Merit BadgesEvilsizer, Roy 20001990Boy Scout Advancement Merit Badges Coordinator DirectorThis thesis provides a review of the merit badge program and a way to enhance the program locally, bringing about a smoother path to advancement. Having a Director of Merit Badges available for the scouts to call directly will put the Scouts in touch with the correct counselor
LEADERSHIP--AdultsThe Importance of Leadership and Attitude to a Scout LeaderGrant, Robert W.20001011Adults Leadership Styles This thesis is an in-depth review of what makes a good leader by applying various styles of leadership. The thesis can give any leader a greater awareness of how important attitude is to his or her success”
ADVANCEMENTThe History of Square KnotsKitchens, Bill 20001091Uniform Square Knots Advancement This thesis covers all the Square Knots that have been issues by the Boy Scouts of America plus some that are authorized but not issued by the Boy Scouts of America. Areas covered includes date each Square Knot was established, what the different knots and background colors mean, the proper way to wear the knots and the dates any Square Knots were discontinued
INTERNETThe Internet as a Commissioner’s Aid to Unit ServiceLaRoche, W. Walter20004454Internet Commissioner assistance This thesis describes how the Internet might be of use to Unit Service by a Commissioner. The thesis benchmarks a few Scouting and non Scouting Web Sites.
LEADERSHIP- Boy Scout Den Chief The Optimum First Leadership PositionMiller Jr, Lewis M.2000852Boy Scout Leadership Den ChiefThis thesis describes the Den Chief as a position of leadership, how it is under utilized and describes its potential and importance in the Boy Scout movement. It also encourages Troops and Teams to utilize the Den Chief option for a leadership position. It also describes how to best implement, monitor the Den Chief Leadership position for maximum results for all participants
ACTIVITIESEffective Use of Balloons In ScoutingReese, Jim 20001679Cub Scout Activity BalloonsThis thesis describes inflatable balloons in detail and provides guidance for volunteer work at large balloon events and gives suggestions on making use of water balloons easier. It also covers safety issues for the youth and the environment
ADVANCEMENTExpanding The Role of the Troop Advancement Chairperson:Snyder, Don 20001006Boy Scout Advancement-- Advancement Chairperson Responsibilities Advancement Chairman resourcesThis thesis covers the roles, responsibilities, resources and forms associated with the Troop Advancement Chairperson, as well as addressing Advancement techniques. This thesis was designed to help the Troop Advancement Chairman understand the scope of his position though four sections; a) Types of advancement b) roles that the Troop Advancement Chairperson should handle for the troop, c) resources and forms used by the Troop Advancement Chairperson, 4) basic techniques for promoting and conduction advancement activities.
ADVANCEMENTHow to Plan a District Webelos Advancement ProgramSobieraj, Lorrie 20001173Cub Scout Webelos Advancement Clinic program This thesis explains how to run a one day District Webelos Advancement Program. It gives guidance on points to consider when organizing the event, including a timeline showing the approximate state dates and outlines important events in conduction this event.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPHow to Make a Venturing Program WorkWalker, Janet M.2000549Venture Program Organization This Thesis covers the basics of the Venturing Program, its components, and the various responsibilities of the persons involved with the program within the District, including Venturing advisor, Venturing Chairperson, Venturing Youth and the Teen leader’s Council
ACTIVITIESDay Camp For Dummies 
(Thesis not available)
Angeli, Karen 1999NANOT AVAILABLE
ACTIVITIESSnakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Games for Cub Scouts with Distinctive Learning StylesCollier, Rebekah R.19992950Cub Scout Activity Learning Styles Teaching stylesThis thesis covers games that are appropriate for different learning styles and gives guidance in the selection and use of games for Cub Scouts
INTERNETThe Internet as a Resource for ScoutingKauffmann, Michael19991568Internet Use This thesis covers the basics of making use of the Internet. It will familiarize the reader with the electronic information services available and how to access them as a resource for Scouting
LEADERSHIP--AdultsManaging the Meeting: A Guide to Successfully Planning and Conducting MeetingsMcKinley, Janet 1999768Leadership Adults Planning Meetings Conducting Leading This thesis covers the basic steps involved in planning and conducting successful meetings. It was written to help those volunteers learn these skills and explains Each step in detail and the basic types of meetings and their uses.
SAFETYHealth and Safety Director: A Job in Your DistrictParks, Michele L.19992508Safety Safety Director District Health This thesis covers the job description of a District Health and Safety Director. The goal of this thesis is to equip any person in the Scouting program with the increased knowledge of BSA policy of health and safety issues and give current pertinent Medical standards need to “Be Prepared”
ADVANCEMENTIndian Lore: An addendum to the Merit Badge PamphletPoole, Donald S.1999844Boy Scout Merit Badge Merit Badge Counselor Indian Lore Merit Badge CurriculumThis thesis gives the merit badge counselor for Indian Lore Merit badge an additional resource of information needed to meet or teach the Indian Lore Merit Badge Requirements
COMMISSIONER COLLEGERestructuring of Past, Present, and Future ThesisAshbaugh, Marsha19981,035Thesis TrackingDiscussion of a means of tracking and checking out thesis documents from the College of Commissioner Science.
RECRUITMENT AND MEMBERSHIPRecruiting Eagle Scouts and Other Qualified PeopleClark, Richard19981105Recruiting, Training, Eagle Scouts, MembershipGuidance to help district commissioners recruit and retain unit comissioners.
COMPUTERSComputer Resources for Scouting: or Do you think my Laptop Will Fit in My Backpack?Esler, Dennis G.1998878Computer advantages hardware assistance configurations internetThis thesis is the paper for anyone interested in how to use a personal computer to aid in the operation and organization of their units. This thesis explores the role of the personal computer in Scouting. It provides an overview of what uses a personal computer might have for Scouts and scouters. It discusses the basic hardware available with recommendations on minimum configurations. It then discusses software, both Scouting specific programs and adaptations of standard commercial software. This thesis also looks at the Internet, the resources it can provide and a discussion of BSA Policy regarding web sites.
LEADERSHIP--AdultsDifferent Personality Styles and How They InteractEsler, Kathy 19981023Adult Leadership Personalities CharacteristicsThis thesis looks at four major personality types and how they relate to Scouting. In order for all this to make more sense the reader will have an opportunity to look at their own personality type. Once a person has discovered where they fit into the scheme of things it will be possible to look at what can be done with this information
LEADERSHIP-DISTRICT COMMITTEEBringing New Life to the DistrictPoling, Cathy 1998619Adult Leaders District Level District Committee Recruitment Organizing This thesis covers all stages that need following in order to help improve a District, especially one in trouble with getting adults to volunteer. The Author starts in the planning stage, when it is recognized that the District is in need of help. This stage is summarized by meetings more meetings and even more meetings in which brainstorming, and training occur. Next comes the implementation stage, which is more specific meetings with the Charter organization Representatives, the Unit Committee, the Unit, Parent night, and an evaluation meeting. The next stage is the Evaluation and Conclusion state which deals with a New District Committee, and the Commissioner Staff.
COMMUNICATIONSCommissioners, Computers and CommunicationWare, Greg19985282Computers, CommunicationThis thesis explores the opportunities of computers, email, and the internet to improve communications.
LEADERSHIP--AdultsScouting: the Team That Makes it HappenWaszczak, Grace B.19981133Leadership Boy Scouts Cub Scouts Positions Adults ScoutsThis thesis identifies the different leadership members both adult and scout that make up and lead the units for the Boy Scouts of America, starting with the Cub Scouts and ending in Boy Scout leadership, both scout and adult.
ADVANCEMENTThe Board of ReviewZedan, Reverend Margaret Grace Richardson19981111Boy Scout Advancement Board of Review organizing executingThis thesis covers information needed in order to conduct a Board of Review, which will provide the Scout with a positive rewarding and productive experience. It states the purpose and objectives of a Board of Review, it goes into detail about how to prepare for and how to conduct a Board of Review, and addresses the areas of Scout’s differing abilities. Additional information is given about Eagle Boards of Reviews and Venturing Gold and Silver Award Committee Reviews.
ACTIVITIES-- DISTRICTPlanning a District EventCarr, Donna B.19977567District Activity Handbook This thesis is the “how to” handbook for planning a district event. It is designed to be handed to a volunteer, organizing a district event, who can then follow this guidebook and schedule, and then create a successful district event.
IMAGEProblems Faced by Scouting Volunteers, in the Boy Scouts of America, in the 1990’sFarrell, Edward J.19971161Image Issues in Scouting This thesis discusses the issues facing Scout Leaders in regard to changes brought about by changing Social Makeup of American Society, and Changing Technology. Topics include Social issues such as acceptance of divorce, single parent families, increasing birth rates, latch key children, loss of community , increased crime rates, more social programs for youth, increasing numbers of children’s lack of respect for authority, loss of Boy Scouts and inner city Scouting Issues. Other issues included are issues created by Scouting such as the increase in the Webelos Program from 1 to 2 years, the incorporation of the Tiger program in the pack. The author also covers issues regarding legal challenges to scouting such as Homosexuality, Religion, and Girls becoming Boy Scouts.
IMAGEThe Developing Image of the Boy Scouts of AmericaMastopoulos, Peter N.19971242Identity Image Boy Scouts HistoryThis thesis examines the development of the identity of the Boy Scouts of America and will forecast what is needed to ensure another successful eighty seven years. The research for this paper focused on historical data and on answers to questions posed to Eagle Scout Candidates during their respective Boards of review. The historical data used to trace the progression of the movement while the question posed to rising Eagle Scouts give a perspective on the outlook for the future
CREATIVE NEW IDEASThe Power of Storytelling: From Planning to PerformanceMiller, Michael Paul1997776Creative Thinking ideas storytelling abilities process selectionThis thesis covers what you need to know in order to provide quality storytelling programs. It goes into detail about the reasons for storytelling, and includes the process required to select and tell stories. It also answers questions about creating and publicizing storytelling programs.