SourceNameAbility Boost Option 1Ability Boost Option 2Skill TrainingLoreSkill FeatFlavor
Age of AshesDragon ScholarSTRCHAIntimidationDragonIntimidating GlareDragons have fascinated you for as long as you can remember. The potent power they possess, the long lives they lead, the ancient traditions they inspire—whatever the source of your interest, you’ve spent much of your life to this point immersed in all things draconic. These studies have bolstered your self-confidence and given you a wide range of methods and tactics you can use to impose your will on others.

You’ve likely chosen to attend the Call for Heroes as a way to seek funds as an adventurer to afford more texts about dragons or perhaps out of a desire to encounter one in real life.
Age of AshesEmancipatedDEXCHAStealthKintargoTerrain StalkerUntil recently, the nation of Ravounel was part of the larger nation of Cheliax, where the church of Asmodeus is the law and slaves are traded freely in the open market. You had the poor fortune to be born into slavery, but the good luck to have grown up in the city of Kintargo. When Ravounel seceded from Cheliax, the leaders of this new nation freed all slaves, and you’ve wasted no time in exploring and establishing your new life. How and why you’ve come to Breachill is left to you to decide—but the fact that you feel empowered to determine your own destiny continues to drive you!

The chance to become an adventurer has excited you for some time, as you hope to build a new life for yourself as a hero rewarded with fame and fortune. Joining the Call for Heroes is a great opportunity to find a group to adventure with.
Age of AshesHaunting VisionCONWISReligionDahakStudent of the CanonYou’ve been haunted by frightening dreams of fires your whole life. This could be the result of a past, neardeath experience with fire or it might have no obvious source that you know of. Recently, you stumbled upon an image, story, or other omen featuring the dragon god of destruction, Dahak, and you were struck with an unnerving sense of deja vu—you’ve come to think that the draconic deity might have something to do with your dreams, and as such have been studying all you can about the god. Your visions have bolstered your faith as well; even if you don’t worship a specific deity, you have a deep passion for matters of faith.

Your latest dream, for the first time, had enough details to identify its setting—in this last dream, you saw the town of Breachill burning. You’ve decided to join the Call for Heroes hoping to save the town you fear might burn to the ground soon.
Age of AshesHellknight HistorianSTRINTSocietyArchitectureCourtly GracesThe various Hellknight Orders intrigue you, whether you seek to become one of their number yourself, wish to oppose their goals at every turn, or are merely inspired by or curious to learn more about them. You’ve heard that when the Order of the Nail abandoned Citadel Altaerein, they left behind the deed to the castle so anyone brave enough to explore the ruins and the defenses no doubt left behind would be rewarded with ownership of the abandoned fortress.

You decided to join the Call for Heroes to hoping to gain an opportunity to explore Citadel Altaerein.
Age of AshesLocal ScionCONCHACraftingBreachillSpecialty CraftingYou’re from Breachill and have lived there most, if not all, of your life. You might be the son or daughter of a wellknown local adventuring family, or a family with a storied tradition of military or other martial service. You likely also have some sort of skill with your hands, as the people of Breachill are very self-sufficient.

The Call for Heroes is one of your hometown’s most iconic traditions, and you want to attend so you can prove your own merits to the council—beyond simply those of your family’s name.
Age of AshesOut-of-TownerCONINTDiplomacyBased on your AncestryHobnobberYou’ve never been to Breachill, nor do you have roots in the town, but as chance has it you find yourself visiting. You might be here traveling with a friend, visiting an old acquaintance, or merely here to see a new part of the world. Before coming to town, though, you spent many years living with an ancestry other than your own, and your diverse childhood has left you with an open mind and a curious nature.

You’re excited to meet new people and cultures, and answering the Call for Heroes seems to be an interesting way to do so.
Age of AshesReputation SeekerDEXINTSurvivalDarklands, Desert or JungleTerrain ExpertiseYou’re likely from Breachill, but unlike the Local Scion, your family has no notable legacy in the area. You might not even have much of a family at all to call your own, and could be an orphan. You’ve seen so many people make names for themselves that you set out on your own and spent some time abroad in the jungles or deserts of Garund or in the upper reaches of the Darklands—regions that proved too dangerous to remain in for long on your own. You returned home with more caution and knowledge of the world beyond Breachill’s borders, but still determined to win fame.

You’ve decided that joining an adventuring group would be the best way to secure aid in your quest to build your own reputation, and are attending the Call for Heroes to find such allies.
Age of AshesReturning DescendantDEXWISThieveryEngineeringPickpocketYou aren’t from Breachill yourself—you might not even be from Isger or Avistan at all. You’ve lived a hard life, in any event. You have often had to make tough decisions, and have developed a knack for understanding how things work (and the best way to take them apart) that has helped you support yourself. Recently you discovered that an ancestor was from the town of Breachill and had a modest career as an adventurer. You can’t help but wonder if you would have had an easier life if you’d grown up there instead, and have decided to seek out this small town to learn more about it.

You’ve decided to respond to the Call for Heroes to follow in your ancestor’s footsteps, either to honor their memory or accomplish the great deeds they did not.
Age of AshesTruth SeekerSTRWISDeceptionPoliticsLie to MeWhether you are a local or from out of town, you’ve heard rumors that Breachill’s past contains a hidden secret. Perhaps you’ve heard strange rumors that the town’s founder, Lamond Breachton, was not the hero everyone touts, or maybe your grandmother heard stories from her own grandmother that contradict the town’s accepted narrative of its establishment. In the pursuit of the truth, you’ve learned to navigate the tangles of politics, and to never take anyone’s word at face value.

You plan to join the Call for Heroes so that you can make yourself known to the council, or perhaps even ingratiating yourself to them, so you can seek the truth and eventually uncover Breachill’s secrets!
The Fall of PlaguestoneLesser ScionDEXINTDiplomacyHeraldryHobnobberYou are the youngest child in a noble house (in Cheliax, Isger, or Andoran) and stand to inherit nothing from your family. Although you have a minor title, it affords you no lands or wealth, but it has garnered you a small amount of respect and deference in your travels. When play begins, you are riding in a caravan bound for Almas, where a cousin has promised to allow you to stay with them for a month.
The Fall of PlaguestoneLost and AloneSTRCHAIntimidationWarfareIntimidating GlareYou were training to become a knight in Lastwall when the Whispering Tyrant escaped his imprisonment and destroyed the nation. It was only by dumb luck that you are alive at all, but the memories of that fateful day haunt your dreams. When play begins, you have boarded a caravan heading toward a new town, having worn out your welcome at the taverns and inns of Elidir.
The Fall of PlaguestoneMissionaryCONWISDiplomacyScribingGroup ImpressionYou received training from clergy in a faraway temple, who sent you out into the world to spread the faith. Although you are relatively new at this, you are always on the lookout for new places in need of your deity’s teachings and guidance. When play begins, you are riding along in a caravan making your way through sparsely populated regions of Isger, spreading the news of your faith to those who will listen.
The Fall of PlaguestoneRefugeeCONINTNatureMercantileTrain AnimalYou left your home a few months back for a life on the road, working for one caravan company and then another, always on the lookout for a new job and a better life. Last week, you were hired by the Bort Bargith’s company in Elidir. You don’t know anyone from the company just yet, but most of its members seem to be honest merchants and traders.
Core RulebookAcolyteINTWISReligionScribingStudent of the CanonYou spent your early days in a religious monastery or cloister. You may have traveled out into the world to spread the message of your religion or because you cast away the teachings of your faith, but deep down you’ll always carry within you the lessons you learned.
Core RulebookAcrobatSTRDEXAcrobaticsCircusSteady BalanceIn a circus or on the streets, you earned your pay by performing as an acrobat. You might have turned to adventuring when the money dried up, or simply decided to put your skills to better use.
Core RulebookAnimal WhispererWISCHANatureOne TerrainTrain AnimalYou have always felt a connection to animals, and it was only a small leap to learn to train them. As you travel, you continuously encounter different creatures, befriending them along the way.
Core RulebookArtisanSTRINTCraftingGuildSpecialty CraftingAs an apprentice, you practiced a particular form of building or crafting, developing specialized skill. You might have been a blacksmith’s apprentice toiling over the forge for countless hours, a young tailor sewing garments of all kinds, or a shipwright shaping the hulls of ships.
Core RulebookArtistDEXCHACraftingArtSpecialty CraftingYour art is your greatest passion, whatever form it takes. Adventuring might help you find inspiration, or simply be a way to survive until you become a world-famous artist.
Core RulebookBarkeepCONCHADiplomacyAlcoholHobnobberYou have five specialties: hefting barrels, drinking, polishing steins, drinking, and drinking. You worked in a bar, where you learned how to hold your liquor and rowdily socialize.
Core RulebookBarristerINTCHADiplomacyLegalGroup ImpressionPiles of legal manuals, stern teachers, and experience in the courtroom have instructed you in legal matters. You’re capable of mounting a prosecution or defense in court, and you tend to keep abreast of local laws, as you never can tell when you might need to know them on short notice.
Core RulebookBounty HunterSTRWISSurvivalLegalExperienced TrackerBringing in lawbreakers lined your pockets. Maybe you had an altruistic motive and sought to bring in criminals to make the streets safer, or maybe the coin was motivation enough. Your techniques for hunting down criminals transfer easily to the life of an adventurer.
Core RulebookCharlatanINTCHADeceptionUnderworldCharming LiarYou traveled from place to place, peddling false fortunes and snake oil in one town, pretending to be royalty in exile to seduce a wealthy heir in the next. Becoming an adventurer might be your next big scam or an attempt to put your talents to use for a greater cause. Perhaps it’s a bit of both, as you realize that after pretending to be a hero, you’ve become the mask.
Core RulebookCriminalDEXINTStealthUnderworldExperienced SmugglerAs an unscrupulous independent or as a member of an underworld organization, you lived a life of crime. You might have become an adventurer to seek redemption, to escape the law, or simply to get access to bigger and better loot.
Core RulebookDetectiveINTWISSocietyUnderworldStreetwiseYou solved crimes as a police inspector or took jobs for wealthy clients as a private investigator. You might have become an adventurer as part of your next big mystery, but likely it was due to the consequences or aftermath of a prior case.
Core RulebookEmisaryINTCHASocietyOne CityMultilingualAs a diplomat or messenger, you traveled to lands far and wide. Communicating with new people and forming alliances were your stock and trade.
Core RulebookEntertainerDEXCHAPerformanceTheaterFascinating PerformanceThrough an education in the arts or sheer dogged practice, you learned to entertain crowds. You might have been an actor, a dancer, a musician, a street magician, or any other sort of performer.
Core RulebookFarmhandCONWISAthleticsFarmingAssurance (Athletics)With a strong back and an understanding of seasonal cycles, you tilled the land and tended crops. Your farm could have been razed by invaders, you could have lost the family tying you to the land, or you might have simply tired of the drudgery, but at some point you became an adventurer.
Core RulebookField MedicCONWISMedicineWarfareBattle MedicineIn the chaotic rush of battle, you learned to adapt to rapidly changing conditions as you administered to battle casualties. You patched up soldiers, guards, or other combatants, and learned a fair amount about the logistics of war.
Core RulebookFortune TellerINTCHAOccultismFortune-TellingOddity IdentificationThe strands of fate are clear to you, as you have learned many traditional forms by which laypeople can divine the future. You might have used these skills to guide your community, or simply to make money. But even the slightest peek into these practices connects you to the occult mysteries of the universe.
Core RulebookGamblerDEXCHADeceptionGamesLie to MeThe thrill of the win drew you into games of chance. This might have been a lucrative sideline that paled in comparison to the real risks of adventuring, or you might have fallen on hard times due to your gambling and pursued adventuring as a way out of a spiral.
Core RulebookGladiatorSTRCHAPerformanceGladiatorialImpressive PerformanceThe bloody games of the arena taught you the art of combat. Before you attained true fame, you departed—or escaped—the arena to explore the world. Your skill at drawing both blood and a crowd’s attention pay off in a new adventuring life.
Core RulebookGuardSTRCHAIntimidationLegalQuick CoercionYou served in the guard, out of either patriotism or the need for coin. Either way, you know how to get a difficult suspect to talk. However you left the guard, you might think of adventuring as a way to use your skills on a wider stage.
Core RulebookHerbalistCONWISNatureHerbalismNatural MedicineAs a formally trained apothecary or a rural practitioner of folk medicine, you learned the healing properties of various herbs. You’re adept at collecting the right natural cures in all sorts of environments and preparing them properly.
Core RulebookHermitCONINTNature or OccultismOne TerrainDubious KnowledgeIn an isolated place—like a cave, remote oasis, or secluded mansion—you lived a life of solitude. Adventuring might represent your first foray out among other people in some time. This might be a welcome reprieve from solitude or an unwanted change, but in either case, you’re likely still rough around the edges.
Core RulebookHunterDEXWISSurvivalTanningSurvey WildlifeYou stalked and took down animals and other creatures of the wild. Skinning animals, harvesting their flesh, and cooking them were also part of your training, all of which can give you useful resources while you adventure.
Core RulebookLaborerSTRCONAthleticsLaborHefty HaulerYou’ve spent years performing arduous physical labor. It was a difficult life, but you somehow survived. You may have embraced adventuring as an easier method to make your way in the world, or you might adventure under someone else’s command.
Core RulebookMartial DiscipleSTRDEXAcrobatics or AthleticsWarfareCat Fall or Quick JumpYou dedicated yourself to intense training and rigorous study to become a great warrior. The school you attended might have been a traditionalist monastery, an elite military academy, or the local branch of a prestigious mercenary organization.
Core RulebookMerchantINTCHADiplomacyMercantileBargain HunterIn a dusty shop, market stall, or merchant caravan, you bartered wares for coin and trade goods. The skills you picked up still apply in the adventuring life, in which a good deal on a suit of armor could prevent your death.
Core RulebookMinerINTCHASocietyGenealogy or HeraldingCourtly GracesTo the common folk, the life of a noble seems one of idyllic luxury, but growing up as a noble or member of the aspiring gentry, you know the reality: a noble’s lot is obligation and intrigue. Whether you seek to escape your duties by adventuring or to better your station, you have traded silks and pageantry for an adventurer’s life.
Core RulebookNomadCONWISSurvivalOne TerrainAssurance (Survival)Traveling far and wide, you picked up basic tactics for surviving on the road and in unknown lands, getting by with few supplies and even fewer comforts. As an adventurer, you travel still, often into even more dangerous places.
Core RulebookPrisonerSTRCONStealthUnderworldExperienced SmugglerYou might have been imprisoned for crimes (whether you were guilty or not), or enslaved for some part of your upbringing. In your adventuring life, you take full advantage of your newfound freedom.
Core RulebookSailorSTRDEXAthleticsSailingUnderwater MarauderYou heard the call of the sea from a young age. Perhaps you signed onto a merchant’s vessel, joined the navy, or even fell in with a crew of pirates and scalawags.
Core RulebookScholarINTWISArcana, Nature, Occultism or ReligionAcademiaAssuranceYou have a knack for learning, and sequestered yourself from the outside world to learn all you could. You read about so many wondrous places and things in your books, and always dreamed about one day seeing the real things. Eventually, that curiosity led you to leave your studies and become an adventurer.
Core RulebookScoutDEXWISSurvivalOne TerrainForagerYou called the wilderness home as you found trails and guided travelers. Your wanderlust could have called you to the adventuring life, or perhaps you served as a scout for soldiers and found you liked battle.
Core RulebookStreet UrchinDEXCONThieveryOne CityPickpocketYou eked out a living by picking pockets on the streets of a major city, never knowing where you’d find your next meal. While some folk adventure for the glory, you do so to survive.
Core RulebookTinkerDEXINTCraftingEngineeringSpecialty CraftingCreating all sorts of minor inventions scratches your itch for problem-solving. Your engineering skills take a particularly creative bent, and no one know what you’ll come up with next. It might be a genius device with tremendous potential... or it might explode.
Core RulebookWarriorSTRCONIntimidationWarfareIntimidating GlareIn your younger days, you waded into battle as a mercenary, a warrior defending a nomadic people, or a member of a militia or army. You might have wanted to break out from the regimented structure of these forces, or you could have always been as independent a warrior as you are now.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IsleChild of the PuddlesDEXINTAcrobaticsAbsalomSteady BalanceYou grew up in the soggy, squalid quarter of Absalom known as the Puddles. You’re at home in tightly packed urban environments.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IsleDiobel Pearl DiverCONDEXAthleticsOceanUnderwater MarauderYou spent a portion of your youth diving and gathering precious pearls under the attentive eyes of Kortos Consortium merchants.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IsleFreed Slave of AbsalomCONINTSocietyAbsalomStreetwiseAs a recently freed slave in Absalom, you belong to a new, close-knit social class at the heart of the city’s most important trades.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IsleGrand Council BureoucratCHAINTSocietyGovernmentGroup ImpressionYou spent years working as a clerk to a functionary in Absalom’s government. Your service taught you a thing or two about rousing speeches and manipulating the city’s bureaucracy.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IsleInlanderCONWISSurvivalOne TerrainSurvey WildlifeYou grew up in an untamed region of the Isle of Kortos, and you know how to survive in the wild.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IsleMenagerie Dung SweeperCONWISNatureAnimalTrain AnimalWhether you washed warrior beasts below the Irorium’s arena floor or tended to the mutated animals of a Puddle sideshow, you are experienced with all manner of weird wildlife.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IslePathfinder HopefulCONINTSocietyPathfinder SocietyAdditional LoreYou’ve long wanted to join the adventurous Pathfinder Society. You have taken up the dangerous life of an adventurer in hopes of earning a spot among the Pathfinders.
Lost Omens World Guide: Absalom and Starstone IsleTrade Consortium UnderlingINTWISSocietyBusinessExperienced ProfessionalYour experience as a ledger-keeper for one of Absalom’s trade guilds has made you a canny investor and shrewd entrepreneur.
Lost Omens World Guide: Broken LandsAspiring River MonarchWISCHASocietyPoliticsCourtly GracesNew realms rise constantly in the River Kingdoms, and you intend to lead one of them. Making your reign last, however, will require both strength and grace.
Lost Omens World Guide: Broken LandsIssian PartisanINTCHADeceptionUnderworldCharming LiarYou grew up among the northern houses of Brevoy in old Issia. Steeped in the cultural legacy of pirates and smugglers, you rely on your cleverness and charm as you make your way throughout the world.
Lost Omens World Guide: Broken LandsRazmiran FaithfulSTRCHAIntimidationRazmirGroup CoercionYou serve a living god who rules upon the face of Golarion, and this gives your actions a divine mandate not to be trifled with.
Lost Omens World Guide: Broken LandsRostland PartisanCONCHADiplomacyPoliticsGroup ImpressionYou grew up among the southern houses of Brevoy in old Rostland. You’re accustomed to arguing from a position of underappreciated worth.
Lost Omens World Guide: Broken LandsSarkonian ReclaimerCONWISMedicineAbyssalBattle MedicineWhether you trace your heritage to lost Sarkoris or are a crusader trying to atone for past fanatics’ wrongs, you seek to liberate the Sarkorian homeland from the demons who have defiled it.
Lost Omens World Guide: Broken LandsSarkonian SurvivorCONSTRSurvivalSarkonian HistoryForagerThe devastation and carnage of the Worldwound were nearly complete, but you somehow managed to survive it.
Lost Omens World Guide: Broken LandsWonder TasterINTCONCraftingAlchemicalAlchemical CraftingHaving once sampled Numerian fluids, you've tasted knowledge beyond comprehension. You are driven to recapture that astounding experience.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadBelksen SlayerSTRCHAIntimidationOrcIntimidating GlareYou are a fearsome warrior from the Hold of Belkzen, and your clan counts on you for support, counsel, and defense. With the rising threat of the Whispering Tyrant threatening the safety of your home, you must not let your people down.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadCursed FamilyINTCHAOccultismCurseOddity IdentificationRumors abound that your family is cursed. While that would explain several unfortunate events in your family history, you may or may not believe it. Regardless, odd coincidences plague your lineage, and perhaps even appear in your own life, and you have become used to spotting strangeness around you.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadLastwall SurvivorCONWISMedicineUndeadBattle MedicineYou managed to escape the devastation that the Whispering Tyrant brought to your nation, but you lost everything to the lich-king’s minions, including your home and many friends and family.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadMolthuni MercenaryCONSTRAthleticsMercenaryExperienced ProfessionalWhether you sought citizenship or simply needed a steady paycheck, you spent some of your time as a paid mercenary in the armed forces of Molthune, where you fought against Molthune’s enemies such as Nirmathas or the Ironfang Legion. Alternatively, you might have worked at sea, protecting Molthune’s military and trading ships against pirates on Lake Encarthan.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadNirmathi GuerrillaDEXWISSurvivalForestTerrain Stalker(underbrush)Woodcraft comes naturally to you, and you have learned how to use the forest to your tactical advantage against superior forces in skirmishes against the Molthuni army or the Ironfang Legion.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadOnyx TraderDEXCHASocietyMercantileMultilingualOprak doesn’t share the secrets of the Onyx Vault with many, but you are one of the lucky few to be permitted into the heart of the nation. You have traveled the extradimensional paths of the Stone Roads and traded goods across a wide variety of lands. You’ve learned to step lively in foreign markets of all types.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadUstalavic AcademicINTWISCraftingAcademiaSkill TrainingYou were educated at a famed Ustalavic academy, such as the University of Lepidstadt or the Sincomakti School of Sciences, and received quality instruction in advanced concepts of mathematics, science, and engineering.
Lost Omens World Guide: Eye of the DreadWhispering Way ScionINTWISReligionUndeadStudent of the CanonYour family has long been associated with the enigmatic death cult known as the Whispering Way, which was recently responsible for the terrible devastation in the nation of Lastwall. Whether or not you have followed in their footsteps, you know many of the philosophy’s secrets.
Lost Omens World Guide: Golden RoadBlack Market SmugglerWISCHAStealthUnderworldExperienced SmugglerYou know how to work the less-than-legal side of the region’s markets and know how to slip contraband past the authorities.
Lost Omens World Guide: Golden RoadDesert TrackerCONWISSurvivalDesertExperienced TrackerYou’re at home blazing trails in the burning sands, and you made a living guiding or following creatures in the desert. You might be a native nomad, an experienced desert guide, a naturalist, a bandit driven into the dunes by the law—or all of the above.
Lost Omens World Guide: Golden RoadMerabite ProdigyDEXINTCraftingAlchemicalSpecialty Crafting (Alchemy)Even in a city renowned for its alchemy, you were able to rise above the competition.
Lost Omens World Guide: Golden RoadOsirionologistCONINTOccultismOsirionOddity IdentificationWhether you’re a fascinated outsider or a local proud of your nation’s storied past, you’re a devoted student of Osirion’s history. You might be a traveling professor, a member of a society like the Pathfinders or the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, or even a simple tomb robber cashing in on the glories of the past.
Lost Omens World Guide: Golden RoadPurveyor of the BizarreINTWISArcanaMercantileQuick IdentificationWhether in Katapesh or one of the bustling markets along the Path of Salt, you’ve spent enough time buying and selling ancient or unusual items to give you an instinctive ability to quickly sort valuable trinkets from worthless baubles.
Lost Omens World Guide: Golden RoadSecular MedicWISDEXMedicineAnatomyBattle MedicineYou’re from Rahadoum, where the Laws of Mortality taught you to reject the gods, yet you’ve seen firsthand how dangerous it can be to go without healing magic. As a result, you’ve thrown yourself into the study of medicine, so you can save lives without saving souls.
Lost Omens World Guide: Golden RoadThuvian UnifierSTRCHAIntimidationPoliticsQuick CoercionYou believe the city-states of Thuvia should be united into one nation under the rule of your home city (most commonly Aspenthar), and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.
Lost Omens World Guide: High SeasAspiring Sea CaptainWISCHAIntimidationSailingGroup CoercionYou seek to join the Free Captains of the Shackles and have learned everything you need to know about sailing and bossing people around. Now you just need a crew and a ship.
Lost Omens World Guide: High SeasHermean ExpatriateINTCHASocietyDragonSkill TrainingYou have been exiled from Hermea, perhaps of your own accord or perhaps because you didn’t measure up. However, you take with you some of the benefits of the excellent education afforded to its citizenry.
Lost Omens World Guide: High SeasMantis ScionDEXWISStealthAssassinAssurance (Stealth)At least one of your parents is a member of the notorious Red Mantis assassins, merciless killers for hire who rarely fail to claim their marks. Whether on purpose or by simple exposure, you were trained from a young age in the art of stalking and killing people.
Lost Omens World Guide: High SeasPress-GangedSTRWISSocietySailingExperienced ProfessionalYou were forced into service as a sailor against your will. Perhaps you were punished for a crime, were drafted into military service, are repaying a debt, or simply were abducted. Though you were initially trained as a simple deckhand, you may have subsequently studied a trade under one of the vessel’s specialists.
Lost Omens World Guide: High SeasScholar of the AncientsINTCHAArcanaAzlantQuick IdentificationYou’re fascinated by the lost Azlanti Empire and have dedicated yourself to seeking out and studying every broken artifact or scrap of knowledge that remains, whether as an academic pursuit or simply for the joy of treasure hunting.
Lost Omens World Guide: High SeasStorm SurvivorSTRWISSurvivalWeatherForagerThrough luck or through skill, you managed to survive a catastrophic maritime disaster, such as a shipwreck or being thrown overboard. You have a keen sense for weather or situations that are similar to the one you escaped.
Lost Omens World Guide: High SeasUndersea EnthusiastSTRCONAthleticsOceanUnderwater MarauderYou love diving and exploring the world beneath the waves, and long periods of swimming have trained you to move easily through the water. You’re also fascinated by undersea creatures and cultures—and may even have a trace of one of them in your own lineage.
Lost Omens World Guide: Impossible LandsAlkenstar TinkerDEXINTCraftingEngineeringAlchemical CraftingYour dedication to the scientific inquiry of your native Alkenstar provides great insight into mechanical and chemical innovation.
Lost Omens World Guide: Impossible LandsGeb CrusaderCONWISReligionUndeadStudent of the CanonYou grew up considering the existence of the undead nation of Geb an atrocity and trained to one day take part in destroying it and putting its vile inhabitants to their final rest. Key to your preparations is a thorough study of Pharasma, Urgathoa, and other undead-related deities and their philosophies.
Lost Omens World Guide: Impossible LandsMana Wastes RefugeeCONINTArcanaWildernessTrick Magic ItemExposure to the corrupting influence of the Mana Wastes’ strange energies has warped your inner essence, resulting in unpredictable interactions with magic items and more than a little know-how about surviving under bizarre and adverse natural conditions.
Lost Omens World Guide: Impossible LandsNexian MysticINTWISArcanaOne PlaneArcane SenseYour initiations into the Nexian mysteries and the philosophies of the Arclords of Nex grant you a preternatural comprehension of the arcane underpinnings of existence.
Lost Omens World Guide: Impossible LandsOenopion Ooze-TenderCONINTCraftingOozeDubious KnowledgeYour apprenticeship in one of Oenopion’s unorthodox arcane and alchemical academies instilled in you a deep reservoir of mostly reliable esoteric knowledge, not to mention a deep resentment born of countless hours spent mucking ooze pens and feeding helpless creatures to ravenous, belching jellies and gelatinous puddings.
Lost Omens World Guide: Impossible LandsPerfection SeekerDEXWISAcrobaticsWarfareCat FallYou aspire to perfect your body and mind in the tradition of Jalmeray’s Houses of Perfection, honing your acrobatic skills and mental faculties in preparation for a lifetime pushing the edge of what most consider possible.
Lost Omens World Guide: Impossible LandsQuickCHACONDeceptionUndeadCharming LiarStaying alive among the scheming, ravenous undead of Geb required a deep knowledge of their motivations, capabilities, and weaknesses. More often than not, it also required the ability to weave alibis and life-preserving half-truths capable of swaying a stilled heart.
Lost Omens World Guide: Mwangi ExpanseBekyar RestorerWISCHADiplomacyAbyssGroup ImpressionThough many Bekyars worship demons, you seek to pave a different path for yourself and your kindred, while also attempting to change other Mwangi’s treatment of your culture.
Lost Omens World Guide: Mwangi ExpanseBonuwat WavetouchedSTRWISAthleticsOceanUnderwater MarauderYou are a child of the Bonuwat people, and the sea’s salt flows through your veins. You’ve taken to sailing and swimming gracefully and with ease, earning you the honorific “wavetouched.”
Lost Omens World Guide: Mwangi ExpanseBright LionSTRCHADeceptionMzaliLie to MeYou are a member of the Bright Lions and seek to overthrow the tyrannical reign of Walkena and free Mzali from his cruel whims. You’re experienced operating undercover and have had to be cautious of what you say and who you trust, lest you fall afoul of the god-king’s terrible punishments.
Lost Omens World Guide: Mwangi ExpanseMagaambya AcademicINTCHAArcanaNatureRecognize SpellYou studied magic at the prestigious Magaambya academy in Nantambu, learning magical traditions dating back to Old-Mage Jatembe and earning a pedigree respected by magical scholars almost everywhere.
Lost Omens World Guide: Mwangi ExpanseSenghor SailerINTWISCraftingSailingQuick RepairAs an experienced sailor from Senghor, you know that the only thing saving you from disaster on the high seas is a properly maintained ship. You know boat-building inside and out and you can quickly cobble together a solution in the event that something breaks.
Lost Omens World Guide: Mwangi ExpanseShory SeekerDEXINTCraftingShorySpecialty CraftingYou’ve dedicated your life to unraveling the secrets of the ancient Shory Empire, either through meticulous research or by traveling into dangerous and distant ruins to track down long- lost artifacts.
Lost Omens World Guide: Mwangi ExpanseSodden ScavengerCONWISSurvivalSwampForagerYou’ve managed to eke out an existence in the storm-wracked Sodden Lands and have become an expert at scavenging food and tools.