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TimestampYour full namePrimary telephone numberSecondary telephone numberEmail addressHave you sailed before?Have you raced before?Please further describe your sailing experience.How would you describe your sailing experience?Have you skippered a sailboat before?What training have you had?What types of boats have you sailed in before?Approx. height / weight
3/28/2013 0:00:00Sharon Holland-Welge618-977-25828speaker@gmail.comYesNoRented a sailboat with the family for a week several years ago. Assisted with sailing but wasn't in charge. I sailed in a race with a 4 woman sail team, and I was part of a committee race team (judging)... A couple of times. I'll help in any way needed. Quick to learn. I would also be glad to help prep boats for spring... cleaning, waxing, painting...whatever. I'm wanting to learn as much about sailing and that includes the maintenance. If anyone needs a hand... and if I'm available, I would be glad to drive over. I'm in Highland, so its a quick drive.Sailed, never racedNoCasual training, very casualCabin, kayak type sailboat
5/23/2015 13:46:06Ian Ferguson415-233-1587ifergbot@gmail.comYesNoI grew up sailing Lasers in MN. I usually sail a Laser for 1-2wks each summer. I took Basic Keelboat and Basic Coastal Cruising classes about 1yr ago, but have not had much chance to practice on bigger boats. Sailed, never racedNoCasual training, Formal sailing classCabin, Laser, Catalina Capri 22
5/26/2015 20:33:17Benjamin Reifschneider6366672373benjamin@topopps.comYesYesI am 24, and live in St. Louis, where I work at a tech startup. In my spare time I love anything to do with the outdoors and working on my family's farm. I had my first sailing experience last summer on Lake Michigan, primarily on J Boats, where I raced several times. Most recently, I've gone sailing on J Boats in San Diego, and have dedicated myself to becoming a more experienced sailor. I have a good grasp on the basics, and am a quick learner. Some sailing, some racingNoCasual training, Casual race crew trainingCabin, J105, J80
6/18/2015 9:20:02Ashlie Phillips3144370486Aephillips18@gmail.comYesNoI worked at a live aboard summer camp for about 5 summers in the BVI, we live on catamarans and mono haul sailboats. I'd love to get back on the water! Sailed, never racedDon't knowCasual trainingCatamaran5' 10" 140lbs
3/12/2016 6:58:42David Arnold314-952-6257TheWheel1975@Gmail.comYesYes~1973: At 16 years old I had a 7' 11" center board Sabot with Main sheet, out haul, down haul, safety, vang, and painter. I spent the summer sailing daily in Channel Islands Harbour, California. In the late 1990's I frequently crewed for Rick ??? On "Alton Lake" in a three man slope rig with spinnaker 160? 180? We took first place for the season one year. I'd like to sail again. Some sailing, some racingYesCasual training, Formal sailing class, Casual race crew trainingCabin, Lightning, Catamaran, Not sure, Sabot, Chinese Junk, Flying Junior, others5'8" 150 lbs16
4/24/2016 16:08:34keith deisner3146622877l5jazzguitar@yahoo.comYesNoI have sailed with a friend on a few occasions but never learned the how tos.Sailed, never racedNoCasual trainingCabin5'11/230
5/10/2016 20:15:43Ryan Brockman314-956-5314Ryan.brockman@gmail.comYesNoI learned to sail in a program offered by Sail Chicago ( in the late 90's. This was a structured program for beginners that offered weekend sailing around Monroe Harbor. Not competitive, but it taught me the fundamentals. I've been away from sailing since moving away from there. Would love to get back into it, and in particular learn about racing. Maybe someday I'd like to cruise the Caribbean in a larger boat.Sailed, never racedYesFormal sailing classCabin, Rhodes 196'0" / 200 lbs
5/17/2016 18:08:07Jane House314-965-3486Janehouse3@gmail.comYesYesAlthough it has been a few years, I crewed regularl on a y flyer for the Sunday races. Regular sailing, regular racingYesCasual race crew trainingCabin, Y Flyer, Catamaran, Melges5'5" 135 lbs
5/22/2016 16:25:35Rob Durbin314-369-1498robdurbin@gmail.comYesNoSt. Louis resident. Just completed and certified in ASA Basic Keelboat 101 at Stockton Lake Marina. Interested now in keeping up, and learning more sailing skills. Sailed, never racedNoFormal sailing classCabin5'10" 180 lbs
6/4/2016 18:50:49Patrick (Patty)Burhanna618-806-1475simplygray@sbcglobal.netYesYesIt has been year since I raced. I raced catamarans only. Casual sailing cabin. I have never flown a spinnaker but would like to learn. I can trim jib and feel the wind. Some sailing, some racing, Regular sailing, regular racingYesCasual race crew trainingCabin, Catamaran5'3'' 160
6/25/2016 21:02:06Max Miller31468132036364051018pvtmiller6@gmail.comYesNoEarned Sailing merit badge in Boy Scouts tears ago, but haven't remembered much.

Looking for new hobby to be interested in, and eventually want to purchase boat of my own.
Sailed, never racedNoCasual trainingNot sure5'10", 145 lbs
7/2/2016 6:28:46David Meyers3142102735meyersdc@aol.comYesNoI took a 101 class and want to practice my skills.Sailed, never racedYesFormal sailing classNot sure6ft/225
7/14/2016 19:51:24Lindsey Nicole Farran330-519-0063Farranln@slu.eduYesYesHi! My name is Lindsey Farran and I will be attending Saint Louis University in August for a Masters in Health Administration. I am very interested in finding a regular crewing job for the rest of the sailing season and the summer of 2017 at CSA. I have taken a formal sailing class, and I have also crewed regularly for two years in the flying Scot fleet at Berlin Yacht Club in NE Ohio. I really enjoy racing and would be open to all boats! Please feel free to text/email me! Regular sailing, regular racingNoFormal sailing class, Casual race crew trainingFlying Scot5'8", 130lbs
7/17/2016 21:24:19Anthony Keeley3145833577anthonydkeeley@gmail.comYesNoSailed, never racedNoFormal sailing classE Scow, Flying Scot6-2, 180
8/1/2016 12:26:24Suzann Fulbright314-725-8380design@suzannfulbright.comYesYesWould like to crew Beer and Boats and Whale of a Sail.Some sailing, some racingNoCasual training, Formal sailing class, Casual race crew training, ASA 101Cabin, Y Flyer, Flying Scot, Catamaran5'6" / 155
8/9/2016 15:43:35Brandon Dahlstrom843-870-3340618-229-2862bdahlstrom85@gmail.comYesNoI've been interested in sailing for some time and recently bought a Sunfish to attempt teaching myself on. I've been out on the lake several times (successfully) and am looking to gain experience with more knowledgeable folks than I in order to eventually skipper a larger vessel as well as meet some new friends!Sailed, never racedDon't knowCasual trainingSunfish71" / 210 lbs
9/3/2016 13:47:43Mark Schnitzler314-541-1636schnitm@slu.eduYesYesI own the J30 "Foghorn". My daughter's disability has kept me off Carlyle the last 10 years. I grew up racing cabin class, Lasers and 420s on Lake Erie. I can drive, trim, stuff sails down below or even run the foredeck, although I'm big, you might not want my weight up front. Advanced sailing, regular racingYesFormal sailing class, Formal race crew trainingCabin, E Scow, Flying Scot, Laser, Sunfish, etc.6'2". 225#
9/4/2016 10:20:37Michael Williamson 217-343-751215087 East Townhall road effingham il 62401YesNoI've sailed on carlyle with relatives in a 25' cabin boat, been on a 70' boat in Seattle and own a flying junior that I keep at my dock on lake sara. I would like to learn more about sailing by joining a crew.Sailed, never racedDon't knowCasual trainingCabin, flying junior 5'10" 185#
9/21/2016 16:35:58Jim True636-262-3237jimtrueseabee@gmail.comYesYesSailed and taught sailing SF Bay area.Advanced sailing, regular racingYesCasual trainingCabin, Lightning, Catamaran, Snipe210
1/8/2017 11:09:54Linda Tatum314-807-4210letatum@sbcglobal.netYesYesStarted sailing at age 13. Got back to sailing at CSA about 10 years ago. Crewed regularly for about 8 years. Most crewing on Flying Scot and cabin boats. Most crewing at CSA has been for Felicia Bamer and Shirley Bild. Owned a comet when younger. Felicia no longer sailing. Shirley has regular crew so have been fill-in for her. Looking for regular crew job. Prefer to ride to lake with someone from St. Louis area. Can meet up around Brentwood & 64/40 or Elm & 44 or can meet in South County. Can drive some. Regular sailing, regular racingYesFormal sailing class, Casual race crew trainingCabin, Flying Scot, Snipe5'4 / 135lbs
1/8/2017 13:55:34Jerome starr21785190336306358885starrman6@gmail.comYesNoMinimal sailing experience on my Helms 25 sloop. None past 3 years. Took classes at Carlyle 5 years ago on a Hunter 27. Age 66. Hoping to do some coastal cruising 2018.Sailed, never racedNoCasual trainingCabin5'9 215
1/19/2017 10:17:27Allison Gutenkunst2623700492agutenku@gmail.comYesYesGrew up sailing and racing Optis, 420s, Lasers, and X Boats in the ILYA for 10 years. I have crewed on C Scows for 10 years and 4th crewed on E boats on-and-off for 4 years. I've never been on a cabin boat but would love to learn! I haven't sailed regularly since I moved from WI to STL for school in 2013, but I try and hop on a boat whenever I go home. I coached optis and X boats on my home lake for 2 years and I have my US Sailing Level 1 certification (if they don't expire). Summers just aren't the same without sailing, I'd love to meet new people and get back on the water!Regular sailing, regular racingYesFormal sailing classE Scow, Lasers, 420, C Scow5'9" 130lbs
1/24/2017 11:43:41Simon Warren9176228744simonb.warren@gmail.comYesNoI've sailed a handful of times, but am a quick learner and am very comfortable around boats, having been a rower for the past fourteen years (although I realize only some of that transfers to sailing).Sailed, never racedNoCasual trainingCabin6'2"/195lbs
2/9/2017 7:54:21Michael Smith618-214-8971mike@smitrock.netYesNoI would need to be taught most things. I'm inexperienced. Just took ASA-101 down in Key West FL and did well, but, I've never sailed on my own, and that's all the experience I have.
I'm looking to gain as much experience as possible this next year, as, my hopes are to live aboard a 40+ ft boat in FL in a year or two.
I'm 5 ft 8, 54 yo in march of 2017. In good shape and pretty quick at things. I'm a mechanical engineer so I'm no dummy, just learning about sailing though. I live in Mt.Vernon IL. I would have quite a few weekends or after work time available.


Sailed, never racedNoFormal sailing classCabin5 ft 8, 165 lbs
3/10/2017 14:22:48Samuel Manning618 954 9881sfmmr2@gmail.comYesYesIt's been a while since I've raced-- ready to get back into it! (I've been stuck at Keyesport on a cabin boat!) Bullets!Advanced sailing, advanced racingYesFormal race crew trainingCabin, Lightning, E Scow, Y Flyer, Flying Scot, Catamaran, Snipe, Laser, Hobie, Thistle, Flying Dutchman, 4705-9, 180
3/12/2017 15:09:26Zelun Wang203 506 2493zelunw@hotmail.comYesYesFirst year med student at WashU. Sailing for about 10 years in dinghies and keelboats, learned to sail in the Yale summer youth program. President of the Rice University sailing team 2014-2016. I'm hoping to crew for a season to get a feel for the club, and eventually try to get a boat and become a member. I'd prefer one-design racing if possible. Interested in trying out Lightning, Scow or Hobie, but definitely open to joining other fleets.Advanced sailing, advanced racingYesFormal race crew trainingLaser, 420, FJ, Vanguard 15, J70, PHRF5'6", 125 lbs
3/14/2017 9:35:26David Kreuter314-581-2383314-991-1782dkreuter@kgatty.comYesNoWe used to have a place in Key West and I belong to the Key West Sailing Club. Last year we sold our place and I don't go down to Key West as often as I used to. I love to sail!Sailed, never racedYesFormal sailing classCabin, Catamaran, sunfish, 4205/10" 190 lbs.
5/17/2017 7:52:56Carey Seven3145606010c.mtjoy@sbcglobal.netYesNosailing casually since 10 yrs Culver lake sailing camp
sailed periodically over past 20 years
overnight sails on larger boats
Sailed, never racedYesFormal sailing classCabin, Lightning, Flying Scot, Catamaran, sloop, yawl, ketch5'4" - 125lb
6/4/2017 13:44:57Sherry Wibben61856769206185676920sherrywibben@gmail.comYesNoCompleted the Adult Sailing Seminar and sailed when I was in high school. Sailed, never racedNoCasual training, Formal sailing classCabin5'9 / 148 lbs.
6/4/2017 13:50:23Michael YesNoJust completed Adult Sailing Seminar.Sailed, never racedNoCasual training, Formal sailing classCabin6' 2", 240pounds
6/7/2017 21:06:35David Madden91370500029137050002dmadden@ksu.eduYesYesTook formal sailing classes at University of Wisconsin. Sailed in college mostly lake, but have sailed in the ocean at Portland Maine. I typically go sailing three times a year, would like to sail more.Some sailing, some racingYesFormal sailing classCabin, Flying Scot, Catamaran6'0"
6/7/2017 21:08:52Rachel Horsman4055353226rachelhorsman27@gmail.comNoNoNever sailed, never racedNoNone5'9"
6/12/2017 13:54:10Joe Agner217-361-5077joeagner@hotmail.comYesYesI've occasionally been in sailboats over the past 20 years. Have done some racing in a C Scow. Enjoy it, but will be as much a handicap as an aide, at least initially. I'd be best with short crewed mid packers or further back. Some sailing, some racingYesFormal sailing class, Casual race crew trainingCabin, Raced in C-Scow a few times5'9"; 200 lb
6/12/2017 19:35:31Louis C Merkel3146447797lcmstlmous@aol.comYesNoSailed, never racedNoFormal sailing classFlying Scot6'1"/230
6/14/2017 12:07:05Shirl Roberson636-352-9235636-352-9235Sssar4151@gmail.comYesYesWith guidance operated tiller, main sail, jib, sheets ,actively learning about winword, helped rig cabin boat, put down anchor on committee boat, raise and lower pennants, helped dock boat using hoise, helped move boat to anchor down location, understand boat terminolgy, know when to shift port/starboard. WANT TO CREW SAT AND SUNDAY 6/17 6/18 FOR EGYPTIAN CUPSome sailing, some racingNoCasual training, Casual race crew trainingCabin, Flying Scot, Catamaran5'4" 143lbs
7/1/2017 8:34:40Phil Decker31460580403146058040charlesdecker@sbcglobal.netYesYes I recently bought a lightning and I plan on racing in the future I went to the adult sale seminar. I've done a bit of crewing on a lightning. Some sailing, some racingYesFormal sailing class, Casual race crew trainingCabin, Lightning, Flying Scot5-7 163
7/11/2017 19:41:39Morgan first experience sailing was in Alicante in the south of Spain. stuied abroad in Madrid for a year ad a half and took an oceanography course during the summer semester that involved a four day trip to Alicante. At that time I was on a small sailboat with several classmates.My second experience sailing was a brief lesson on July 8th at the CSA crew day. Sailed, never racedNoCasual trainingFlying Scot, Not sure5'7 130 lbs
7/21/2017 19:47:37Nancy Marie Harcar31459195033145919503nancyharcar@yahoo.comYesYesI did jib trimmer/rail meat/spinnaker on a community sailing club race team in Ohio for two seasons on Lake Erie. I did a 2-week bareboat captains certification course in Thailand. I have not lived close enough to water for the last 10 years to be sailing regularly every week like I would like to, so some things I am rusty on. I am new to the area of St. Charles, MO, and would like to meet local sailing folks.Some sailing, some racingNoFormal sailing class, Casual race crew trainingCabin, Schock 35, Petersen 34, Catalina, laser5 feet 8 in. 160 lbs.
7/29/2017 13:28:46William Wysession3144881270wwysession@gmail.comYesYesA family friend taught me how to sail, and I've been sailing with him several times. I've only been racing with him once in a Soling.Some sailing, some racingNoCasual trainingCabin, Soling6'2"
8/14/2017 16:50:16Rob Handshy61828828056182882805robhandshy@hotmail.comYesNoTook ASA class in ~2000 then a private lesson at the Chicago Sailing club. Just getting back into sailing.Sailed, never racedNoFormal sailing classCabin5'8" 170lbs
8/21/2017 19:28:09Luke Fogleman31249732046183633968lukefogleman@gmail.comYesNoI attended the 2017 sailing seminar and feel comfortable sailing solo, but have limited experience. I'm trying to get more time on the water and absorb as much information as possible. Thus far my experience has been on catamarans, but am certainly open to any other type. My goal in sailing is to eventually take my young family cruising around the Gulf. But I really like this racing thing too!!Sailed, never racedYesFormal sailing classCatamaran5'11", 174lbs
8/24/2017 7:11:16Jonathan Starr314-295-3277jon.starr@gmail.comYesYesRaced before in NYC with New York Cares (helping handicapped sail). Also from RI, where I raced casually on friend's yacht.Some sailing, some racingNoCasual training, Casual race crew trainingCabin5 feet 8 inches, 160 lb.
9/12/2017 18:44:01panduranga koya7085570434pandussk@yahoo.comYesNoSailed, never racedYesCasual training, Formal sailing classFlying Scot5.8 148
9/13/2017 11:44:36Utonia (Tawny) Haley314-494-77773144947777tawnyhaley@gmail.comYesNoBrand new to sailing.
I know port or starboard tack in my head, just its just not an auto pilot thing for me yet.
I am likely better ballast.
Capable, not graceful.
Never sailed, never racedNoFormal sailing class, ASA 101 & 103 Aug 2017Cabin5'3" 165LBS
9/13/2017 15:12:25Robert Haley314-853-9306636-433-2090robertchaley@gmail.comYesNowe just took a class, I sailed the x boat 30 years agoSailed, never racedYesFormal sailing class, ASA101 103Cabin, 16 X Boat(scow), Hunter 31, San Juan 246' 200 lbs
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