2017-18 EHS CLUBS
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Club NameDate SubmittedPurposeStudent PresidentAdvisorMeeting RoomMeeting Days/timesAdvisors EmailsStatus
Academic League7/22/17To dominate all of south county in academic awesomeness.Daniel KimDr. Leete708Mondays and Thursdays-Afterschoolthleete@gmail.comAPPROVED
ACE Mentorship Club7/26/17To allow exposure of its members to the basic functions and work environments of the architecture, construction, and engineering industries by mocking some of the team design and development processes.Morgan Catherine YoppJoel FoustIT-2Every other Wednesdayjoel.foust@sweetwaterschools.netAPPROVED
American Red Cross Club7/24/17To work alongside the official American Red Cross and participate in Red Cross service projects that impact our community and the world. We will also promote blood drives on campus and fundraise at school events.Janelle FortunoBrandon Fuentes805Mondays-Lunchbrandon.fuentes@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Amnesty International (Human Rights)8/16/17To discuss and bring light to worldwide issues involving human rights, and to promote worldwide human rights.Alexandra Van WormerCheryl Bayley8081st Tuesday of every month-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Animal Club7/26/17To help students obtain community service jours with animals and conducting fundraisers to donate money or supplies to official charities such as: San Diego Humane Society and Paws 4 Thought.Aria BatemanMr. Colarusso801Tuesdays-Lunchkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Arts and Crafts Club7/29/17To encourage creativity in students that the classroom lacks.Jillian LoyolaMs.VillanuevaR14Mondays-Lunchjanine.villanueva@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Arts Honors Club7/24/17To enhance the members artistic growth; to bring attention to the visual arts on campus; to share the artists within our community; and to establish a community of student artists.Lauren ArceMr. Artega902Thursdays-Lunchtimejuan.arteaga@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Asian International Association8/14/17To introduce and spread knowledge of different aspects of Asian culture. This club gives insight on how Asian societies function while also allowing members the ability to support and help the less unfortunate people in Asia. Kelly HuMr.Kim607Thursdays-Lunchjames.kim@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Associated Student Body7/27/17To promote the interests and welfare of the school, its students and the community.Anthony ColarussoMr. Lopez805Mondays-Afterschooldavid.lopez@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
AVID Club8/25/17Prepare and help students for collegeEmily TorizMs. Linan409Mondaysandrea.linan@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Beach Eco Club8/2/17To get community service hours and make our environment a better place.Cameron CollinsCoach Koopman803Tuesdays-Lunchjkoop30@aol.comAPPROVED
Biology/PhysiologyTo better the knowledge of students byobserving biology and physiology interesting ways in everyday life.Lizzy CordovaMs. Bayley808TBA-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Book Club7/29/17To provide a place for readers to discover new books and participate in book related discussions.Alexandria EstebanMs. SwensonLibraryMondays-Lunchannaswenson@gmail.comAPPROVED
Botany Club8/1/17To inform the student body of environmental changes, human impact on Earth, and to grow crops for self-sustaining purposes.Lazaria McWrightMr. SmithGreenhouseFridays-Lunchryan.smith2APPROVED
BSU: Black Student Union7/24/17To unite the black community on Eastlake High School campus and to educate the campus on the richness of black culture.Saimon HadguShawndel Young302Wednesdays-Lunch
Calisthenics MovementTo teach the student body about workouts and build a great, strong physique.Zora ZoraMr. ChadwickR2Mon/Wedtheodore.chadwick@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Calligraphy and Stationary Club8/2/17To unite those who have a love for calligraphy and stationary and teach those who want to learn.Sydney AurelioElaine Baumgarten303Mondays & Tuesdayselaine.baumgarten@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Cancer Awareness Club7/28/17Spread awareness of cancer and how it impacts those affected, family and friends. As well as comforting those who are currently fighting or are survivors.Natalie Peters/Valeria Kyriakides
Mrs. Bayley & Mr. Colarusso
Card Club7/21/17To teach students card games such as Magic the gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and general playing card games.Trevor HendrixMatthew Gaughan705Tuesdays and Thursday-Lunch and afterschoolmatthew.gaughan@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Change Club7/21/17This club is an outreach to the animal rescue group, PAWS4THOUGHT, along with working alongside Quilts of hope to bring everyday necessities to the homeless in our community.Margaret MattersonColarusso801Every other Thursday-Lunchkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Checkers Club7/21/17Learn about the history of chekers. Sharpen our minds with strategy, relax from the stress caused by school.Diego JimenezLaura Hernandez206Tues, Thurs & Fri - Lunchlalaluna66@yahoo.comAPPROVED
Chess Club8/10/17To teach and practice the art of chess in a fun, friendly, and open minded environment. Rob RepassDr.Cole403Thursdays-Lunchronald.cole@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Class of 20198/29/17Our purpose is to serve the class of 2019. We will be organizing for events and fundraisers to raise money for 2019 events.Kameron LujanMr. Vierra and Mr. PitpitR5First & last Thursday of the monthtroy.vierra@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Class of 20207/27Fundraise for Class of 2020Jessa PonceMs. DobbinsRoom R3Every other Tuesdaykamryn.dobbins@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Class of 202110/25/17To enhance the involvement and experience of EHS c/o 2021.Jor Denay CollierMr. Fishbein201Tuesdays/Thursdaysbryan.fishbein@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Coding Club8/21/17Help protote the field of computer science and the importance of coding. Hopefully get involved with local hackathons and explore different programming languages.Colin TamMrs. Chen606Wednesdays-Lunchpatricia.chen@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Color Guard - Eastlake Titan Guard7/24/17Eastlake Titan Color Guard is the attached unit to the Titan Regiment we perform and promote school spirit and represent Eastlake HS and the community around the Western United States.Emily FerrerJim Barton1604-CG/ChoirMondays-Afterschooljbartoncg@gmail.comAPPROVED
Competitive Gaming Club7/25/17To come together at lunch to play competitive local gaes like Street Fighter, Tekken, Mario Kart, Tetris, etc.Joshua PetrofskyMr. Aiken806Tuesday-Lunchchristopher.aiken@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Creative Writing Club7/14/17The purpose of creative writing club is to help students develop and learn new creative writing techniques. This club will provide a place for students to express their creativity, imagination, and human experiences.Tatiana CabralEdward Gillet306Every other Wednesdayedward.gillet@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Criminal Justice 8/7/17To discuss and learn criminal and civil law, current politics, and how new laws and policy will affect both students and the general public.Adrienne OrtizDr. Cole403Wednesdays-Lunchronald.cole@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Cyber Security Club11/27/17The purpose of this club is to teach and immerse student looking to go into a cyber security carrier.Melissa AlcaiaAiken806Mondays-Lunchchristopher.aiken@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Day By Day1/29/18Students would have a safe place to go to talk about anything going on. They can come to get advice or maybe just have someone to talk to.HaydeeSilva410Wednesdays-Lunch
Debate Club11/15/17To provide students a place to learn and practice debating in a safe environment. Eventually our club will progress to competition against other schools.Nate DamstraCole403Every Wednesday-Lunchronald.cole@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Democracy ClubTo learn and talk about Democracy in our meetingsZachary ErrtzherCheryl Bayley808APPROVED
Dual Language Immersion Club7/26/17The promotion of bilingualism; celebration of multiculturalismLorenzo GutierrezTerri Zielinski305Every Wednesday-Lunchteresa.haas-zielinski@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Eastlake All Male8/2/17To help grow the dance and art community in EastlakePhillip PhanK. GreenwayDance RoomTues/Wed Lunchgreenwayaugust@gmail.comAPPROVED
Eastlake Dance Company7/24/17To promote the love of dance.Alexx Christie & Maiquel VazquezK. GreenwayDance RoomLunchgreenwayaugust@gmail.comAPPROVED
Eastlake Edge7/31/17To bring news relevant to the Eastlake High School campus through the use of newspapers.Reagan ThomasVanessa Brinkman304Monday/Wednesday/Friday- Period 3vanessa.brinkman@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Eastlake High Titan Regiment7/26/17The goals of the Eastlake High Titan Regiment are composed of fostering group growth, encouraging individual growth, and improving the quality of the band experience.Katie MercerMr. McCray1602Wednesdays & Thursdaysrandall.mccray@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Eastlake Junior Optimist7/24/17To spread optimism through community service as well as offer various opportunities for student to gain leadership skills and potentially scholarship opportunities.Molly Rivas HernandezMs. Bailey808Thursdays-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Eastlake Mountain Bike Club8/14/17To provide students that have the desire to mountain bike the coaching and camraderie that will help them achieve both competitive and non-competitive cross country goals in a safe and enjoyable manner. Seth De Los SantosMr. Colarusso 801Tuesday-lunchkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Eastlake Raven11/28/17To work together to make the yearback for the whole school.Faye JohnsonPerezR6Tuesday,Thursday,Fridaypatricia.perez@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Economics Club8/17/17To explore the depths of economicsAlec RandolphMr. GarciaIT5Every other Tuesdayjuan.garcia-arriola@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
EHS Drama Club8/14/17To share the love of musical theatre and drama and to include those who may not be enrolled in the drama class, so they have a chance to perform as well.Rachel HerreraTrongale312Wednesdays-LunchschoolAPPROVED
Entertainment Club8/1/17The purpose is to create a community based upon our love of our favorite films, TV show, musicians, and video games. Have conversations that will spark debates and open minds.Mason MorenoAmanda Williams807Thursdays-Lunchamanda.williams@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Environmental Club7/25/17The Eastlake High School Environmental Club will establish itself as an active participant in local environmentally friendly activities + educate others about solutions to local + worldwide environmental problems.Autumn BagaporoMs. Bailey808Tuesdays-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Fishing Club8/11/17To get people outside and to teach them how to fish.Michael AltamiranoMr.Fischbein201Tuesdays-Lunchbryan.fischbein@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Food Review Club7/25/17To try out different restaurants and review them so that Titans can decide where they want to goNayeli ParraPeter Morera R13Every other Wednesday-Lunchpmorera@gmail.comAPPROVED
Gay-Straight Alliance7/26/17To discuss relations with the LGBTQA+ community, create a safe space for all, and to raise awareness about LGBTQA+ events and topics.Bianca AlvaradoCheryl Bayley808Wednesdays-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Girls Empowerment Club8/9/17To inspire young adults to become confident and empowered individuals.Christiana FejeranKristen ErenoCareer CenterThursdayskristen.ereno@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Gives Me HopeTo reach out and help those in the community who need help.Milani LlavoreMr. Kim607Every other Wednesday-Lunchjames.kim@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Hand Up Club7/24/17Our purpose is to raise awareness about food insecurity in San Diego and raise money and collect food to combat it.Heather BianchiMr. Colarusso801Tuesdays 2x a month-Lunchkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Helping Hands 8/9/17Our club's purpose is to help third world countries in any way we can. We have both been to these places and through an organization we are a part of, we plan to have drives/donations that will give all funds towards these third world countries.Alyssa Rodriguez & Jovannah MarronMrs. Bayley 808Tuesdays-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Hiking Club 7/25/17Teach students the proper precautions and etiquette while hiking. Also try to incorporate 1 hike amonth to practice safety on the San Diego trails.Marc GonzalezRon Cole403Thursdays-Lunchronald.cole@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Homeless Helpers9/5/17To help my community and raise awareness for the homeless population.Andres OchoaTed ChadwickR2Wednesdaytheodore.chadwick@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Honors Orchestra Club8/28/17To interact with eastlake community-perform and fundraiseAndrea RodriguezMr. Caldera1602Every monday, 3rd of monthgreg.caldera@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Humanitarian Club7/25/17To show compassion to those in need and assist in any way possible through volunteeringIsabella ModelaCheryl Bayley808Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Japanese American Club8/27/17To spread awareness of Japanese culture, and to provide a secure and safe environment for Japanese newcomers.Jumpei HanaokaMs. Shoji210Mondayseriko.shoji@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Jewish Student Union8/16/17To untie the Jewish part of the student body and raise awareness about anti-Semitism and Jewish issues, as well as volunteer with Jewish community organizations. Anthony ColarussoMr.Colarusso801Tuesday-Lunchkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Ke Aloha Polynesia7/26/17To share Tahitian and Hawaiian culture through dance and learn about dance culture.Celestine AlbaranManuel NarvazaEHS Senior LawnTuesdays and Wednesdaysmanuel.narvaza@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Key Club7/24/17VolunteeringSean JacksonPatricia Chen606Every Thursday-Lunchpatricia.chen@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Korean American Club8/16/17To educate and inform people about Korean Culture.Sam LeeMrs.Bayley808Tuesdays and Wednesdays-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
League of Legends Club7/25/17To provide a community for those that play "League of Legends" and discuss the current state of the game casually and professionally.Aaron AdrianoMark Brickley202Every other Wednesday-Lunchmark.brickley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Lend a Hand8/8/18The purpose of the club is to help feed the homeless in San Diego which has been a huge issue. San Diego has the third largest homeless population in the country. We will volunteer our time to help our community out.Zachary ErrtzherMrs. Bailey808Every other wednesday-Lunchcheryl.bailey@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Love Club4/5/18To help my peers with self love, loving others, loving life, and making friends.Jesa MiclatHaislip309Wednesdays-Lunchmarissa.haislip@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Make-A-Wish Foundation Club8/11/17To help students develop leadership skills while also working together to raise money for young children who are fighting a life threatening disease.Selena LlanesMr.Colarusso801First and Third Wednesday of each month-Lunchkenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
MECHA8/22/17To promote higher education, culture, and history.Jovannah MarronMs.Bayley808Mondays-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Medical Pathway Club7/25/17Help students be informed about possibilities in the medical field and to help them fulfill requirements to graduate in the medical pathwayMichelle DoMs. Corona502Wednesdays-Lunchpatcorona@gmail.comAPPROVED
Military Student Integration Club7/28/17To give new military kids a comfortable environment with friends that are in a similar situation.John CarrollMs. Collier311n/arenee.collier@sweeatwaterschools.orgPENDING
Modeling Club7/24/17Encourage self confidence, self love and teach modeling and photography.Ariadna PoliashovaMaura Redmond207Every Wednesday-Lunchmauraredmond@gmail.comAPPROVED
Movie Critic Club8/3/17To analyze and critique several historically important films and discuss the roles they played in shaping today's society.Isaiah RobinsonPatricia Chen606Tuesdays-Lunchpatricia.chen@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Nothing But Nets7/24/17We will work to raise funds to donate insecticide treated bed nets to families in thrid world countries. "...to raise awareness, funds, and voices to fight malaria." (https://nothingbutnets.net/about/)Sean Sebastian DarcyDr. Leete708Mondays-Lunchthleete@gmail.comAPPROVED
PAYO -Philippine American Youth Organization7/26/17To increase awareness of Filipino/a culture and to preserve, support, and advocate issues relevent to the Fil-Am community in San Diego, California, and the United States.Alfred BarrionRey Idos203Mondays-Lunchrey.idos@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Photo Club8/4/17To support beginning students with price subsidies costs of students with equipment and incentives.Kevin SewellJauhn HinkleCafeteriaFridays-Lunchjauhnhinkle@gmail.comAPPROVED
Ping Pong ClubTo teach the game of ping pong.Niyant NanaratiBryan FischbeinGymWednesdays bryan.fischbein@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Poetry Club7/28/17To allow people to share their poetry and creative ideas based on their writing.Hannah ZainoMs.SwensonLibraryTuesdays-Lunchanna.swenson@sweetwaterschools.netAPPROVED
Powder Puff7/31/17Girls flag football, a place where girls can unite and excersize a sport that os mainly played by men which should be unisex. A club where young women come together to become a team.Bryana VilchesRobert Blas205Wednesdaysrobert.blas@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Principals Honor Roll Club7/25/17To inform seniors of their next steps towards graduating in honor roll. To organzie and help plan the Senior Awards assembly with staff.Celine PhanMark Brickley202First Monday of the monthmark.brickley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Senior Class Office9/5/17To be the voice of the EHS student body.Taiyo GuruleMrs. BrinkmanASBDetermined by Rep. and advisorsvanessa.brinkman@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Show Choir 8/3/17The purpose of this club is to handle show choir business as well as improve competition musicin rehersal settings.Samantha Muniz and Gabriel CandoJudith Beaver1604Tuesdays and Wednesdaysjudith.beaver@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Skateboarding Club8/9/17Promoting the culture of skateboarding in a positive way as well as influencing others to skateboard.Gerian GuihamaChris Aiken806Fridays-LunchINCOMPLETEAPPROVED
Social Awareness Club7/30/17Purpose of the clubis so people with disorders, anxiety, depression, who are bullied and etc. can come to us and we can help them so they know they are not alone.Anayali JaureguiRachel SormillonR1Thursdays-Lunchrachel.sormillon@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
String Orchestra Club7/24/17Fostering group growth, encouraging group growth and improving the quality of the band experience.Cameron LincolnGreg Caldera1602Mondays-Lunchgreg.caldera@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
The Heritage International Culture Club8/14/17Bring students together by sharing cultural experiences and exposing each other to each students diversity.Anthony SanchezMr. Fischbein201Every other Wednesdaybryan.fischbein@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
The Seasons Club10/12/17Depended on which season of the year it is, we will do events based upon the season/holiday. Valerie StohrMr. Colarusso801Tuesdayskenneth.colarusso@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Thirst Project8/24/17Build a socially conscious generation who ends the global water crisis. Educate students about it, encourage them to spread awareness, and build road water projects around the world. Focus on the importance of health and sanitation.Jada LomibaoMrs. BayleyColarusso's roomMondays-Lunchcheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Thrift Club8/25/17To showcase clothes that we bought from thrift stores, reccomend stores to buy clothing and have discussions on anything that relate to clothes. We will also have weekend trips to thrift stores and homeless shelters to donate clothes. Kobe AciertoMrs.Perez-Peters410Fridays-Lunch
Titan Buddies 7/24/17Students with and without disabilities are given the chance to make new friendships and widen their social circles with friends across campus and in our community.Valeria CastroMr. Riiff200H
1st Wednesday of the month-Lunch
Titan Buddies Unified Sports7/16/17To have general ed students interact and participate in different athletic activities with a student with special needs.Ariana RitchieMr.Riiff200H1st Wednesday of the month-Lunchsteve.riiff@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Titan Community Service 8/9/17To tutor and help Olympic View Elementary students with learning disabilities to succeed with the help of the "OVE" Resource Specialist team.Caria CarangueTroy VieraR42nd Thursday of every monthtroy.vierra@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Titan Nation8/16/17To increase overall school spirit, get more students involved, and make them feel like they belong.Maiquel VasquezMr.Viera/Mr.FischbeinGymWednesdays-Lunchbryan.fischbein@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Titan's Ark8/17/17To establish understanding of Marine life by volunteering in local communities, inviting guest speakers, and researching during meetings in order to get involved in Marine communities.Andrew GunlockMr.FactoR8Thursdays-Lunchkfacto@cox.netAPPROVED
TitanBot7/20/17To educate and participate in First robotics competitions.Simon WayJoel FoustIT-2Everyday-Afterschooljoel.foust@sweetwaterschools.netAPPROVED
Ukulele Club7/27/17To promote cultural awareness. No fund raisingJosh PiansayAlex Estradaon campusEvery Wednesday-LunchNot ProvidedAPPROVED
Ultimate Frisbee Club8/4/0117To teach students how to work and behave in a team environment, also promote students health, and time management skills.Sean CochraneElaine Baumgarten303Thursdays-Lunchelaine.baumgarten@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
United Nations Club 7/25/17Emphasize the importance of teamwork and decision making through executing community service based on the United Nations 17 developmental goals.Marc GonzalezMr. Brickley202Every other Monday-Lunchmark.brickley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Women in STEAM careers club10/12/17Expose more female students in the realm of science, further empowering then career wise. Opening students minds to ways in which science and art can be integrated to encourage well roundedness and creativity. Sofia ZaragozaMrs. Bayley808Tuesdayscheryl.bayley@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Scale Modeling Club4/6/18The prurpose of the scale modeling club is to grow the on scale modeling community and also to teach the skills and techniques of scale modeling.Hagen LowanderRyan SmithR10Tuesdayryan.smith2@sweetwaterschools.orgAPPROVED
Beach Volleyball club4/19/18Create a community of local beach volleyball players...Eli StewartAlex GaribayLibrary ThursdaysAlejandro.garibay9@gmail.comAPPROVED
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