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UsernameWhat makes DRB special?Any suggestions?
pudieron89Good commenting core, social environment built around memes and fandom, insightful posters and generally tolerant moderators. Excellent writing from Whelk, generally OK stuff from Erik and JC, the occasional tidbit from Neg and jcmitchell, and maniac is learning.Get the series previews done every time. Bring Sandy Kaz back. Overall things have been pretty good this season but sometimes there's too much content on the front page that dilutes the good stuff, and a story will be missed because there's 5 fanposts about something someone at BPro wrote that no one cares about.
Best coverage anywhere, welcoming, easy to navigate, not afraid to let the team have it if something is wrongI love the minor league recaps and wish they were more detailed, maybe full box scores if possible, and once and a while, stat updates for the teams, etc. so we can get a better overall picture
Sandy KazmirIt's a great community, most of the time.De-mod Ryan Gilliss. More quick-hit analysis to provoke discussion. At least one deep analysis piece a week. De-mod Ryan Gilliss.
Best Rays blog to post on and have good discussion. Keep in mind best is a relative term.OTTOTD.

Remove mr maniac from the staff. That kid is awful.
raysman1Great coverage, and lots of fans on here to discuss.Keep on working on the minor league updates. I really enjoy those.
not many sites with Rays coverage that goes beyond box scoresdiscourage juvenile weed, etc. references. We all know they're cool without those.
I think something needs to be done so Monday Mornings aren't so cluttered. I saw that you moved TWSS to another day, maybe consider merging the monday morning Rays Tank and the Weekly Recap
blackravenThe people. As a people person I really enjoy the engaging commentary that often erupts in every thread. De-mod gilliss. Mod someone that will actually police weekend GDTs (I HEAR I MIGHT BE AVAILABLE). Try to put the score in the stupid game recaps. I don't always get to watch weekday games and have no idea what happens until I read about it somewhere else. I'd rather it be on DRB than on espn.com or something. Oh, and someone tell Cason to stop falling for SF1's trolls literally every time. It has to be intentional at this point... but it's still awful. Also a mild crackdown on the incredibly stupid shit that sometimes gets posted wouldn't hurt. You guys are slacking and letting the 'tards run the joint.
Commenting body minus SF1. Glass, Reejer, FZ. The threads they start in the discussion is what draws me.Stop letting SF1 troll every thread. You police trolls but for some reason he gets a pass.
Paul EllisGDT's!Warnings about rudeness to fellow Rays fans.(from other Rays fans no-less)
nomoredevilthe give and take of the commentors.Lighter on the ban hammer, better use of warnings. (Make warnings more public. Not a public flogging or anything, just a "so-and-so has been warned about such-and-such" so the community knows action has been taken. Helps keep tempers from getting frayed.) But nothing pisses people off more than a frivolous ban.
Good community (when left unmoderated for the most part), good analysis (when that happened)Users should be allowed to call mr maniac a "fucking moron" because he is one.
bobrI love the community of knowledgeable and passionate fans. Particularly, internetcommenter's stuff.
The analysis (both in articles and comments) and the characters (both in articles and comments).Nope.
Reading detailed summaries of the game and keeping abreast of what is happening before it happens.The squabbling in the comment threads is a bit off-putting. Seems like it goes with the territory, though.
Its about Baseball and the best source of Rays info.I really enjoy the inter-activity with pick six, maybe more of this in the future.
fubobThe interaction with everyone is alot of fun. Plus everyone here is very educated in the sport for the most part. Never a dull moment.
Quality analysis that is understandable without being too compromised or patronising. Good overall tone regarding the writing style; humour without 'trying too hard'.Possibly the memes are getting somewhat out of control, outside of the GDTs. Especially 420 and 69 etc, in my opinion.
I know everyone is pressed for time, but Jason Collette really needs to improve his writing with regard to grammar and clarity. Also, sometimes I feel he just throws a bunch of numbers at us without clearly summarizing how he interprets these numbers. A good summary paragraph would be helpful.

I don't like the simple game recaps. We can get that stuff anywhere. Draysbay should offer analysis and humor. Leave the dry game recaps to the mainstream media outlets.
Game recaps. I miss RJ.
The community and one-stop shopping for Rays news. I don't really check any other sties, and because I live outside of the Tampa area I don't see/hear any other media. I like the daily recaps and the humor and fun news, and enjoy the occasional in-depth read of good ole in-depth research. I also enjoy reading the comments looking for both interesting perspective and humor.I really enjoy the amount of good quality content. I think given the staff size there's not much more I could ask for. Thanks for the hard work.
Draysbay offers analysis beyond anything available elsewhere. It increases the scope of network coverage. It provides analysis to a fan site. It provides personality to a stat-site.
Pieman93Love the site, love the community, love the analysis. Most engaging and fun Rays baseball site on the internet.The breaking news coverage would be better, and more analysis would always be welcome, although it's hard to improve on that, I suppose.
One-stop resource for us diehard fans. Excellent quality writing and analysis, good mix of content, my favorite sports blog out there.Only suggestion is minor in nature - perhaps more interactive polls
the best rays analysis on the net
holy moleyThoughtful stories about angles I wouldn't otherwise see- love the stats especially when used to tell a story and love the pointers to other stories I might not otherwise see.Still haven't listened to podcast all the way through but want to. Surprised at how many twits post comments, distracting from the good discussion. I find it almost impossible to stomach reading the comments because of that and hope I don't miss much good stuff.
Good, solid analysis. Keeps me laughing - even if I don't get some of the inside stuff...
The knowledgeable community (readers/writers)Free RJ. Maybe a countdown until bans are lifted on some people (who doesn't love a countdown). Maybe more little challenge, like random trivia questions/pick6.
Makes it easy for novices to advance stats to understand, learn and feel welcome
behnThe community of commentators, the front page writers humor and perspective, as well as the commitment to covering the team and providing quality coverage make DRB enjoyable.

The 'interesting' factor of front page articles is what I really enjoy, and DRB seems to do a good job of avoiding the 'hack' topics other websites cover ad nauseum. I've also really enjoyed the stadium coverage.
I really enjoyed the minor league recaps until they stopped putting in the 'notable lines'. I don't click on the link to then have to open another, some of the writers do it and some of them don't. I honestly don't even look through the article if it was written by Sgrauer.

Perhaps a few more series articles would be good. The stadium series articles were enjoyable and kept me coming back for more.

All in all, I really enjoy the website, and plan to keep coming
joshnelson101The knowledgeJust started using the site. Love it
I love the Rays, and DRB has made baseball in general more fun for me. I have learned a lot over the last 4 years. Though I don't post, I like reading the comments and seeing the debates. In general, it's just a good way to get more news on the Rays and a fresh perspective as well.
Shinjo is GodThis Week in Sun SportsMore Shinjo.
Quicker to get up to date news than the Rays website with MLB. As long as news seem up to date, I plan to check back as often as possible.Possible improvement would be a section of rumors alone, especially if these rumors are fairly credible. It's hard to get up to date rumors anywhere on the internet. This would be great if DRAYSBAY would have a stand alone feature on rumors.
greglpdxDRB is filled with smart, creative people (both on the staff in the comments) and that creates a great place to get news, information, and analysis and to feel part of a community. Just keep doing what you're doing. This is my fifth season of coming to this site and the quality continues to be great. You're literally the first site I start my day with (even in the off season) and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Thank you for all your work.
Continue the immediate post-game reaction threads.
love the website and your articles. i am far away from home and i like to keep up with my raysthr series previews are not very consistant and i would like to know more about the minor leagues
lenientfan1The difficult to capture blend of seriousness and irreverancy.Simple, kill the Sternfan.
Love this site! My go to site for Rays news and analysis. No. Doing a great job now.
timmyjWhile I do not post often, I read almost every single article posted on the site on a daily basis (outside of the Minor League Recaps--this is not due to a lack of quality, I just personally do not have a large interest in it). The insight, analysis, commentary and overall culture of the site is very much enjoyable and while the short-sighted, snap judgement of a few individuals can get old every once and a while, it adds character to the site. You all have created a welcoming environment for new/old fans, whether they are sabermetrically inclined or not and it appears to be a safe environment for friendly banter. Honestly, opening up the site during my lunch break to catch up on everything-Rays that has been going on is the highlight of my day (please don't judge me...sometimes work can be very slow). Thanks for all that you do.Keep up the good work. I do miss the series previews that seemed a little more prevalent last year.
HatfieldThe people.More consistent Series Previews.
The community and the analysis.Better analysis.
Mods who are actually mature.
dan rup to date info, facts i can't\won't find without lots of digging (thank you) good group of people. . . common interestnot at this time.
This is my primary source of info on the Rays minor league clubs/players, current coverage is ok any additional info/stories always appreciated.
Great analysis. Always go there first for breaking news and recaps. Sternfan getting his own piece of the Monday column makes that particular piece unreadable for me. Talentless hack. No idea why such a wonderfully run site lets the lowest-common denominator have his own weekly piece. Would be like the New York Times giving a weekly column to Beavis and Butthead.
d.russRelationships with certain writers fuel this site. For example: I for one appreciate Steve still writing even though he's got a busy job. Some game recaps have had derogatory language, specifically thinking back to White Sox series, that incurred a lot of DRB bashing on other affiliates. It's fine in the comments, but statements like, "Robin Ventura ... can go to hell" from Erik is pretty extreme and doesn't make DRB look good. Also, Whelk's rant the day before was pretty rough too. It just doesn't reflect well on the quality of this site if other people have ammunition to tear it down.
Best Rays coverage on the web! I rated the minor league coverage lower b/c of lack of detail, but we do have Rays Prospects so that's not a big deal. I would like to see more player profiles though.
There are some very smart people in the community.Leave moderation to people on the masthead. Force people to back up their observations with data and not just permit people to post opinions as factual information. This is a site for progressive analysis and not the average fan site yet some average fan types derail many of the comment threads.
Passionate ApathyI enjoy the articles and the witty banter that follows them into the comment section. The RaysTank is a good idea to have a kind of PG rated off topic thread that is still tethered to the OP so it is tolerable. I keep coming back because it provides more detail to my fandom of the Rays. I also enjoy the personalities of the "Users" and how they provide the site flavor. Plus, it allows me the opportunity to disengage at work for a few minutes at a time. I think the realization that I hold all the factors presented above as essential makes the site well balanced in my opinion. Without sarcasm, the writers and staff on the site do very well to keep the machine moving. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I think (based on reading many comments) I am a pretty level headed site reader and don't mind providing feedback when needed.I think the site does an adequate job of keeping some semblance of sanity for the most part. I enjoy the in depth analysis and know it is the baseline for the site's existence. However, some of it goes well over my head. Not because I don' t have the capacity to grasp it, but because I don't have the time to invest to get to that point. I also think the offseason was handled very well this year.

The community and being able to chat with other intelligent RAYS (key word) fans. Remove mod rights from Gilliss. Get post game threads up quickly, even if it is just a thread that says "post game recaps". Series previews are an important part and are ignored a lot. Less BS, more OTTOTD!
wmlamwanLove the community, even though I'm a reader and not a participator. I have learned a whole lot. Love the recaps and the Rays Tanks. The humor keeps me hooked. TWSS is amazing.Keep on doing what you're doing!
If a fan wants analysis, this is the only place they should come to.Bring back Sandy Kazmir. If Ryan Gilliss having mod status is the only thing keeping him away, then fix it. Gilliss doesn't bring nearly as much to the community as Kazmir does when he's not flying off the handle being an asshole.

Give the job to mods that will encourage more data-driven discussion and less trolling and opinion-based conclusions that people like Yossi and Sternfan push.

Make series previews mandatory and consistent in their structure. The one Collette did for the Mets was fine but keeping us guessing on which series will be previewed and which ones won't be looks bad
elijahdukesIt's the best Rays blogs and also one of the better general baseball blogsI would try to make it even more community-oriented, possibly a weekly commending of one user and trash talking another who made stupid, asinine comments.
1. Availability of almost every detail about the Rays team and organization. Best source for beyond-the-headines info about the Rays.

2. There are some people with excellent baseball knowledge among the staff & commenters.
1. Still too much nastiness -- lite porn, vulgarity, racist & sexist comments -- in the GT's. It's why I don't recommend DRB to friends and it detracts from the site's credibility. Here's an idea for an experiment: ban the f-word, including all derivatives and abbreviations for it, for a couple of selected gamethreads and force some of the people who can't seem to find any other way to react to things to be a bit more creative. It will be good for them and the Drays Bay community as a whole.

2. Too much sternfan1 drivel. Since when does one annoying naysayer get to hijack an entire blog. Put a numerical limit on the number of comments he can post and the number of comments people can post complaining about him. This aspect of DRB has grown very tiresome.
i visit this site at least once a day, not a podcast user, don't understand a lot of the analysis sabermetrics, but, i love the rays and this is the best site on the web for info on the rays, glad you guys are here. i also enjoy hearing you guys on the radio w/ whitney johnson and ron & ian,
It's a very good Rays site and it's full of Rays fans.Sometimes the discussions get a little bit to goofy with everyone being stupid in an attempt to be funny. Sometimes it's funny, but most of the time it's just annoying.
Analysis is still pretty great. Discussion isn't what it used to be but whatever.
Make podcast downloadable not only on itunes
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