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To you, does it feel like the world is speeding up? Why?WorkInfo24/7ScreensHow could technology serve you better?What is the first technology you remember using?AgeWhat worries you about the future?What does it feel like to be offline?How does the smartphone make you feel?How does the future make you feel?Do you miss any “human” abilities from using technology?What should change about technology?How has technology affected your relationships?When was the last time you switched off your phone?Does the Internet forget?Why?Which technology makes you feel most connected to others?How do you curb your technology usage?
7219 JunBER196158YesAccumulation of knowledge is a self-enhancing process, inherently expotential. Started with life on earth → boundless brains → transcend with AI. Faster travel, faster communication, molecular biology.1Spring activated toy, Electronic educational game, Tube radio, Calculator, PC4-17Offline = good, as long as not too long during office hours.Feels food. If it's silent = no problems at work.Smartphone = only for work, and connecting with family when away from computer.
Avoid social media.
Offline 10 hours / day.
Primary source of information = offline, books, journals.
7118 JunBER197841Yes
7016 JunBER198435YesYes
6916 JunBER198435Yes
6815 JunBER197643Yes
6715 JunBER198237YesNo
6610 JunBER199227YesNo
6510 JunBER198633YesNo
649 JunBER198435Yes & NoNo
639 JunBER198633YesNo
629 JunBER199524YesNo
619 JunBER198930YesNo
608 JunBER198138NoNo
598 JunBER199128Yes & NoNo
584 JunSAO198435YesPeople going crazy. Working until we sleep. Always asking things of others. Work 24/7. Generalized hurry.1We need to learn to say "no". Technological etiquette needed. Everyone complaining about it. Using the right channel (like briefing work on Whatsapp. Life on WhatsApp.Keyboard, TV, Radio, Tamagotchi12How our data is used. Digital illiteracy. Lack of accessibility.Good solitude. Living with myself. Being whole, present, attentive. I'm here. I don't have FOMO."We are here for each other". "We have an agreement". Depends on situation (work, emergencies, family, etc).I'm good. Things will work out.Using = addicted/needy.
Not using = meeting/social/moments.
Privacy. We should stop the paranoia of omnipresence.Partner = gatekeeper for messages. Texting does not replace presence. Won't replace real with virtual.Yesterday, frequently.NoParadox: Instagram (view-only, friends-only). Video calling. Skype. Misses IRC (connecting to affinity groups, not just known friends)Lived 3 years without phone. Friends became more punctual ("like waiting for a train"). People ping partner to reach them. Prefer emailing, long-form. "Friends would curse me", "Felt left out". Fewer contacts = did not lose friends. Misses promoting own work online ("I barely exist"). "My personal Tibet". Good not knowing what's happening. Good to get lost sometimes. More sense of direction.
574 JunSAO198831YesPeople have too much free time. Important things move slowly, but we worry too much with consumption and gossip. Social media is noisy = fake news / lies. What matters changes slowly. People incapable of reading deeply = only reading headlines.I don't know. Want to give it all up. Love/hate. Anxiety/worry = too intrusive.PC (Pinball game)11Too many people on the planet.Great. Want more of it. DND often. Plays Solitaire on it.Mixed feelings. Love/Hate/Invaded. Always with me (bath/kitchen/bathroom/bed). Computers are less invasive. We expect immediate response. Demand to be available. Expect others to respond.Privacy / Emotional stability.It can't be different. We should study consequences in school. Teach people to be better users of technology. Senseless hurry / expectations.Does not affect. Discuss things with partner on WhatsApp. Tone is interpreted by recipient, often wrong. Won't argue via text. No tone.Yesterday, frequently.NoWe forget. So much useless info online.None? AppleTV (watch TV with SO)
564 JunSAO198336YesTime is literally speeding up. Normal as you grow older. Last seven years feel like one. Tech entertains us, keeps us busy. Don't feel time passing. Always maintaining, no sense of accomplishment.Has already consumed my life. People are starting to disconnect. Communities offline. Nothing is actually happening.Nintendo (Super Mario)6/7Disconnecting ourselves from our humanity. Lack of solidarity / compassion. Like sheep/lemmings. Not enough critical thought.Great. Not anxious. Avoid feeling bothered with phone. Feel calmer, free. Hyper-dependency. Always immersed, no limits. Once spent 40 minutes browsing Netflix.Claustrophobic. Removes boredom. Thousand open browser tabs.Disbelief. Political future is tragic. Jumbled priorities. Jacinda Arden = great example of improvement. End of capitalism.Memory, sense of direction. "Waze bothers me". Stopped paying attention to whereabouts. Not relieved with offloading it to computer. Bad. Ignorance is not bliss.Should be more relevant. Instagram = shop window = edited life. "Tons of useless apps". Why not solve hunger? Lack of solidarity. Should be doing more relevant things.WhatsApp separates us, doesn't bring us closer. Misinterpretations always.Don't know. 2 years ago?NoNo way. No.Language. Hormones.As few apps as possible. Only what really matters. No games.
554 JunSAO198336YesLife in general is accelerating. Perhaps just mine? Days are dense nowadays. Growing up was better. "Less time in general". "How do you find time to read?" Tech = big factor. Working from home / always working. No "going home after work".Should be more automatic. AIs should be more capable. Already amazing, but expectations are great. Too much monkey-work. Improve by getting out of the way.PC (DOS games)7/8Fake news = Social media = Insidious technologies. Bad for society as a whole. ML-created videos. We can't trust what we see. XR/AR/VR. Political interests vs. Advertising. Used against society. "We don't learn enough about technology"."I hate it". Sometimes it's good. Something missing. Honeymoon offline = planned = pleasant. Otherwise an impediment. Offline only when asleep or with kid. "Wish I was offline more often".Never thought about it. An extension of myself. Worried about not having it. No access = feel disconnected.Surprisingly optimistic. Problems will be solved. Tech = empowering. Access to information. Net positive. Careful = Education = Tech Literacy. "At mercy of insidious companies". Programming = Core curriculum. Kinds seem more tech illiterate today than our generation.Yes and No. Losing things = good, it frees bandwidth.Should serve interests of humanity.More connected. More alienated. Kids = offline. More offscreen time.Never / IDK.NoIt's just there.VR Chatrooms (Altspace, VR Chat)"I should do more". Reading books before bed. Time with child.
543 JunSAO198237YesVery. Days are shorter, weeks are a blur, weekends don't feel like weekends. Always available. Tech eliminates rituals. Replace ritual with efficiency.Good to save time (purchases produce online via Whatsapp). Shallow communication, flatter relationships.PC, NES10Empty relationships. Obsolete people. People losing value/worth. Uber drivers. Precariat, disenfranchment. Lack of access what matters. More marginalization. Lack of access to quality food. Lack of well-being (not quantified)Mixed. Offline weekends / traveling / with kids / at home. Present, but no social contact.Intelligent: has an answer to any question.
Dumb: because why do I need to have an answer to everything? Destroys the moment.
Comfortable. Doesn't matter what happens, I feel able to keep up. Not optimistic - but OK.Presence, awareness. Pleasant moments can be saved (on camera), but being online bothers me.Tech should direct capital + interest for the well-being and health. We fix so many individual micro-problems that we start creating social macro-problems. Fragmentation.Easier communication = colder relationships. Multiple points of contact during day = no surprise when meeting. Micro-presence, watered-down connections.Regularly switch it off. Cinema, at home, with friends sometimes. Feel safe with it.NoTechnically it remembers everything. Robs our time, attention. Amoral. God-like (omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent)
531 JunSAO199029YesAbility to absorb new information. Used to excessive rates of change. More things happening. Positive - we are the limitation. Transhuman OK. Not our obligation. Disconnecting is optional. Nature OK.More affordable access. More democratic. More general knowledge.Potty, SEGA Master SystemMore inequality, less knowledge. Digital apartheid. The rich will live forever.No different.Normal. Not anxious offline. I can find my way. Feel safe. Everything is digital and always online.Hopeful and responsible.NoVideo games with friends IRL
521 JunSAO198633Yes & NoLarge acceleration which is bringing people together. Social disparity worsens because tech. Citizens monitored (smart cities). Mostly urban, not inclusive. Social/access abyss. Empoverished population.Help make life easier, help me more. More distribution = more culture. People don't have access currently.Speech, Atari1/3Social abyss. Takes forever to distribute. Compelled to stay online to be productive. Can't connect over trivial matters anymore, everything needs to be discussed. Everything needs to be deep, everyone have an opinion. No middle ground.Liberating. I can be who I am, no judgements. Without being watched. Acquiried responsibilities, always busy, always available.In control.Anxious, positive, excited. Wants to see the world improving. I want to help.Time. Have lost much time. Could be offline = better. Could be closer for real. WhatsApp used to be touchpoint, is now where actual conversations happen. Hard to interpret people's meaning. Reacing and interpreting always. Lose proportions.Should be more human. Molded to us. Tech as extension of us, not the other way around.Barely see people anymore. Only online. Rarely have physical contact. Sometimes a choice. Don't find balance, should try doing less. A month ago. Not regularly, but ignores it sometimes. NoPeople forget.Music, Social Media (despite everything)
511 JunSAO197643YesWe are omnipresent, multifaceted. More topics, more people = fragmented daily life. Micro-topics, small demands. Tech created this situation. You wake up immersed in multiple universes. Digital shadow = constant involvement.Thankfully it already does. Fragments but realizes us. Gratifying. We should be more selective, bespoke, curated. Should transform world ethically, with autonomy. Democratize.Game & Watch, AquaplayWho will determine how technological change happens. Who's in charge of the institutions?What desired = excellent.
When undesired = feel like I'm missing out on things.
Love and hate. Companion, social link, supresses need to socialize. Removes peace of mind, removes daily equilibrium. Determines our lives. Feels old, out of date, no longer edgy. Could be more helpful.Challenged. Agent of change. Protagonist of an advancing world.Individuality. Feel pasteurized, homogenous, molded. Tech has empowered us, we can deal with more work/issues/home/relationships but liberty can be a prison.Its purpose. Solves existing problems today. Limited conscience. Capitalizes on status-quo. Should empower those who need clarity. Break up media, church, politics. More social adoption. Be an actor, not a follower.Aplifies and makes it more shallow. Changes how we relate. Keeps a distance. Digital behavior different from physical. Other freedoms. Ask yourself why. Not on FB, Tinder, etc."Damn. Last time I flew? I don't turn it off."NoUsers forget. Scares me. It knows everything.Language
5030 MaySAO197445YesRadio10WhatsApp
4930 MaySAO197841NoiBook (pink), Online chattingYesInstagram Comments, Language
4828 MaySAO198831Yes & NoTypewriter, Computer, Cable TV5NoFaceTime
4728 MaySAO200316YesGameboy, iPod, TV, Palm, Crib3NoFinstas, WhatsApp, FaceTime
4626 MaySAO198336YesTV2/3NoWhatsApp
4522 MayAMS195960YesPager, Fax, Public phone
4421 MayAMS197247YesWalkman (gray)9Yes
4320 MayAMS196455NoRotary Phone9YesBar, Restaurant, Theater
4219 MayAMS198831YesWalkman (gray), Discman, Dishwasher8NoTicketSwap
4118 MayAMS199524YesGameboy12NoMusic (form of immortality), Shared emotions
4017 MayAMS198831NoComputer, Games, Treasure Mountain, MS-DOS, Genesis7/8No
3917 MayAMS198237YesTypewriter, Prince of Persia7/8NoInstagram
3815 MayAMS198831YesTamagotchi9NoWhatsApp
3714 MayAMS199326YesWindows 95, Disney videogames, Gameboy, ICQ, Mobile Phone, SMS13NoSkype, Letters, Books, Light, Internet, Candles, Espresso Machines, Paper, Art
3614 MayAMS198831YesCassette player, VHS, Movies3/4NoTexting
3511 MayAMS193188YesOf course! Even the children feel it. They say the summers feel shorter. Doesn't everyone feel it? I think everyone feels it.
3411 MayAMS198930YesMSN, Snake, Breakout14NoWhatsApp, Instagram
3310 MayAMS197742YesCarpenter Kit, Chemistry Kit4YesMindfulness Apps, Social Media
328 MayAMS197841YesKettle, Hairdryer, Car, BicycleNoOnline Dating
317 MayAMS199425YesTamagotchi5NoWhatsApp
305 MayAMS198435YesComputer game, Nintendo, NES ZapperNoIDK
294 MayAMS197940YesRadio (Sharp, pink), Nintendo, Walkman (Sony, yellow), Discman, Email9NoWhatsApp, Skype
283 MayAMS198138YesComputer, Tetris, Internet, MP3, Chatting9NoTexting (Groups)
271 MayAMS198930Yes & NoPhone (Motorola), Tamagotchi12NoWhatsApp
2629 AprAMS198435YesComputer, Pong, Solitaire, Minesweeper, Windows12NoTexting, Instagram
2528 AprAMS199326YesTamagotchi, Tetris, Pinball, Computer5NoWhatsApp (Global friendships)
2427 AprAMS198831YesToy2/3YesTrain (Collective, outside, eye-to-eye)
2326 AprAMS199029YesPhone7No
2225 AprAMS198633YesSpeech / Words (5 months), Internet, IRC, Webcam, SMS10NoPhone (Changes how we connect to others, Lower quality, more quantity, Replaced calling with texting)
2124 AprAMS199029YesTelephone (calling family)NoiMessage
2023 AprAMS199326YesTV, VCR3/4NoPhone, WhatsApp, FaceTime
1923 AprAMS199524YesCellphone12No
1820 AprAMS198336NoPersonal Computer, DOS, GamesYesNone (Tech doesn't make us more connected, only real/human counts, Not digital)
1720 AprAMS198732YesAirplane, Staircase, Personal ComputerYesAirPods (more immersive than VR), Escape Rooms, Projection Mapping, Location-based Entertainment
1619 AprAMS198237YesPlastic toy (Aquaplay)NoTelescope (EHT, Overview effect)
1519 AprLON198039NoVCR (Fantasia, Workout videos)Yes
1418 AprMIL198633YesCar radio, Cassette, Pager (Motorola)NoWhatsApp, Instagram
1318 AprAMS197049Yes & NoBicycle, Digital watch4NoFacebook (don't use it), Social Media, iPhone, Find Friends
1217 AprAMS197247YesTV, LaserDisc, CD-i, CD-ROM8NoSocial Media, Instagram, WhatsApp, Slack
1113 AprAMS196752NoWalkman, Handheld Pong video game9NoNone
1013 AprAMS199425YesMobile phone with antenna (Siemens)NoNetflix (series), Staying home looking things up
912 AprAMS199425YesVCRIDKSocial Media, Texting
811 AprAMS195366YesCamcorder, Kodak cameraIDK
711 AprAMS194574YesTV, Radio, PagerNo
610 AprAMS198138YesComputer, Videogaming, Morphing (CG)12No
58 AprAMS198237Yes & NoTV / Radio / Music (Abba)NoPhone, Apps, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram
48 AprAMS198039IDKCasio Watch with backlight
37 AprAMS198237YesCD Player9
26 AprBER198336YesAmstrad computer, Gaming
15 AprBER198633YesSociety accelerating, human life is tracing footsteps, moving towards controlling nature, extend life > increased controlBy extending my abilities (vision, hearing, comprehension, access, strenght, perception)Tape recorder, Amplifier, CD PlayerNothing, it is inevitableNecessaryAt ease, Delegate memory, Necessary, FrustratingExcited, Unpredictable, Always surprisedNothing: more people should know how tech changes their behavior. Interruptions, Culture, Respect, AttentionIt should not change. It doesn't have agency (we do). How should WE change?