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3/16/2020 17:23:11EdTech Digest in a Time of Coronavirus [Resource List]ALLThis list is intended to help learners and leaders navigate the current situation forward. CONTRIBUTE HERE: Riverovictor@edtechdigest.comCONTRIBUTE HERE:
3/16/2020 17:55:46Epic digital library for kids with over 40,000 books, read-to-me and audiobooks, videos and more, on all devices.MiddleEducators or librarians must sign up and invite parents/guardians for free remote access until June 30, 2020Alyssa
3/16/2020 18:15:47Discovery Education help schools and the communities they serve maintain continuity of learning in the event of prolonged school closures due to the Coronavirus, Discovery Education has created a three-pronged response. The elements of our response are as follows:

Discovery Education has created a special channel within Discovery Education Experience—the Viruses and Outbreak Channel—featuring digital content that helps educators discuss the Coronavirus outbreak with students. This content includes timely updates on what the Coronavirus is, information on how infectious diseases spread, and essential guidelines for staying healthy. Schools and school systems with access to Discovery Education Experience can find these resources here.

We have worked with our content partners to make the Viruses and Outbreak Channel available to the communities our U.S. school systems serve so that parents, caregivers, and other adults have the same access to the materials children are being taught in schools. If you are a Discovery Education partner and are interested in obtaining a login for the Viruses and Outbreak Channel that you can send to members of your community, email

For U.S. schools or school systems that are not currently using Discovery Education resources, but are experiencing closures due to the Coronavirus, we are offering free access to Discovery Education Experience through the remainder of the school year. To request access to Discovery Education Experience, principals and superintendents of affected school or school districts are encouraged to email Discovery Education at

This resources is available for all K-12 disciplines.Discovery Education is a company whose mission is to prepare learners for future success by connecting them to the world outside the classroom. So, when the world outside the classroom threatens the continuity of instruction, we believe it is critical that we support teachers in explaining events like the Coronavirus outbreak to students and support administrators in maintaining continuity in students’ learning. We will continue to monitor this event closely and look for ways to help educators everywhere prepare students for success, no matter where they are. -- Please attribute to Scott Kinney, Discovery Education President of K-12 EducationStephen
3/16/2020 18:16:05Tradepal will provide colleges free access to its remote online platform to assist their immediate transition online.CollegeTradepal’s platform is designed to transition classes online without the use of video-conferencing. Teaching is not the same as doing a business meeting and Professors are not comfortable/trained to teach via video. The majority of students use smartphones and may not have adequate WiFi connections.Karim
3/16/2020 18:26:44Gale, a Cengage company support librarians and educators as they navigate a rapid shift to virtual learning and across many communities, the physical closure of libraries, we have launched a COVID-19 resource center. Though this online hub is quickly evolving, you folks immediately start using and sharing, for free.

Resources include:

• Interdisciplinary, curriculum-aligned resources to support online learning from pre-K through undergraduate.

• Live and on-demand training materials to help you optimize your existing resources.

• Professional development eBooks to help transition to and strengthen virtual learning.

• Authoritative Gale resources on health-related topics and global issues.
K-12 (elementary, Middle School and High School) and CollegeIf you could share our free COVID-19 resources center page with your readers/audience and on your website, that would great. As we truly want to help during this pandemic.Kayla
3/16/2020 18:27:22MajorClarity Virtual Career Readiness Content/Programs for Schools that are ClosedHigh SchoolJoe
3/16/2020 18:58:05Elementarihttps://www.elementari.ioFree premium access to Elementari, K-12 online platform to write and code interactive stories using professional illustrations and sounds. Available for schools, teachers & parents. ElementaryFree curriculum and webinars availableNicole
3/16/2020 19:04:52InferCabularyhttps://infercabulary.com2 months free access to InferCabulary; free video lessonsK12Due to Covid-19, we are offering 2 months free access. We will be sharing tips and free video lessons that can be assigned to students (content for grades 3-9).Mary Hopkins,
3/16/2020 20:00:20Educational Development Software free online informational video course on COVID-19. One for PK-12 Admins and one for Parents, Families, and CaregiversJamie Edward
3/16/2020 20:14:39ClassHookhttps://www.classhook.com1+ months free premium memberships (duration depends on need)K-12Get free access here:
3/17/2020 6:03:18Foxizehttp://www.foxizecloud.com3 months freeWorkforceIt is time to create your online school for your employees or clientsAlbert Garcia
3/17/2020 7:39:26Packback use for courses moving from face to face from online Collegeo provide an option to help ensure instructional continuity and keep students connected and engaged during this challenging time, Packback is providing zero cost licenses through the end of the Spring semester or academic quarter for any higher education courses moving online mid-term due to COVID-19 preventionTo ensure those in need receive immediate response please use link provided in form for contact purposes
3/17/2020 7:45:52Tech DefendersOur team working to serve organizations and schools that are in need of affordable technology such as iPads, Chromebooks, and Macbooks to ensure employees & students can continue to gain access & work remotely as needed. All audiencesTech Defenders Sales
3/17/2020 8:51:17United Through Reading Through Reading's free and secure app allows service members to be video recorded reading a book to a child in their life. Servicemembers download the App (through the Apple App Store or Google Play), record a story, share that story, and then head to our site to get another book to record and send to family. All age childrenWe hope military families can take time to connect with each other through the App, even in these difficult times.Jessica
3/17/2020 11:05:48Read Ahead reading tool, lesson plans, reading passages and student instructionsMiddleRoxanneRussell
3/17/2020 11:11:41Epraise Limited epraise schools facing a closure because of Covid-19 we would like to provide a one-month free access period for our Homework and Messenger optional features. These will allow you to set work for students and communicate with them effectively.

We would also like to extend this offer to schools that don't currently use epraise. This will include the epraise base subscription as well as our Homework and Messenger optional features and provides schools with most things they would need to run lessons remotely.

Places will be limited to ensure we can continue to provide the excellent support our customers have come to expect from us, with priority onboarding for schools we have previously spoken to.
All students, teachers and parentsTeam
3/17/2020 11:06:27Alberthttps://www.albert.io100,000+ original practice questions with explanations for grades 5-12High SchoolFree while schools are
3/17/2020 11:06:44StudySmarterhttps://www.StudySmarter.deStudySmarter is an intelligente learning platform for pupils and college students, making any content easier to learn. Currently more than 650.000 students are actively learning with our platform of which 89% receive better grades. CollegeTo support students in these difficult times we are providing our premium subscription including all available premium content and functionalities completely for free to all students and pupils. Christian
3/17/2020 11:06:46Zinc Reading Labshttps://www.zinclearninglabs.comZinc is offering schools impacted by coronavirus free use of our literacy tools through the end of the 2019-20 school year. We're giving access to our close reading instructional tools, gamified vocabulary and leveled authentic texts. We're great for 6th grade up to college level.MiddleWe're a great tool for middle, high school and college students.Colette
3/17/2020 11:06:56Star Materialshttps://www.Starmaterials.comFree Online teaching middle school science available as soon as I can configure videoMiddleHave made Bill Nye - Germs Video review and assessment available for free.
3/17/2020 11:07:41ActivEd Childhood / Pre-KIn response to the COVID-19 related school closings, ActivEd is making the Walkabouts platform available temporarily to any students forced to learn from home. Given these stressful and less than ideal circumstances, our team recognizes the importance of a resource for standards-based movement and physical activity. In addition to the general student logins being distributed by our team now, we are also offering significant accommodations and discounts to regions and districts who wish to license our platform at the enterprise level for their specific state standards. Dr. Julian A.
3/17/2020 11:08:08Neverware get good computers in the hands of kids for remote learning, by converting old, slow and unsupported computers up to 13 years old into fast Chromebooks, for free to help with COVID. Everyone, but particularly K-12 districtsFor those that require device management in Google's Admin Console, we have a very affordable Education Edition, which is free to try at scale. Ben
3/17/2020 for Educators online tools and resources to help TEACHERS better understand and meet the needs of children who learn and think differently, including those with ADHD, Dyslexia and Discalculia. ElementaryDan
3/17/2020 11:08:12InScribe help institutions streamline communication and support, InScribe is offering free access through spring term to all colleges, universities, or programs facing campus closure due to COVID-19.CollegeDanielle
3/17/2020 11:08:19Knowre Math access to Knowre Math for the rest of the school year.1st Grade - Algebra 2John
3/17/2020 11:08:27Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape educational resource for adults and elementary age children to learn about bodies, boundaries and consent to start conversations that keep kids happy, healthy and safe from child sexual abuse. Videos and resources for adults and fun interactive learning activity for kids. ElementarySusan Cort, d'Vinci
3/17/2020 11:08:32Developing Experts unlock our complete curriculum programme for science, schools can access our resources by paying £100 as a one off fee. Parent can access a 75% discount by using the code75. ElementaryOur resources is fully mapped against the NGSS.Sarah
3/17/2020 11:08:35play2PREVENT Lab at Yale Center for Health & Learning Games https://www.play2prevent.orgWe are offering PlayForward: Elm City Stories and smokeSCREEN for FREE. Both games address risky behaviors, increase knowledge around healthy behaviors, and help teens practice decision-making skills, refusing peer pressure, and engaging in healthy discussions. Please request usernames and passwords via the website or email and request contact person. Thank you. MiddleOur games serves teens in middle and high school. Carolyn Taylor
3/17/2020 11:09:12InScribe Continuity Planning and Support Community community is freely available to all education professionals and is a space to ask questions, share ideas, and find solutions during this time of change and uncertainty. Please join us as we work to support each other during this time of uncertainty. CollegeDanielle
3/17/2020 11:09:37Utter App cost Functional English App for Workforce. 4M+ registered users. Used by over 30 companies using Amazon, JLL, Accenture, etc. in India.WorkforceNinad
3/17/2020 11:10:00StageAgenthttps://stageagent.comStageAgent provides actors, directors and teachers with the ultimate theatre research platform to learn about plays, musicals and operas. Individual users can sign up at We also offer a platform specifically for schools and classes. Learn more about StageAgent for Schools at High SchoolWhile this is a tough time for the theater world, we at StageAgent are ready and willing to help out in this new remote-learning era.Jason
3/17/2020 11:10:01MrNussbaum.comhttps://mrn365.comTens of Thousands of Educational Games, online activities, printables, and learning opportunities. Offering 80% of the subscription price for the next two months. Renewal price will be honored a this rate also. is one of the most wildly used educational resources in elementary and middle schools across the nation. is our subscription service with no ads, many more activities, teacher features, and game creation capabilities. Greg
3/17/2020 11:10:03Smithsonian Institution Smithsonian is committed to supporting teachers and their students around the globe as they face unprecedented new learning challenges. On the Smithsonian Learning Lab, teachers have access to millions of digital resources from across the Smithsonian's museums, research centers, libraries, archives, and more. You will also find pre-packaged collections that contain lessons, activities, and recommended resources made by Smithsonian museum educators as well as thousands of classroom teachers like you. MiddleDarren
3/17/2020 11:10:21Yellowdighttps://www.yellowdig.com
3/17/2020 11:10:24Hooda Mathhttps://www.hoodamath.comNo Ad Yearly Subscription for Only $2 (90% off regular price)ElementaryWe have over 300 Math Games that work on Every Device, but we Also have Video Tutorials for Grades 3-8 and Math Timed Tests that can send result emails to Teachers or ParentsMike
3/17/2020 11:10:27BridgingApps.orghttps://www.bridgingapps.orgWe maintain a website and database of 3,000 apps for iOS and Android platforms that are vetted, curated and reviewed by professionals for people of all ages with disabilities.All of the aboveBridgingApps regularly conducts Facebook Live events with Tech Tips, creates and posts videos on our YouTube channel, and will continue to add, update and review apps for people of all abilities. Cristen
3/17/2020 11:10:35Make Science Easy Online science lessons covering biology, chemistry and physics.

All lessons have a tutorial video, downloadable resources, worksheets and an online multiple choice quiz.

Registration is free and each subject area has ten free lessons covering the fundamentals of that subject.
Access to all lessons is paid.

There is also an entirely free section explaining how science works. Covering what science is, how the process of science works and how to plan, undertake, conclude and evaluate scientific experiments.
High SchoolJonathan
3/17/2020 11:10:53I Know It are offering free access to out math practice website for teachers and students affected by virus-related closings.ElementaryAll teachers, students, and parents are invited to use I Know It math practice to help with remote and home learning. Stay safe and healthy.Timothy P
3/17/2020 11:11:22SHMOOP Access for Schools & Districts through May 31 - Free High School & Middle School Curriculum Plans - Free trials / Study Guides for home use.

Reach out to - - for access
High SchoolFree Middle & High School Recourses. 3 Day emergency implementation plan for states / districts / schoolsAndy Rahden -
3/17/2020 11:11:38Sutorihttps://www.sutori.comWe are offering our platform for free during all the school closures.High SchoolThomas
3/17/2020 11:12:02Live Linguahttps://www.livelingua.comOnline language lessons with live tutors, and free language learning resources.WorkforceRay
3/17/2020 11:12:10ArgoPrep are providing our K-8 Math & ELA online premium content for only $1 to help families in need of resources. Furthermore, we are offering free printable worksheets from grades 1 to 5 to teachers and parents who need extra resources. All of our content is Next Generation Learning Standards & Common Core Aligned. ElementaryDue to the coronavirus and the millions of affected students, we are providing our K-8 Math & ELA online premium content for only $1 to help families in need of resources. We understand the urgent need for resources and workbooks for students and we are committed to helping millions of teachers and families worldwide.Anayet Chowdhury347-927-2711
3/17/2020 11:12:12Scriblehttps://www.scrible.comWe’re offering free access to our paid Teacher Plan until July, 1, 2020, for K12 teachers (and their students) whose school is closing or going virtual due to the coronavirus outbreak. The intended audience for this offer is Grades 4-12, particularly secondary. See here for details and to request access:
High SchoolScrible is the most advanced platform ever built to support research and writing. The research and writing process historically involves face-to-face check-ins between teachers and students during class time. Teachers would meet with each student to review and provide feedback on their research (e.g. articles, annotations, citations, etc.) and writing (outlines, drafts, bibliographies, etc.), whether that work was in digital or paper form.

Scrible centralizes all such student work in the cloud and makes it available to teachers from any location. They can access student work remotely to formatively assess it and provide feedback asynchronously within Scrible, thereby eliminating the need for in-person, face-to-face discussions. So, we can help teachers and students continue moving forward with their research and writing despite COVID-19 disruption preventing them from being in school together.
3/17/2020 11:13:34Belouga is free to all students and teachers.K-12Here are the top 5 ways to use Belouga for free to create a quality online learning environment
3/17/2020 11:13:52Sparx is offering all schools access to Sparx Maths Virtual Classroom free-of-charge for the duration of their closure.

What is Sparx Maths Virtual Classroom? We’ve adapted Sparx Maths to allow teachers to quickly and simply build online maths lessons that can be delivered through a streaming channel of the teacher’s choice. Teachers can choose from our bank of over 2,000 learning objectives which cover the Key Stage 3 and GCSE maths curricula. Students complete their classwork online which is marked automatically and support videos are provided for every question. Teachers can monitor the progress of every student in real-time including whether students have joined the lesson and who might be struggling.
High SchoolLaura
3/17/2020 11:13:59LearnCube Virtual Classroom Plan for 30 days - Teach via live video onlineLanguage Schools and Online
3/17/2020 11:14:53Super Teacher Worksheetshttps://www.superteacherworksheets.comComplimentary, full access to our printable worksheets and teaching resources for teachers and communities affected by school closings. Username: temporaryaccess password: stayhealthyElementaryAll students, teacher, and parents affected by school closings are welcome to access our resources for free. Please log into the shared account. Username: temporaryaccess password: stayhealthyTim
3/17/2020 11:14:37Cube For Teachers For Teachers is a free global sharing community for educators to share open educational resources. It has a growing global collection of resources shared by K-12 educators from around the world. K-12Cube continues to support educators globally during this unprecedented time. Educators are updating and adding links to resources in all subjects in real-time. Cube has always been free and encourages educators to share both found and created copy-write free OERs. There are an abundance of amazing resources available worldwide and every time an educator stores a resource link on Cube it is searchable by all.Sue Kwiecien ( Educator & co-founder)
3/17/2020 11:15:31Powersoft interactive e-learning sessions to train pro audio professionals on Powersoft systems and products. WorkforceItalian power amplifier manufacturers Powersoft have announced that in response to restrictions around face-to-face meetings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that they will be offering an increased number of free online trainings and e-learning sessions to their global customer and user base. The interactive hour-long sessions will be offered in both English and Spanish, and will be delivered by Powersoft's experienced application engineers multiple times a day to accommodate customers in any time zone.Stephen
3/17/2020 11:15:42WURRLYeduhttps://www.wurrlyedu.comStudent-safe alternative to Tik Tok! Get free access to WURRLYedu—our award-winning teaching platform and creation tools for students including:

• 1000 standards-aligned lesson plans for K-12: SEL, General Music, Modern Band, Vocal Ensemble, Jazz, and non-Music subjects
• The most extensive music catalog for schools: thousands of songs including pop, rock, hip hop, country, mariachi, choral, jazz and classical
• Personal recording studio: students and teachers can adjust the key and speed of the track, select instruments, apply one-touch audio and video filters, and even perform remote duets
• Tips from grammy-award winning artists
• Suite of mobile games: scales, call & response (rhythm/melodic)—students can view progress and streaks on their dashboard
• Available on web and iOS
ElementaryLet the Music play! We are offering WURRLYedu to schools at no cost until July 1, 2020Greg
3/17/2020 11:15:52Campuswire is a teaching tool professors use to host live lectures and office hours, manage course Q&A, and implement active learning during lecture. Campuswire replaces discussion forums and clickers, and enables professors to conduct lectures, active learning, and video office hours from anywhere.CollegeCampuswire Basic is free and will be free forever. Campuswire Pro is currently in Beta, and we're happy to chat with anyone trying to move courses online about gaining early access to the Beta.Brian
3/17/2020 11:16:04ClassTag is a free communication platform for schools, customized to fuel and inspire parent involvement. Engineered to provide the simplest and easiest way to communicate, ClassTag provides school leaders, parents and teachers a streamlined communication channel across SMS, email, apps or the web, and automatically translated into 55+ languages and support for remote learning with file sharing, calendaring and videos. ElementaryAdding new features daily to support remote learning and schoolwide
3/17/2020 11:16:07Kishmorr Productions, LLC month subscription to online Spanish Reading Program for Pre-K - 2nd graders.ElementarySchools and parents alike could use Lee con Ángel for practicing Spanish literacy skills online. Email us for login credentials.Lori Morriscontact@leeconangel
3/17/2020 11:16:38DreamApply are launching a free, lightweight and rapidly deployable online admission & remote work system to support all education institutions across the world.WorkforceHakan
3/17/2020 11:19:09Mosa Mack Sciencehttp://www.mosamack.comAward-winning Mosa Mack Science provides animated mysteries, live video phenomena, labs and engineering challenges. Due to the recent school closures, Mosa Mack Science is providing all content free to ensure kids can stay engaged while learning at home. Stay safe and healthy.MiddleAward-winning Mosa Mack Science provides animated mysteries, live video phenomena, labs and engineering challenges. Due to the recent school closures, Mosa Mack Science is providing all content free to ensure kids can stay engaged while learning at home. Stay safe and
3/17/2020 11:20:34Tinkering Labs STEM kits, free NGSS curriculum for elementary school.ElementaryWe are supporting schools to implement STEM distance learning using our Electric Motors Catalyst kit and free curriculum guides for students. Effective for grades 1-8. Discounts for schools coping with COVID-19.Matthew
3/17/2020 11:20:38Varsity Tutors' Virtual School Day School Day is a FREE resource that includes 30+ hours/week of live, interactive classes led by expert tutors; adaptive assessment tools to help parents build grade-appropriate learning plans; and editorial content designed to aid families during this unprecedented time.K-12Virtual School Day is designed to help lighten the load for parents who must now compile a full day of learning for their kids. Virtual School Day offers curated resources all in one spot.Caroline
3/17/2020 11:20:40Unicheck to e-learning is strenuous. For students, it may result in a sudden increase in online assignments, leading to committing plagiarism unintentionally. For the faculty, it entails a lot of manual preparations - so, they’ll badly need some handy tools to automate routine tasks like checking papers for originality.
Unicheck can be a good solution, especially in this extreme pandemic outbreak: it supports self-checks, provides comprehensive online reports and processes thousands of papers at a time without slowdowns.
For all the institutions that have no active Unicheck licenses, the Unicheck team will grant a free access to the plagiarism checker till June 30. Reach out to the Unicheck team for more details:
3/17/2020 11:21:18Glogster Schools affected by Coronavirus Glogster offers a free Distance Learning option for Educators, with up to 30 student accounts, including creation of classes and projects. Please advise students to use the blank 'vertical' and horizontal' Glog templates so that they are able to add additional media to their Glog canvas without paid limitations. 1) Start your free account here: 2) Students create accounts with your TeacherCode here:
3/17/2020 11:21:28Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) 90 Day Trial Online Self-Paced Online Courses - The Micro Course Program is an innovative form of teacher online professional learning focused on providing schools and districts with targeted, competency-based online professional development. Our catalog of competency-based Micro Courses provides a unique online experience that allows teachers to start their learning using a personalized, self-paced process, supported by TKL’s easy-to-use online platform.Teachers, Schools, and DistrictsRudy Azcuy CEO & Founder
3/17/2020 11:21:32Riipen are offering Riipen free for the 2020 spring and summer quarters/terms to post-secondary institutions with no obligation to renew. CollegeRiipen helps integrate project-based experiential learning engagements in the classroom. We have supported over 200 academic institutions to deliver work-integrated learning to over 50,000 students in the past three years; working with an ecosystem of over 10,000 employers including large companies like IBM, Walmart, Deloitte, and WWF (along with thousands of small and mid-size enterprises).Roberto
3/17/2020 11:25:35Emile least 3 months free accessMiddleWe will help schools get their students setup without any workload on teachers. The resource automatically determines students' abilities and allocates appropriate work and games. Glen
3/17/2020 11:22:47Arcademicshttps://www.arcademics.comFree online multiplayer edu-gamingElementaryIt's important to stay connected and engaged with education during this time. Use our free multiplayer games to play together while practicing educational subjects.Dave
3/17/2020 11:22:52SchoolInfoApp clients find their mobile app by SchoolInfoApp to be an integral part of their remote learning plans helping both with communicating rapidly-changing instructions, news and announcements and for sharing assignments, resources, materials and more. We're offering expedited setup options, special discounts and flexible setup/service terms to help during this challenging time.Early Ed, K-12 & CollegeWe're here for you. Contact us and let's discuss how we can assist.Visit to connect with representative for your
3/17/2020 11:23:03EdCredilbehttps://www.edcredible.comInstructional Materials Evaluation and Adoption Platform K-12 School District, State, College and University Administration Kurt FichtmanFounder and CEO,, 704-998-1596
3/17/2020 11:23:18Unleeshhttp://www.unleesh.comVirtual Conference &is Training platform, half price.CollegeDon't cancel your conferences, create a virtual event, structured like a conference, with social and experiential elements, in 3 days.Saul
3/17/2020 11:24:03Kinvolvedhttps://kinvolved.comWe fully understand the health concern and the importance of communicating with your communities in a time of a pandemic, and we empathize with the decisions you will be required to make in the weeks and months ahead.

KiNVO™ Helps Schools and Districts Communicate with ALL Families in Real Time.

Areas that we have helped include:

Preparing offsite communications capabilities for securely messaging families in the instance that school sites close
Sending emergency notifications
Sending official PDF bulletins from school and district leadership via SMS
Translating two-way messages in 80+ languages to ensure all families understand critical updates
Offering tailored COVID-19 support materials

We can onboard your school or district quickly and conduct basic training remotely so you can continue to securely communicate with your community even if a school closes or you can’t access your school-based communication system.

As a way of lending a hand, we are providing our KiNVO™ software for free for the remainder of the school year to new schools and districts that purchase a contract for next school year.
Partnering with Pre-K through High SchoolIf there is anything we can do help, please let us know.David; PH: 917-838-7916
3/17/2020 11:24:18Wixie by Tech4Learning can sign up for a free 90-day classroom account for Wixie.ElementaryWixie is a digital canvas students can use to combine text, images, and voice narration to share their ideas and learning. Wixie includes a library with over 1500 templates to get students started.Melinda
3/17/2020 11:24:42ODILO of the effects school closures for the imminent expansion of Coronavirus will have on thousands of families all over the world, we at Odilo stand in solidarity with all those affected and have set in motion a series of actions with the goal of helping to guarantee continued education for students, educators, and families:

We are opening all of our technological learning platforms to the academic institutions that need them anywhere in the world, whether or not they are our clients, with the goal of providing high-quality educational content and learning solutions to as many users as operationally possible.
We will be reinforcing our educational consulting teams, dynamization services, and collaborative learning clubs and placing them at the service of families and teachers, in order to ensure that they always have tools on hand to continue their educational work from home.
We are offering a support and training service to teachers and families via daily webinars, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the functionalities of our platform and to more effectively carry out their support work with students. More info:
All of the aboveCristina
3/17/2020 11:25:22DreamBox Learning is offering a 90 Day FREE Trial of DreamBox Learning Math, so kids can stay engaged with learning while at home. This offer is good through April 30th, 2020.ElementarySamantha
3/17/2020 11:25:39EssayJack Free Trial for Online Academic Writing Platform, Free Blogs/Resources for high school, university, & college level students (academic writing in English)High SchoolThe EssayJack team is committed to supporting English-language writers who might not have the benefit of face-to-face class time. Students finding themselves at home and worried if they will be prepared for college should sign up for a free trial which has been extended beyond our standard 7 days: Our CEO (a former English teacher and professor) is layering in free resources, emails, blogs, and activities; so be sure to subscribe to the blog to get on the email list.Dr. Lindy
3/17/2020 11:26:16Lrnrhttp://www.lrnr.usFREE Lrnr Courses For Spring 2020

To Help New HigherEd Faculty Transition To Fully Online Due To CoronaVirus Outbreak, We Are Offering Lrnr For $0

We can have you set up in less than 24 hours!
CollegeSchedule a Virtual Meeting
3/17/2020 11:26:53Developing Expertshttps://www.developingexperts.comReduced cost of £100 per year for school (no subscription fee, covering our costs of set-up and training) for all teachers and pupils in a school to access science resources aged 4-14. Includes images, film clips, experiments, worksheets, quizzes and ability to assign lessons to classes and links to STEM related careers.ElementaryDuring the COVID-19 outbreak we are waving our subscription costs completely to support education in our communities. Schools and teachers can assign lessons and work to students which they can undertake independently or with parents.Katie
3/17/2020 11:27:13Quantic School of Business and Technology signing up, learners can access our free Business Foundations lessons, as well as other select classes from our MBA curriculum including one of our most popular courses, Blue Ocean Strategy.Graduate level business courses - Free MBA, Executive MBA, and Free Open CoursesAs an online, accredited institution, Quantic is entirely online and thus, relatively unaffected by the current COVID-19 outbreak. We hope that our free open courses can be a fun, yet productive distraction for people who have been impacted. Rachel
3/17/2020 11:27:56IXL is happy to support teachers and schools impacted by closures with free access for 90 days. Simply sign up at Additional resources can be found at covers pre-K through 12th grade in math and ELA, and 2nd-8th grade in science and social studiesIXL Memberships
3/17/2020 11:28:28Quinncia Inc special pilot offer at 75% discount price for the next 6 months. CollegeA career readiness platform which allows career advisors to review resumes and help students practice interview all remotely using our AI, QuinnHimal
3/17/2020 11:29:32PlayAblohttps://www.playablo.comFree access to schools for assessments and supplementary practice tests for English Grammar & MathElementaryEarly closures of schools at the height of final assessments at the end of the academic year has abruptly ended the school year for millions of students. PlayAblo is happy to offer it’s award winning school product to schools for free for the next 30 days so they may complete their year end assessments and give additional practice tests for the extended vacations.Dheeraj
3/17/2020 11:31:06Education Development Software Social Emotional Courses (literacy based and online)Early Childhood / Pre-KThis course utilizes literacy-based Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons and exercises to teach harassment, intimidation, and bullying prevention, to teach civility and compassion, and to teach multicultural awareness. Jamie Edward
3/17/2020 11:31:59iDesignhttp://lxpathways.comFree courses in how to teach onlineCollegeWhitney
3/17/2020 11:32:04Success at Schoolhttps://successstschool.orgResources on our sure for freeHigh SchoolMitesh
3/17/2020 11:33:41Sophya free access for students. Pro accounts for Schools (includes data, analytics, insights).All of the above. Primarily Higher Ed and K-12.This is a very important time to keep students engaged, and to not let any student slip through the cracks.Vishal Punwani,
3/17/2020 11:37:01iDesign OER - The iDea Book is a useful tool for faculty in the move to teaching onlineCollegeWhitney
3/17/2020 11:38:04Learning Listhttp://LearningList.comLearning List provides independent reviews of the alignment, instructional quality and technology compatibility of thousands of PreK-12 instructional materials, including many of the online materials to which publishers are offering free access. If your district is considering using a different material and would like to compare options, Learning List will provide you with free access to our reviews of the products you're considering and tools to help you compare them. PreK-12 materials Jackie
3/17/2020 11:40:04School Day Wellbeing Day @Home For Teachers covers wellbeing when students are studying from home. It provides a tool for teachers for emotional check and online dialogue on wellbeing and SEL in remote classrooms. K 12As the world is impacted by COVID-19, we want to support schools and families around the world. Sampo, 201-669-2016
3/17/2020 11:40:43Independent School Management (ISM, Inc.), Articles, Consulting, WebinarsK-12 School Leadership and Administrators We're continually providing and updating resources and information to help your school respond to the COVID-19 situation.Aimee
3/17/2020 11:40:45Cignition, a company focused on elementary through middle school math education, is providing our certified research-based math solutions to teachers and families for free throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Our program includes an engaging, Common Sense Education 5-star game-based program and a free live online tutoring session. Families can also access ongoing weekly tutoring with our certified math teachers at a deep discount.3rd through 9th gradeJohn O'
3/17/2020 11:41:07🕷 Spider Learning, Inc. will provide complimentary access to our comprehensive Middle School Curriculum and our Algebra 1 Curriculum for the remainder of this school year to any school in order to help minimize the impact of the Coronavirus. We can push the courses to your LMS or use our platform to deliver content to students and provide teachers the tools needed to monitor progress and performance in real time.
MiddleWe are here to help in any way we can to maintain the continuity of teaching and learning in school around the country. Bill Taylor / Spider Learning
3/17/2020 11:42:35VitalInsight(TM) technologyhttps://www.vitalinsightsolutions.comKeeping the School Community Together

During these very challenging and unprecedented times in which we respond to the covid-19 crisis, it can be helpful to continue conversations about planning, goals, and our aspirations for our students. Let us help you focus the attention of your community on the good news about your schools and programs.

VitalInsight™ is a cloud-based diagnostic technology that engages all of your stakeholders in assessing their experience and knowledge related to best practices. In less than 20 minutes, stakeholders respond to the online inventory. District and school leaders are provided a series of online dashboard reports that identify and address both the strengths and vulnerabilities of practice, and prescribe research-based solution strategies.

There is no need to bring people together, but everyone feels engaged in the process. When we get past the present crisis, you will have a wealth of essential data to immediately share with your community. You will also discover that VitalInsight™ expedites data collection for planning, generally replacing the first 6-8 months of data collection in less than two weeks. Our experience shows that stakeholders unite more immediately behind plans developed using VitalInsight™ data because they understand and identify with it.

Contact us to learn how we can help you engage your community of stakeholders, develop important data, and give a positive experience to stakeholders, even as we practice “social distancing.”
PK-12 school and district leadersDr. Bruce
3/17/2020 11:42:56PlayPosit is offering raised limits on Free licenses (100x), resources for all users, and custom solutions for institutional level licenses. PlayPosit is intended for use by instructors, instructional designers, institutions, and learners. Elementary - workforce. PlayPosit's support team is available at help@playposit.orgDaniela
3/17/2020 11:43:12Knackhttps://www.joinknack.comThe Knack platform will provide end-to-end student-to-tutor matchmaking, scheduling, logistics & administrative reporting for synchronous tutoring at zero cost until on-campus activities resume. Knack does not monetize student data or any other element of this engagement.

If interested, please fill out this form:
3/17/2020 11:43:57Pine Biotech for Infectious Diseases Program for high school and college studentsCollegeWe are are excited to start offering online resources for those interested to learn about coronavirus genomics (COVID-19, SARS< MERS, beta coronavirus) and apply the commonly used bioinformatics techniques to public domain data on various pandemic outbreaks we have seen in recent years.
3/17/2020 11:45:17RoboKind are working with up to 50 school districts to subsidize $500,000 in
coding software subscription fees for short term school district implementations
(through June 30, 2020).

Designed for students in grades 1-8, RoboKind's coding and computer science curriculum engages beginning and advanced learners (even teachers have learned to code with RoboKind’s software). Importantly, it aligns to the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) standards for computer science education, and the software can be used by districts across the United States and around the world.
ElementaryWe are here to help your students learn valuable coding skills, even during unexpected school closures.Daniel
3/17/2020 11:47:13Curriculum Associates Associates is offering the following for educators and student families to support learning at home:

• Free, printable Reading and Math packets for Grades K-8 for students to complete at home.
• Increased flexibility with its products to ensure even more students can access and complete i-Ready Online Instruction for at-home learning.
• Guidance for families and teachers, in English and Spanish, for using its programs at home and for learning at home in general (applicable to all students, no matter if there’s internet access at home).
3/17/2020 11:52:22Britannica Digital Learning has made available COVID-19 emergency resources to every school in the U.S. Get free access to Britannica LaunchPacks, for social studies and science, being leveraged by schools across the world who are grappling with shutdowns, conducting virtual lessons, and working to minimize the impact on students, families, and staff. - 12Christina
3/17/2020 11:52:23FabuLingua is suspending paid subscriptions and offering free, full access to all language learning stories in Spanish-English during this challenging time for familes. FabuLingua is a fun, interactive Spanish-English language learning app for kids based on delightful stories from writers and illustrators all over the world. Early Childhood / Pre-KDear Parents,

These are troubling times that our world is facing, and they are a challenge for all of us, physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Families are finding themselves at home much more than before, and some children are having their education slowed or put on hold. At FabuLingua, we feel the burden of the logistical challenges that are unfolding for families.

While we cannot do much to address the physical or psychological impact of this pandemic, we feel we’re in a position to be able to help out families facing more home time. We know (first hand) how hard it is to work from home when your kids there too!

Starting today, FabuLingua is temporarily suspending our subscription service and making the full FabuLingua experience available - entirely for free - to all families, including all our stories, games and the Magic Sticker Book. If you’re already a subscriber, your paid subscription will remain active unless you cancel it (but know that your paid subscription helps us keep the lights on!).

We want to provide families with a highly engaging educational tool that will give children a rich educational experience of learning Spanish, even while not in school, and while giving their parents some much needed time to work from home.

When things once again return to ‘normal’, FabuLingua will go back to our subscription model, which will enable us to continue developing many more stories and games to keep our little linguists deeply engaged in their language learning journey.


The FabuLingua Team
3/17/2020 11:53:06Planboard, lesson planner for K-12 teachers, is free for teachers as they move their paper based planning onlineHigh SchoolWe know it’s a difficult time for educators amid the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. We understand that resources are limited, time is scarce, and this closure will have a far-reaching impact on communities worldwide. In light of this, we’ve compiled some resources outlining best practices on how Chalk can support educators.
3/17/2020 11:53:15Neverware free CloudReady Home Edition is for any school or family that needs access to a high performing device to enable distance learning. CloudReady turns old, slow computers (PCs and Macs) into Chromebooks.all of the aboveDrew
3/17/2020 11:53:48Awesome Storieshttps://awesomestories.com5,390+ robust, original, curated, non-fiction stories based on primary sources and presented in various media formats: written, dramatized narrations, videos, audios, images, maps, manuscripts, documents, recordings, first‐draft versions of famous speeches (and more). 50% off - $30 annual subscription. Extensive listing of essential questions for each major story; straight‐forward directory of stories with multiple search options; easy‐to‐access stories with numerous in‐text questions to guide the narratives and instruction; designed for group, independent or collaborative assignments; all providing procedures for students to do independent research and concluding the process with written presentations.K-16Awesome Stories is a truly unique site that can be effectively utilized by individual students, parents, and teachers. It is perfect for self guided exploration and via the in-story links learning is interdisciplinary and connected.Tools and resources for students to engage in deep learning while expressing their newly acquired knowledge either independently or collaboratively; narratives and essential questions to assist in developing critical‐thinking skills; contemporary pictures and other media to help students “feel” the time period under study; safe and guided pathways to explore the most‐reliable online primary sources; processes to spark the desire to “deep dive” into topics.Skip
3/17/2020 11:53:56Sproutlogix Inc days access to the platform, Learning modules on Working in teams, problem-solving, and learning agility WorkforceIn this time of crisis, both employees and employers are dealing with a lot of change.

We understand how difficult it is to adjust to a new working style and are happy to offer FREE skill development journeys for you and your employees to bridge the skills gap essential for working remotely and beyond.