Kealing Secret Pal Questions 2017-18 (Responses)
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TimestampWhat is your PTA membership status?Please enter your First and Last NameWhat is your Room #?What is your Email Address? What grade / classes do you teach? Or what department do you work in?When is your birthday?Favorite color?Favorite plant / flower?Favorite scent / perfume / cologne?Favorite "fast food" restaurant (s)?Favorite drink(s)?Favorite snack food(s)?Favorite dessert(s)?Things you collectHobbies?Teacher Stuff? Favorite "sit down" restaurant (s)?Favorite types of food?Have a particular way you like your coffee? Or a favorite Sonic drink? Favorite authors?Favorite stores?Are you a fan of a team, athlete, sport, and/or group?Favorite type of music or musician?Favorite candy?
9/6/2017 14:15:26I am a PTA memberAlexandria Foster gymalexandria.foster@austinisd.orgPhysical Education March 3, 1990purple I'm openn/amcalsiters, chickfila, jasons deli, chipotlepeach green tea from starbucks, a ta tonka from juiceland, sweet red wine Trail mix, Fruit, Non-chocolate candy, Pretzelsanything strawberrycandlestravel, workout, relax Yardhouse, Olive Garden, Pappadeaux American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, seafoodw/ vanilla creamer and no sugar bath and body works and targetKevin Durant, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboysr&banything sour or gummy
9/6/2017 15:56:18I am a PTA memberAllison Nickelatti413allison.nickelatti@austinisd.org6th grade Math06/15PINKsunflower, rose, succulent, lillyBath and body works spray (beautiful day, seasonal scents, sweet pea)Chick-fil-a, pterrys, torchys, chipotle, panera breadDr. Pepper, cran raspberrry la-croix, red blend wines, pinot noir, dos xx, vodkaCookies, Chips, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolate, Pretzelspuppy chow, chocolate chip cookies, browniesDecks of cards, cat toyscamp, hike, play with my kitty, swim, workout, eat, shoplots of post-it notes, clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, filing box, alligator clips for papers, pens (paper-mate flair or pentel energel metal tip)Hopdoddy, BJ's, Pei Wei, any sushi restaurant, any italian resturantAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, French, Italianvanilla iced coffee with half and half from starbucks, strawberry watermelon slush with jolly rancher from sonicnordstrom, altr'd state, lulu lemon, rei, amazonjolly rancher, reeses, twix, sour patch kids, starbursts
9/6/2017 13:44:37I am a PTA memberAmber Hill214Aamber.hill@austinisd.orgCommunities in SchoolsJune 17Blue/GreenSunflowerMangoThundercloud SubsCoffeeChips, Fruit, Non-chocolate candyCheesecakecrafty itemsRead, swim, drawWe give out granola bars to kids. We can always use more food for kiddosChueysAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese, Greek, Indian, FrenchCoffee with milk and honeyBarbara KingsolverHEB, TargetNopeAlternative RockSour Patch Watermelon
9/7/2017 7:49:07I plan to become a PTA memberAmy Miller103Camy.miller@austinisd.org6th/Resource ELA/EnglishMay 24Purple/daisydon't like perfume/allergieswhataburgerLemonadeCookies, Trail mix, Fruit, ChocolatebrowniesThings to organize, pencilsSocial/being with friends and familypencils, erasers, dry erase makersApple B'sAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, ChineseStrawberry LimeadeMary Clark HiggonsWorld MarketUTDave Matthewsreeses pieces
9/6/2017 14:48:04I am a PTA memberAmy Warshauer510amy.warshauer@austinisd.org6th Math, 8th Algebra, Math and GamesJuly 12PurpleSucculentsChanel AllureChick Fil ACold pressed juices, Zilker and Barton Springs Pale Ale BeerCookies, Chips, Fruit, Non-chocolate candyChocolate MousseIndoor Cycle (Ride or Soul Cycle) Yoga YogaTrudysAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, JapaneseDon't drink coffeeDavid SedarisCentral Market, TargetGummy Bears
9/6/2017 16:21:32I am a PTA memberAnita Johnson120anita.johnson@austinisd.orgCoding/robotics 6-7-89/25tealbluebonnet------------------------Torchy'scoffeeNuts, Cookies, Trail mix, ChocolateCreme bruleeTiny electronics partsElectronics projects, genealogyToo many to list! See ZeeMexican / Tex-Mexdecaf latteJohn LeCarreCostco!NoAllDark chocolate
9/6/2017 13:55:32I am a PTA memberAnne Ewald105Aannewald1012@gmail.comFrench /6th, 7th, 8th/LOTE Dept9/14GreenSucculentsNatural scents - ie citrus, lavender, etcStarbucks, FrescaCoffee, teaNuts, Cookies, Chocolatepastriesyoga!!small white boards, poster boards, small dry erasers, string lights, french/english dictionariesBlue Dahlia, 24 DIner, Torchy's, Elizabeth Street CafeAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese, Indian, Frenchlatte or mochasFrench authorsBook People, Free People, Whole Foods, Lululemonlocal music, singer songwriter, frenchChocolate
9/7/2017 20:35:51I am a PTA memberAntwinesha Walter228Antwinesha.Walter@austinisd.org7th & 8th English Language Arts MOD06/28/1992RedAfrican VioletBleu de Chanel, Armani Code, and BurberryCon Madres, and SonicHazelnut Coffee, Strawberry Lemonade, Coke, Redbull, Dos EquisFruitCheesecake Basketball Collectibles, and ElephantsGo to a bar "little darling," watch movies, play the x-box one, sit outdoors and enjoy nature.Small rewards/incentives, Bin to hold classroom binders for all three classes, educational games.Crawfish Shack, and any place with seafood.Mexican / Tex-Mex, ChineseMedium-Dark, and Sonic SlushesN/AN/AN/AR&B, Hip-Hop, and some Country.Starburst Fav Reds
9/6/2017 13:45:42I am a PTA memberAugustine ChavezAP Officeaugustine.chavez@austinisd.orgAssistant Principal - 7th Grade07/24BlueSucculentsLacoste SportFlyriteCoffeeChocolate, CheetosIce CreamHats and shoesBootcamp, Trail RunningFancy PensMaudiesAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, JapaneseSkinny Vanilla Latte (Hot or Iced) / Cherry Limeade .VintageChelsea FC, UT Longhorns, LA GalaxyDave Matthews BandSnickers
9/6/2017 14:10:13I am a PTA memberBecca Yasskin202rebecca.yasskin@austinisd.orgMath (6th & 7th grades)July 21greenred wine, coffeeChocolateice cream or anything chocolate West Coast Swingconstruction paper, graph paper, colored pencils, markersSushi ZushiMexican / Tex-Mex, Japanesecaramel lattesDiana Wynne JonesTargetEd Sheeran, Reeses
9/6/2017 15:44:58I am a PTA memberAurora Flores-Wolsky123Aaurora.flores-wolsky@austinisd.org6/7SpanishIA, 7/8SpanishI, 8SpanishII, 6SpanishforSpanishSpeakers105/25PurpleOrchid/RoseN/APTerry's, Torchy's, Dan's, TacoCabana, Whataburger, Chickfila, ...lemonade, juice, coffee, tea, ...Nuts, Cookies, Chips, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolate, PretzelscakeSouvenirs from different countriesexercise, go to movies, cook, spend time with husband, travel, ...thick permanent markers, hand-sanitizer, Kleenex, white-out, easy reading books in Spanish, ...Tru-luck's, Steven's steak house, ...American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indiancoffee with lots of milk & sugarAna Castillo, Sandra Cisneros, ...Costco, Target, Walmart, Teacher Heaven, ...n/acountry, dance, classic, rock, reggae, (all types pretty much)chocolate
9/8/2017 12:40:05I plan to become a PTA memberC J Hague223christopher.hague@austinisd.orgEnglish as a Second Language / ELA DeptJuly 26Red or BlueCactus or fernTorchy'sCoffeeNuts, Trail mix, Chocolate, PretzelsSoccer scarvesCycling, hiking, soccer, travelA lamp or LED light strips, set of 10 small white boards, craft supplies like old magazines, markers, etc.Anything with a nice patioMexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese, IndianStrong! and w/o sugar/creamCentral Market, REI, BookstoresChicago Cubs, Kansas Jayhawks; soccer in general, fan of US National Team
9/6/2017 15:50:46I am a PTA memberCara Crouch513cara.crouch@austinisd.org6th grade World Cultures & 7/8th grade Parks & RecreationJuly 30th greenthings that last (that I can plant at home or indoor plants I can keep in the classroom)Natural scents P Terry'stea, wine/beer, coffeeNuts, Trail mix, Fruit, Pretzels, dark chocolateCookies play/coach ultimate frisbee, hike/camp/be outdoors, read, garden, travel N/A Home Slice Pizza, Hopdoddy's, Trudy's, Mother's, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese, IndianBlackBarbara KingsolverREI, AcademyNot really. Love sports but don't have an allegiance to any particular team. Inspiring female athletes, I suppose. All kinds, but mostly folk, Americana, country. Take 5 bar
10/3/2017 6:08:24I am a PTA memberCate Bergman117
7th grade magnet science / Microbiology elective / Anatomy & Physiology elective
Gerber Daisy, all herbs, passionflowers
rose, lavender, vetiver
tacodeli, taco cabana, Tarka
kombucha, dark roast coffee, green tea, IPA beers
Nuts, Chips, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolate
banana pudding
fox-related things, natural curiosity items
gardening, running, ukelele
bins/containers, post-its, color pencils
Little Deli, Contigo
Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, thai
dark roast with milk and some foam - cappucino?
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ann Patchett, Karen Russell
Top Drawer Thrift Storenot really. Austin Sol.
Bluegrass, Texas country (Lyle Lovett, Townes Van Zandt)
dark chocolate
9/8/2017 16:05:29I am a PTA memberCharles Applegate414Charlie.applegate@austinisd.org6thMay 13 1975GreenLed flowerBar soapJack in the boxCoke zeroChocolateCheese cakeLlamaLasersTablesAlamo DrafthouseMexican / Tex-Mex, ChineseCoffe con leche Jeff wolserAlamo Drafthouse amazonChiefsU2York
9/6/2017 15:05:13I plan to become a PTA memberCindy Stewart517cindy.stewart@austinisd.org6th ELA / Percy Jackson / Explore Austin / Girl PowerJuly 31purpleNot reallyNo thanksEl Chililtocoffee Nuts, Fruit, ChocolateJust chocolateNot reallyyoga, biking, fly-fishing, swimmingI think I'm covered. Alamo Drafthouse (does that count?)Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Frenchlatte - 2%Current YA (Young Adult) authors - I try to stay current with my students! amazon, Central MarketNot that muchSinger / songwriterDark chocolate
9/6/2017 13:55:45I am a PTA memberColleen Kepner210colleen.kepner@austinisd.org7th Grade ELA, Harry Potter, Young Adult LiteratureJune 16thPurpleLilySomething earthy and spicy, like cinnamon or patchouli.Torchy's Tacos, Jimmy John's, Home Slice Pizza, Pei WeiRed wine (especially malbec & syrah), IPAs, dark coffeeNuts, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolateanything with lemon!Sports Movies & Coffee MugsPractice yoga, do bootcamp workouts, read, write (I'm a YA fiction writer), ride bikes, see live music, go to dinner/movies...I don't have any pressing needs right now...But I'd love a copy of FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM for my Harry Potter classes. Craft supplies are always helpful for projects, too. And young adult novels are always welcome, given what I teach and the size of my classroom library!Moonshine, Guero's, Porter, Bouldin Creek CafeAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, IndianI love soy hazelnut lattes. [Or soy pumpkin spice lattes in the fall! ( : ]Too many to name! But right now I'm enjoying books by Marissa Meyer and Nicola Yoon.BookPeople, Wheatesville Co-Op, Fitness Stores (i.e. Athleta, Lululemon, REI, Patagonia, etc.)The Red Sox, The Phillies, The Eagles, and...(*ducks and hides*)...The PatriotsFolk, Singer Songwriter (i.e. Indigo Girls, Martin Sexton, Dar Williams)Dark Chocolate
9/9/2017 9:49:50I am a PTA memberDaniele GibbonAP Officedaniele.gibbon@austinisd.orgAdministration 01/24Blue HuesMother-n-Law Tongue, orchids, rosesJo Malone (London), YSL ParisFly RiteWater, Lemonade, non-caffeine root beer Nuts, Cookies, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolate, Non-chocolate candy, PretzelsPastriesGlass fish, angels, journals, precious stonesRide my motorcycle, workout at the gym, listen to music (find new artists), thrift shop, dance, travel across USA with my family (road trips in Airstream), visit National Parks, camping, rock/gem polishingI can always use a cute little journal for meetings/notes, color pens, post-it organization type itemsLonghorn Steakhouse, Chewy'sAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Greek, Italian No coffee. Hot chocolate with peppermint or cinnamon Daniel Pink, any children's book authors, educational or psychology relatedNordstroms, TJ Max, MarshallsSome low key Harley Davidsons (not a skull designs kind of person), Honda Rebel, JeepPopular, movie tracks, alternative, hip hop, Cake, Imagine Dragons, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Dark Chocolate with almonds or coconut
9/6/2017 14:33:39I am a PTA memberdee gonzales112Adee.gonzales@austinisd.orgParent Support Specialist- whole school support02/06bluePeonies or ivy or fernwoodsy /muskP TerryDr. Pepper/ginger ale: rose or white wine, Deep Eddy vodka,Coffee any kindNuts, Chips, Chocolate, Pretzelscreme bruleeFabric for quilting/ Santas/snowglobesquilting, sewing in general, cooking, travelingI need girls socks, girls underwear (variety of sizes), personal hygiene products for students, any office supplies .Lupe Tortilla -- Perry'sAmerican, Mexican / Tex-MexCream and 1 splendaCrate and Barrel/Steinmart/Pier One/Walmart/TargetUTI enjoy all kinds of musicButterfinger
9/6/2017 15:24:52I am a PTA memberDelores Spears102Delores.spears@austinisd.orgsped3/29blue/ blacknoany kindsonic,taco cabana, taco bellwater,sodaNuts, Cookies, Chips, Trail mix, Fruit, Non-chocolate candy, Pretzelscookies, pecan pien/ashopanythingcheddar's ,chili's olive gardenAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mexany sonic drinkn/aross, walmartnonoany kind
10/4/2017 11:30:04I am a PTA memberDianne CarterProgram office
Hmmm...good question
Cookies, Fruit, plantain chips
key lime pienothing really
yard work, camp, fish, guitar
nothing really...Polvo's
Mexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese
BlackPaulo Coelho
REI, Central Market, Whole Earth, Home Depot
tennissinger songwriterdark chocolate
9/8/2017 13:06:40I am a PTA memberElizabeth Morphis221elizabeth.morphis@austinisd.org7th Magnet TX History04/12PurpleSage, Rosemary, Thyme & RosesPumpkin Spice & Apple CinnamonJimmy Johns, Baskin RobbinsLemonade, Decaf ground vanilla flavored coffeeTrail mix, FruitBread Pudding without rasins Coffee mugsI love to bake, cook, read, and take my dog for walksWhite Board cleaning cloths, Post-it Easel Pads, Washi TapeTexas Roadhouse, Enoteca/Vespiao, American, Chinese, Japanesedecaf pumpkin spice latte, or really any decaf drink from starbucksPhilippa Gregory, J.K. Rowling, Stephen KingAcademy Sports, Target, Charming Charlies, DSW, Book People, Barnes & NobelCollege: Univ. of Kansas & Indiana University Pro football: Denver Broncos & NY Giants, Sport: TennisJourney, Japanese Instrumental, Taylor Swiftchocolate covered cinnamon bears (places like Sprouts usually carry them)
9/6/2017 13:57:48I am a PTA memberEllie Parks230ellen.parks@austinisd.org6-8 Choir and Musical Theatre08/30/1988BlueN/aLavendarChipotleRuby Red Vodka (Deep Eddy)Cookies, ChocolateTiny pies, cake balls, most desserts :)Yoga, biking, camping, baking, bookingAn area rug to warm up the room would be great. Or 2-3 more floor lamps from IKEA to change up the lighting. Blue Dahlia, Lucy's Fried ChickenAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, FrenchDark Roast with cream, no sugarH&M, Buffalo Exchange, IKEAThe Oh HellosDark Chocolate
10/3/2017 0:07:33I am a PTA memberGwendolyn Kinsman`512
Topics 6, Math MAG 6, Everyday 7th
McDonalds, Arbys, Culvers
Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Milk, Lemonade
Cookies, Chips, Fruit, Chocolate, Pretzels, Nutella
Ice Cream!N/A
Rugby, Hiking, Playing with my dog
White Board markers, Kleenex, Glue Sticks, Tape
All of the above
American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, French
I don't drink coffee. Hot Chocolate!
David Eddings, J.K. Rowling
MN Vikings, MN United, Austin Valkyries, Rugby, USA Soccer
Any music is good music
9/6/2017 14:05:05I am a PTA memberherschel johnson229herschel.johnson@austinisd.orgSpecial education all grade levels11/24/1980red sunflowerburberry popeyesTwenty Grand Chipslemon chess pieI collect jordan tennis shoes spending time with my wife and two kids and Coaching youth sports A new ergonomic chair would be nice, 9 light covers to dim the room for my kids as seen on amazon, expo markers, pappadeauxAmericanlangston hughesbest buy, footlockerTX longhorns, Houston Texans, MIchael Jordan Kevin Garnettrap/R&Breeses peanut butter cups
9/8/2017 15:35:37I am a PTA memberJ. Frank Webster212j.frank.webster@austinisd.org8ht Grade Magnet English, Songwriting, Film09/05GreenP. Terry'sFrench roast whole bean coffee, Cabernet Sauvignon, BulleitguitarsLive music (playing and attending)I'm pretty well set up! Thanks!Uchi, Jack Allen's Kitchen, Lenoir, Alamo DrafthouseAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, FrenchDark w/creamGeorge Saunders, ShakespeareTargetBlues music, Austin musicSnickers
9/7/2017 10:21:22I am a PTA memberjaime Bryniegymjaime.brynie@austinisd.orgPE/Athletics- all levels10/28redI love all plants, herbs, perennials lavender, sandlewoodtorchy's, subway, p Terrys, free birdsVanilla Latte, light beer, any dry wineCookies, Trail mix, Chocolatechocolate cakework in the yard/gardenfun boarders, inspirational posters to put up in locker room or gymcentral market, Hyde Park Bar and Grill, Pint House PizzaAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mexsee above, iced or hotNicholas Sparks :) heb, central market, academy, TylersDallas Cowboys, Texas Techall kinds, countrysour patch kids, snickers
10/9/2017 7:19:04I am a PTA memberJJ (Jennifer) Penny233
7th Grade Texas History Magnet & Academy
07/24GrennSucculents SiChick fil aCoffee- Chia TeaNutsbanana pudding buttons yogaA fan! TrudysMexican / Tex-MexBlack- no sugar
Tolkien - anything science fiction or young adult
A-townjazzanimal crackers
9/11/2017 9:51:04I am a PTA memberJo Garcia112Ajo.garcia@austinisd.org6-8 Young Scientists Academic Support09/29BlueRose/ Succulents cool water/ moonlight pathwhataburgercoffee / tara pearl teasNuts, Trail mixcheese cakeangelsShopping olive gardenAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, ItalianCherrylimadebath and bodySpursTejano/ Oldies R & BNutty
9/6/2017 14:00:30I am a PTA memberJoe Slapak115joe.slapak@austinisd.org8th grade scienceSeptember 26thblue/greensucculents and cactusreally? vodka, whiskey, coffeeNuts, Fruit, Chocolate, PretzelsTiramisu, chocolate cakerocks and silver jewlryswim, take rides, hang out with dogalways kleenex, washable markersMaudies, Shady GroveMexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Indiancoffee with cream no sugarKen Follett, John le CarreTurquoise Trading Post, Nature's Treasures, Waterloo RecordsKC RoyalsBlues, Bluegrassdark chcolate
9/6/2017 15:20:38I am a PTA memberJoel Barton114joel.barton@austinisd.orgGrade 8 / Science (8th Sci, Astronomy, Integrated Physics and Chemistry)1/13royal bluenone (unable to keep them alive)anything from Herban Cowboy (never tried their cologne, but the deodorant is legit)Nasha, Pinthouse PizzaGuayaki Yerba Mate (gold or unsweetened)Nuts, ChocolatenoneAwful jokes, esp. science-related groanersImprov comedy (usu. at Hideout, but I also watch stuff at Coldtowne)Always facial tissue, sometimes light pastel reams of paper -- THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR HELPING US TEACHERS!Japanese, IndianGuayaki Yerba Mate all the way, but I also can enjoy Chameleon Cold Brew or other cold brewsJohn Dewey, Plato, C.G. JungWheatsville Co-opWheatsville Co-op, 90.3 KEXP SeattleWoman-fronted rock or punk (Marnie Stern, ALVVAYS, TacocaT, Diet Cig)Any dark chocolate with chili / spices
9/6/2017 14:43:35I am a PTA memberJordan Spears112Bjordan.spears@austinisd.org6-802/24BlackCactusLavenderChic Fil AGreen TeaTrail mix, Fruit, ChocolateGerald HausmanToy Motorcycles / Action figures for my sonsYard WorkA heater for the 60 degree temperatureOlive GardenAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, JapaneseLemonBerry Slush with NerdsH&M and TargetTexas State FootballHip Hop / RapNerds
9/6/2017 20:43:44I am a PTA memberJuanita F. Smith104juanita.smith@austinisd.org6th-8th/Spanish 1B & SSS205/25purple/lavenderOrchidJadore/Burberry Brit for herPaneraStarbuck's CoffeeCookies, Trail mix, Fruit, ChocolatePlain cheesecakeI do not collect any items.CrochetExpo-Dry erase markers; Pilot G2 Pens (variety including red); Learning Resources Magnetic Hooks; Bic Wite-out EZ CorrectMaggiano's; Saltgrass Steak HouseAmerican, Chinese, Greek, IndianLateRubén Darío, Jorge Luis Borges, Jose Martí, Isabel AllendeCentral Market; Dillard's; Macy'sNoNoneChocolate
9/7/2017 11:52:07I am a PTA memberJustin GardnerGymjustin.gardner@austinisd.orgPhysical EducationJanuary 19BlueSubway, WhataburgerCookies, Trail mixDry Erase Markers, PensTexas Road HouseAmerican, Mexican / Tex-MexCherry LimeadeAcademyGreen Bay Packers, Texas A&MCountry
9/7/2017 0:10:02I am a PTA memberKasey Thigpen 222Kasey.thigpen@austinisd.org7th and 8th math 03/21GreenI'm allergic to smelly stuff...sad face...Diet Dr. Pepper!! Any flavor Sparkling waterNuts, Non-chocolate candy, Hummus, cheese Ice creamKoozie, earrings, bold pens (non expensive, but write well)Cook, brunch with friends, porch drink. Really tall bookshelf, used would be wonderful! I like to find places I've never been before, so if you have a favorite, I would love to try it!Mexican / Tex-MexCream and splendaDean KoontzGeorgia bulldogs!! Does Karaoke count? Butterfinger, sour patch kids
9/6/2017 14:21:42I am a PTA memberKatherine Harte234katherine.harte@austinisd.org6th & 7th Academy ELA and photographyApril 7purplesunflowers, gerber daisys, iris, ivynoneJuiceland, Starbucks, Flyrite, PTerry's, El Chilito coffee, Topo Chico, margaritas: salt and rocks ;-)Cookies, Fruit, Chocolate, Non-chocolate candy, muffins, breads & baked goodsanything lemontoy cameras, vintage camera print stuff, framesPhotography, reading, (can driving kids around count as a hobby?)chalk and/or chalk markers (for chalkboard painted wall), tissues, graphic novels, Alamo Drafthouse, Haymaker - anything south or eastMexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese, Indian, Thaicream & 2 sugars, cherry limeadeMargaret Atwood, Ann Patchett, BookPeople, UConn HuskiesSour Patch Kids, Gummy Bears
9/9/2017 20:20:06I am a PTA memberKatherine Martin415katherine.martin@austinisd.orgScience Dept 6th Grade, GardeningJanuary 22GreenAnything living! Lavender essential oilChipotle or Quickie Pickie (the one on 11th, not on 1st - - no one wants to wait in that line)Almond milk cappuchinoNuts, Fruit, ChocolateVegan carrot cakePlantsBe outsideElectric hole punch, matching plastic bins for storage, electric hot water kettle. Thank you for this! It is so sweet that you care so much about teachers to ask these questions!
BufalinaMexican / Tex-Mex, Indian, SaladsAnnie DillardTreehouse, Tillery Street Plant CompanyMountain climbingAmericana/Gram Parsons/Emmylou HarrisDark Chocolate
9/6/2017 16:04:15I am a PTA memberKatherine Ratcliffe216katherine.ratcliffe@austinisd.orgMath 6/7July 10Red/Purple/Pink/Black/Silver/GreyGerber DaisesJasmineWendys, Whataburger, SonicCaffeine free Diet DPNuts, Cookies, ChocolateCarrot CakeNone.Travel, event plan, graphic design* Printer Ink (Canon MP280)
* Dollar Tree Giftcards (for tutoring snacks, gum in the prize box, band aids, baggies, etc)
Chuys, Kerbey LaneAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, GreekUnsweet TeaNone.Charming Charlie, Sand MoonNoNoneHershey's Cookies & Cream
9/6/2017 15:14:13I am a PTA memberKelly Morledge218kelly.morledge@austinisd.org8th grade US History, Sociology, Sports and SocietyDec 27thOrangeSucculents Lavender Taco Deli, Juiceland, P.Terry'smilk, craft beer, red wineChocolate, Non-chocolate candy, Pretzelsbrowniesbake and outdoor activities i.e. run, paddle board, dog park supplies-broom, paper towels, lysol wipesABGB, Grizzelda'sAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mexlow in caffeine ;) single espresso shot lattes or half-caf coffeeno particular author, but love the historical fiction genreAmazon, Target, Whole FoodsGreen Bay Packersbluegrass and americana sour candy
9/7/2017 13:02:41I am a PTA memberKen RydolphGymkennard.rydolph@austinisd.org6/7/8 Physical EducationMarch 19Aqua BlueIvyallergies/cleanWhataburgerGreen Tea, McDonald's coffeeNutsCheese CakeTexas history artifactsI like to watch movies,PencilsMat's El RanchoMexican / Tex-Mexcream and sugarN/A I read social studies books Target and Macy'sSan Antonio SpursJazzHersey's kisses
9/6/2017 14:28:43I am a PTA memberKerensa WilliamsLibrarykerensa.williams@austinisd.orgLibrary04/20greens and bluesdaisieslight, fresh scentsmost of them - especially if they have French fries :)diet cokeNuts, Cookies, Chips, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolate, Non-chocolate candy, savory snackshear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil figures; Indonesian thingsconcerts, reading, Camp Gladiator, napping!anywhereAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, pretty much anythingnot a coffee drinker /I like lemony, citrus type drinksMarshall's, TJ Maxx, Sam's, Costco - - I'm a fan of shoppingbig fan of all musicgummy candy
9/6/2017 13:41:14I am a PTA memberKeri or kjaws1019@gmail.comGerman, Academic mentoringOctober 19thgreen or blueall!Origins gingerTorchy's or Fly RiteCoffee, topo chicoNuts, Chocolateanything chocolate, cheesecake, tiramisuowls, candlespainting, reading, soccerGerman stickersAny!American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Frenchwith creamsooo manyTarget, Marshall's, bookstoresChicago Cubs, Nebraska CornhuskersToo many to nameMentos gum (not really candy)
9/6/2017 14:06:54I am a PTA memberKiersten Fernandez225kiersten.fernandez@austinisd.orgAVID 6th-8th grades06/11blue, green and purplepeonies, tulipsn/achipotle, el chilitotea, red wines, titos and WATERNuts, Chips, chips, salsa, queson/a- i like salty thingsgiraffes, yeti/rtic cups (haha)exercising, reading, seeing moviesgames, movies, tissues, dry erase markerschuys, polvos, texican (mexican food restaurants), sushi placesAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese, Greekn/aNo favorites but I prefer suspense thrillers/mysteriestarget, old navy, heb, charming charlies, KC Royals, Chiefs and Sporting and Pittsburgh SteelersAll Live music, most other music except hard rock and whiny country :) tame impala, ghostland observatory, cold war kids, taylor swift, ed sheeran, etc.n/a
9/7/2017 21:48:49I am a PTA memberKim Bruch107Kimberly.bruch@austinisd.org8th ScienceDecember 7Greenany! They are all greatCotton/clean, lemonchick fila, panda express, Ice Tea, Lemonade and caramel frappesNuts, Cookies, Chocolateanything vanillarocks, sand, shells, Kayaking, hikingmetallic sharpiesAny!!!American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, GreekLOTS OF SUGAR & creamanything - I love to shop
9/6/2017 9:23:48I am a PTA memberKirsten Marstiller - CIS214Akirsten.marstiller@austinisd.orgCommunities In Schools (non-profit within school)August 23greenALL PLANTS! sunflowers :)lavenderP.Terry's, Flyriteiced coffeeChips, FruitIce creamPlantsHiking with my pup, relaxing outside with family and friendsAny leftover donations! Clothing, Food, etc.Tacodeli, VeracruzMexican / Tex-Mex, Greek, Gluten Allergyblack/cold brewJen HatmakerAmazon, TargetNahAlternative/Folk-yReeses
9/7/2017 14:21:05I am a PTA memberKristen Scott236kscott@austinisd.orgJournalism (Yearbook, Inkblot, Journalism, KBTV)October 14Yellow; Brownsucculents, herbslavendarmi madres; tarka, el chilito, flyritetopo chicoNuts, Trail mix, Chocolate, dark chocolatePeacockswrite screenplays, paint, swimming; exercise, familyall goodmaudies, bullfight, alamo drafthouseMexican / Tex-Mex, Indiandecaf (or no coffee)Jonathan FranzenSavers70s soft rockdark chocolate
9/6/2017 14:08:10I am a PTA memberLindsay Hutchinson208lindsay.hutchinson@austinisd.org7th and 8th ELA09/12GrayLilyChipotleFrench Vanilla Coffee, Pinot NoirNuts, Chips, PretzelsCookies and Cream anythingPassport StampsPilates, walking, tanning, going to the movies, shoppingposter board, markers, sharpies, glue sticksSushi Mexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese, GreekA little Almond Milk (only if it's black coffee)Sherman AlexieCharmin CharliesFlorida State Seminoles! Tampa Bay BucsHip HopSkittles
9/6/2017 14:15:00I am a PTA memberLoree LaChanceStudent Health Servicesloree.lachance@austinisd.orgSchool Nurse4/1blueone I can take pictures oflavendartorchy'sRed wine, starbucksNuts, Cookies, ChocolateTiramisuphotography, quiltingTrudy'sMexican / Tex-Mex, JapaneseBlack, or fancy with soy milk; Sonic-Real CokeLiane Moriarty, Michael ConnellyCentral MarketLonghornsNo rap; like acousticDark Chocolate
9/6/2017 19:11:10I am a PTA memberLucinda Pogue109Alucinda.pogue@austinisd.org7th Grade Science (Academy)October 26thBlue or PurpleRosePeppermint, cinnamon appleChick-fil-a, SonicPeppermint mocha, moscato wine, Sonic drinksCookies, Fruit, ChocolateReece's Peanut Butter anythingkayaking lake austinAnything and everythingLupe Tortilla's, BJ'sAmerican, Mexican / Tex-MexPeppermint mocha, sweet tea with peach or mangoYork Peppermint Paddy, Dark chocolate, flavored chocolates
10/6/2017 15:24:35I am a PTA memberLyra Swinney
424 (back of library)
Instructional Coach for Math and Science
01/29NavyPeoniesGucci BambooFlyrite, Torchy's
Wine (not sweet), Chick Fil-a Diet Arnold Palmer
Chips, Chocolate, Non-chocolate candy
Coconut anythingElephants
Cook, Yoga, watch movies
I love new pens
Matt's El Rancho, Vespaio, Uchiko, Fonda San Miguel
American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Japanese
Black, Diet Coke
Emily Giffin, anything U.S. History
Target, JCrew, SephoraPackers, Longhorns
Texas country, Ray Lamontagne, Leon Bridges
9/6/2017 13:55:22I am a PTA memberMadison Neill500madison.neill@austinisd.org6th Grade English / Harry Potter Elective01/28greensucculent/cacti/wild flowersanything sweet/cinnamon Chipotlecoffee, La Croix (any flavor)Nuts, Chocolate, Non-chocolate candy, Pretzels, popcorn anything with chocolate books, coffee cups, records, succulentsReading, hiking/being outdoors, watching Netflix/movies, shoppingcolored copy paper, highlighters, YA booksKome Sushi or any Mexican restaurant Mexican / Tex-Mex, Thaicoffee - blackBilly Collins, Donna Tartt, Charlotte BronteWaterloo Records, Half price books, Target N/AIndie/FolkSkittles
9/6/2017 14:31:37I am a PTA memberMegan Hart209megan.hart@austinisd.orgMagnet English 7, ZombiesMarch 3Bluecactusy plants and succulentslavender Chilito, Panera Bread, Fly Rite, Coke Zero, Sparkling water, EspressoNuts, Chips, Fruit, Chocolate, Non-chocolate candy, PretzelsBread pudding, CobblerCigar boxes, anything steampunk, oddities and gaffs, makeupPlay music with friends, go out to dinner, hang with my daughter (9), I'd love to have a projector with an hdmi input.Trudy's, Uchiko, Boticelli'sMexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Greekwith SplendaAnything sci-fi or fantasyCostco, Whole Foods, Trader Joe, Alamo Drafthousenope.Old-timey country musicAnything Sour
9/6/2017 13:56:27I am a PTA memberMegan McDonald417megan.mcdonald@austinisd.org6th ScienceJanuary 24bright greencactus and orchidslavenderflyritecoffeeNuts, Healthyyoga, running, readingpapermate felt pens alamo draft house ;)JapaneseYES!amazon & targetchocolate
9/6/2017 14:57:55I am a PTA memberMichael Natenberg235michael.natenberg@austinisd.org6th Grade SMIAOctober 28thgreenany succulentnone really (outside)PTerry's, Chipotlecoffee and smoothiesNuts, Trail mixchocolate chip cookiesnonebike riding, trail running, ultimate, camping, reading, and moviesHelp to finally paint my walls. :-)Trudy'sMexican / Tex-Mex, Indian, pescatarianblack coffee, any smoothie of the day at JuicelandKrakauer, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Baldwinany children's stories to read to SybilI <3 Ultimate (Austin Sol!)eclectic, I love it all.Take5!
9/7/2017 13:02:53I am a PTA memberMichael Word226tword@austinisd.orgMostly 8th graders / Geometry04/06Burnt orangesucculentsClean smells non-floralTorchy'sArnold Palmer / local IPA'sCookies, Snyder's jalepeno piecesPie / CoblerWood puzzlesRemodeling old house / WoodworkingColor Paper / Facial TissuesHopfield'sMexican / Tex-Mex, Frenchsweet with creamAmazonLonghorns and CowboysSwing / Big bandReese's Peanut Butter Cups
9/6/2017 15:35:14I am a PTA memberPamela Henderson227pamela.henderson@austinisd.orgAlgebra 1 and Origami06/05YellowFernLove Spell - Victoria's SecretChick-fil-ASeltzer watersNuts, Chocolate, Pretzels, Cocktial Peanuts, Mustard Pretzels, Hershy's KissesJamocha almonds fudge ice cream from Baskin RobbinSharpies (lol)Play on my keyboard, karaokePapermate Flair markersTexacanAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, ItalianStarbucks Blonde, Diet Cherry Lime-aidGeorge Orwell, John SteinbeckTarget, AmazonJunior Mints
9/6/2017 14:08:00I am a PTA memberPatty Hill201patty.hill@austinisd.org6-8 Math (Algebras)04/02BlueDaisy/any plant that is hard to killPhilosophy's Falling in LoveCabo Bob's, Taco Deli, Torchy's, Tino's Greek Cafe, WhataburgerTopo Chico, Dr. Pepper, Tea (especially Chai/Matcha), LaCroix Curate (and the target brand in the slim blue cans)Nuts, Chips, Fruit, Chocolateblackberry cobblerCthulhus and Wonder Woman!going to movies, cooking, way too many different craftskleenex, craft/maker's supplies Tarka, Anything Thai in south AustinKorean (but not too many good places in Austin)Not a coffee fan. Love all sorts of tea thoug. Neil GaimanTarget, JoAnn's, Adafruit (online), of course Amazon because they have everythingUT Austin, Dallas CowboysRock/Punk... too many musician's to listTwix, KitKat, Grape Hi-Chews (especially the kind from Japan)
9/6/2017 10:03:53I am a PTA memberRebecca matson110rebecca.matson@austinisd.orgCulinary I and II and Fashion/CTE dept.12/4bluesunflower, but not picky -- love all flowersnoneStarbucks, Taco Cabana, P. Terry's, Quicky Picky(on 11th) Coffee, Latte, wineNuts, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolateallsewing, cooking, gardeninghanging fern, bulletin board stuff, fun stickers(to give to students)Matt's El Rancho, Santa Rita, Brick Oven PizzaAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, FrenchLatteHistoric fictionTarget, Surla Table(cooking classes), Bradz SalonTexas Techdark chocolate
9/6/2017 14:37:27I am a PTA memberRhiannon Chambers116rhiannon.chambers@austinisd.orgScience/7th gradeDecember 21Blue(no annuals or cut flowers please) any philodendron, any ivy, any fern, fiddle figs, rubber plants (real plant- not made of rubber), any succulent or cactibright fragrances with citrus and floral notes (think lemon/lavender, bergmont/rose) (no meat please) El Tacorrido, coffee bean or starbucks, taco deliCoffee (iced with soy), la croix, moscatoNuts, Chips, Fruit, ChocolateChocolate covered fruitGem and mineral specimens, antique/vintage photographs, plantsGardening, Hiking, making cabochons (polishing and shaping gems), hanging out with people and animals Always could use colored paper or colored card stock, poster-sized sticky notes(no meat please) Madam Maams, Veggie Heaven, Mother's CafeMexican / Tex-Mex, Thai or VietnameeseIced cold brew with soy milk, no sweetener :) Thrift Stores, Sephoran/alo-fi hip hopReeces peices
10/9/2017 7:13:42I am a PTA memberRoscoe McCormick511
6th/Math/Math8/24BlueRoseVanilla/Calvin KleinTaco Cabana
Welch's Sparkling Red or White Grape Juice Cocktail
Cookies, Fruit, Chocolate
Cake and pies
African American books and artifacts
Shop, Read, Yard workEar BudsRed Lobster
American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese
Do not drink coffee.Michael Eric DysonMacy's and Dillard's
Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees
Soul/Patti Labelle/Luther Vandross
Almond Joy or any coconut candy
10/11/2017 18:46:15I am a PTA memberRyan Rost509 and Gym
7th PE and TX History10/18RedTulipLavenderHat CreekCoke / ZiegenbockCookies, ChocolateCheesecakeBooks
Read and Watch Live sports
Papermate Flair felt tip Pens
Ruby's/ ChilisAmerican, ItalianSonic. Vanilla Coke
Dostoyevsky and C.S. Lewis
Half Price Books / DicksSt. Louis Cardinals
Country/ Randy Travis and George Strait
Carmel Bullseyes
10/6/2017 15:29:46I am a PTA memberSarah Morgan515
Sixth grade English9/17greensucculentnoneJuicelandIced tea, ginger beerNuts, Trail mix, Fruitice creamPlants, recipes, poems
Work in my yard, ride my bike, and cook for friends
pencil sharpeners, packaging tape, Kleenex, wet wipes THANK YOU!!!!!
Justine'sALL!Iced coffee with milk
Joy Williams, James Baldwin, Robert Creely
Central Market, Container Store
Planned Parenthood, Indivisible Austin, Democratic national Committee
Blues (Nine Simone)toffee
8/30/2017 9:28:03I am a PTA memberSarah Waggoner236sarah.waggoner@austinisd.orgEnglish 8, Psychology, ShakespeareFeb 20bluehydrangean/aEl ChilitocoffeeNuts, Cookies, Chips, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolate, Non-chocolate candy, Pretzelschocolate chip cookiesn/acooking, listening to music, campingsharpies, 3-hole punch, big paper clipsUchiAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Frenchalmond milk latteSo many!Book People, Targetn/aall!chocolate
9/6/2017 15:22:13I am a PTA memberShannon Jones214sjoneshistory@gmail.com8th Grade U.S. History (Pre-AP and Magnet)June 18blueGerber DaisyNot really a perfume wearer. : )Chic-Fil-A or JuicelandChai tea, kombuchaNuts, Fruit, Plantain chipss'mores!Running gear...or at least that is what my husband say ; )Running, hiking with my family, reading, camping, enjoying the quietoverhead markers, colored paperTaco Deli, any type of Thai food, Kerby LaneAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Indian, ThaiNot a coffee drinkerI enjoy a variety of authors and genres, but really enjoy historical fictionTarget, Old NavyLOVE running at all levels, US Soccer, US Swimming and Diving, and Real MadridAnything on KGSR or 101x (alternative, singer/songwriter) anything with milk chocolate or Skittles
9/6/2017 14:21:59I am a PTA memberStephanie MancillaAssistant Principal's OfficeStephanie.mancilla@austinisd.orgAssistant Principal's Office6/24Magenta & Purple =)Orchid/ Small cute CactusesClean Linen(Gain Scent)/ J.Lo glowJason's Deli & MadelinesCoconut water, Sweet Leaf Teas, Green Tea, Starbucks Iced or Hot Caramel Machiatto, Shiner <3Nuts, Trail mix, Fruit, Chocolate, Pretzels, sesame sticks, Japanese peanuts, honey roast pecans, beef jerky, fruit with Tajin Powder!, yogurt pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, popcorn, pickles, & bananas with a side peanut butter to dip them in.Eastide Cafe - Buttermilk pie!Mexican Sugar Skull (decoration) not the real sugar ones, LOL!Take my kids to festivals so they can learn about different cultures, try new restaurants, go to the movies, draw & color, and last but no least I love to coupon! I would really like colored sharpies. Eastside CafeMexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, French, Vitnamese food such as Pho & banh mi sandwiches!!!Coffee with cream and turbinado sugar. Sonic Drink - Strawberry limeadeStephen KingTarget, Torrid, TJ Max..etcI am a fan of my husband South Austin Soccer Zone Team & Kealing Hornets!Classical and music from 96.7 fmChuao Chocolate Bar: Spicy Maya
9/6/2017 13:55:25I am a PTA memberTania Tasneem113tania.tasneem@austinisd.org8th science/7th&8th marine bio/track/volleyballJuly 18 Hot pinkSucculentsDolce Gabana light blueChilantrohazelenut coffee, revolver blood and honey, thirsty goat, white adult grape juiceFruitice cream sammies running bibs :) Sleep, hike my dogs, netflix binge with my husband, spend time with friends and family, go to the movies, train for marathons (except this year, I'm taking a break)paint, colored paper, markers, liquid glue, antibacterial wipes, tissues, working technology, wireless mouse clicker, internet router, duct tape, washi tape, arts and crafts supplies, popsicle sticks (jumbo colored), ziploc bags, post it notes UchiAmerican, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Greek, Indian, FrenchBlack/cherry limeadetarget, old navy, amazon, modcloth, stella and dotDallas Cowboys Classic soul hot tamales
9/6/2017 13:45:28I am a PTA memberWilliam Shoaf516william.shoaf@austinisd.orgSocial Studies: 6th grade world cultures. Conspiracy Theories and WWII Film electives. 01/09blueum...neverP Terry'sI really only drink water, coffee, and local craft beer. I'm a purist...Nuts, Trail mix, FruitAnything with Canon DSLR'sbiking, softball, reading, photographyI'm good this year!Alamo Drafthouse, Chuy's, Justine's (for special occasions)American, Mexican / Tex-Mex, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, FrenchBlack coffee (either hot or cold brewed)John IrvingREI, AcademyI'm a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan as well as a huge University of Virginia fan.Indie, but I enjoy mostly everything except nashville country and rap.
9/8/2017 16:18:36I am a PTA memberZoe Jones412Zoe.Jones@austiniad.org6 Sci SMIA 03/09AnyLavenderFly Right/ thunderbird/ juicelandJuiceland, Nuts, Cookies, Fruit, ChocolateIcecream/ tiff treatsScience toysHikingColor cardstock Chuy's/ Mr. Naturals American, Mexican / Tex-MexCortado! Science Amazon, whole earthVolleyballWilcoSnickers
10/24/2017 15:10:57I am a PTA memberNormando Garcia123B
CTE Dept. 6th, 7th and 8th - Keyboarding
10/04redMountain LaurelnoneP. Terry'sCoffe
Nuts, Cookies, Trail mix, Chocolate
Ice CreamToolsGolf, Wood WorkingLampCheese Cake FactoryMexican / Tex-Mexcream and sugarnoneBest BuyTexas LonghornsRock/AlternativePeanut butter Twix