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AdiMy close family is my mom, my dad and my older brother. My brother can be annoying a lot of the time but also helps me a lot when I need it. We also connect through sports, we play pretty much the same sports but with different positions. This way he can teach me what he is learning on his team and we can work together as the positions we play. My dad works a lot and because of this ends up traveling a lot, but we can also have a good time together playing outside or doing something else when he is at home. My mom does almost all of the stuff around the house yet still manages to help out a ton in mine and my brother's schools and go to work at radio station.A talent I have is in sports/games I play. I can typically learn them pretty quickly then continue to improve. I have played many sports and games and I am at least decent in most of them and good in the ones I play/practice more often. Something I am passionate about is always trying new adventures and sports that I enjoy. I want to try and always do new and adventurous things even, if it might seem hard or scary at first, so that I can always be having fun and enjoying myself. A unique perspective I have about something is that I think everybody should be given a chance to prove themselves. I should give people a chance and be nice to the,. Although if somebody continues to do things that I think are wrong then I might just sort of stop and leave them alone. This is something that I do not do very well but try to do a little betterLuckily for me I have not been in many embarrassing situations. Even during those situations it wasn't very embarrassing at all so I don't have a situation to share here.Some things that really annoy me are when people are hypocritical and when somebody tells me something then later just completely goes against that. When people are hypocritical it sort of just bugs me because like the second the thing they say something then completely just go against it and do it themselves. It also really makes me mad when people say something/make a deal with me and then a few days or weeks later they completely change it up to something I did not at all agree to.
AineMy mother is a kind and intelligent, and my father is goofy and sometimes strict. They are both open minded, yet still opinionated. Both are self-sacrificing but don't let people walk all over them. I'm not quite sure how the do it, but I look up to them a lot. The fact that I have nothing to say about my older brother says more about my relationship with him than typing anything ever would. I guess I could say that I have two core perspectives, that clash majorly. The first is the optimist, the hard worker who believes strongly that you should always take pain instead of inflicting it on to others. The other is rather heartless, who believes that living and succeeding in life requires inflicting pain on to others instead of on oneself. The one who steals and the one who is stolen from. I try to stick with the positive one. Yeah my perspectives are kinda a mess... XD I have a lot of regrets, but no real embarrassing moments, I think living with my family and friends has made me really kinda lose my sense of embarrassment.I tend to be rather capricious, So its best to tread rather lightly with me. My biggest pet peeves are miscommunication and being belittled. On that note, I really do dislike being praised, its a very quick way to make me angry. A quick way to know if something is wrong is if I am visibly sad, or angry. In general when I get either way I just go quiet, So it will only be visible if I get pushed way to far. Generally I'm a cheerful person, and rather loud, and please be gentle about reminding me to be quiet, because a loud "be quiet" or "shut up" will get me down really fast.Table arrangements aren't really going to change my level of talking, whether I'm sitting with boys, girls, friends or new people, I will talk to anyone.
Alexi have 4 siblings and live with my mum and me stepdad, also 2 of the 4 siblings are in the house.i'm very good at soldering and know basic programming, i like playing video games too.every time i have to present and mess up, i once messed up a word and had to correct myself not force product to lean something they don't want to learn, will break.there is nothing else for this section.

I was named "Andres" because my mother always had like the name "Andres". "Andres" means "Andrew" in spainish. I have two sibibings, and one mother and one father.
I dont know of any embarrsing moments ive had.
AndyOn all of the week days, I live in San Jose but on every other weekend or so, i live with my dad and his girlfriend in San Francisco. I only have one remaining grand parent.A talent of mine is doing things with technology and software. A couple of my passions are programming and reading. My perspective of the world is that everyone is equal and that everyone can always do new things
ArianaMy family is very big. It consists of my parents, my sister, my two dogs, my two cats, and of course me. I know most people wouldn't count pets as apart of their family but I consider them to be as they play a major role in my life. My family dynamic is hard to explain, but basically we fight about random things and then act like it never happened twenty minutes later. Even though my sister and I fight a lot at the end of the day we love each other. If you ask her she will say she hates me.I am a very good rock climber but it is not my passion! Although I am not good at dancing whatsoever I still love it. I started dancing when I was five years old but somehow I've never really gotten better at it. That's okay because I enjoy watching my friends dance.One time when I was in kindergarten I woke up late and got ready really fast. My mom took me to school and I realized that I was still wearing my slippers. I felt so embarrassed because everyone was staring at me. I quickly told my mom and she went and bought me a pair of really cute shoes. It was a good day because I got new shoes.I am an easy person to understand. If I am not talking to other people then that usually means I am upset about something. Other than that I am a bubbly and loving person. People can't usually tell what they have done to make me upset as I am easily upset. Also if I am upset or bored I might stare at one spot at start daydreaming.
AvaniMy family consitsts of 4 people. My mom who was born in India and moved to Kanas when she was 6. Later she moved the california when she was 18. There is also my Dad who was born in Las Gatos and grew up there. Then there is my brother and me. I am not really good at one thing. I am kinda ok at most things. I am also very competitive so when I can I try not to play competitive games but sometimes is hard. I'm not good at singing or dancing but I still like them. The thing I am most good at is sleeping. I can fall asleep pretty fast when I am tired and I like to sleep.I haven't had a emdarasing moment in a really long time because most of the time I don't care and I just laugh at myself, but when I was little I would pee my pants a lot because I was scared to go the the bathroom. I get annoyed really fast, especially in teamwork when people don't listen or they just don't do anything. I also rewally hate when people do something just to annoy me. The last thing is when people kill bugs/animals and think it is fun.
Benjamin I have much more people on my mother's side than on my father's side. My grandmother lives in Spokane, WAI like to do theater and think random deep thoughts.I don't remember any really embarrassing moments.I sometimes get too excited about boring things. Also, I can be very stubborn.My grandfather is a beekeeper, so I know a lot about bees. That is why I love honey.
BetinaIn my family I have a mom, dad, brother, sister, dog, and bunny rabbit. My mom is very easy to persuade, but if you annoy her to much she over reacts and goes nuts. My dad is like "Lukas!!!!, I need you to help fixing the washing machine." Then he does all the work by him-self. My brother is very good at arguing, but her can be super helpful. My sister is very grumpy. If you need something from her make sure you ask her after 3:00 and make sure that has not been on the computer for at least 30 min. My dog is very attention loving other dog hating. Then there is my rabbit, he is very independent.My passion is cooking and baking. I love to do it, and there are so may different things that I can make. Most of the time when I bake though I barely want to eat any of the substance that I made. It's normally just too much for me.When I was 4 my Dad and Mr. Jones we talking for a long time, so as a impatient 4 year old I got bored very quickly. I could not walk around because I had to stay near my dad. Somehow in my small little brain I pocked Mr. Jones in the butt. My dad made so many jokes after that and I have barely talked about it since.I can get very annoyed by someone the first time that they annoy me, but if they do it again I will just block them out.
I get things pretty darn quickly and mostly willingly in school if you have a good reason for me to do it. If you don't have a good reason I will probably not do it.
BitanyaI live with m mom and dad as an only child. Both my parents are from Ethiopia but my mom is from Addis Ababa(which is the capital city). My dad is from Harar. My parents had their own dogs but they left them in Ethiopia when thry came to America.My talent is soccer. I absolutely love to play soccer. I started to play soccer when I was five but hadn't actually joined a league till I was seven. My passion is Math. I enjoy math because I like challenges. I might not like it if its too hard but most of the time I do.I guess an embarrassing moment is one time I was with my cousin and we got ice cream. After we payed for our ice cream we bumped into each other and and accidentally pushed our ice creams onto each other.Do not annoy me because I have come across some people and they have delibratley annoyed me.
Chris HI have two families; the one I come from, and the one I helped create. I was born the youngest of 6, and we grew up in Berkeley in the '60s, which was a crazy time, but I survived. My wife, Amy, and I have 3 daughters named Hannah, Abbi, and Olivia. Family is extremely important to me and I depend on it for strength, excitement, and a good sense of purpose in life.Although music is really important to me and I played guitar when I was younger, I wouldn't say that it was a "talent". If I work hard and have good instructions I can play stuff, but I don't have the natural ability that I see in other people. One perspective that I have that is important to me is that all people can make their own choices in life and shouldn't be judged harshly if they don't fit into the debilitating definition of "normal".When I was in college I was studying really late at night in the library and walked into the women's bathroom by accident. I didn't know it until I was already in a stall and heard some girls walk in and start talking and peeing in the stalls on either side of me. It took a long time for me to get the courage to sneak out of there, hoping nobody would notice, but when I finally came out through the door, a couple of my friends applauded loudly.I love my life and appreciate my job. Sometimes I get stressed and short tempered, especially when technology isn't working for me. I also don't show the best judgement at times, so kids shouldn't use the "Mr. Heumann said I could" justification -- you should make your own decisions. Oh, (speaking of which), what makes me mad the easiest is when people don't take responsibility for their own actions or effects.
DominickI have an older sister,older brother and my, I love cars dont know an embarressing momentbe nice to me and i will be nice to you
ElliotMom, Dad, Sister, And IDistance runningI always get embarrassed when I respond to someone who isn't talking to me when I think they are. I'm obnoxious when I'm bored, I don't get offended by anything, and I don't like perverted stupidity or jokes about drugs.
Emma Ethan is my older brother and he is very, very fickle. One day he could be all happy and sunshine rainbows and the next a dark figure that will lash out and lecture you until my mom says stop. My mom and dad are very practical so all my ambitions have been pro-ed and con-ed which does and doesn't help my self-esteem. They are all very loving and supportive, though just realistic. I have a dog named Sam and a fish that has been alive for 9 years. I want a cat but my mom doesn't like them. She says they 'Suck the breath out of you'. My dad grew up with cats and all my cousins have them. We are the only relative without them!Talent: I like drawing, drawing people that is. I don't really do anything else: landscape or inanimate objects. I paint occasionally but I really like digital art. I want a digital drawing pad and I'm saving up to get one. Passion: I really enjoy sewing and writing and I can't choose. I just recently picked up sewing like 6 months ago. I started sewing immediately and got fairly good at it. But writing has been one of my hobbies for a long time. I may not be that good but I really enjoy telling stories. Once when I was in 5th grade, not to long ago sadly, my friends and I saw this 'boy' in the girls bathroom. We reported it to a yard duty but it turns out it was a girl who just wore basketball shorts named Devon who was in 3rd grade. It was even worse because one of my friends blocked the door so she couldn't leave because we wanted to show the yard duty. It was awful and thinking back I feel horrible. I can barely write it because it brings back the feeling of dread and humiliation. I felt so bad and just wanted to die in a hole. I really hate when people text 'Huh'. It's a stupid thing really, because it's just a small word but I find it grossly rude and immature. Like really, you can't type 'What?" instead? 'Huh' is just a word that peeves me and it seems almost mocking to me. A child might say that because they don't feel like thinking it through. 'Huh' is an excuse and it just annoys me so much. I usually do not respond if someone types 'Huh'. I'm shy and I don't really like talking but I want to get better and presenting because I know it will be important in the future.
HaydenMy family consists of My Dad, Terry, My Mom April, My sister Grace and my brother Brady. My family is vital to my existence because they feed me and they helped make me who I am todayMy talent is sports. I was born with a natural athleticism. I love Basketball and I try to play whenever I feel like it I thought my mom was at work so I played Video games in the morning but my mom was still at home so she got mad at me.Feed me Pizza and other really healthy foods to keep my energy up. A basketball hoop and ball is required to keep me entertained. A PS4 for when I am good or just cause
JamieI have 1 full brother, 1 half brother, and 1 step brother, we don't get along. I live with my mom, my full brother moved to Portland. I stay with my dad, step mom and my 2 other brothers Tuesday through Thursday. I like to dance, I do ballet and hip hop. My passion is dancing.I once pooped in a pool and they had to close it down. everything
JoshuaMy family is my mom, Mona, my dad, Wayne, my sister, Alyssa and me, Josh. My family is important to me because with them I will always have someone to count on and rely on when I am having a bad day.I have a talent for sports, and dance because I am a very active person. I have a passion for outdoor sports. I have a very logical view of life, I do this because I like to see the truth in everything.A embarrassing moment for me is when I was really little and I chickened out of being a ring bearer person.I don't want to do this one because I am and will be the only person on this world to use me, I will not allow anyone else to use me for anything, but for this I will complete it. I am a very active outdoors person, I am sometimes sarcastic, and I am very logical.
kiyaI have a really big family, and I am the youngest person in the family. We are really close with our cousins, aunts, and uncles. I consider myself to have a talent and passion for horse back riding and guitarI accidentally caught the boutique at my cousins wedding Really stubborn, annoying people
One time me and my grandpa where going to check cheese i was 5.he took me the other way and i told him i was going to the right place
i am very passion about animals so last year our class raised money for different charities. I wanted to do it on animals and everyone else stared in group because no one wanted to be by them self but i stayed with my topici was embarrassed when i did not finish a project that was to be done by everyone and i left a slide blank because i forgot to delete it on the slide.I hate it when people make transitions take for ever. as well as not do the expected in classI like chicken and packers and warrios and pachyderms
MayaMy family consists of my mom, sister, dad, and dog. My mom is always swamped with work, but for some reason her eyes are always sparkle with enthusiasm and love. Surprisingly she always has time to come to an event for me or my sister and is willing to help us in anyway possible. My sister is a absolute bad-ass. She kicks some serious butt in her field hockey games and completely rocks are getting her homework done. She also dresses like Teen Vogue models and I strive to have her fashion sense. My dad is a superhuman, he is here one moment and then he is off driving a kid to some rehearsal the next. He makes dinner, lunch, and breakfast and runs marathons in his spare time. My dog is a total monster, she wrecks all of her toys and barks at all the dogs and squirrels. Yet, she still makes the whole family laugh and she makes the most adorable faces. My family is something I don't deserve, and yet I have them anyway, I just love them all so much.One talent and passion of mine is singing. I love to sing when no one is listening or when people I trust are around. I think the only time I ever share my voice to the general public is when I am doing a musical. I also really love to draw, to make different worlds and people, to create things that aren't connected to the real world. Drawing is relaxing and frustrating at the same time, which is what makes it so unique and fun. Drawing styles are different for everyone so looking at other people's art is so entertaining and interesting. Also, I wouldn't say I have a special perspective on the world, but I do try to see everyone's way of viewing a difficult situation or argument. I find it best to see another person's way of thinking to better understand them. And the more you understand them the easier it is to work out an argument.One embarrassing moment... oh jeez. I have way too many to count but for some reason I can't think of one. Okay, so after 5 minutes of thinking I have a good one. I love to perform in musical theater, but I can only do one show per season, physically. What I mean by physically is that there are only so many shows that are possible for me to do. If we are talking financially I can only do about two shows a year (because those things are really frigging expensive). So to make up for all my lost shows I dance and act out show tunes in my room. Now I don't care when people see me on stage doing this, or in rehearsal. But when I'm in my room I get really self conscious. So I was dancing one day, doing my thing and my mom knocks on my door. Now this wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't a tomboy at that stage in life, just warming up to the idea of being feminine and wearing a dress. So I was kinda uncomfortable with my parents or anyone seeing me in a dress. So my mom knocked on my door and I couldn't hear her because I was blaring music through my Bluetooth earbuds. So she opens the door to see me mouthing the words of "Story of My Life" from Shrek the musical and dancing like nobody's business. When I realize she is in my room watching me I grab a blanket on my bed and pull it over my self, crouching into a corner. My mom, absolutely bewildered just staring at me and starts giggling. Then my sister, hearing all the commotion, walk in and does the same thing. So I was totally mortified and embarrassed, so I did the only thing any sane person would do. Cry. I cried so much that my dog came in and licked my face all over (which was a nice thought but very messy and inconvenient). Over all I was totally embarrassed so I never did that again.As I stated in the last question I am very self conscious and even if I don't show it I get very nervous when speaking in front of a crowd. I tend to ramble and talk a lot when I am nervous so if you see that happening just be patient and try to lean me back to the original topic. I also am very doubtful about my drawing skills, so I you don't have any constructive criticism or compliments about my drawings please don't say anything. Lastly please inform me if I am too loud, I try to stay quiet but my theater voice does come out a lot so I can be very loud.If you have any buttons you don't want please give them to me (I have a button collection).
PandaI have an average family. A hovering mom, a dad that goes to work all the time, and a brother that achieved more than me at my age. My brother was the president of the robotics team, hard working, the amazing at math, and really observant. My mom is a retailer and goes to Santa Cruz nearly everyday for at least three hours, but still has time to send me to class everyday. My dad usually spends his day on the couch watching TV, or at work staring at a computer earning money for his family. I have three cat, one adult outdoor and indoor cat and two indoor kittens.Singing, Singing and playing, everything is already planed out for you and you just have to play the role.Give me food, be fair and don't get offended when I tease you.Give me food
SamekMy immediate family and I are very close but unfortunately don't get to spend a lot of time together because of the interference's of life. My extended family and I are also very close. We all love to play cards together and sometimes will go five or six hours straight. I enjoy having them teach me new card games and then testing and playing them. Overall I have a great family and I am really thankful for them.A talent of mine is debate. I have been debating since I was 10 (officially) and have been getting better ever since. I do a style of debate called parliamentary and one aspect of parliamentary debate is that you are given a topic only a few minutes before your round starts. A lot of the topics we are given relate to the environment. I am really passionate about the environment and our Earth. I believe one of the ways we can protect our Earth is through solar energy and eating little to no meat. By reducing the amount of cows and the amount of oil used we can reduce the amount of pollution in our atmosphere.An embarasing moment for me was when I sung a song I wrote under a chair in India.I hate egos. When people think they know what they are talking about and really don't is one of the MANY things that sets me off. When people go around with an over confidence in their skills/knowledge it makes me feel insignificant. I am constantly compared to my peers in everything from turning in assignments to participation in class. When they think that they know more than they do it makes me feel like I am being compared to what they think they know not what they really know.
WinstonOne family moment I think that represents my family real good is when we went to a watering whole in Henry Coe state park to play in the water and jump off cliffs like " In the good old days." First we had to hike down hill for about one hour( I know this because my mom had her Fitbit on) and then walk on the side of a river bank for a while. The trip there was grueling but when we got there it was fun. This represents my family because we have a hard time going through boring things but when we do fun things we use it to the limits.Some thing that I am good at is swimming even though I stopped swimming a while a go. Some thing that I like to do is climbing I like to go rock climbing because after a while of the wrath of the rhythm of swimming. A view I have in the world around me is that I have noticed that there is more diversity in D.C.S. than in the old school I went to Washington Open.One of my most embarrassing moments is when I was four years old I got my foot stuck in a tree. For at least 30 min I tried to pull my foot out of the tree. My foot started to hurt a lot so my mom and dad called the fire department to help me. When they came they took a look a me and told my to take off my shoe and my foot slid right out of the shoe like a stick of butter on a hot pan.One way to use me to the best of my ability is for me to work I a place with no noise or music and my friends are not around mt to talk. Another way to use to the best of my ability is to let me do hands on things.
YaseenI am a single child, my mom and dad got divorced when I was 2 years old,
Yaseen My mom is Libyan and my dad is Egyptian. My grandparents from my mom's side have lived in the United Arab Emirates and Istanbul, Turkey. I'm an only child. I have 5 aunts and only one uncle. I have lots of extended family all over the worldI have a very strong passion for soccer. I play for a team called Liverpool. I have a unique perspective on the world because I have traveled to many countries around the world and have seen how other people live. I'm a talented gamer..One time my mom was taking me to school and then there was a song playing which had the word "dab". So then my mom looked at me and said when we go to class I'm going to show everyone my super dab.I don't like people distracting me when I'm working. I'm really good at spelling.
___One embarrassing moment that I have sometimes is when I have to tell people that I'm a guy when they think I'm a girl because I have long hair.A thing that I think that other people should know about me is that I tend to get frustrated when I am interrupted in the middle of saying one of my ideas or told it wont work in the middle of an idea.