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Presentation(s) at Botany2020
Oluwaseun Faith Akinyemi Ph.D.Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, NigeriaPost-doc in US or CanadaPlant systematics, taxonomy, Molecular DNA barcoding, bio-informaticsakinyemiseunfaith[at]
Abdur-Rehman Atta ShahidUniversity of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan / M.Phil. BiotechnologyPhd positionBiotechnology, Genome Editing, Computatinal Biology/
Ajith AshokanIndian Institute of Science Education and Research BhopalPostdoc in the US or EuropePhylogenomics, Biogeography, Trait evolutionajith.ashokan(at)
Alfredo LópezNational Autonomous University of MexicoPostdocPhylogenomics, conservation biology, interspecific hybridization, chemical ecologylopcaa[at]ciencias.unam.mxAlfredoLC11
Alí Segovia RivasUNAM, Mexico, M.S.PhD preferably in Europe or USWood/plant anatomy or ecophysiology. Any orchid related research.ali_seg(at)
Alison NorthupUniversity of Texas at Austin / PhD Ecologyjob in North Carolina, USA starting in 2021Ecology, numerical & statistical analysis, plant identificationalison.northup !!!
Instagram: @alisons_garden, iNaturalist:
Amal K VyasIndian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal
Looking for friends and PhD position in USA, Europe or Australia
Plant- pollinator Interactions, Plant/ insect Interactions. pollination biology and conservation ecology.
Aman PruthiTexas Tech UniversityIndustry position for 2021Phylogenomics, computational biology, population geneticsaman.pruthi[at]ttu.eduAman_Pruthi_
Ameen LotfiRutgers University PhD in USAAgroecology, Restoration Ecology, Microbial Ecology, Plant Ecology, Pollination Ecology ameen.m.lotfi(at)
Ana Maria BedoyaUniversity of WashingtonPostdoc in US or EuropePhylogenomics, population genetics, biogeography, aquatic plants, Neotropical
oral paper:
Anais Mejía SolórzanoNational University of San Marcos (Perú) Ms. (Canada,Europe,Australia or US)Plant molecular genetics, Plant physiology employing molecular, genetics and bioinformatics, crop improvementanais.mejia(at)ía-solórzano-238022183/
Andrew ILOHBiodiversity and Climate Research Lab, Sheda Science and Tech COmplex AbujaPostDoc Position in the US/Europe/Canada and NewZealand Plant Diversity, Evolution, Population genetics, Phylogeography, Niche Modeling
plast Climatic change has contributed to distribution of plants species accross the Upper and LowerGuniea forest of Africa. Refugia, dahomy have inflenced speciation and Population
Andrew SimpsonNational Museum of Natural HistoryPost-doc or teaching position in US or CanadaPaleobotany, macroecology, speciation, extinction, seed dispersal, climate change, generally informed by the fossil recordandy.g.simpson (at) gmail
Anita CisternasNorthwestern University/PhD candidatePostdoc in the US or ChilePopulation genomics, conservation genetics, reproductive biologyanita.cisternas(at)
Anjum GujralSan Francisco State University, M.S.Plant ecology PhD positions in USplant community ecology, restoration,
Annelise FrazãoUniversity of São Paulo, Brazil/ Ph.D.
Post-doc / Herbarium / Museum / Botanical Garden in the USA or Canada or any Latin America country.
Systematics, evolution, biogeography, taxonomy, phylogenomics/
Anupreksha JainResearch Tech at Michigan State University/ Bachelor's from Cornell UniversityJob in the US starting asap, PhD in the US, or Masters anywhereplant-insect interactions, evolutionary ecology, plant defenses, mental health and DEI in higher edaj365(at) interested in scicomm/museum jobs
Arely Viridiana Pérez López Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Mexico) / PhD candidate Postdoc in US, Canada or EuropeIntegrative biology, Plant physiology, Imaging techniques arely.vpl(at) @arely_vpl
Arpita YadavIndian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal, India
Post-Doc position in Europe/Australia/New Zealand/UK/Canada/asia
Light Signaling in plants, UV-B signaling, Plant Molecular biology, Adaptation to stress, Plant-environment interactions, Stress physiology, Plant- biotic interactions, crop improvementyarpita31(at)
Arshiya AkeelAligarh Muslim University, India/ PhD Botany
Post-doc position/Research Associate (Northern Europe,Denmark)
Plant Physiology, Smoke and Karrikin, Stress Physiology, PGR, Seed germinationarshiya.akeel*at*gmail.com
Avery PearsonThe College of Wooster / Bachelor'sfield/lab tech positions, Masters or PhD programs worldwidePlant-pollinator interactions, plant ecology, plant-microbe interactions/microbiology, plant reproductive biology, conservation, restorationapearson20(at)
Oral paper:
AYODELE Victor OlubunmiBSc. Plant Science and Technology (University of Jos), Nigeria; PGD Biological Science, MSc. Botany-Plant Pathology (Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta), Nigeria. PhD or MSc. by research in USAMycology, Phytopathology.ayodele.victor(at)
Bababr HussainUniversity of Central Punjab, Lahore, PakistanPostdoc in Europe, USA, Canada, Turkey, South Korea or ChinaWheat genomics, QTL mapping, Transcriptomics, Biofortification, miRNAs, Salt tolerance, Metal
Babar ShahzadTasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania Australia Postdoc or permanent position in Australia Plant stress physiology, Agronomy, agriculture and cropping systems, electrophysiology
bs_tahir786(at); Babar.shahzad(at)
Babar UsmanPh.D. in Crop Genetics and Breeding, Guangxi University, ChinaPostdoc position in Europe, Canada or Australia.Rice Breeding, Genome Editing, Transcriptome analysis, Proteomic analysis, Yield and Quality improvement, Abiotic and biotic stress, QTL analysis/fine
Barrett SullivanUniversity of Denver | Environmental Science BS Field Tech PositionEcology, Conservation biology, Restoration, Responses to climate changebsullivan195[at]
Bashir Bolaji TIAMIYUWuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of SciencesCollaborations, friends and later PostdocPlant Phylogenomics (RAD-Seq), Biogeography,
Benicio CardosoUniversity of Campinas (Brazil)/ PhDPostdoc position in US/Canada/Australia/EuropeBioinformatics, Plant Genomics, Comparative Genomics, Transcriptome Analysis, Functional Genomics, Biotic and Abiotic Stresses, Gene Expressionbenicio.genetic[at]
Bhagwat NawadePresenlty not affiliated to any institute. searching for job. previous institute- Agriculture Research Organization, Israel Post-docPlant Molecular Biology,Biotechnology, Insect-plant interaction, Terpenoid Biosymthesis, Seconadary metabolites, Molecular Markers, Molecular Breeding26bhagwat @
Bharti PariharCalifornia State University, East Bay, B.S., M.S.Plant Biology or Botany PhD Program or Plant Biology career (prefer CA or TX but open to other locations)Interested in evolution of asexual reproduction, plant morphology, development, evo-devobhartologist(at)gmail.com,
Biva ChapagainTribhuavn University Nepal/ BS Plant Science (Horticulture)MS Position in USAPlant physiology, genetics, bioinformaticsbivachapagain12[at]
Cameron SoMSc Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
PhD position to start Summer/Fall 2021 + Fall 2020 Research Assistant Jobs
quantitative genetics, population genetics, responses to global change + climate change, phenology, range shifts, adaptation, evolutionary [at]
Carolina ArmijosThe University of EdinburghPhDPlant biotechnology, Plant Bioinformaticslizzi_caro.93(at)'s dissertation at RGBE about Begonia genome minning
Chantal BussiereUniversity of Maine, Ecology & Botany, undergrad, graduating this semester
Internships in USA, or Masters starting 2022 in USA or international
Bioengineering, bioinformatics, evolution, visualizationchantal.bussiere(at)maine.edupinus_sapiens (under construction! features my 3D modeling work)
Cherry Andrea RojasUniversidad de Los Andes, Venezuela/Biologist, Master candidate in Tropical EcologyPhD, friends in anywhereBryology, mosses taxonomy and ecology, plant systematic, plant ecology, morphology and anatomy cherryandrearojas(at)
Chloe Pak DrummondThe Pennsylvania State University
Faculty positions (preferably PUI), teaching and research positions in contexts outside of academia, science policy positions. Prefer the northeast US
Using phylogenetics, phylogeography, population genetics, and comparative transcriptomics to study disjunct biogeography. Plant systematics and comparative
Christina AndreskiPlymouth State University/ B.S. Environmental BiologyCollaborators, friends, PhD Program starting in fall 2022Lichen biology, biological soil crusts, delicate habitat conservation/ecology, plant-pollinator interactionstina.andreski[at]
Dasan GannUniversity of California, Davis / B.S. in Plant BiologyResearch associate in industry or academiaPlant pathology, plant molecular biology, microbiology.djgann(at)
Dasha HortonUtah Valley University B.S. BotanyPhD / Career Position/ Herbarium/ Museum/ Botanical Garden Curation and conservation in herbaria, museum curation, phylogenetics, systematicsdashamarikahorton at
(instagram) the_botany_nerd
Herbarium Curation and Conservation Practices: Survey and Analysis of Archival Adhesive Material
Davide Di GrumoPhDc University of Concepción, ChilePost-doc, collaborarionsTropical ecology, entomology, plant-insect interaction,
Doressa WilliamsUniversity of Southern Mississippi, B.S.Masters anywhere/ friends anywhereEthnobotany, paleoethnobotany,
Dustin RayUniversity of Minnesota Duluth | PhDTenure Track Faculty positionPlant Anatomy, Morphology, Physiology - Structure-Function relationships in phloem and in
Elizabeth OrdemanUniversity of California Berkeley, Senior in UndergradIndustry or masters, US/Canada/Europe and New ZealandPlant Evo-Devo, Plant Biotech, Agriculture, Viticultureeordeman@berkeley.edu
Oral Paper:
Elliot GardnerSingapore Botanic Gardens, PhDpost-doc or faculty positionplant systematics, flora of SE Asia, phylogenomics/bioinformatics, ethnobotany/ethnotaxonomy, elliotgardner2012(-a-)u.northwestern.eduelliotmgardner
Enmily SanchezUniversidad IndoamericaMasters in US or EuropeGenetics, plant diversificationemiisanchez646(at)
My instagram: My linkedln:
Estelle Raveloaritiana Plant Biology and Ecology Department University of Antananarivo & Agroecology group, University of Goettingen Postdoc, short term or permanent position in anywherePlant diversity conservation (taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic), Plant ecology, Invasion ecology, agroforestry, agroecosystems, ecosystem services eraveloaritiana(at) @Estelle_Ravel
Esther KemigishaMakerere University Uganda, PhD candidate
a job as research associate in scientific institution or academia in USA
Climate and forest , international climate policy, environmental income, tropical deforestation, community forest managementkemista2006(at)
Fernando HernándezUniversidad Nacional del Sur / Postdoc fellowshipPostdoc position in US or EuropePopulation genetics, invasive biology, crop-wild interactions, herbarium genomicsfhernandez at
Funmilola Mabel OJOOndo State University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa. NigeriaPostDoc position 2021 in USA, Asia, Canada or EuropePlant Taxonomy, Anatomy and
George GarnettUniversity of Reading PhD (Europe/USA/Australia)Plant systematics,
Gopal Singh, Ph.D.AcSIR, CSIR-IHBT, PalampurPost-doc positionGenetics and Genomics of Plant Specialized Metabolismgopalbhandari14(at)
Gwen Davis, Ph.D.University of CambridgePostDoc, Research Assistant, worldwide. Developmental genetics, Solanum, tomato, ecology and evolution, evolution of floral traits, pollination, buzz pollination, plant insect interactions, plant taxonomy, crop research, field studies, plant phylogenetics, gwen.davis*(at)*
interested in field work, outreach and teaching.
Haley HaleTexas Tech University / MS Biology / BS Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyGovernment / Industry / Herbarium / Museum / Botanical GardenBotany / NGS techniques / Herbarium / Education and Outreach / Conservation / Ethnobotanyhaleyaceae[at]
Harlan Svoboda, Ph.D.U.S. National Arboretum / Postdoctoral FellowPermanent (herbarium) positionHerbarium curation, collections management, systematics and taxonomy, structural botanyharlan.svoboda(at)
Harmeet SinghPunjab Agricultural University (India)/MSc Plant Breeding & GeneticsPhD(Canada, US, Europe or Australia)Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Plant Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Stress resistence breedingharmeet-pbg ~~ at ~~ @Harmeetsingh07
Harmony YomaiUniversity of Tennessee - KnoxvillePostdoc (USA, Australia, Pacific region).Plant reproductive biology, Breeding systems, island biogeography, conservation biology, island systemsvyomai(at)
Harpo FaustUniversity of Idaho, M.S. Botany Candidate 2020
Botanical Consultation Opportunities/ Herbarium Positions/ Field Work/ Floristics Research Opportunities: looking for work in the Sonoran Desert- preferably looking to re locate to the Tucson area
Botanical Field Work, Floristics, Herbarium Curation, Teaching, Desert Flora, Humanitarian
* Planned to present my floristic inventory this year but decided to hold off till Boise next year
Hilary Rose DawsonCollege of the Atlantic: interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree focused in Botany; currently working at University of OregonMaster's or PhD (preferably in the UK but also other European countries, New Zealand, and the West Coast of the US and Canada)Botany (whole plant studies), phylogenetics, taxonomy, systematics, plant environment interactions, plant animal interactions (including plant pollinator interactions and herbivory), responses to climate change, phenology, field botany, herbarium curation and collections studies, bryology, lichenologyhrosedawson [at] gmail [dot]
Idowu A. ObisesanBowen University Iwo, Nigeria / Ph.D.Postdoc in Asia, Canada or EuropePlant Physiology, Data analysis and Plant Pathologyidowu.obisesan(at)
Israel Lopes da Cunha NetoUniversity of São Paulo / PhD candidatePostdoc position in US or EuropeExpert in Plant Anatomy; Interested in plant morphology, development and evolution of plant form; wood and bark anatomy; developmental ;
Jacqueline LemmonOregon State University Dept. Botany and Plant Pathology UndrgradFriends, undergrad research positions Chemical signaling, plant/insect interactions, ecologylemmonj(at)oregonstate.eduInstagram:
Jahed AhnedUCLouvain (Belgium)/ PhD Candidate (3rd)Postdoc in the Canada, US or EuropePlant membrane biology, Biosensors, Plant biotechnologyjahed.geb(at)
Janet OlanrewajuFederal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta/ B.Forestry and Wildlife Management,. Major: ForestryMasters in Canada, South Africa, Europe and GermanyTree Breeding and Genetics, Conservation Ecology, Biodiversity, Agronomy and Soil PedologyJanetlanre @g mailcom@Janetlanre@95Interested in science outreach and conferences
Janice Valencia-DSouthern Illinois University/ Ph.D Plant BiologyPost-docEvolution of genomes, bioinformatics, angiosperm phylogenomics, mitogenomes, systematics, evolutionary
Jasmine DuffellMsc Plant and fungal taxonomy, diversity and conservation, Queen Mary University of London PhD position or graduate job in conservation or researchEcology, conservation, plant-pollinator interactions, pests, agriculture, phylogenetics, wildlife
Javier Puy, Ph.D.Trinity College Dublin/ PostdocPost-doc worldwide, non-academic careerPlant ecology, ecological epigenetics, phenotyipic plasticity, intraspecific variability, functional traits, species interactions, coexistence, micorrhiza fungi,
Science outreach, communicating science, education, photography &music
Jennifer Blake-MahmudColgate University, Research and Teaching Postdocfaculty position or government research positionRESEARCH: plant reproduction, demography, physiological ecology SYSTEMS: Forests, Trees, Ferns EDUCATION: student engagement, aurthentic assessment, learning across lifespan, outreachjblakemahmud at colgate dot edu
Jeremy CollingsSUNY CortlandPhD or Masters, Research Tech positionPlant ecology, community ecology, belowground ecology, plant-herbivore
Jesse AsimengKwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology/ BSc. Biological sciences, GhanaPhD in US, or masters in Canada, US or Europe Plant Genomics/Bioinformatics jasmeng50(@) @j_asimeng
John WhaleWestern Sydney Unversity, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment/PhD CandidatePostdocPopulation & adaptive genomics, plant trait responses/plasticity, climate change, ecosystem conservationj.whale(at)
Jordan DowellPh.D Candidate Integrative Biology University of Central FloridaPostdoc in western US or abroad starting Fall 2021Chemical ecology, comparative biochemistry, plant-insect-microbe-fungal interactions, Plant-plant interactions, Bioinformatics, machine learning, functional genomics, phylogenetic comparative methods, stress biology, specialized metabolism, metabolomics, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, Ecology, Ecophysiology, Evolution.jordan.dowell(at)
Jordan ManchegoUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville/Bachelor'sMasters or PhD program in USAPlant evolutionary genomics, angiosperm evolution, Biodiversity, Plant resiliency mechanisms, Plant phenotyping, Plant bioinformaticsjrm0060 at
Joshua Ajowele University of Reading PhDPlant Ecology, Restoration Ecology , Ecosystem Restoration joshuaajowele(at) @JAjowele
currently looking at the effect of cutting date in the restoration of species-rich meadows
Katie WenzellNorthwestern U & Chicago Botanic Garden, PhD CandidatePostdoc or permanent position (US or elsewhere)Evoluationary ecology, floral diversification, plant-pollinator interactions, population genetics and genomics, current work in CastillejaKWenzell*at*
Kira BuckowingTexas Tech University, Bioengineering MS
Job opportunities (industry or academia) starting 2021, contacts anywhere
Bioinformatics, phylotranscriptomics experience. Interests in medical ethnobotany and biotechnologykirabuckowing at
Kwame AhiaviKwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.Masters/PhD in USA, Canada or Europe.Plant Genomics/Bioinformatics kwame.ahiavi(at)
Kyla KnaufUniversity of San Diego, BS in Biology, minor in Environmental Studies
MS or PhD in USA (extra interest in the Pacific NW, CO, IL, WI, & MI)
Plant ecology, restoration, rare species conservation, seed banking, climate changekknauf(at)sandiego.eduLinkedIn:, Resume:
Leonardo Humberto Mendoza Carbajal
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Peru) / M. Sc.PhDTaxonomy of cyanobacteria,freshwater algae, ecology of soil and freshwater algae, phytoplankton and periphyton, ecological interaction of algae and other microorganismslhmendozac(at)
Lorena VillanuevaUniversity of California Riverside, PhD
Science writing/reporting US, Postdoc conservation genomics, outreach
Plant Taxonomy, Outreach, science writing/,
Loy XingwenPhD candidate - Emory University, Atlanta, GAPostdoc or permanent position in USAplant community ecology, bees and pollinators, science communication and outreachxingwen.loy(at) IG:
oral paper:
Lucas Borges dos SantosUniversity of Campinas (Brazil)/ Bachelor's MS position in the US, Canada or EuropeBioinformatics, plant breeding, population genetics, machine learninglucas.borgesst(at)
Lucas F. Bacci, Ph.D.Federal University of Paraná, BrazilPost-docSystematics, Biogeography, Macroevolution, Plant Diversification,
Luiza Teixeira-CosraHarvard University Herbaria/Postdoc fellowhispPostdoc position 2021Experience: Plant Morphology, Anatomy, Development, and Phenology; Parasitic Plant Biology. Interests: Evolutionary biology, Eco-physiology, and Plant Developmentlteixeiracosta[at]
Madeline SlimpTexas Tech University | UndergraduatePhD Program Starting Fall 2021Ethnobotanny, Conservation Genomicsmadeline.slimp at Slimp
Marc-Frédéric IndorfUniversité du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue / PhD
contacts, collaborators, friends, post-doc, applied research opportunities
Conservation biology, bryology, environmental engineering, biogeography, community ecology/assembly patterns, peatland ecologymarc-frederic.indorf[at]
oral paper:
Maryam NorooziKharazmi University/ PhD candidate Postdoc or PhD in USPhylogeny, evolutionary biology, taxonomy, systematics, Ethnobotany
Matias KöhlerFederal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil/ PhD CandidatePostdoc positionSystematics, Phylogenomics, Macroevolution, Macroecology, Plant Diversification, Succulents, Cactaceaematias.k[at]
Maxwell GebhartUniversity of Central Florida/ B.S. BiologyMaster's in U.S. Ecology, Evolution, Ecological Niche Modeling, Ecological Restorationmaxgebhart1(at)gmail.comI'd love to get involved in science communication and field work
Meg MarchicaSUNY Farmingdale, BS 2019
Any opportunity to LEARN and gain EXPERIENCE, employment, friends & mentorship, PhD, very willing to relocate for the right opportunity!
ecology & evolution, interspecies interactions (plant-plant, plant-fungal, plant-insect, etc), marchime(at),
Melanie BaughmanUniversity of North Carolina- Greensboro/ M.S. BiologyPhd, friends in anywherePlant morphology, plant systematics, plant evolutionm_rodri3(at)
I enjoy drawing plants and flowers so I'm a bit on the artsy side. Also constructed my own greenhouse in my backyard so any garnders should reach out to me.
Mersedeh PejhanmehrPhD candidate, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USAPost-doc in US or CanadaPlant systematics, phylogeny, population genetics, bio-informaticsmersedeh[at]
Mikhail PlazaCalifornia State University, Northridge / M.S. BiologyPhD program in USAPlant genetics / physiology - abiotic stress, local adaptation, speciation, conservation, QTL analysis / mappingmikhail.plaza.129(at)
Mohd Irfan NaikooAligarh Muslim University, India/ PhD BotanyPostdoc Position in Europe/US/ Australia/ New zeeland Impact of Nitrogen depostion on sensitive ecosystems, Heavy metal biogeochemistry in food chains/ecosystem, Phytoremediationmdirfanmsbo(at)