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Create Choose your Own Adventure Slides
Create an App with MIT App Inventor
Use Canva to design a Facebook page
Design an infographic a modern age infographics rule! They require research and careful consideration of how the visuals enhance the message. People seek out infographics not brochures. "Come to my website and look at this brochure" = low web traffic. "Infographic on top 10 ways to climb Yosemite" = high web traffic@alicekeeler
Create a you want to know about Disneyland you don't seek out a brochure, you go to their website. Lots of free tools that are awesome. Wix, Weebly, Google Sites, WordPress, @alicekeeler
Design a social media campaignEvery company needs to represent themselves on social media. Important life skill. Individuals need to market themselves on social media even if they are not entrepreneurs or freelancers (although in the future this will be a high percentage of the work force). @alicekeeler
Create in TweetsIf you were to have a Twitter chat describing this information what tweets might you create? Constraints drive creativity. Constrain your comments to 140 characters@alicekeeler
Design a mailchimp newsletter is free, students can create and distribute a newsletter to a select audience. @alicekeeler
Create a blog post
Do an Expert ProjectGive students a whole semester or a whole year to become an expert on a topic. Have them blog about the process along the way. to Jim Burke for telling me about his Expert Project. @jenroberts1
Make Their Brain HurtPush students to stop guessing, explain their thinking and support it with evidence. Require analysis not just of content, but the purpose of text.
Make a Google Docs StoryThis cool simple tool lets students create short videos that look just like editors collaborating on a doc. What would it look like if Jeffereson and Franklin were writing on the same doc at the same time? How have scientists revised their understanding of what an atom is over time? There are a lot of great possibilities.
Create a commercialUse creative commons images and voiceover to persuade your WeVideo is a cloud service. If you have iPads, the Touchcast app is epic.@bethctech
Students demo their mastery of a topic by sharing images/stats from their research. www.touchcast.comTouchcast allows for easy greenscreen use, so Ss can look like they are really on the TED stage.@bethctech
Create an Ignite presentation
Apply for Classroom JobsUse Google forms to have Ss apply for a classroom job that interests them. Ss need to select qualities that best describe them and they can persuade you why they are the right person for the job that interests them the most. Interviews can also be occur after form/application has been submitted. Working on authentic communication - friendly greeting, eye contact, hand shake, ability to talk about yourself strengths/weaknesses.
Create a PodcastCreate FREE audio and video files to be used to create a filpped classroom or amazing digital projects with your students.EducationalPodcasting.tipsPodcasting CAN BE free and is a great resource for all grade levels and subject areas. There are a million advantages to teaching with already created podcasts and a million advantages for creating your own!@TeacherCast
Use a digital discussion
Use a HyperdocEngage your students with HyperDocs that inspire collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creation. These digital lessons are meant to be given directly to your students for inquiry learning that you have purposely designed. They can be anywhere from a 45 min. lesson to a longer unit. Package all the resources, instructions, and expectations in one place. @lhighfill
Have Students Make a 'Snap Ad'Have students specifically leverage the power of SnapChat to create a SnapChat Ad within Google Sheets;l,Still In Progress (2/11)@RobertIsAKing
Lead a chatHave a student design questions around a topic and have the student lead a chat using today's meet or other digital chat tool.todaysmeet.comBuild off the ideas of others, chat, ask questions and explain.
Use Snapchat & Google Slides to react to readingStudents create #BookSnaps (check out Tara M. Martin on Twitter). As they are reading, students 'snap' their reactions and share them on a Collaborative Google Slideshow are having so much fun with this. Think of it as a post-it for the 21st century.@kkeefe_hassan
Retell a story or event using BitmojisStudents can storyboard an historical event or the events in a story using bitmojis via Alice Keeler blog
Creative Lesson Brainstorming ToolUse this tool to find over 70 ways to engage in a creative learning process. of these options are tools, some of these are creative lesson strategies. @DLittleInnovate
Make an Interactive Learning DatabaseStudents can use Google Sheets to create databases of information they are learning and then sort and filter to answer questions.
Create Pixel ArtUse Google Sheets to create pixel art for creativity, tech skills, math, and other activities in all subjects.
Summarize or retell with emojisUse the special characters tool to insert emojis in Docs to tell stories, summarize info, and more.
Use screencasting tools to show understandingUse screencasting to narrate slideshows, explain understanding, dub a video, give a speech or performance, and more.
Write a Choose Your Own Adventure story in Google DocsUse the heading and hyperlink tools in Docs for students to creatively write CYOA stories
Create an interactive infographicUse Google Drawings to create a clickable image with links out to additional information and resources.
Make a comic stripUse Google Slides to make an online, animated comic strip to share the information
Collaborative Epub/ Interactive Newsletters with SlidesGet all of your student's collaborating to generate a wonderful epub in slides. Put some students in charge of video creation and embedding the videos. Some in charge of writing. And some in charge of the image creation process. This is a great way to bring many student work examples into one great space to share learning. See slide 11 of this Epub example for more informationA few tips... use page setup to choose 8.5 x 11 in slides.
When finished... publish to the web to bring the content to life.
Own the Learning With G-Suite - Design Your Own Field Trip!Challenge students in collaborative groups to research pricing, location, and all factors involved in their preference for a field trip. The data/research can then be compiled into a Google Slides presentation and Google Spreadsheet, similar to a real-world sales team presentation. During each group's presentation, students use Google Forms to vote for the winning trip, which they can set a date to attend...THEY own the learning! The link I've provided is a Google Doc with the idea I created for this lesson, as well as links that you may need to online resources. @BrigitteMcCaw
Collaborative Magnetic Poetry with Google DrawingsI’ve created a magnetic poetry interactive template with Google Drawings that you and your students can use to get creative. You can use this as an independent activity, or take it a step further and make it a collaborative activity and see how the poetry evolves. You can use the “magnets” included, or even add your own text boxes to extend the activity.
Halloween Magnetic Poetry with Google DrawingsI’ve created a Halloween-themed magnetic poetry template with Google Drawings for you and your students. There are nearly 100 words in this one, so adapt the words that are appropriate for your grade levels. You can use this as an independent activity, or take it a step further and make it a collaborative activity and see how the poetry evolves. You can use the “magnets” included, or even add your own text boxes to extend the activity.
Winter Magnetic Poetry with Google SlidesWinter-themed version in Google Slides
Learn communication skills for resolving conflictsSs learn vocabulary, see example, practice the skills and write a skit where a conflict is being resolved The Scholastic resource includes a rubric for assessing the final activity, the skit.
Create a PSAChallenge students to create their own Public Service Announcements about any subject. Can be video, audio, or graphic PSAs
Create a Magazine CoverCreate a series of school appropriate magazine covers in either Google Draw, Canva, or a similar "fake magazine cover" site (try to find one compatible w/Classroom so you can easily share here). Cover should have a representative picture, a headline/feature story and at least three other fitting stories/articles for the issue. You may use an existing magazine title that might feature your characters OR create a magazine title with appropriate articles to show your understanding of the character and their argument. used and as well as Google Sides to make our magzine covers for Paradise Lost. The project can be used with any novel. Examples here
Antomical Scavenger HuntDemonstrate mastery of anatomical regions by tweeting labelled pictures of staff & friends. Tag w/ class #hashtag. enjoy getting out & about, as well as involving the school community, friends & family. Here are examples: #HHAandP (Hatboro-Horsham A&P)@bakerhhhs
Use Google Slides (or ANY visual medium) to Animate BiochemistryUse Google Slides (or use any visual medium) to create stop-action animations of complicated biochemical processes (muscle contraction and relaxation for example). project allows total artistic visual license; students choose the medium.@bakerhhhs
Create a Map! Use Google Maps, Google Street View, Google Earth Engine, Google Timeline, Google Tour Builder or any other spatial technology and ask students to map their local area or map their global knowledge. Once students really know how it works, allow them to collaborate on a big map. 100 students adding to a world map is truly amazing!Map LabYou should start small and work towards bigger goals.@coachhenkel
DebateUse formal debate procedures to engage all students on a controversial historic or current event.Debate ProceduresInstead of doing a battle brochure, debate the merits of the battle/war@clg311
Coordinate Plane ProjectUsing knowledge of graphing on a coordinate plane, have students figure out whether their creation is a bunny or a duck.'t tell them what they are creating until after they are through. It's MUCH more fun!@dougjoubert
Ivy League ChallengeWhile covering the early colonial period, the first colleges come up. Once Harvard is brought up, see if students can match the Ivy League college with its mascot. No internet allowed. Have a reward in mind. this isn't a project, it's still fun to do!@dougjoubert
WixieOnline authoring program which offers features such as drawing tools, audio recording, text tools, image upload and built in image library. This platform helps younger students create projects from scratch and offers teachers the ability to view all student work from previous years as well as the current school year. There is also an ability for students to add their work to a portfolio which can be shared out to whomever the students chooses. It works on computer, tablets and Chromebooks.
Animated DictonaryHave students create an animated dictionary of vocabulary words using GIFs and Google Slides
Create a Comic StripHave students create a comic strip to demonstrate understandingComic Strip Template@LISDTechie
Create Map as Virtual Field TripHave students create a map of locations and include images, video, text
Google Tour BuilderHave students create a map of locations and include images, video, text
Digital StorytellingStudents can use whiteboard apps and video to create a story demonstrating understanding
Stop Motion StorytellingHollywood does a fantastic job of doing this for us when we lose ourselves in a character. Lin Manuel Miranda did it when he turned his reading of Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton (available on PBS LearningMedia) into a personalized, energetic reading, hip-hop/rap song and hit Broadway musical.

But, how do we do this for our students? resource comes from @nhsdwelch - At the bottom of the blog post is a recorded webinar where he describes his process. @teachjanderson
Create an infographicStudents use elements of design to present research, connect ideas and impactfully present their message. Even better when shared publicly.
MetadecksMetaphor is a brain based strategy for meaning making. Have students create a mataphor scenario about their learning. Then use images, one per slide explaining their learning via metaphor. Instead of sharing via slides. Transfer thinking and presentation strategy for audience retention.@debschi
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