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Baseball Book suggestoins according to /r/Baseball
Title AuthorSynopsisAmazon RatingCategory
If I Never Get Back: A Novel. Brock, DarrylFirst professional baseball team. Time Travel, Trans-continental railroad. Mark Twain. Really.5 Starsnon fiction
Baseball Extra: A Newspaper History of the Glorious Game from Its Beginnings to the Present Caren, Eric C.An incredible collection of rare newspaper chart baseball's history from its beginnings in the mid-1800's to the 1999 World Series4 (4 reviews)non fiction
Baseball's Hometown Teams: The Story of the Minor Leagues (Major league memories) Chadwick, BruceFrom the Durham Bulls to the Seattle Rainiers, America has pursued a love affair with minor-league baseball since the 18th century. Baseball's Hometown Teams, an attractive compilation of mostly vintage black-and-white photos and accompanying text, pays tribute to this sometimes overlooked part of the national pastime. 3 Stars (1 Review)non fiction
Voices from Cooperstown: Baseball's Hall of Famers Tell It Like It Was Connor, Anthony J.this book details the life and times of all the hall of famers that we know and love. from willie mays remembering the first time his father rolled him a ball, to ty cobb's views on how his rookie season molded him into the player that he was. this book has a little something for everyone and is definitely a must read. 5 Stars (1 reviews)non fiction
Percentage Baseball Cook, EarnshawBasebally analysis through numbers, numerology preceding sabremetrics5 starsnon fiction
The Entitled: A Tale of Modern Baseball Deford, FrankHowie Traveler is the manager of the Cleveland Indians, and Jay Alcazar is his star player. Never quite good enough as a player, Traveler spent two decades in the minors as a coach and manager, building his resume oh so slowly. Alcazar, on the other hand, is the son of a wealthy Cuban immigrant. Even if he hadn't become a baseball star, he would have enjoyed myriad opportunities. The pair share a mundane player-manager relationship until one night Traveler inadvertently spies Alcazar in a physical dispute with a woman trying to escape the star's hotel room.4.5 Starsnon fiction
The Mental Game of Baseball: A Guide to Peak Performance Dorfman, H AIn this book, authors H.A. Dorfman and Karl Kuehl present their practical and proven strategy for developing the mental skills needed to achieve peak performance at every level of the game. 5 Starsnon fiction
The Fireside Book of Baseball Einstein, CharlesThis is the first printing of the first edition of the best anthology of writings about baseball ever written, with more than 100 writings by such as Nelson Algren, Mordecai Brown, Ty Cobb, James T. Farrell, Bob Feller, and many others Numerous b&w photos and illustrations NAfiction
The Second Fireside Book Of Baseball Einstein, CharlesSecond book of the Anthology of the gameNAfiction
The Third Fireside Book Of Baseball Einstein, CharlesThird book of the Anthology of the gameNAfiction
The Men in Blue: Conversations with Umpires Gerlach, Larry R.Gerlach has elicited entertaining stories Umpires--about their lonely travels, their dealings with umpire baiters, battles for unionization, breaking through the color line, and much more. From Beans Reardon, who came up to the National League in 1926, to Ed Sudol, who retired in 1977, here is a witty and telling portrait of baseball from the boisterous Golden Age to the Jet Age of Instant Replay.5 starsnon fiction
Three and Two! The Autobiography of Tom Gorman, the Great Major League Umpire Gorman, Tom & Holtzman, JeromeAutobiography of Major League umpire tom Gorman5 stars (4 reviews)fiction
The Best Seat in Baseball, But You Have to Stand: The Game as Umpires See It . Gutkind, Lee, Greenberg, Eric Rolfe Gutkind offers the perspectives of several major league umpires who offer their likes and dislikes of the profession, the players, and the game.3 Starsnon fiction
The Man In Dugout Honig, DonaldThe fifteen major-league managers interviewed in The Man in the Dugout represent six decades of baseball—men like Joe McCarthy of the New York Yankees and Walter Alston of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Each oral history, steeped in nostalgia and confidentiality, is a record of the triumphs and defeats of the man carrying the prime responsibility of a multimillion-dollar franchise. Here the manager is revealed as a strategist, tactician, peacemaker, politician, ego-soother, and builder of self-confidence. He holds the toughest, most gratifying, and most insecure job in baseball.5 stars (2 reviews)fiction
Baseball Rules in Pictures. Jacobs, G. Walker WalkerNow fully revised and updated, Baseball Rules in Pictures contains the complete text of the Official Playing Rules.g bases, fair and foul balls, runner advances, bunts, force plays and more. 5 Stars (1 Review)non fiction
Memories of Summer: When Baseball Was an Art, and Writing about It a Game ( Kahn, RogerEsteemed baseball writer Roger Kahn's Memories of Summer makes a fine companion to his earlier classic,The Boys of Summer. Both books plow similar soil--Kahn's roots in Brooklyn and his years covering the Dodgers with fertile prose--but the similarities end there. The new volume, subtitled "When Baseball Was an Art, and Writing About It a Game," foregoes its predecessor's route of wistful melancholy and broken dreams for the exhilaration of the sport itself.5 starsnon fiction
Good Enough to Dream Kahn, RogerStory of his year as owner of the Class A, very minor league Utica Blue Sox.4.5 Starsnon fiction
Baseball Between the Numbers: Why Everything You Know About the Game Is Wrong Keri, JonahFor baseball fans young, old, and in between, the ultimate guide to the new statistical thinking that's revolutionizing the game 4.5 Starsnon fiction
Dollar Sign on the Muscle: The World of Baseball Scouting. Kerrane, KevinWith a new epilogue covering the late 1990s, this book takes a look at the world of baseball scouting. Kevin Kerrane makes clear the point that baseball is big business. 5 Starsnon fiction
The Iowa Baseball Confederacy: A Novel. Kinsella, W. P.Matthew Clarke was literally struck by lightning and magically imbued with the knowledge that in 1908 the Chicago Cubs had traveled to Onamata, Iowa, to play a seemingly endless game against an all-star amateur team, the Iowa Baseball Confederacy. He spends the rest of his life trying to prove this fact4.5 Starsnon fiction
Shoeless Joe. Kinsella, W. P.Basis for Field of Dreams4 Starsnon fiction
The Thinking Fan's Guide to Baseball, Revised Edition Koppett, Leonardgood overall book for the casual baseball fan who is looking to improve his or her overall understanding of the game of baseball. 3 starspoetry
Stolen Season: A Journey Through America and Baseball's Minor Leagues Lamb, David Lamb discusses the nation's 15 minor leagues--their franchises, stadiums, owners, managers and, too infrequently, players--in this workmanlike book.5 Starsnon fiction
Summer of '98: When Homers Flew, Records Fell, and Baseball Reclaimed America Lupica, MikeLupica talks abou the Sosa-McGwire homer race4non fiction
The Natural. Malamud, Bernard Roy Hobbs, the protagonist of The Natural, makes the mistake of pronouncing aloud his dream: to be the best there ever was. Such hubris, of course, invites divine intervention, but the brilliance of Bernard Malamud's novel is the second chance it offers its hero, elevating him--and his story--into the realm of myth4. Starsnon fiction
Say Hey: The Autobiography of Willie Mays Mays, WillieAutobiography of Willie MaysNAfiction
The official rules of baseball: Nemec, DavidIllustrated with more than fifty black-and-white photographs, a study of the rules of baseball traces the development of baseball rules, examining how and why the rules have changed over the years, as well as key moments in baseball history. 4.5 starsnon fiction
Baseball Dynasties: The Greatest Teams of All Time Neyer, Rob Epstein, Eddie Rob Neyer and Eddie Epstein identify 15 of these powerhouses, assess the overall stats and individual achievements of each, examine the durability of the numbers, and compare and contrast them relative to one another in an attempt to identify the one team that truly lived up to--and exceeded--its potential to stand alone.4.5 Starsnon fiction
The Soul of Baseball: A Road Trip Through Buck O'Neil's America Posnanski, JoePosnanski, sports columnist for the Kansas City Star, spent a year on the road with the iconic Negro Leagues player and manager Buck O'Neil (1911–2006), recording the magnanimous 94-year-old's encounters with scores of fans and his vast repertoire of entertaining stories.5 starsnon fiction
The Machine Posnanski, JoeAbout the Big Red Machine4 Starsnon fiction
The Glory of Their Times: The Story of the Early Days of Baseball Told by the Men Who Played It. Ritter, Lawrence S.An oral history of the game in the first two decades of the century,5 Starsnon fiction
Covering Home: My Life With Nolan Ryan Ryan, RuthIn this up-close narrative, Ruth Ryan talks about life with her husband, baseball's most famous living legend, Nolan Ryan. Written at the culmination of Ryan's 27-season career, Ruth shares behind-the-scenes stories and candidly writes about their love, faith and commitment to each other. 3 Stars (1 Review)non fiction
Mudville Diaries: A Book of Baseball Memories Schacht, MikeThis book treats readers to irresistible memories of baseball, from sandlot slides to a six-year-old's first Dodgers game at Ebbets Field.5 stars (2 Reviews)fiction
The Ballplayers: Baseball's Ultimate Biographical Reference Shatzkin, MikeThis hefty, mostly biographical dictionary summarizes lives and careers of past and present major leaguers. Recommended for sports reference shelves.4 Stars (3 Reviews)non fiction
Red Smith on Baseball Smith, RedRed Smith on Baseball is as essential to a good sports library as any single book can be. But to compartmentalize it as just a sports book would be to somehow miss the larger accomplishments of a modern master of the English language. 5 starsnon fiction
When the Boys Came Back: Baseball and 1946 Turner, Frederick W.Frederick Turner follows the events of the season, beginning with spring training and ending with the World Series match-up that saw the St. Louis Cardinals top the Boston Red Sox in seven games after Enos Slaughter's famed "mad dash" from first to home4 stars (1 review)non fiction
Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball Will, GeorgeGeorge Will breaks baseball down, parsing it into essential tasks: hitting, fielding, pitching, and managing. Why do some succeed grandly while others are more apt to whiff?4 Starsnon fiction
The Veracruz Blues Winegardner, MarkMexican league when MLB players were trying to break the owner's stranglehold.5 Starsnon fiction
The Diamond Appraised. Wright,Craig R. & House, Tomcollaboration between House, pitching coach of the Texas Rangers, and Wright, a former Rangers' statistician who styles himself a sabremetrician2 stars (only one review, seems to frown upon sabermetrics)non fiction
Spring Training Zinsser, William This light, amiable look at the spring training camp of the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, Fla., in 1988, captures the spirit of this annual American renewal.4.5non fiction
Eight Men Out.Asinof, EliotClassic regarding the Black Sox Scandal4.5 Starsnon fiction
Sometimes You See It Coming : A Novel Baker, Kevin This uneven first novel about major-league baseball utilizes the sport as both a metaphor for real life and an escape from it.4.5fiction
Three Nights in August: Strategy, Heartbreak, and Joy Inside the Mind of a ManagerBissinger, BuzzBissinger eschews the usual method of writing about baseball in the context of a season or a career, choosing instead to dissect the game by carefully watching one three-game series between the Cardinals and Cubs in late 2003.4 Starsnon fiction
Ball FourBouton,Jim
n the early '70s, he tossed off one of the funniest, most revealing, insider's takes on baseball life in Ball Four, his diary of the season he tried to pitch his way back from oblivion on the strength of a knuckler.
4.5 Starsnon fiction
BASEBALL. An Illustrated History.c., Geoffrey & Burns, Ken In 1994 Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns's Baseball captured the beauty and complexity of America's national pastime.NAfiction
The Game That Was: The George Brace Baseball Photo CollectionCahan, Richard unique compilation of the game's greatest players relaxing with their families, hunting with the friends, and hanging out with the neighborhood kids5 Starsnon fiction
Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got BigCanseco, JoseCanseco's books about Roids.3.5 Starsnon fiction
Hornsby Hit One Over My Head: A Fans' Oral History of BaseballCataneo, David Baseball is the most Homeric of games, a game of voices telling stories, of transmitting lore in that most ancient technology: word of mouth. Everyone who's been to the ballpark has a story to tell; sportswriter David Cataneo has done heroic duty by gathering and disseminating the rich voice of the common fan in this collection that runs the gamut from exuberance to poignancy.4.5 starsnon fiction
The Last Best League: One Summer, One Season, One DreamCollins, Jimprofiles of the players, coaches, and local citizens who come together in the Cape Cod League offers a captivating, timeless brew of scuffed baseballs, white sand, and pristine dreams.5 Starsnon fiction
The Universal Baseball Association, Inc.Coover, Robert A satirical fable with a rootless and helpless accountant as the protagonist. Alone in his apartment, he spends all his nights and weekends playing an intricate baseball game of his own invention.4 Starsnon fiction
Fair Ball: A Fan's Case for Baseball.Costas, Bob Kostas critiques baseball and proposes several common-sense changes4 Starsnon fiction
BabeCreamer,Robert extraordinary biography, noted sportswriter Robert W. Creamer reveals the complex man behind the sports legend.5 Starsnon fiction
Insider's BaseballDavids, L. Robert Collection of unkown facts and stats regarding baseball4 Stars( review)non fiction
The Scrapbook history of baseballDeutsch, Jordan A?NAfiction
The Dickson Baseball DictionaryDickson, Paul Dickson's dictionary does far more than define the terms and phrases of the game; many of his 5000 definitions provide etymological descriptions and contending theories, context notes, external uses of the term, and its "earliest" appearance. 5 Starsnon fiction
The Joy of Keeping Score: How Scoring the Game Has Influenced and Enhanced the History of Baseball Dickson, Paul Paul Dickson clearly explains and translates the quirky documentation system, which looks like cuneiform to the uninitiated, for recording what happens on the ball field, and why true fans are so adamant about doing it.4 Starsnon fiction
Nice Guys Finish LastDurocher, Leo A no-holds-barred account of a singular figure, Nice Guys Finish Last brings the personalities and play-by-play of baseball’s greatest era to vivid life, earning a place on every baseball fan’s bookshelf.4.5 starsnon fiction
Knotty Problems of BaseballEvans, Billy Billy EvanNAfiction
Diamond DollarsGennaro, VinceDiamond Dollars is a fresh, provocative, insightful, and analytical look at the business of baseball. Using the win-revenue relationship as a foundation, author Vince Gennaro delves deeply to explain how a team's level of competitiveness impacts the "value" of its players, to explore how a well-developed farm system contributes to a team's economic value, and to discuss some recent business trends, such as team-owned regional sports television networks. 4.5 Starsnon fiction
A Great and Glorious Game: Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti.Giamatti, Bart The collected writings of Bart Giamatti demonstrate the depth of appreciation he had toward our game. The first paragraph of "Green Fields of the Mind" alone should be the centerpiece for the canon of sports literature. 4.5 Starsnon fiction
Sixty Feet, Six Inches: A Hall of Fame Pitcher & a Hall of Fame Hitter Talk about How the Game is PlayedGibson, Bob , Jackson, ReggieIf you want to understand baseball’s game inside the game between the pitcher and the hitter, this is it. Two of the greats have written a classic4.5 starsnon fiction
Playing for Keeps: A History of Early Baseball.Goldstein, Warren an insightful, in-depth account of the game that became America's premier spectator sport for nearly a century.4 Starsnon fiction
Wait till next yearGoodwin,Doris KearnsPulitzer Prize Winning Goodwin reflects on her childhood and memories of the Dodgers in Brooklyn4.5 Starsnon fiction
The Celebrant.Greenberg, Eric Rolfe turn-of-the-century tale about the intertwined lives of New York Giants pitcher Christy Mathewson and the family of a young Jewish immigrant who makes his World Series rings4.5 starsnon fiction
World Series ClassicsGutman, Dan Recounts the World Series games of 1912, 1924, 1947, 1975 and 1991. NAfiction
Jackie & MeGutman, Dan Not only does Joe travel back in time over 50 years, stay at the Robinson's apartment, and become a bat boy for the Dodgers, but he is also transformed from a Polish American into an African American, introducing some interesting perspectives on race in the mid-20th century. 5 starsnon fiction
It aint cheating if you don't get caughtGutman, Dan The book is full of all sorts of stories about how to cheat in baseball. Just like in life, cheaters always get caught (well, usually anyway).

This book covers a lot of the big cheats - Gaylord Perry and his Vaseline ball, Eddie Stanky and the Stanky Manoeuver, along with a bunch of other funny and interesting characters.
5 stards (1 review)non fiction
The Babe and Me.Gutman, Dan A boy and his father zip back in time to discover whether Babe Ruth actually predicted his home run in Game Three of the 1932 World Series. 4.5 Starsnon fiction
Honus and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure.Gutman, Dan Joe Stoshack and his mom aren't rich, so when Joe finds a valuable baseball card in an old lady's attic, he thinks he's got it made. Joe is an avid baseball card collector so he knows that the Honus Wagner card is baseball's rarest find. What he doesn't know is that the card has properties that allow both Joe and Honus Wagner to travel through time. 4.5 Starsnon fiction
The Way Baseball Works .Gutman, Dan , McCarver, TimThis nifty, heavily illustrated book is perfect for browsing. The excellent photographs show how a baseball and glove are made, how a pitcher throws a curve or slider, how stadiums equipped with AstroturfR are conducive to certain types of hits and plays, and much more.3 stars (only 2 reviews)non fiction
October 1964.Halberstam, David, Regarding the myth surrounding 1964 World Series between the Yankees and Cardinals w4.5 Starsnon fiction
Summer of '49.Halberstam, David, ostensibly about the pennant race between the Yankees and Red Sox that year and the "rivalry" between Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams.4.5 Starsnon fiction
Watching Baseball SmarterHample, ZackHighly recommended for baseball watchers, Hample also schools amateur players and coaches with well-illustrated examples of some complex pitching, hitting and base-running scenarios. 4 Starsnon fiction
The bullpen GospelsHayhurst, Dirk well written and gives some pretty awesome insight into what it's like in A/AA/AAA.5 starsnon fiction
HEART OF THE GAME: The Education of a Minor-League Ball Player .Hemphill, Paul follows a year in the life of Marty Malloy, a short, scrappy second baseman in the Atlanta Braves organization. Hemphill does a fine job of capturing the essence of the sport.4 Starsnon fiction
Pure BaseballHernandez, Keith Keither Hernandez talks baseball with an indepth perspective4.5 starsnon fiction
The BILL JAMES GUIDE TO BASEBALL MANAGERS.James, BillJames has built a career on finding the art and wisdom in baseball's numbers. Here he answers--in words as well as the numbers to back them up--everything you've ever wanted to know about dugout skippers, from the game's dinosaur days in the 1870s right up to today.4.5 Starsnon fiction
Percentage BaseballJames, Billthis comprehensive and opinionated tome describes the evolution of the sport over the decades (uniforms in the 1890s, best minor league teams of the 1930s, the Negro Leagues, etc.) and the characteristics of its players (stats, injuries, habits and proclivities)4.5 starsnon fiction
The Politics of Glory: How Baseball's Hall of Fame Really WorksJames, Billdiscusses how players have been selected in the past and are chosen now for the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, N.Y. The Baseball Writers of America, which picks contemporary players, has been sparing in its inductions, he argues, while the groups (now called the Veterans Committee) that have picked past players have been overly generous4.5 Starsnon fiction
That Sweet Diamond Baseball PoemsJaneczko, Paul B., Katchen, Caroleappealing suite of poems that illuminate the plays and dramatis personae from before the game to after the last out. 5 Stars (1 review)non fiction
A False SpringJordan, PatA painful memoir and self-analysis of a young, aspiring baseball player who failed to make the majors"5 Starsnon fiction
The Boys of Summer.Kahn, RogerAfter recounting his childhood in Brooklyn, the author relates some history of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team up to their victory in the 1955 World Series4.5 Starsnon fiction
The Planet of the UmpsKaiser, Kenfunny memoir offers a hilarious look into life behind the plates by the man who was voted the most colorful umpire in the American League in a 1986 Sporting News poll.3.5 Starsnon fiction
Baseball Between the Numbers Keri, Jonah & Baseball ProspectusFor baseball fans young, old, and in between, the ultimate guide to the new statistical thinking that's revolutionizing the game. 4.5 Starsnon fiction
Is this a great game or whatKurkihan, TimKukijan writes about his experiences covering 25 years of baseball4.5 Starsnon fiction
You know me Al: a busher's letters.Lardner, Ring The book profiles a talented fictitious baseball pitcher whose primary limitations are his shallowness, arrogance and bone-headedness.4 Starsnon fiction
The Art of Hitting.300.Lau, Charley , Glossbrenner, Alfred , LaRussa, Tony, Salzberg, Charles Talks about the proper way to go about hitting a baseball5 Starsnon fiction
The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's ChildhoodLeavy, JeanBiography of The Mick4 Starsnon fiction
MOneyBallLewis, Michael Billy Beane, the A's, and sabremetrics4.5 Starsnon fiction
The Imperfect Diamond: A History of Baseball's Labor WarsLowenfish,Lee , Creamer, Robert w. rom the introduction of the reserve clause in 1879 to the lockout and new basic agreement of 1990, baseball players have been engaged in one of the longest and most colorful labor struggles in our nation’s history. The Imperfect Diamond tells the stories of the players and their opponents, the powerful owners:NAfiction
The Bronx Zoo: The Astonishing Inside Story of the 1978 World Champion New York YankeesLyle, , Golenbock, Peter The Bronx Zoo is Lyle's best-selling, highly acclaimed collaboration with author Peter Golenbock that, when originially released in 1979, was favorably compared to Jim Bouton's groundbreaking Ball Four as a hillarious - but scathing - baseball tell-all. 4.5 Starsnon fiction
Rules and Lore of BaseballMarazzi, Richard ?NAfiction
Baseball's Golden Age : The Photographs of Charles M. Conlon.McCabe, Neal , McCabe, ConstanceHe was called "The Baseball Photographer," the man who put his camera away after the World Series and didn't unpack it again until Opening Day, but Conlon's work is not that simple. Though he had no artistic pretense, his images are certainly works of art, and if his subject, on the surface, was the "National Pastime," his focus was really on capturing depth of character; his characters just happened to be ballplayers.5 Starsnon fiction
Odd Man Out: A Year on the Mound with a Minor League Misfit McCarthy, Matt Was touted as Ball Four for the minor leagues.4 starsnon fiction
Baseball for Brain SurgeonsMcCarver, Timpacked, at times densely penned, manual for smart and inquisitive fans, written up to their hunger for good, solid, challenging insight into the game's tactics, strategies, and maneuverings. McCarver goes into impressively thorough detail, which is his ultimate strength and occasional weakness; he assumes you've already got at least a baseball B.A.3.5 Starsnon fiction
A Whole Different Ball Game: The Sport and Business of Baseball .Miller, Marvin author unsentimentally recalls a turbulent era during which club owners lost a protracted battle to retain the reserve rule (which effectively bound players to one team in perpetuity), thereby obliging them to bid for the services of erstwhile chattels as free agents or deal through impartial arbitrators. 2 stars (only one review)non fiction
Joy in MudvilleMitchell, Greg Mitchell volunteered to manage his son Andy's Little League team in Nyack, New York. Joy in Mudville is the delightful result, restoring sanity, perspective, and fun to what is, after all, a kids' summer game.4.5 Starsnon fiction
I was Right on TimeO'Neil, Buck Buck O'Neil talks about his baseball and his days in the Negro Leagues, and as a scot4.5 Starsnon fiction
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