California Safe Routes to School Grants
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Applicant AgencyCycleCaltrans DistrictCountyProject LocationDescription of WorkNon-infra or InfrastrucutreFederal FundsDate Awarded
Alameda14AlamedaVicinity of Fairview Elementary School; Maud Avenue between D Street and Kelly Street; Intersection of Maud Avenue and Romagnolo Street.Close sidewalk gaps along Maud Avenue between D Street and Kelly Street, construct bulbouts at the intersection of Maud Avenue and Romagnolo Street, and install high visibility yellow crosswalks at the school.infra$585,3106/7/07
Alameda14AlamedaVicinity of Marshall Elementary School.Close sidewalks gaps, install ADA pedestrian ramps at crosswalks and intersections, install high visibility crosswalks, and install one in-roadway lighted crosswalk on Omega Avenue.infra$499,5966/7/07
Alameda Public Health Department14AlamedaAll Alameda schools.The Partnership is a wide collaboration between Public Health Department, the Transportation and Land Coalition, Cycles of Change and many other partners. 1) Lead comprehensive SRTS efforts in Oakland, Berkeley and the unincorporated areas of Alameda ; 2) Make available tailored trainings, curriculum support and technical support to all schools.non-infra$498,0006/7/07
Oakland14AlamedaFrick Middle School (Foothill at 62nd Ave and 63rd Ave); Hoover Elementary (San Pablo Ave/Brockhurst St); Franklin Elementary (E. 15th St/9th Ave); Peralta Elementary (Telegraph Ave/63rd St); Lakeview Elementary (Grand Ave/MacArthur Ave); and Lafayette Elemenary (Market St/18th St).Construct sidewalk bulb-outs at intersections serving five elementary schools and one middle school.infra$700,4256/7/07
Oakland24AlamedaAlong major routes leading to Bret Harte MS, Manzanita ES, Paralta ES, Pacific Boychoir, and La Escuela Internacional schools.Construct pedestrian bulb-outs, sidewalk gap closures, and curb ramps; install pedestrian countdown signal heads, crosswalk striping and new bicycle lane.infra$920,30010/15/08
Alameda34AlamedaGibbons Dr./Northwood Dr. /Southwood Dr.Construct raised medians and curb ramps; install stop controls and stripinginfra$184,60010/17/11
Alameda34AlamedaMultiple Schools in East and West OaklandConduct SRTS educational assemblies to complement SRTS efforts; implement the Golden Sneakers program; provide safety patrols; conduct walking school buses, bike rodeos, and events.non-infra$500,00010/17/11
Emeryville34AlamedaSR 123 (San Pablo Ave.) between 43rd St. and 47th St.Install in-pavement crosswalk lights, Rapid Flashing Beacons, audible pedestrian countdown heads, signs, and stop (bar) markings; construct bulb-outs and median tipinfra$748,00010/17/11
San Leandro34AlamedaMultiple Schools in the City of San LeandroImplement pedestrian and bicycle safety education; school pedestrian and bicycle safety rodeonon-infra$410,00010/17/11
Butte13ButteMonte Vista Avenue between Lower Wyandotte Road and Autrey LaneInstall curb, gutter, sidewalk, access ramps, tie-in pavement, school crossings and drainage improvements along Monte Vista Avenue between Lower Wyandotte Road and Autrey Lane to enhance student safety to reach Golden Hills & Helen Wilcox Elementary Schoolsinfra$290,5766/7/07
Paradise13ButteAll schools within the Town of Paradise.The Education component will include a Bicycle Rodeo and Walkable/Bikeable Community workshop; The Encouragement component addresses the marketing program; The Enforcement component will fund a Community Service Officer.non-infra$66,0006/7/07
Butte33ButteLas Plumas Ave. between Walmer Rd. and Autrey Ln.; Walmer Rd. between Lincoln Blvd. and Rosedale Ave.Construct sidewalks, curb and gutter, curb ramps, and AC tie-in; install speed humps, and speed feedback signs; upgrade crosswalksinfra$941,40010/17/11
Colusa23ColusaAlong and adjacent to the Fremont St. corridor, which connects SR-20 (10th St.) to SR-20/45 (Bridge St.), within a 1/4-mi of Egling MS and Birchfield P.S.Install sidewalks and curb ramps.infra$274,50010/15/08
Colusa33ColusaFremont St./7th St. and Fremont St./3rd St.Install traffic signals with loops, pedestrian countdown headsinfra$356,70010/17/11
Contra Costa14Contra CostaPacheco Boulevard between Camino Del Sol and Windhover Way.Project to close sidewalk gap between Camino Del Sol and Windhover Way on Pacheco Boulevard in the Vine Hill area of unincorporated Contra Costa .infra$311,0006/7/07
Contra Costa14Contra CostaWillow Lake Road from Discovery Bay Boulevard to Discovery Bay Elementary School.Along the south side of Willow Lake Road from Discovery Bay Boulevard to Discovery Bay Elementary School, install a 920-foot long, 5-foot wide concrete sidewalk, install or modify eight pedestrian curb ramps, and install crosswalk striping at Discovery Bay intersection.infra$186,0006/7/07
Pleasant Hill14Contra CostaLisa Lane between Marcia Drive and Iron Horse Regional Trail (Fair Oaks Elementary School).Construct 250 feet of 4-foot wide concrete sidewalk along the north side of Lisa Lane between Marcia Drive and Iron Horse Regional Trail, right in front of Fair Oaks Elementary School.infra$344,1506/7/07
Richmond14Contra CostaVicinities of Ford Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, King Elementary School and Lincoln Elementary School.Implement engineering changes to pedestrian routes at four elementary schools in the city of Richmond, increasing the safety of students walking to and from these schools.infra$412,1676/7/07
Danville24Contra CostaThroughout the San Ramon Valley, in the communities of Alamo, Blackhawk, Danville, Diablo, San Ramon, and a small portion of Walnut Creek within the San Ramon Valley Unified School District boundaries.Sustain and expand the Street Smarts Program's existing traffic safety education efforts; encourage bicycling and walking to school as a safe, healthy, convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation.non-infra$290,00010/15/08
El Cerrito24Contra CostaOn Arlington Dr. at its intersection with both Madera Dr. and Brewster Dr., near Madera ES.Install curb bulb-outs, in-pavement lighted crosswalks, LED-enhanced signs and upgraded/interconnected advanced flashing beacons and signs for crosswalk; conduct public outreach via city website.infra$230,47010/15/08
Richmond24Contra CostaAdjacent to the following five schools: Coronado ES, Highland ES, Nystrom ES, Washington ES, and Wilson ES.Construct raised medians, sidewalks and bicycle paths; install lighted crosswalks and pavement markings; conduct education and enforcement outreach programs.infra$477,00010/15/08
West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee24Contra CostaIn the cities of Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Pinole, Hercules and El Sobrante.Conduct nine walkability audits/walkability workshops, seven focus groups, 35 meetings with teacher and parent groups, five assemblies, 75 outreach contracts, 35 on-site technical assistance with local bicycle/pedestrian champions, and 120 classroom pedestrian educational presentations.non-infra$500,00010/15/08
Albany34Contra CostaMultiple Schools in the City of AlbanyHire a SRTS Program Coordinator and continue the activities of the established SRTS Programnon-infra$185,00010/17/11
Contra Costa34Contra CostaNorth side Pacifica Ave. between Mariners Cove Dr. and Inlet Dr.Construct sidewalk, minor drainage, curb and gutterinfra$849,00010/17/11
Danville34Contra CostaMultiple Schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School DistrictExpand the existing Street Smarts Program to include storybook poster contest, video contest, traffic safety assembly and bike rodeo programs; develop walking school buses, enforcement and encouragement by police and sheriff’s officenon-infra$225,50010/17/11
El Dorado13El DoradoSouth side of Green Valley Road west toward Pleasant Grove Middle School; North side of Green Valley Rd from future signalized Silver Springs Parkway east to existing asphalt walkway.Construct concrete sidewalk approximately 2,520 linear feet on the south side of Green Valley Road west toward Pleasant Grove Middle School; Construct asphalt concrete sidewalk approx. 650 feet in length on the north side of Green Valley Rd from future signalized Silver Springs Parkway east to existing asphalt walkway.infra$435,3006/7/07
El Dorado Transportation Commission13El Doradoall 53 schools in western El DoradoConduct site visits at all 53 schools in western El Dorado , complete a bike/walkability checklist, assess potential improvements and develop improvement needs.non-infra$35,0006/7/07
Placerville13El DoradoSchool zones of Markam Middle School and Schnell Elementary School.Install four radar speed feedback signs and two in-road crosswalk lighting systems.non-infra$167,2116/7/07
Fresno16FresnoThe intersection of Belmont Avenue and Mariposa AvenueInstall traffic signal light at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Mariposa Avenue.infra$388,0586/7/07
Fresno16FresnoTehipite Middle SchoolImplement an educational program on bicycle and pedestrian safety to students through the services of the Volunteer Center of Fresno, including: a) High Visibility School Based on Events for "Keeping Kids Safe Day"; b) School assembly and classroom activities. c). School-Parent safety meetings.non-infra$23,5006/7/07
Firebaugh26FresnoAlong P St. near A.E. Mills IS. and along O St. between A.E. Mills MS and Firebaugh MS and near Hazel M. Bailey ES.Construct sidewalks and curb ramps; re-stripe crosswalks.infra$393,00010/15/08
Fresno26FresnoAlong Pinedale, Spruce, Locust, Fir, Beechwood, Maroa, and College Avenues.Construct sidewalk gap closures and curb ramps.infra$348,60010/15/08
Fresno26FresnoPinedale ES.Implement a School Safety Education Day; conduct safety activities for safe travel to and from school; provide educational materials and safety helmets.non-infra$8,50010/15/08
Fresno26FresnoQunice Ave. from Tahoe Ave. to East of Sandy Ave.Construct asphalt sidewalks.infra$61,22010/15/08
Fresno26FresnoOn Maple Ave. near Weldon Ave.Install flashing yellow beacons.infra$119,76010/15/08
Fresno26FresnoNorth side of Clarkson Ave. from Santa Clara Ave. to 0.3 miles west of San Mateo Ave.Construct asphalt walkway.infra$56,72010/15/08
Parlier26FresnoAlong the North side of E. Parlier Ave. between Milton Ave. and Mendocino Ave.Construct curb, gutter, and sidewalk.infra$205,00010/15/08
Reedley26FresnoAlong the East side of Frankwood Ave.Construct sidewalk and curb ramps; install in-pavement crosswalk lights.infra$93,65010/15/08
Firebaugh36FresnoVarious locations throughout the cityConstruct pedestrian path, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and curb ramps; upgrade crosswalk striping; install in-pavement crosswalk lightsinfra$439,20010/17/11
Fresno36FresnoFlorence Ave. between Balderas ES and Chestnut Ave.Construct sidewalk; install (high visibility) crosswalkinfra$103,90010/17/11
Fresno36FresnoLincoln Ave. approximately 725' east of Elm Ave.Install traffic signal; construct curb rampsinfra$357,80010/17/11
Fresno36FresnoBelmont Ave./Helm Ave.Install traffic signalinfra$546,30010/17/11
Humboldt31HumboldtMultiple Schools in the Fortuna Union Elementary School District and Eureka City School District in HumboldtDevelop a crossing guard programinfra$472,20010/17/11
Brawley111ImperialCity of Brawley1. Prepare SRTS maps; 2. Apply Selective Traffic Enforcement; 3. Develop Traffic Safety Awareness and Education Programs for students and residents of Brawley; 4. Initiate School Crossing Guard Training Programs.non-infra$180,0006/7/07
Imperial111ImperialPedestrian routes near Grace Smith Elementary School.Construct sidewalk, curb and gutter and in-fill paving on pedestrian routes near Grace Smith Elementary School.infra$412,0006/7/07
Blythe Police Department28ImperialIn the city of Blythe.Purchase pole-mounted radar speed feedback signs and a mobile radar trailer; train and equip crossing guards at all sites.infra$486,65010/15/08
Westmorland211ImperialIn the city of Westmorland.Prepare Safe Routes to School maps and conduct training; apply selective traffic enforcement; develop traffic safety awareness and education/training program; enhance existing school crossing guard program; initiate an incentive/recognition program for walking/bicycling to school.non-infra$180,00010/15/08
Imperial311ImperialEast side Baseline Rd. between San Pasqual Rd. and Arnold Rd.Construct sidewalk, curb and gutterinfra$508,40010/17/11
Kern16KernStine Road at Bianchi Way and Wood Lane (Curran Middle School & Munsey Elem. School).Construct curb, gutter, sidewalk, drive approaches, wheelchair ramps and AC tie-ins along Stine Road at Bianchi Way and Wood Lane.infra$243,0006/7/07
Delano26KernAdjacent to the following six schools: Cecil Ave. MS, Terrace ES, Princeton St. School, Morningside ES, Harvest ES, and La Vina MSInstall zebra-stripe and raised crosswalks, signs, bulb-outs, curb extensions, crossing islands, pedestrian-activated LED flashing beacons, curb ramps, countdown signals, audio signals, and bicycle parking; relocate one in-pavement lighted crosswalk.infra$398,31010/15/08
Delano26KernVarious schools in the city of Delano.Provide education and encouragement services; furnish students with bicycle/pedestrian safety education; equip community members with bicycle/pedestrian safety training through a "train-the-trainer" program; provide 5 SRTS workshops to parent groups and school officials.non-infra$90,00010/15/08
Kern Council of Governments26Kern47 School Districts located throughout Kern .Conduct safe routes to school education for parents, children, school officials, and the community at large through workshops, site assessments, and outreach.non-infra$190,57010/15/08
McFarland26KernAlong Perkins Ave., Browning Ave., and Kern Ave.Construct sidewalk and curb ramps.infra$286,75010/15/08
Wasco26KernIntersection of Filburn/Griffith Ave. and Fifth/Broadway St., near Teresa Burke ES and Karl Clemons ES.Install in-pavement lighted crosswalk.infra$249,67010/15/08
Tehachapi29KernAt the intersection adjacent to Jacobsen MS.Construct sidewalk and curb ramps; reconstruct alley ramp and drainage swales; relocate safety lighting standard.infra$250,00010/15/08
Delano36KernCecil Ave./Albany St.; Albany St./15th Ave.; Albany St./14th Ave.; Albany St./13th Ave.; SR 155 (Garces Hwy.)/Austin St.; SR 155/Belmont St.; SR 155/Dover St.Construct raised crosswalk, bulb-outs, curb ramps; install signs and stripinginfra$393,60010/17/11
Kern36KernMadre St. between Golden Hills Blvd. and Park Rd.; Park Rd. between Santa Barbara Dr. and Golden Hills Blvd.; Sierra Ave. between Santa Barbara Dr. and Madre St.Construct sidewalks, curb and gutter, curb ramps, and A.C. tie-insinfra$213,00010/17/11
Kern36KernFairview Rd. between Gary Pl. and Don St.; west side Sparks St. between Fairview Rd. and Garden Dr.; Don St. between Fairview Rd. and Don St.; Garber Way between Fairview Rd. and Garden Dr.Construct sidewalks, curb and gutter, curb ramps, AC tie-in and cross-drainsinfra$263,00010/17/11
Wasco36Kern4th St./Birch Ave. and 4th St./Griffith Ave.Install in-pavement crosswalk lightsinfra$359,10010/17/11
Wasco36KernMultiple Schools in the City of WascoDevelop SRTS plan modeled by the National Center for Safe Routes to School.non-infra$165,00010/17/11
Avenal26KingsIntersection of 7th Ave. and Orange St. and along Union Ave.Install in-pavement lighted crosswalk; construct sidewalk gap closure.infra$53,43010/15/08
Lemoore26KingsCinnamon and Meadow Lane Elementary Schools.Implement a Walking School Bus Program; implement a safety education program.non-infra$102,42010/15/08
Kings36KingsGeneral Petroleum Ave. between SR 41 and 5th St.Construct sidewalks, curb and gutter, cross gutters; install signsinfra$453,60010/17/11
Ridgecrest39KingsLas Flores Ave./Downs St.; Sierra View St./Kevin Ct.; Sierra View St./Mary Ann St.; Upjohn Ave. between Forrest Knoll St. and S. Fountain St.; Gateway Blvd. between White Oak Dr. and Langley Ave. ; Warner St. between Church Ave. and W. Ridgecrest Blvd.Construct sidewalks, curb ramps, and a bus turnout; install crosswalks, speed feedback signs, and bike lane signs and pavement markingsinfra$583,40010/17/11
Clearlake21LakeOn Dam Rd., between Lake St. and the Dam Rd. Ext.Widen, reconstruct, restripe and add bike lanes.infra$311,53010/15/08
Lake21LakeAlong portions of Hwy. 20 in Clearlake Oaks.Construct sidewalks, bulb-outs, and crosswalks.infra$474,48010/15/08
Clearlake31LakeOld Highway 53 between Olympic Dr. and Lakeshore Dr.; Old Highway 53/Austin Ave.Widen roadway and add bike lanes; install crosswalksinfra$321,40010/17/11
Alhambra17Los AngelesIntersections of Alhambra Rd & 2nd St and Commonwealth Ave & Curtis AveConstruct improvements such as curb bulb-outs, automated bollards, high visibility signs, pedestrian count -down signals, embedded flashing LED lighted crosswalks and 24-hour call boxes at the intersection of Alhambra Rd and 2nd St and the intersection of Commonwealth Ave and Curtis Aveinfra$264,2586/7/07
Bell Gardens17Los AngelesVicinities of Bell Gardens, Cesar Chavez and Suva Elementary Schools and Bell gardens Intermediate School.Install/construct school area warning signs, pavement repainting, pedestrian countdown signals, radar speed signs and in pavement crosswalks with flashing lights.infra$337,2806/7/07
Burbank17Los AngelesJohn Muir, Luther Burbank Middle school & Bret Harte Elementary School; various intersections and various locations.Construct bulb-outs at John Muir, Luther Burbank Middle school & Bret Harte Elementary School; Install bicycle & pedestrian detection at 12 intersections; Install countdown pedestrian signal heads, bicycle loop detection or video camera surveillance at various intersections; Construct sidewalks at various locations.infra$887,6006/7/07
Inglewood17Los AngelesGeorge W. Crozier Middle School and Inglewood High School; Daniel Freeman, Highland, Oak Street and Clyde Woodworth Elementary Schools.Sidewalk Gap Closure for George W. Crozier Middle School and Inglewood High School; Traffic calming measures or other improvements for Daniel Freeman, Highland, Oak Street and Clyde Woodworth Elementary Schools.infra$239,4706/7/07
Los Angeles17Los AngelesWest Los Angeles and the ValleyWatch the Road educational outreach program will educate the children and the community about the unsafe conditions around schools as well as determining the skills and awareness. The long-term goal is to create safe and long lasting habits that young children will carry into adulthood.non-infra$499,0036/7/07
Maywood17Los AngelesVicinity of Loma Vista Elementary (Slauson & 58th St to the south, Loma Vista Ave to the east, Everett Ave to the west and 57th St. to the north)Update signage, construct new sidewalk, curb & gutter, in-pavement flashers, thermoplastic crosswalks and striping, in the vicinity of Loma Vista Elementary, including Slauson & 58th St to the south, Loma Vista Ave to the east, Everett Ave to the west and 57th St. to the north.infra$226,3806/7/07
Montebello17Los AngelesVicinities of Greenwood and Washington Elementary schools.Updating traffic signage, thermoplastic striping, and theromplastic crosswalks; repainting pavement legends; installing in-pavement flashers; and replacing damaged sidewalk for Greenwood and Washington Elementary schools.infra$362,9236/7/07
Rancho Palos Verdes17Los AngelesPalos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (PVPUSD).Promote walking to school with a joint effort between the City and the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (PVPUSD). Develop tools to encourage walking to school through education and incentives.non-infra$30,0006/7/07
San Fernando17Los AngelesVicinities of Morningside Elem. School, O'Melveny Elem. School, San Fernando Elem. School and San Fernando Middle School.Construct improvements, such as bulb-outs, crosswalks, curb ramps, stop bars, countdown signals, pedestrian refuge islands, for four K-8 public schools within it's jurisdiction.infra$994,1266/7/07
Santa Clarita17Los AngelesVicinity of Santa Clarita, Newhall and Cedar Creek Elementary Schools.In vicinity of Santa Clarita, Newhall and Cedar Creek Elementary Schools, perfrom crossing improvements; Install oversized fluorescent yellow-green school signs, speed feedback signs and pedestrian countdown signals; Restrip existing transverse crosswalks with ladder style; And construct bulbouts.infra$586,4766/7/07
Santa Clarita17Los AngelesAll of the City's elementary schools (26).Serve as a comprehensive program covering all five E's and reaching out to all of the City's 26 elementary schools. It includes developing a SRTS Toolkit, holding a Citywide Workshop and conducting individual SRTS walking audits at each of the 26 elementary schools. Expected to complete in 2 years, 13 schools a year.non-infra$295,0006/7/07
Santa Monica17Los AngelesCity of Santa MonicaProcure the services of a consultant to coordinate education, outreach, evaluation and documentation of pedestrian and bicycle programs to be held at the City's 2 middle schools and 2 of the 8 elementary schools.non-infra$197,0006/7/07
South Gate17Los AngelesLocations citywideInstall 122 countdown pedestrian signal heads, 12 driver speed awareness signs, 2 new flashing beacons, and 6000 sq. ft. widened sidewalk throughout the city as identified by comprehensive pedestrian safety review and multi-agency evaluation.infra$905,0006/7/07
Artesia27Los AngelesIn the city of Artesia.Prepare Safe Routes to School maps and conduct training sessions for both students and their parents on bicycle/pedestrian safety.non-infra$230,00010/15/08
Avalon27Los AngelesIn the city of Avalon.Include new education and public outreach components in the school curriculum to inform students of bicycle/pedestrian safety and the benefits of walking/bicycling to school.non-infra$100,00010/15/08
Azusa27Los AngelesAt 12 schools within the city of Azusa.Re-stripe crosswalks; install stop bars, pavement markings, curb ramps, and school area warning signs.infra$102,72010/15/08
Claremont27Los AngelesIn the city of Claremont.Implement a SRTS program by conducting eight Parent Faculty Association meetings, eight bicycle rodeos, and three "Bike to School with a Police Officer" events.non-infra$356,43010/15/08
El Monte27Los AngelesWithin the city limits of El Monte at 11 locations near 11 schools.Install traffic signal, pedestrian stop signals with median beacons, and flashing stop signs; construct sidewalks, bulb-outs and curb ramps.infra$611,00010/15/08
Hawaiian Gardens27Los AngelesNear Fedde MS, Ferguson ES, and Hawaiian ES.Install traffic school signs, pavement legends, crosswalks, bulb-outs, overhead pedestrian signals, and radar speed feedback signs.infra$611,00010/15/08
La Verne27Los AngelesIn the vicinity of La Verne Heights ES, Oak Mesa ES, and Marion Roynon ES.Install pedestrian countdown signals.infra$44,12010/15/08
Lawndale27Los AngelesIn the city of Lawndale.Phase I: Collect traffic counts, conduct walking audits, evaluate crime data, vehicle accident data, along with parent survey and student tally sheets; Phase II: Distribute school-specific suggested safe routes to school maps and educate students school staff, parents and stakeholders on bicycle/pedestrian safety; Phase III: Assess the SRTS Program.non-infra$298,00010/15/08
Long Beach27Los AngelesAt Elementary and Middle schools within Long Beach Unified School District.Educate students and parents about pedestrian/bicycle safety with workshops, student participation in demonstrations, safety rodeos, and certificates of commendation for commitment.non-infra$500,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los AngelesAlong San Pedro St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.Construct sidewalks and crosswalks.infra$910,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los AngelesEleven Elementary Schools within the community of Watts.Develop an education/encouragement/enforcement program that promotes safety for children who walk/bicycle to school, parents, the schools, and community members.non-infra$250,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los AngelesIn Venice near Westminister ES, along Main St. from Santa Monica city limit to Grand Blvd., also at Westminister Ave./Main St. intersection, and on Abbot Kinney Blvd. were it intersects with Broadway and Westminister Ave.Install bulb-outs, bike lanes and radar speed feedback signs; enhance crosswalks.infra$622,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los AngelesIn the Westchester area of Los Angeles on Sepulveda Bl. Between 80th and 83rd St.Construct sidewalks, bulb-out, and bicycle facilities; install radar speed feedback signs.infra$625,46010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los AngelesNear Wilbur ES and Portola MS at the intersection of Wilbur Ave./Crebs Ave. and along the North side of Canasta St. between Mecca Ave. and Veloz Ave.Install crosswalk enhancements, radar speed feedback signs, and sidewalk improvements.infra$435,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los Angeles45 Elementary Schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District.Conduct workshops and add interactive lesson plans to school curriculums.non-infra$500,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los Angeles25 schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District.Develop a traffic safety education program and adopt the successful "Watch the Road" traffic safety campaign.non-infra$251,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los AngelesEncompasses the entire unincorporated area of Los Angeles .Enhance safety and encourage children and their parents to walk/bicycle to school by developing suggested safe routes to school.non-infra$500,00010/15/08
Los Angeles27Los AngelesIntersection of Broadway Ave. and Reichling Ln.Install traffic signal, safety lighting, curb ramps and crosswalks.infra$315,70010/15/08
Monrovia27Los AngelesAlong E. Lemon Ave. near Bradoaks ES and along Duarte Rd. near Sante Fe MS.Install nine bulb-outs, 13 thermoplastic crosswalks and legends, 15 new signs, two raised crosswalks, five mobile speed feedback signs, eight new pedestrian countdown heads, two overhead pedestrian signals, and one median fence.infra$731,15010/15/08
Federal SRTS grants
State SRTS Grants