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Route: SL3
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AM Commute
Depart Home via walk6:24 AM6:22 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:22 AM6:22 AM6:23 AM6:21 AM6:22 AM6:22 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:22 AM6:23 AM6:22 AM6:24 AM6:22 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:22 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:24 AM6:22 AM6:21 AM6:22 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:20 AM6:20 AM6:24 AM6:41 AM6:23 AM6:37 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:20 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM6:12 AM6:11 AM6:10 AM6:11 AM6:10 AM6:22 AM6:10 AM6:11 AM6:17 AM6:23 AM6:23 AM5:45 AM6:23 AM6:07 AM6:22 AM6:27 AM6:25 AM
Arrive Box District Station6:32 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:33 AM6:31 AM6:32 AM-6:31 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM-6:30 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:33 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM6:33 AM6:31 AM6:29 AM6:33 AM-6:32 AM6:46 AM6:32 AM6:32 AM6:29 AM6:31 AM6:32 AM6:21 AM6:19 AM6:18 AM6:20 AM6:18 AM6:32 AM6:19 AM6:19 AM6:25 AM6:32 AM6:31 AM5:54 AM6:31 AM6:16 AM6:31 AM6:35 AM6:33 AM
Depart Box District Station via SL36:34 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:37 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:34 AM6:36 AM6:35 AM6:37 AM6:35 AM6:34 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:37 AM6:36 AM6:34 AM6:36 AM6:34 AM6:34 AM6:36 AM6:34 AM6:35 AM6:35 AM6:43 AM6:36 AM6:35 AM6:34 AM7:02 AM6:36 AM6:48 AM6:34 AM6:36 AM7:05 AM6:34 AM6:36 AM6:24 AM6:25 AM6:24 AM6:24 AM6:23 AM6:45 AM6:24 AM6:24 AM6:28 AM6:34 AM6:34 AM6:00 AM6:33 AM6:35 AM6:36 AM6:35 AM6:41 AM
Arrive Eastern Ave Station6:36 AM6:37 AM6:37 AM6:37 AM6:37 AM6:37 AM6:37 AM6:39 AM6:37 AM6:38 AM6:37 AM6:38 AM6:35 AM6:37 AM6:36 AM6:38 AM6:36 AM6:35 AM6:37 AM6:38 AM6:38 AM6:38 AM6:39 AM6:38 AM6:36 AM6:38 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:37 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:44 AM6:37 AM6:37 AM6:36 AM7:04 AM6:38 AM6:49 AM6:36 AM6:37 AM7:06 AM6:36 AM6:38 AM6:25 AM6:26 AM6:25 AM6:26 AM6:25 AM6:49 AM6:25 AM6:25 AM6:30 AM6:35 AM6:36 AM6:01 AM6:36 AM6:36 AM6:38 AM6:37 AM6:43 AM
Arrive Airport Station6:41 AM6:41 AM6:42 AM6:42 AM6:41 AM6:41 AM6:41 AM6:43 AM6:43 AM6:43 AM6:42 AM6:43 AM6:40 AM6:48 AM6:40 AM6:43 AM6:41 AM6:40 AM6:41 AM6:43 AM6:43 AM6:42 AM6:43 AM6:43 AM6:41 AM6:42 AM6:41 AM6:41 AM6:41 AM6:40 AM6:40 AM6:41 AM7:13 AM6:42 AM6:41 AM6:40 AM7:09 AM6:42 AM6:54 AM6:41 AM6:43 AM7:11 AM6:40 AM6:52 AM6:29 AM6:30 AM6:30 AM6:30 AM6:29 AM6:57 AM6:31 AM6:31 AM6:35 AM6:41 AM6:40 AM6:07 AM6:41 AM6:40 AM6:42 AM6:41 AM6:46 AM
Arrive World Trade Center (Street Level)6:52 AM6:54 AM6:53 AM7:06 AM6:54 AM6:55 AM6:55 AM6:54 AM6:56 AM6:54 AM6:52 AM6:55 AM6:54 AM7:13 AM6:58 AM6:53 AM6:51 AM6:55 AM6:52 AM6:52 AM6:53 AM6:52 AM6:55 AM6:52 AM6:51 AM6:59 AM7:03 AM6:51 AM6:57 AM6:51 AM6:51 AM6:57 AM7:24 AM6:51 AM6:52 AM6:57 AM7:29 AM6:51 AM7:06 AM6:51 AM6:55 AM7:31 AM6:50 AM7:04 AM6:40 AM6:40 AM6:40 AM6:38 AM6:38 AM7:08 AM6:41 AM6:36 AM6:45 AM6:49 AM6:50 AM6:13 AM6:50 AM6:50 AM6:52 AM6:52 AM6:58 AM
Arrive Silver Line Way6:56 AM6:56 AM6:58 AM7:08 AM6:56 AM6:56 AM6:57 AM6:56 AM6:57 AM6:56 AM6:55 AM6:58 AM6:56 AM7:16 AM7:00 AM6:55 AM6:53 AM6:59 AM6:54 AM6:55 AM6:55 AM6:55 AM6:58 AM6:55 AM6:55 AM7:03 AM7:05 AM6:54 AM7:01 AM6:54 AM6:54 AM7:02 AM7:28 AM6:54 AM6:55 AM7:00 AM7:32 AM6:57 AM7:10 AM6:54 AM6:58 AM7:34 AM6:53 AM7:07 AM6:42 AM6:42 AM6:44 AM6:40 AM6:41 AM7:11 AM6:43 AM6:40 AM6:49 AM6:51 AM6:53 AM6:16 AM6:53 AM6:54 AM6:57 AM6:56 AM7:03 AM
Arrive World Trade Center (Transitway Level)6:58 AM7:00 AM7:01 AM7:10 AM7:00 AM6:59 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM6:58 AM6:58 AM7:00 AM6:58 AM7:18 AM7:03 AM6:58 AM6:57 AM7:05 AM6:58 AM6:57 AM6:58 AM6:58 AM7:00 AM6:57 AM6:56 AM7:04 AM7:07 AM6:56 AM7:04 AM6:57 AM6:57 AM7:04 AM7:31 AM6:58 AM6:57 AM7:06 AM7:32 AM7:00 AM7:13 AM6:47 AM7:00 AM7:40 AM6:56 AM7:09 AM6:43 AM6:44 AM6:46 AM6:42 AM6:42 AM7:14 AM6:45 AM6:41 AM6:51 AM6:53 AM6:55 AM6:18 AM6:58 AM6:58 AM7:00 AM6:58 AM7:05 AM
Arrive Courthouse7:00 AM7:02 AM7:02 AM7:13 AM7:02 AM7:01 AM7:01 AM7:01 AM7:02 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM7:02 AM7:00 AM7:19 AM7:05 AM6:59 AM6:59 AM7:06 AM7:00 AM6:59 AM7:00 AM6:59 AM7:01 AM6:59 AM6:58 AM7:05 AM7:09 AM6:57 AM7:05 AM6:58 AM6:59 AM7:05 AM7:33 AM6:59 AM6:59 AM7:07 AM7:34 AM7:01 AM7:14 AM6:59 AM7:02 AM7:42 AM6:58 AM7:11 AM6:45 AM6:45 AM6:47 AM6:43 AM6:44 AM7:17 AM6:47 AM6:43 AM6:52 AM6:56 AM6:56 AM6:20 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM7:02 AM7:00 AM7:07 AM
Depart Courthouse via walk7:01 AM7:03 AM7:04 AM7:15 AM7:04 AM7:03 AM7:02 AM7:03 AM7:03 AM7:02 AM7:01 AM7:03 AM7:02 AM7:21 AM7:06 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM7:07 AM7:01 AM7:00 AM7:01 AM7:01 AM7:02 AM7:00 AM7:00 AM7:06 AM7:10 AM6:58 AM7:06 AM6:59 AM7:00 AM7:07 AM7:34 AM6:59 AM7:00 AM7:09 AM7:38 AM7:03 AM7:15 AM7:00 AM7:04 AM7:43 AM6:59 AM7:12 AM6:46 AM6:46 AM6:49 AM6:44 AM6:45 AM7:18 AM6:48 AM6:45 AM6:55 AM6:57 AM6:58 AM6:22 AM7:02 AM7:02 AM7:03 AM7:02 AM7:08 AM
Arrive Work7:12 AM7:14 AM7:14 AM7:25 AM7:14 AM7:14 AM7:14 AM7:14 AM7:14 AM7:13 AM7:12 AM7:13 AM7:13 AM7:32 AM7:16 AM7:11 AM7:11 AM7:18 AM7:11 AM7:11 AM7:11 AM7:11 AM7:13 AM7:09 AM7:09 AM7:15 AM7:19 AM7:08 AM7:15 AM7:10 AM7:09 AM7:16 AM7:43 AM7:08 AM7:09 AM7:18 AM7:48 AM7:12 AM7:26 AM7:09 AM7:13 AM7:52 AM7:08 AM7:22 AM6:55 AM6:55 AM6:57 AM6:54 AM6:53 AM7:27 AM6:58 AM6:54 AM7:04 AM¹7:04 AM¹7:04 AM¹6:32 AM7:11 AM7:10 AM7:14 AM7:11 AM7:18 AM
Total Transit Time (Station to Station)29 mins31 mins32 mins44 mins31 mins30 mins31 mins32 mins32 mins31 mins30 mins29 mins30 mins50 mins35 mins27 mins29 mins35 mins30 mins29 mins29 mins29 mins30 mins28 mins28 mins31 mins40 mins27 mins25 mins26 mins28 mins35 mins1 hr 1 min28 mins31 mins36 mins42 mins¹31 mins29 mins28 mins32 mins1 hr 14 mins28 mins40 mins25 mins25 mins31 mins24 mins27 mins45 mins29 mins26 mins30 mins25 mins27 mins28 mins31 mins46 mins32 mins27 mins35 mins
Total Travel Time (Door to Door)48 mins52 mins51 mins1 hr, 2 mins52 mins52 mins51 mins53 mins52 mins51 mins49 mins50 mins51 mins1 hr, 9 mins54 mins47 mins49 mins55 mins48 mins49 mins48 mins48 mins50 mins46 mins45 mins53 mins58 mins46 mins52 mins47 mins46 mins53 mins1 hr 20 mins48 mins49 mins54 mins1 hr 7 mins²49 mins49 mins46 mins50 mins1 hr 32 mins45 mins59 mins43 mins43 mins47 mins43 mins43 mins1 hr 5 mins48 mins43 mins47 mins41 mins41 mins47 mins48 mins1 hr 3 min52 mins44 mins53 mins
CommentsCrowds at Airport due to problems at MaverickNo AM, took 111 insteadBridge went up. Arrived at Eastern Ave at 6:37AM but did not depart until 6:44AM. Then heavy traffic entering tunnelHeld at Airport for no apparent reasonTraffic in tunnel. Bus bunching from SL Way to CourthouseTrip started at home but walked to B'ham Sq Station with neighbor instead of Box District. Hover over for full trip detailsTraffic in tunnelVery light trafficVery light trafficTrip started at home but walked to B'ham Sq Station with neighbor instead of Box District. Hover to see full trip times.Residual delays due to 5:55 bridge opening. Construction truck blockage @ SL WayTraffic backed up onto Transportation Way from onramp to tunnelResidual delays from 6:10a bridge raising. Bridge went up again while at Eastern Ave Station. Inspector told driver to use detour. Got to SL Way and was told to switch buses.Dumped out at Silver Line Way (hense the long delay). Was told to switch buses to for 'schedule adjustment'Traffic in tunnel. Pole issue at SL wayTrip started at home. Walked to try to catch 116/117 which didn't come. So walked to B'ham Sq SL station. Hover over for full details ¹ Trip time starts at B'ham Sq Station ² Complete time, even with detourUsed 111 for AM commute, was running late and saw bridge went up before leaving homeTraffic @ Silver Line Way (Pole issue)Pole issue at SL Way (couldn't connect)Longest trip EVER. Bridge went up as I got to Box District so I waited, and waited. Then traffic bad coming in the tunnel.Bridge went up after leaving Box District. Bus dwelled at Eastern AveBridge went up, traffic in tunnelPole issue at Silver Line WayFast Ride!¹ Time to Dunkin Donuts on Congress not to workRode 111 due to bridge going up in the early AM the day before. Needed to be at work on time. Sadly 111 is more reliable at that hourDriver raised poles at WTC Transitway. ¹Time to Dunkin Donuts on Congress not to work. ¹ Time to Dunkin Donuts on Congress not to workBest trip yet! Time aboard SL3 = 21 minsPole issue at SL way, thought leaving earlier would net earlier bus, guess I was wrong (I just missed one)Pole issue at WTC & SLW
Day of WeekMondayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayPartly CloudyWednesdayTuesdayMondayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayTuesdayMondayFridayMondayFridayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayFridayThursdayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayFridayWednesdayTuesdayMondayThursdayWednesdayTuesdayMondayFridayThursday
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PM Commute
Depart Work via walk3:44 PM4:05 PM3:45 PM3:49 PM3:35 PM1:48 PM3:46 PM3:46 PM3:46 PM1:20 PM3:47 PM3:49 PM3:47 PM3:45 PM3:50 PM3:51 PM3:45 PM12:49 PM3:49 PM3:49 PM3:48 PM1:22 PM3:47 PM3:18 PM2:47 PM3:02 PM3:50 PM3:50 PM3:48 PM3:31 PM4:27 PM4:44 PM6:36 PM6:11 PM3:47 PM3:48 PM3:49 PM-3:42 PM3:39 PM3:38 PM
Arrive Courthouse (street level)3:54 PM4:15 PM3:55 PM3:59 PM3:43 PM1:58 PM3:56 PM3:55 PM3:57 PM1:31 PM3:56 PM3:58 PM3:57 PM3:56 PM3:59 PM4:01 PM3:53 PM12:59 PM3:58 PM4:00 PM3:56 PM1:31 PM3:56 PM3:28 PM2:56 PM3:10 PM3:58 PM3:59 PM3:56 PM3:40 PM4:37 PM4:48 PM6:46 PM6:17 PM3:54 PM3:56 PM3:58 PM4:10 PM¹3:50 PM3:48 PM3:46 PM
Arrive Courthouse (platform)3:55 PM4:16 PM4:00 PM4:01 PM3:45 PM2:00 PM3:57 PM3:57 PM3:58 PM1:34 PM3:57 PM3:59 PM4:00 PM3:58 PM4:00 PM4:02 PM3:55 PM1:02 PM4:01 PM4:03 PM4:03 PM1:36 PM3:57 PM3:29 PM2:59 PM3:12 PM4:01 PM4:00 PM3:59 PM3:43 PM4:40 PM4:51 PM6:48 PM-3:57 PM3:58 PM3:59 PM4:35 PM²3:55 PM3:50 PM3:49 PM
Depart Courthouse via SL33:58 PM4:25 PM4:06 PM4:20 PM4:04 PM2:08 PM4:05 PM4:02 PM4:05 PM1:41 PM3:59 PM4:11 PM4:00 PM4:09 PM4:01 PM4:03 PM4:03 PM1:39 PM4:08 PM4:12 PM4:12 PM1:39 PM3:57 PM3:33 PM3:09 PM3:41 PM4:10 PM4:02 PM4:06 PM3:51 PM4:42 PM5:07 PM6:58 PM-4:08 PM4:00 PM4:13 PM4:37 PM³4:00 PM4:09 PM3:58 PM
Arrive World Trade Center (Transitway Level)
4:00 PM4:27 PM4:08 PM4:21 PM4:06 PM2:10 PM4:06 PM4:03 PM4:07 PM1:43 PM4:00 PM4:12 PM4:01 PM4:11 PM4:04 PM4:04 PM4:04 PM1:41 PM4:10 PM4:13 PM4:14 PM1:41 PM3:58 PM3:34 PM3:12 PM3:42 PM4:11 PM4:04 PM4:07 PM3:56 PM4:44 PM5:08 PM6:59 PM-4:11 PM4:01 PM4:15 PM4:38 PM4:02 PM4:10 PM3:59 PM
Arrive Silver Line Way4:03 PM4:31 PM4:10 PM4:25 PM4:09 PM2:12 PM4:14 PM4:06 PM4:08 PM1:48 PM4:03 PM4:16 PM4:03 PM4:14 PM4:06 PM4:08 PM4:07 PM1:42 PM4:14 PM4:16 PM4:18 PM1:44 PM4:02 PM3:36 PM3:15 PM3:45 PM4:14 PM4:06 PM4:10 PM3:57 PM4:45 PM5:10 PM7:01 PM-4:13 PM4:04 PM4:17 PM4:43 PM4:05 PM4:13 PM4:01 PM
Arrive Airport Station4:15 PM4:57 PM4:25 PM4:38 PM4:23 PM2:25 PM4:34 PM4:20 PM4:21 PM2:01 PM4:19 PM4:30 PM4:16 PM4:33 PM4:24 PM4:23 PM4:26 PM1:53 PM4:30 PM4:30 PM4:35 PM1:54 PM4:27 PM3:51 PM3:33 PM3:58 PM4:34 PM4:24 PM4:24 PM4:10 PM5:15 PM5:28 PM7:13 PM-4:29 PM4:25 PM4:34 PM4:57 PM4:20 PM4:39 PM4:18 PM
Arrive Eastern Ave Station4:25 PM5:35 PM4:30 PM4:44 PM4:36 PM2:29 PM4:42 PM4:26 PM4:26 PM2:08 PM4:24 PM4:37 PM4:45 PM4:39 PM4:30 PM4:28 PM4:33 PM1:59 PM4:39 PM4:36 PM4:42 PM1:59 PM4:24 PM¹3:57 PM3:50 PM4:05 PM4:41 PM4:32 PM4:29 PM4:46 PM5:21 PM5:45 PM7:19 PM-4:44 PM4:52 PM4:39 PM5:02 PM4:41 PM¹4:45 PM4:25 PM
Arrive Box District Station4:27 PM-4:32 PM4:46 PM4:38 PM2:31 PM4:43 PM4:28 PM4:27 PM2:09 PM4:26 PM4:38 PM-4:41 PM4:32 PM4:30 PM4:34 PM2:02 PM4:41 PM4:38 PM4:43 PM2:01 PM4:29 PM3:58 PM3:52 PM4:07 PM4:43 PM4:33 PM4:31 PM4:47 PM5:24 PM5:46 PM7:21 PM-4:46 PM4:54 PM4:42 PM5:04 PM-4:47 PM4:27 PM
Arrive Home via walk4:38 PM5:45 PM4:42 PM4:54 PM4:49 PM-4:52 PM4:37 PM4:38 PM2:20 PM4:35 PM4:50 PM4:57 PM4:52 PM4:41 PM4:39 PM-2:12 PM4:50 PM4:48 PM4:52 PM2:10 PM4:38 PM4:08 PM3:57 PM¹ 4:17 PM4:47 PM¹4:35 PM¹4:40 PM4:56 PM5:34 PM5:56 PM7:29 PM-4:55 PM5:03 PM4:51 PM5:13 PM4:55 PM4:56 PM4:36 PM
Total Transit Time (Station to Station)33 mins1 hr, 26 mins37 mins47 mins55 mins33 mins47 mins33 mins30 mins38 mins30 mins40 mins48 mins56 mins33 mins29 mins44 mins1 hr, 3 mins43 mins38 mins40 mins30 mins33 mins30 mins59 mins57 mins¹45 mins34 mins35 mins1 hr 7 mins47 mins58 mins35 mins-52 mins58 mins44 mins54 mins51 mins59 mins41 mins
Total Travel Time (Door to Door)54 mins1 hr, 40 mins57 mins1 hr, 5 mins1 hr, 14 mins47 mins1 hr, 6 mins51 mins52 mins1 hr48 mins1 hr, 1 min1 hr, 10 mins1 hr, 7 mins51 mins48 mins54 mins1 hr, 23 mins1 hr, 1 min59 mins1 hr 4 mins48 mins51 mins50 mins1 hr 10 mins1 hr 15 mins57 mins45 mins42 mins1 hr 25 mins1 hr 7 mins1 hr 12 mins53 mins-1 hr 8 mins1 hr 15 mins1 hr 2 mins1 hr 3 mins1 hr 13 mins1 hr 17 mins58 mins
CommentsNo PM due to errandsTraffic in tunnel. Bridge just went down as we left Airport, Sat in traffic on bypass road, only to have bridge go up again. Then bus got short turned at Eastern Ave. Ended up running toward a 112 and going home that way from Eastern Ave. Hover over for full trip timesBus was late, traffic in tunnelTraffic in tunnel, bus was late/off scheduleNo PM due to post work errandsNo PM due to taking Lyft home (packages)No PM Due to post-work errandsTraffic in tunnel, bridge went upTrip Ended at Market Basket, Hover over to see full trip timesTraffic @ A Street, very slow thru tunnel due to rainNo PM due to post work errandsDriver was slow. Pole issue with bus in front of us at SLW.No PM due to errands after workBridge went up right as we were getting onto bypass road, then we were dumped out at Eastern Ave. I just walked home from there.No PM due to work provided Lyft homeTraffic on onramp to TWTNo PM due to errands after workNo PM due to errands after workNo PM due to errands after workTrip ended at Market Basket. Hover for full trip timesNo PM due to leaving work early (illness). Note many times are missing this week due to said illnessResidual delays from bridge going up. Waited at Courthouse for over 40 minutes for a bus!No PM due to leaving work due to illness (took Lyft home)Early release + nice day, used 111 insteadMassPort buses blocking so bus could not turn in at AirportUsual traffic in tunnel at entranceNo PM trip times due to mutiple stops after leaving work and destination not being home. Wish I had tho. Left Central Sq Cambridge ~4:15pm, arrived at Market Basket at 6:10pm. Waited almost 29 minutes at South Station for SL3Rode 111 home due to post work errandsFirst SL3 showed at Courthouse and we were told it would be short turn'd at Airport and take the second bus to have service beyond airport. Got on second bus, and go to Silver Line Way and was told that in order to go to Chelsea, we had to switch again. Times include all waiting and delaysNo PM commute today (1/2 day)Rode 111 home due to post-work errands¹ Short turned at Eastern Ave. Departed Eastern Ave @ 4:28 PMTraffic in Tunnel. Residual traffic in bypass road from bridge lift ¹ Trip ended at Market Basket. Hover for complete timesUsed 111 for PM CommuteUsed 111 for PM commute after diaster this morning (and traffic just looked bad)Used 111 for PM CommuteUsed 111 for PM commute¹ Total on vehicle time was 26 mins, but the 29 minute wait at Courthouse was ridiculous. No idea why we were delayed. Little tunnel traffic.¹ Trip Ended at Market Basket, hoverover for complete timesNo PM, used 111¹ Trip ended at Family Dollar (at top of path @ Broadway)Bridge went up, twice!Traffic in TunnelTraffic in tunnel, traffic coming off bridge. Bus was *very* packed. Most i've ever seen it.. "111 like packed"Gave up after realizing no buses for < 15 minutes. Took Lyft home courtesy of work (was long day)Weird traffic on Coughlin Bypass road and Chelsea Street, but unrelated to the bridge (it hadn't gone up in over an hour)Bridge went up and bus took detour from Airport. Took longer to do the detour with traffic than it would have to just have waited.Driver swap at Eastern Ave (instead of dumping us out like wanted to). Not to terrible tunnel traffic. SL3 was late arriving due to traffic coming inboundTrip started at South Station so first 2 Courthouse notations are for South Station. Waited far too long for SL3 at South Station which extended the total trip. Hoverover for trip notesTraffic at tunnel entrance. Bridge went up. ¹ Driver told to short turn at Eastern Ave, dumped everyone there and left. Walked home from Eastern AveTraffic in Tunnel DelaysNo PM, Meeting