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MappingDublin Core:TitleDublin Core:AbstractDublin Core:DescriptionDublin Core:Creator
Dublin Core:Contributor
Dublin Core:Subject
Dublin Core:Medium
Dublin Core:Publisher
Dublin Core:Date
Dublin Core:Spatial CoverageDublin Core:Temporal Coverage
Dublin Core:Language
Dublin Core:Source
Dublin Core:Is Referenced By
Dublin Core:Rights HolderDublin Core:Rights
Item Type Metadata:Purchasing Information
Dublin Core:Is Part Of
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Dublin Core:TypeDublin Core:Format
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tagsDublin Core:Identifier
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Item Type Metadata:Conversion Specs
Item Type Metadata:Physcial Dimensions
Item Type Metadata:Image Height
Item Type Metadata:Image Width
Item Type Metadata:File Size
Item Type Metadata:Scanning resolution
Item Type Metadata:Colorspace
Item Type Metadata:Checksum
Item Type Metadata:Duration
Item Type Metadata:Extent
Item Type Metadata:Director
Item Type Metadata:Producer
Item Type Metadata:Interviewee
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Item Type Metadata:Location
Item Type Metadata:Bit Rate/Frequency
Item Type Metadata:Time Summary
Item Type Metadata:Embed ID
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Title AbstractDescriptionCreatorContributorSubjectGenre
Publisher (Original)
Date (Original)
Geographic LocationTime PeriodsLanguageSource Finding AidsHolding InstitutionRightsPurchasing InformationDigital CollectionDigital PublisherDate DigitalTypeFormatTranscriptTagIdentifierLocal URL
Conversion Specs
Physical Dimensions
HeightWidthFile Size
Scanning Resolution
Color spaceChecksumDurationExtentDirectorProducer
Bit Rate/Frequency
Time Summary
Embed ID
Instructions (delete this row before uploading)Unique name for the itemSummary of the contents of the resource.Description of the item, focusing on the subject matter.List the main creator(s) of the intellectual content of the digital object. Strongly recommend LC formatted names. SEE Use LCSH to list any secondary contributors to the intellectual content of the item (editors, compilers, etc.)Describe what the item is about. Strongly recommend LCSH or AAT. Separate entries with a semicolon (;).Optional. Decribe what the original item IS. Recommend the AAT, TGN or LCGFT. Separate entries with a semicolon (;).List the original publisher (if applicable), not the digitizerUse YYYY-MM--DD format or YYYY-YYYY for date rangesList the places or areas described by the item, not the place of publication. Separate entries with a semi-colon (;).Decade and century ranges that the item covers, not necessarily the publication date. Separate entries with a semi-colon (;).Use the ISO 639-3 three letter code : the source of the item, typically using the Institution name that it comes from, along with the physical collection or location information.List the URL of any finding aids for the Original Collection that the physical copy belonged to, if available. Please use the <a href="URL">URL</a> format so that Omeka will recognize it as a link and not as text.List the name of the institution that holds the original.Describe the copyright status of the item, along with the copyright holder and contact information.Describe the process for ordering copies of this item from the holding insitution. Include any URLs in the <a href="URL">URL</a> format.If applicable - list the name of the digital collection this item is coming fromName of institution/entity that scanned the itemUse YYYY-MM-DD formatSee comment for list of termsSee comment for list of termsInsert transcript text, if availableKeywords describing the item that you would like to be used in a tag cloud. Separate entries with a comma (,).Unique filename for the digital objectOptional. URL for item that is already available online or housed in a Content Management System that you would like users to be able to access. Use the <a href="URL">URL</a> format to ensure that Omeka displays it as a link and not as text.Describe the process, equipment and specifications used to convert the item into its digital format.Dimensions of the physical object from which the digital file is derived.Digital file height in pixelsDigital file width in pixelsDigital file size
DPI/PPI resolution of file
A numeric value used to detect errors in file recording orfile transfer.

Length of time involved (seconds, minutes, hours, days, class periods, etc.)The size or duration of the reource.Name (or names) of the person who produced the videoName (or names) of the person who produced the videoThe person(s) being interviewedThe person(s) performing the interviewNames of individuals or groups participating in the eventThe location of the interviewRate at which bits are transferred (i.e. 96 kbit/s would be FM quality audio)A summary of an interview given for different time stamps throughout the interviewThe video ID used for embedding (i.e. YouTube videos)
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Hunting party with game
Hunting party with game, boasting "198 Ducks in 3 hours" October 1, 1908.
DeWitt, Sandra, 1880-1943;
Palmer, Kent, 1878-1936;
Logan Canyon (Utah)--Photographs; Hunting--Utah--Logan Canyon;
Photographs; Black and white photographs;
IDK Publishing, Inc.
Logan Canyon (Utah); Cache County (Utah); Utah; United States;
1900-1909; 20th century;eng
Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Dewitt/Palmer Family Photograph Collection, P0124 1:07:01
Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives
Reproduction for publication, exhibition, web display or commercial use is only permissible with the consent of the USU Libraries Photograph Curator, phone (435) 797-0890.
To order photocopies, scans, or prints of this item for fair use purposes, please see Utah State University's Reproduction Order Form at: <a></a>
Regreening of Cache Valley
Digitized by : Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library
Wild Game, Hunting
P0124 1-07-01.jpg
<a href=""></a>
Scanned by Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library using Epson Expression 10000 scanner, at 800 dpi. Archival file is uncompressed TIFF (800 dpi), display file is JPEG2000.
8 inches x 11 inches
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