Hey! Are you freaking out at home about the novel coronavirus? Are you chill, but want to help your community? Here's a place to organize needs and offers that our community has for each other. Credit to Jasmine Bell from ATX and folks in MN for this template. Email Alex Perez-Puelles ( with any questions or concerns
Please share widely and be aware of what information you're comfortable putting out there in a public place (ie is it safe for you to put out your address? do you want to just stick to your email right now?).
ASKS: this is a place for you to say what you need, or amplify the needs of a neighbor. Please be thoughtful about how we can get help to the less tech-connected among us! Please remove asks as needs are met! OFFERS: this is a place to proactively offer whatever resources you have -- an errand run, extra resources, hosting a virtual-hangout IDEAS: this is a place to brainstorm what we can create together! How do we keep spirits up, stay connected, and help keep our neighborhoods safe.