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AppletProblemPersonDateUpdate from BCNotes
Multiple ProportionsSeems to use data in second row of two-way table to make bottom segment of segmented bar graph. It seems more natural to use the data in the first row for the bottom segment.Mark Mills10/23/2013Yes, this is our preference
iscamboxplotit would be nice (and good analysis habits) if iscamboxplot allowed you to pass it labels for x, y, and headerJo Hardin10/28/2013
sampling from finite populationthe applet takes a very long time. and explorer tells me that a script is running which may need to be killed. i think it eventually does end up working, but it is pretty slow to use in class.Jo Hardin10/30/2013How does it do in other browers? Is this IE8 or 9? Can you tell me which population you are using?  Sounds like we IE8 - please use IE9 or Chrome
Dotplot SummariesApplet will not seem to accept Old Faithful data, but will accept haircut prices data. Does it not like the numerical explanatory variable?Mark Mills10/31/2013Correct, so I have replaced the OldFatifhl data so the column values are y1987 and y2003. This makes the new Dotplot applet happier.
matched pairs randomizationdoesn't accept pasted data. does let you type in the box. on Safari on Mac. applet doesn't open on Chrome. (note: many applets don't open on Chrome.)Jo Hardin11/6/2013Please use new javascript version :
Random BabiesSeems to be a change in Java so this does not run; worked two weeks ago but new Java downloads cause it to no longer workAl Hibbard1/23/2014There was a change recently that has made it much harder to run the java applets.  Many times you can manually change the java security settings on an individual computer (  It might also help if you keep your computer from upgrading java. And you may need to delete older versions of java from your computer first.  The javascript applets should still run fine.  We are trying to get more and more converted, let me know which ones you are using and I might be able to prioritize 8}
Random BabiesWe just updated our Java at school to 751 to accomodate our gradebook.  I am getting an error on all appletsCara Runk2/7/2014Please see note above.  To run java applets, you will need to lower the security settings.  The javascript applets will be fine.
Histogram Bin WidthCannot Paste values from Diabetes.xls into the Edit/Paste Data field on a Mac OS XBrian Jarrett2/24/2014It appears that if the computer has updated to the newest version of java, oracle has disabled the copy/paste option with java. The only work around would be to back up the version of java but that's probably not feasible. Instead I suggest using the new Descriptive Statistics applet that we have written in javascript ( student can see the data entry window. The problem comes when the student tries to copy and paste the data from Excel into the data window. She does a regular copy using Command-C. Then she types Command-V in the data window, but nothing happens. Another student uses the same sequence of steps and the data appear in the data window. Both students are using Mac OS X and the same browser. We have tried different browsers and she still cannot paste the data values into the data window.
Improving batting averages powersecurity settings are blocking the out of date/expired version of JavaGenevieve Hamby4/30/2014Please see note above.  To run java applets, you will need to lower the security settings (there is a link for instructions on how to do this on the main webpage). Applet will be converted to javascript this summer.
Randomizing 24 subjectsI get an error message when clicking on the applet ""8/6/2014It would be helpful if you could describe the error message in more detail, but my suspicion is that you are having trouble because this is a java applet and has not yet been converted to javascript. You could try playing with the security settings as described in the lower right corner of the main applets page (
Sampling WordsLikely a binning issue but the sample sizes n = 5 and 20 in Inv 1.14 produce histograms with 2 bars (around .4 and .6) empty. Could change the sample sizes in the Inv or the bins, but my students were confused as to why 2 bars were always missingTom Linton9/30/2014We have tried changing the bin width to better show the discreteness. Has this helped?
Sampling PenniesI cannot run this applet on my surfacepro3 windows 8.1Cindy Johnson10/31/2014This is one of the java applets, is that the issue.  Maybe you could email me a screen capture of the error message?
two proportionsi can't get it to run a confidence interval or calculate dataSam langley1/26/2015Please email me a screen capture that shows what intput values you are using etc. Also clarify what browser and platform you are using?
CointossI am unable to change the Java Security settings or add a site exception to make this applet run. This new version of Java keeps rejecting the applet as a security risk even if I add the direct link to the applet and in the trusted Java sites under the secuity settings.Will Baber2/10/2015There was a change recently that has made it much harder to run the java applets.  Many times you can manually change the java security settings on an individual computer (  It might also help if you keep your computer from upgrading java. And you may need to delete older versions of java from your computer first.  The javascript applets should still run fine. You can do coin tossing simulations using this applet instead:
Twoway tableCalculation of two-sided p-values could be more accurate and easier to do with FET.Beth2/12/2015Made improvements to the calculation of two-sided p-values, especially with Fisher's Exact Test. Do keep in mind that the applet will remember settings (e.g., EV vs. RV) even as you switch beteen options (e.g., raw data vs. 2x2 table)
Two-way tableApplet seems to be sensitive to the thousandth position of the difference used in "Count Samples" field when using the difference in proportions as the statistic. Using 0.467 did not give same p-value as using 0.466. In fact, to get same p-value as using 10 successes, I had to put in the difference as 0.466, not 0.467 (as is displayed on the left-hand side of the applet).Mark Mills3/6/2015
Reeses PiecesWhen the sample size is changed, and animate is turned on, it does not animate on the first attempt. One has to re-select animate. Here is a quick video: Not that biig of a deal if doing this in class. I am, however, creating a video tutorial for a MOOC and would like for it to display correctly. Thanks!Scott McDaniel3/16/2015I've posted a new version that allows sliders on pi and n but it's sitll a work in progress as I seem to have created other issues.  If you check the slider box, now it will turn off animation when you make changes, but if you don't check the slider box you shouldn't see this issue. Let me know if that works better for you.

sd1=5, n1=33, x2=2.7, sd2=3.7, n2=30, alt="two.sided")

produces a error about not finding "lower" (for the CI). You can fix it by adding conf.level=.95 to the argument, but...)
Jo Hardin4/1/2015fixed 4/1/2015 (just hadn't put in some defaults when made the change to allow multiple confidence levels)
Comparing Groups (Quantitative)When you first open this applet for Inv. 3.7, the data that is shown is not the data for this investigation. It appears to be the data for an ANOVA or MAD investigation.Mark Mills4/6/2015Okay, I see the link at the bottom of the applet to allow you to go to the two-sample data. That will work!On the ISCAM files page, Randomization Test defaults to two groups and Comparing Groups defaults to four groups
Sampling penniescan't read this on Windows 7,    message reads : Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running: after requiring me to download a new version of JavaPenny Bilton4/22/2015There was a change recently that has made it much harder to run the java applets. Many times you can manually change the java security settings on an individual computer ( It might also help if you keep your computer from upgrading java. And you may need to delete older versions of java from your computer first. 
Analyzing Two Quantitative VariablesFrom some reason, the moveable line does not work in Chrome. It appears to work in FireFox and Explorer. Perhaps a note can be put in the book in Inv. 4.8(k) to tell students to use something other than Chrome.Mark Mills4/26/2015
Analyzing Two-way Tables (javascript version)On the shuffling side, the numbers that come up in the two-way table don't match the numbers that show up with the cards; looks like the "success" for group A gets put into "failure" for group B and vice versa. (As a side note, the directions given with the Lab 2 for Workshop Statistics don't seem to apply to the new setup for the applet and thus are extremely confusing for students).Stephanie Dumoski5/18/20155/18/2015: WS4 Lab 2 has been updated to use the new javascript version of the applet. Will check other lab instructions as well. I believe this fixed the shuffled table results as well. I will check later labs as well.
Dot Plot SummariesDon't know if this is a bug, but the applet that is available on the list of applets does not match the second one in Lab 3 (Memory Experiment). Is there a way to get a link to that applet? The first one matches the format of the applet available on the applet page, but I haven't been able to find the other one (which I would like to be able to send my students to independent of the lab). Thanks!Stephanie Dumoski5/19/20155/19/2015: Looks like I missed that one when I updated Lab 3 yesterday, will do that now.  But you can find the updated javascript applets at as well.
JavaWill the Java versions be updated to work?Chad Weeks9/14/2015Please clarify your question - the java applets have been replaced by javascript but the host website is down 9/14.  You can email me for a zip file of the applets to run off line.
Sampling penniesNot running in chrome or explorer a JS version would be nice. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Java (32 bit) and have allowed the web address security clearance in Java as well as in the web browser, I have even tried turning off my firewall, all to no avail. This is part of an assignement that is due at the end of the week.David Dormer11/9/2015If you have a text file containg the population of penny ages (e.g.,, you can paste that into the js applet
Applet ClassicsHaving problems opening up any of the Classic (j) appletsSteph Dudley2/1/2016These are java applets so that's probalby the issue. See row 10
Randomizing SubjectsEnglish version of JS applet does not display dotplots but Spanish version of JS applet does display the dotplots properlyNicholas Zoller2/10/2016Fixed 2/10, 10:15
Multiple MeansShuffling is not working properly. Instead of shuffling the two groups, the applet appears to be sampling with replacement within groups. Jeff Sykes3/17/20163/17: apologies, I fixed one thing but uploaded a bad version. From now on, this link should still shuffle. This link does bootstrapping
Applet ClassicsThe applet is not generating the information using One ProportionCorinna Hughes6/29/2016Please clarify which applet you are referring to and whether this is more than a "java compatability" issue?
Dolphin StudyThank you for updating the applet in the middle of our semester. How can we be expected to use the applet for the 4th edition of the book when that applet doesn't exist.Dempsey Vick7-25-16We never intend to remove functionality.  If you are trying ot use this version:, changes beyond our control have made java  applets inaccessible for most folks.  You should be able to use this version instead  If that is the applet you are trying to use and some functionality is no longer available for your text, please let me know the specific issue.
Reeses PiecesNo problem6th Period Statistics2-3-17Replacing line 1858 with if (bc$("twoSidedBetween").checked && bc$("twoSided").checked) {
Dolphin StudyOn pg447 4th edition, the Dolphin Study applet is different from the one on the applet page. Can't really do the excerciseAyndahroo Zoothis verision uses the dolphin data as the default ("") but if you check the 2x2 box, then any four counts can be entered. You can check the "Show Shuffle Options" box to run the simulation. After the book was published in 2012 we had to convert all java applets to javascript. The textbook site probably sent you here: which won't work on many machines now., but the link there will send you to the new one
Randomizing SubjectsThe applet has changed to randomizing 24 subjects but the book only has 12 subjects7-14-18Yes, the applet has been updated to 24 subjects. You can make the adaptation to the old materials or here is a javascript version for 12 subjects:
Descriptive Statisticsthe guess feature is not able to move with the mouse on my computer (a PC), however it does move on a mac and another PC. Are there specific computer settings for the app?Kate Kenney10/2/18Which browser are you using? (It seemed to work for me in Chrome just now). Does your PC have a touch screen?
Least Squares RegressionWhen you add a point, the n changes accordingly, but if you delete a point, the n does not change. I also noticed that after deleting several points (with n not changing), when I then added a point, the n updated to the now correct number. I was in Chrome, if that matters.Felice Shore10/17/18If you delete the point and then press Use Data, does that do what you want?
One variable sampling Does not allow you to enter own data. You click "use data" and it won't load5/12/19: I am not able to replicate this error
Sampling WordsThe applet loads just fine but then seems to freeze whenever I try to do anything. I've tried to get it to work now in Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer, and the problems are the same across different browsers. Some of my students also mentioned problems with the applet freezing up. Michelle Everson5/12/195/12/19: the problem appears to have been with selecting the "hasE" variable for Gettysburg. It had to do with new code on dealing with NA. That code has been removed for now but still consider how to best handle NAs in this applet.
Guess CorrelationLink under classics does not work brings up a blank page. However, the one at the top seems to be fineRebecca Pierce9/17/2019Probably the java issue, has been replaced by
Histogram Bin Widthlink for O.F. data is brokenDeb Rumsey11/13/1911/13/19: My university has dropped "statweb" so I moved a copy to
ANOVA SimulationWill not run Alison Young Reusser4/15/20You are using this link? What appears?
Guess the CorrelationJust getting a blank page. Have tried opening in both Chrome and EdgeShirley Taylor06 Oct 2020Is this newer versoin at
Reeses PiecesStudent receives the message I've included in the Notes column when accessing the latest version of this app via in Chrome and Firefox.Sarah Leyden03/15/2021the copy right notice? It doesn't go away? The real latest version is Does that help?
Randomization Test(quant) two groupsonly works with flash - wanted to use in class - this classic worked so well Pat Buchanan3/16/2021 you put the link in again. understand now how that works
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