MaGMML2 ACE's Judge Sheet
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Judge OrderLevelNameDesign /15Fun /10Creativity /15Aesthetics /5Functionality /5Final Score /50CommentElementsNickelsEaster EggsSkip? & Reasoning
Computer or Laptop?
1Teleporter 12Conveyor Mayhem
(Probably Thoron's. Reference to previous contest and general style of level matches the Napalm Man stage from MaGMML1.)
119140034Your most lacking quality was the aesthetics. This stage was ugly. There were *several* graphical glitches (this combination has led to you losing score in both Aesthetics and are also docking your Functionality score, because it's clear these are custom asset programming issues!) and the resized graphics were, quite frankly, hideous.
But, to be fair, this is not an art compo!
The other issue is the sheer number of routes does lead itself to not every path being equally given attention - some were better than others, and guts-platform/ladder combo ... leads itself to potential desync issues and makes certain areas more awkward than others. You also.. missed a few pits, causing me to reset, as a result of all these issues, you threw away 10 points.
With the critique aside, the level itself was pretty damn awesome! You used the pre-existing graphical assets in creative ways and graphics aside, the new gimmicks worked brilliantly. Fun times were had, I particularly like how simple but effective the moving ladder is!
The bosses had a few niggles here and there: The Prototype needed more of a tell for his main attack (I liked his second attack though!), the Propeller was pretty awkward to fight (and.. glitched out on me, so he was skippable, I'm not sure this was your fault though), and the Big Telly's initial attack seemed unfair (he is otherwise fine, and fairly fun to fight).
The main Robot Master was pretty good though, I enjoyed him! Just align your sprites properly in the future.
As an aside, props for putting Health Bars on the mid-bosses! All in all, consider this a win.
2/25/5None FoundNoComputer
2Teleporter 65Cyber Man
(Red Blupi left his name in. Sooo.)
1310155245Critique first: I think one of the gimmicks was kind of underutilized on the math path (the screen wrap) and it would've been nice to see the mini-boss show up again in a different configuration, as it certainly felt like it warranted a repeat.
It also felt over too soon, just as it was getting really interesting. That does say everything though, as other than that... I am stunned.
Utterly, stunned. Not only did this feel like a Mega Man stage, this felt like an all time classic one.
Everything was really original, and when it wasn't being original, you had serious flair to back it up. Nice graphics, good music, really cool special effects and I loved the Battle Network reference!
The fact you took what is basically an instant-death layout.. and Super Meat Boy'd it, was very nicely done, and a really clever way of handling it.

The Noble Nickels were also very, very clever, very sneaky, but not frustrating... although they require a little TOO much backtracking for their own good, but this sort of weapon usage for the optional stuff was pretty well handled.
The Robot Master was fun, if a little easy (Maybe he should've dealt a little more damage? I never felt in danger during the fight).
You are being docked a fair chunk of Functionality score because I had the Robot Master hilariously glitch out on me quite, quite badly, which caused a softlock. Awkward.
Still, this was such a cool stage, I loved it. Well done.
1/15/5None FoundNoComputer
3Teleporter 48Just an Ice Level8884432Well, creativity wise, it lives up to its name, but that doesn't make it bad!
And.. don't put boss corridors in if you're not going to use a boss. It ends your level on a low note!
Still...This level was pretty cute! For using pre-made assets, the level looks nice! And the Met designs are sooo adorable.
Overall this was well built and the variety of challenges was pretty effective. There are a few spots where the stage drops the ball though, and I feel this needs mentioning.
Some of the later challenges are a serious difficulty spike and one or two are borderline unfair, (some of the later Penguin spawner challenges are a bit much) and on the Chillman path, it doesn't seem quite right that you are forced to use weapons or kill yourself off if you fail the challenge or mistime it. I know the asset is a dev-kit one, but the level does need to be designed around the fact that these don't respawn.
The E-Tank path in that last cave was pretty clever and well thought out though! As simple as it is, this was probably the highlight of the stage for me.
I think this one worked, and overall, felt above average, which by Mega Man standards still means it's pretty good.
Oh, and that first Noble Nickel was hilarious. Top marks for that one.
2/25/5"I hope I win!" (Noble Nickel)NoComputer
4Teleporter 26Aurora Man5535523Another boss corridor, another lack of robot master.
This was disappointing, especially with the level name, you really needed a boss!
The main issue with this level is: It looked great, it sounded great... and that was it. There was so little interesting going on that it is overall quite forgettable. The fact that only one gimmick was used is also a real blow to the stage and didn't show much creativity there.
There is a lot there in the devkit, use it! The only real highlight of the stage was the Noble Nickel.
But one creative spot does not a creative stage make. The enemy selection was also all over the place with little cohesion, as if they were chosen at random at times. It got better as the stage went on, but it started off pretty meh.
Very forgettable, not that fun, so I'm not terribly impressed, sorry. But still, the level wasn't BAD, just not terribly interesting.
1/11/1None FoundNoComputer
5Teleporter 38Fortified Lab6474526Boss corridor. No boss. Why. Admittedly the touch at the end was nice but there was no need for that corridor.
This is a level with more style than substance, and most of that style was pre-made assets.. but that's fine, the assets chosen (mostly) work well together, you have a very good eye for making the stage visually interesting.
I like that there was variety in gimmicks, and the enemy selection was pretty decent... but.. it does have issues.
The segment with the Pooker is infuriating because it's combined with enemies that should never be combined with small moving platforms.
Combining it with Junk Drop? Pretty cool idea. With Lyrics? Also good. With Bladers? Uh... And with Apache Joe? What. ARGH.
Specific mention goes to that one Blader which is too high for you to hit with most weapons, so you are almost always going to have it ram headfirst into you and knock you to your doom.
No. This... this bit needed re-thinking.
The rest of the level is fine, even if some of the power up placement was baffling, and as a whole the level is as generic as the name implies.
It's not terrible, and the rest is very average. Yeah, you bungling the Pooker segment, it was that infuriating it just crippled your score.
You DO have a good eye for graphics though, so hopefully you can get original assets to work with in the future.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
6Teleporter 37Neapolitan Man
(Blackmore's robot master.)
87155439I am so glad this stage came with a robot master, it's theming deserved a whacky Robot!
So, let's get the good stuff down: The theming of this stage is top notch. We have brilliant enemy designs, really original stuff behind everything going on, and some great ideas here, and excellent conveyance going on.
Even some of the really, "quite basic in concept" ideas are well executed, like the Red Melting Ice Gimmick.
We do falter in the execution of one portion of the stage, and it sideswipes the level a bit: The Wafer Blocks. And specifically, they seem to do something contrary to what Mega Man usually does with it's objects:
They don't respawn. Or at the very least, not enough is taken into account by the fact they don't respawn.This can leave you almost hopelessly trapped if you aren't playing well, and can and does cause a lot of deaths, as you are left with no option but to throw yourself into the batter. since many of these rooms are far too packed for Rush Jet or Super Arrow to be viable.
It hurts the fun factor, and feels very, not Mega Man. This is the biggest issue with the stage and it's not a small one either.
The Noble Nickels were also very challenging (this is fine, we don't want them too easy), and most of them felt good to get through, the fact they're strictly optional does allow for this! (The Big Eye was very funny!)
The only exception is the mini-boss refight, which being combined with another gimmick makes it... require a bit more planning to even survive than you'd expect for a mini-boss, and a bit more irritating. I'm not sure the second rematch with said mini-boss was exactly required either, as it didn't bring any new tricks to the fight, which most mini-bosses do in classic. (Or if it did, it was so minor, I didn't notice the change, either way it isn't good!)

The real star of the show is the boss. He is fantastic. Nicely difficult, varied, and he has some really nifty attacks. I'm not quite sure he needed a double health bar, but I'll forgive that. He was really fun to fight, and it's clear a lot of effort went into him.
This was overall a very fun stage, it's just... I think the wafer thing has bothered me a fair bit, and did affect my enjoyment.
But... the sum of it's parts more than makes up for that problem, and that really is the only issue with the stage as I see it.
1/15/5None FoundNoLaptop
7Teleporter 53Neon Man
(Creshmen, I think. It has his art style written all over it.)
76132533Nice meme. :V
Ok, on a serious note, your weakest aspect of your stage is the graphics, as a lot of stuff was off style, particularly the original enemies and the Master. You know what, I can live with lackluster graphics. I will give you props for making sure things matched the colour palette of your level though. As for your stage: Your primary gimmick was, really really cool. I loved the idea behind it! Sure, it occasionally required you to memorise, but checkpoints were very well placed (mostly), so that helped a big deal to limit the frustration.
Where things get kinda wonky is some of the enemy layouts on the screens with your gimmick. Many are overcrowded, and expects too much from the player. Fewer enemies on these screens would've helped this stage a big deal.
The Grey Propeller enemy is the biggest offender, he has too much health and nearly always placed in locations where, he's fine on his own, but mixed with other enemies was painful. There is one spot with involves you jumping over a Shield Attack and said Grey Propeller, above a instant-death pit, which was kinda annoying. I could eventually clear this area with practice, but it took quite more practice than most people would have patience for. Still, this level was enjoyable all told, if a bit too hard for it's own good.
Your Robot Master was really fun to fight, and a great cap to your end of level. He was difficult, but very doable and very satisfying to actually take down buster-only.
Next to your gimmick idea, I think your execution of this guy is the highlight of your stage.
1/11/1City War's Revenge (Noble Nickel)NoLaptop
8Teleporter 19Cossack's Other Citadel13873536The biggest critique of your stage is a lack of challenge, and the first few rooms are a little meh in design (the Imorm enemy does not get used very well here, unfortunately). But for using only some very basic gimmicks, this one worked.
The tileset is put together fine, the enemy variety hits the best balance, overall this was quite good. It felt like an official Mega Man stage through and through, and that's what we like to see.
Your standout room was the final one, but worth noting is the fact you actually took conveyance into account - everything got introduced, and introduced well, even if I was not aware of these gimmicks and enemies from previous games (I am, but let's get hypothetical) you introduced them in such a fashion that the player could get used to them.
And then you used everything in that last room to the best way possible. Even Shield Attackers.
My word, you used Shield Attackers well. Good stuff mate.
Only things really that could've improved the stage without changing the concept is perhaps a better choice in music, (and looping it correctly for a start) as it's a tad predictable, and maybe give it a bit more bite towards the end. One more, harder room, and I think you'd have NAILED what you were going for.
You also gave just enough of a hint that your stage was ending, without making me anticipate a boss fight that would never come, so that is appreciated.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
9Teleporter 43Cardinal Man112004"I can't program a boss, here have Chill Man."Yes - This level follows no clear defined rules, and you practically need to be insane to understand it.Laptop
10Teleporter 52[REDACTED]'s Big Annoying Mess of a Level
(Humour style and Skull Man makes me pretty certain this is Smed's.)
9872531You got me. Nice trick with the rematches.
The boss battles are by far and away the highlight of this level, as they really work with your expectations and throw them for a loop. The first was the stronger of the two, but they were both pretty fun to fight, and the second one did murder me a couple of times before I got the timing down.
The custom assets are also pretty dandy, with your new enemies being really clever, even though one is a reskin, you play with it enough that it feels fairly fresh, and the other new enemy is hilarious.
Where this stage falters is.. it's basically just enemies and a boss or two, and nothing else. You really needed gimmicks here, and the lack of them hurt your level. One of the other problems I had was the clash of tilesets - I.. don't get it. At all. I suspect this may be a reference to something else, but I can't confirm this whilst reviewing, since I don't know your name yet, and even so, said reference will fly over most people's heads.
Aesthetically you probably should've just stuck to the initial tileset, which looked nice. This clash is what caused you to lose Aesthetic score, and it's a really baffling one.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
11Teleporter 15Beneath Sand and Rock
(... this is Stove's level isn't it. Just a guess, but this tileset has the wizard's fingerprints all over it.)
149145547The opening made me smile.
And then I entered the temple, and I knew I was in for something good.
I'm almost wondering if this stage was made by two people. Mostly due to how the stage ends, which seems to be very different in programming to the first half. But I digress.
This both does and doesn't feel like a Mega Man stage.
It's clearly set up in a fashion that's alien to Mega Man, but at the same time you get the feeling this could actually fit in an Capcom title. You managed to take Devkit assets and turn them on their head. The maze-like system in this level really makes you feel like you're exploring the depths of an ancient ruin, finding the secrets within.
A particular aspect I really liked, and I'm not sure how intentional this was, the fact that the player's primary cause of death is their own incompetence and damage.
Sure, you put in Instant-Death, but it's not usually the cause of the player's demise. (Barring the Noble Nickel route jump. You know which one.)
Of course, the coolest bit of the level has to be the ending. Both bits. I'm not spoiling this, but it was sooo fun, and really made me go "Ok, wow. That is awesome".
Also you threw in a boss. That blindsided me. I found the secret that implies there was going to be a boss, but considering most of the stage is devkit assets, colour me surprised. It's.... pretty unique. It's one of the coolest looking bosses in the contest, I'll say that much, and he is as creative as the level: Really solid use of devkit assets involved.
There are issues with the stage, but they are very minor: I feel the enemies could do with modified graphics, they seem to clash with each other (a simple recolouring would have been in order), but that is a serious nitpick, and obviously, I'm not penalising for that minor thing. The boss itself has one attack that gave me pause: I feel he fires entirely too many missiles, and they're awkward to deal with.
Other than that, this stage was brilliant. Stunning tileset too.
1/11/1The Plot ThickensNoLaptop
12Teleporter 35Boil Man
(Air Capsule makes this kinda obvious as Kyurem.)
14895541Very, very solid stage here folks. This guy knows what he's doing.
You took one gimmick, and squeezed it for all it's worth. That is very commendable.
Ultimately this has a great look, the music is perfect, and the selection of enemies is *exactly* right for their situation.
It's not without faults... but they aren't the biggest of faults.
The biggest issue is the... well, lack of steam. Or fire. Things associated with "boil". This really just feels like a fairly generic water level with a few fire themed enemies thrown in... and they're almost out of place. Another gimmick based around the hot part of this pairing would've been the ticket I think, and helped the theming gel more.
The other being the boss. Do not get me wrong. He's great. In fact, he's one of the best ones here with his variety and selection of attack patterns. But.... alas, he's a bit on the.. not very threatening side? I never felt in danger during the fight, which is a real shame.
I died to him once due to having 2 hitpoints left. Any other time, he dies without me even so much as paying attention. I think the player needs to feel the full front of a boss's attacks, lest they actually do what I ended up doing - not bothering to dodge and just shooting the bugger to death. Bare in mind I also fought him with significantly less than full health, and got the same result.
A lesser problem is the Noble Nickels. They're fine, really, but their rooms just feel sort of... "there", and have the same problem as the boss. Little to no challenge.
This especially applies to the room with the Fire Shrimps, whose Nickel room have them in a situation that's even easier than their introduction, which seems backwards. They probably should've been moved to later in the level and given a better room to work with.
These are minor problems in the grand scheme of things, the level is just straight up solid, and I think Capcom would be happy to see such a level and robot master in a Mega Man 11.
Oh. And I found the hidden secret. I laughed. He was good.
01/015/5Air Capsule!!! (All the E-tanks, VERY notable.)NoLaptop
13Teleporter 55Crystal Lab7883430There's plenty to be happy about with this one. Your segments with the Wheel Cutter, and your Rising Platform gimmick was neat (and the auto-scroller and vertical room which combined both!) are really quite enjoyable to go through. The enemy selection is... a bit unfocused, although you did a decent thing with Shield Attackers that's worth a mention. It's just got a few niggles that hinder is a bit. The level is a tad, ugly. Not in the spriting sense but certainly your colour palette. Why is this monochrome?! This is NES styled! Not Gameboy styled! This gets very dull after a while and not even a decent tileset can salvage it. At least make the backgrounds a different colour to the foreground. It makes it hard to tell what you can and cannot walk on at times.
Your three other issues are gameplay based, because you didn't take a few things into consideration. Namely, I really think you should've taken the option to render Wheel Cutter with infinite ammo, because you based this entire stage around it... which is fine, but you have infinite lives here, and any player who is struggling will be forced to reset, which is kind of sad. Your rising platform gimmick also breaks one of the Mega Man conventions - gimmicks should respawn, or outright kill you if you fail them. Having them not reset and forcing the player to kill themselves goes against every gameplay instinct a player will have. Finally there are a lot of areas that look like either the correct route, or an alternative route, and they aren't! This sort of thing baffles the player. So yeah, a more thematic enemy selection, better implementation of the gimmicks (although your execution was pretty good!) would've helped this stage a lot. Oh, and, hi dev-kit boss!
1/1N/AThe Mystery Bound FigureNoLaptop
14Teleporter 59Guts Man Asteroid
(This.. might be Flashman's. The humour is about right. Seeing how much I like this stage, I hope this is his. It'll redeem Maze of Death.)
910144542To the creator: You dickhead. You absolute dickhead. >:CCC
If you're reading this before you've played the stage, you'll know exactly what I'm on about as soon as you see it.
Actually all told, you made me laugh. A lot. This, was fun, for that reason alone, but you thankfully backed it up with some very solid level design and really nifty usage of dev kit assets.
You turned what sounded like the most boring level and theme possible and put as much pizazz as the dev kit assets let you. Your best feature, next to the humour, is you playing with player expectations. You subvert it several times, and always left me wondering what you could possibly pull off next.
You also did a pretty good job with gimmick conveyance (although not so much with one or two enemies, but they weren't bad!) so even new players should understand what game mechanics they should expect out of you.
I wasn't a big fan of the falling rocks (there's a few too many of them in spots, which kills the pace), nor the Noble Nickel associated with the gimmick, but everything else was pretty damn spiffy.
There was one or two iffy jumps, and the aforementioned dick move that let you down a bit, but I think a lot of people are going to like this one.
Also, hi dev kit boss! You were used well! And that's great!
To anyone playing this: Find the second Energy Element. That shows this guy's commitment to the comedic arts.
15Teleporter 02Shovel Knight
(This guy ALSO left his name in the level. I didn't care enough to pay much attention to it. :V)
4341214Oh. Well, I think the fault with this stage lies in your concept. Lots of mini-stages are not... really a good idea.
Gimmicks and enemies were chosen at seeming random without thought to the theming of the area they were placed in.
And then the biggest crime: You did absolutely nothing with them, beyond the bare basics.
I found, one, exactly one, area creative and well thought out: Spectre Knight's segment.
This was your highlight, and I won't lie, I thought pretty nifty. The idea there was nice! And then it was over and I moved onto the lackluster Polar Knight segment.
Just, sorry. This was poor, and felt more like you were just messing about with the dev kit, and the vast majority of assets had the bare minimum of implementation.
Your Mole Knight segment introduced a gimmick (the slime) and then.. ended as you introduced it!? Why?
My recommendation? Ditch the idea behind this: Stick to one area of a game when converting, choose appropriate gimmicks for your segment, and then really squeeze said gimmicks to their limit. Spectre Knight's area shows you have a few neat ideas, but one good segment out of several does not a good stage make.
As an aside, your low aesthetic score is due to... ssooooo many out of place tiles, cut offs, misplaced and misaligned new assets and using tiles inappropriately. I mean, you even use animated tiles without their animation!
There's also a potential soft lock in Spectre Knight's area - there are missing collision tiles and it's entirely possible to get yourself stuck if you've been relying on weapons in your stage. This is quite impressive considering there is in fact an auto-tiler in the engine, so how you managed that one is beyond me. You were also missing certain pits!
The one other redeeming aspect of this level, and I'm sure most will disagree with me, is some of the Nickels. They're well hidden, although the one in Mole Knight's segment is a little silly.
1/15/5Various characters (Noble Nickels) - Black Knight, Plague Knight, Mole Knight, Treasure Knight, Spectre KnightNoLaptop
16Teleporter 31Forgotten Fortress
(Other guess for Flashman's stage. Its style almost has Maze of Death written all over it, and the implementation of that stage has coloured my viewpoint of Flashman's capabilities. I really hope I'm wrong.)
8043419There comes a point... where you need to stop. You went past it... you seriously dropped the ball here man.
This was a slog. I had so little fun playing this stage I wanted to quit part way through. I'm not even joking.
So, I'm going to get the positive out of the way first: Your original assets are well drawn (although the colour scheme is absolutely GARISH and hard on the eyes a fair bit. Which is why your Aesthetics score is suffering significantly.), and your opening area was great! Good conveyance, good design, really well thought out. And then I got to the second area. And the third. And the fourth and then... Why.
I know there is a lot in the dev kit but you didn't need to use... Every. Single. Sodding. Gimmick.
You.. didn't know when to stop. Every idea that came to you was put in. There is such a thing as too much. There really is.
Later on in the stage, you seemed to stop thinking and did the bare minimum required to implement a segment. The absolutely bare minimum.
In all fairness, there is nothing wrong with any of these rooms aside from how easy they are (this.. is actually to your stage's benefit believe me.), and a lot of these areas, aside from one or three gimmicks, introduce themselves well. (And there is a lot of them which, er... don't. The Crash Man platform segment comes to mind.) but.... ok.
Pick a gimmick, pick a second gimmick, maybe a third, and stick to them.
Start doing clever stuff with them and maybe this would work. Everything in the dev kit though? Blerugh. There's also the enemies, obviously the variety here is as bad as the gimmicks: Way too many of them.
Tone things down, do not put the bare minimum of thought into the execution of most areas of your stage, and maybe you could make something enjoyable. You have the makings of a good designer - just scale back next time! This, wasn't fun.
Oh, and I'd say hello to a dev kit boss, but I sort of just rolled my eyes by that point. I'm not sure what good making him so gangly was, but it didn't help matters.
1/14/4Crash Man, Room of All the Characters and OCs.I wish I could think of a good reason, as I detested this level, but objectively I can't think of one. 100% completionists will be bored to tears by the time they finish this level.Laptop
17Teleporter 44Elec Dam8674227That stage was certainly there. It existed. Ok, so, reusing Rock Force's Shock Man gimmick was absolutely fine - but you really didn't use it to any degree of quality.
One stretch was interesting towards the end of the level - leaving me with nowhere to go but time a jump out of the water - this was good. Wanted to see more clever sections like that! I think in this case, implementing another devkit gimmick might've been good for you. Then combo the bunch of them a bit better.
This wasn't bad, but very very average across the board. In other nitpicks, the colour scheme was bizarre and somewhat clashing, although the tileset looked great otherwise, and there were several missing collision tiles in the middle of the stage, and it is possible to get stuck. The enemy selection was also pretty mixed, and several screens were very crowded.
Overall, it's not bad, but very average, and I doubt many will remember this stage at all.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
18Teleporter 68Duwang4381319I.. what. The hell. I don't... even... if I could leave the review there, I would. I have no idea what was going on and at this point I'm afraid to ask.
This was... creative? I guess? The idea here was actually fine. But your implementation killed it.
That is single handedly the WORST gimmick introduction to an instant-death mechanic I've come across. Yikes. It took me so many attempts to even figure out what was going on. What was looking like a decent, if unoriginal level, was just killed stone dead by that gimmick, my word, you need to find a way to explain it better. I don't mind dying to figure out a gimmick... but when your playthrough comes to a complete dead stop because it's bungled so badly, it's a big problem. I was stuck here for a significant level of time.
And, no, I do not think the background details are enough to understand it, because there are arrows EVERYWHERE ELSE in the level. What is one more background arrow supposed to mean? The new element was also fairly glitchy too.
As for the new tileset, it was, in a word, hideous, from the colour palette, to the shading, to the new elements to... what-ever that scary thing was at the end of the stage was. And even then you have tiles that clearly should be animated that weren't.. and the cloud's just appear without any indication you're going to a cloudy area... and... yes, it's all very ugly.
Oh, and those Nickels?... and why the heck did you put them all in the same room? What was the point?
There is one highlight to this stage - the bit in the clouds. I there was some really good implementation of the Plant Man platforms. But... the rest?
I'll say it again: Yeesh.
Also Pyro - replace the music at the end please, I don't want Let's Players to be getting them copyright strikes.
1/13/3Jojo? or... something. No idea (Noble Nickel)Laptop
19Teleporter 06Mix & Match110024 FoundNoLaptop
20Teleporter 16Blaze Man10874534Boss corridor lacking a boss afterwards aside, (... and why name your level after a Robot Master if you aren't going to put one in?) this was perfectly serviceable, and felt very solid. Pretty good. You do know your stuff.
You could've done a bit better, and your problem was more along the lines of what you didn't have rather than what you had I think: The theming was... generic. And so was the stage. Very much so.
You took the most generic "factory" gimmicks and threw in the fire-based enemies and that was about it. But you put everything to good use, and combined the gimmicks very competently, if not always creatively.
I think you not using the Junk Blocks in the level, rather than only having them as decoration was a HUGE missed opportunity. Why introduce them if not to actually use them? That was a disappointment.
Don't get me wrong though - this was a solid level! And absolutely fine. Take it for what it is. Competent, and above average. Which, for a Mega Man level, means it's still good.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
21Teleporter 57Joe Destruction Co.6453523The version I played lacked any music whatsoever and that... makes this level even more boring than it actually is. When I went back to play it with the music, it wasn't exactly helped.
Your name implies something that never happens. That... is a shame. So what does this level accomplish? Er, nothing. At all.
Props will be given - nothing was used horrendously, you had a mix of gimmicks. But. And here's the but: The bare minimum required for placement of these gimmicks was done. Enemies were also selected without much forethought it seems. This was below average man.
You had one highlight - the Picket Man towards the start of the stage: I really thought that bit was clever, and had you built your stage around that, maybe you could've pulled something memorable off. (That is your sole contribution to your creativity score, by the way.)
As it stands, this level simply exists. At least you put in some platforming, so that makes things a little more tolerable.
Oh, and lovely, boss corridor - no boss. Sigh. I mean you even put an E-Tank before said corridor. The hell?
1/1N/AMusic Credit, lolNoLaptop
22Teleporter 13Sheriff Man6975532Man. So much effort put into what is ultimately, quite the forgettable stage as far as design goes.
There is so much right though, and to not praise you for what you did do right would be a sin:
The boss was awesome, (if far too easy - even with about half my hitpoints left, I creamed him the first time I fought him.), and your sole other new asset, the Buzzard, was brilliant.
The tileset, music, and graphical flair of the stage... wow. STUNNING. This was reaaaallly pretty, and your two new assets hit the Mega Man style completely. But.. then there is the, er, rest.
To put it simply: This is one long stage of nothing but enemies. Mega Man is more than that, and requires actual platforming challenges to maintain your interest. You need gimmicks! And then you need to combine those gimmicks!
Aw. This was a shame, and had you paid more attention to some of the other aspects of this level, we'd have a contender for one of the best stages in the game. I did have fun, and the level is solid, don't get me wrong, but objectively from a design standpoint, this was average, if a bit below average. I'll look forward to seeing the boss in the arena!
1/13/3Proto Man (Noble Nickel)NoLaptop
23Teleporter 56Megalando
(.. this is Lamda's I think? CV reference, musical style... previous comment in Discord. Not leaked, just remember a few keywords. Kind of hope it isn't his.)
6253521Y tho. I don't mind instant-death as a mechanic. I do mind instant-death sending me back through several other rooms of very beefy enemies, or lots more other instant death.
Your lack of checkpoints not only ratcheted up the tension... it made things very tedious. That last screen, the drop onto spikes right after the Crystal Joes and the pit after THAT were utter bullshit too. Just saying.
To give credit where it was due - the room with the Pole Eggs and dropping enemies from above by taking down their ground, that was cool.
And I think the fun factor here would've been greatly improved by actually sticking checkpoints in areas where, logically, there should be checkpoints. (The room with the statue comes to mind.)
The enemy selection was also... utterly pointless, nonsensical, and nothing fit in. Oh.. and.. why the Castlevania theme if you aren't going to do anything remotely Castlevania'y?
There is a right way, and a wrong way to do instant-death. This was the wrong way.
1/1N/ANone FoundYes This is so insanely frustrating that it might put people off if they are forced to play it. It's not so much the difficulty, as the tedium involved. dying anywhere in this level means you are replaying a significant portion of it through other instant-death or stupidly beefy enemies.Laptop
24Teleporter 66SMB35353218To quote the last contest: "Enemy spam is fun, right, guys?".
That is everything wrong with this stage. Every screen is packed with enemies, and the enemy placement itself is baffling. The most infuriating one was on the Airship Area - trying to get on those Tomahawk Man platforms was insane. Often, you picked the worst possible enemy to place in the auto-scrolling segment, and there are so many projectiles everywhere it's too hard to keep track of.
Also - there is a distinct lack of gimmicks here... with the exception of the Tomahawk platform, and they basically do nothing. This entire stage is just enemies basically, and that's not really too fun. Just because the last contest had a Mario level... doesn't mean you're going to place as high as that one because you used Mario.
Because what the last contest entry had was actual thought put behind it. This was just everything plonked down without much creativity or testing.
Don't get me wrong, some of these Mario reskins were pretty interesting, even if the lineart was a bit shoddy, but... then you just sort of stopped trying, and plonked regular Mega Man enemies into the Mario arena. This felt very half assed.
Bowser was unexpected, and a neat addition, but he was too easy really... granted that is par the course for Bowser. Bare in mind some of your positive score here is due to including him. I'm not joking.
This was pretty awful overall. (Oh.. and most of your new assets are busted when you use certain weapons. Playtesting is a good thing.)
1/1, Both PathsN/ANone FoundYes. This stage is utter garbage and the enemy spam barely makes this playable. Enemies are freakin' everywhere, and the only reason its scoring as high as it is, is due to two categories where I objectively can't mark it down. I am in agreement with at least one other judge about this. Laptop
25Teleporter 60Volcanic Furnace8661324I can't call this bad... but it's not good. It's perfectly playable for the most part but you do drop the ball significantly in several spots and that seriously impacted your score. The least of your issues is the art - this stage is beyond ugly. Misused tiles, wonky animation, and tiles that are completely at odds at each other. Some segments even look unfinished!!
There were some good ideas here and there - you're combinations of firebar types were neat, as were two of the latter Noble Nickels, but your Guts Platform segment was seriously awkward at times, mostly thanks to desync, and really stupidly difficult for its own good elsewhere.
Why would you combine sinewave enemies, that explode, respawn, alongside tiny platforms AND jumping to other tiny platforms? I mean, yikes. I suspect you played this level once or twice, convinced it was possible to do it, and then didn't bother seeing what other players of other skill levels thought. If you do not do that segment exactly right, you are waiting ages on a platform with high risk of death.
That being said, the last Gutsman Platform segment did what any good Mega Man stage should do, and combine gimmicks with other gimmicks, so, that is good, and that one feels a lot closer to real proper difficulty than the nutball Killer Bullet segment.
It's a shame you just have badly implemented elements all over the place, as if these worked better, and.. probably as intended, you'd have the makings of a fun, if pretty average stage. (What was the point of that Big Eye "mini boss" that you can just skip?!) Oh.. and.. I fell out of bounds once when playing as a result of a misplaced screen scroller. Whoops. Thankfully I fell into another level segment, but still.. awkward.
Oh. Your use of a boss corridor without a climax... please don't.
1/13/3Grey Screen. :VNoLaptop
26Teleporter 23Launch Man and Shuttle Man (Current Favourite)
(If this isn't Strife's I'll eat my hat.)
1310155548There are like, two things wrong with this level: The screens can get overcrowded every so often (your combination of enemies towards the end of the stage is fairly questionable), and I think not enough of an effort was put to get the enemy set themed together. Recolouring enemies to match each other, and perhaps replacing a few, would've helped get the stage linking together better. The former, is actually an issue, but the latter is a serious nitpick.
Because... let's face it, this stage is great. This stage is honestly great. The gimmicks are simple, but effective. They compliment the level layout, and whilst you don't really do anything that clever with them, you do go beyond the minimum and hit a nice middle ground.
If I felt this was a problem though, you make up for it with your boss battles. Are you a Treasure fan by any chance? Because your boss fights take what is an above average stage, and, to excuse the pun, rocket it out of the arena. All 4 of them were great, (I'm counting Dennis. <3), very creative, and... just a whole lot of fun. They hit the perfect balance of challenge, neat attacks and flair. Your Robot Masters? I fell in love.
Not only would I want to see this stage in an official Capcom title, this actually BEATS most Capcom stages.
1/1 - Robot Master beaten both ways.5/5Dennis. <3NoLaptop
27Teleporter 67Gigavolt Man5341114This is, at it's heart, an incredibly average stage. You could've scored very average here, because nothing about the ideas and layout here is necessarily bad in any way. Some things are used ok, weird enemy selection (... the Snake, why the Snake?), every so often a there's a good idea, most of it is very forgettable. This is let down, by its horrifically lazy execution. So, you're taking an already average stage... and making it worse.

I'm going to ask this: Was there any playtesting? I came across a load of errors that even a first playthrough of the stage would catch. There's misplaced and missing collision blocks, (one of which got me killed, in spite of the auto-tiler, you somehow made a ladder non-functional), you've got overlapping Sheep Man blocks, so two colours at once get deleted... I'm not entire sure the one Nobel Nickel is even possible without Rush/Super Arrow, despite the fact it clearly LOOKS like it should be doable with a bit of skill. There is a screen where an invisible block stops you from proceeding, unless you slide underneath said invisible block.. and hell, one of the jumps would be borderline impossible without the fact there is in fact a glitchy layout that makes it so!
Your checkpoint placement is bizarre (... the player spawns NEXT to a mini boss. The hell?!), there aren't any walls to block off where you should and shouldn't travel, you managed to forget to place stoppers so enemies go off screen, gimmicks show up once and are never used again, and for some weird reason you stuck the barriers from Frost Man's level in the most inappropriate place you could put them. You even put down a text box without any text in!?
The ball is also dropped with the aesthetics, seeing how there are missing tiles, misplaced tiles, and, bizarrely, Knight Man tiles show up within what is clearly Elec Man's stage, and they clash. Even the MUSIC is lazy. 8bit song followed by a 16bit song? From the same game?! Wha?
Final point: Hello Dev Kit boss! That has got to be the worst possible way you could implement a fan Robot Master. And the laziest. I know you don't have to know how to code to enter this, but surely it's possible to at least replace Volt Man's graphics? Or anything?
If you wanted a cameo that badly, just put Gigavolt in as an NPC and lampshade the fact you're fighting Volt Man instead. Anything more creative than what you did.
This isn't the worst level ever, but it might very well be the laziest. It's a contest, put some effort in!
1/13/3None Found I guessNoLaptop
28Teleporter 25Jungle Base6324520I get it. Going for the Contra theme. Fair enough. Mega Man is not a run and gun game. It's a full on platformer. You really can't just get away with plonking enemies willy nilly and expect it to be fun. Even Contra on the NES bothered with stage gimmicks. This did nothing. At all.
There is nothing horrible about this, but why not explore the dev kit a little? There is a metric TON of gimmicks in there, more than enemies! Please use them.
You also stuck the checkpoint before the Mid Bosses, and not after, meaning that if you die to the latter half of the stage, you're refighting the Mid Bosses again.
To give you SOME credit, even on overcrowded screens it never felt unmanageable, and the look of the stage was absolutely fine if generic. You're decent at getting tilesets to work together, and the layout wasn't bad. But boy was this stage horrifically dull. At least some of the other "enemy only" stages managed to have some originality behind them.
Also: Boss Corridor, no boss or climax. If you weren't going to use any other Mega Man tropes, why use this one?
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
29Teleporter 36Quirky Unconsistant Incomprehensible Nonsensical Track112015 FoundNoLaptop
30Teleporter 28Komuso Temple14894540This is instant death done right folks. Also: How to take a single gimmick, and SQUEEZE it for all its worth.
For a stage that's almost solely dev-kit, there's some really good stuff here: Absolutely perfect checkpoint placement, nice and challenging Noble Nickels, surprisingly varied platforming challenges considering the gimmick, a few really clever almost comical moments (the walker at the end there made me laugh due to sheer bizarreness.)
Design wise, I cannot fault this stage very much. Your biggest hurdle is theming. Not enough was done to make this stage fit Komuso Man, the tileset, (Look up, say, a tileset for a dojo?) the enemy set and music did nothing to help, as they are all just very generic and not really thematic. This feeling of being generic applies to the stage also, as you could've put any robot master at the end. Still, you see the scores. This is almost a minor issue.

And, obviously, going by the name.. hello dev-kit boss!
If this is how you pull off instant death, I'd love to see future stuff by you!
1/13/3None FoundNoLaptop
31Teleporter 20Joe Man6385527You started well. Nice tileset, if a little generic, the few new custom assets are good, if generic, decent selection of gimmicks, even if they are also a little generic, and pleasant enough music.... which is also pretty generic now that I think about it. Overall, solid, pretty well built stage, if not the most memorable thing in the world. It dragged a little, and I rather hated the miniboss for how redundant it was, but still...
Some of the rooms were great, your use of Count Platforms combined with Flying Mets was pretty clever, and you usually placed Reflection Blocks in really good locations.
We had what was a great cap to your stage - your Robot Master - aside from what is possibly a hitbox that is too large, his attacks had conveyance throughout the stage, his pattern was fair, good variety to the fight, and overall he was enough of a challenge to be fun.
Your 4th Noble Nickel was probably a bit too hard for its own good, the count bombs needed to be about 16 pixels lower than they are currently, honestly.
All this sounds positive so far, right? Just a few nitpicks and the like. Where'd you drop the ball then? Taking everything into account.. that would be your SECOND Robot Master.

Oh. Oh dear. Erm, you kind of went overboard, this thing left a rather bitter taste in my mouth. 3 health bars? On a boss that is almost completely invincible about 75% of the time? Ok, that alone, is stupid. But it's a three phase boss fight, so ok, maybe three health bars are fine, provided each phase is different enough. Surely the fact that you can't hit it most of the time is taken into account. But no. Your first phase is, literally, a COPY of the first Robot Master..... just why. Why are you making us redo the exact thing we did just 10 seconds ago? The later forms have attacks where, he's just completely invincible for eons, and the only really good way to beat him before the heat death of the universe is to use the weakness. This just kills it. Everything here is bumped up into frustration levels and hits areas of tedium that I did not know was possible for a Mega Man boss whose name doesn't end in the word "Devil".
Also, you probably should've put a sign after that boss, because I was left scratching my head for which direction I should head in for that Nickel, because I feared I'd lose my progress by choosing wrong. (If you as a player is reading this review before beating this stage, go right, not up.)
1/15/52.5D Bass (Noble Nickel)No, but Joe Man R should not under any circumstances be put into the arena, or feature anywhere else.Laptop
32Teleporter 33Spikey Situation7792328... I was expecting to hate this, if only due to it's clear inspiration. I mean, it's not exactly GOOD, but the challenge is.. interesting to play. You actually introduce mechanics well, conveyance was good, there is some interesting setups, if a bit finicky, and your checkpoint placement is pretty good overall... (well I think one more in the final stretch would help lessen the frustration.)
I was expecting spikes to be flying everywhere, and am thankful they weren't - for the most part this level just requires timing and precision, and neither to overly fine degrees.
I only really take exception to a single room, actually: The second Crash Platform room. What-ever it's requirements are - they're insane. Either a pixel perfect jump or sliding underneath the spikes atop the moving platform, which is weird, because the rest of the segments give a very clear idea of what they expect from the player. I cannot under any circumstances get through the second Crash Platform room properly, because of either the glitchy nature of the platforms, being unable to time it, or my own loathing for pixel perfect jumps.

The bosses were.. interesting? I get the reference, sure, but they are pretty odd, and very luck based. The first one does seem to get easier the longer the fight lasts... and the second one throws maybe a few too many projectiles your way, which if the RNG gods decided to not be in your favour, will lead to deaths, more so than just a lack of skill. I beat it the first time I fought it, took a few attempts the second time.
As an aside... getting it to sync with the music? Brilliant.

That room I mentioned bothered me a fair bit, but this stage wasn't as bad as first appearances suggest. I'm sure you're well aware of the ugly nature of the artwork, given what you're referencing, but even if it is a reference, it IS still ugly to look at.
1/11/1Bonus Boss (Noble Nickel)No idea. It's frustrating but aside from one screen not overly so? Leave it up to everyone else.Laptop
33Teleporter 39The Fall211026 FoundNoLaptop
34Teleporter 50Ancient Tomb010427 FoundNoLaptop
35Teleporter 34Bond Man87123434So you decided to bring an old unused Robot Master out of retirement. Was this worth the effort? You know what, I'd say yes. You aped the style of Mega Man 1 stages without resorting to the worst aspects of that game, and put some honest to goodness creativity into repurposed dev-kit assets.
The level is a little on the generic side, and gimmicks are limited, but you make good use of what you got, and there's some pretty nifty segments every so often, enough to keep the player interested with your limited set. You kept the focus where it matters, and whilst the place didn't really look like a glue factory, it felt like one.
There is one really big highlight to your stage I have to mention - I love the Glue Devils. They're a very awesome concept, and are the best of the new assets in the stage, and usually positioned exactly in the right spots to get in the player's way without being dickish.
There was also a room with 3 glue drips positioned over tiny platforms, which was a great way to use this gimmick, even if the method of getting through the room unscathed requires a little outside the box thinking. But it's little pieces like that which help stages!

The Robot Master was... basically a repurposed dev-kit boss, but I appreciate the effort here, even if he is the easiest thing I've ever fought outside of an intro stage. I think, maybe the character should've been given an additional attack of some description?
I'm glad he's around all the same, because levels lacking their signature Robot Master are a disappointment.

The weakest aspects of the stage are probably the fact that, maybe another gimmick would liven up some of it, and the tileset chosen, whilst fine, is rather drab and without detail.
This was a decent effort though, some good new ideas here elevate it out of the range of the truly average stages.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
36Teleporter 11Maze of Significantly Less Death
(... this is Mini Macros. Art style is a dead giveaway... and this also got spoilered before the score penalty was implemented. I.. wanted to like this one. :C )
6592022I'm not Mega Man, I'm my original fan character, Blega Man!
Hm. Annnwaay, neat idea, don't get me wrong, and your initial set up had me excited for something that never came. Therein lies the issue - this stage appears to be all idea and no substance to it. Nothing, happened? There were some good gimmick introductions, but never did I see any pay off. It is also frankly, one of the easiest Mega Man stages I have ever encountered, I get the feeling so much effort was put into making the stage not frustrating that you probably went too far. The fact there are SOOO many collectables with nothing to actually hurt you renders this a complete cakewalk. No challenge at all is kind of a bummer, and makes the entire thing dull.
The tileset is.. also kind of ugly? It is, yet again, interesting to look at, and a decent idea for a level theme, but the shading is suspect in parts, and far too many segments just seem to be missing the required tiles, or are badly placed. It is also hard to tell what is and isn't foreground at times, making certain segments a strain to look at.
I also encountered a crap ton of level design bugs and blunders... which made it not only hard to backtrack, but also got me killed several times as I was shunted into walls as I moved from area to area. The Red area was the BIGGEST offender here, and is so easy to stumble upon, I do wonder if this was playtested very much. Also - your teleporters are busted, I kept reappearing offset from where I should logically teleport into, I got kinda worried I'd be shunted into another object there too.
I was just sort of bored towards the end. It's inoffensive, but I doubt people are going to remember this very much.
Good idea, bad execution.
37Teleporter 63Donut Observation Centre129142542... did...did you just take one of the most reviled things in Mega Man history, only change its setup, and manage to make it FUN!? Oh. My.
First: I did not expect that end of stage section. I'm not spoilering it here, but colour me impressed.
Second: Your conveyance of everything was excellent. Everything was introduced well, and if any player was unfamiliar with any of these level objects, they won't be now.
Third: Not only did you take these gimmicks... you merged them creatively, and are proof that, yes, even the dev-kit gimmicks can be used in ways Capcom never thought of.
Fourth: Your checkpoint placement was ON POINT. I did not mind the instant-death introduced, because I did not have much level to actually backtrack through.. and in some cases, no level at all! Good!

There are issues though, I'm not sure what theme this level is going for, it's a bit nonsensical, and the lack any concrete theme of it is probably the biggest detriment to the stage, it also doesn't match anything, and honestly, a LOT of the objects and backgrounds clash. There's also quite a few misplaced tiles every so often, and the two areas of the stage.. don't.. really follow on with each other?
Also - I have no idea what was up with that mini-boss placement, but you probably would've been better off without it... or to have at least modified it to be vaguely a threat.
Your first two Noble Nickels were also.... devoid of challenge, which makes the third one a bit of a puzzler. Still, this is a bit of a nitpick!
I think in future, work on your theming a bit better, so it isn't all random like this. Few new graphics, spruce up the gimmicks and music, (You probably should've taken the background as your hint and gone all circus on us!) we'd have something pretty close to Capcom level, endgame aside.
This was a great stage though. Good stuff.
1/13/3None FoundNoLaptop
38Teleporter 03Colourful Hall4192319This was a rollercoaster in quality. That is not a good thing. Maybe "this is a stock market crash" in quality would be a better descriptor?
This level started off positively enough. The initial red area was... actually rather good, and a fairly decent gimmick setup. (Actually introducing us to the fact Fan Fiend is in the level would've been nice before the spikes, but what-ever.)
But then the green area had that garbage placement of a random invincible Hologran which you basically have to wait to leave the screen in order to have any idea there is in fact a ladder there.... (.. just why is it invincible?!)
Then there's the blue area which tasks you to dodge Hammer Joes atop a platform you have no control over (I've dodged these guys exactly once.) as well as a utterly pointless mini-boss inclusion.
But the yellow area kills this level dead. EVERYTHING in this area is badly placed, badly combined, and frustrating to the max.
Here's the specifics: Mousubeil is going to hit you if you attempt to get the second Nickel, (forced damage is fun, right?), the Metal Man Crushers requires you to get yourself between a spike and the Crusher with very little margin for error...
And then there's the vertical climb. Without the Nickel, this would be awful. With, it's almost insulting. We have the following: Vertical Scrolling, Guts Man Lifts, Shadow Man Platforms, Lyrics, AND requiring the use of Wire Adaptor on a moving platform?! These do not combine, in the slightest, to any degree of reason, and forcing the player to constantly jump in a vertical segment is liable to make them physically sick, especially since that Nickel is reaaalllly bad to try and go after.

Oh and your memory game... it's kinda borked. I can't even read the last hint, as the platform is broken. Also: WHY PUT TWO POWER MUSCLERS IN THE SAME ROOM. WHY?
And... hi dev-kit boss. The changes to Guts Man's room added absolutely nothing to the battle, but I'm not docking you for that. I am docking you for forcing the player to replay the entire stage twice in order to get both elements. You know, people hated it when Ghouls and Ghosts did that too.
2/23/3None FoundNoLaptop
39Teleporter 46Bouncy Castle000000This level made me physically ill about a minute into it. Therefore I am unable to give it a fair review, as I am unable to play it. It was a very clever idea, but somehow in execution it's... unbearable. You have too much motion going on I think is the problem, and vertical motion is not something people suffering with motion sickness can deal with. I'm kind of glad we caught this early, as it's entirely possible this could be dangerous to someone with epilepsy.NoneNone????????????????Yes, Level has been disqualified.Laptop
40Teleporter 51Escape Sequence76151332... do I hate this level? Do I love this level? I... have no idea. This level, is going to be Marmite to everyone. Completely on par with Marmite. I cannot think of any better comparison.
The fact that every weapon has infinite ammo sets up what this stage is going to do from the start. And then uses the fact you have infinite ammo to do some really insane stuff. This level is, REALLY creative. The concept is brilliant and you keep using dev-kit assets in new and unique ways.
... and then there is double move speed concept. It's a clever enough gimmick, but pretty weird to actually play. I'm not against it, but it is weird.
Some of the execution in spots is baffling though. The enemy set.. is.. just.. what-ever you felt like slapping in it seems. In fairness, they aren't usually placed in any way that's annoying, but sometimes you are left wondering what the hell that enemy is doing in the spot it's in. Some are pretty frustratingly placed though, and this applies to pretty much every Hammer Joe, Crystal Joe, and that single solitary Tanuki enemy.

Your biggest issue is: Far, far, far too much overcrowding. Particularly the areas where you are forced to use utilities. Enemies in those segments, are usually placed in such a way that it's too easy to mess up a shot or two, usually enough to throw off your rhythm and cause you to go into a pit or spike.
The main offender was the Rush Jet segment - I'm sorry, this is supremely frustrating, even when you're used to it, if only because there are enemies that become unavoidable. Either choose enemies, or destructible blocks, but not both!
The weirdest section of the stage was the area that, by design, has no challenge whatsoever. The level seems to move from "this looks cool" to "AAAAAA" at the drop of a hat and it gives off the most random difficulty curve I have yet to encounter in a level.

Final issue: Your Wheel Cutter based Noble Nickel was REALLY IRRITATING. This would've been fine had the walls used for ascent not ALSO been spikes. Making a player lightly tap left or right to dodge incoming spikes is really annoying.

This was... a very clever level. Let's leave it at that. Your score is largely suffering due to severe frustration spikes every so often that litter the stage. If these had been evened out.. this would probably be one of the top tier levels in my eyes. Anything not mentioned should be considered a positive.

... oh. There is one highlight worth mentioning: Good force beam usage. That, was a surprise.
1/15/5None FoundNoLaptop
41Teleporter 40Combust Man6552523Hm. This.. exists? Nice of you to make a custom tileset, it doesn't exactly look remotely in style, but that's forgivable. Less forgivable is assets that clearly should be animated, aren't. Pretty sure that was covered by the tutorials.

Your main issue is the lack of anything in this stage related to the Robot Master. This stage does nothing interesting. Props for using a minor gimmick at least, but you haven't really done much with them, and Count Bombs by themselves are so generic, levels usually have to use other gimmicks around them since they're so boring. (Look at any Mega Man stage that uses Count Bombs, such as Blizzard Man and Burst Man, they are never the only thing in the stage!)
There's also a few areas where you can find yourself stuck either using weapons to get out or kill yourself, but these are limited to the Noble Nickels, so that's not too bad.
As for the Nickels themselves, these are, quite frankly, the easiest collectables I have ever encountered. Much like the rest of the stage, no thought was put into them.

As I saw the boss corridor, I was not expecting anything to be waiting for me, and was ready for no climax to the stage what-so-ever. But...I have to praise you for that part. That was great!

Shame about the rest of the level.
1/15/5None FoundNoLaptop
42Teleporter 42Starman Recreation7793531I was a bit confused by the first few rooms and their lack of scrolling. I was expecting a repeat of Midnight Snow from MaGMML1... thankfully this level was not that.
Pretty decent level overall, and good use of the Galaxy Man teleporters for the most part. The use of Crystal Man's gimmicks and enemies are a little.. odd? But it wasn't bad. I have two real issues with the stage:
1) It looks and sounds boring, and not helped by the tiling being a more generic version of Star Man's original level, leaving most screens dull to look at, and a remix of Star Man's theme would've served you better than straight up using the original. (There's no need for these tunes to be 8bit!)
2) Some of the later screens have really stupid enemy placement. There is one jump in particular that is infuriating, involving a Crystal Man Crystal (... that's a redundant name if I've ever heard one) and a Toss Machine. This jump is ridiculous, and is a significant sore spot! There are other random difficulty spikes throughout the stage (mostly involving spikes, funnily enough.) but nothing else is as bad as that one jump.

The Noble Nickel placement was pretty well handled, although the second one is a little on the hard side to survive, but not exactly bad.

As good as the Galaxy Man teleporters were used every so often, I feel more could've been done to gel everything together and give a nice final climactic room to the level, with the gimmicks mixed together.

This level ends of a bit of a low note really, which is a shame because the rest is pretty alright. The boss corridor and no proper boss/climax doesn't help. It's a shame when signature Robot Masters don't show up to their own levels.
1/15/5None FoundNoLaptop
43Teleporter 49Quarantine Woman
(... that's unreleased Revolution music.... and it's Cosmic Gem's track. I'm guessing this is Cosmic Gem's level.)
139155547I can't say I was expecting anyone to make a stage that would fit in with the Aliens franchise, but there it is. This is another stage I am so thankful there is a Robot Master for.
Congrats, this level takes what is basically an enemy only stage - and makes it work. The custom assets in this stage are incredible, and I can't remember playing a Mega Man stage that gives its enemy set honest to goodness AI. The Hazmat Joes were really friggin' awesome!
The flair and details in this stage make up for the fact the sprite-work can get a little wonky (as in, it looks very fan-made), but there is so much attention to detail though, I can't help but award a full Aesthetics score.

There are several events in this stage are are brilliant, and I won't spoil them, but, yes to each event.
The final stretch is a little crowded but it isn't too bad, and some of the Nickels were... kind of hard to figure out, but they were pretty darn clever. Maybe the second one having a constant stream of enemies was a little much, but not too bad.

As for your Robot Master - it's a really cool fight, and gives me the same feeling as playing a Shoot em Up with the precision required. My biggest issue with the stage is her though. Don't get me wrong, she's great. unique and pretty difficult. But... she's a bit too difficult for her own good. The main cause of this is, with one exception, an almost complete lack of tells during the fight to let you know what shot pattern she's going to use, which leads the player to be unprepared. It took me a while to beat her, and even when I sort of got used to how she worked, the lack of tells means it's very hard to know what exact actions you need to pull off to dodge her next barrage, especially considering the sheer precision required.

Overall this stage was brilliant though, and is one of the more unique experiences I've had playing a Mega Man game.
1/13/3None FoundNoLaptop
44Teleporter 69Taco Man10770529That... was short.
There are some decent platforming challenges here, one or two rather clever mixes of enemies and gimmicks. It's not bad overall but there doesn't seem to be much to say?

I guess my main beef with this stage was the room with the Spark Man platforms and the Met on the blue platform was a bit of a weird one, that blue platform looks like you should be able to jump through it, but it's a solid object, which confused me the first time I died there, and on the second time, only then did I realise what had happened.

Actually, no, my main beef with this stage is the Aesthetics or lack thereof. There is no theming in the level, the tilesets don't quite match each other... and the music...
My poor ears. I actually turned the music off whilst playing the stage.

This... is a little too short for it's own good I think, but it's certain one of the better "average" levels.

I was very surprised by having an actual Robot Master! As hideous as he is, he's a decent boss.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
45Teleporter 27Wily Coaster8564427I went into this thinking "This is either going to be insanely cool... or just a bunch of Guts Man platforms." And for a level named Wily Coaster... there wasn't a whole lot of coaster there.
Therein lies your level's problem I think, not a whole lot was done to make the gimmicks used interesting. There were a couple of "neat" moments, such as using the Spark Man platform as a lift, as well as both Noble Nickels, but that was about it. The level's namesake was barely a thing, just enemies and like, a single platforming moment. Don't get me wrong though, a few areas show proper thought behind it, which is good.
It's a bit disappointing that one or two of the bonuses such as the E-Tank and the first Sakugarne block aren't actually Noble Nickels, the rewards there seem rather lackluster compared to using the main collectable.
Enemy selection wasn't bad, and certainly consistent with the lack of theming that is prevalent through Wily stages, most were used well.

I'm not sure how well this was tested, there were a couple of moments where things simply... didn't work properly? The aforementioned Sakugarne block is VERY tricky to actually activate Sakugarne nearby, because it's so high up Sakugarne despawns, and there is a random jump towards the start that is either inexplicably a pixel perfect jump, or impossible without weapons, I'm not sure which.

Not bad, but very generic. I was really hoping for the namesake to be more interesting.
1/12/2None FoundNoLaptop
46Teleporter 71Force Man3395222Aw. Man. This level ends in a rather brilliant, well designed, and very fun boss fight, but it's let down by everything else!

Here's the issue: Your enemy set, your primary gimmick, and your level layout do not mix. And frankly, I think Pakatto 24 was a HORRIBLE choice for your primary enemy in this level.
This could've been mitigated by another enemy, or more enemy variety. Having only the two.. especially when one of them is almost at the complete antithesis of your level's gimmick, I'm sorry, I think this was one of your biggest mistakes.
One of the problems early on is the fact the player can get stuck, and are forced to kill themselves. This goes against Mega Man design, wherein gimmicks should either kill the player outright if they fail the challenge.. or reset somehow. Forcing the player to kill themselves goes against every player instinct.
The other issues are very much related to my first comment: The timing of your enemies and your lasers desync, forcing the player to either wait for them to sync again, or go ahead and get lucky. This really disrupts the flow of what is basically a revamped Quick Man stage. And it disrupts the fun aspect.

... and then the end of the level happens. Oh. Oh dear.
There is a jump towards the end of the stage that is seriously cramped with a low ceiling, have the shielded enemies shooting at you, AND lasers?! This is too much. It is so awkward to time, particularly since you can't kill the enemy firing at you without using Hornet Chaser (.. which because it is a Pakatto, is still hard to pull off), and not helped by how easy it is to hit your head off the ceiling in that segment and fall to your doom. Ugh. This segment, is your absolute low point. And I'll be honest, anyone playing should really use Super Arrow in that segment. It is seriously awful.

There is another fairly significant problem - I have no idea what is, and isn't a pit. There are two drops almost on the same screen, one leads to a pit, the other leads to you continuing the level. I either need some way to tell where I should go, or you should use spikes.

This level does have a great boss fight. It's a shame the rest of his stage is rather.... frustrating and poorly designed.
1/15/5None FoundNo, at least the segment described in the comment is doable with utilities.Laptop
47Teleporter 17Airflow Hubble000011
(No checkpoint at boss. I sort of rage / anguish quit after that.)
N/ANone FoundSkip. Just. Skip. What even is this stage.Laptop
48Teleporter 64Changeable Caverns12872534Fun little stage, if too much on the safe side. Pretty much all of this stage works, but on the goldilocks scale of level design, it sits just below the "just right" in gimmick implementation. What I mean by that, is you don't go far enough with the gimmicks to be truly memorable, and it's all a little generic, with not much identity of its own other than "every platform gimmick".

That being said, there is actual thought behind your use and placement of said platforms, and nowhere does it feel half assed, it's just I feel a few more screens with repeated gimmicks and a slightly higher difficulty (not by much, just slightly) for the climax of your stage would've served you better.
You also put in areas where Noble Nickels would've acted much better than... er.. bolts. This is just a poor design choice, as no one will attempt the additional challenges you propose because there is simply no point to it, the stakes aren't high enough.

Lastly - I kind of feel the Guts Man platform segment was... pointless. This bit also houses your weakest implementation of any of the gimmicks, as the player is left waiting for the platforms to sync up together. It's minor, but it would've been better to see the platforms return later in the stage with a different setup, rather than the "Hi I exist" cameo.

Noteworthy things about this stage - perfect theme and selection of enemies for a cavern setting, good music choice, and gimmicks are introduced very well. Props to the Shadow Man platform segment, I didn't even notice how clever your introduction of them was the first time through! It took a second playthrough for me to get it... but it's subtle but well done.

... one thing that's odd, there are a few spots in the level tiles that look.. unfinished, or are using a beta tilset? They keep showing up and it just looks bizarre.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
49Teleporter 22Cursor Curse65122530That... is a utter shame. Your level concept promised a Michelin Star quality meal. Sure the decoration in the place is shoddy, but everything sounds so interesting! In the end, it offered a tasty appetiser, followed by a burnt chewy steak with overcooked veg, but at least had the decency to end with a solid, if rather boring pudding. And now I'm hungry.
Let's get something clear - your opening room was fantastic. Even though the introduction will likely kill the player the first time they see it, after that point, they WILL understand the gimmick, and honestly I say you still introduced that gimmick well, because while it will probably kill the player, it is very clear the player's death was still their fault. (Curiosity kills the cat, as they say.)

And the level seems to continue the trend, with a nice little flair for spike placement, and even an interesting idea for a Mid-Stage Robot Master, (there's some issues with the implementation - namely the boss room is far too small for the boss you used!)... and then promptly drops the ball.
... what happened to the concept of the stage? Why... do we just get utterly random dev-kit gimmicks with no rhyme or reason to their existence? Most of them, like Frost Man's sled, aren't even justified in this stage's little universe, (and what was up with the ending of that segment!?)... and every single mini-boss felt like filler. Utter filler.

I really wish I could see more things unique to the mouse cursor idea! You have an entire menu at the right click there.. it would've been great to see some other actions!
The stage ends before anything else interesting happens.

The boss is ok, although there is a bit too much RNG and Spam in the battle for my tastes. Perhaps a cap to the amount of Rounders it could summon would've been a place to start.
Disappointing stage really. This could've been a contender had it followed through with it's core concept.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
50Teleporter 45Ruined Lab8483427Most of this stage is average and uninspired. The clever parts of the stage was the Super Arrow easter egg, and the second Mid Boss was pretty cool, if a little hard to hit. Checkpoints were well placed, and I like the transition from tileset 1, to tileset 2. That was neat!
The stage copies a lot of stage design from the actual Wily stages, which is ok in concept, but nothing is done to these sections other than irritate the player with say, Holograns, and rather stupidly placed Holograns too. (Such as in a scrolling section, with spikes.) Otherwise these sections are quite literally, filler we've already played.

The original segments contain many, baffling sections. There are many to name, so I'll name the most glaring ones:
The twin Big Snakey fight... wasn't fun. It amounts to spam, with both Snakeys firing at the same time, rather than them having a balancing act, making dodging in that section all but impossible.
The segment with Wanaans, I'm not sure was even tested. It looks like there is a definite path to traverse there, and it seems legitimately impossible, you all but require Sakugarne to get through that section. Why make it look like you can travel there if the intended path was to actually use Sakugarne? And if that was not your intention, why not actually playtest your entire level before submitting it?
There are also several blind jumps / enemies in the large underwater room... which is frankly, ridiculous.

There's other issues with the stage itself, but there is one, final, very very large problem with this level: Your boss.
The concept is pretty cool. All the of the Devkit bosses loaded into one Doc Robot? That's awesome!
But, you fail completely to actually do any of this well. There is no tells or indication as to what attack he is going to pull of, (so, luck is required to dodge anything), no colour scheme swapping, no image in the background to tell you what attack he is going to use next... nothing. He just picks a random attack, pulls it off immediately, and then picks another random attack. Ugh. A cool concept ruined by not taking other players into account.

And then you gave him 3 health bars. With no changes to the boss fight as you go through health bars. I'm sorry.. what!? There is no justification for that, and is just there to force players to use E-Tanks as dodging the boss's attacks can sometimes be impossible.

Your boss fight ruined any goodwill I had left. I might've tolerated him, but... no, you just had to crank up the annoyance factor.
1/1There's one in the level, but it's not actually a Noble Nickel.Super ArrowNo, but I think Doc Robot can go into the arena.. provided he's reduced to a single health bar, not 3. Whilst a bad boss fight, he isn't outright offensive.. at least he wasn't until he got three health bars with no justification. Because that was dumb. At least Sniper Joe R justified his health bars sort of. This was pointless.Laptop
51Teleporter 05City Under Siege13855536Oh no. War has returned to the City! But at least this time workmen have patched in the holes, (I mean, there might have been some lawsuits involving that.)
Pleasant enough stage really. It's clear a fair old whack of effort was taken to make this place look like an actual city, even if the tileset doesn't really suit Mega Man at all.
The stage didn't do much in the way of anything original, but I have to admit, the Concrete Man blocks were pretty well handled, and you usually had me going "huh, neat!" every so often. I also loved how these were introduced... probably better than how Capcom themselves introduced the gimmick if I'm honest!
The Spark Man platforms got some good usage here, and you slowly increased the difficulty in logical ways. Cool.
The Rush Jet segment was a little.. weird. The lack of obstacles in that area, and just enemies, made it rather dull, things the player is required to outright dodge rather than shoot, could've made this interesting. Not bad though, just an observation.
Enemy selection worked, the stage was mostly a nice pleasant stroll, and nothing of note stands out. That might just be the level's issue. It's very generic and just sort of there. But it is a nice "sort of there", after all.

Also, hi dev-kit boss! He also managed to be the hardest portion of the stage, mostly due to how easy it is to be knocked into a pit by his fireballs.

Stage was fine overall, even if it isn't the most impressive thing in the world. Definitely can see the effort that went into it though.
1/12/2None foundNoLaptop
52Teleporter 47Orbital Station
If this gets fixed, I'll re-review it. Otherwise this level needs its element and nickels to be skippable. Put in a warning that people may have to suicide somehow (like, re-enable the suicide key for this level) if they get stuck.
1172011I've seen several levels so far that clearly weren't tested. There are others that I can't believe someone had the nerve to submit.
This is both.

Why... would you put in such a complex gimmick... and not test it!?
This level caused me so many soft locks... Mega Man - stuck in mid-air like a lemon. I just.... this is actually unplayable.

Don't get me wrong, cool concept... horrid execution. Absolutely horrid.

So, even if your primary gimmick was functionally busted, it usually doesn't even make sense when it does work. There's invisible gravity switches (um.. that's fun right, not knowing where the level will suddenly randomly switch up the direction you fall in), random moments where the player just can't control Mega Man... none of this with any graphical indication of where and why this is occurring at all.

Yeah, no. This is horrendous.
By the way, your boss doesn't even want to face in my general direction. Quality.
Please - learn to test your levels. If not by other people, but at least yourself! Even once!!
1/12/4 - Nope screw this, I am not putting up with constant soft locks.None foundIn it's current state, yes. Its gimmick causes soft locks.Laptop
53Teleporter 18But it Lacked the Depth to Convince Me This was Really Hell5484526I can sum up this level's issues very quickly actually: You made the Frost Man / Wily rocket sled segments even worse. Somehow.
Here are the specifics: Too many beefy enemies, followed by jumps with too little warning, (the warning signs seem a bit desynced from the challenge they're associated with for me). Like, every time you used the Giant Tellies... there was just one too many for its segment. They have too much health for the situations you use them in. Not even a charged shot kills them outright!
And seriously... why would you include Holograns... in a rocket sled segment. What was that!? Why would you use that enemy there, you practically require clavocance to obtain the Nickels in this stage! And sometimes to even survive areas.

The rest of the stage... simply isn't focused, or poorly implemented. The pixel perfect jump towards the end of the stage was also irritating,

Honestly, I think had the sled segments been toned down by only a few enemies (and no darkness gimmick, please), this level would be a lot more fun than it is currently. I even played through it a few times to see if I simply didn't "get" it.. and I was still irritated by the third time through.

Also, hi dev-kit boss! Erm. Yes that appeared to be even easier than it was in the original game. Good job!
1/15/5None FoundNoLaptop
54Teleporter 10Poorly Named Level83104530I wonder how many people will actually attempt to take on the challenges you set them, or just use the weapons to bypass everything.
People are going to either love this stage or despise it. I'm leaning more to the latter, but that, admittedly, might be my personal distaste for the gimmick in question.

It is mentioned during the stage whether or not you could make the Tornado Man Platforms fun... well they're certainly competently executed, I'll give you that. Some of the situations they're stuck in though... not so much. Strangely enough, your biggest problem might just be the enemies used and the sheer number of them. The earliest screens of the stage are a bit crazy with the amount of Beaks placed, and you're on Platforms where very little control is given to the player to safely dodge stuff. It's all rather infuriating.

Simply toning down the enemies could've made this more enjoyable. I think the early screens are amongst the worst of the stage, as the later segments start becoming much more tolerable, and better in design. (I even liked the spike crazy segment just past the checkpoint for what it's worth.) It's a crazy backwards difficulty curve. I have to admit, the first time through this I got rather annoyed, and shut off the game for a bit. The second time was a bit better. The opening areas really are rather rubbish compared to the later areas, and start the level on a bit of a sour note. Luckily the rest of the stage and general competence of everything makes up for it.

The Noble Nickels were... sneaky as sin. I think the 2nd one probably should've had an altered or redrawn graphic to make it not so unlikely that it is hidden where it is, because even the 1st one will likely be bypassed the first time you go through the screen, and that one does have a recoloured graphic!

Finally, hi dev-kit boss!
1/13/3I hope I win! (Noble Nickel)NoLaptop
55Teleporter 30Dragon Lab Lair3321514That might have been the worst tileset selection possible for a full on level. Wily 5 is a boss rush stage, it wasn't built for an entire platforming level!

Ok - so there is nothing special about this. What few gimmicks are there are used to the bare minimum of implementation - with like one exception - the final Elec Man barrier is actually rather cleverly placed.

There are some major, major flaws in this stage though that knock its score down - far too much forced damage. It is fairly clear this is a first draft of a level, and wasn't tested. I mean, at least the level isn't out and out broken, but it's still pretty horrible.
Early in the level, pits are also not designated as pits, yet later on they are. I don't get it.

Also, hi dev-kit boss! You know, making a dev-kit boss easier than its original counterpart sort of defeats the point.

Oh.. and the music. WHY.
1/1N/ANone FoundNoLaptop
56Teleporter 24The Stage Nobody Asked For (This has to be Entity's stage, seeing how his symbol appears at the end.)149154547Yoku Blocks, Quick Man Lasers, Foot Holders, Big Eyes, Tellies, Spikes or Instant Death everywhere, and a couple of bosses that are basically memes.

This level is amazing. I'll say right now, the single reason why this stage is as good as it is: Checkpoints. You basically take a stage where Mega Man's health bar is almost entirely irrelevant and make the cost of dying barely a blip on the radar, a speed bump rather than a road block. Yes!

The result is a seriously unique stage, every challenge, be they dev-kit asset, or something cooked up, is new, deadly, but.. fair.
It is also the only stage where I can go "An unavoidable death? In my Mega Man!?"... and frankly, that was the only way to introduce your stage's new gimmick. What is a surprise moment is greeted by a "Huh. Cool!" instead of a "WHAT, WHY?!".

The biggest drag on the stage is the very long, somewhat drawn out, vertical Yoku Block segment. I don't know, there were several "gotcha" moments when you reached the top which grated by the third time you encountered one. Probably one of these screens should've been removed, just the one, and this segment would've made less of an impact. And frankly, the rest of the stage makes up for it big time, and by the time you reach the Foot Holders, you will have forgotten this segment had even existed.

Can we talk footholders? Outside of the signature Robot Master, thinking back, this is downright my favourite segment of the level. It's clever, it's dangerous, it makes sense. And you made them assholes, but not so much asshole as in their original appearance.

The final thing to note about this stage is the boss fights. Memelords they may be, they're pretty great, although I am not sold on memelord the second having spikes in the battle.. but it also makes perfect sense given a few aspects of the fight, so I'll let you off.

Your signature Robot Master is one of the most unique boss fights I have encountered in a Mega Man game. He justifies his multiple health bars with several phases, and is nearly always open to damage. Smart.
Your other memelord... he's good too, Hard, but pretty cool once he's learnt, he just takes some time to get used to. Also you may have ended that battle the best way ever.

Great stage.
57Teleporter 14Identity Crisis1510155550Under normal circumstances, I'd be trying to come up with faults for the stage. Areas that bothered me.
And there is only one: The boss should not have been made optional, because nothing about him hints that he is too hard for the average player, because frankly he isn't, and it would've ended a traditional run of the stage on a much higher note.

.... that is about it. I can't even nitpick. This was stunning.

Not only were the dev-kit assets used well - they were used creatively. This is not just a solid stage, it's creative, and manages to create a very good balance between minor puzzle elements / precision platforming and timing.

It would appear there is a right way to do forced weapon usage after all! You could've gone with just using Mega Man's graphics there.. but you didn't. You went above and beyond. Fantastic stage.
1/15/5None FoundNoLaptop
58Teleporter 07Something Original3221412Ehhh... ok.

This level's name is a blatant lie. It's also horrifically dull. Any gimmicks used are used to the bare minimum of requirements, nothing is ever combined with any creativity.
The enemy layouts are pretty bland. I mean there are screens with a single enemy on it and nothing else of substance.

Overall, this stage was just boring as hell. There are things there simply to waste the player's time (Like the screen with the three ladders), others which seem utterly pointless (Why combine Big Snakey with a ladder leading you to the height where you shoot the thing to death), and there is a real overabundance of health pick ups.
It was not helped by how badly the tilesets are placed - so many misused tiles, tiles in the wrong positions, and of course, animations not implemented.

The boss was also hideous. And a dev-kit boss. So, hello there! ... erm.. You may want to see a doctor, Guts Man.
1/1N/ANone FoundNo
59Teleporter 01Mount Sabre9865533I have no idea what this stage is a reference to, admittedly. But it is a neat idea for a level! And that is really all this is - a clever idea that is not expanded upon to any great depths.
You nail the look of the stage though - it's seriously unique. Mega Man traversing an overhead landscape? Cool! Nothing in the level actually taking advantage of this unique opportunity? That's a shame. At the very least nothing feels like it's pointless or added for no reason, so the level is at least coherent.

Still, by purely platforming standards, it's fun enough. Your new enemy assets are solid, even if a few of them had perhaps a little too much health. (The zombie comes to mind.) I wish I had seen more platforming gimmicks of some description, especially if you weren't going to take advantage of the level's situation with the enemies. There is only one unique "non-enemy" gimmick in the stage - towards the end of the level. I really wish it was more than a mere cutscene in practice though.

Other neat features were the opportunities to talk to the NPC's. I kind of wish there were more of them honestly, as the writing isn't half bad. The names are a little nonsensical mind. :V

The boss was... ok. I am rather surprised I never saw him use that sword of his, which he showed off in the intro. Maybe just another attack would've benefited him from being ultimately really forgettable. I'm glad he showed up all the same!

So yeah, great idea. Wonderful attention to detail too. Execution is really average though. Could've done with a bit more of a push to utilize the advantage the concept had.
1/13/3None FoundNo
60Teleporter 21Snow Man102003 FoundYes - This level follows no clear defined rules, and you practically need to be insane to understand it.
61Teleporter 62Chomp Man7261521I don't see what's so Chompy about this level. If anything, this stage has a fetish for Missiles and Apache Joe. Anyway, yikes, this is a level with some really nice gimmick usage, and good gimmick sections, absolutely ruined by it's enemy placement and selection. And the sheer number of them, man!

Your first few screens, the ones with nothing but enemies - are absolute trash. They're really not very fun at all, as you are simply swamped with enemies, most of which are completely inappropriate when paired together. Strangely the further you get into the stage, the better it becomes.
Any segment without the enemy spam, I think is really good! But man, your enemy setup just drags everything down so it becomes a slog.

This may end up being a controversial opinion, but your final few Count Bomb screens, as well as your use of Crash Man platforms were pretty fun... and the Sheep Man block area would've been great had there simply not been 500 baddies over-running the place. These few moments in the level do not make up for the fact that many other areas are slogs, so the final result is a stage that isn't exactly entertaining.

I was seriously surprised by having the Robot Master turn up. Considering how difficult his stage is - he is a complete pushover. I can't remember many other Mega Man bosses being this easy. His attacks are largely worthless! Still, the stage is better for having him turn up, than without him. He's pretty bizarre all things told, and ugly.

Also, the stage is about as ugly as the Robot Master. Which is to say, VERY ugly. Half of the tilesets don't really match. I guess I see what you were intending, but a lot of these don't work together.

Had the enemy spam been toned down, this level would've been pretty good, as your gimmick setup and concepts are pretty great and well thought out! And that is a real shame.
1/15/5None FoundNo, but only just. I will not argue with anyone who wants it skippable, but this is at least more playable than some of the other enemy spam levels.
62Teleporter 70Biplane Bay10574430Hrm. This level is fine, really. Nothing outstanding, but overall fairly solid. There are some baffling aspects about how you went about it though.

Mainly - I do not see the point of any of your secret, hidden or extra challenging off the beaten path areas and rooms. So, this contest has a thing called Noble Nickels. You probably should've replaced each and every one of your hidden collectables with one. Because as it stands - no one in their right minds is going to attempt these areas, especially the harder ones!
This is a total bummer, as there are some really good concepts outside of the main path! There is so little reward for these though, as these areas by themselves are too much effort for simple large health, E-Tanks, and ... weapon energy? The hell!? (This last one is downright stupid - you require special weapons to reach this weapon energy in the first place.)

I do like some of these areas - the room with the E-Tank is very good. Pointless, utterly utterly pointless, but good.

I can't really point out that much wrong about the stage, and you get some ok mileage out of the Powered Up Pump even on the primary path, but it isn't that interesting overall when playing it casually. This might be one of the few stages I've encountered where the lack of properly used collectables actively hurts it. I don't get the use of planes either, considering they don't do a damn thing.

Solid enough overall, not that fun, but your level is decent. Also: Hi dev-kit boss! ... I think Splash Woman might've been more appropriate than the choice you went with?

Ah, yes, you also seem to have forgotten to make some of the spikes functional, as I encountered a couple of ones with no collision whatsoever. I have no real idea how this is managed when the engine comes with an easy to use auto-tiler. This doesn't hurt the stage very much, but it is very silly to just fall through spikes.
1/1N/AHidden M-Tank Area, I guess?No
63Teleporter 41Rad Gravity46154130This stage is a bit nuts. The primary gimmick for this stage is absurdly cool, not going to lie, and is a bit of programming wizardry for Game Maker and the engine involved. Nitro Man would make a very fun playable character.
When this stage is at its best, it's pretty radical, biking about the stage, going up walls, ala some weird Mega Man / Sonic hybrid... and the boss is just - wow. This is probably the coolest boss fight boss in the contest - no joke.
Yet.. it's all about the execution. And this stage flops a fair bit.
This stage does not get off to the best start - if you can survive grabbing the first Nickel... it's a pretty obscure method, let me tell you.

I feel one of your biggest problems is that your gimmick introduction for Nitro Man is.. bad. Very bad. This is one of the weirdest gimmicks yet, but death is introduced only a screen after he is introduced - this gimmick requires a completely alien control scheme to Mega Man, and for a Mega Man player to understand Sonic-style physics... these are so alien to the series that a larger variety, and indeed series of warm up challenges is required.
Indeed, if you are supposed to pass the first set of spikes without Wheel Cutter, I did not find a way. (And if Wheel Cutter is the intended method.. erm... it's weird that you'd force it on the player here and no-where else.)

This is not helped by the fact of, I'm sorry to say, the controls for this gimmick are awful. I mean, I'm not sure if it's a glitch, but I have ended up with the left arrow making me run right. And the fact up and down is used to move along walls, when the Sonic series sticks to just left and right to simplify things. This leads to the gimmick feeling really inconsistent, and really annoying to player. I know not much else could be done about this, but getting on and off Nitro Man is really awkward and unnatural. Last major issue with the gimmick as implemented - he cannot be summoned whilst Mega Man is next to a wall. This is so awkward, and downright hinders the later Mid Boss challenge.

Bare in mind, just as the player is starting to get the groove of the gimmick, you throw a Mid Boss at them. A Mid Boss that sends out what is basically undodgeable waves of attacks. Again, I have no idea if the intended method is to use Nitro Man to dodge this bout of fireballs or not, but the alternative appears to be sitting there tanking damage, mostly due to the small amount of floor you are allowed, it's really hard to get on Nitro Man during the midst of battle.. I really think this enemy hurts the stage more than just not having one. Probably a circular room or something as you ride up and down the wall would've worked here rather than the seriously cramped quarters you are dealing with. Yeah, this thing is just bad, and probably most of that is the execution.

So, all this is happening, you speed along, the rest of the stage is fine, if a bit awkward thanks to the way Nitro Man controls. It has some real highs here and there.
Then we meet the Robot Master. Groovity Man is awesome. The fight is original, and I would never have expected to see such magic in a Mega Man fangame.
He's difficult, but learnable, but he has a habit of combing attacks in ways that - even after about 6 fights with him, I have no idea how to dodge. Is this just something else obscure? It got annoying. I don't mind dying, I do mind when there is no obvious solution to dodge something. I also got rather sick of the cut scene after a couple of attempts. It was cute the first time, not so much the others.

There is a second Nickel in the stage. This one is by far and away - the most obscure one in the entire contest. I ended up replaying this stage a fair amount and not finding it, so I will drop one hint here - in one of the rooms - the portions of the background are not solid. And Nitro Man does not apply to finding the room the Nickel is in.
This is a stage with an amazing concept and some real magic behind the scenes - but it's not exactly fun. It's a good example of ideas requiring the execution to pull out a real winner.
1/12/2None FoundNo
64Teleporter 54Gunpowder Cellar10875535This was fun enough, if not spectacular, but definitely very very solid, with no huge hangups.

I guess my primary issues are a few "this is irritating" moments. For example, this stage has an awful lot of areas where it isn't... actually obvious where to go. So many areas look like they should scroll to the next screen, but don't. It's rather annoying to travel up somewhere without say, a path, or even a reward for doing so.
There are also quite a few areas where you could've benefited from, say, sticking in another Nickel rather than... bolts. It's a bit of a bummer to work to get somewhere only for there to be almost nothing waiting for you. I appreciate the one you stuck in there though.
Final issue - this stage lets you spend the entire thing doing it buster only - up until the end which suddenly requires weapon usage. Erm.. why? That's just straight up bizarre, especially since it's on the main route.

There is one really major missed opportunity here - you did a gunpowder stage... with no sort of cartoon gunpowder line? This stage could've benefited with a gimmick somewhat like that if only to boost this from "very solid" to "great". Your new asset wasn't really pushed far enough to be memorable, but at least the stage was designed around the fact they don't respawn, so kudos to that.

I liked most aspects of your Robot Master (I.. guess he's a Robot Master?), except for the fact he's randomly invincible whilst jumping. He doesn't look like he should be whilst doing that, and it's enough to throw the player off completely.
1/11/1None foundNo
65Teleporter 04Enhanced Mobility5643220.... pfft, Oh deary me. Playtesting your own level you see, is a good thing, as about half of the gimmicks in this stage are utterly pointless. As in, you can skip using most of them. This includes the Frost Man Sled. Both of them. Without weapons or utilities. I actually completed the two areas that use Jet Sleds - without the Jet Sled. I'm sorry, but that is hilarious. I went back to play both segments with the Jet Sled afterwards, and they're not exactly improved by the gimmick, especially with the enemy spam of the second one. (Also, I think Pandeeta has a bit too much health for the Sled segment, really.)

Secondly - most of the Galaxy Man Teleporters can also be outright skipped without even using weapons. This is a bit silly.
This stage wants to do two paths - which is weird, because of the paths is incredibly short, so short in fact it doesn't really warrant existing (like, it feels short enough to only have a Noble Nickel in it.), the other has some thought put behind it and is a decent length at least.

Enemy selection in the stage was - frankly - spotty. There are many instances of only a single enemy of a type showing up in the stage, usually without thought to their placement. It's all a hodgepodge, and really doesn't help the level any, mostly because many of these are really badly placed. The single random Cocco is an example of an enemy that shouldn't sit where it is, as it is more nuisance than challenge.
The tileset appears to be random blocks placed all over the place. At no point does this level seem coherent, which makes it fairly ugly to look at.

I'll give you praise where you deserve it - your checkpoint placement was great, and the final room on the long path, whilst silly, was a very clever way of using the Galaxy Man Teleporters. The spike drop earlier in the level was also well handled. Everything else was a bit lackluster, in most cases, and rubbish in others, and the fact so much of the level can be played by outright ignoring segments is ridiculous.
2/23/3None foundNo
66Teleporter 08Quint Stage8674328Fairly generic level overall. There is nothing noteworthy and wrong with it, but equally no-where are the boundaries pushed enough to make it feel fresh.

When your most interesting setups are replicating Magnet Man's Yoku Blocks (but worse) and sticking Hot Dogs underwater, you know you have a fairly generic level overall. In all fairness, you do offer a few new setups on some of the existing gimmicks, they just aren't that interesting.

I get what you're going for - you're trying to make this feel like a Wily stage - fair enough. The problem with mimicking the WIly stages from the earlier Mega Man games is though, well, not to beat a dead horse - they're generic.

There are a few problem spots though - I am not sure the Yoku Block segment was handled well - the way the Magnets are placed means the player is constantly swapping between polarities and Magnets having no effect - it's disorienting, and I feel after a couple of attempts, most people will just give up there and use Super Arrow. The second set of Yoku blocks is.. also incredibly pointless - seeing how you don't even start that area low enough to use half the blocks there, and basically just have to wait them out. Another issue is that pits are... not in any way made clear that they are, in fact, pits, which is always a major annoyance.
Another issue is - you set up the odd interesting optional challenge, and your reward - is bolts. This will leave players feeling fairly jipped, since Bolts really are not enough of a reward for tackling these areas. This contest has Noble Nickels as a collectable, you really should've used them over bolts!

There are also a few busted screen-transitions. One of which you come across very easily whilst playing, so not sure how that was missed.

Last but not least, I have to say: Hello! Hello! Hello! Three dev-kit bosses for the price of one! What they add to the level is beyond me.... but they don't exactly hurt it either, so all is fair. They at least fit the stage's situation.
1/1N/ANone foundNo
67Teleporter 29Lava Factory (1 element)7764327If this is actually your first attempt at a level, I'd say you did pretty good!
For a contest though... it's not terribly interesting?

I am kind of liking the destructible walls being built into the terrain as they are, and the first Nobel Nickel was very, very sneaky, I approve. I'm almost thinking that the level probably should've stuck to its guns and, in a strange thought, actually kept up the weapon usage. I mean they're there, and by introducing the destructible blocks on the main path, you clearly indicate what sort of level we're doing, except it just sort of stops and becomes really generic.

I thought the fake Energy Element was... kind of daft, especially since there doesn't appear to be any justification for it whatsoever. It's just bizarre, and very confusing. Many people will get annoyed by this I think.
There are a few too many empty screens every so often, and that screen with nothing but Mines seems... pointless and a huge time waster, since there is no challenge to these things what-so-ever.
It is also possible to go over the level terrain quite a bit, since they aren't blocked off, so nothing is stopping you from exiting the ceiling. Fortunately there aren't exactly any areas where you get stuck. It's just unpolished.
Your use of ceilings was also very inconsistent, so when attempting to jump off the top of the screen, the player never knows if they'll bump their head off an invisible ceiling or not.

It certainly is not a awful stage by any stretch of the imagination, but it did sort of lose any identity it could've had part way through, and that is a shame, and very disappointing.

Oh, and for once I approve of the lack of boss following a boss corridor. While it's not a boss fight, there is still a climax to the stage of sorts, so it works, just.
1/13/3None foundNo
68Teleporter 61Alien Temple3843422The boss was fine, if incredibly easy. Kind of like a really simple Wily Capsule, without the risk of telefrags.

And I'm done. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1/1N/ANone foundNo
69Teleporter 32Nitrogen Man6663223There is some promise in the concept of this level - an entire base filled with nitrogen based gimmicks, intriguing!
And then, nothing happens. This level feels a bit half baked, even the tileset doesn't bother animating tiles that clearly should be. (The effort to take standard Mega Man tiles and make them themed together is appreciated.)

Your sole new gimmick is purely there to waste time. It aids in the level's theme, but that is about it. The fact it freezes you in place is actually a detriment to your stage,mostly because at no point is this fact used with any creativity. You are also incredibly inconsistent with the Ice tiles. Floors that look identical in this stage act differently. It's very confusing.
Credit will be given where credit is due - the few screens with the count bombs are expertly pulled off. Unfortunate the same care wasn't taken elsewhere. The enemy set is also fitting for the stage.

Also, hello dev-kit boss! Erm.... why Kirby music?
Not outright terrible, but it is rather "there", and the sheer pointlessness and annoyance of your "new" gimmick is a major detriment.
1/1N/ANone foundNo
70Teleporter 58Haunt Man128145544Very clever, very solid stage.
Your new gimmick is a wonderful idea, even if gameplay wise it's simple, the flair given makes what is basically standard platforming and enemy segments into something original.
Sometimes that is all that is required! Your primary gimmick is introduced very, very well, and the follow up at the end of the stage is perfect, combing all the elements of the stage into an interesting challenge, that plays with player's perspective, usually to draw their eye to the wrong place at the wrong time. I am also rather happy that it is very easy to tell what is and isn't a pit in this stage.
The new enemies are great too, I am not completely convinced they are used to their fullest potential, but they're great all the same,

There is an issue with the introduction of the Super Mario Brothers 3 inspired Devil-Boo floors, it doesn't really... work, since you can just skip it outright thanks to the platform above. This is a bit of a nitpick though.
The other problem? The second outside area is... pretty dull actually. The first one gets away with that, since it is introducing the player to the new enemy types, the second one? No such excuse, so it's just a bit of a random tiny-slog partway through the stage. It's not awful by any means, but it was a pretty dull segment to have in the middle of your stage.

The Robot Master is very clever, and I love how he looks, but I think there is a bit too much RNG here.
The Knight form is able to corner the player very easily, since his fireball attack requires a fair amount of room to actually dodge, but I appreciated how much damage he actually deals, making him feel like a threat!
The Mage form is a bit... weird. The first time I fought him, I did not see his Lightning blast attack, only his ice shards, making the fight a total cakewalk. Having a cap to the amount of times he can pull off attacks in a row would've improved this boss fight immensely.
The Ghost form gave me Gradius flashbacks. As in, the final bosses of Gradius. The ones that don't fight back. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. I would've liked to have seen the last form actually DO something, but it's no big deal, I guess the other two forms were fine.

This was absolutely a great stage overall, I think you got some great use out of your new assets here. Good stuff.
1/12/2None FoundNo
71Teleporter 09The Dampening8680325This stage was hideous. In fact, it's practically unfinished. (I should not be seeing bare grey tiles from the Game Maker editor!) And the music choice was really dull.

With that out of the way, Let's get down to the real issues with the stage:

This is seriously unfocused. It's like a kid with ADD. OOH Poles, wait, no, Galaxy Man teleporters! Wait NO, Wave Man bubbles!
This doesn't particularly give any of the gimmicks a time to shine, and obviously, while there is thought behind these, they're just sort of middling.

There is one seriously cool segment of your stage - the darkness area. This is actually a great gimmick! And the fact it doesn't spawn in when you enter a screen is also great, allowing you to see your surroundings before partially blinding you, so at least you have a rough idea where to look for the goodies. (It's a little glitchy though, standing on an extreme edge of the screen causes it to fail, whoops!)

The main problem? It's only used on 3 screens. 3. One of those is a mini-boss that doesn't take advantage of fact! Shame, I love the concept behind it.
The seeming random nature of everything really lets the stage down overall.

I am glad there is some sort of climax to the stage - but it... probably should've involved an actual challenge, since it's impossible to fail it. As it stands, it is just a timewaster.
1/15/5None foundNo
72Teleporter 80Candy Panic (Late Pack)
(... did... did Adrian submit the level he leaked?)
5431518I guess this level was trying to ape the tropes of Mega Man 1? That.. is a rather bad game to emulate for a level design contest, especially since that game's tropes were pretty lackluster compared to the rest of the series.

This level was pretty dull, with the only interesting segment being the vertical climb on the Guts Man Lifts - and not by much, but I do think the enemies chosen there were appropriate in placement and challenge.
The rest of this level does nothing. It is almost entirely enemies and enemies by themselves are boring, especially when the bare minimum of thought is put into their placement. The caverns were especially dull. You didn't even use one of the primary features of the Guts Man Lift!

Another, rather major issue, is the tile set. It's not bad to look at and it's been well tiled.. but.. it actively hinders the level. Here's what I mean: The tileset seems to have functions to actively confuse the player. I'm not sure how the cake frosting is supposed to look like something you can slide through... because it does not look that way at all. Additionally, spikes in the level - do not look like spikes. They seriously blend in with the background, and even after I had realised they were spikes, I still jumped into them because they are so similar to the rest of the surroundings, your mind just sort of forgets what they look like. Instant death hazards really need to stand out.
The "poison chocolate" gimmick, is... just... stupid. If it acts like spikes, it should probably BE spikes, because there is no visual difference between the poison chocolate and regular chocolate. Having a sign to tell the player that this thing will suddenly kill them is really poor game design.

I was also very disappointed by your signature Robot Master not turning up. After having him taunt the player throughout the stage, you've pretty much wasted any goodwill the player would've had with your level concept, and used a dev-kit boss instead. A dev-kit boss who doesn't even make SENSE in your stage. Ending the level how you did, might just be worse than not having a proper climax at all, actually.
1/1N/ANone foundNo
73Teleporter 76Yggdrasil (Late Pack) (LEAST FAVOURITE)004004That was the least enjoyable Mega Man experience I have ever had. Worse than the constant cancellations, worse than half the nonsense zero effort rom hacks of Rock Man 2, more unplayable than those garbage mobile phone ports, more annoying than the Upon a Star OVA, and yes, worse than X7 and its stupid face. I will gladly fight Flame Hyenard again and again, with full sound, rather than play this stage again. Hell I'd happily go through X7 with all the sound replaced with Flame Hyenard vocal cues. My friends, any Let's Players - if you are going to skip any level in this contest - make it this one. I cannot understate how un-fun this stage was. I was stuck in this level for over an hour on my first passes, and I hated every minute of it.

This level does not start off well. We get walls of text (I know, sorry, I'm doing it here), from 3 random characters, that speed by so quickly the player does not have a chance to even read them. Thankfully I do not have to sit through it every time I die, although it is still really annoying, because for some reason there is not a checkpoint past this screen, and I have to wait through an overly long pause as the game figures out what it's doing with the cutscene it is supposed to skip. And the average player will be seeing this. A lot.

Anyway, let's get to the meat of the matter. Are ya'll ready kids? Settle in, this is the long one.

I started off going up. The blue segment. We have Quick Man Lasers. Ok... so this will be a quick paced segment, not too bad. The fact they're introduced safely seems like a positive. I then wait a few seconds on the room above - and suddenly lasers. With no indication at all that this room is going to be dangerous, especially since there is a newly introduced enemy in this room which takes time to get used to. And somehow it gets worse from there.

Home to this stage is a very original, warping gimmick - and at first the rules seem obvious - go off the edge of the screen and you'll warp to the other side. This is a lovely idea and so much good could come out of this gimmick.
Except... it turns out there are no rules to this gimmick. At all. The rules to this thing change between rooms. Sometimes you can walk into somewhere complete innocuous and you'll warp elsewhere. Sometimes logical spots for warps don't have them. Outside of trial and error, there is no way to tell where you'll end up with this gimmick, and whether or not you'll be led to a pit.

It is also impossible to tell what is and isn't a pit without falling headlong into them. Which is required in several segments of the level, so get used to it.
This route is.. mostly doable without weapons. Except when it suddenly, without warning, requires you to pause the lasers using Flash Stopper. What!? You can even get STUCK in this area, being forced to throw yourself at the lasers to reset.

I eventually reached the first of the three bosses. All three of which have very ugly sprites, but that is minor compared to their actual problem - their attack patterns. Wow. Bullet spam much? There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason behind this boss, it was rather dreadful, and this point one of the worst submitted boss fights in the contest.

I haven't even mentioned the enemy set yet. They're bad. They're so bad. We are not playing Touhou, Mega Man actually has a HUGE hitbox, and more to the point bullet hell shoot em up games actually have PATTERNS and THOUGHT to the masses of projectiles... not just total RNG like this.

That was one route. Of three. Oh no.

The green route, uses Yoku blocks. They're also trash. The main issue with this route is the sheer number of traps and "gotcha" moments placed along the screens, usually on long horizontal corridors. Outside of trial and error, it is impossible to gauge where you are supposed to jump to next, since the platform you are on vanishes just as the one you are supposed to jump to appears. Once, would've been annoying. But the amount of times you pulled it off, was just abysmal. Also, this route introduces you to the screen wrapping gimmick in a manner that is completely at odds with sensible gimmick introduction. As in, you are in the middle of crossing a Yoku blocks, and have to just hope something saves you from falling into a pit or spikes.

This might be a good to state this: It is so nearly impossible to tell what is and isn't a spike in this level. And as nifty as the level looks at first - most of the tiling is lazy, and it is incredibly hard to tell what isn't solid.

So, green route. Also complete garbage. And then we reach the boss with the sword. Somehow this boss manages to be worse than the previous one. Its damage output is nuts, it can and will pull off attacks when it feels like it with little to no warning, and is completely invincible whilst making these attacks. It's bad.

Finally there is the pink route. Which might as well not exist - it has no gimmick other than awful enemy placement and bullets flying everywhere. The boss to this section is the only tolerable one - but only just. She has two health bars, and is invincible for far too much of the battle. And heals herself. But she's doable and at least the player is giving some warning before her attacks, even if it isn't much.

So your stage is going to be memorable.
For the wrong reasons, but hey, at least people can say "Oh yes, MaGMML2, that had that Yggdrasil stage? Man, I never want to see that level again."
3/3N/A (Thank god)None foundYes - This level follows no clear defined rules, and you practically need to be insane to understand it. Only this one seems deliberate. :|

Also, none of the bosses should show up in the arena... except maybe the one on the pink path, as that one seems reasonably possible by human beings and is not quite as much trash as the other two. I do not remember their names nor do I care.
74Teleporter 74Truffle Man (Late Pack)159134546So here comes this level, feeling like it is straight out of one of the official games, more or less. Good stuff.
The minor negatives to the stage? I think the colour palette is a bit drab and boring, the Spring Mushrooms and Enemy Mushrooms should've at least been different colours to help lessen confusion between what is an enemy and a gimmick, and I felt like it was very bizarre that the Mid-Boss has a greater range of attacks than the Robot Master.
The weirdest bit of the stage? The single, solitary Katonbyon from Mega Man 6 that shows up. Randomly. And isn't used again. I do not get it.

Bare in mind, this is all minor, very nitpicky stuff. I guess the only real issue here - is it is not the most creative stage out there. This stage gets enemy and gimmick conveyance spot on, the themeing is completely consistent and well joined, strange dragonflies aside, and finally - it makes full use of every gimmick to its full effect. Maybe not every enemy, but certainly the gimmicks.

I have a slight issue with the master - the fact that lasers are suddenly introduced to the stage is a bit off-putting and confusing, but this is yet again, a nitpick. He seems pretty difficult, but feels pretty fair once you get used to him.

As far as good Mega Man levels go, this counts, and in my opinion ticks every box. Great work.
1/12/2None foundNo
75Teleporter 73Misty Lake (Late Pack)159105241Er... hi Dev-kit.. boss? I guess? Oh he's gone. Nevermind!
I love the idea of this frozen medieval town, it's actually a nice unique setting for an ice stage rather than your standard cavern that Mega Man usually uses, a very refreshing change of pace!

Theming was on point here, the enemies all worked well and suited the environment. Although I'm not sure why only one copy of certain enemies appear in the level, it was very strange.
You managed to take into account that the Chill Man blocks don't respawn.. and do it in a really clever way - them popping out of the water is exactly the way to ensure that the player does not get stuck when they fail the platforming test, outside of the Noble Nickel attempts. This is fine.
These ice blocks are unfortunately, fairly glitchy. I had several of them bug out quite badly, such as creating multiple of them at once. There is also a segment of the stage where simply traversing back through a screen gets your killed, since a gimmick spawns in on top of you. Ouch. I am not sure what the point of the owl enemies were, I think maybe the trail they leave behind should've been ice rather than snow, as it has no real hinderance to the player.

Your highlight was the boss I think. I'm guessing it's from a franchise I haven't played before rather than an original character (do not steal!), but you've merged bullet hell with Mega Man in a, frankly brilliant fashion. Once you've learnt the pattern, she is very fun to fight.

Really solid, fun stage here, let down by the glitchy implementation of the new assets.
1/15/5None foundNo
76Teleporter 78Holy Crap, Mega Man Can Airslide? (Late Pack)112120328This stage has a seriously cool concept and primary gimmick, and is in fact, really well designed. The challenges are interesting and unique, and we even defy dev-kit only expectations by having a boss at the end. A modified dev-kit boss, but still a new boss.

So what went wrong? Well, this stage simply isn't very fun. This partially comes down to the presentation. It's hard to have fun in a space with zero context. There doesn't appear to be any progress being made, the player just gets a dull blue background. The player is visually bored to tears only 30 seconds into the stage, and somehow the graphics get worse as the stage goes on.
The lack of graphics also hurts the gimmick setups - there are many situations where a tiled background could've been used to give indicators as to where something is going to travel, to draw the player's eye to what they should be looking at, and overall just have the level plain make sense.

One of the other issues comes down to sheer frustration. This is mostly focused at the Nickel, The second one. This might just be one of the worst Nickel placements in the game.
Bare in mind, your earlier screen with the Fire Waves on is already rather obnoxious, not helped by the fact that visually they are rather hard to track where they are supposed to travel.Yes, there are some arrows, but in a do or die situation, these arrows simply aren't enough.

But the second Nickel - oh man. These screens are so finicky, require such precise timing, that it quickly becomes an chore, then a slog, and then you want to throw your controller/laptop/pc out the window as you are knocked into the pit for the 100th time. The real thing that kills these screens, is the fact the fireballs curl back on themselves. One would've been bad enough, both fireballs curving back? There was no reason for this, this renders the challenge into something that is too exact, mostly because the player themselves also has to curve backwards to land back onto safety. This is beyond frustrating.
But the thing that absolutely murders this section and kills the fun factor dead - is that you have a second screen of this. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa....

Alright, so the Nickels are optional, sure, but they should never cross the line into absurdity, not like this. It just kills the goodwill of any player who is attempting to get these things is going to have.

We are finally left with your boss fight. Hello, modified dev-kit boss! I'm not really sure what the point to this guy is, mostly because there is no need to actually use the air slide feature in the fight. Sure it makes it slightly easier, but its not required, and the boss rather feels like filler.
Clever stage, that is just too clever by half to be all that enjoyable. Really, really wish some effort had been expended into the tileset, as my memories of the level are awash with the colour blue, and only blue.
1/12/2Eddie, I guessNo
77Teleporter 72Rush City (Late Pack)5421315It comes to something when the bare minimum is applied to enemy layouts. This is done here.

For a generic level... that might just be the worst tileset selection I have ever seen. As in, it looks like a placeholder. I'm sure not even the game this is taken from looked this boring. (Duke Nukem right?)
Nothing really happens in this stage. There is a wave bike section at the end.Which was alright, and a decent enough challenge, just enough to wake the player up, it's the sole reason you are getting any "fun" score whatsoever, Even this is bungled a bit. Specifically - why place spikes without actually using a spike tile? Why? I don't get it, why make the block graphically indistinguishable from a regular block?! Especially one you've already encountered! This is just.. confusing.

That is also the most laughably poor attempt at a boss fight I have ever seen, period. Worst enemy to select for your endgame. There were actual bosses in the dev-kit. And even much better mid-bosses.
I really think you should've just made the wave-bike segment the actual endgame, and not tried to make it optional. Because now players will have to go through your stage twice, just to pick up both elements, with nothing changing in-between.

Yeah, no, this was fairly poor. And dull mostly. Very dull.
2/2N/ANone foundNo
78Teleporter 75Sector Upsilon 6 (Late Pack)61122324Interesting concept. It's basically a mini-exploration title in a single level. The use of Gravity Flippers in a novel way is great, and individually most areas of this level are by themselves - good, if sometimes great. Hell, the stage is so convoluted, it comes with a map... which unfortunately is not an MiniMap ala Metroid, but for a single level, that would be hard to program, so I'll give it a pass. Would've been nice though.

This stage is also incredibly frustrating, does not take the fact it relies on instant-death into account with it's checkpoints, defies basic player logic at times and asks for far too many finicky moments in succession that any fun with the level, concept and music is killed stone dead.

I had to quit this stage and do something else, four times. Four. Every time I reached some sort of stopping point, I'd take it. This is one of the few stages where I did not want to keep playing, but felt like I had to to get a full experience.

First major drawback - the lack of background - the entire stage is almost entirely black - and this is a major detriment to the player's enjoyment and actively hinders the stage a lot - there is no way whatsoever to tell what is and isn't a pit in this level. It'd be nice to know that in advance before the player throws themselves down into the abyss. It's also rather dull to look at. The map provided colour codes sections - these sections are the same basic tileset the rest of the stage uses so the player can be left rather confused as to what sector they are in. More background details were definitely needed, if only to help lessen some of the confusion. I should not be sitting around for minutes at a time trying to figure out where exactly I am, this is Mega Man after all!

The second major problem with this level - the instant-death. It's not handled well. This really boils down to how finicky some of the maneuvers you have to pull off are, how little room for error there is here, and that the player is usually sent back several screens once they die. This would be a minor issue, if it weren't for the how exacting the requirements are every so often. What kills your stage dead in my eyes is the Mecha Dragon route. The spike drop is harsh. The auto scrolling segment is worse. The final few maneuvers - all of which must be done on a strict time limit thanks to the scroller, are extremely tight, and use a mechanic that is not entirely natural to a player's timing. Not only is there no checkpoint between the spike drop and the auto-scroller, there is no break at all in this section at all. Sometimes it is not a matter of how long a segment is, but how difficult the challenge in question is. The spike drop is not organic like most spike drops in the series. It doesn't flow naturally. Any of these segments, although hard, would've been fine by themselves.Together, these are seriously unfair.
To give credit where it is due, the second auto-scrolling segment is rather fun, very well designed... and actually has a checkpoint! The Mecha Dragon itself was rather anti-climactic though.

The Gravity Man route... with multiple options, is a tad weird. The Yoku Block route, surprisingly, is fine. A little hard, but not too bad. The Count Bomb route has a jump in the stage, which up until this point has not required weapons - seemingly requiring a weapon to bypass. Or if it doesn't, that jump must be pixel perfect or something, because Mega Man saw the bottom of that pit many, many times. Either way, it either comes out of nowhere, or is too difficult for the average player to do.

Finally, there are the collectables - the Nickels, naturally, and the Trinkets. Here is the final nail in this stage's coffin - getting these often require the player to die after collecting them. This is really counter-intuitive, and goes against any instinct the player would have. In fact, to complete the Trinket route, the player outright has to die at last twice to see the additional boss. Why?! Teleporters are an option here.

The end-game after the Trinkets is rather good, but by this point the player has played the stage for an awful long time, and probably wants to leave, so it comes off as irritating. (The fact these are not saved between attempts at the level don't help, but I'm not sure much could've been done about that without Pyro's permission. Still an annoyance.)

The new boss is... er.. it exists. Yep. The alternative attack pattern it uses exactly once is rather fun... if lasting for a bit too long, and spends the rest of the battle doing absolutely nothing threatening what-so-ever. If you'd mixed these up a bit, this fight would've been entertaining.
Overall, great concept for a level - but man, this level annoyed the life out of me.
3/35/5None foundProbably. This stage is rather infuriating, and *incredably long*, especially going the final path. It's not that the level is bad.. but it might be more intolerable to the average player than your usual level. The fact there is no saving the Trinkets between runs is also a major factor against the level.
79Teleporter 77AD 2101 (Late Pack)8752527Zero Wing and Mega Man. Who'da thunk it? Did you go on an archaeological dig to get this meme, buddy?
The stage is pretty solid, overall, I think, although there are some questionable portions: Namely - why' d you just straight up copy the layout of Quick Man? Did you think we wouldn't notice? You're supposed to submit your own work!

Copy pasta aside, the new sections of this stage aren't half bad, I just wish there were more of those rather than the filler, and I have very few complaints about the rest of the stage, and the challenges are fun!
The combination of the Gravity Flip and Concrete Platforms is actually rather neat, the level should've straight up had more of this kind of thing.
Graphically, there's some major weirdness going on, you probably should've just straight up either used a tileset from Zero Wing, or modified the Zero Wing graphics to match Plug Man's stage. It looks so weird, it takes you out of the level.

Pharaoh CATS is... a snippy concept, but not quite sharp enough in execution. He needed some more modifications than he currently has to be a fun fight. Randomly thrown Rolling Cutters don't really cut it. And he's not the sort of character who tries to make paper dolls out of Mega Man anyway, so this battle is isn't quite the cutting edge that CATS as a character deserves. I know he wasn't exactly a cut above the rest in his source game, but surely the memelord status of this guy should've meant going all out on the boss, and I was really hoping the battle would've been a shear delight rather than the blunted edge that it currently is.

Oh, er, Meow, I guess.
1/12/2Dr Light's weird message.No
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81Teleporter 81A Mega Man for Every Season (The HOLLLLLYYY SHIT Late Pack)
(As the last person to submit, this is obviously ZSabre's.)
6991227This has to be the just about the oddest Mega Man stage I have ever played.
I mean, for all the issues, it's not without charm, and I personally found it entertaining... probably for the same reasons you chose to do such a thing, actually. I dig this area of history, and found the entire thing rather fascinating! The item hunt for the Nickels was pretty cool too, they're not hard, but they are neat "can you spot the stray pixel clue", or "spot this tiny hint" challenges.
The whole concept behind revisiting an area several times over the seasons was, great. It's almost handled well enough.. but not quite, as the further you get into the level, the less sense the obstacles make. Enemy selection was also all over the place, but not terrible, just some odd choices every so often.

Neat idea aside, this stage does have some glaring issues: There is a complete lack of challenge, outside of maybe the Squiddon mid-boss, and far, far, far too many power ups around the place make an already easy stage even easier!
By far the most noticeable problem is... I am not sure what is going on with the graphics here. For every well chosen tile there is two really weird choices, and the level almost feels like you're playing a glitched stage. I get the general look of the stage and what each bit is supposed to mean, but it looks so bizarre, and does not help the stage at all.

I also feel really sorry for Komuso Man right now. I'm not sure why he was stripped of his hit invincibility here.
There is also a potential soft lock in this fight, if Komuso isn't killed in time, he'll run out of the arena, and leave Mega Man stranded. Whoops, you, er, kind of needed a wall in this battle.
This was certainly an interesting level, I'd be interested to see what other weird ideas you could come up with next!
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