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31farming_own_land2I would like to build a new and big house,since the one am living in is small and the roof is also licking.homeIs that I was born out of wedlock,and my step mother always keeps on fighting me that i should be sent away to find my biological father. So that I can let them have the land I was given by my father.I am proud that at my age I have my own home,which is something that most of my age mates have not done.The most heaviest part I will say is putting food on the table for my family,since i have not lived here for so long and we have not harvested anything yet.Is when am together with my fellow church members and we are sing and dancing for the Lord, it just makes me forget my problems.I would say when I get to start my own poulrty and livestock keeping,which will be a source of income for my family. It's due to lack of capital that i can't rare them but am looking forward to start it.
31farming_own_land4I am planning to build a very good house,with good roof because this one is torn,am also planning to buy a cow.homeIs when my son became very sick and we had tried alot to treat him but nothing helped,we then took him for prayers and he became well.Is that i decided to become a farmer which has helped alot as food security for my family,when i was still new in the village it was very hard since no one wanted to share there harvestI would say when it starts raining,since I would be forced to move my things out of the house to somewhere safe.It's that I take things very lightly and I don't allow people who like putting others down through negative comments around me.I would like to have a much bigger house and some livestock in my own compound,where no one dictates you on how to do things.
66farming_own_land3We are planning on how to build a house since the one we are in small,we would also like to set up a small business to get income and also to pay school fees for our children.homeIs that we were used to selling sugarcane to mumias company which unfortunately closed down due to mismanagement,the cane in our land is getting spoilt and we can't do anything.Is that I burn my own charcoal and sell it to people,which atleast puts food on my table daily.I would say I have to walk alot looking for big logs to buy and make my charcoal, at times I don't have the money and the log owners refuse to lend me.I will say that I am able to cultivate my land without any difficulty,since our Father left us a big pieace of landI would be happy when i get to build a big house, with enough rooms for my children and set up a business.
42farming_own_land1First I would like to build a house since I don't have one,I have been sleeping in my mothers house, secondly I will seek medication for my asthum since am really suffering.homeI would say the sickness I have,because when I cough my chest becomes very painful .I would say taking care of my child, after my wife passed way and seeing him go to school despite the hard times we are going through.The difficult part for me is getting proper treatment, I keep on praying that one day i'll get treated and be happy.Being able to provide for my mother and child,and seeing that they are healthy.I would like to build a house for my self and see that my son goes to school, and manages to get a good job after school.
45farming_own_land3I am going to build a house and buy household items like matress,cooking pots and dishes. The remaining one I will use it for my treatment .healthIt would be meeting my daily needs like food,clothing and proper shelter, ever since I became sick I have not been able to work which makes life very hard.I would say taking care of my mother and being with her whenever she needed me to be around.I will say spending most of my time in bed,due to illness which really makes me to be inactive all the time.The fact that I have been given the gift of life by God, I always thank Him when I see a new day.I am looking forward to build a house and to find proper treatment,so that I can be able to support myself.
21casual_work3I am going to move to the land I have been given,build a permanent house with good roof ,since my children are growing and they will soon want to built and the remaining money I will buy a cow.homeI will saying being poor,because at times you find that you really want to get somethings like basic needs and you can't provide them because of lack of money.The best of them of all is when I look at my children and see the joy they bring in my house,because I had wanted to have my own children for so long and it was not easy.Going to bed on an empty stomach due to lack of food,the cost of living has gone up and I can only affored one meal a day,so most of the time we sleep with porriadge in our stomach.I would say when I get to prepare ugali(a mixture of maize flour and water)for my family and sleep on full stomach.My main aim is to build a permanent home for my family,and be able to start a small business that will bring me income.
28casual_work2I am going to buy a motorbike which will be bringing me a little income. Am also planning to take my children to a good school so that they can have good foundation.investmentI will say planning to do something to improve my living standards, but when I get the money it does not go to work as I had planned.I would say having my two children and being able to provide for them, no matter how small it is.I will say when I go out looking for work to do, since am not employed permanently at times it's hard because I come home empty handed.I will say when am around my family and spending time with my children.I am planning to start my own business and support my family well.
23own_business1I am planning to buy materials to boost my business, and also to buy roofing materials that I will use to build my permanent house.homeI would say the lose of close family members who I have always looked up to for support.I have been able to set up a small tailoring business that is supporting me even though it has not yet picked up well.I think its when I go to my shop and i don't get any customers who bring there clothes for mending, so I have to go home without money.I will say when I get alot of visits from customers who want to buy materials or mend there clothes.I want to expand my tailoring business and move to a new house come next year because the one am in is small.
30casual_work3I want to build a new house because the one I am in the roof is licking, I would also want to buy household items that I don't have.homeI would say the hardest thing is how to get money, because getting employment has not been easy making my life to be very difficultI will say living well with my co-wife and getting the small job of breaking stones that enables me to support my family.I think its when I have not sold any stones be it half a wheelbarrow or full, because I know my budget for that day will not be good.The happiest part is when everyone around me is happy and we are at peace.I would like to build my own permanent house and buy all the household items that I have always wanted. I would also like to keep some livestock.
21casual_work0We have planned to open up a shop where we will be selling maize, we also want to buy household items that we don't have like sofas, tables and solar panel.investmentI will say when my parents died and we were forced to live with our grandmother, who could not provide much for us so I opted to get married.I have not yet achieved anything so far because I wanted to go to school but I could not, since I had no one to pay my fees.I will say going to the quary to break stones, which at the end of the day does not pay much. I return home very exausted.I will say I go to the quary and am able to get a job to do, because I know I will not go home empty hand.I would like to stay in a permanent house and be able to see my unborn child grow up, and see him/her through school since I was not able to go to school myself.
62farming_own_land0I am going to plaster my house and buy furnitures for my house. I also plan to build a house for my son who does not have job.homeI will say since my husband passed away, I have not had a smooth life because I had to do odd jobs to provide for my children and the little I made was not enough to pay school fees and buy food.I will say staying by self and taking care of my children, I was not inherited like other women.I will say not being able to put food on the table since the prices have gone very high and our crops are not yet ready.I am happy when I have money and I can buy anything that my heart desires.I would like to have a happy life, where I can be able to support my self without depending on my children.
85farming_own_land0I am planning to buy maize and stock my store with food. I will also plaster my house.homeI have lived in poverty all my life which is not good, I also have a lot of debts to pay which I took when I was taking my grandchild to school.I don't have any because I am always worried about how my life will end.I will say not being able to do my daily work because of age, and I have no one around to help me.I would say when I get food to put on my table. Since I can't farm a big area I only get very little.I would like to clear the debt I have and then buy household items for my house.
53farming_own_land5I will buy iron sheets, nails, cement and plaster my house. I am also planning to expand my house.homeI will say paying school for my children, since my husband and I were not empoyed we only depended on farming which does bring any money.I have struggled alot to see that my children are going to school and I know the will finish high school and get employment.I would say having to think about all the burden I have been left with and yet I have no solution.I will say when I am with my children and we share the challenges we face, it makes me feel goodI will like to see my children through school and see them get good jobs like being a doctor, a teacher and judge.
73farming_own_land0I am planning on furnishing my house and plastering the floor, since jiggers are really disturbing me.homeI lost my husband a long time a go and therefor I had no one to support me and my children, providing for them has been a big challenge to me because I had no work.I have been able to cultivate my land and atleast I do get a little harvest that keeps me going, I don't have to depend on people for help.I will say getting something to eat, since our crops are not ready we are forced to buy from the market and its expensive.I will say when my grand daughter is around , I know that she will assist me with work around the house and I will get my meals atleast twice a day.I am looking forward to building a good permanent house, where my grandchildren can be coming and staying even when am not around.
57farming_own_land0I am going to build a house and start a business to support my self.homeI will say when my husband died, because I had not built one and in our custom a woman can not build a house without a man which is making it impossible for my children to even sleep in my house.I will say seeing my children through university and them getting employed has really made me proudI will say when I think about my house and I can't do anything about it.I will say when I get to sell my chickens and earn little money.I am looking forward to build a big house, where I have my children live with me.
61farming_own_land1I am going to build a new house, because the one am in a tree feel on it and its not stable. I am also going to buy some livestock that I can keep.homeI will say burrying my husband and some of my children. It is very hard especially when the children still need to go to school and the money is not there.I will say seeing my son's with there families and that they are supporting themselves makes very happy.I will say going to look for sisal that I use to make ropes, sometimes I walk to very far places to get them.I will say when I finish making my ropes and I arrange them ready for the market, that day I know will eat meat.I would like to build a big permanent house, and buy some livestock like cow and goat, where atleast I can get milk and sell