OWUL Season 2 Free Agents
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RegionBattleTagDiscordTagCurrent SRSeason High SR
Preferred Position
Preferred Hero
NAmav#11965mav#121010681500Off TankD.Va(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityM-F (usually) 7-9, most weekends
NAAlinsa#1955alinsa#905415501878SupportMercy(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)M-F 7pm-12pm; Weekends anytime
NAFerrariF#1282FerrariF#784018602591FlankerGenji(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima6pm-2amNot always available it depends on the day
NANoxey#1748Doug #596419352355Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaT,W,Sun-8pm-12am
EUKaznisha#2441Kaznisha#159619632074Projectile DPSPharah(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, ParisWeekends only, 6pm onwardsMostly play projectile dpsees best with pharah, but also consistant on tracer, genji and soldier. Can fill for supports playing mercy, zen and ana.
NASharkeyanti#1374sharkeyanti#465820002170FlexWinston(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Morning to Early Afternoon, Sometimes between 10-12 p.m.
can play most characters. Been focusing on Winston/Pharah/Lucio/76/Roadhog/Zarya. Really enjoying mobile comps recently.
NAGolds#1937Goldsounds#004820242024Off TankD.Va(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City
all nights after 8pm CST, and special times when needed
I play solo most of the time in Comp, always willing to be part of a team, will play any role as needed.
NARickAstley#11319Kyle#591923922152Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityM,t,w,t 6pm-12amI can play Friday nights are 9pm and all day Saturday and Sunday after 2 pm.
EULycan#22725Adam#597620542164FlexRoadhog(GMT -1:00 hour) Azores, Cape Verde IslandsSaturday's
EUMisery#22470Janisu#709120822082Main TankReinhardt(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, ParisM-F 8-10pm, Weekend 2pm-10pm
NAAndrewPaw#1391Andrew^^#461916842400FlexSoldier: 76(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM-F 7-10Hey everyone! ^^ Thanks for reading through my form; I hope I can help out whoever takes me :)
EUHarigo#21704Harigo#883322002785Projectile DPSPharah(GMT +3:00) Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg4 pm - midnight everydayin fact can play in any postion, like to flame
NACraftOfStar#1155Multiple#077222002450FlankerWidowmaker(GMT -7:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Any time on Saturday-Tuesday, any time Thursday, and anytime except for 4-10pm on Wednesday/Friday
I play any of the dps we would need to fill out or team and I'm dedicated to self improvement as I learn to work with teams.
EU#21702#390322882318FlexLucio(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Weekends only and sometimes after work at 19:00-21:30
I have my final exams at the moment, so I may need some spare time, search for an additional player, If I suddenly can't play. I play Hanzo a lot too!
NA#PuntPenguins#iPuntPenguins22902315Off TankZarya(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM,T,Th 7:30pm-11pm or Weekend morningsI focus on secondary tanks but also have a very well practiced Winston for high verticality maps.
NASabcerCrunch#1992Saber#327023002371FlexReinhardt(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM-F 7pm-12am, Weekends 9am-12am
NAJollyEevee#1691JollyEevee #643925272850FlexPharah(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City(ALL WEEK 5pm-12pm)
NATechSoup#1960TechSoup#887123692436SupportLucio(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City8 pm on, Select days during the week
NAaWildPotato#11285A Wild Potato#649523752400FlankerTorbjörn‎(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Every other weekend, but, every Sunday 1pm-8pm. Also most weekdays 5pm-8pm.
Right now I prefer Soldier, but I can play most things well and with some practice I could play any hero.
NAProdigyMatt#1472ProdigyMatt#505623802511SupportAna(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaWeekdays 6-9 pm EST and saturday all dayloads of scrim and shot calling experience and always try to keep a positive attitude through coms
Matvey 'Matomoto' McQuickens420#3570
23872414FlexLucio(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM-F 5pm-11pm, S,S 12pm-11pmOccasionally I have something come up that prevents me from playing, but these are infrequent and I will tell my team about it asap
NABufforz#1257Bufforz#269924212691SupportMercy(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Some Mondays, Friday night after 8PM, weekends freePM me with any questions. Support Main, can flex DPS
NAwesty#1130westy #115824292680SupportAna(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)M-F after 5 PMWith a few days notice I can be free anytime after 5pm PST (I am around a lot during the week)
EUBiggzWolf#2787BiggzWolf#874724722649Main TankReinhardt(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, CasablancaWeekends and evenings between 6-9Reinhardt and Winston main tanks. Lucio is best healer and i can flex fairly well
NAKJack#11153KJack#524124962597SupportZenyatta(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityM,Tu,W,Fr,Sa after 8:00p CDTZen/Solider/Mercy/Orisa player looking for a competitive, co-operative team. I have a good mic, lots of communication, experience shot-calling, and a positive attitude. Give me a shout!
NAFedyaJenkins#1415FedyaJenkins#141525002900SupportMercy(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaAnytime after 5pm.
NAtehmass#1739tehmass#349025002700FlexMcCree(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima5pm-2a[mmtwtfss]best2worst - hitscan/offtank/projectile/support/tank/ Very passionate about the game, always trying to work on improving using my vods and criticism from others. My game play has always been a competitive one, enjoying a game with calls, strats, and like minded players.
NAEstalibar#1249Estalibar#571925072507Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityGenerally available all NightsPrimarily Offense focused player, but can fill if necessary
NAskeetninjer#1234skeetninjer#184525502590Off TankZarya(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico Cityany day other than Thursday with advance noticeCan play any tank, with Reinhardt being my weakest. Can also play pharah, soldier, zen, and mercy
NASeraphis#11501Seraphis#432926253010SupportAna(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City5pm-12am everyday except sunday
Dont really prefer any single hero as I can confortably play any support and will change to best fit the situation. I am working to play overwatch proffessionally so the times i posted will be when I am solo practicing anyways. Will only need to take small breaks for meals and such. I have scrim and team experience, and only tourny experience for games other than overwatch so far.
NABabyKay#11493BabyKAy248#432026362730FlankerGenji(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Sunday : 10am-2pm 5pm-10pm Monday-Thursday: 4pm-10pm Friday:4pm-11pm saturday: 10am-11pm
EUBlueTooth#21187[PHB] BluTuuth#440626432643FlexZarya(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris12pm to 3amMy mains are all the 3 star difficulti e heroes
NAxmtrcv#1550xmtrcv#163826662666FlexSoldier: 76(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima~2000-0100Played for Peaches and Cream, Undefeated Winner of Season 1 - Division 9 NA
EUMucluk#2305Mucluk#089526922889Main TankReinhardt(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, CasablancaWeekdays 7:30pm - 11:30pm, Weekends anytimeI can play any tank, and I can play any support but my Ana could use some work.
EURin#22428Rin#565027002798FlexSoldier: 76(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, CasablancaEveryday anytime except some weekends i have competitive/team experience from other games and enjoy constructive criticism
NAEmeraldSheep#1904EmeraldSheep#230627002700SupportAna(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaWeekends, One or two weekdays at night until summer
NAdafinsrock#1367dafinsrock #997427082730Hitscan DPSTracer(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaFound a teamN/A
NABrodine#11237Brodine#938927622982Main TankReinhardt(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaT, W 6pm-11pm Th-11 pm F 9-11 pm S 9-11 pmOdd work schedule
NAjoodz#1276joodz#758027702973FlexRoadhog(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityWeekends and weekday morningsCan play Ana, Hog, Soldier, Zen, Winston
NAMzButtrWorth#1805Los1853#977727802798SupportAna(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaMost Days after 8pm ESTWould love to help out any team. Comfortable with all of the supports pretty much
NASzerenity#1672szerenity#066127822925FlexZenyatta(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
M-F (may vary) 10:00pm-11:00pm PST; Sunday 5pm-11pmPST
Played various heroes for team Peaches and Cream who went undefeated in S1 Division 9
NAghostnxs#1627ghostnxs#404927922892SupportLucio(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaFlexible
EUSeagull#21248Seagull#492627982895Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT +2:00) Kaliningrad, South AfricaWeekdays 20:00-01:00, Weekends (12:00 - 01:00)24 yo. Flex player with decent hero pool, but no main tank. Can play most DPS and Ana/Zen/Zarya/D.Va.
NAShadyLemon#1146shadylemon#981928063310Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT -9:00) Alaska(M-F 4pm-5pm, 11:30pm-2am) (Sat-Sun 10am-5pm)Level 774
NATheLeft#11428TheLeft#642228133035FlexMei(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Individual. (M,W,F, 6pm-12am & Weekends almost anytime)
NALOBOSCO#1581LoBosco#665928272907Hitscan DPSMcCree(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City
M,Thur,Sat,Sun 6pm-12am Wed 9am-2pm Tue,F 10am-12am
I can play more than just hitscan dps and I can play other roles.
NAHuni#11566ahni#476528672939FlexTracer(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Weekly any timeI'm a Tracer/Ana player. I can play off-tank such as D.Va and fill in as Lucio, McCree, and Mercy. I do need a lot of work, but I'm willing to put in the time to improve and will gladly take criticism.
NAeightS#11757Iggnatius#559328853018Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaWeekdays after 5pm est, Weekends after 12pm est.76, Tracer, McCree, Pharah, Zarya, Hog, Ana.....Extensive time in Overwatch and general FPS, former CAL open/main champion with Teh BirdZ in RTCW/ET. TONS of time playing 6s on a team.
EUMrTrikss#2891MrTrikss#274729033237SupportLucio(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, CasablancaM,T,W,Th,F 6pm+ (Weekends flexible)
NAEmarik#1197emarik#368030003250SupportAna(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima4pm-3am all days (but not the entire time)
NATAYLOR#11979TAYLOR#207930123037Main TankReinhardt(GMT -9:00) AlaskaM-F after 5pm, Sat-Sun All dayTank main, support off
NAMattMDL#1538MattMDL#866830433276Projectile DPSPharah(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaEveryday 7pm - 10pm (can be later if needed)I play a lot of Pharah. I can also play soldier, reaper, tracer, mei, lucio and zarya.
EUShadowborn#21853ShadowBorn#133830483408FlexGenji(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, ParisWeekends/ M-F 7-11pmi can play Reinhardt, Winston, McCree, Ana and Zen and of coruse Genji
NAPOU#11642POU#426930503104FlexD.Va(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaMonday-Friday 8pm-2am, most weekendsPreferred roles are tank and support. For Tanks: DVA>Winston>Hog>Zarya>Rein . For Supports: Zen>Lucio>Ana. If Needed: Soldier>Tracer>Reaper>McCree
NARyanRaze#1950RyanRaze#207031083171Off TankD.Va(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaMost weeknights after 8:00.
High level D'va player, very solid Rein. All around good tank player and healer (Ana main for healing). Many years of FPS and FPS comp experience. Extensive time in OW on PC and PS4 (high game IQ). Willing to fill any role if need be. Am comfortable communicating without rage. Hit me up if you need more info or check my stats.
NAHobbeh#1926Hobbeh#131532263274Off TankRoadhog(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Limaweekdays after 7, weekends free
NAHobodacious#1586Hobodacious#304032383238FlankerGenji(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM-F 10pm - 12am Weekends anytimeWeekends are usually on and off. Only free time I have so there may be weekends I'm occupied with family and such.
NARandyVelour#1856RandyVelour#472336073607Projectile DPSPharah(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityM-F 7pm-1130pm, Weekends Free
NADovahkiin673#1740Dovahkiin673#912333203350Projectile DPSGenji(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
anytime weekends until after 3pm Weekdays Until around Mid June then times will change
I just switched to PC so I have no SR on my PC acc here is my Xb1 acc
NALeon21#11707Leon#444034213859FlexLucio(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaAll week
NAYukali#1259Yukali#435434703470Hitscan DPSPharah(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Limamon-sat 8-12, sun 5-12
I was a former shotcaller/dps player for my team for 4 months and have plenty of scrim experience. I'm a really good pharah player and solid tracer/soldier/mei/widow/zarya/hog so able to play whatever team composition is decided on. Unfortunately my genji is the only weak spot of my character pool.
EUbermbombilly#21999dualinity#823135053505FlexZarya(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Parisirregular work times, available a lotalready have a team, have lots of scrim experience. can play support, offtank, hitscan
NADrake#13779Drake#062535233686SupportLucio(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM-F 4-10 pm Weekends usually freeI can play Lucio, Mercy, Zen, Rein, or Winston
EUq8isilver#1698q8isilver#895036003800SupportAna(GMT +3:00) Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburgall day from 7 pm+ EST timecan play all supports
NAArjay#11219Arjay#931136483673Main TankWinston(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City24/7 once I move back homeWill be transitioning back home since the semester is over for me. Once that is over I will be picking up a part time job but that will not conflict in any major way with a set scrim schedule.
EUPowderpuff#2767Powderpuff#544936923977SupportMercy(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, CasablancaMost times/daysI'm a Mercy main, but am also comfortable with Lucio, Dva, Phara. Ana I can play averagley.
NAKoopatroopa#11249SorrySoSorry#722737003900Main TankReinhardt(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM-sunday 8:30-12Main tank Rein but can play all tanks. Support I can run mercy and zen at around a high diamond level.
ohyeah#11774 and butternut#1180
Butternut#116540244024FlexSoldier: 76(GMT -7:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
M-Sufor the summer 6 pm Est-2 Am Est (M-T) All day F-Su
NALostInTheSas#1400LostInTheSas#532937044045FlankerGenji(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Weekends OnlyFinishing up the school year will be much more available in the towards the end of May
NAVENEX#11511VENEX#691937283978Main TankReinhardt(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Monday-Friday 6PM-11PM, Weekends freeMostly play Rein and Winston, but can Zarya and Hog aswell
NAPwnPants#1611PwnPants#561038493851FlexSoldier: 76(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaM-F 6:30-11:30 Weekends freeSoldier, Genji, Pharah, Tracer, Hog, Zarya, Rein, Ana
EUMajjjster#2502Majjjster#580738813907Main TankReinhardt(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
All days, 17:00-23:00 weekdays. On weekends i can play 13:00-23:00
I mainly play Reinhardt and Winston. I've some experience in competetive play. add me on battlenet for further information
NAimnopro#1620imnopro#962040154155Off TankZarya(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima5pm - 11pm weekdays all time weekendstarting a new job soon availability will change
NABang#11687Gon#990340174020FlexZarya(GMT -7:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)Weekdays: 8 PM - 1 AM, Weekands: All Day
NAnickerfoo#11783darkone#720440204570FlexSoldier: 76(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City
Weekends only until may 20th, sun-thurs 8pmcst-1amcst
EUVoVoXperTz#2764⭐VoVo | MAD #521241054216Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, CasablancaWeekdays 2pm-6pm, Weekends all day.
NAKainami#1422kainami#968041524152FlankerGenji(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Flexible, can be talked aboutStopped playing seriously in S1, but getting back into the game on smurfs. Was top ten genji on overbuff masteroverwatch etc back in the day.
EUjammie276#2289jammie276#716141924363SupportLucio(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca6pm - 1am
NADevotion#11365Skyestrider #620842004429SupportMercy(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaAny day any timeI'm a very competitive player with a lot of experience dating back to beta. I don't tilt and I usually try to be the in game leader in my comp games. I'm willing to play with a team from any SR range from Diamong to GM.
NANaveR#12689Revan#413139123912Projectile DPSReaper(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)4-6pm Weekdays, Virtually all day on Weekends.I play reaper as a total main, but I can run a mean hog and tracer, have insane aim as soldier or mcree (due to being LEM in CSGO after the ranking system changed).
NACisph#1708Cisph#707233953395SupportAna(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Everyday baby 4-11 PST
NAFuzionVizion#1695FuzionVizions#815735243613Main TankRoadhog(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Weekends only
NAAKshadow#11443AK Shadow#982319792308Projectile DPSPharah(GMT -9:00) AlaskaTue-Sat 6pm-12am, Sun-M all day
29503198Hitscan DPSMcCree(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
M-F 2:30 pm-10 pm Saturday free expect hour of 2 pm and Sunday free all day
16381638Off TankZarya(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Most eves 5pm PST onwardsI play Rein, Zarya, Ana, Lucio, am equally comfortable on all of them
NAFelin#1831Felin#764625143127FlexPharah(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaT, Th, S, all day. Anyday after 1 a.m. estPharah's fun but can flex if countered
NAkebertxela#1471kebertxela#310221642371SupportMercy(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
anytime after 10am i work graveyard shift and have alternating days offs pst for more info.
NAǶÐœ#1189yah#209434013443Hitscan DPSSoldier: 76(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)All day every day baby! Hitscan DPS primarily, can Soldier, McCree, Tracer, Widowmaker. Also can Zarya, Roadhog, D.va. Will be absent from June to August.
NADASMEM#1989DASMEM #513625012578SupportLucio(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Limadepends on teami am fine with playing any kind of healer being off healer or main healer lucio ana or zen or mercy i believe i can play them all fine
EUsumish#21629sumish#358243444441FlexTracer(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, ParisMon, Tue, Sat, Sun
EUFaithfulSoul#21649FaithfulSoul#561228653055FlexAna(GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca3pm-1am
NAprototo#11138prototo#967328102930Off TankRoadhog(GMT -7:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)4pm-10pmI don't understand what notes is for.
NATheFirehawk#11804TheFirehawk#1180415311756Projectile DPSGenji(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityWeekends Monday to Friday 3:30pm to 12:00amJune 3rd Not Available as I have a Band concert
EUWizboy73#2480Wizboy73#841324222431FlexReaper(GMT +1:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Parisgroup and from 19:00 till 24:00
NAYoda#12603 Yoda #139827002800FlexGenji(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityWeekdays Mostly flexible Genji main, can flex dps and tank
NAFamousAnous#1212AnalShip#854827202826FlexGenji(GMT -6:00) Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico CityM,T,W,T,F,S 6pm-10pm
NAzakmaniscool#1295zakmaniscool#788921732359SupportMercy(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)Every day 12pm-2am
NAGidTri#1836GodTri#183630113011Projectile DPSTracer(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, LimaAll days
NA#1786#113331373169Main TankRoadhog(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), Bogota, Lima
Weekends and anyday of the week depending if I have work or not
I am sightly colorblind but its fine
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