Sacramento COVID-19 Mutual Aid 2020
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Sacramento COVID-19 Mutual Aid 2020
This crisis is our opportunity to start building the community care and support systems we so sorely need, now and beyond. Please feel free to input any info. you are comfortable sharing, and what you are in need of, or what you can offer. Please be as specific as possible. If you are someone who can offer assistance, please do look through the "what are you in need of" column, to fulfill requests. Please check this document regularly and share it far and wide--the more people participating, the better!! Love and solidarity, ~Elliott Geneste de Besme <3 P.S.--If you have any issues with this spreadsheet, my contact info. is in the first line. Also, unless it is lanuage translation, please do not edit the original formatting or settings of this document. Thank you :)
siéntase libre de ingresar cualquier información que se sienta cómodo para compartir y lo que necesita. Esta crisis es nuestra oportunidad de comenzar a construir la atención comunitaria que tanto necesitamos, ahora y más allá. Amor y solidaridad, ~ Elliott Geneste de Besme <3
Important Additional Information: This Mutual Aid Network is intended to distribute resources from local people to those who are vulnerable and in need in the Sacramento region. If you want to search for something quickly in the spreadsheet, please Hit either Command or Control Z. If your request is fully completed, please input "FULLY COMPLETE" in the "Date Request has been completed" to make that clear. That way people who are offering to help know who still needs support. Finally, there is now a 2nd tab to the right that is a "Resource List", where people can share resources with each other. Thank you!!! :)
First nameLast namePronounsPhoneNeighborhoodEmailWhat do you need (Please be as specific as possible. Supplies, financial assistance, child care?)When do you need it (Date)/ cuandoVenmo, Cash App, Paypal info. (If you are in need of financial assistance)Name of person(s) signing up to fulfill request/ nombre de la persona que puede ayudarDate Request has been completed / fecha completadaIf not in need, but you have resources to offer, what can you offer? Are you okay with being contacted?
ElliottGeneste de BesmeHe/Him(415) 652-4945Ardenearthcrunch@gmail.comGrocery store runs (I will pay, I just need someone to pick up the groceries, as I am immunocompromised)1 time a weekRebecca S 4/3 Sean R. 4/10 Ongoing
ElisiaHoffman916472852095833elisiahoffman@gmail,comn/aI can do grocery runs for folks in the 95833 area, help with meal prep, run errands, pick up medicine from pharmacies.
Morning Star Gali She/hers 5108276719Antelope/North Highlands Mstargali@gmail.comSupplies/financial assistance for native youth & families @mstargali Venmo Will send as requested Local supply and grocery runs
BrieShe/herArdenbkdsignature@gmail.comI am very worried about our community on the streets. With the panic to clear the shelves, it's even less food for advocates to buy (have already observed the effects). I managed to nab some goods on sale prior to the panic, but I still need more ingredients to round out the meals. I am struggling to make ends meet myself so am hoping the community can help me help our most vulnerable. I need things like ground beef and sausage for Zatarain one pot meals, and ingredients for spaghetti. I plan to cook the meals and distribute myself to unhomed folks to make sure they get extra support during this pandemic. Hopefully I can get some water once it's back in stock. Any financial help means I can feed folks faster. TIA. <3 Prefer within the week. Need to wait for supplies to be for both Venmo and PayPalMS-$25, RS $50 via venmo 3-17I'll be doing all the labor to get our folks fed. I am also available for hire to do grocery runs in the Arden Arcade area as I am currently underemployed by the gig economy.
Melissa McMurreyshe/her559-361-8719Ardenmelissamcmurrey@gmail.comNANANANANAI have some cash to spare for smaller donations. Also available for dog walks and chats via text or FB messenger: Mulyssah Mickmurray
EricaPshe/herArden Arcadejedioftruthiness@gmail.comn/aI work in government so if you need resources but don't know where to go please email me and I will try to direct you to the right person or department. Many have questions about rent and evictions right now so I encourage you to contact Legal Services of Northern California: or #916-551-2150 ///// I also have lots of paper towels and would be happy to drop off a roll or two per household until I run out.
marcellabecerril9168681255broadway and riversidemacyb66@yahoo.comI am in need of eggs bread and milk, powdered or canned milk would be ok...and potatoes, dish the time I can get a ride to the store the shelves are empty.JA - Groceries delivered: eggs, milk, beans, rice, potatoes. 3/17
StefKusheCarmichaelsilverslik@me.comI need $500 to pay my rentEnd of monthsilverslik@me.comStephanie P. sent $20 3/21I can email you pre-recorded meditations that I've made to help you cope with this very strange time.
Hunter.Britton-Banesshe/they971.276.3404Citrus Heights, but I work downtownHunterbrittonbanes@gmail.comI am looking for a (womens/shorter) bicycle to have or trade with the one I have that's too tall for me. I'm trying to reduce my public transit as I have to work (alone, in an office, don't worry!) and I cannot afford ride share services.ASAPCashapp, Venmo, Paypal: $Hunterhunterrr (for transportation, or purchase of used bike, whichever comes first)I don't have much time or money to offer, but I know isolation can be deprssing. If you need someone to talk to, you're welcome to text me. I like iMessage games. If I have time, I could possibly draw a sketch of you.
Mariko Down(she/her, they/them(916) 730-6032emeraldflame.healing@gmail.comUPDATE 3/26: No donations have come in the last week. We are now doing checks in homeless camps where COVID is essentially uncontained and I overdrew my account yesterday getting gas. Specific supply requests as of 3/26 include paper masks (not N95s), nitrile gloves, thermometers and probe covers, band aids, gauze both rolled and flat, alcohol swabs, SAM splints, bars of soap, ziploc sandwich bags. Funds for basic medical supplies and my life while we do medic shit, folks willing to do neighborhood check ins, people willing to build and maintain hand washing stations for houseless folks (we have a group for that on Signal. msg me if interested), canvassing with flyers of COVID best practices, donating food to distribute, people familiar with documentation who can organize and record our efforts, folks willing to make runs to distribute food and herbsASAPVenmo @Mari-Down, PayPal emeraldflame.healing@gmail.comKat Torres - $20 thru venmo / TMoney $10 VenMo, TE $50 through paypal/Jessica Gray $10 thru VenMo / Rebecca S $50 thru VenMo 3-28Needs are ongoing, please donate if you canI am putting together information to be distributed from my network of health experts, please reach out if you need it. If you would like to support medic efforts, I am willing to teach you a bit about herbal medicine and street medic culture. We will not be taking lay people out into the field at this time.
AbbeyDThey/them (714) 913-3504Colonial Heights abbeyad123@gmail.comGroceries needed on a less frequent basis (Weekly/biweekly) donate to my podcast that has been put on hold because we don't have equipment to record remotely (by Venmo or Facebook link) baking and art supplies, mainly paints to keep busy Groceries weekly/biweekly Venmo: a-a-d-123 $10 VenMo, $10 Venmo from M Y, $50 Venmo from Jonah Lynch , heavy whipping cream, sandwiches and pastries 3/17 herine, Rosaura 3/18 groceries & art supplies drop off Thermometer and venmo donations revived as of 3/16/20Here to keep you virtual company if you need someone to talk to text or email me. I'm open to trades with artists and makers and can give small amounts of monetary support. I dont have a car so if you want to trade it will have to be a drop off/pick up situation on my porch. I can do watercolor/clay work (including earrings)/painted plant pots.
Rosaura Unangstshe/her916-705-0782Colonial Villagero@pigmentandparchment.comn/aI can do grocery runs/delivery/errands, can donate some groceries and can deliver homemade food if needed
Jaeyn Singleton916-743-4277Colonial Village jaelyn.e.singleton@gmail.comLost both jobs (Golden 1 Center and on campus research assistant) due to the crisis. Currently negative in my accounts due to bills with more coming in shortly. Able to do any and all odd jobs. ASAPpaypal - venmo - @Jaelyn-Singleton cashapp - $jaelynsingletonJosh Fernandez/ $25/ March 15. Francisco $20 cashapp 3/15. / TMoney $20 VenMo / Emily Henry Venmo $20 3/18, Rosaura delivered hydrogen peroxide (no alcohol in store) and $20 venmo 3/21/ Liz Gomez $25 Venmo/Josh Fernandez/$25/March 15 I currently can provide healing services with personalized tarot readings, candles, and herbs blends. Child-care until I find a steady job. Errands. Social support.
SaraRosenberg 5102772317DavisSrosenberg@ucdavis.edun/aAvailable to run groceries or other supplies to people in need once a week (I need to be flexible with requests as I am a full time student)
BluBuchananthey/them317-363-4598Downtownbkbuchanan22@gmail.comN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AI can financially support a little bit, I can also do supply runs - laundry, food, meds - for folks (I have a car) and do "no-contact" delivery.
TonyO9162965667Downtownn/aCan fix most things in your place (and enjoy doing this), groceries, have washer/dryer to use, transportation, will cook if ya just need support and need some food. Can also loan a couple of bikes for transportation if that suits anyone
NaomiOkiyama‪(530) 794-8079‬East Sacelenoretheelephant@hotmail.comStuck at home so can't work, can't pay rent/bills due very soon, any help very appreciatedASAPvenmo @okiyamaBlu.$20 3/17; Claire Tauber $20 3/17, Stephanie P. sent $15 3/21, Rebecca S $25 3/28; Liz G sent $50 4/2I cannot pay but can drive places
AnnaKerr-Carpenter916-200-9101East Sacn/aI am available for childcare, running errands, etc.
JohannCarrillohe/him916-710-6401East Sacjohanndc92@gmail.comn/aHablo español! I can run errands, get groceries and other supplies, do basic tech support, and translate/interpret for Spanish speaking folks.
Dennessashe/ella916.529.6065Elk Grove (West Laguna) OFFERShopping, delivering supplies, checking up on neighbors, social support, transport,, small monetary support
ClaireTauber916-705-9197Midtownclaireatauber@gmail.comn/an/an/an/an/aI have a car and currently no job/school so I have full availability for no-contact delivery! Also feel free to call or text or email if you are feeling lonely or isolated, we can play phone games or just talk!
Madeline Wright 714-310-1289Midtown wright.madeline@gmail.comI'm looking for alternative sources of income while I am temporarily out of work. I am a chef and caterer but in additon to cooking I can also provide housework/yardwork, childcare, errands (I have a car), etc. I am flexible about pay - let me know what you need and we'll work it out! I appreciate any leads. Sending lots of love to everyone. As soon and as often as possible!RS reached out about yardwork on 3-17
Elizabeth Hshe/her9163122689Midtown Available for no contact grocery/med deliveries in greater Sacramento area.
DelphineBrodyshe/her916-616-1703 (please text or call with any mutual aid requests!)Midtown (Newton Booth)delphine.brody@gmail.comOne of my housemates needs two months' rent ($900). Another housemate also needs two months' rent ($600). Total needed: $1,500. My housemates' disability benefits have been delayed again, so we need to raise money for May for the one whose rent is $450 per month and for April and May for the one whose rent is $300 per month. Venmo: @DelphineBrody$450 - tonyo 3/18; $20 - m-y 3/19;Partially fulfilled -- $470 received as of 3/19; thank you tonyo & m-y <3<3 I can offer my time and skills as a mental health peer support specialist and transformative justice organizer/educator. I can carry a small amount of food and supplies on my bike (I have a standard cargo rack and paniers but no bike trailer) in the Midtown/Downtown/Oak Park/Curtis Park/Land Park area.
DanielleMetzinger916-890-4200Midtown (P Street and 25th Street)deemetzinger@gmail.comn/aSupply/grocery/prescription runs, transportation, chat on the phone, lend books
CraigCook9166133377Midtown, 17th Streetcraigcook0@gmail.comBoth of my jobs are now indefinitely closed, will be recieving my last paychecks but they wont be enough to make it through the next month. Currently providing support for a homeless friend in my home as well, and they are also effected by these layoffs. Currently 1 month behind on electricity and phone.i have recieved funding to pay the next month of rent on time. thank you very much for your helpSarah Sol - $20 through paypal on 3/17; Claire Tauber $20 through paypal on 3/17My comrade and I can assist in delivering groceries to people in Midtown and maybe a few miles out. I have a vehicle but it has suspended registration due to no insurance. I have a bicycle and plenty of reusable bags to help deliver anything. I can also help cook and prep food for anyone.
Valerie Arrington9162336834Natomasvearrington54@gmail.comI am a 65 yo senior woman although I have some health issues I have never been a stranger to hard work. (BIPOC) but have been working at Golden 1 Center to make ends meet. Since covid-19 and the canceling of all venues, I am out of work until further notice. Any and all support will be greatly appreciated. I will be praying for us all. ASAPpaypal with email cashapp $valeriearrington54MS - $50 (didn't go through, failed); Claire Tauber $20 through paypal 3/17 3/23 kb $20 through cashapp, SP sent $50 3/25Can provide moral support for other seniors via telephone. Email me.
Laura Ashley 916-544-4082North Oak I am in vulnerable group with chronic bronchitis, and due to have surgery. I have been isolated for 5 days now. I am in need of food and cat food for 3 cats. Two are feral and depend on me. I have only a microwave for cooking. Either food delivered or donations to paypal so that I can buy online. Have enough for a couple daysPaypal with my emailSarah Sol - $20 through paypal on 3/17; Claire Tauber $20 through paypal 3/17, three days food rations delivered 3/17 herine palacios.
KateGoldenshe/her213-215-6215North Oak Parkkate.golden@gmail.comn/aI can do no-contact grocery runs/delivery/errands, can make food or check on people or walk dogs. Have car.
Brianna Hardy9167379941Oak Parkbriesyogalife@gmail.comI have a new baby he is 4 months old & a 10 y.o. girl w autism. I need a lot of support with food to feed my self, my partner and my two children. I also will need support w size 4 diapers and yellow enfamil for our baby. We have some supplies to make it but will not be able to sustain a long period without funding for food and cleaning supplies & laundry soap, hand sanitizer, coffee, Gatorades soup, cereals, milk. fresh fruits and veggies. Please contact me to let me know if there's any relief or support for our new family. Within the next few days Cashapp is $prismaticdesignFrancisco $10 cashapp 3/15. Venmo $14 3/17 herine palacios - 3/21 Rosaura dropped off bag of groceries & medicine. 3/28- Lena A. $50 Cashapp
Eboni (Esra) Stallworth7074308581Oak*shelter, *food, financial assistance for medicine/doctor's visits* (*pontential future need) n/avenmo: @eboni-stallworthStephanie P. sent $40 3/22 Meghan G. sent $50 on 4/2child care services (10+ years experience), soap, hats/scarves/blankets.
NorCal ResistHABLA ESPANOL(916) 382-0256pnorcalresist@gmail.comn/a
JerrySchenone12097477837Q and 17th midtownJerryschenone@gmail.comn/aIm open to help with errands that need to be ran. Grocery trip, walking the dog, just text me. Free after 5 daily
Kaeovsangsallarchay TyHe(916-769-9616)Rancho CordovaKaeovty@icloud.comFinancial assistance, cannot pay for bills and now late fees had been addedEnd of month$tykae916 Autumn G $15 via CashApp 3/19, Stephanie P. sent $20 3/22
Chanelstrifflershe9165046492sacchanel.striffler86@gmail.comDesperately in need of 875 to pay my rent because I'm out of work right now. ASAP APRIL 1STVENMO: @chanel-strifflerStephanie P. sent $20 3/22, another $20 3/25; RS $25 3/28; Liz G $25
SikkeHealy(916) 890-5664South Land Park Sikke.healy@yahoo.comMy hours have been seriously effected by all this. I am a single parent of a teenager. I have my last appointment with my surgeon this thursday and barely have funds to cover gas because I had to buy some basic necessities before stores are completely out (toilet paper, dayquil, hand soap). $40 should cover my gas however, I am most worried about my paycheck friday. I am only getting paid for 16hrs when my check should at least be 32 at minimum, that is until this week igoing forward it will be 12hrs until this is lifted. . Which means I won't be able to pay last half of rent for this month, $400/800. My phone bill is $100 and due Saturday, and nothing will be available for groceries since my check will be less than $200. I am so scared right now and hope my son and I will not be homeless again. Anything helps. I am currently looking for a full-time job because I can no longer work part-time for a non-profit. Update 3/18: I have been laid off from my job as of 3/17 applying for unemployment but no telling when that will come in. ASAPPaypal: Venmo: @Sikke-Healy-10 Cash app: $sikkehealy19MS - $50; Claire Tauber $20 through venmo 3/17, Amanda D 3/18 venmo $10, Molly cashapp $50 3/18, Rosaura groceries drop off 3/18, Kendra - $20 venmo, SP sent $20 3/25; Liz G sent 50 on 4/2
CierraFischer916-862-0317Upper Land Parkcierrafischer@icloud.comCan't help much in the ways of financial assistance, but would be happy to pick up suppliesTransportation, delivery (meds , food, supplies, etc), cleaning, cooking, friendly conversation, checkups on neighbors or family,
Josh Fernandez(916) 216-1854fernandez.josh@gmail.comn/aLaundry runs, canned goods, water ...
JoeGamble(916) 747-3948gamble.joseph@gmail.comn/aGetting and delivering supplies (food/toiletries/Etc), checking up on neighbors ...
MaxCartagena (916)524-7607Maxecartagena@gmail.comn/a Delivering supplies, basic medical care/assistance (certified MA), have basic medical supplies, can help with food prep, can speak spanish, experience with neurodiverse pops
Harsimran Kaur9167539362simrank46@gmail.comn/atranspotation, grocery / supply runs (cost covered through khalsa aid), free hot meals devilered to those in need (through sikh pantry), free nonperishable items and supplies (through unitedsikhs), activities and homework packet for kids, resource coordination,
AmandaDiamond(248) 798-6124manda1547@yahoo.comn/aWellness checks, social support/conversation, small amounts of monetary support, cooking/cleaning in home, transportation, anything with animals (I'm a vet tech)
BenHadley(805)390-5003hadleyb7@gmail.comn/aShopping, delivering supplies, checking up on neighbors, social support, transpo, small monetary support, cleaning
AmyReed(916)330 9666maseriesarts@gmail.comn/a
ElenaCortez(916) 317-9559elenavcortez@gmail.comn/a
TaranehEmamtaraneh.emam@gmail.comn/aSoup kits (homemade vegetarian dry soup mix) and can provide some financial support (paypal/google pay/venmo), and have a couple extra masks for anyone taking care of someone sick.
AutumnHallShe/her/they/them1 (916) 247-3229autumnskysongs@gmail.comLost two of my four jobs and all future gigs. I work with and for, and am, a higher risk person with asthma and frequent kidney issues.My paypal is @autumnskyhallKimberly S. sent $50 venmo 3/23, SP sent $50 3/25I can help you if you're in music and need a platform for your performances to make money!!
aidan willett 916-888-9354aidan.n.willett@gmail.comn/ai can do wellness checks, grocery runs, etc. i can also help do housework like washing dishes or yard work and what not.
AngelaOangie.orourke@yahoo.comin search of a nebulizer machine. I lost my health insurance when I applied for food s. This is for myself and necessary. asap
WesleyKimawesleykim@gmail.comn/aFree childcare b/w hours of 10-6, as long as Twin Rivers Unified School District schools are closed. Some ability for housework/food prep. I come with first aid/CPR/AED certification, years of childcare experience (incl. newborns), currently working with K-6 in after school setting.
AmyIthurburnamyithurburn@gmail.comn/aGetting/delivering supplies, some financial support, food prep, wellness checks, transportation
MollyCShe/hermchlebnikow@gmail.comn/aSmall monetary support, picking up and delivering supplies, food prep
CourteneyHillshe/her916-301-9615South Natomas (95815)dontworrybehippie20@gmail.comfinancial ($$) support with rent ($250 short) and phone bill; seeking painting and drawing tips. Also in need of social support, weekly cleaning support from those who are healthy and don't have a compromised immune system, (I am in need of support as I have BPD and this isolation isn't going to help.) Seeking a portable heater as ours in the apt doesn't work and the shady landlord is ignoring my calls and is due by the 1st, phone bill is due on the 3rd Paypal- dontworrybehippie20@gmail.comSarah Sol -- board games, journal, children's art supplies and $20 toward groceries on 3/14.
Joe Atkins -- Eggs, soymilk, ramen
Blu Buchanan = $30 via PayPal 3/18
Liz Gomez, 4/2 $50
Gratefully recieved board games , $20 cash towards milk and eggs, puzzles. $30 PayPal 3/16- partially completed Recieved 2 mini canvas, a sketchbook, acrylics 3/16 Delivered eggs, soymilk, ramen 3/16. $50 PayPal & $15 PayPal !! $25 PayPal , was able to find some tp at a gas station w some of the funds, someone ordered a pot to be delivered tome. Recieved $10 PayPal. $25 PayPal recieved! Thank you SO MUCH for your support!! Recieved $15,$30 on PayPal . $48 to pay for the utilities.Can offer some women's clothes mostly size m and some lg
LindaHardy916 504 0872MichelleHardyMusic@gmail.comLost my two paying gigs this weekend And the rest of my festival performance gigs Gone My PayPal is Michelleoomy@gmail.comPay pal Michelleoomy@gmail.comMy whole life just got canceled I'm a vocalist in two choirs Perform in 4ptofessional bands and had gigs booked and cancelled I'm a festival character performing artist looosung this gigs too !
RianBuhacoff(they/them) OR you can reach me @disabledpunk dmsI am a severely immunocompromised disabled person living in 95826. I was recently informed that I will be having to take time off of work to keep myself safe from the virus. This will leave me without income, which while small, will greatly affect my household income. I need $250 to keep our phones on by 3/31, or else it will impact my ability to work. ***Also in desperate need for hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper.hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper needed ASAP; $ needed by 3/31cashapp $disabledpunk; venmo @disabledpunkHerine palacios $25 through venmo/Elliott Geneste de Besme $10 through Venmo Christina R $10 through Venmo, TE $50 through Venmo. Francisco $10 cashapp. / TMoney $10 VenMo, KN $50 Venmo completed 3/19/2020
HerinePalacios he/him9166078970Posturethecat@gmail.comn/aNaNaI'm working from home and can provide space with minimal adult supervision if you just need a child to have an adult in the home. No babies (sorry) but if your kids can occupy themselves while I work they can come over between 8am-5pm Tuesday-Thursday. 3 kids max. Can also provide resource info if needed.
Jacjacdufresne@ucdavis.eduNeed soap or cash donations to get it, to support with making hand washing stations for unhoused folks$JacDufresne (cashapp) for support with hand washing stationsCan check on folks; support with picking up groceries (can't support much financially tho); supportive conversation; meditation and minfulness skills for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc (happy to do this virtually). I will be out of town 3/19-3/22
Izze916-271-7059izzegreene@gmail.comn/aI can provide some financial support also in efforts to help cheer people up I can make a small drawing of whatever u want :)
VictoriaOvanesian1 (848) 220 - 4220 vovanesian@ucdavis.eduFinancial assistance, if able... anything helps. ASAP, if able, please.Venmo: @needtopackMolly Carr - $50 thru venmo / TMoney $10 Venmo Would be eager to work, or otherwise find a mutually-beneficial agreement... I'm a full-time undergraduate at UC Davis and have provided clean, comforting care to children for over a decade. Am able-bodied, healthy and able to assist with physically-demanding tasks, cleaning, lawn care, etc.
AidenCaidenbenjamincv@gmail.comFinancial assistance , Disabled and Immunocompromised and now w/o the ability to work due to COVID-19 closuresASAP Venmo: @anchen66 , PayPal : aidenbenjamincv@gmail.comMolly Carr - $50 thru venmo / TMoney $10 VenMo
KristynaEsquivelkrstyna1@gmail.comn/aGrocery runs, can potentially meal prep, donate small funds, no car currently but when I have one in my possession I will be able to help with transportation
ChristinaRchristinadeollos@gmail.comn/a---can do small grocery/supply runs in pocket/greenhaven area,
71, best way to reach is by textn/acan do grocery runs, transportation, rides to hospital appointments so you don't have to take public transportation, deliveries/dropoffs of care supplies such as tp, hand sanitizer, etc. also a nursing student so if you need vital checks like blood pressure or help with management but want to avoid going to outpatient clinics I can help with that!
JoseAriasjarias@sacramentofoodbank,orgn/aIf you are in need of free food during this time, list of local food distribution can be found on the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services Website using our distribution map(Mapply) Link:
Mapply allows you to look up by your zip code. Please reach out if need any additional information to my email.
Key defenitions:
Produce for All - Free fruits and vegetables for the public
USDA - The Emergency Food Access Program, a federal funded program that provides dry goods to make meals and free to the public *income requirements
CSFP - Commodity Supplemental Food Program, free food for seniors(60 years +) federally funded as well. *income requirments.
AdnanBnajima.beteha@gmail.comxn/acan't leave the house but i can draft graphics to share for people needing financial assistance and video chat with people
JuanPlata650-660-0679juanplata1206@gmail.comSupplies such as toilet paper, water, hand sanitizers and some financial support please As Soon As Possible Pleasevenmo: @juan-plata-12 cashapp: @$juanplata1206 zelle: my phone numberAutumn G- $20 via cash app 3/15 / TMoney $10 VenMo
ShainaMeiners818-395-3701shmeiners@gmail.comn/a Lost your income or down on hours? I have knowledge about and can offer phone assistance applying for benefits and know about some community resources, mostly CalFresh Food benefits (food stamps) and MediCal (health coverage), but I know a tiny bit about applying for EDD unemployment/short term disability from knowing others who have done so. You can get EDD if your hours were cut. Also available for company via video (facetime, but I will try to set up skype again too), including practicing with English language learners
Joe Atkinsjoetatkins@gmail.comn/adelivery of groceries, small funds, N95 Masks, lots and lots of books,
RanyahA9165854476ranyah.alj@gmail.comUpdate: NOW FACING EVICTION ANY FUNDING WILL HELP! It will also help for food for myself and my cats due to the sudden loss of income. I might have to order food from Amazon which sucks but there is nothing to eat in the nearby stores here. Also anything will help toward rent. My cashapp is $haynar venmo: tiltedrose paypal: I am a also a student so this situation is extremly stressfulASAP!!Venmo: tiltedrose Cashapp: $haynar paypal: princessranyah@gmail.comSarah Sol -- $20 through paypal on 3/15. / TMoney $10 VenMo //Erica P -- cans of wet cat food, cat treats, a bag of dry cat food, catnip, and paper plates. Stephanie P. sent $50 3/25; Liz G $25 Venmo/
RhonyBhoplarhonybhopla@gmail.comn/aChildren's art supplies. I'm a former K-6 teacher.
CristinaChapa9169560022cechapa@willamette.edun/ai have a car and can drive people to appointments, do grocery runs/other errands in the rancho cordova area, i can also help with childcare if parents have to work during the day! *hablo español*
FranciscoFerreyra805-822-7659fferreyra@ucdavis,edun/aAble to support folks with transportation in the Davis area, deliver supplies, social and emotional support :)
JennKistler-McCoy575-640-8698jenn@sactourcompany.comn/aI can donate batches of homemade flour tortillas and drop them off.
Ibrahim916-692-4852ebriis1994@gmail.comI need funds to buy asprin, cough drops, cough syrup, etc. I am getting sick but I have no health insurance. I'm not exhibiting any symtoms from the virus but will stay in quarantine. Funding will help me order grocies online so I dont have to be in contact with anyone. I am out of work as a Uber driver because I am social distancing and the amount of people ride sharing has decresed significantly. PLEASE HELP! ASAPcashapp: tyranuskong venmo:Ibraheem-IslamTMoney $20 VenMo, Blu B. @20 VenMo 3/17, RS $50 venmo 3-17, Amanda D 3/18 $10 venmo WM $25 Venmo 3/17, Rosaura dropped off asprin, cough drops, cough syrup & two bags of groceries 3/21
LitaRose9165489229n/aCan do grocery runs, Med pick ups etc. watch older kiddos Thursday , Friday , Saturday
CarlsonDiane530.848.1635diane.e.carlson@gmail.comn/aI am self-quarantined until Mar. 28th, but after that I can pick up and deliver groceries or other items, help with rides or animals. I can make some kid art activity bags if you have littles who need more to do. I can probably cook some meals, too!
ElizabethRemick(OFF) 916.462.7954(prefer) lizzrem@gmail.comThings are getting more and more constricted. All public buildings closed, luckily the library left WiFi on so I can still communicate. Cameron and I continue to stay in our 4 door fiat. ASAPVenmo Elizabeth-Remick ; Cash app: $theshepardJolene R - $20 via Venmo 3/16, RS $25 Venmo on 3-17, Amanda D 3/18 $10 venmo Kendall K $50 Venmo 3/22; Kimberly S. $50 venmo 3/23I am a Reiki Healer, I have experience caring for children and the elderly as a care taker for children with special needs as well. I can also help care for pets with experience with farm animals as well. I am looking for low-stress work with a healthy collaborative environment.
CameronTapiaNot working (9164950315) I am in need of housing resources as I'm currently living in a car during this virus outbreak. I'm also need money for food as my food stamps isn't enough to feed myself. I have very little money and am on the streets looking for work during this crisis. I have a job interview today but wont be paid for several weeks. If I could get some financial aid to help get me some food or a safe place to be while I get back on my feet over the next few weeks anything will help. ASAPCash app: $theshepardAutumn G $20 via cash app 3/16, Stephanie P. sent $15 3/21 Kendall K $50 cashapp 3/22 3/23 kb sent $10I can provide sound healing and musical entertainment :)
JoleneRussell(415) 377-7011 - LEAVE A MESSAGE if I don't pick up (I get a lot of robocalls)joleneroserussell@gmail.comn/aGrocery or other supply runs
MaryZeiser510-778-5670maryzeiser@gmail.comn/aSupply Runs to foodbank, finding shelter, temporary housing for pets, and aid in applying for ebt
ChelseaShannon(916)606-1257cshannon@abc10.comn/aanytimeIf you have any story ideas for ABC10 shoot them my way and I will pass it on to my coworkers.
AustinHays8035532097Davisaustinh2112@gmail.comn/aSupply/grocery runs, transit, etc.
AriM925-478-9712 (best way to reach via text)n/aSupply runs/ pickups, can put together activity packs. Just send me a text!
Jenil301-364-7537jenielkp@gmail.comI am a current Graduate student in need for monetary help for rent. The part-time job I used to depend on is suspended. I would appreciate any little help I can up to $400 on my venmo @reclaimjen. ASAPVenmo: reclaimjenStephanie P. sent $20 March 21; Kimberly S $50 venmo 3/23; RS $25 venmo 3-28; LG $25I can offer any tech related support to those in need
lacyByrdie916-213-9441lacybyrd13@gmail.comsupply /grocery run, tarot readings, books
CaitlinFrenchshe/her818-618-5194Central Daviscdfrench@ucdavis.edun/an/asupply/ grocery runs and pickups by car, other tasks I can do at home, hablo español
DerekMhe/him916-813-4702North Natomasderek@ivaw.orgn/an/asupply/grocery runs/ want to make a larger conversation about how we organize in this moment
CrystalSanchezshe/her916-495-9026Allsacramento.homeless.union@gmail.comSupplies for immediate use by Sacramento's 11,000 unhoused children and adults: sponsors for hand-washing stations; sponsors for port-a-potties; solar panels to generate electricity for charging phones; tents; sleeping bags; tarps; extension cords; phone chargers; flashlights; camping showers; camp stoves; Igloo and styrofoam coolers; soap; hand sanitizer; shampoo; first aid kits; toilet paper; reusable water bottles; paper towels; garbage bags; over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Tums; three (3) cases unscented wipes; hygiene packs; panchos; jackets; warm clothing – all ages and sizes; gloves; bras; underwear; socks; shoes; adult diapers; child diapers – size 4, 5, 6, 3-4T, 4-5T pullups; calming/soothing books for K-3; baby formula; pots, pans; plastic utensils: forks, spoons, knives; styrofoam cups, plates, bowls; snack items; dry food; canned food; can openers; frozen food; bulk food such as rice, beans, potatoes, onions; dog and cat food, bowls; coffee; tea; leashes, harnesses, collars – all sizes. Call me to schedule pickup for pre-made meals to deliver to the camps!This week and ongoing
RakishaCrawfordShe/her510-988-9774Downtown sacKishagorgeous@GMAIL.COMNeed food and cleaning supplies.Asap$krazykookishRosaura dropped off 2 bags of groceries & medicine 3/21