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NoCompany nameWebsiteCountryContact personOrganisation type: SME, Multinational, large company, research organization, non-for-profitMain company focusExperience in research, development and/or commercial exploitation of project related apps or servicesAreas of expertise to bring to the projectAreas of expertise you are looking forEmail
1Computer Science Department, Univeristy of Copenhagen ManikasReseach organizationSmart Cities, IoT, Software ecosystems, helath informaticsSoftware engineering, ecosystem design, business modeling, organizational strategies
2ControlThingswww.controlthings.fiFinlandKristian BäckströmSMEIoT, Software ecosystemsH2020 bIoTope http://biotope-h2020.euConnectivity for IoE, featuring:
-system of system interoperability
-strong authentication
-authorization (access control definition per remote connection)
-distributed architecture (edge computing)
The connectivity can also serve as a platform itself, providing MyData Concept
Big data service providers,
Visualization service providers,
Analytics service providers,
Application development,
on-site installations,
Please be in touch.
323:Seconds23seconds.beBelgiumDimitri Op de BeeckNVWeb app development, IoTApp development, IoT hosting, sensor integration
4HOP Ubiquitous S.L. (HOPU)www.hopu.euSpainAntonio JaraSMEConnectivity (IoT) based on low cost M2M, IoT management platform (Homard) and final IoT sensors (electronics, sensors and casing -3D printed). Sensors such as temperature, air quality, humidity, noise, beacons (participation, location and identification) etc. Homard platform: (Platform based on OASC guidelines: Data storage and open data publication with CLAN and sensors/devices integration with Orion Context Broker - FIWARE-ready (OMA LwM2M)

Example of solution:
Cultural Heritage solution (FIWARE):
IoT connectivity, IoT management (device management), IoT sensors integration and productiionUse case developers, integrators and large companies with horizontal platforms like Telcos
5IN2 search interfaces development Ltd.https://in-two.comUKAlexandru StanSMEIN2 builds cutting-edge scalable software for the web & mobile. IN2’s mission is to provide software solutions that simplifies how businesses and people collect, organise, discover and present digital content.
_MyMeedia (
_List of projects:
_Mobility: Making indoor maps accessible; application for helping blind and visually impaired people navigate large transport hubs
_Feasibility study on the use of hyperlocal media in a number of smart neighbourhood scenarios
_StoM (, a demonstration project aimed at technology transfer and take-up of semantic technologies; IN2 is focusing on the uptake on the semantic technologies (e.g. semantic recommendation) for use in the event management domain.
_SUPER project (, which exploring how social media can be used in emergency and security management scenarios.
Multimedia, Content, Accessibility, Geo-location, Visualisation, (Web) Application development, application provisioning from our own private cloud (DevOps),IoT, Use-case development and testing, End-users, Data analysis
6Verizon Enterprisewww.verizonenterprise.comBelgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Danmark,UK, Netherlands, ... GlobalPatrick CoomansMultinationalVerizon is especially know to be a telecom (second largest in the world) with extensive IoT capabilities in the US. Main focus for this partnership opportunity is Cybersecurity: privacy, encryption, security controls, cyber security in general, IoT security, testing and certification of sensors, Big Data security, penetration testing, security operations, security awareness, cyber incident response, etc.- Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
- ICSA Labs
- IoT State of the Market report
- extensive data breach forensics experience, working on best practices with law enforcement agencies, defense, top500 enterprises

- network communications
- security, privacy, data protection, device security
- security operations
- splunk and other security analytics methods and capabilities
- big data
- IoT in the US (several smart city projects, based on Verizon LGE Wireless connectivity, 4G and 5G)
We want to be subcontractor of a main contractor, who takes ownership of everything except the security aspects. Optionally we can bring in expertise from our existing US IoT platform, but that is not the main goal.
7RealDolmenwww.realdolmen.comBeNeLuxHendrik AlbrechtNVRealDolmen has built and delivered several projects in the domain of API economy, IoT and platform economy. Integration, mobile architecture, microservices en IoT are our areas of expertise.e.g. www.enabling.beIoT, integration, microservices, IAM,...
8nazka mappswww.nazka.beBelgiumNicolas DosselaereSMEnazka mapps makes interactive applications and location based services. A main focuss area is relating Air Quality. Involved in several previous EC and ESA projects. Currently priming a demonstrating project of the European Space Agnecy, named aircheckr (more info on the forerunner project: Creation and Integration of Air Quality data on street level (API) - Interactive mapping applicaitonssubcontracting or partnering in bigger consortium. Our role is mainly in the demo (but integration should be from the start)
11 UG (haftungsbeschränkt)ironrobots.comGermanyPiotr is the creator of Lucy, a platform designed to secure dogs with a smart pin that can be attached to a dog's collar or harness. When a dog goes missing, the smartphones of people who have installed our app work like a crowdsearching network. We sell the feeling of security and increase the chances of finding a dog when it goes missing.We are a startup from Berlin that has been funded within the FIWARE Accelerator Programme ( platform using user smartphones as mobile sensorsCollaboration with cities wanting to deploy a city wide crowdsearching solution. Companies having the possibility to work with us to scale up the building of the searcher community.
10Gravitencewww.gravitence.comBelgiumMichael TrabelsiSMEGravitence enables companies & organizations to increase operational awareness by integrating location intelligence into their business processes. Our focus is on safety, security and intelligence.Active in a number of safety and security related IoT and smart city projects in the EU and the ME.Gravitence responds to the growing demand for near real-time data capture and analysis.
Gravitence offers an open business service platform which has been engineered to expedite a near real-time flow from data to operational awareness.
In parallel, to facilitate further analysis, the near-real time data captured by Gravitence is recorded in a scalable data store.
Our focus in offering niche components leads to a search for pirme contractors and other niche players to partner up and deliver an end-to-end solution.
11COMARCHwww.comarch.comPolandEwa Sieniawska, Smart City Business Solution ManagerLarge international software house and systems integrator Smart City (mobile app & web portal), IoT, M2M, Location Based Services – Beacons, Telecommunications, Loyalty Management, Business Intelligence, Finance and Banking, Services Sector and Public Administration* Brera – Smart District Milano (Location Based Services, beacons deployment, mobile app, B2P, IoT platform, interactive map, marking offers, Business Intelligence Tool),
* SmartLighting - Fankfurt Building and Lighting fair (demo installation for ~200 lamps , 36 external sensors, 5 Comarch IoT Hubs , 18 control devices), City of Munich, Germany (Supports retail activities, beacons deployment)
Own private Data center, Application Development, Geolocation, IoT platform – connectivity of real-time open data, integration, microservices, Security Operations,Ideally we would like to be a subcontractor in this project. Find collaboration with the company which will take the ownership. Operational services, Delivery Management Services, Business Integration for Smart Cities
12VILABSwww.okys.euBulgariaApostolos VontasSMECloud applications for egovernment, eparticipation and crowdsourcing Establise several egovernment, eparticipation and crowdsourcing applications in Greece and Bulgaria Software engineering, ecosystem design, business modeling, user engagementSubcontracting or partnering for application deleveopment and demonstration with real users
13SmartUp Citieswww.smartupcities.comSpainRazvan TomaSMESmart City & Electro Mobility Transportation SolutionsInvolved in seveeral smart city solutions in Spain with 70+ municipalities. Active projects in France, Netherlands, Romania, UAE, Turkey.IoT Solutions, Smart City Platform, Sensors Design and Manufacturing, MobilitySubcontracting or parnering for smart city solutions Europe wide.
14Ex Machinaexm.grGreeceManolis NikiforakisSMEInternet of (weather) ThingsInvolved in EU R&D IoT projects, and industrial IoT projects for aiports and utilitiesIoT solution architecture design and development. LoRaWAN, BigDataSubcontracting or parnering for smart city solutions Europe wide.
15Sensoftia Oywww.Sensoftia.fiFinlandRobert TaylorSMESoftware development and Embedded systemsWe are a spin off of the Computational Intelligence Lab in University of Eastern Finland. We have been apart of many domestic and EU funded projects including the Inexca project. Industrial Internet, Big Data, Analytics, Enviornmental Monitoring, API systems, Mobile/web app development, and CommercializationWe are interested in developing and commercailizing the project results. However, we are looking for hardware providers and security of the platform.
16SEAS-NVEwww.seas-nve.dkDenmarkCarsten FosvangPower distribution companyDevelopment and operation of radio network communication and Smart City platform.SEAS-NVE has been involved in several EU projects involving Smart city platform development. SEAS-NVE are operating a Platform as a Service at Smart city living lab. in Kalundborg municipality in denmark. At the moment SEAS-NVE and Kalundborg Municipality are presenting 11 showcases in the Living lab.Smart Energy development, Smart City platform, big data utillization, radio network operation, Smart device development and field test.We are looking for partners that are interrested in testing the products based on Lora or Wi-Fi communication. We will provide the communication network and, if the product are approved , implement in our Smart City platform.
17Alexandra Instituttet A/Shttp://alexandra.dkDKMirko PresserResearch and Technology Organisation (GTS Inst.)Research and Innovation based services. Focus area on applied computer science and engineering, specifically IoT, Big Data, Visual Computing, Security, Privacy, Interaction Design.The Alexandra Institute has been involved in numerous Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Smart City and other relevant projects. Specifically the FP7 projects SmartSantander, CityPulse, Almanac, IoT Lab, ABC4Trust, URB-Grade, IoT-i and OUTSMART, as well as a H2020 project OrganiCity and national projects including ECOSENSE and the innovation networks Service Platform and Infinit. The organisation is also a co-founder of the Internet of Things International Forum (IoT Forum) and Smart Aarhus. Specific relevant experience: FIWARE (e.g. NGSI9/10 Orion component), CKAN, IoT open source platforms (e.g. Gatesense).Open Source IoT platforms; Security and Privacy; Data Analytics; Machine Learning; Stream Processing; Links to OASC, OrganiCity, SynchroniCity; Rapid Prototyping; Business Modelling; Co-Creation and User Driven Innovation.Collaboration with integrator and platform companies. SMEs with a drive for innovation. End users, Cities and utilities.
18EUROB CREATIVEwww.eurob.comSpainRoberto GiménezSMEMobile IT, situation awareness, HMI, haptic
and Big Data technologies, R&I based services.
At present improving two prototypes developed with EU funds (FI-WARE accelerator programme-FP7) aimed at boosting city integration:
1. InCT ( m-health solution for senior users. Focus on senior empowerment and city integration. Gathers information from city sensors for sending environmental/health warnings (e.g. too much pollution, stay at home).
2. M-Shop ( m-shopping solution with an intelligent algorithm that considers city sensors' information, geolocation and preferences for advanced shopping recommendations (e.g. too hot today and close to a sports shop, fancy buying a swimsuit?)

Other urban-oriented developments: mobile solution for surveying the green areas in the city - Madrid Town Hall

Currently improving 3DGxPaint ( SW for 3D modelling with hand gestures, real time co-creation, possibility of VR integration, and working on developing a smart haptic glove for interacting with our 3DGx technology and with more complex HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces).

Large experience in H2020.
* Previous collaborations with Smart Santander give us expertise in implementing an integration methodology for grouping city sensors and attracting the city information for delivering a consistent, accurate and useful representation (data fusion).
* 3DGxPaint, awarded as best SW solution at the In3Dustry event in June'16 (, gives us expertise in HMI, suitable to be applied to interactions between passers-by and urban screens in Smart Cities.
* App development expertise (own products and for third-parties)

* End-users; Cities; Institutions accustomed to participating in projects or social experiments, acting as intermediariesbetween developers and end-users.
* Platforms for further testing our solutions.
* HW manufacturers; big companies; retail chains, marketing agencies, telcos

19Smart City Catalystwww.scc-eu.dkDenmarkMartin Tom-PetersenSMESmart city strategy, IOT, Security and privacy and IT infrastructure, R&D on Raspberry PI, Consultancy
20Blue Room Innovationwww.blueroominnovation.comSpainMarc TorrentSMEIntelligent Systems, Data Analytics, Intelligent Personal Assistants, Social Search, Sentiment Analysis, Virtual Currencies Currently developing solutions for several clients involving the development of Intelligent Personal Assistants in the from of bots over Twitter and FB Messenger platforms. The aim of these bots is to interact with users and recommend products, services or guiding in tourism based applications.

Experience in the development of data analytics and Big Data for private clients.

Experience in research in Social Search and Sentiment Analysis in several collaborative projects including: Asks (, Sparks ( and COSO (

Experience in the creation and promotion of Virtual Currencies including RES ( and Eurakos (
- Data analytics and algorithms design for information extraction from heterogenous data sources.

- Development of Social analysis tools including trends detection, feedaback, sentiment analysis, reputation, etc.

- Development of personlized mobility solutions through the use of Intelligent Personal Assistants in the form of Apps, Bots, etc.

- Implementation of rewarding schemes, gamification, and virtual currencies for the user engagement.
We are looking to join a consortium where we can act as partners or subcontractors and provide our expertise in the mentioned fields.
21Electrical Engineering Dep. University of Patrashttp://nam.ece.upatras.grGreeceSpyros DenazisResearch organizationSmart City (mobile app & web portal), IoT, Location Based Services – Services Sector and Public Administration- Experience in many EU funded European projects, around Future Internet (ie FORGE, OpenLab, Panlab and FI-WARE related i.e. FI-STAR, INFINITY)
- Members of The Things Network ( and contributors of city of Patras LoRa WAN
- Implementors and operators of the platform (
- Future Internet technologies including 5G
- Smart City applications (
- IoT, LoRaWAN network and solutions
- Access and maintaining data for City of Patras
- Use case developers, integrators and large companies with horizontal platforms like Telcos
- Partners that are interrested in testing the products based on Lora or Wi-Fi communication. We will provide the communication network and, if the product are approved , implement in our Smart City platform.
- Collaboration with integrator and platform companies. SMEs with a drive for innovation. End users, Cities and utilities.
22Institute of Informatics and Aplications, University of Girona Lluis de la RosaResearch InstituteSmart Cities, Digital Media, Computer Networks, e-Health, e-Learning, e-Tourism- HIT2GAP: Highly Innovative Building Control Tools Tackling the Energy Performance Gap (
- SAFE-AP: New methods for an efficient and safe domiciliary artificial pancreas in type 1 (
- IMSERIOUS: Advances in digital content for serious games
- NIR-VANA: Networking innovation room for added value alliances (
- iSAC: Citizen Attention Platform for Local Administrations (
- Data analytics, reporting and data representation for offline and real-time platform services.
- Use cases implementation: Diabetes Patients at Smart Homes, Real-time control and actuation system for traffic and city pollution.
- Implementation of the services co-creation methodology and platform with the use of an Smart Open Collaboration Platform and the integration with Master Studies in Smart Cities.
Looking to form a consortium with an Smart Cities platform provider, IoT sensors provider, and other use-case developers.
23DTU Management Sieverts NielsenResearch organisastionSmart Cities, Data management systems, dashboard, IoT, integrated tools for optimizing climate adaptation and mitigation actions incl. visualization and GIS, data quality assurance, big data technologies (Spark/Hadoop/Hive/NoSQL, etc), urban climate modelling, user education- data Management system, including data collection from smart meters, claening, annomization, visualisation (CITIES) project
- data colletion, cleaning and visualisation of sensor data (CTT project)
- Big data analyse of data from smart meters
- visulatisation (municiaplities and end users)
- real time data analysis
- social media asisted energy savings in households
- Relationship between smart city strategies and climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, modelling impacts/feedbacks on the urban microclimate, integrated decision support systems
- facilties management and smart buildings
- IoT, analysis and handling of smart meter data
- Big data management and analysis -
IoT Hardware providers, smart city data providers,
24DTU Computewww.compute.dtu.dkDenmarkHenrik MadsenResearch organisationSmart Cities/Societies, Big Data Analytics, Data Security, Cloud Computing, IoT, IoS, Modelling, Forecasting, Control, Smart Meter data, Data management.-Smart energy operating systems (framework for implementing smart and flexible energy systems). We are involved in implementing and testing solutions in a large number of smart cities (DK, S, N, SP, ..). Responsible for the CITIES project and research responsible for the new Smart Cities Accelerator projectAnalysis and handling of smart meter data. Implementation of flexible energy solutions. IT and Data Security. IoT solutions. Methods for Forecasting and Control. Handling of Energy-Water related systems. Smart Cities solutions provider. IoT. Use-case development. Big data solutions. Data mining. Deep learning. Forecasting.
25DISIT lab, Km4Citywww.km4city.orgItalypaolo nesiResearch organisationSmart City, Big data, IOT, data analytic, mobility, prediction and forecast, cloud computing, distributed modeling, user behavior analysisPricipal investigator of RESOLUTE H2020 on city resilience, Sii-Mobility on smart city and mobili solution at national level. Resonsible for the research ICT smart city for Florence Pilot on REPLICATE H2020 SCC1 project. Several other smaller project on smart city, cloud, big data, etc. Http:// Smart city infrastructure open source, smart city api, smart city mobile application, user behavious analysis via sensors and mobile, origine destination, human trajectories, recommendations, user engagement, resilience, twitter vigilance, etc.Project in which we can collaborate with intresting data, high volume of data, high volume of people moving.
26TDC, GROUP, Solution Innovation and Big Data DenmarkSøren Nørgaard MadsenDanish telecommunications companyTelco, ISP, IoT, Big data, Data analytics, Cloud, Smart City servicesMany years of experience with EC funded projects within multiple fields. Currently involved in an Interreg project focused on Intelligente street lighting and smart cities . TDC is a core partner of the Copenhagen Street Lab project and The DoLL project. Smart city, Smart building, IoT, The IoT platform, Data analytics, Connectivity (2-4G. LoRa, NB IoT, WiFi etc.), M2M platform, SPOC, open Source, Co-CreationPartners in Finland and Belgium, like telcos og service providers. SME´s with samrt city solutions.
27Leapcraft ApSwww.leapcraft.dkDenmarkVinay VenkatramanSMEIoT and Data Science company - develops sensors & data platformsLepacraft has numerous project experiecne in deploying IoT soltuions, esp for smart city applications. CPH Sense is our flagship product for low cost, high accuracy air quality sensors. See more at Smart city, IoT, Sensor Design, Data platfroms, Map Reduce, Streaming analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visulization, App development. Partners in Finland and Belgium
28HOE360 ConsultingHOE360Consulting.comDenmarkNiels HoeSMEPlanning and development of cycling, Green mobility and public transport, and how the modes can be combined. Not especially Tech orientated, but can offer great insight in urban mobility issues and user behaviour. The human angelCollaboration with firms that can use knowledge on Cycling and Green mobility from a Copenhagen perspective
29EasyLumen SRLwww.easylumen.itItalyEmanuele MorelliLarge CompanyAdvanced smart city services, energy savings systems, infrastructure optimizers, smart lightingEasyLumen ltd enables the hidden multimedia network behind the power outlet: the same infrastructure used for delivering power is used also to deliver communications through Power line Communication. Our core business is to make Smart Cities through Smart Lighting: the company already owns patented technology able to perform remote control, diagnostic and management on street lighting, and to use the preexisting infrastructure to address any advanced digital services. The solution is ready to market and has 14 previous pilots.Gas discharge lamps optimization, powerline communication infrastructure (broadband and narrowband connectivity at the same time even when the lampos are off or dimmed), best interoperability brand-unrelated, last generation technologies, internal procurement and engineeringCollaboration with municipalities, Smart city oriented SMEs, universities.
30University of Edinburghwww.karencampa.comUKKaren CampaResearch OrganizationIoT, Blockchain, Data, Design, Smart CitiesHCI / User-centric Research Methods, Data Synthesis and Vizualization, Creative Strategy, UX Designprograming, data science
31Tendensor International ABwww.tendensor.comSWEPärtel-Peeter PereSMEPlace branding and strategic multistakeholder process management; analysis, benchmarking, process management, strategy and action plans; marketing and communications.Tendensor International has done benchmarking, audits, policy recommendations and strategies on how places (from countries to regions to cities to clusters) can innovate to become more attractive for talents or businesses and how to make that visible to the international market. The latter involves marketing and communication. The former is analysis and process management (through workshops, research and interviews). All of it together is what we call strategic place branding. In addition we have published articles on place branding in scientific journals.ADDED VALUE: to articulate a strategic and sustainable economic context to projects and make it a part of or a basis for a larger branding strategy of a city. Because we need to challenge the status quo of how cities are managed. Collaboration with municipalities, clusters, universities.
32Engineering Ingegneria Infromaticawww.eng.itItalyMassimiliano Nigrelli, Pasquale AndrianiLarge software house and system integrator IoT platforms and data collection, Big data architecture design and implementation; open data management, advanced data analysis and visualisation, in-depth knowledge of distributed computing and cloud infrastructures.All4All - Component for monitoring user parameters; Engineering technology for San Marino healthcare - IT applications managing and integrating data about the citizen-patient in various phases or episodes of care and aid processes; Infomobility Portal for Milan allows real time controls on the incoming traffic load, estimation of average travelling speed and evaluation of different classes of vehicles in the city network; MiMuovoSmartCity Bologna, an integrated infomobility platform allowing citizens to find useful travel information in real time using their smartphones; Other EU-funded projects related to IoT in general (Emsodev and Finesce) focused on getting data from a series of sensors, maintaining it, analysing and making it accessible as REST services; Knowage- An open source business analytics suite that combines traditional data and big data sources into valuable and meaningful information.• IoT sensors integration
• Data gathering and processing architectures
• Big Data platforms
• Data analysis
• Smart City and Smart Energy platforms
• Cloud services
• FIWARE technologies
• Links to OASC, BDVA and FIWARE Foundation
• Partners being based in the country where the pilots will have to be implemented
• Partners who have developed services like those required by the pilots
33evopro Innovationwww.evopro.huHungaryZsolt SzepessySMEEngineering service provider in:
- embedded systems
- server and mobile software development
- R&D
Successful FP7 and H2020 projects: REPARA (excellent),
REPHRASE, ARROWHEAD, GREENERNET. Excellent qualification of exploitation as an industrial partner.
Successful large scale IoT systems development and deployment in railway diagnostics (product eRDM and eRTM).

Electric Vehicle Charge Stations and Electric Bus development and succesful commercialization in EU.
IoT sensor hardware and software development
Gateway and data concentrator development
Service development in cloud environment
Mobile app development (Android, iOS, Windows 10)
Arrowhead compatible electric vehicle charge stations
Main contractors and project partners
36, www.gfi.beFrance, International GroupMaría Pérez Ortega, Lionel BryLarge IT enterpriseIT consultancy and integration services. Specific department focused on Smart Cities solutions: Mobility, Energy, Parking, Traffic, Smart Grid, EVs, etc.Coordination and technical leadership of : - FP7 SUPERHUB IP project (€7M funding) on urban areas mobility and traffic congestion. - H2020 ELECTRIFIC RIA project (€6.5M funding) on seamless electric vehicles mobility integration with smart grid.
GFI Smart Cities platform: Smart city (big) data management, business services and applications.
Smart Cities global solutions: Mobility and Traffic, Energy, Buildings, Electric Mobility, etc.
IoT/IoE, Big Data management and Data integration
Business services provision and Mobile app development
Project partners providing specific knowledge in key areas and partners with presence in pilot countries
35Future Intelligence MoysiadisSMEIoT platform for Smart Cities and Smart Farmingextensive RnD experience in MED, SEE, FP7, H2020. ,, horizontal IoT platform: smart sensors and actuators, communication devices and smart gateway. Basic UI that can be enriched. extensive FIWARE experience. last mile developers, other interoperable use cases, BD experts, system integrators
36Born Positiuwww.electrificat.comSpainOriol GallemíSMEEnergy efficiency, control algorithmsADAS embedded systems for efficient driving
APP-based efficiency support HMI
Traffic and vehicle efficiency
Hybrid vehicle design and deployment
Efficiency algorithms
Vehicle characterisation
App development, HMI and backend
city / traffic authorities
IT consultants and developers
Big data exploitation companies
Automotive suppliers
Bicycle manufacturers
37Ubiwherewww.ubiwhere.comPortugalRui CostaSoftware Development SMESmart Cities:
- Integrated Mobility
- Environment Improvement
- Energy Efficiency

Telecom & Future Internet:
- 5G
H2020 Projects focused on cities:
- symbIoTe (
- SmartSDK (
- Smart Cities Platform
- IoT sensors integration
- Mobility, Environment, Energy domains
- Data collection and standardization architectures
- FIWARE standards and technologies
- Urban Intelligence
- *-as-a-service
- generated from data analysis
- Links to OASC, FIWARE and BDVA
Municipalities, City Service Providers, Moiblity Providers, Integrators, Telco Operators, Other interoperable use cases
38IRIDEON SLwww.irideon.euSpainJoão EncarnaçãoSMEIoT sensor applications hardwareparticipation in H2020 IoT Projects: CardioBIVA, Senscape, Remosis, E-Shutter, habITAT, IoBeesEnd-to-end IoT sensor applications development platfom, based on standards for full interoperability: own development boards (wareables, portables, static devices, POCs, WSN), own operating system SenOS; own application developer SensAPP. These reduce developemnt time, fasten time-to-market and reduce costs of product fabrication and commercial launchWe want to join a consortium with partners like software developers
39University College Dublinwww.ucd.ieIrelandFrancesco PillaResearch OrganizationSmart Cities:
- Environmental pollution modelling and monitoring
- Pervasive sensing
- Spatial analysis
- Machine learning
H2020 Projects focused on:
- environmental pollution
- urban resiliency
- remote sensing
- nature based solutions
- smart cities lighthouse
- urban mobility
- pervasive sensing
H2020 Projects focused on:
- environmental pollution
- urban resiliency
- remote sensing
- nature based solutions
- smart cities lighthouse
- urban mobility
- pervasive sensing
40OBJECTSconnected.comwww.OBJECTSconnected.comBelux/USAW. WenselaersNV company & Research company working together with large IT partner.
Focus on larger IoT/SmartCity and Industry 4.0 projects. Working on Use Case finding, process waste finding, process optimization,providing sensors, build of custom sensors, our platform or build & Integration , Delivering Technical Technicians and supportDefined and rolled out SmartCity projects/Facility projects for Governments in EU and USA. Big International manufacturing companies and big International Banks.Overall project management, bringing knowledge how to do it, bringing solutions and support. Having experienced people knowing how to do process waste reduction, IoT experts and Smart City Experts Sensor Installation Firms and contractors
41VIRIT CONSULTBELGIUMV. KempsSMEConsultancy in public procurement projects mainly IT-based.Expert in public procurement More than 30 years experience in clusterformation and team formationsHardware companies and Telemetry expert company
Belgium/The Netherlands/Czech republik/ UkrainKris KerremansSMEIoT platform (SAAS) build in Open SourceReference case at Local Police Antwerp, Wildlife tracking, ... MundoSalsa = IoT platform (build with Open Source) ready for use in SAAS, Consultancy on IoE, architecture of IoT Sensor Installation Firms and contractors, consortium with partners
43Ausy Groupwww.ausy.comInternational Group (France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, US, Romania, India)ICT, Engineering, R&Dwww.ausy.comTechnical expertise, development, R&D, engineering, strong partnerships with strategists, telco-players, cybersecurity, ...Academic partners, start ups for smart city solutions, data converters, ...
44NSX bvbawww.nsx.normalizedsystems.orgBelgiumFrans VerstrekenSME (official University of Antwerp spinoffIoT platform and integration, according to Normalized Systems TheoryNSX builds and maintains systems that exhibit high levels of evolvability. Systems are built according to Normalized Systems Theory (established at University of Antwerp). We have experience in building large scale IoT platforms, active in several sectors (Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Monitoring, ...)Development, project management, R&D, IT Architecture, large scale evolvabilityConsortium partners
45Robinconwww.robincon.dkDenmarkJan StenmoTechnology & Management ConsultancyRadio technologies, Network technologies, Business models, Extensive experience in radio network design, data network design, testing, simulations, Business model development.Extensive experience in radio network design, data network design, testing, simulations, Business model development.Partners who can utilize the experience we bring to the table
46RBLSrebelsofinnovation.comBelgiumMaarten TakSME / Research OrgComplex adaptive systems, collective intelligence, enterprise transformationsExperience in research and facilitation of solving large complex problems.Experts in areas of cybernetics, complexity and evolution.Partners who think beyond the platform and towards 'Living cities' as apposed to 'Smart cities.'
47Upcomwww.upcom.euBelgium, Greece, CyprusKostas FlokosSMEsoftware development, cloud computing, identity and access management, analytics, IoTParticipation in H2020 projects in the areas of:
- data privacy
- identity and access management
- citizen engagement in environmental-friendly actions

Research on:
- Consumer profiling based on social media and retail transactions
- Use of IoT in the transport and logistics area
Software craftsmanship, IoT experience in real-life applications, higly motivated research team, wide network of user organisations.Academic partners to boost research
48Department of AD:MT, Aalborg University, Service design research Unitwww.create.aau.dkDenmarkNicola MorelliAcademic/research organisationService Design, human and social aspects of IT, human smart cities, Digital Social InnovationManaging EU research project (Open4Citizens) and participating to other EU projects (MUV, Designscapes) as WP leader or research institutionUser-centred design, participatory design, service designPublic institutions or companies to collaborate with in future research apprlications
49allora Factorywww.alloraFactory.comBelgiumPieter De MilSMEIoT hardware/firmware engineering, focus on long range connectivity ( LoRaWAN) sensors/actuatorsWe have developed 8+ LoRaWAN products last year.Hardware/firmware engineering, experts in Long Range wireless connectivity, member of the LoRa AllianceSoftware / platform developers, integrators, academic
50Bosonit SpainSara MadariagaLarge companyData analysis & visualization
Big Data / Machine Learning
Solutions for the following sectors: banking, telco, distribution, pharma, and IT. Currently working in insurance, viticulture/wine production, wellness.Data acquisition, storage, analytics, visualization. Multiplatform.Consortium partners.
51Secmotic Innovation S.L.é BenítezSMEDesign and Development of IoT Solutions and cloud infrastructure managmentSecmotic has participated in several European acceleration programs for the development of its own IoT applications, based on FIWARE technology:
- Finodex European accelerator. SAPIN Project: Mobile application that takes measured values ​​from different sports wearables as well as information from OpenData sources such as meteorological data, pollution levels or concentration of allergens, to help the user to optimize their sport practice.
- FI-C3 European accelerator FI-C3. Muvone Project: Muvone is a mobile application which, along with a wearable device that monitors physical activity, allows the primary prevention of osteoporosis.

In addition, Secmotic has developed web platforms based on FIWARE technology for different companies, allowing the connection of IoT devices (pressure sensors, temperature sensors, solar panels, intelligent tiles ...) to the cloud, enabling visualization and real-time management of measurements and statuses of such devices, as well as sending data to / from mobile applications.
Software engineering, Web and Mobile Development, Cloud architectures, Sensing infrastructure, Data Accquisition, Data Management, Mean Stack, FIWARE techomology.Consortium partners.
52Martel Innovatehttps://martel-innovate.comSwitzerlandFederico M. FAccaSMEInternet of Things, Smart Cities and Cloud ArchitectureSmart Cities solutions based on FIWARE technology in Europe and MexicoPartners in the coutries where cities of the tender are located
53Edge.behttp://www.edge.beBelgiumTom CuylaertsSMELocal experiences and grassroot, a local platform for Antwerp, First place apps for Antwerp 2012Content, audience, concept, developmentPartners with an audience in Copenhagen and Helsinki
54D2 benelux BelgiumJames TrochSMEALPR, mobile payment, parking solutionsselected by EU Fiware accelarator FI-C3, smart parking 2015Fiware, ALPR, Payment, Mobile Appscan participate in mobility projects, based in atnwerp
55Automated Analyticshttp://automatedanalytics.euBelgiumPatrick WessaSMEpredictive analytics, machine learning, AIpredictive analytics, machine learning, AIstatistics, ML/AI, predictive/automated analyticscan participate in city of tender
56A-sharp Ltdhttp://www.a-sharp.euBulgariaZhu ZHUSMEhybrid mobile apps - innovations in commerceFiware projectFiware, hybrid mobile appscan participate in city of tender
57bwconwww.bwcon.deGermanyValentina GrilleaSMEInternet of Things, Smart Cities and Cloud ArchitectureFIWARE Accelerator - Incubator - Open Innovation for public bodiescontent, concept, networkpartner all over Eruope and representing more than 400 SME from IoT and ICT
58Cumul.iohttps://cumul.ioBelgiumThomas De ClerckSMEData visualization platformOff-the-shelf, integrated data visualization layer,
selected partner of the City of Antwerp / Digipolis
Off-the-shelf, integrated layer for data visualization in
existing software applications
can participate in city of tender
59Robovisionwww.robovision.beBelgiumJonathan BerteSMEDeep learning processing of video streamsIntelligent person detection, car detectiondeep learning detection of cars pedestrians to make a safety aware intelligent crossingcan participate in city of tender
60CityPassengerwww.citypassenger.comFranceYann RocheSMEConnectivity for Digital RetailInfrastructure and services for digital connectivities
61Accelleranwww.accelleran.comBelgiumSimon PryorSMEMobile 4G/5G Small Cell eNBimec ICON 5GUARDS. VLAIO SME InnovationSub-contractor/partner. Providing dedicated mobile LTE network (LTE eNB + RNC-in-a-box) for connectivity. Scalable from small lab setup (phase 2) to living lab cities (phase 3). CoS/QoS for IoT and critical services in 3.5GHz TD-LTE
Walter Ferrari
SMESoftware development, IoT
2 FIWARE projects ongoing:
Software engineering, graph databases,
recommendation engines, FIWARE technologies 
63PayServices Inc.
Individual & Connected
Smart Cities, Safety & Fintech
Multi Platform Solutions
45 cities have already joined our international
Smart Cities, Fintech & Safety solutions based on
3,5 years of development and the collective
efforts of over 300 individuals
Multi Factor Identification including own secured
Butterfly Browser for Mac/ Win that can read
natively (no Java just Javascript command)
Belgian ID, EMV credit cards, NFC cards, PCI
DSS Level I banking & payment security, financial
licensing and AML/KYC/GRC multi platform
solutions and procedures, Secured mail,
digital signatures & contracting solutions,
sophisticated secured online chat, reporting,
notifications, ticketing platform, multiple
connections to public Open Data streams
and private online data bases, multi modal
mobility solutions, save and protect lives tools,
e comerce, multi value system & exchange
(FIAT Currencies, Local Currencies, Crypto
Currencies, Committments, Data Currencies,
Barter Currencies), local & circular economy
development tools, communities / city
management, Split billing, credit card, banking
and SWIFT connections, 28 languages, IoT,
Geo Location inside and outside of buildings,
Transportation payment solutions.
Strategic, Technical &
Financial Parterships
64Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Manuel Alvarez-Campana
Academic / Research OrganizationIoT, Smart Cities, Sensor Networks, Data Analysis and VisualizationSmart City platfom deployed at Madrid-Moncloa University Campus, collecting data about people/vehicle movements and environmental parameters arround the campus.The platform has been in operation since march 2016. You can see real time data and historical data through our public dashboard: WIFI tracking sensors with plug-and-play and remote configuration capabilities. Ad-hoc platform for storing, processing, analysing and visualizing people flows arroung the sensed area. Complementary partners to build consortium
FranceFabien CauchiSMESmartcity platform, Open Data, Open Innovation, Open Data, Digital Transformation of local authoritiesIn order to develop a smartcity platform, we work closely with different local French entities: local administrations, research institutes, among others...We are a French company specialized in cities' digital transformation. We are an IT company and we offer counsel to local authorities in their digital transformation.
Our ambition is to build in a collaborative way a "smart" and open source data platform for cities and local administrations. In order to develop this platform, we work closely with different local French entities: especially local administrations, research institutes, among others. Furthermore we are creating a French local authorities network which aims at encouraging collaboration in different Smart Cities projects (Big Data, legal framework...) .
We are looking for complementary partners (Industrials, IoT...) to form a consortium

Ideally, we would like to join a consortium as consortium member or sub-contractor.

We can contribute with our open source and (open) data expertise, our deep knowledge of local authorities, project managment, or developing IT solutions

Don't hesitate to contact us !
66Etix Everywhere
Luxembourg Cécile RoneySMESmart Scalable Modular & Local Datacenters, Software & Hardware development for datacenter tools50% of our staff is dedicated to R&D - we are an innovative company that likes to get involved in innovative projects - we develop our own software and hardware tools for your datacenters to be as efficient and safe as possible - we think out of the are crucial and we know it at Etix, this is why we give you a safe and efficient way of storing your data while giving you the opportunity to scale up as well in the future. We are flexible & agile.Managed Services, cloud services providers
The Neitherlands, International companyDavid JONGLEZLarge companyGIS, OpenData, Data Visualization, Analytics, BigData, Real Time Data processing, Data storage, Dashboard, Smart City Platform27% of our revenues are dedicated, globally, to R&D. We have several Research centers in Europe. We are working with many of Public Research centers. Research is dedicated to improve and extent our ArcGIS platform capabilities and is Business driven. Our international sales rely on an ecosystem of distributors that cover 200 countries.We can provide :
All of F1: Serve as a city dashboard
All of F2: Serve as an Open City Platform
some of F3: Real time communication
Most of : F4: Data Referential
Most of : F5 platform
Innovative partners (Startup, SME or Large companies) to fill the gap especially regarding some of the Real Time communication requierements.
68Recore Systems
The NetherlandsDirk LogieSME
FlexaWare streaming analytics platform
Participates in several H2020 projectsProvide our FlexaWare streaming analytics platform to sofware engineers so they can develop relevant applications on it.Software application engineering companies
Eurofins Digital Testing
International Group - Belgium
Tom GeyskensMultinational
Testing and Quality Assurance
specialized in testing of Embedded Solutions, IOT solutions, apps and web testing, Security, Performance testing and test automation with our special designed IOT automation framework
all the testing within IOT environment can be don by Eurofins
looking for partners, do fill in the tender (development, strategy, hardware...)
FranceStephane SenkowskiSMEContent analytics, Classification, TaxonomyVarious research projects related to semantic technology and language understandingSemantic technology software and expertiseFunctional
71Fimanofimano.dkDenmarkJens RasmussenSMEIT solutions, building databases/apps
Opentrends Solucions i Sistemes SL
SpainEduard XalabarderSMEBarcelona/Spain Opensource Sensor & Actuator Platofm: sentilo.ioWe support the Sentilo community, taking Barcelona success case, in production since 2012Being used and tested worldwide (Dubai, Kobe, Shenzhen, Southhampton etc)Software development, platform development, connectors
73The Keryx Group
74ZEROHUB SCCLwww.zerohub.euSpainSegis VERDAGUERNon-for-profit SMEInnovative strategies to increase environmental qualityVILAWATT (winner of UIA'16) - LIQUENS (winner of Smart City Expo'15) - Expert Evaluator of H2020 proposals (2014-16) - Project coordinator of EU funded projectsAir quality & Noise assessment & monitoring - Environmental awareness raising strategies - Creation & Development of new highly innovative ideas within the sustainability sector (energy in buildings, air quality, noise, health effects)We would like to join a Consortium as partners or subcontractors.
75Zitcom A/Swww.zitcom.dkDenmarkOle JensenHosting & Cloud servicesHosting, backend scale and performance optimization for App providers with more than 60mio unique usersHosting & Cloud solutions with technical implementation guidance for real scaleDevelopers to utilize our cloud services
76U-Hopper srl MiorandiSMEBig data analytics & AIR&D: FP7 COMPOSE project (IoT Marketplace), FP7 CITI-SENSE project (crowdsensing for environmental monitoring), FP7 SmartSociety (platforms for sharing economy), CIP/PSP i-locate (indoor location-based services), H2020 SCENT project (crowdsensing for flood monitoring), H2020 DataSci4Tapoi project (machine learning and semantics for user profiling), H2020 FiestaIoT - Talk2Fiesta (chatbots for interfacing with IoT). Innovation: spinned off ThinkIN (, high-growth startup on IoT analytics; development & release of open-source platforms for indoor location-based services ( and for sharing economy apps ( data analytics, in particular related to IoT data streams. Crowdsourcing platform for handling citizen-generated data. Conversational interfaces (chatbots) for IoT data ana IoT analytics.We are looking for Consortia led by major system integrators and platform providers to which we can provide our expertise, competences and ICT solutions, in particular related to IoT analytics, conversational interfaces and management of crowdsourced data.
77SENSZONwww.senszon.comDenmarkSinan OzmenSMEIoT ServicesIoT ArchitectureIoT connectivity, communincation, configuration and management, data storage and authorized data accessWe are looking for collaborations with researchers in IoT security
78Ixorixor.beBelgiumPeter DefreyneSMESmart Mobility IoT platformixor.beTraffic guidance through existing dynamisch road signs with parking informationExisting consortia to partner with
79MOBILE LOCKER NV www.mobilelocker.euBelgiumJef Van HyfteSMEMobile Hi tech lockers integrated in Smart City structure, easy connectable with other platforms, apps, suppliers. Our units can be mobile and fixed and implemented at any high traffic place. Connectivity with IoT sensors is also possible. Looking for partners
80Frontier Sciences HillSMESmarter healthcare solutions using smartgrid and smart IOT hubopen source, open hardware, open standards IOT integration Smarter Community Healthcare in Smarter cities looking for partners
81AETHON Engineering Consultantswww.aethon.grGreeceIsmini StroumpouSMESmart cities mobility solutions Big Data, open data, behaviour analytics Looking for partners
Ilhan Bagoren
SMEAPI management, Messaging, Location Based Services, WebRTCITEA2 CarCoDeSoftware Development, Telecom, Mobile Value Added ServicesWe are looking to participate in a consortium.
83Prodevelop S.L.www.prodevelop.esSpainMiguel LlorenteSMESmart Port, GIS, IoT Open Platforms, Smart CityH2020 INTER-IoT;; FI-Content, H2020 Docking Assist; ITEA2 Web of ObjectsIoT Open Platforms integration; API Management, Sofware Development, Applications for Industry 4.0, geospatial CEP, geospatial data representationLooking for partners/consortium with special focus/needs on maritime/port IT and GIS
Univeristy College Dublin
IrelandLina XuComputer science IoT, smart cities, smart networking, future network/5G
85Nordic Automation Systemswww.nasys.noNorway/ EstoniaArne KaasikSMEIoT, LoRaWan based telematics (sensors, controllers), LoRaWan gateways, IoT Hub server SAAS/ PAAS platform, applications. Smart City solutions.Intelligent streets lights' solution development and deployment (LoRa controllers, gateways, Cloud based server, luminaire control app). Intelligent remote reading LoRa sensors development and deployment for water, heat and gas metering, to enable optimal control of heat distribution and high quality planning of utilities' infrastructure development. Development of LoRa based intelligent electricity sub-metering devices, which enable demand response switching - hereby the Smart Grid may be set up in a city to balance loads during peaks. SensorLink Industrial Tools'monitoring system developed, to monitor tools usage during work day to prevent hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), prolong lifetime of tools, reduce maintenance costs, keep usage statistics and inventory.LoRa based IoT sensor and controller solutions, gateways and IoT hub server solutions. Applications, enabling several solutions for Smart Cities. We are looking for partners who would be interested to integrate our end-to-end telematics (sensor and controller) solutions, equipped with LoRa gateways and IoT Hub SAAS/PAAS server solution into Smart City platform. Co-development of applications. Custom design and deployment of telematics solutions on LoRa platform. 
86Free2movewww.free2move.seScandinavia/SE AsiaMartin HarnevieSMEDelivery of complete IoT systems for Building Management and Asset Protection. Gateways, Sensors, Platform, SaaS, PaaSPlatform expertise. Sensors include CO2, Humidity, Pressure, Asset Protection, Tracking and other. Integration with 3rd parties such as Schneider, Siemens, Honewell.A variety of technologies and protocols including Bluetooth, LoRa, MBUS, Modbus, MQTT. System experience from implementations in government buildings, housing, schools, hospitals, warehouses and airports.Looking for partners in interesting projects.
87TeamDev - WiseTownwww.wise.townItaly - Denmark - AlbaniaAndrea CrucianiSMECivic technologies, decision support systems, big data analysis and GISWiseTown uses crowd-sourcing, open data, IoT and social to provide decision support systems to city managers and to improve citizens' quality of life. GIS, FIWARE and ESRI partnerLooking for partners in projects, in the smart city ecosystem and IoT infrastructure deploy
Porter Urban Sustainability and Innovation Lab
IsraelOrli RonenAcademic/research organisationSmart Urban Sustainability, Cleantech ClustersSmart sustainability indicators and standards. Consulting for local resource production and sharing.ISO expertise, content, concept, networkLooking for partners in projects, in the smart city ecosystem
BelgiumFanuel DeweverSMECitizen Engagement, Citizen Initiative, Smart Citizens, Crowdsourcing, CivicTech, GovTechCity Seeders is a citizen Engagement platfrom. Be believe Smart Cities are built by Smart Citizens, bottom up. We help people find the resources to do this.Looking for cities and citizen groups that want to engage together in building the city-ies of the future.
90Studio Pop C.I.C.SME social enterpriseUKCristian SuauSME social enterpriseSocial Innovation, Research and Innovation, Smart Urban Sustainability, Design-based services, eco-design, urbanism, computer science and engineering; Users as designers
; Art-Science; smart citizens and e-activism, specifically IoT, Big Data, Visual Computing, Interaction Design.
EU Research projects: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF Marie Curie EMUVE; COST TU1201 "Orchards and Urban Gardens in European Cities"; ERASMUS+ KLABS (2015-2016); and transport planning of cycling routes along the Slovene Adriatic coastline (EUROVELO 9). R&D areas: (a) Adaptive Urbanism: Sustainable urban design (reprogramming suburbia, urban games in public spaces); informal city (humanitarian urbanism and micro-urbanism); bioremediation and waterfront recover); water technologies in arid lands (3D fog water collection); and urban heritage recovery.
(b) Universal Design: Eco-design (elementary structures); co-design; remaking (reuse, repurposing and refabricating); climatic architecture (low-passive energy design); DIY architecture; co-housing and self-build dwellings.
(c) Ecological Landscape: Brownfields (industrial landscape recovery); productive landscape (allotments and edible
Smart city infrastructure; open source archiyecture; digital fabrication; API geomapping; Smart city mobile application; User-centred design, participatory design & service design; User behavioural analysis via sensors and mobile; User engagement, urban resilience, etc.Seeking strategic research/academic partners for ESF projects, in the fields of social innovation, waste management and smart city ecosystem
91Future Place Leadershio
Pärtel-Peeter Pere
Management and branding consultancyTalent attraction, investment promotion, cluster management, place branding.Various cluster marketing and management strategies in the Nordics. Mostly private initiativesBetter alignment of multiple stakeholder strategies and visions, getting more talents and visibility
Martynas Jusevicius
SMEKnowledge Graph solutionsParticipated in EU FP7 consortium with TU Delft to create a Knowledge Graph of energy production and distribution in Europe. Developed Knowledge Graph solution for NXP Semiconductors, Danish State and University Library etc.Integration of siloed and/or heterogeneous datasources (e.g. IoT devices) using semantic Knowledge Graph technologies; canonical KG data models (for IoT and other domains); canonical Web APIs, Knowledge Graph application platformLooking for partners with IoT/Smart City domain expertise, especially in the area of (device)
Simon Bender
Research InstituteIoT Intelligence, Smart Sensor, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Smart Mobility, AR/VR, DLTExperience in several national research projects and in the european Marie-Skłodowska-Curie programFocus is on research questions related to emerging technologies like DLT, VR & AR, Digital Twin, Smart Mobility, Smart City, AI, Machine LearningLooking for partners