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DateTitleLeadsActivityDurationPublicationsNumbers AttendingImpact/Feedback
20/06/2019Are We Alone in the Universe?Brad GibsonInvited Speaker: Beverley and District U3A1 hourtbd
06/06/2019tbdBrad GibsonInvited Speaker: Guildford Astronomical Society1 hourtbd
04/06/2019Surprising Inventions - Physics Changes the WorldBrad GibsonInvited Speaker: Hornsea U3A1 hourtbd
23/04/2019Are We Alone in the Universe?Brad GibsonPublic Lecture: Royal Instituion of Great Britain, London1 hourtbd
18/04/2019The 2019 Leon Davies Lecture: Are We Alone in the Universe?Brad GibsonInvited Lecture: Astronomical Society of Glasgow1 hourtbd
21/02/2019tbdBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: Wakefield and District Astronomical Society1 hourtbd
22/01/2019Wonders of the Universe: A TripAdvisor Top 10 CountdownBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: West Yorkshire Astronomical Society, Pontefract1 hourtbd
10/12/2018Liquid Mirrors: The Wave of the Future or Just a Ripple?Brad GibsonInvited Speaker: Hull & East Riding Astornomical Society1 hourtbd
21/11/2018The Death of Planet EarthBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: Oxford University Scientific Society1 hourtbd
14/11/2018Careers in PhysicsBrad GibsonWilberforce College, Study Skills Day1.5 hourstbd
29/10/2018Research InternsBrad GibsonLauren Cook (Longcroft: Yr 11), Peter Watts (Longcroft: Yr 11), Will Hobson (Woldgate: Yr 12)1 week3
22/10/2018Research InternBrad GibsonMaclay Arnott (Scarborough UTC: Yr 11)1 week1
19/10/2018How the Universe Will End...Brad GibsonSTFC Talking Science Series: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory2 hours400
12/10/2018Careers in Physics (tbc)Brad GibsonSouth Hunsley Professional Development Daytbctbd
08/10/2018Are We Alone in the Universe?Brad GibsonSherborne Girls (Yrs 11-13), Dorset1 hourtbd
05/10/2018To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonHilderthorpe Primary School, Bridlington3 hourstbd
04/10/2018The Chemistry of SpaceDavid BenoitPublic Lecture: Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society1 hourtbd
22/09/2018(i) How the Universe Will End...; (ii) Hunting for AliensBrad GibsonFederation of Astronomical Societies AGM, York2 hours60
15/09/2018High Performance Computing DemonstrationsDavid BenoitHull Science Festival2 days300
15/09/2018Planetarium ShowKevin Pimbblet, Leah Cox, Kate Womack, Daniel WhittHull Science Festival2 days300
12/09/2018How the Universe Will End...Brad GibsonPublic Lecture: The 2018 British Science Festival1 hour300"I wanted to let you know that your presentation was perhaps the most riveting and thought-provoking lectures I have ever attended in my time."
11/09/2018Lego and NucleosynthesisJames KeegansBritish Science Festival4 hours500
11/09/2018Academic Backstabbing: Say it ain't so!!!Brad GibsonF*ck Up Night: The 2018 British Science Festival2 hours40
11/09/2018Women in STEM / Changing Face of Physics / British Science FestivalBrad Gibson, Kate WomackBBC Radio Humberside Interview0.5 hourshttps://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06jbf6t
03/09/2018Are We Alone in the Universe?Brad GibsonDubai Eye 103.8 Radio Interview0.5 hourhttp://www.dubaieye1038.com
01/09/2018Is There Someone Out There?Brad Gibson, Stephen BurwoodFreedom Festival: Hull Minster1 hour100
13/08/2018Research InternBrad GibsonMegan Elliott-Symes (Hessle: Yr 12)13 days1
07/08/2018Research InternsBrad GibsonEmily Bryce, Milly Jarvis-Stiggants (Woldgate)9 days2
06/08/2018The Real Origins of LifeGareth FewPublic Lecture: North Lincs Astronomical Society1 hour18
06/08/2018Aliens: Where Are They?Brad GibsonInvited Speaker: East Riding Astronomical Society, Woodmansey1 hour17
19/07/2018Research InternsBrad GibsonJack Sawyers (Hessle: Yr 12); Doohan Blackburn (Cottingham: Yr 12); Ben Sutton (Bishop Burton: Yr 13)2 hours3
12/07/2018Astrochemistry and the Precursors of LifeDavid BenoitDoncaster Astronomical Sociecty1 hour17
12/07/2018Careers in (Astro)PhysicsBrad GibsonWinifred Holtby Academy (Yrs 9-10)2 hours450
10/07/2018Impact Acceleration WorkshopKevin Pimbblet, Brad Gibson, Jean-Sebastien BouillardUniversity of Hull1 day20
06/07/2018British Science Festival: How the Universe Will End...Brad GibsonBBC Radio Humberside Interview0.5 hourshttps://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p069hj5w
05/07/2018First Year Q&A: Physics @ HullKate Womack, Mossy KellySchool of Mathematics & Physical Sciences, University of Hull0.5 hourshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t71-YOiw39o&feature=youtu.be
04/07/2018Schools' Physicist of the Year AwardsMossy Kelly, Brad Gibson, Kate Womack, Kiri NewsonUniversity of Hull2 hours20
02/07/2018(i) Are We Alone? (ii) Careers in PhysicsBrad GibsonHayfield School (Yr 10)1 hour60
21/06/2018Careers in (Astro)PhysicsBrad GibsonCareers Talk: Ron Dearing UTC, Hull (Yrs 10 & 12)2 hours45
18/06/2018Research InternsBrad GibsonSamuel Lawson, Connor McAteer (Beverley Grammar)2 hours2
18/06/2018Careers in (Astro)PhysicsBrad GibsonCareers Talk: Franklin College1 hour10
16/06/2018Wonders of the UniverseBrad GibsonShowcase Event: University of Hull Alumni Weekend1 hour50
12/06/2018Do Aliens Walk Amongst Us?Brad GibsonUCAS Fair, University of Hull1 hour55
04/06/2018How Astronomers Control Your LifeBrad GibsonInvited Speaker: North Lincs Astronomical Society1 hour26
31/05/2018What Atoms Tell Us about GalaxiesGareth FewInvited Speaker: Harrogate Astronomical Society1 hour9
29/05/2018Research InternsBrad GibsonJames Dodd, Nick Fernandes4 days2
24/05/2018Are We Alone in the Universe?Brad GibsonInvited Speaker: Hull Collegiate (3 talks for Yrs 5-10)3 hours280
21/05/2018Building a Universe Inside a ComputerBrad GibsonInvited Lecture: University of the Third Age, Bridlington2 hours300"Thank you for speaking at our meeting last Monday, I have received numerous positive comments, some even said they now know what the inverse square law is. It was a very interesting talk for me and made me really think about the universe. I have not enjoyed a talk as much as this. "
16/05/2018The Death of Planet EarthBrad GibsonPint of Science: Vintage Bar, Hull1 hour50
15/05/2018Astronavigation: Finding Our Way in the WorldGareth FewPint of Science: Furley and Co, Hull1 hour50
11/05/2018The Real Origins of LifeGareth FewChesterfield Astronomical Society1 hour20
04/05/2018Women in STEM Panel DiscussionLeah Cox, Kate WomackInvited Panel Discussion: St Mary's College STEM Week (Yrs 8-9)2 hours180
03/05/2018Dill Faulkes: My Life in AstronomyBrad Gibson (Host), Leah Cox, Kate Womack, Kiri Newson, Emily Shelton, Anna KuzminovaInspired in Hull Lecture Series1 dayhttps://hullalumni.me/2018/05/10/a-university-must-be-a-place-of-inclusiveness-and-tolerance-dill-faulkes/1201,400+ views on Facebook (10/07/18)
02/05/2018Large Scale Structure in the UniverseLawrence BiltonInvited Lecture: Cleethorpes Astronomical Society1 hour40
02/05/2018To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonHull Collegiate Preparatory School (FY + Yrs 1-6)1 hour200
02/05/2018Careers in (Astro)PhysicsBrad GibsonInvited Lecture: St Mary's College STEM Week1 hour20
30/04/2018Careers in PhysicsBrad GibsonHull Trinity House Academy Careers Event (Yrs 9-11)2 hours75
27/04/2018To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonDriffield Junior School (Yr 5)3 hours120
26/04/2018Careers in (Astro)PhysicsBrad Gibson, Kiri NewsonCareers Talk: Woldgate Sixth Form College, Pocklington1 hourhttp://www.longcroftschool.co.uk/news_single?e=5055
25/04/2018Careers in PhysicsBrad GibsonCareers Talk: Longcroft Sixth Form (Yrs 11-13)1 hour35
18/04/2018Launch of the British Science FestivalLeah Cox, Kate Womack, Kiri Newson, Emily Shelton, Anna Kuzminova5 students interviewed Helen Sharman about her career and links with Hull Physics.2 hourshttp://www.hull.ac.uk/work-with-us/more/media-centre/news/2018/british-science-fest-speakers.aspx150
17/04/2018Optical IllusionsBrad GibsonPress Association Interview: Picked up by Many Newspapers/Media Outlets Worldwide0.5 hourshttps://uk.news.yahoo.com/where-blue-stripes-wonderfully-simple-183044396.html
16/04/2018Careers in PhysicsBrad GibsonCareers Talk: Headlands School, Bridlington1 hour40
12/04/2018Workshop on Gravitational MechanicsMossy KellyProblem-Based Learning: Sirius Academy2 hours10
09/04/2018How Astronomers Control Your LifeBrad GibsonInvited Speaker: Hull & East Riding Astornomical Society1 hour35
09/04/2018STEM Provision: Impact and Collaboration Across the RegionBrad Gibson, Kevin Pimbblet, Mossy Kelly, Jean-Sebastien Bouillard, Martin BuzzaMeet'n'Greet with East Riding Education Team, NCOP/FORCE, Local College/School Teachers1.5 hours15
04/04/2018The Real Origins of LifeGareth FewInvited Speaker: Cleethorpes and District Astronomical Society1 hour40
28/03/2018The Mysteries of Black HolesYjan GordonCafé Scientifique: Beverley1 hour49
22/03/2018Bringing Cutting-Edge Research into the ClassroomBrad Gibson, Martin Buzza, Howard Snelling, Kevin PimbbletRCUK Teachers' CPD Day: Sirius North Academy, Hull7 hours9
19/03/2018Careers EventBrad GibsonHull Collegiate: Careers Breakfast (Yrs 10-13); Astrophysics Talk (Yrs 7-9)4 hourshttp://www.hullcollegiateschool.co.uk/news/professor-of-astrophysics-brad-gibson-spends-the-morning-at-hull-collegiate-school-march-2018-6740276688465867200Teacher Feedback: (1) "It was great to see new models to inspire engagement in my students."; (2) "I liked learning information to help with my own teaching and inspire the pupils."; (3) Learning about the cutting edge research in particular fields and how the students' skills they are already developing apply. Also, simple ways to explain or expand on topics in the national curriculum."; (4) "Really useful to find out Hull Uni links with local schools - will definitely get them in!"
15/03/2018How Astronomers Control Your LifeBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society1 hour25
14/03/2018Remembering Stephen HawkingBrad Gibson, Yjan Gordon, Siri ChongchitnanUniversity of Hull MarComms Video1 hourhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOmK7HDldeg&t=12s
14/03/2018Stephen Hawking's LegacyBrad GibsonViking FM: Radio and Twitter Interviews1 hour
14/03/2018To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonWoodmansey Primary School (FY, Yrs 1-2, Yrs 3-6)2 hours60
13/03/2018Cosmic Chemistry: Do Science and God Mix?Martin Buzza (Chair)University of Hull2 hours400
13/03/2018Voice of the FutureJames KeegansRAS Representative at the 2018 Parliamentary "Voice of the Future" Event, London8 hourshttps://www.rsb.org.uk/policy/policy-events/voice-of-the-future100
12/03/2018Research InternsBrad Gibson, Thomas LawsonKiran Buzza, Alex Ainley1 week2
12/03/2018The Secret Life of GalaxiesGareth FewInvited Speaker: Preston Natural History Society1 hour65
07/03/2018The Hunt for AliensBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: Cleethorpes Astronomical Society1 hour40
05/03/2018Rainbows and the Rainbow BoxDavid BenoitSt Mary's CoE Primary School, Beverley2 hours60
05/03/2018To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonBeverley Manor Nursery School, Beverley0.5 hours50
26/02/2018To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonInteractive Session: Molescroft Primary School; FY, Yr1, Yr2, Yr34 hours240"We wanted to say a big big thank you for your time on Monday. Everybody loved it and the kids were full of great facts about astronauts wearing nappies!! A great start to our STEM week!"
22/02/2018The Milne Centre: A Celebration of Research ExcellenceBrad GibsonBBC Radio Humberside Interview0.2 hourshttps://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05x0mcw
21/02/2018Glycine!Gareth FewFameLab: Public Engagement Competition0.1 hours20
16/02/2018What Atoms tell us about GalaxiesGareth FewInvited Speaker: Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society1 hour32
09/02/2018Galaxy-Scale CatastrophesBrad GibsonRAS Ordinary Meeting0.5 hourshttps://www.ras.org.uk/events-and-meetings/ras-meetings/ordinary-meeting-videos/3112-galaxy-scale-catastrophes-why-we-might-be-alone-in-the-universe110
08/02/2018The Hunt for AliensBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: British Interplanetary Society, Lonson1 hour55
06/02/2018FameLab AcademyGareth FewJudge: Regional Heats, Cottingham High School2 hours20
30/01/2018How Scientists Communicate Their WorkBrad GibsonInvited Lecture: Wyke College1 hourhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTIlecGWq7495
29/01/2018Careers in PhysicsBrad GibsonInvited Lecture: Withernsea High School (Years 11 & 12)2 hours50
27/01/2018Energy of EntropyDavid SandsShort Course, University of Oxford6 hourshttps://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/courses/energy-or-entropy50
19/01/2018The Hunt for AliensBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society1 hour25(1) "I would just like to thank you for such an interesting talk on Friday at Ayton, I take my son who is completely enthralled by astronomy and to be honest I thought it would be completely different and something that I wouldn’t understand, but I found it fascinating and so did he. XXX has just turned 10 and loves any thing space related, but more within your field rather than the watching and looking via telescopes. We joined the Astronomy society after a SARS did a talk at the Cubs group he attends, he just loves all the lectures at the Hall each month. I found your passion for getting children into Astro physics fantastic and hope XXX keeps his passion and enthusiasm towards this field, would you please keep in touch if you hold any events suitable for us to attend. He does understand a great deal more than I do, he is very keen mathematician. The school he attends topic is space this term, I hope you don’t mind I have passed your email across to the Head Teacher Mr Harvey McCarthey from Filey Junior School, it may be short notice for this term but I hope he gets in touch for any other related topics in the future for you to inspire future scientists!"
11/01/2018Introduction to Earth and Space: Changing Knowledge Over TimeElke RoedigerLecture, Swinemoor Primary School, Key Stage 22 hours55
08/01/2018A Million Galaxies: How Large Scale Surveys are Revolutionising Extragalactic AstronomyYjan GordonPublic Lecture: Hull & East Riding Astronomical Society1 hourhttp://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2017MNRAS.465.2671G30
05/01/2018How Astronomers Control Your LifeBrad GibsonPublic Lecture: Euxton Astronomical Society1 hour50(1) "Brilliant delivery. Very informative and amusing. If I had had teachers at school like you I would have learnt a lot more. Well done, come back soon and all the best for the new year."; (2) "Thank you for a fascinating talk and for providing some ammo to shoot down those who reckon astronomy etc is a waste of time."; (3) "From Wi-Fi to prosthetic limbs, GPS to artificial hearts, many of today’s modern technological advancements are in our lives thanks to the studies made by the humble astronomer. Professor Brad Gibson, Director of the E.A. Milne centre for Astrophysics explained just how during an hour of mind-blowing revelations on Friday 5th January through his presentation ‘How Astronomers Control Your Lives’. The evening at Euxton Community Centre attracted a full hall of children and adults who were wowed by the countdown of astronomical insights which affect each one of us." (https://euxtronomy.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/how-astronomers-control-your-life-with.html); (4) https://www.lep.co.uk/news/euxton-astronomy-group-welcome-professor-brad-gibson-for-new-year-revelations-1-8960464
18/12/2017Careers in PhysicsBrad GibsonCareers Talk: Wolfreton School & Sixth Form1 hour60(1) "Thank you @profbradgibson - our Year 11 students really appreciated your visit, giving a great insight into what physics graduates actually go on to do for a career as well as an enlightening list of things astronomy has done for you #STEM"; (2) "Do hope you don't mind my contacting you again but felt you might be interested in some feedback from the above - personally I don't know whether to burst with laughter or pride! Following your excellent address our 12 year old grandson George - much against his natural inclination volunteered himself for election to head up a 'house' media focus group and was successful ! This was swiftly followed by volunteering to perform a clarinet solo of a Jazzed up 'Have yourself a merry little Christmas' during the school orchestral concert. Last evening he rang to tell me that the 'Brad effect' - as he now calls it had obviously succeeded again as he had won some class award. His 16 year old sister Emily has been likewise affected being elected to head an environmental focus group accompanied by various other successes. To top all this last evening she rang absolutely buzzing to tell me that you had been in to speak with her year and how much they had enjoyed it. SO !! Wow what a success you have been! May you continue to sprinkle your 'magic dust' over the Wolfreton Academy! "
18/12/2017To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonInteractive Session: Walkington Primary School; Foundation Year + Year 1 (4-6 year olds)1 hour100
04/12/2017To the Moon and Outer SpaceBrad GibsonInteractive Session: Endike Primary School, Foundation Year (4-5 year olds)1 hour60"We owe you a great big thank you. The children thoroughly enjoyed the very interesting facts you shared with them. They were keen to tell the Head Teacher that 'astronauts wear nappies' (there were lots of giggles!) and all about the skin on their feet. They so love the yucky facts. I hope it's ok, but I have recommended you to other year groups. We are so lucky to make these important links with our local university and hope for lots more exciting opportunities for our youngest children. You never know, we might have a budding scientist or astronaut amongst us!"
01/12/2017Enabling Scientific Discovery through HPC at the University of HullAlex Sheardown, Brad GibsonMedia Release (http://clustervision.com/case-study-university-of-hull-viper/)
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