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Woodlanders Gathering Schedule
July 11-14, 2019
Shake Rag Alley Center for the Arts
Mineral Point, Wisconsin
7:30-8:30REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN: Shake Rag Alley Office, 18 Shake Rag St
8:30-11:30A01FORGED EASELS & DISPLAY STANDS: EAGAN—With David, a naturalist and all-around creative fellow, you will learn to create a variety of bent metal stands or mini-easels for books, photos, plates, or artwork. Bending and forging decorative spirals and other designs make each one unique. Finished pieces can stand on a shelf or hang from a wall. Materials: $5
8:30-11:30A02COMFORTING DOODLEBIRD: RISTOW—Ann will provide a charming little hand-carved wooden bird just right to fit in your hand and ready for you to add your own unique doodled designs. Ann has lots of fun ways to help you create beautiful intriguing structured patterns on your bird and add a wax finish. When life feels challenging, wrap your hands around your Comfort Bird, give it a rub and remind yourself to have a wonderful day. Makes a lovely gift. Materials: $25
8:30-11:30A03SOAPS & SCRUBS: KULICK—Megan will show you how to use a variety of household products to create simple, fun sugar scrubs. You will also make melt-and-pour goat's milk soap with fun and fragrant add-ins such as coffee, herbs, and sprinkles. You will leave with several attractive scrubs and soaps. Once you learn how easy it is, you will be re-creating these recipes at home! Materials: $10
8:30-5:00A04CHILD’S BENT WILLOW CHAIR: SOMAN—Create a charming, traditional bent willow chair for a special child in your life – just like an adult chair in structure and technique, only smaller. Dan, a versatile rustic artist, will show you how to work with green willow, how to bend the curves, and how to join them together to create a memorable treasure for a young child. Materials: $40
11:30-1:00LUNCH ON THE GREEN—A chance to chat, meet new friends, and reconnect with old friends. (Lunch is included in your day registration fee. If you wish to add a guest $8.)
1:00-5:00A05CARVE A LINOCUT LEAF: SUTCLIFFE—Find a well-shaped leaf you like, ink it, and print it onto a piece of linoleum. Judy will show you how to carve out the leaf, showing its veins, and you’ll have a beautiful linocut. Use it to print cards in class and you can use it over and over to easily print by hand on fabric as well. Materials: $3
1:00-5:00A06CHIP CARVE A "LITTLE NOTHINGS" BOX: RISTOW—Bob will show you how to chip carve a unique pattern into a small basswood box with a basswood top and hardwood finial. This little box is perfect for buttons, rings, brass screws, AAA batteries, carving thumb guards, you name it. No experience is required. Bob supplies tools and materials. Materials: $15
1:00-4:00A07BIRDHOUSE SCARECROW: WILSON—Create your own Garden Guardian, a birdhouse scarecrow to add crazy class to your garden! Lindy will provide sticks, birdhouses for heads, a stash of clothes, hats, gloves, and accessories for you to design your scarecrow in this rustic play shop. You’re welcome to add to the stash! Materials: $10
1:00-4:00A08GELLI® PLATE & NATURE PRINTING: KITTO—Have fun playing with Gelli Plate printing on a tote or apron. Cathy will have several Gelli Plates available and she will show you creative ideas for using leaves and natural materials with colorful gel printing on fabrics and paper. You’ll print several projects. Materials: $10
7:30-8:30REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN: Shake Rag Alley Office, 18 Shake Rag St
8:30-11:30B01PRINT & BIND A BOOK OF LEAVES: SUTCLIFFE—Collect a handful of interesting leaves, ink and print each leaf on a piece of paper. Judy will show you how to gather all pages into a Book of Leaves and how to bind them using Japanese stab binding or a rustic twig technique. Materials: $2
8:30-11:30B02PLANT/TREE WALK & MAKING TWINE: EAGAN—Join David, naturalist and Honorary Fellow in the Department of Botany at UW-Madison, for a ramble around Shake Rag Alley’s campus to identify and explore wild plants for their delights and uses for food, fire, cordage, medicine, magic and more. Everyone will make a natural fiber bracelet. Free
8:30-11:30B03RUSTIC WILLOW BASKET: ARENDT—Jim will introduce you to the use of fresh willow withes to make an attractive and useful basket. Willow can be bent into curves when fresh, and you’ll have fun putting the basic structure together with hammer and slender nails then adding the elegant curves. Materials: $20
8:30-11:30B04BOTANICAL JEWELRY: KOENIGS—It’s possible, and Shelley will introduce you to the design and creation of succulents in botanical jewelry. A new accessory craze! Using succulents and natural materials you will fashion a ring and bracelet or a necklace as wearable art pieces. You can reuse the jewelry structures for years. Materials: $25
8:30-11:30B05FELTED FOREST VASE: GROTELUSCHEN—Use bright or natural colors of wool roving to wet-felt a forest scene onto a glass cylinder vase to make an attractive, useful container for flowers or branches. If time permits, Karma will show you how to embellish and add detail to your forest vase design with needle felting. Materials: $16
8:30-11:30B06THROWING ON A POTTER’S WHEEL: WHITE—Sisters/potters Katie and Joelle White will introduce you to “throwing” clay on a potter’s wheel. Once you’ve learned to center and control that spinning lump of clay, you’ll have a lifetime skill. This class is just for learning that essential technique. Materials: $5
8:30-4:00B07BENT WILLOW & TWIG MOSAIC TABLE: SCHAKEL—John, the willow wizard, will teach you to make a bent willow end table. Using fresh willow, you’ll cut and nail the structure and add decorative green willow bends. Then create a unique twig mosaic top, for a stunning piece of rustic furniture. Used indoors, it will last forever. Materials: $40

11:30-1:00LUNCH ON THE GREEN—A chance to chat, meet new friends, and reconnect with old friends. (Lunch is included in your day registration fee. If you wish to add a guest $8.)
1:00-5:00B08BLACKSMITHING: TRIANGULAR DINNER BELL: TUFTEE—Bob, a talented blacksmith and experienced instructor, will show you some of the basic blacksmithing skills to complete this project: hammering, tapering, drawing out, and how to tend a coal fire. With his help you will forge a triangular dinner bell, and if time allows, a useful bottle opener. Materials: $12
1:00-5:00B09BURLAP & LEATHER PLACEMATS & COASTERS: SPELIC—Jazz up your dinner table with burlap – the trendy and quintessentially rustic fabric. Working with Carole, you’ll make two placemats and two coasters. Learn to embellish these hefty two-layer burlap bases with your choice of stencil, leather, and/or yarn elements. Hint: These make attractive gifts! Materials: $7
1:00-5:00B10RUSTIC TABLE LAMP: KINGERY—Todd is a successful full-time rustic artist. His work is shown in many shops and galleries. His lamps have been one of the most popular projects at Woodlanders. You will create an attractive free-form table lamp combining bark-covered willow, peeled maple, some intriguing twig shapes, and sturdy lamp parts. Materials: $40
1:00-5:00B11TOWER TRELLIS: KOPECKY—Willow towers add rustic beauty to gardens plus support for plants. They are lovely as a 4'-5' tall trellis for vines, cucumbers, pole beans, and squash. Mary will help you create your teepee tower with basic basketry weaves. Need decent hand and arm strength and ability to kneel/sit on ground. Materials: $30
1:00-4:00B12NATURE IMPRINTS IN CLAY: JOHNSTON—Create a unique hand-built bowl and imprint the clay with natural textures, working with expert potters Diana and Claire at the fabulous Johnstons' Brewery Pottery Studio. Materials: $15 plus any fees if you need your work shipped.
1:00-4:00B13RUSTIC WOODEN HOOKS: EAGAN—Trees offer unique branch shapes that can be made into wall hooks, hanging hooks and more. With David’s expertise at identifying different kinds of wood and their qualities, you will create hooks to use alone or make several to mount on a board as a rack for hanging hats or towels. Materials: $10
5:00-6:30B14PICNIC ON THE GREEN— A good time to relax and share your day’s creative adventures. Stick around after for the Trade Blanket Exchange. Fun. $10
TRADE BLANKET EXCHANGE: Bring your finished goods, raw materials, food items, collectibles or useless junk to trade for something you really want. Warning: This can be habit forming and you may get a healthy dose of laughter. Free
7:30-8:30REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN: Shake Rag Alley Office, 18 Shake Rag St
8:30-11:30C01FAUX SCRIMSHAW ON DEER BONE: KOSTOHRYS—Jim, an excellent wildlife artist, will help you create a scrimshaw-like image on a deer shoulder bone. You don’t have to be an artist to create a really beautiful work of art. You will transfer Jim’s finely drawn wildlife images (or your own) in scrimshaw style using a micropen. Materials: $3
8:30-11:30C02OLD STUMP PLANTER: SUTCLIFFE—You’ll create an old, hollow tree stump planter by sculpting concrete around a supplied armature. Judy makes this project a fun creation and surprisingly easy, an introduction to the art of faux bois, wood sculpture in concrete. Materials: $3
8:30-11:30C03RUSTIC GARDEN BENCH: KULICK/ARENDT—Max and Jim are the perfect rustic woodworking team to assist you in making your very own rustic bench from scratch. You’ll choose and trim up a slab, make rustic legs, drill holes, fit the legs, and you’ll go home with a family heirloom! A Woodlander favorite. Need decent hand and arm strength. Materials: $35
8:30-11:30C04SILK SCARF DYEING & PAINTING: WELCH—Come create two beautiful silk scarves with Nancy, a teacher of playful art classes. She will show you how to dye silk fabric in a microwave oven for easy yet gloriously colorful results and also show you how to paint flowers or organic art on your scarves. Materials: $25
8:30-11:30C05WILLOW ORB: KOPECKI—Willow orbs are rustic ornaments for home or garden. Mary will show you how to make a basic vine frame, then fill in with random weave for an orb 12" in diameter. Learn skills to make orbs in many sizes. Embed them with festive lights, nestle them amid tall grasses, hang them from trees. Materials: $15
8:30-4:00C06CARVE A BLUEBIRD: SCHEUER—Strop your carving knife and with the help of Nick, an expert woodcarver, get ready to carve and lightly paint a delightful little bluebird popping its head out of a bluebird house. It will look lovely on a wall back home. Materials: $15
8:30-4:00C07BOTTLE CAP FISH SCULPTURE: WOLLANGK—It’s a unique way of upcycling bottle caps. You will hammer bottle caps flat and attach them to a wooden fish form David will provide. Overlapping bottle caps make the fish "scales." Your sculpture will be 21"x3 1/2," a real "keeper.” Materials: $25
11:30-1:00LUNCH ON THE GREEN—A chance to chat, meet new friends, and reconnect with old friends. (Lunch is included in your day registration fee. If you wish to add a guest $8.)
1:00-4:00C08FAIRY HOUSE & FURNITURE: STERBA—Enter the wonderful world of fairies by creating your very own fairy house and furniture. Diane will provide the inspiration, wood cookie, hot glue gun, and lots of nature supplies. You can bring your creativity, clippers, and any embellishments that you delight in adding (beads, shells, lace, dried flowers, feathers, etc.). Free
1:00-5:00C09TRADITIONAL GYPSY TRIANGULAR TABLE: KINGERY—Todd is a successful rustic artist and his work is shown in many shops and galleries. With Todd’s aid, you will create a triangular table with a squarish top and a three-legged willow or maple withe base joined and decorated with whorls of long thin wands and optional dabs of paint, gypsy style. Materials: $35
1:00-4:00C10MOSAIC BIRD BATH: SUTCLIFFE—Make a concrete bird bath and decorate it with colorful mosaic of broken ceramics. Judy has lots of mosaic materials for you to choose from and it’s fun to make a concrete base in a plastic mold. Your garden birds will happily dabble in your colorful bird bath. Materials: $5
1:00-5:00C11WIND GENERATOR ART LEVEL 1: ANDERSON—Design and build your own wind generator, one that works and actually creates electricity. Dick provides the hub including an LED and all materials to make 2-6 blades. He will have a wind tunnel available so you can test your little wind machine and see how much electricity it will generate. Materials: $20
1:00-5:00C12BLACKSMITHING A MASON JAR HANDLE: TUFTEE—Join Bob, a talented blacksmith and experienced instructor as you fire up the forge to create a nifty steel handle that will fit on a standard pint (16 oz) Mason jar. When completed, you will have a very unique drinking glass to brag about. Materials: $10

1:00-5:00C13SILVERWARE JEWELRY: GIESEKE—Bend beautiful old spoons and forks to make handsome jewelry. Nathan, a talented and versatile artist, will show you how he does it. You’ll learn techniques for cutting and bending and go home decked out in rings and other unique objects and the inspiration to find Grandma’s silverware. Materials: $15
5:00-6:30C14PICNIC ON THE GREEN— A good time to relax and share your day’s creative adventures. Stick around after for a special evening event. $10
7:30-8:30REGISTRATION & CHECK-IN: Shake Rag Alley Office, 18 Shake Rag St
8:30-11:30D01THE LIFE OF TREES: JOHNSON—Jan, a devoted botanist and artist, will show you how to read the story of trees from the trees themselves—their ancestors, relatives, defenses, even about amour, tree style. After this enlightening and entertaining session, you will never see trees the same again. Free
8:30-11:30D02BENT WILLOW WALL SHELF: CABEZAS—Tom is known for his fine artisan furniture, but today he goes rustic to teach you how to make an attractive wall shelf using traditional bent willow techniques. The fun of going rustic is being able to snip a few fresh green sticks of willow or maple and quickly bend them into handsome curves to enhance any project you make. Materials: $20
8:30-11:30D03CARVE A GYPSY ROSE: CHRISTENSEN—Mike learned how to carve gypsy roses from a Welsh instructor in one of the first Gatherings when he was 14 years old. Now president of the Shake Rag Alley Board of Directors, Mike’s kept his knives sharp all these years and looks forward to sharing the technique with you. Plan to leave with a full bouquet. Free
8:30-4:00D04FAUX BARN WOOD QUILT PANELS: ROGNESS—Jamie will teach you how to replicate old barn wood using hand tools, amazing painting and texturing techniques, and foam board. You will create three large authentic-looking barn quilt panels so light weight you can hang them using Command Strips. They're also weatherproof and awesome! Materials: $35
8:30-4:00D05BLACKSMITHING BASICS: WINZ—Greg will teach you how to work the traditional coal forge fire, how to handle tools and equipment, and how to draw, bend, punch, and split iron rod. Use these skills to make a simple post hook, a more complicated wall hook and possibly more. Time permitting, Greg will do a forge-welding demonstration. Materials: $5

11:30-1:00LUNCH ON THE GREEN—A chance to chat, meet new friends, and reconnect with old friends. (Lunch is included in your day registration fee. If you wish to add a guest $8.)
1:00-5:00D06WIND GENERATOR ART ADVANCED: ANDERSON—If you took Dick’s Wind Generator Level 1 class and want to learn more advanced blade design ... or if you just want to jump into the action without the basic class, sign up and see how much electricity you can generate by making airfoil-shaped blades. Test them in Dick’s wind tunnel. Fascinating. Materials: $20
1:00-5:00D07HYPERTUFA YARD ART: SPELIC—You'll take a 14” square slab of freshly made hypertufa (light-weight concrete) and carve a simple, bold, bas-relief design that will look like stone and make great garden decor. Join Carole in using hand tools to carve semi-soft hypertufa with a big, bold image. Tools and slab provided. Materials: $20
1:00-5:00D08ACCENT TABLE/PLANT STAND: SOMAN—A Woodlanders favorite. Create a charming accent table or use it as a plant stand, 32” high with a shelf at the top and the bottom. Dan, an expert rustic artist, will provide a variety of rustic materials, recycled boards, twigs, and curly willow. Materials: $25

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