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Service closure Clients Staff Funding (£) Service need
Children England: 14 services closed Legal aid: Stephen Cobb QC estimates 600,000 less people would have access to legal aid under the new legal aid, sentencing and punishment of offenders bill: 68,000 children would be affected by removal of legal aid from family law: 54,000 less people would have representation in family courtChildren England: 40% of organisations
anticipate staff cuts in early 2011: 66%
anticipate staff cuts by end of 2011
Children England: 71% of organisations face cuts in 2011/12: 80% of organisations with LAs have had funding cuts: 47% of organisations with central government funding have had funding cutsEaves: 50% rise in service need between
2009/10 and 2010/11
Criminal Justice System (CJS): 23 SDVCs due to close RESPECT: 78% of
services have reduced
the number of clients
they work with
Coventry case study: six domestic abuse
officers lost from West Midlands police: One
IDVA post lost in Coventry
Coventry case study: Central grant to Coventry City Council cut by £38 million: West Midlands police cut of £40 million in 2011/12 and £38 million in 2012/13: 60% of
voluntary organisations have had funding cuts: 56% expect further cuts in next three years
Legal Aid: 57% of changes will impact on
women: and women bring: 65% of legally
aided family law case; 60% of legally aided
housing cases; 73% of legally aided education cases
IMKAAN: 2 specialist BAMER refuges closed Women’s Aid
Federation of England
Special Survey 2011:
Estimates 70,000
women and children
might not have access
to DV services after
April 2011
Local Authority Domestic Violence Coordinators network: Membership reduced from 109 to 79 in 2010 to 2011; 87% of these are no longer in postCJS: Police cuts of £1 billion
(20%) to 2014/15: CPS cuts of
£118 million (25%) to 2014/15:
New criteria for HO IDVA funding; max bid per IDVA £20,000 and only one bid per
LA area: New criteria for MARAC coordinator HO funding; max bid £15,000: 2011 CAADA survey of eight IDVA services: two face 100% cut: three face 50% cut: three face 40% cut: two face 25% cut: IDVA services averaging 10-
20% cuts
NCVO: 17% increase in demand for services
in 2011
Eaves: 39 bed spaces at the Poppy project closed RESPECT: 89% of services have lost staff through redundanciesEaves: Contract for Poppy project lost is a 95% funding cut
Legal aid: Access to a range of legal aid services proposed to close, including legally aided advice in a number of areas of 37 law and face-to-face advice servicesScottish WA: Less than half the groups in
the network were able to pay staff a cost of
living raise in 2011: in 2009 98% managed
this: in 2010 61% managed this
False Economy: DV and sexual abuse sector loss of £2,435,061 in LA funds between 2010/11 and 2011/12: Organisations with the smallest LA funds in 2010/11 subject to
the greatest proportional cuts in 2011/12
Homelessness: Accepted applications
for unintentional homelessness in
priority need due to breakup of a violent
relationship increased from 40,020 in
2009/10 to 44,160 in 2010/11
Other government services: Free English
as a second language classes to immigrants
on benefits service closed
IMKAAN: two out of four (in one local authority) BAMER refuges face funding cutsSolace WA: reports increase in service
demand of 90%
RESPECT: 44% of services closed
specific projects: 16.7% of services at
risk of closing
Legal Aid: proposals to change legal aid to save £350 millionWelsh WA: 18% increase in helpline
calls between 2008/09 and 2009/10
UKROL: 2009 – 2011 4% reduction in
organisations: 6% reduction in services
NCVO: community and voluntary sector predicted to lose £20 billion 2010/11 to 2015/16: In six months recorded £76 million cuts from over 500 organisations
VAWG roundtable: 32 DV organisations closed at least one
Other government services: 60% funding cut to advice for newly arrived asylum seekers
Scottish WA: In 2011 8% more groups
(21%) cut services compared to 2010
Refuge: cuts to 50% of services
WRC: 53% of women’s organisations believe funding cuts will restrict service provision: one in five women’s organisations closedRESPECT: 57% of services less financially secure in 2011 than in 2010: 75% of services have been subject to significant cuts: 100% of services have had some level of LA funding
Supporting People: 11.5% cut in real terms
Women’ s Aid Federation of England: 60% of refuges and 72% of outreach services no agreed funding after 1 April 2011
Scottish WA: Proportion of funding from LAs fell from 60% to 56% 2010/2011: In real terms in 2011 84% of groups have reduced or standstill budgets compared to 61% in 2010
WRC: 95% of women’s organisations face funding cuts