Term 2 (Responses)
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Write your name hereWhat was one thing Miss Ashley was good at this term?What was one thing Miss Ashley could be better at next term?What was one thing Mrs Sharma was good at this term?What was one thing Mrs Sharma could be better at next term?What was your favourite thing to learn about this term?What did you learn in maths?What did you learn in reading?What did you learn in writing?What did you learn in Kiwi-Can?What did you learn in Kiwi-sport (gymnastics)?Did you achieve your goals for this term?Did you have fun this term? How?Out of these, which would you like to learn about the MOST for next term? (chose only TWO)Suggest something else you would like to learn about ...What goal did you achieve?How did it make you feel to achieve this goal?What was your goal?Why did you not achieve it?What can you do better next time, to make sure you achieve your goal?
joshuahalping uslooking after kodalltyping on her pcnot going hard on uswriting storyshow to motaplireading new wordsstorysintrigrtyflipingYesyes i like writing storysSpace and plantshow to make blueberry piei can support some of my ideas with detailgood
isaiamaths doing maths with us and arttalking about plants art art and maths and writinggroups of and my timesmy verbs and similings to spell my words better and to write a long storythat integrity and that means do the right thing when the teacher is not herein gymnastics i learnt my leaning shape and in kiwi sports i learnt in cricket i have to face my bat the right wayYesyes because everyone shows whanaungatanga to me The water cycle, Countries of the worldnetbooks and powerreadinggood exited
hiriahelping us with work when we need helplearning more to make us learnteaching usmaking us learnmathshow many cats and how many tins are therewe reading the story and we write about the storywe learn about other people culturethat we take ownership what we dostatecksYesyes because my teacher helping usSpace and plants, The human bodylike to learn about what culture house are made out ofmaking connectionshappy good and amazing
kordellreading.teacher.learning about plantsmaking art. flowers.kiwicandont knowsound out words i don't knowwriting up to the next pageintegrity - be kindjumping Noyes, going to have fun on Friday on the trip.The water cycle, The scientific methodnothingnanana
alyssagrouth mindsetsportsgrouth mindsetsportspowerful wordssmiles and powerful wordsconitiontunaintegretistaticsNoYes, kiwi sports The water cycle, Space and plantsmy goalsusing powerful word and simileit to easymake conition
lopisenigesingtechingmathsteching maths readingdoeoublesmake a connectionwrite lots - more then one page.to be responsible.the sausage roll.NoYes. at gymnatics.The water cycle, The scientific methodnothingdont knowdont knowdont know
wesleyMathesspalling tonga wordsmathescabysass matheshow to split nabis sani out wordsspally itegrrealways from the haed NoyesThe water cyclespally wordsI did achieve my goalhow to spally tonga words
saiareadingmathscyber smartmathsmathsxs The gahit souprecording a bit of my life everydayintergiryeyes dawn eyes upYesby helping peopleSpace and plantssportsuppot of some of my workhappy
AucklandReadingMathsMathsCyber smartMathsGroupingMaking connections Add similes and verbs in my writingAccountability,integrity and OwnershipStatics,lene shape,rotation,swinging and diamond shapeYesYes because of kiwi can and kiwisport Countries of the worldSportAdd similes and verbsHappy
Mojtabatelling timenothingplansnothingplantsdoublsmaking kinkinesses with the storeysimile and verbsintegretylocomatenNoyes because we made falders and book ledesSpace and plants, The human bodyscenicemore ideas because I didn't think hardtry hard
maria growth minded setmistakes talling as about maths mistakesmaths I learnt doubles reading school journaI learnt to be care for of the netbook I learnt ownership I lenat how to throw Yesyes I didThe water cycle, Space and plantsnothingmy spilling executed
Angel helping us with our work when we need helplearning our samoan language helping us like miss Ashleylearning our language tooshowing integrity how to double learn some hard work learning how to spell profile how to be nice to people & don't talk when the teacher's talkingis when you lose & the other team win you have to say good game because win and you lose you still say good game not booooooooYesyes i did by having friends that i can trustCountries of the world, The scientific methodnothingchecking my work see if it make's sent'shappy something that i can achieve at something
hope.Lteachinglearning other languagerslooking after the plantssportsmaking the soupi learnt to use similes and verbsi learnt what hard words meani learnt to write small so te words can fiteto always tell the truthTo always listen to the teacherYesyes by learningThe water cycle, Space and plantsi would like to learn to do sportswritingIT made me happy
Evesokerlearning other languages looking after the plants sportmaking the soupquatersusing powerful wordslearning to get bettertelling the trothlistening to the teacherYesyes because it is fun The water cycle, Space and plantsthe human bodyspelling my words correctly. it makes me so happy
Tukotahitook care o fus.dont knowgrowling.not growl too much.maths.equations with blocks.how to sound out words.try to write smaller.be sensible.cant muck around.NoYes. On the bikes. at maths.Space and plants, The human bodyeating healthy foods.forgot.nana
cordezgesingtechingmathsteching mathsreadingdoeoublesmake a connectionwrite lots - more then one page to be responsinlethe sausage rollNoyes. at thisgymnatic The water cycle, The scientific methodnothingnanana
syraiahleeteaching us lots of things we don't know.teaching us more and learning from us sometimeslearning moreteaching us lotsmy favourite thing that i learnt this term is reading i learnt my doublesreading school journal and booksi learnt how to do more than one sentencei learnt that i have to be honest and take ownership and tell the truthi learnt in gymnastic a L shapYesyes and because im going to schoolThe water cycle, Space and plantsi want to learn cyber smartscheking my sentences if they make sencehappy and excited
rawiri1the techis a good at maths2wutwedoautsho intigitmathsskip countmake a connectioncapital letter in my nameintegrityL shapeNoyes, at kiwican. art. writing,Countries of the world, Space and plantsnaspellingnana
DenzelSpellingMathsWritingReadingMathsGroupingSpellUse verbsIntegrityLene shapeNoYes Because kiwicanThe water cycleSportSpellingPlaying aroundListen
arikireadingmathwriting aboutmylifetimes tableTimes tablecount in 3make kinecchabout rootsplay soccer only handslanding properlyNoyes, watching some painting movie.Countries of the world, The scientific methodnononono
grace.waterfallworst.lo's of writing.she was good at thing that make me. she will be good at keeping kordell the Corit path. how to tall the time.timestaybolls.tine steal the sow. a pit of my life every day.the games that we played.back roll.Yesyes I did have fun.The water cycle, Countries of the worldnato checkthat allmy sentences makesensehappy
wikitoriahelping us with our work kiwicandoing our work with ushelping us with artmathsabout the little girlabout the magic tunafull stops and capital lettersintegrityhow to do an L shapeNoYes, The water cycle, The scientific methodnomake sure my sentneces make sensebecause i forgot to check themremember