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Plusvitechhttps://plusvitech.comWe can help people preventing the complications caused by COVID-19 in humans and therefore and decrease the morbidity associated with this infection, which will result in lower mortality and optimization of healthcare resources.

We have developed a combination of two repositioned drugs (patented) and that therefore, whose pharmacokinetic profiles are known, that have demonstrated a high safety profile for use in humans and that have been shown to be synergistically effective in preventing complications from severe lung injury.
One of our drug (patented) can be an effective, safe and cheap treatment option for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 infection, in addition to being sustainable by health systems.
mortigueira@plusvitech.comSee YCombinator Application Summer 2020
Ejentahttp://ejenta.comAI driven remote care: Applying intelligent agent technology from NASA for remotely monitoring astronauts in space to remote monitoring and care for patients with infectious and chronic diseases. Ejenta is a HIPAA compliant AI platform working with leading healthcare providers across the US. Intelligent agents (autonomous software programs) automate patient care by continuously monitoring data from wireless devices and the medical record, detect patient detioration, notify providers and offer personalize guidance to patients, allowing health providers to focus their attention where it is needed most. We are seeking investors to expand intelligent agent capabiliites for autonomous monitoring and support for patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and asymptomatic patients exposed to COVID-19. We are hiring full stack software engineers, machine learning engineers. info@ejenta.com
6 ( number of synthesizable drug-like molecules is comparable to the number of atoms in the universe or 10^80. Finding a new drug takes a decade and costs over a billion on average. LambdaZero is a first algorithm that makes search in the molecule space (almost) as easy as search in the WWW. On 40GPUs, LambdaZero brute-forces over 1.6B molecules/day shortening the time required to find a candidate molecule from years to weeks. LamdaZero idea appeared at MIT and was further developed at MILA under the supervision of prof. Yoshua Bengio.Funding for: 1. Molecule synthesis (50 molecules, ~1k/molecule ) 2. Molecule binding evaluation energy measurement (~0.2k/molecule) 3. Cell toxicity tests 4. Collaborators in Model-based RL from OpenAI 5. BSL4 lab collaborators to evaluate on live culturesmkkr@mit.edu
StayhomeReminder for every hour (it's important, you can do that), also possibility to see if your friends, kids.. Still staying at home), geo trafficking and the little alarm for self. Also to possibility to write the list for grocery (for example for older people), that everyone can see it
10 Health ( We are a tech-enable primary care company, but we're piloting a virtual visit with the capacity to do at home testing starting tomorrow. Would love help from anyone that has time. or 317-525-1020
#EndCoronavirusWww.EndCornavirus.netThis a non-profit initiative started by @montymetzger and @LCX ( - leveraging blockchain technology to bring a new level of transparency and traceability to fight #Coronavirus #COVID19.Use hashtag #EndCoronavirus and help us grow the community. endcoronavirus@lcx.com
Mediterranean Techhttps://mediterranean.techThe first online technology community in the middle eastern region, that can prove critical for connecting talented technologists and problem solvers to assist this part of the world.
Medical Informatics Corp. (MIC)www.michealthcare.comMIC is creating a new standard of care by unlocking and processing ALL patient data that is currently thrown away; specifically the 800,000 samples an hour of waveform monitoring data coming off of critical care beds. Our FDA cleared Sickbay clinical surveillance and analytics platform allows hospitals and healthcare systems to move to software-based monitoring to expedite intervention, recover lost revenue, improve care, decrease length of stay, and reduce patient risk. For COVID-19 Sickbay enables clinical distancing without sacrificing quality of care by creating flexible, scalable remote monitoring workflows so you can quickly increase ICU bed capacity, reduce risk to provider staff, manage staff shortages, and further reduce patient risk by enabling patient-centered analytics at scale.Follow MIC on LinkedIn for up-to-date information and share relevant COVID-19 content to help encourage additional followers:
PatchAIwww.patchai.ioWe are adapting our Clinical Trials platform to assist in the fight agains COVID-19. We provide a Virtual Assistant that communicates with patients and performs a Flu Triage. The triage assess the patient risk state and channels them onto the correct NHS resources. A map with the patient position and risk group are shown to the Agencies in charge in order for them to follow and monitor the disease spread. We are working currently with the Italian Gouvernment and EY.
DIY Ventilatorsdiyventilators.comBuilding a library of ventilator designs that can be build at- or near-site with locally-available parts.Ask: visibility, advisers with fully-distrubted coordination models at 1000-2000+ people.
Bodymapwww.ibodymap.comHealthcare game to help users make medical decisions related to COVID19 (will be needed when hospitals will be overwhelmed).
GovShopgovshop.comGovShop is a market intelligence platform for governments all over the world to quickly find companies and ecosystem partners to solve critical challenges. We are using machine learning to quickly identify companies, institutions, innovators, scientists and others to identify all the organizations and people that can come together to quickly solve any problem. We have created a database of companies and people/experts that can aid in speeding up the development of vaccines to fight coronavirus.
24的官方nCov subreddit刚刚突破了100万用户,仍然是真实人们了解nCov并制定计划的重要资源之一。找到审核小组暂停工作,并完全专注于推广可信赖的信息并消除危险的垃圾邮件。在其他事情可能需要数周或数月的情况下,这可能会影响明天,并直接影响数以百万计的生命。Ask: there's a couple dozen active moderators, who are carefully trained and growing as they recruit and train more people and deploy more structure and algorithms. Since there's no company and this is cheap, just provide a way for them to individually request funding, e.g. send a PayPal/etc request for funds. NOTE: I'm one of the mods and well known ex-googler. I don't need the money but also not wealthy enough to do
VaxNowhttps://vaxnow.orgAn app designed to show you what vaccines you need, track your immunization record, and remind you when vaccinations are due.
People Care HealthWe will work with local health system to track, find and treat suspected cases in the neighbourhood.
PatientDxwww.patientdx.comOur remote monitoring platform helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities minimize the spread of COVID-19 among patients by using machine learning to automatically inform patients if, and when, they should contact their doctor or visit a hospital based on daily questionnaires and temperature readings. This reduces the number of non-essential sick patients in the healthcare facility which minimizes the chances of spreading the COVID-19 virus while also helping the medical staff prioritize their workload.While our current costs are low, $0.08/patient/day (will be lower at scale) and healthcare professionals can bill Medicare and private insurance for the use of our platform, I have decided to self-funding this program to make it easier and quicker for healthcare professionals to adopt our platform. This does however limit my over impact as my funds are limited. I’d love to discuss an opportunity to partner with someone willing to invest/donate funds to increase the number of patients we can serve and limit the spread of this and future
(800) 984-5208 ext: 701
Pitch Deck Available Upon Request
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Tatra AIHttps://tatradev.comPredictive analytics/ pattern recognition for big data (analyzing text, image, sound for medical purposes)Gathered big data on illness/ symptoms/ diagnosis Oleg.novikov@tatradev.com
Ninsar (we have an engineer on our team that could build a better production line for medical masks and such) Actually the main product is the indoor navigation and digital building as part of the smart city for PropTech and a personal AR-Guide for TravelTech but we have VR soft skills training as well and the latest inclusion is the streaming service for training/doctor meetup/ mental health
DNA Compass - see https://www.dnacmopass.comReuse of same platform world is currently using for sharing population health data - John Hopkins Covid Map, ArcGIS, to provide global feeds of genomes for analysis
Agora Agora our podcast ad network solution to get ad partners (podcast hosts) to do free reads for COVID-19 projects and startups to get the message out to more people faster.Spread the word on critical projects and products as quickly as possible. Please contact me if you have a podcasat or can refer me to somebody that does so I can talk to them ASAP to do a free ad
Vital Signs Project Project and inititated by Breathing.AIApp for remote vital sign detection via phone cam & AI for symptoms analysis by doctors, and therapeutic methods for mental/physical health.
Funding ($50k) for research and core team of 10 data scientists, engineers and healthcare practitioners from Stanford, Berkeley etc. (so far 90 voluneering global experts). 1) Tech team formation for different vital signs, also exploring deep learning. 2) More surveys and problem refinement by reseach of healthcare practitioners (HCP) in project team, and outreach to HCP globally. 3) Data gathering for R&D, refinment of algorithms and app. 4) Funding, grant writing. 5) Monitoring of recovered patients and potential early symptoms detection (interest of multiple hospitals and German Center for Infection Research etc) 3) Therapeutic methods integrated to reduce stress and improve mental and physical health.
hannes@breathing.aiPlease email for access to our Slack and documents.
MaskaMaska www.maskamaska.comWe can quickly reconfigure our cosmetology mask production(masks with electrophoresis technology) to the protection masks against viruses and bacterias. The material is coated with chlorhexidine digluconate, which is "activated" by exhaling air (moistening leads to greater antibacterial and antiviral activity) and use an electrostatic filter (Silicone-Polypropylene) to effective trap particles on the filter. We also use safe adhesive strips to fix the masks on the nose area, which ensures 100% air passage through the filter material.Supply
Big scientist to test solutions against COVID-19There's a scientist who has analized situation and ready to test the solutions against the virusFunding for labratory and equipment to work on the virus
RidePurifyhttps://ridepurify.comVehicle sanitization as a service. We offer sanitization/disinfection services for any type of fleet vehicles.Visibility, funding, intros,
Quarantine Enforcement using GPS with Symptom Tracking. Our app helps track recovering addicts and monitors their cravings so we know how to do quarantine & symptom tracking.
Warm introductions for sales leads. For example at CDC / WHO. It's already built & in use within counties.
MODICA Microindustrieswww.modicamicroindustries.comModular robotic micro-factories and portable human workdpaces inside shipping containers. Rapid manufacturing capacity scaling. Bootstrapped. MVP. Cost coverage for engineering and build materials/components, intros to med supplies mfg experts to source inputs and adapt processes, advisory on need for prefab rapid-deploy spaces like isolation units, supply stations
RenegadeX.Biohttp://Renegadex.bioWe run CDC and enhanced CDC-protocols for early detection of CoVid-19. We partnered with the Uber of Phlebotomy to deliver sputum kits to our lab for
Dolphin high-impact jobs and internships tackling COVID-19 and infectious disease prevention.Visibility and fundinggeorge@splashwithdolphin.com
Proteineaproteinea.comWe are using insects as mini-bioreactors to produce vaccine on a scale at a lower cost. This platform is both robust and scalable, as whole organism-based systems, insects are free from virus-based vectors, as well as inexpensive to operate in a contained environment. This patent-pending technology can produce vaccine at a fraction of a time of the current methods.
60 Second diagnostic Testing Unit for all Virus Types"Pinpoint Science is a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, developing a new generation of low-cost handheld diagnostic unit to detect viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens in seconds. The Corona Virus is our focus and completing the first production sample units within a few months is our goal with production of hundreds of thousands of units by 3rd Qtr call 310-467-1193 ")
EIC AcceleratorEU (Including UK) startups can apply here - Deadline 18th March -
Pandemic Ventilator open spec & prototype for the developing world: durable, simple, local parts (+ small shipment of specialized parts). First target for a hospital in Guatemala with a Doctor and Engineer husband /Wife Team. Funding through gofundme. Building prototype
Insilica and semi-automated data extraction from, pubmed, the news, and any other source of COVID-19 data.
Graphistry / https://www.thedataridealongs.comScale up how we stop panic & increase adoption of social safety policies by combining algorithms+analysts+anti-bots that identify & act on social media misinformation as it happens and where citizens encounter it. In collab w/ Disastertech (one of Obama's disaster coordinators for Puerto Rico), Graphistry (analyst GPU/AI tech: GPU cloud visual investigation platform, graph neural nets, ...), The Data Ride Alongs (data science practitioner community w/ OSINT community participation), and the Social Media Research Foundation. Graphistry GPU investigation platform already in use by data-intensive digital crime analyst teams ( sec/fraud/trafficking/aml/...), the GPU firehose bot analysis pipeline was already for a related anti-misinformation effort. Current phase is mapping the COVID discourse space, training detectors, and plugging in anti-bots.
RxLivewww.rxlive.comTelehealth network of clinical pharmacists integrated into provider groups, collaborating with primary care and other providers to triage, educate, help manage, and ultimately enable complex co-morbid patients at the highest level of risk to stay home, manage their medications and stay connected to their healthcare team. Model is reimburseable through Medicare making it a "free" option for providers looking to engage patients at home with a skilled team of clinical extenders (pharmacists)mark@rxlive.com
[n/a] - Scaled Testkits test to detect CV-19,
LifeOmic, Lifeology.io education on COVID-ID, for low science and health literacy - primer already online - (English) and (Chinese) with more courses and languages coming. Funding needed for scientist reviwers, writers and artists.
3DQue to shift to mass-producing 3D-printable PPE. 100 3D printers running 24/7 operator-free within 1 month.Funding to scale up our production. We're aiming for 100 3D printers running 24/7 within 1
GeoGroGeoGro is qualitatively the most productive and efficient geoponic, geotropic, regenerative, 3-D agricultural cultivation system on Earth. We are ready to provide specialty plant crops from an automated, modular, scalable and replicable growing system anywhere on Earth, and beyond. We can grow more plants with less space and resources, in soil, with gravity, and produce more soil than the system uses, anywhere. Our team has the experience and proven capacity to grow food, feed, fodder, fiber, fungi, herb and medicinal plants, and to scale our system for plant-based vaccine production anywhere. We've built 19 prototypes, grown over 170 varieties of plants and have some of the worlds most experienced and well known farmers, agricultural scientists, researchers, government agencies, relief organizations and leading brands waiting for us to scale. We need early post friends and family, seed stage funding now to cover R&D, trials, product development and systems integration. With global applications of our US patented, disruptive, regenerative agriculture technology on farms, in urban and vertical growing, as well as gardens, grows, indoor and outdoor, as well as in support of human space exploration, we need investor / partners who think big and can bring emerging technology into our platform, and rapidly developing ecosystem. We have been considering taking $2M in a convertible note to cover 6 months of these activities, or with an angel who's able to grow with us, particularly one with real estate, equipment leasing and licensing experience, taking $7M in a mix of equity, participation in facilities and equipment financing, and a note for the next round, which we're targeting at least for $15M+ within 12 monthsMackenzemcaleer@gmail.com
Cooking for MortalsCooking for Mortals is a platform for cooks everywhere to create sterile home-cooked meals and digital content simultaneously.
OpenMaskhttps://openmask.github.io3D printable TPU N95 equivalent respirators, first version will be available for printing by Tuesday
Snap Fluidicsinfo@snapfluidics.comhandheld qPCR with a 10 minute test time
SteadyMDSteadyMD.comOnline primary care. Funding aside, if anyone needs help, we have 50 state network (
BlinkIdentitywww.blinkidentity.comBuilding a low cost temperature sensor optimized for high throughput fever scanning. Looking for visibility and funding to ramp production
77 has an AI powered risk assessment tool and access to doctors via text
Virophage utilisation Virophages are relatively recently disocvered parasites of giant viruses, Covid-19 is not a giant virus, however there is some learning from virophages mechanism of action that could be applied as a therapeutic and / or cleaning agent. I'm currently working on biophysics for cancer and have been looking at some side projects in viruses as they drive 20% of cancers. This means there could be applications of this approach for diseases like cancer as well as
Snewpitwww.snewpit.comSnewpit was built as a map based crowd-sourced news platform, essentially drop a pin to post what is going on. I have recently added a category for Coronavirus (COVID-19) as I believe it can help with the awareness of where confirmed Coronavirus cases are and where they have been.
Improving awareness should help stop the spread as the app sends notifications to users within a 5km radius of their current location and also allows users to set up to 3 POIs for notifications, so this seems like the perfect use case.
My team and I are trying to populate it but data has been hard to get (precise location data, not state/country). Ideally it would be used in the way it was built and people will start to populate with the data as they come across it.
We have built the web platform and apps and it can be scaled worldwide without needing to make any changes. Looking for a partner who can bring their network to help with growth and also funding to increase the size of our team. charlie@snewpit.com
Currative - Covid19 Testing Expansion
TeachersConnectwww.teachersconnect.comMaking sure that teaching is never again a solo activity and that equitable learning continues even as schools are closed.We're putting together a collaboration of for-profit, non-profit, and gov orgs to disseminate information and strategies so that equitable and valuable learning continues at the K-12 level even as the buildings are closed. $150K will fund daily live webinars and an online asynchronous community in which policy and health professionals will share high-level information and practitioners (teachers, principals, superintendents) will share tactics, victories, hurdles, and suggestions. We're ready to start during the week of March 16th. Thank you for the
We started as a fertility tracking company and have significant traction - turns out our bracelet is the only medically approved device that measures breathing rate, HR and temperature. We believe we can see the onset of the Corona infection in our data, potentially before oral temp increases. We can build the largest database of phsysiological parameters linked to the onset and outcome of the infection based on our data. We need urgently funding to start a large scale study to develop our algorithms for detection of onset of Covid-19. We are planning to go live tomorrow. lea.vonbidder@avawomen.comTel: +41795801903
LIGANDAL is developing pepitide-mimetic vaccines that can trigger T cell and B cell responses to the novel coronavirus, while also serving as competitive inhibitors and drug/gene delivery carriers to target the ACE2 receptor.1) humanized mice and hACE2 mice that can be virally innoculated, 2) grants and associated government/NGO resources, 3) collaborations with immunology labs and groupsdre@ligandal.com
MedAux automatically screens and triages the condition of patients who have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, during their required period of self-quarantine.
The key to the platform is that it interacts with patients via automated text messages, follow-ups with patients at various time points, and updates the medical team with real-time clinical data if an escalation of care is necessary.
The platform is ready to launch on population-level and can be used as a stand-alone solution.
We are working with CDC to launch the program. Our ask is funding to schale our
Juznowjuznow.comCommunity management app.
Looking to leverage this app to build a service that can help with big problems like corona virus.
Seed funding and connections.
Wana Family Network PBC (home of the Komae app) is a cooperative childcare marketplace where families trade care for points instead of dollars. We made the call early to urge families to isolate and not share care, but we are supporting essential healthcare and city staff (as well as unavoidable care circumstances) with insulated groups within which they coordinate necessary childcare while preserving max social distance, free of charge.We host 25k families worldwide and have been approached with 85k potentials in the last 24 hours alone. Urgent need to increase staff hours to keep up. Fundraising, details ready.erin@wanafam.lyParent company:
NoOverload.ioNoOverload.ioWe are offering live on-demand workshops, primariliy to enterprise customers. One can choose a vetted expert and request a custom event. When you suddenly become a remote worker, most people experience depression, isolation, lack of communication etc. We help to overcome such issues by giving you an opportunity to upskill, talk to live experts.