WaLUP Implementation Table
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Action ItemLead ImplementerSupporting EntitiesFunding SourcesImplementation Time FrameMay 2019 Status and NotesDecember 2019 Status and Notes
Engage residents and property owners in all decisions impacting the future of the Harbor DistrictHDIDCD, DPW, WPANAOn-going
Review and update the WaLUP implementation plan so that it remains a useful document.HDIDCDNAOn-goingA WaLUP update will be available by the end of 2019.
Advocate for the recommendations of the WaLUP and facilitate the private-public partnerships necessary to implement plan recommendations.HDI
Land Use and Development
Partner with development community to ensure that new development is consistent with WaLUP design recommendationsDCDHDI, WPA, developersNAOn-goingConversations with a variety of developers and property owners as opportunities and needs arise.
Recruit businesses identified in Market Analysis or M7 Asset Industry Clusters to the Harbor DistrictM7, DCDHDINAOn-going
Remediate and redevelop 311 E Greenfield consistent with plan recommendationsProperty ownerDCD/RACM, HDI, developersOn-goingKomatsu Mining Co. is proposing a $285 million development that would include 410,000 sq ft of manufacturing and ~200,000 of commercial office. Initially ~600 jobs growing to over 1,000 jobs within 10 years. Plan includes public Harborwalk along waterfront.We Energies is scheduled to complete their cleanup and remediation of the site in early 2020. Komatsu has begun some initial construction prep and plans to break ground at the site in March 2020.
Create a Riverwalk Overlay Zoning District in collaboration with private property owners with a goal of providing continuous public access to the waterfront. Ensure design standards are responsive to property owner safety, security, and operational needs.DCDHDI, property ownersNAShort termHarbor District Riverwalk Overlay Zone adopted. Contract signed with design team to create Riverwalk Design Standards between June and December 2019.Harbor District Riverwalk Design Standards are on schedule to be completed in January 2020, with adoption by the Common Council likely in March or April.
Activate or redevelop the RACM owned parcel at 317 E National Ave.RACMNAShort termV. Marchese Inc. is purchasing the property from RACM to build a parking lot that will support their facility expansion and add jobs. HDI advised on the incorporation of green infrastructure and helped Marchese secure a $19,500 green infrastructure grant from MMSD.V. Marchese Inc. has constructed a parking lot on the site.
Advance zoning changes recommended by the WaLUPDCDHDI, WPA, property ownersNAShort term1958 S. 1st St. was rezoned from IH to IM to allow for a greater variety of future uses.
Remediate and redevelop 401 E Greenfield consistent with plan recommendationsPortDCD/RACM, developersMedium termKomatsu Mining Co. is proposing a $285 million development that would include 410,000 sq ft of manufacturing and ~200,000 of commercial office. Initially ~600 jobs growing to over 1,000 jobs within 10 years. Plan includes public Harborwalk along waterfront.We Energies is scheduled to complete their cleanup and remediation of the site in early 2020. Komatsu has begun some initial construction prep and plans to break ground at the site in March 2020.
Explore potential to repurpose MCTS KK Garage to facilitate Mitchell St. extension and mixed use developmentCountyDCD, DPWCity, County, FTAMedium termConversations have taken place between HDI and the County, but a plan is needed for an alternative MCTS facility to advance further. Mitchell Street extension is unlikely with Komatsu Mining Co. development taking place.
Develop 143 E Lincoln Avenue as the Lincoln Horse Stable therapy centerMPD/Non-profitRACMFundraising, EPAMedium termConstruction on the Milwaukee Urban Stables began in May 2019.Construction of the Milwaukee Urban Stables is on schedule to be completed in 2020.
Redevelop the Grand Trunk Site in a manner that complements the wetland slated for restorationPort, DCDDevelopersNALong termPort Milwaukee and RACM issued an RFP for development proposals at the Grand Trunk site in November 2019. Two proposals were received and they are currently reviewing them.
Identify unused and non-leasable space on Jones Island that can be converted for public space or green infrastructurePortNALong term
Parks, Open Space, and Recreation
Design waterfront stub end streets as plaza or park-like connections to RiverwalkDPWDCD, Adjacent property ownersCity, developersOn-going (as development occurs)
Remove unused rail spurs identified in WaLUP for removal for conversion to shared use public paths and stormwater management facilitiesDCD/RACMRailways, HDI, DPW, property ownersCity, grants, property ownersShort term
Create two new canoe/kayak launches in East Greenfield Avenue sub-districtHDI, Property ownersHDI, property ownersShort termFirst canoe/kayak launch will be installed in July 2019 as part of Harbor View Plaza.Firs canoe/kayak launch at Harbor View Plaza was installed in July 2019 and removed for the winter in November 2019. It is scheduled to be reinstalled in late spring 2020.
Create and deploy coordinated bicycle trail signage throughout the Harbor DistrictCounty, City, WDNRBike Fed, Friends of Hank Aaron State TrailCounty, City, grantsShort term
Build the "Slosh Park" public plaza where East Greenfield meets the water's edgeHDIDPW, UWMFundraising, grantsShort termHarbor View Plaza is under construction and scheduled to open in July 2019.Harbor View Plaza celebrated its grand opening on July 29, 2019.
Develop and extend a trail and wayfinding system for recreational boaters throughout the waters of the Harbor DistrictMilwaukee RiverkeeperHDIGrants, BIDMedium term
Design and build linear waterfront park within East Greenfield sub-district in partnership with property ownersMedium term$15 million from the Komatsu Mining Co. TID is dedicated to the design and construction of a waterfront park. Design is expected to begin in early 2020.After the adoption of the Harbor District Riverwalk Design Standards, the City of Milwaukee will issue an RFP for design services for the Riverwalk section along the future Komatsu development site.
Create a new public park at 2112 and 2122 South Fourth StreetMMSDMedium termAs part of the Harborwalk Design Standards project, the consultant team will create a design concept for creating a public space on these MMSD-owned properties.
Research strategies to attract additional recreational boating into the Inner HarborHDIMilwaukee RiverkeeperBID, grantsMedium term
Improve the Milwaukee County Boat Launch to better serve as a waterfront public space and better accommodate canoes and kayaksCountyCounty, grantsMedium termAs part of the Harborwalk Design Standards project, the consultant team will create a redesign concept for the Milwaukee County Boat Launch.
Create an at-grade crossing over the Union Pacific railway in the East Greenfield sub-district to allow users to access waterfrontDCD/RACMRailways, DPW, property ownersMedium termThere have been multiple conversations with UP Rail, but no agreement to all for an at-grade crossing.
Partner with other organizations and districts to create mobile or print maps and guidesHDIVisit MilwaukeeMedium term
Create a public fishing and recreation area between the liquid cargo terminal and Combined Disposal FacilityPortDPWCityLong termThis area is proposed to be an expansion of the CDF, which will likely change these plans.
Improve and expand Kaszubes Park to include access to the waterfrontDPWPortCityLong term
Create a public park at the site of the Combined Disposal Facility when it transitions from its current useCountyPortLong term
Create a public boat launch at 900 S Water St. when use transitionsProperty Owner, CountyLong term
Transportation and Utilities
Install Bublr Bike stations to meet 1/2 mile coverage goalBublrHDI, DPWContributions, sponsorships, grantsOn-goingBublr is holding community input meetings in May/June 2019 to determine where to place 26 new stations in the next year.
Formally adopt Complete Streets policy and utilize in all projects within the Harbor DistrictDPWDCDNAShort term, On-goingMilwaukee adopted a complete streets policy in October 2018.
Pursue Wisconsin Clean Marina certificationArea marinas and boat yardsNAShort term
Create a on-street bicycle "neighborway" along Washington StreetDPWDCDCity, WisDOTShort termDPW has received a DOT grant to construct the Washington Street bike boulevard/neighborway. Design will occur in 2020.
Complete the build out of the Kinnickinnic River Trail through the Harbor DistrictDPWDCD, HDICity, grantsMedium termSome conversations with DPW and other stakeholders, more progress expected in 2019.
Explore options for providing truck access to East Greenfield sub-district via changes to railway underpassesDPWDCD, property ownersCityMedium termKomatsu Mining Co. and We Energies are working together to lower the roadways under the Greenfield Avenue railroad bridge and under S. Kinnickinic Ave. immediately south of the Kinnickinnic River.The roadway on E. Greenfield Ave. under the railroad bridge was lowered, with construction completed on December 13, 2019.
Screen the WE Energies substation on South Water Street in an aesthetically pleasing mannerProperty OwnerProperty OwnerMedium term
Explore options to reduce odors from facilities on Jones IslandMMSDPortMedium termMMSD is undertaking a study to determine the source of odors within their facilities and actions to eliminate odors.
Achieve Green Marine level 5 ratingPortNAMedium term
Remove unused rail tracks located in right of way along South Water Street and Florida Street to increase safety and accessDPWDCD/RACM, Railways, adjacent property ownersMedium term
Create on-street protected bike lanes along South Water Street, Pittsburgh Street, Kinnickinnic Avenue, and Bay StreetDPWCity, WisDOTMedium term
Advocate for development of Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee (KRM) rail Commuter LinkCityHDITBDLong term
Redesign First Street to better serve all users and serve as a gateway to the Harbor DistrictDPWWisDOT, DCDCity, WisDOTLong term
As uses transition and opportuntites arise, create new public rights of way within Grand Trunk sub-districtDPWDCDCityLong Term
Redesign the Becher Street interchange at I94/43 to improve safety and functionalityWisDOTDCDWisDOTLong termEngaged in discussions with the City, WisDOT, and Lincoln Village businesses to improve the area under the freeway overpass.
Develop a bicycle and pedestrian loop on Jones IslandPortDPWCityLong term
Equity and Affordability
Focus businesses recruitment to the Harbor District to firms that provide job opportunities accessible to area residentsM7, HDI, DCDNAOn-going
Include affordable housing units in any new multi-family residential development involving sale of public landDCD, CountyDevelopersNAOn-going
Make changes to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Allocation Plan that further prioritizes areas with job and transit access and those at risk of displacementWHEDADCD, HDINAShort termCity of Milwaukee DCD sent recommended QAP changes to WHEDA, but changes were not implemented.
Complete Equitable Growth through Transit Oriented Development Study and implement resulting housing affordability recommendationsDCDHDITBDShort termEquitable Growth TOD study was adopted by the Milwaukee Common Council in November 2018.MKE United launched an anti-displacement fund to help homeowners in Walker's Point who are facing rapid property tax increases. The fund was identified as a initiative in the Equitable Growth TOD Study.

The City of Milwaukee adopted a new Anti-Displacement Neighborhood Preference Policy that will provide a preference for existing residents of the neighborhood in 20% of affordable housing units created in projects receiving city assistance within the Harbor District.
Develop tailored programing to connect area residents with employment opportunities in Harbor DistrictEmploy MilwaukeeHDI, area employersBID, Employ Milwaukee, grantsMedium term
Environmental Cleanup
Complete projects to support delisting of the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern, particularly cleanup of contaminated sedimentsWDNRAOC Community Advisory Committee, MMSD, Responsible PartiesWDNR, grantsOn-goingAOC is designated a priority in EPA's latest Great Lakes Restoration Initiative strategic plan. We Energies and others pursuing expansion of Confined Disposal Facility to be able to dispose of dredged materials. WDNR and partners finalizing a list of Management Actions for delisting. Milwauke Estuary AOC designated priority in EPA's Action Plan III. MMSD, City, and County entering partnership agreements for AOC projects. Work in progress to design and permit new Dredged Materials Management Facility. Targets for BUI removal revised in December.
Seek funding to carry out site assessments for publicly owned sites within the Harbor DistrictDCD/RACMWDNRRACM, grantsOn-going
Pursue resources and access agreements to assist with site assessment and cleanup at privately owned sitesDCD/RACMWDNRRACM, grantsOn-going
Stormwater Management and Water Quality
Implement the Alliance for Water Stewardship International Water Stewardship StandardAWSHDI, Property ownersNAOn-goingIn partnership with AWS, two Harbor District businesses and the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences are going through AWS certification in 2019.
Create a biofiltration facility along South Marina Drive, including potential daylighting of sewerDPWDCD, MMSD, WDNRCity, MMSDShort termHDI hired Stormwater Solutions to design this facility. Construction can proceed along with the Grand Trunk Wetland restoration project.Stormwater Solutions mostly completed preliminary designs for green infrastructure. Will be combined with restoration plans into one set of construction documents. City awarded $600,000 from MMSD for construction.
Complete next level stormwater management planning for Harbor District sub-districts and corridorsDCD/RACM, HDIMMSD, ECO, WDNRWNDR, MMSDShort term
Implement stormwater best management practices adjacent to Grand Trunk Wetland to protect water quality of the wetlandDCD/RACM, HDIWDNR, PortRACM, grantsMedium termHDI hired Stormwater Solutions to design stormwater management. HDI and RACM have over $1MM in grant requests pending for construction. Stormwater Solutions mostly completed preliminary designs for green infrastructure. Will be combined with restoration plans into one set of construction documents. HDI awarded grant from Sustain Our Great Lakes for $429,000 for construction.
Create a stormwater substitute ordinance to Chapter 120 for properties within the Harbor DistrictDPWHDI, MMSDNAMedium term
Develop incentive programs to install green infrastructure projectsECOMMSD, DPWMMSD, CityMedium termBID 51 created the "Property Improvement Grant Program" that will support the design and installation of green infrastructure on private properties in the Harbor District.
Build a demonstration wetland at west end of UWM School of Freshwater Sciences boat slip to improve water qualityUWMHDIUWMMedium term
Explore creation of demonstration wetland at Solvay Car Ferry Slip
Reconstruct unimproved parking lot at UWM School of Freshwater Sciences to improve waterquality of runoffUWMUWMMedium term
Implement priority projects from Nine Key Element PlanMMSDMMSDMedium term
Develop solutions to address runoff from I-794Port, DORDPW
Habitat and Ecology
Add a aquatic habitat location or feature at every waterfront property in the Harbor View AreaHDIProperty ownersOn-goingHabitat Hotels have been installed at 3 properties in the Harbor District.19 additional hotels have been installed, bringing total to 36 spread among 4 different properties.
Plant trees to reach goal of 23% tree canopy coverageDPWProperty ownersDPW, property ownersOn-going
Restore the Grand Trunk Wetland to achieve habitat and ecological goals laid out in the plan and provide public accessDCD/RACMWDNR, PortEPA, grantsShort termCity of Milwaukee received a $3 million grant from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to restore the Grand Trunk Wetland. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 (delayed to discovery of PCB contamination on site).CIty of Milwaukee and DNR planning for management of contaminated soil. Construction expected to begin mid-2020.
Install a Trash Wheel near the Becher Street BridgeHDIMMSDMedium termContracted with John Kellet (Baltimore Trash Wheel) to do preliminary engineering study for a Trash Wheel.Solicited proposal from Aquarius Systems, a Wisconsin company that built MMSD's trash skimmer for an alternative. EPA Great Lakes trash grant RFP will be issued soon.
Install Habitat Hotels alog the shoreline north of Becher Street Bridge and on Jones IslandHDIProperty ownersMedium term
Develop signage and programming to educate visitors on the ecological aspects of the Harbor DistrictIn partnership with UWM SFS, installing a series of Harbor Habitat maps/posters at Harbor View Plaza.
Public Art
Deploy public art to highlight or temporarily activate areas where future development will occur and along rail bridgesHDI, RailroadsArts NonprofitsGrants, Railroads, BID51Short TermBID 51 is developing several mural installation in the Harbor District, beginning with 3 sites in 2019 and expanding in 2020.
Create a wayfinding system for the Harbor District that utilizes artistic elementsHDIBID51, DCD, DPWBID51Medium Term
Incorporate public art into existing and new developments within the Harbor DistrictHDI, Property OwnersOn-going
Incorporate public art within redesigned Milwaukee County Boat LaunchCountyHDI, Arts NonprofitsMedium Term
Incorporate public art at former grain silos on South Water StreetProperty Owner, DevelopersHDIMedium Term
Add public art on the large retaining wall on South Kinnickinnic Avenue between Maple Street and the RiverHDI, DPW, DCD/RACMArts NonprofitsBID51Short TermThis site is a priority for BID 51's art projects.
Add public art to beautify rooftop of former Louis Allis facilityProperty OwnerArts Nonprofits, BVNAMedium Term
Use art to enliven Jones Island Water Reclamation facilityMMSDWatermarks Project PartnersMedium Term