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What's your username?What is your published/pen name?What media have you been published in?What is your main Author Portfolio website?Do you have a blog or social media account where people can get updates on your work?What other social media accounts do you use?What genre(s) do your published works tend to reflect?Link us to your Bestseller and give us a back-of-the-book synopsis.Link us to your most recent published work for sale and give us a back-of-the-book synopsis.Do you have any upcoming works? Tell us about it!Anything else we should know about you or your published works?
shades.of.midnightMichael David Anderson Self-Published (physical format, digital format) @shadeofmidnightGeneral Fiction, Horror/Supernatural, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi/Skiffy/Space Opera), Fantasy, Mystery, Non-Novel Format (Screenplays, Poetry, Articles)Teddy

Teddy Dormer lives with a condition unlike any other: in order to sleep, he must not only inadvertently steal the ability for others around him to sleep, but he also experiences their worst nightmares, memories, and darkest secrets. This is a condition he has lived with his entire life, often with dire consequences, but he has a system that works for him. Teddy lives on the road, perpetually moving from place to place, never subjecting his presence on the same population for longer than a single night. However, at a small hotel in Texas, Teddy discovers through a young woman’s dreams that she has been kidnapped. Driven by conscience, Teddy does what he must to find and free her from the clutches of evil. What he cannot anticipate, however, is how this singular deed will trigger a chain of events that will not only compel him to confront an evil from his past but will also lead him to an encounter with a force far beyond anything he has ever faced before – a force with the potential to change the world as it sees fit! Teddy is a novel about the dichotomy of the human condition, for even in the face of absolute madness, good may persevere and hope will endure.
My new novel, In the House of Wolves, releases in December 2017. Forgive me, I haven't prepared an official synopsis yet, but it's a haunted house novel with sci-fi underpinnings. The first two novels, Teddy and Wake, are part of the Teddy Dormer series. However, almost every story I write is part of a connected multiverse. (The Silo Saga: The Cleaner is the exception to the rule.) The digital story Desynchrony is a tie-in to the Teddy novels; chronologically, it's the third work in the series. The newest addition is Flux, a tale that appears in Inn Between Worlds: Volume 1, edited by Thomas A. Farmer.
amryncrossAmryn CrossTraditional Book Publisher (physical format, digital format), Self-Published (physical format, digital format)amryncross.comFacebook: Amryn Cross, Facebook (personal): Amory CannonInstagram: ammerlynnYoung Adult (YA), Action Adventure, Mystery, Procedural Drama (Law, Police, Hospital)The Broken Crown
Princess Emilia Aurelius was only seven when she watched her mother die at the hands of her father--martyred for believing in the God of the Atlas Empire's Insurgo rebels. At seventeen, exiled to a military outpost where no one knows her true identity, she's vowed to leave her royalty behind and explore the truth of the Insurgo rebels her mother loved.

When the Emperor of Atlas summons the princesses from each of the provinces to the imperial city to choose a wife for the crown prince, Emilia must leave her military life behind to join a royal court rife with cunning and intrigue. Navigating the waters of court politics and budding love are treacherous on their own, but Emilia fears for her life should anyone learn of her Insurgo sympathies.

With an unlikely ally in the captain of the emperor's guard, Emilia must uncover the truth of the Insurgos, start a revolution, and learn to become the princess she's vowed never to be, all while protecting her heart from a prince who could sign her death warrant.
Vertigo1 (maybe?)Thomas A FarmerSelf-Published (physical format, digital format) Fiction (Sci-Fi/Skiffy/Space Opera), Action Adventure, Military/War Drama, (Post)Apocalypse

Long ago, the Korovega ruled the Earth. They disappeared, leaving behind humankind's collective memories and myths of demons walking among us. Now, they've awakened once more and they want their planet back. Armed with magic more powerful than anything the military can bring to bear, they are like no enemy the human race has ever faced. The Korovega execute a simultaneous attack on all the world's capitals at once, demolishing human civilization almost overnight. In the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, a group of friends bands together for survival. As the chaos brings out the worst in humanity, can Owen, Ben, Sam, and their friends survive... the week the world ended?

Sitting outside of time and space is the Inn Between Worlds. Residents might say it's a place for travelers, or a place to rest, a place to find excitement. Or they might say it's dangerous and to be avoided at all costs because Reality Does Not Work Right inside its infinite walls.
-Due out late this year or early next, “The Stars Have Eyes” is also set in the universe opened by “Apollo,” albeit much later on. For years, freighters have been disappearing, until few remained. Now, one of the last still in service will learn firsthand exactly what happened… if they survive.

-Coming some time after Stars, “Scourge of Gods,” is a sweeping drama set against a backdrop of war and alien invasion. Karma comes for everyone.

–Have you ever heard the expression, “god willing and the creek don’t rise?” Well, the world ended a few weeks ago, and so in the sequel to “The Week the World Ends,” it seems like things aren’tgetting any better, “And The Creek Rose.”
I also operate as "Black Knight Books," and am open to publishing other authors' works.
blackmagicgurl87Rogue D'Poette, Rydia J. Larsen, or Kiernan M. RourkeWattPad @RRKiernanNot sure.Facebook @armorlessartist Twitter, also @armorlessartistHorror/Supernatural, Non-Novel Format (Screenplays, Poetry, Articles)The NaNoWriMo project I am writing is going to be my first fiction horror/supernatural genre book.I'm published as my poetry pseudonym (Rogue) - my works are in a book called "The Fire in Her Eyes" by Ashley Stenger. I've lost touch with her since then.
Pippa TaylorPippa TaylorSelf-Published (physical format, digital format)thepippataylor.com and (Erotica)

Alexa Greene wasn’t even looking…
And then she fell…Twice…

After her cheating husband left her more than just a little broken inside, Alexa counted on that being all that destiny held for her in the romance department. In reality, her fast-paced career and her magnet for trouble best friend, Sierra, kept her on her toes as it was. But when she and Sierra take off on a last-minute girls’ trip to London, she discovers fate has quite the sense of humor.

Alexa falls hard for swanky millionaire, Logan, and he’s ready to prove to Alexa that showing a girl a good time is more than just something he built his business on. He’s everything a girl could want in a steamy vacation fling. So why is it so impossible to get someone else out of her mind?
The Glimmer Effect
Pippa TaylorLily SerafinaSelf-Published (physical format, digital format)www.lilyserafina.com and Adult (YA)

When eighteen-year-old Aura Edwards is thrown into a world she hasn’t belonged in since she was a little girl, she’s willing to make the best of it. With the promise of becoming the next British princess and the rekindling of a once upon a time romance with Tristan, her betrothed, how could she not at least try? But when her heart is unexpectedly torn in two, she must decide between her love for the boy who never forgot her and the vampire who, against all odds, saved her life.
Aura’s life takes a detour when Adam betrays his clan and does everything in his power to protect her. He may not understand why, but Adam is drawn to Aura and his instant attraction to her takes them both by surprise. Tristan is not ready to give up the fight for Aura though, even when he discovers the twisted history bearing down on him and Adam. But when, Aura discovers a dark secret hiding in plain sight, she begins to question who she can trust.

The castle is a place where everyone wears many faces and where the darkest of desires come to play. It’s where someone you thought you knew, might turn out to be someone you don’t know at all. Sometimes fairy tales come true. And sometimes they become your worst nightmare. Aura broke all the rules when she fell in love with a vampire and it cost the lives of everyone she loved. Now, trapped in the hell that Tristan has created for her, who will hear her cries for help? And who will even care? Isa tore apart lives when she lusted after a prince, a mistake she paid for with her life. In more ways than one. She’ll stop at nothing to satisfy her craving for retribution. The only thing sweeter than BLOOD? Revenge.
Book III of The Blood Trilogy
OthereCampbell D. CoxMagazine or Newspaper Article @ Campbell CoxInstagramGeneral Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy, Procedural Drama (Law, Police, Hospital)N/A

A comment on the importance of The Federalist Papers and Hamilton: An American Musical on currently practicing Lawyers
DICTA Magazine February 2018Also published in the April 2017, August 2017, and September 2017 editions.
tg franklinTG FranklinSelf-Published (physical format, digital format)tgfranklin.com @tg_franklinNonfiction, Science Fiction (Sci-Fi/Skiffy/Space Opera), Romance (Erotica)
For science fiction & fantasy writers, screenwriters, and gamers. World building involves more than elaborate settings, more than magic and magical beings, and more than paranormal happenings. Speculative fiction is a fast growing market, and world building is an essential tool for creating successful stories where the reader can suspend disbelief. This World Building Guide & Workbook gives writers the proper tools to craft a believable world, rich with details, by guiding them through steps for choosing the right world elements to include in their story. Use a simple blueprint method to lay the foundation, and then complete the story. Beginning writers in the genre can learn to identify potential pitfalls. More complex concepts are included for intermediate to advance level authors.
Everything you need to plan your writing career. From writing to publication to marketing and events, this planner has it all.
Crimson Nights , an erotic paranormal romance is due to release November 2017. It's a Christmas sequel to Amethyst Nights.I'm a member of two writing groups in Knoxville: East Tennessee Creative Writers Alliance (, and Sixty Thousand Words (on Meetup). Both groups are free to attend, and all writers are welcome.
Ayork1010Alissa York Self-Published (physical format, digital format) Adult (YA), Romance (Erotica)#MomFail: 24 Authors & 24 Mom-Coms & Confessions (The Broadway Series Book 3) next 2 books in the series will be out in the next month or so. And I have a YA romance coming out in jan
Sally_BoyingtonSally P BennettSelf-Published (physical format, digital format) (transitioning)Facebook: Sally P Bennett Fan Pagenone at the moment (transitioning)General Fiction, Historical
A woman must stand up to her unconventional family and a corrupt land developer to find her place in the world
Swallowing the Sun (volume 1 of Tales of the Watermasters): a story of betrayal, intrigue and sacrifice in the world of the Hohokam, one of the great civilizations in the prehistoric American Southwest
JCMorrowsJC MorrowsTraditional Book Publisher (physical format, digital format), Twitter@JCMorrowsYoung Adult (YA), Science Fiction (Sci-Fi/Skiffy/Space Opera), FantasyWhat if Cinderella had been sent to kill the Prince?

Kayden never thought of herself as the Belle of the ball, but she finds herself in the royal palace, surrounded by society darlings - and the only thing she has in common with them is that they're all vying for the Prince. They're after his crown. She's after his head.
As if being a teenager isn't hard enough. . .

Can you imagine how it feels to wake up one day and find out that you are not who you thought you were?

If you're anything like me, you know it's hard enough trying to fit in—in high school—without having to deal with the knowledge that your dad is an alien part of the time. I don't even get how you can be an alien part of the time. . .

Not to mention all of the crazy new alien gifts you really wish you could return.

Life can change in a moment... in less than a moment actually. In less time than it takes to inhale, you can find yourself lost... taken... changed... dragged into a war that has raged for centuries - a war that no one really expects to win.
I write CLEAN reads, but, FYI: there is violence.
Moonlit_LegacySydnee BrashearsSelf-Published (physical format, digital format), Magazine or Newspaper Articlefoxesswrites.wordpress.comfwmgofficial.tumblr.comTwitter (@sydneebrashears), Facebook (Sydnee Brashears)Non-Novel Format (Screenplays, Poetry, Articles)
An in-depth interview with gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd- not on his policies, but on the man behind them., A list of the best camping places in East TennesseeI have a horror comic project with artist Katie Lynn to be published on Oct. 31st- Check out the pages here:'m currently looking for work, so if you've got a freelance or permanent posting you're looking to fill, by all means let me know and I'd be happy to talk!
The Word MistressP.I. BarringtonTraditional Book Publisher (physical format, digital format), Self-Published (physical format, digital format), Magazine or Newspaper Article, E-Publication or Zinehttp://www.pibarrington.wordpress.comBlog is being revampedTwitter:@PIBarrington Facebook: Fiction (Sci-Fi/Skiffy/Space Opera), Action Adventure, Mystery, Non-Novel Format (Screenplays, Poetry, Articles), Futuristic Crime ThrillersThe Brede Chronicles, Nook One, First Realm Publishing: Half-human Alekzander Brede is a law unto himself...or so he thinks. Elektra Tate, the street urchin who loves him has other ideas.Brede Book Two is in edits now and carries on this family saga.Much of my works' rights have reverted back to me so it's not in the market for the time being. I would love to re-issue my Future Imperfect trilogy!
LunieDonna L Martin
Traditional Book Publisher (physical format, digital format), Self-Published (physical format, digital format)
Blog can be found on website
Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest...under DONASDAYS or DONNA L MARTIN
Young Adult (YA), Children's Books, inspirational essays

Ruler by day, a reluctant pirate by night, 18-year-old Princess Ariana fights for her subjects in the waterfall city of Lunadar. In a kingdom surrounded by fairies and mermaids, and ravaged by deadly Drundles, only a chosen few are trusted to guard her daughter, Candra, as the secret heir to the throne.

But it only takes one ill-fated meeting for Ariana to suddenly be plunged into an escalating web of secrets found in her father’s journal, a deadly kidnapping, and an ever-weakening resolve to turn her back on the call of the merman’s song.

With Ariana’s world falling apart and the future of Lunadar at stake, how will she bring her father’s murderer to justice and fulfill a deathbed promise to protect Lunadar’s legacy?

My Journey, My Journal (an anthology of inspirational essays) is being released by Expert Insights Publishing in November, 2018. My last anthology with them, Are YOU The Missing Piece, became an international best seller.
I have traditionally published a picture book, The Story Catcher, in 2015 and previously published an inspirational essay in Chicken Soup For The Soul: Angels Among Us in 2013. I also own my own publishing house, Story Catcher Publishing.
BEWaymireB.E. Waymire
Self-Published (physical format, digital format)
Science Fiction (Sci-Fi/Skiffy/Space Opera), Fantasy, Action Adventure, Military/War Drama

Where magic and technology live in harmony, a young princess is in training to become the ruler of her kingdom. When given the opportunity to visit another nation, she immediately accepts. Together with a rogue pirate hunter and a band of warrior siblings, she dives deep into an ancient ruin only to discover a secret several thousand years old.