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Squinky™#5673 / T-R3x3r#6686
Map looks incredible, plays really well, and clipping/polish is fantastic. Really good job here.
The theme is very unique and looks great, awesome looking skybox; layout is great and offers the Ts lots of different options at attacking the site, grenades prove to be very useful for both teams, the vent for grenades adds a nice touch; great use of soundscapes, clipping is all round great bar a minute number of places, button at T Spawn is annoyingly solid, but it adds a nice touch so I can't complain.
Great theme, love the hot bath in ct spawn, cts don't have many options to defend without getting exposed to the t entrances, plays decently but since everything happens around the site there isn't many strategies available
Each area of this map feel well defined and thought out. The custom assets mixed with existing assets are a textbook standard of good, along with the successful nighttime map theme. It all adds up to be impressive. There are some issues I have, some props has weird smoothing groups, the smoke effect outside the blue goo outside of site is cheesy and distracting, and the rocks in the sky box feel a bit meh overall. However, nothing drags this map down in any real meaningful way. This was one of the few maps we ended up playing, and besides me disliking having to break a piece of glass every round to throw a successful smoke grenade as CT, we all generally had fun. The map feels like it was designed for 2v2. The beeping door played for a lot of great mid round mind games and the site works. Overall I enjoyed this entry.
Amazingly constructed map with beautiful visuals. Very good contrast of all styles of range and weapons.The deeper angles that can be held from the entrances that look over the site can be tough to deal with, but the dynamic design of the bombsite makes up for it.
Looks fantastic, really interesting layout. Haven't seen anything like it before. Very fun.
This map hits the theme perfectly, and is visually stunning; the layout is very different from anything I've ever seen, and I'm so shocked at how well it's pulled off, I've never had more fun in 2000 hours of CSGO than when I playtested this map, and I'm shocked at how well the design works with such a small amount of space to utilise when designing, so props for the originality and fun aspects, I would however add some more sound to the level (specifically mechanical sounds), and maybe some slight movement (such as the bell swinging slightly); multi-level radar works perfectly, clipping is good, it is possible to reach a high up area via a runboost but if you're going to runboost in this map where meeting times are within a matter of seconds then you deserve it.
Looks amazing, great original theme, playerclip instead of clip in several places, chaotic, very hard to know where to look, but the most fun to play
This map is beautiful. The theme is unique and the execution is great. Recycling of preexisting props combined with custom makes this map feel like something I've never seen in Counter Strike. Very good job. If I had one suggestion it would be some movement in the gears, maybe not all of them, but a couple. I played this map twice, and both times were quick, chaotic, but most importantly fun. Wingman is the perfect game mode to try out weird layout choices and I'm glad this was entered. This was a personal favourite and you've really created something special here.
I don't think I've ever had so much fun just moving around in a map before. This map delivers so well for its vertically based gameplay. The two different bombsite areas is a little weird for me even though both can be accessed easily between each other. Only big problem I had was how dominant the top area of the tower can be over the bombsite area...s? Very good looking map and lots of fun.
Quoting#2316 / Quadratic#6117
Very good map. Looks really good and plays really well. Lots of effort put into polishing as well.
Visually looks great, you've smashed a great theme with all the custom content, it's clear there has been a lot of work put into the areas outside of the playable space, for the most part the 3d skybox looks great, there is some dev texture in the 3d skybox however, could make use of a better way to show the plantzone borders rather than just the normal spray paint lines; fun to play layout, unique options for Ts to enter the site, the fact that all entrances to site come from the same side could work badly but it seems to help gameplay during afterplants, there should be a safe plant on the other side of the cover however as it's currently impossible to plant safely from the mid entrance and both T entrances; clipping is great, upper/lower radars would help (the upper T section is not in the bounds of the radar), f1 car texture is missing unfortunately.
Looks great, could use more colors as everything is white/grey and red, with a bit of yellow, feels great to play, ts should be able to plant on the other side
The map looks gorgeous, there is no denying that. Beyond some minor nitpicks this map stands above the rest thanks to the unique theme, custom assets and attention put into it. The map plays well minus one exception, the site. I wish there it were extended to go behind the tent, along with more care in trying to give Ts a safe plant. I ended up playing the map twice, I enjoyed playing it both times.. Optimization is a bit rough with large noticeable dips, there was also an unpacked asset for a car.
The visuals are amaziing on this map. One of the best out-of-map visual detail I've seen. The hold Ct's get on the bombsite is weak considering how many entrances look into the area. It seems that CT's are forced to play more aggresively onto the chokepoints than the bombsite area itself. Very well done overall.
Looks really great. Very clean looking map with a lot of effort put into it.
The map looks great, awesome use of custom assets, the taped up window is a great visual cue to allow players to realise that a specific window is breakable; the layout is very unique and the gameplay feels very dynamic, each round plays very differently, however there are a few angles I'm not a massive fan of (upper to a small gap above the wooden boards); one of the best multilevel radars I've ever seen, generally fantastic clipping except from a small number of areas, plantzone is nicely shown by the use of a texture rather than sprays.
Love the theme, feels cozy, several glass panes aren't breakable even when next to glass panes that are breakable, trigger_hurt doesnt' cover the whole road where you can land (at least on the tunnel), bomb can get lost in the same place, fun to play
Map look great. Theme wise it's unique, and you did a great job executing this theme. Each area small visual markers to help it stands out from the rest of the map, which helped me figure out where I am in such a tight and complicated map. Skybox adds so much atmosphere to the level. Visually you really did a great job. Layout wise the only issue I have is with how much is wallbangable, and some awkward angles produced from the height variation. However, when we played it we all had a lot of fun. Should mention there are some exploits like hitching a ride on a bus to get out of the playable area.
Beautifully done. Lots of different styles of gameplay. Bombsite felt weak visually and for gameplay, too (I like the info_player crate though). Jumping onto passing by vehicles to get out of the map is a big exploit, but a funny one at that.
ZeLzStorm#2875 / Adroon#7933
Looks pretty nice visually. However, it's a bit plain and there isn't many other colours than grey. Not a fan of how the site was done visually, lots of opportunities other than general construction instead of something more exciting especially in a Japanese city.
Custom assets helps pull off the unique theme well, however it feels like certain aspects of the visuals don't suit the theme too well, and the site could have used a more "fun" theme, the lighting is nice at site but the lighting is very lacking around other areas of the map, partly due to the number of huge walls; the layout works quite well, grenades seem very useful for Ts to push and for CTs to hold, seems quite tough to take site without being bombarded with utility however, there's an angle in T boost on top of cones that is horrible for CTs and should be removed; clipping is generally good but there are some bomb stuck spots, radar is nice.
Looks great, big tall walls are very bland though and could use being shorter and having colors and stuff on them, several crates are climbable but clipped which feels bad
Visually I think you did a good job. The giant white walls are a bit overdone, if they panelled more horizontally and felt like they belonged in a construction site, I think it'd be less apposed to them. The site is also thematically lame, but I can look over that because of the surrounding map. Fog might be a tad bit too much, not a big deal. Also, no ladders in playable areas I can't climb, which deserves a mention. I do believe the layout is well-thought-out for the game mode. CTs have good spots to hold from apposing attacks, and Ts seem to have a good chance at taking the site. The vent self boost for Ts is bad at best, would like to see this changed. Collisions are a bit aggressive when it comes to if I walk on cover, but then again I can't find any exploits obvious exploits. There are a few props that shouldn't have collision, I'm looking at you cinder blocks.
Map has great visuals, despite a few void peeks, some lighting issues regarding the CT models from a distance, and a broken sightline from one spawn to the other. Gameplay is pretty good. Bombsite feels a bit trapped for T's once they plant and worse for CT's trying to defuse. Map is very pro-utlilty. Overall a very well done map.
Bit too many routes for a wingman map, but looks great visually.
Great theme pulled off well, but the 3d skybox could use some love; lots of different ranges of angles, interesting layout that offers Ts lots of different options and keeps CTs on their toes (potentially too much going on for Wingman however); generally good clipping except a few areas, radar could do with outlines as it's very dark
Plant and buy zones not marked on radar, a lot of pathways making layout a bit confusing, buildings in skybox are unfinished, 45° stairs on flank route, t side has too many corridors could use simplifying, flank route could work without the splitting
The map was a treat to judge, but could be better. The sky box is lacking, everything feels a bit too clean for such an old theme, and a few things feel out of place. Overall though it is a great looking map. Layout wise I felt like there was just a bit too much. It always felt like everyone was flanking each other so it ended up playing for like a death match. I'd like to see less map overall to focus the experience for a 2v2 mode.
Great visuals and layout. My only gripe is that the 'apartments' route makes the gameplay spread just a bit wider than it should be for a 2v2. Without it, I believe this map would have a great gameplay focus.
Map looks really good. A lot of time has been spent on clipping and polishing the map as well. Very fun to play as well.
Visually it could benefit from an upgrade but the detailing is done well, nice 3d skybox; the layout gives Ts lots of different options and plays well, grenades can be used to great advantage, no safe plant option however, barely any cover on the site; clipping is done well but should be normal clip and not player clip, showing spawns on the radar would definitely help new players learning the map.
Plant and buy zones not marked on radar, buildings a bit bland on the color side, playerclip instead of clip, there's an unclipped stair
Theme stands on in the contest and was well executed. Well done. Layout is fine, though some paths feel like they should be shorter, or changed all together. The site leaves a little more to be desired. It's boring with no real thought put behind it, where are the safe plants? The after plants? Etc.
The way that this map uses its terrain as cover really makes it stand out as unique. A bit dominant on the longer ranges makes this a rifle/awp heavy map. A foot angle can be exploited that can be seen right next to both spawns. The bombsite design being open and small with very long angles that look into it would be the main downside of the map.
Roald#0126 / MOROZOV#4048
Looks great. One of the radars is unfortunately missing, but otherwise polished very well.
Visually looks great, nice to see that T spawn has got a lot of detailing, love the use of different angles rather than just keeping to 90 degrees, however I think you could definitely benefit from an extra colour being used throughout, I think the train looks great but could do with some more colour, and shouldn't the things on top of the train be connected to something?; the layout feels very nice to play, I can imagine some insane round wins from jumping down from above site with a MAG-7, the spawn placement for CTs seems like a strange choice (running away from Ts feels strange), maybe see how the map plays with CTs spawning in the green room behind window; missing lower radar, some slight clipping issues, train carriage connectors should have collision.
Lower radar not packed, lots of invisible barriers which makes layout harder to see, cool theme but clearly unfinished, playerclip in some places instead of clip, jumping from the overpass deals too much damage
A unique well executed theme combined with interesting architectural decisions helps your entry stand out amongst the rest. A perfect amount of wear, while keeping visuals clean and enough custom assets to insure each area feels fresh and new has made this entry very enjoyable to judge. When we played the map I felt like things happened a one or two seconds to fast. Every time I tried using the squeaky ladder, on both sides, it didn't feel like it added anything to the map. There is also some weird clipping where I think I can go somewhere, and then I can't. Normally not a big deal except for the fall that will cost you 65 hit points.
For being so vertically different, the map flows well and its gameplay isn't sacrificed for it. The huge gameplay factor is that both teams can be in an engagement so quickly at the bottom level or have a more dynamic fight at the higher level. There are a few areas lacking detail and some aggresive clipping here and there.
Electrode Bread#4807
Site is a little too easy to take for Ts. Otherwise looks great. Could use some higher res textures in places though.
The detailing looks like it has had a lot of work put into it, custom assets would really set it apart and move it up that next level; layout seems quite unique and it's nice how open it is, grenades would prove to be very useful; some clipping issues around the truck on site.
Some brick/stone textures feel too big, playerclip instead of clip, uclipped stair near t spawn, cover on the bridge/site is a bit awkward, lots of big cover to run around giving easy afterplant defense
I think the name of your level fits the map well. Visually there are some weird bits, stairs a bit to large, texture scaling issues, scaling that feels a bit odd, etc. But overall I think the map works very well. Layout at first is hard to understand, but after some time I think I got it and it'd play well I believe. Definitely would require some good communication from the CT side but it'd play well. The T side truck on bridge might be a bit to strong.
Great looking map and unique design with the bridge and canal area. Only gameplay problem would be the quirky angles that can happen with the different angles between some props at each end of the bridge.
N2-Gate facility40254010534068.0%
The map looks nice, but the whole thing is just way too big, and the bomb site is a bit clustered.
Nice architecture to go along with the theme, lots of work put into non-playable areas which helps set the tone of the map and adds a lot of character; unique layout but potentially too many paths for a wingman map, would probably work better as 3v3, bombsite area seems too tight; prop fade used well, multi-level radar not packed.
Several places (like site) are too dark, buy zones aren't on radar, there are unclipped spiral staircases, radar hard to read due to darkness, multi level radar not packed, too many corridors and rooms, layout is very confusing, theme is really cool and the map looks great even if too dark, love the useless elevator, could make a great deathmatch map as is
This map obviously has a lot of effort put into it. From the custom assets to the amazing save spot elevator. There are a few places that feel weird and out of place. However, for a nighttime map, with such an ambitious theme I really only have love and admiration for it. The layout is a different story. Repetitive pathways, cramped fighting areas and a bomb site that I can only describe as lacklustre really brings this map down. I wish the map's layout was simplified overall to stream line the experience for 2v2. Overall I still really enjoy the map, it inspires me to put more effort and time into my own projects. Well done.
Great looking map. I love the map's exterior detail and overall setting. However, the gameplay is too widespread for a wingman map. Still, I believe the bombsite is the weakest part of the map. Even with the amount of plantable area, there are too many entrances to cover along with an upper area looking over it. I liked the smaller, less significant details like the working lift and fire extinguisher that spews smoke when shot (even if it gets in the way of gameplay).
The site is a bit unfair to Ts, as it takes them way too long to get there. CTs get there very quick.
Visually very nice, great unique theme pulled off very well, more unique content would have definitely gained a few extra marks for the visuals; the layout is interesting, however I think that the bomb would never be planted since CTs spawn on site, on a wingman map the CTs never need to rotate, so it'll make it more of a deathmatch game; good clipping, multi-level radar not working.
Multi level radar not packed, radar shows non playable space, buy and plant zones not on radar, map feels like a big dm arena, ladder upper access for t hard to see, a lot of angles to watch out for both teams if pushing a bit which looks very frustrating on botht sides, looks like a map with vertigo/assault type of fun, looks really nice, outside walls lacking some color though
The white tile becomes a bit repetitive. The rest of the map has a considerable amount of recycled props, but for the most part the map still feels fresh and original. Each area seems decently thought out, though sometimes can be a bit cluttered. Some areas are also just feel a bit off and out of place. Overall the map stands out in the contest for the better. The map plays like some kind of tower defence, where CTs have the upper ground, and Ts have to find a way up. I think you've handled this very well, and overall believe this map plays well. I did not like having to break out of CT spawn though. There are issues with prop collisions throughout the map and some interesting clipping choices but minus the bomb stuck spots, nothing game breaking.
Map looks really great all around; very clean and nice. Only gripe visually would be the clutter in some areas. For gameplay, much of the lower floor serves little to no purpose since the main action takes in and around the upper floor where the bombsite is. For 2v2, this takes away from the gameplay focus a bit.
Sil3ncer#3074 / Timmy#3017
This map looks very nice. The gameplay seems enjoyable and the site is basic but works well.
Visually quite nice, good lighting, nice detail made to the areas outside of playable space; routes that allow unique entrances onto the site for Ts, great opportunity for grenades to be used well; clipping is very good, however it's quite overclipped in certain areas, there need to be more of a visual clue to tell players what areas they can and can't access, great use of textures to define the plantzone area, whilst also ensure that the trigger is 16 units within the borders to ensure that the bomb cannot be planted outside of this.
Simple layout that looks like it works, weird shine on the whole map, looks alright, playerclip instead of clip in several places, weirdly clipped on several props
I'm torn on the visual, in some areas you really have a unique feeling map, then in other you have what can basically be summed up as off brand inferno. Along with some weird weird texture scaling and awkward looking stairs. The layout was the hardest part for me to judge, I think it'd play very strange, but that might not be a bad thing. You obviously put some thought into the layout, however it feels like CT really only have 1 strong option, take control of upper and hold. Now there are a few more things CTs can do, but at great risk of just being shot from T spawn. There are some issues with clipping, CT feels unnecessarily tight, considering I'd think it's one of CTs better options for holding the site, and the optimization can be rough. Overall I like the map but think it needs more time.
Visuals are clean and simple. Lot of narrow angles and cheap sightlines, especially that ladder for T's chat CT's can easily aim down. Bombsite design seems to be the more strongly designed part of the map.
There's a bit too much stuff going on in the site itself. Visually looks pretty great.
Detailing is great, the play area with the mini cars is very cute and a great touch, unfortunately I wish the borders for the playable areas were better shown (eg. CT Spawn), and a bunch of custom assets would go a long way; the layout feels like it could work well, however I feel that the site has way too much going on and there are too many angles, reducing this would help a lot; the polish on this map is great, radar is great, clipping is great, the only thing I can critique you on is the lack of visual indication showing where the plantzone is.
Plantzone not marked on the ground, some invisible walls back of site are barely visible
Map is basically inferno but a lot more cluttered. CT has a rough time holding as they don't really own much to hold against the 3 viable options T side gets. You can simply be picked off 1 by 1 in the map if you're CT.
Visually looks good. Gameplay is well focused. However, there is quite a bit of prop clutter and aggressive clipping in some areas. There are also a few areas with some band angles or peeks.
Map looks pretty nice and it plays quite well. Some parts of the map can be boosted out of however.
Detailed nicely but the textures are quite plain, nicely lit across the whole map; nice amount of options/routes for the Ts to take, grenades would prove very useful, the bombsite cover creates nice angles and allows for safeplants in all directions, the routes add lots of unique angles onto the site which is nice to see; radar could be improved by making it stand out more (add an outline) as the shadows make playable areas hard to see, nicely clipped in most areas, but it is possible to get on top of rooves near the bombsite via a runboost.
Looks good, looks like a decent enough layout
I wish the level was more worn and dirty. Feels overly clean and for the theme it puts me off. The trees also sway way to aggressively which easily becomes and eyesore. Your layout is very simple and, easy for both teams to pick up. Multiple play styles would work on this map and I really do believe you've done a great job at designing a level around a 2v2 situation. Enjoyed the map.
T's get most of the map control up until the bombsite. CT's only hope is to use utility and be aggresive with the chokepoints. Bombsite is dynamic and large, but as the last (and only) hold for CT's, bomb will rarely be planted.
de_design 2.03130359631462.8%
Map looks nice but texture usage is a bit odd. Everything is clipped very well and the elevator spawn is very cool. Ts are able to take upper way too easily.
Watermarked texture, is anything else stolen? Looks alright otherwise, each area has it's own identity through the use of colours; seems tough for CTs to stop Ts taking the drop down onto site route and easily taking it;
Jumping down on the t scaffolding is a bit awkward, good visuals, playerclip instead of clip, railings on site heaven are breakable and made of glass
Map is a bit noisy visually. There always seems to be something somewhere at all time. I think uncluttering each area would greatly benefit the map. This problem even effects game play and I think takes away from what seems to be a pretty decent layout.
Visually impressive for its theme. Bombsite design isn't very strong. Lighting in some areas looks harsh.
Site is way too open and the map is very big. It does look really nice though. Needs to be made smaller so that nades and smokes can be useful.
Hit the theme pretty well, although the textures don't stand out unfortunately, you can see lots of love has been given to the 3d skybox which is great to see; the layout is on the large side, and is very open, especially towards the site, making utility not very useful for either team except flashbangs; clipping is quite good, the radar shows the outlines of the map but could also show the outlines of the routes, and could be a bit brighter to make it easier to see.
Radar shows non playable space, plant and buy zones not on radar, ts have basically 2 routes on either side which doesn't look that hard to defend, bombsite doesn't look like it would play well
Layout wise I think it'll work. Timing check out, as CT I have multiple options to hold. Good rotate for T side at the cost of making noise. It's apparent you've thought about this map and how it plays. Lighting could be better, but nighttime theme are hard. Good job at recycling assets in a new, fresh way. There are some lamps that have collision that could cause weird boosts, might be a bomb stuck spot inside, clipping would help to insure no funny business. Honestly all nitpicks and easily fixable stuff, nothing game breaking.
To be brutally honest, the best visuals on the map are the buildings on the exterior and the skybox buildings. Visuals inside the map are pretty ok. Gameplay isn't too strong and one big reason is the weakly designed bombsite. Lighting is a bit harsh as well.
Looks a bit plain and too similar to Cobblestone. Overpowered boosts in both spawns and very easy to flash site.
Standard visuals, too dark; interesting concept for gameplay, CTs should not be able to see the heads of passing Ts who aren't challenging the inside route, grenades thrown from/to other spawns is bad, T Spawn boost towards site is a nice way to punish pushing CTs; clipping needs work.
Nice layout start, each side only really has 2 paths so not a lot of possibilities, dark night makes it a bit hard to see, layout is too simple would need a 3rd path for less predictability
Mostly just cobble assets, but at night. Not much to comment on visually. Layout though, is a completely different story. Such a simple layout with the vent, creating so much chaos for both teams. However, it may not be enough for T side. This map runs a risk of becoming a stale mate really quickly if CT just starts implementing the simple use of smokes and Molotov. If they get the economy for awps I don't see much of anything happening for the T side. Their only saving grace is a pretty good place to setup for an exact but it doesn't feel like enough.
Flashbang spam over the wall between CT and T spawn gets annoying. Simple route design that leads into an intersting bombsite to play, if it weren't for those crack and foot angles scattered throughout. I'd prefer this over the current Cbble Wingman map. (I can say that right?)
Coolz#3336 / Billionlioe#8780
Very nice looking map, but gameplay is very symmetrical and there are a couple of strange and overpowered boosts.
Quite a nice theme and implemented quite well; layout is too symmetrical and the bombsite is way too open with only once piece of cover; bombzone is displayed well, walls don't feel like they should be clipped around the site, quite nice lighting
Looks real nice, ct spawn a bit bland, courtyard walls badly cliped can pixelwalk, there's a bit of playerclip in some places
This map was a delight to judge. I enjoyed the ornate assets, the colour palettes and the overall vibe. It was well executed. The layout is hard, you give Ts the site, they get the plant. Making this into a retake map. Wingman is a perfect place to experiment with these things. However, if you're going to give T side the plant you must give CT some kind of advantage, since T side gets weapon and economy advantage over CT side. This advantage could have been another route into site, some kind of high ground advantage, easy flank route, etc.
Map has so many angles with such long sightlines. The openness of the bombsite doesn't help this. Lighting and clipping could use a little tidying up.
Site is a bit difficult to get on to. Visually looks nice but a bit unfinished. Making sure the site is marked visibly is a good idea too.
The theme is unique, turning the brushwork into models could make the map look great; the layout looks ok, I like the side route, however the bombsite itself is very cramped; clipping is quite good, radar does not show the plantzone and spawns.
Plant and buy zones not on radar, looks like a decent layout, great theme and some really nice idea but looks unfinished, playerclip instead of clip
I'm glad to see someone having a lot of fun from a unique layout. The map could have been pushed a lot further with custom assets, brushes can only go so far.. The site is pretty weak, however the paths were pretty interesting. I just wish the site was something more interesting game play wise. There are a few places that visually looks like I can go there, then I couldn't, that's pretty frustrating.
Map is...interesting to say the least.A bit of a mess visually. Bombsite is pretty dissapointing compared to the openess of the rest of the map; its very small and enclosed. Clipping is lacking in some areas and strict other areas. AND THERE ARE NO CAT GIRLS ANYWHERE ON THIS MAP.
I can see that it's not finished visually so that's not an issue to worry about just now. Gameplay seems enjoyable. There's a few long angles such as the one from CT to upper T, and there may be a few too many angles to check for Ts on site.
Visually what is finished looks great, as it obviously use's Grind's assets, so once it's finished it'll look great, unfortunately is isn't done yet which brings the judging score down; Wingman is generally a CT sided gamemode, so I like how you've given the Ts height advantage to try to counteract this, and I think it works well, however some long range angles could be reduced slightly and smoke grenades don't feel too useful for Ts currently; there's a lack of clipping and lots of bomb stuck spots around the map.
Unfinished but the detailled parts look great, buy zones not on radar
Little birdies have told me you had more important things to do than finish a wingman map for our silly little contest...I see how it is. We already had a conversation about why I am giving you the score I am. However, I will still use time to give you my feedback so far. I do believe you deserve that much. For a map that takes place in what is essentially a warehouse, well I think it's the best warehouse map I've seen. The scale and feel is impressive, the colours are simple and effective and obviously the custom assets make it stand out. If you had finish I have no doubt you would have been top 3. The layout seems well-thought-out for the 2v2 nature of wingman. Simple but effective. Feel like you could come up with a lot of different ways to approach the map for both teams. I wish CTs had a hard time flanking from lower to upper through T spawn. However, that area is not finished, so I'll give you benefit of the doubt. I really hope you finish the map.
Looks very well done, but it is WIP in some areas. Routing is simple but the chokepoints are fair. Bombsite is good in size and has good cover. Overall, despite being WIP, its very well executed for what it has to offer.
Looks like it would be fun to play. The texture work definitely needs fixing as all the buildings look identical.
Nice brushwork, unfortunately the textures are all the same, nice lighting; layout seems to give Ts options and worthwile advantages from taking each route; clipping is generally very good, radar could do with having outlines
Plant and buy zones not marked on radar, layout is very straightforward looks like it'll work but looks a little bland, looks decent but the same texture is applied everywhere which makes it bland, some playerclip instead of clip, bomb can be lost in the river
Everything is the same. Meaning nothing really stands out, same crate, same wall texture, same windows.. As for layout things happen a bit to quick, along with some wacky angles and some weird decisions, it feel like the layout needs some tweaking.
Impressive layout except a few small things like a head peak under a car or an upper area for CT's that is pointless. Visuals would be nice, but the uniformity makes the map looks bland quickly.
Site is a bit too open and there isn't much cover. Visually the map looks the same all around the map. Could use sprucing up a bit.
Looks quite plain but the church architecture and exterior is nice; the routes to the bombsite are each unique which is good, but the bombsite itself is very open, has no cover or safe plant spot; clipping is generally quite good but there is the potential for a lot of bomb stuck spots, radar is nicely done, adding an outline would make it look even nicer.
Plantzone has no cover and is small, playerclip instead of clip in some places, layout is weird
Visually not much going on. Some areas feel thematically weird, while other areas feel large and empty. Ts might get too much many options while CTs not enough.
Looks pretty decent visually in some areas and lacking in other areas. Bombsite doesn't feel good to be in for either teams with how exposed it is.
Quite easy to get on top of walls and other models.
Looks quite generic, but the chumney smokes add a nice effect, nice skybox texture; layout seems interesting and could offer some nice variety in rounds; clipping could be improved, radar looks nice
Plant zone not marked on the ground, layout and visuals not great but not bad, they seem to do the job
I would have loved to see some height variation, at the moment everything is on one plane, it makes for a visually boring map, and leads to stale game play. For the rest of the map it's really plain, inferno assets, type of deal. I think it's interesting how to gave CTs the opportunity to play aggressive or passive, and nothing is really wrong with the layout. However, with the mention no height variation throughout the level and just a simple corridor to corridors level it leaves a lot to be desired.
Layout seems simple yet effective. Entrances into the bombsite are very long range for the medium-to-CQC the rest of the map has. Needs some improvements for lighting and clipping.
Not a lot of cover on site and there's a lot of the map that still needs clipping. Good start though!
Visuals are quite plain, there isn't much colour throughout the map, lighting is ok; the layout looks like it could work and has some unique elements to it, however I think that the bombsite may be very tough to take for Ts, fortunately you've also allowed them to plant on the outer route which helps them out and generates new afterplant possibilities, grenades seem like they would prove to be quite useful; plantzone and buyzones aren't marked on the radar, and the radar could do with outlines, clipping is generally ok but could do with improvements in some areas.
Plant and buy zones not on radar, bomb can get lost in ct spawn, "mid" feels a bit too cramped a lot of corridors meet in quite a small room, looks bland and sad with white/grey concrete everywhere, odd choice of color with the bright yellow, player clip instead of clip, having to jump over the small doors is awkward
Action happens to quick because of this CTs don't get control of important areas they'd need to properly hold the site. Combined with a lack of cover to stop Ts I feel this map will become and CTs responsibility to hold 3 very strong routes. Visually the map is pretty mediocre, I do appreciate the theme of an underground facility but more love is needed to really push this map to the next level. Some bomb stuck spots, but player area is clipped well enough. There is also a non-collision door in mid so you can walk out of the map.
Looks pretty basic visually, though the displacement cave looks nice. Bombsite is a bit quirky with the doors being clutter-some in the middle of the site. Other than that, just a few smaller things like how there are some detail doors you can walk through and such.
sonic_star_2 JHON LEMON#1448
Really nice looking map, but there's a lot of angles on the upper part of site. I also think having the two sites (basically) is an odd choice.
Potentially too much grunge but all round has a nice look, too much clutter, but lots of work put into the foilage, theme is done well; Way too many angles and hiding spots, I don't mind the thought of two different areas to plant on the same bombsite, but they're too spread out and having them right on top of each other means that sound is useless when trying to figure out which level the bomb has been planted at; water runs under the whole level unnecessarily, no radar, invisible wall at T spawn, ok clipping.
No radar, upper level has unbreakable glass that you may shoot through, upper bombsite has too much cover, cts have to split to cover both bombsites but rotate is not really fast, prop density feels too high, playerclip instead of clip in some places
Great theme with a lot of emphasis on world building which is nice to see. However, I do believe this map has not considered how 2 CTs are supposed to hold the two parts of the site at once. T side simply has to many options, while CTs will always be exposed. Not to mention the crazy fast timings, the inability for CT to use effective grenade such as smokes, and the lack of a good rotation path for CT makes me questions this maps ability to play well.
The way you have designed your map is flawed with the upper and lower bombsite area. The upper floor is a deathmatch style of gameplay with a thousand different angles that can be used. The lower site is a more simply designed area with a cramped vertical space. Both floors are anti-utility. Lighting could use some work.
Looks like a good start, but the visuals are clearly unfinished. It should play quite well when finished.
Visually quite bare and I assume unfinished, but the design is quite nice; layout looks like it could work well, lots of unique routes for Ts to take and each one offers something new, and is therefore worthwhile taking; clipped well, could do with some soundscapes, very nice radar.
Simple layout that looks like it works, very unfinished visually but most of what has been actually done looks good, map feels very bleached out with white and grey everywhere, really needs more color
You're unfinished, any maps with greybox textures from me are being marked 0 for both Visuals and Polish. With that being said it was still nice to see the effort put into the map. The name combined with the theme alone was great world building. The graybox props were really nice to see. Some textures are a bit too shiny. I think CTs will have a rough time, they don't get any real cover expect walls. Meanwhile, Ts get a lot of options to approach the site. This is something you could improve on. I hope to see this map finished in the future.
Visually simple yet clean and detailed. Gameplay all arounf looks strong, but the 2 long angles and 2 short angles that look into the bombsite might be the only weak area of the map.
Would be better if the site was marked clearly. Good start on the map, but visuals need some work and some textures are missing.
Lots of dev textures, very plain other than that; layout seems like it could work, easy backstab opportunities which may make it tough to plant however ; a few massive black props and textures around the map, site and spawns aren't marked on the radar, and the site isn't marked in person either, how are we going to know where we can and can't plant? I'm sorry ScratchPost <3
Plant and buy zones not on radar, radar hard to see in some places due to darkness, plant zone not marked on the ground, looks like some missing packed textures, radar shows non playable space, simple layout that looks like it works, good start for visuals, player clip in some places instead of clip, some areas aren't obvious they are clipped (like near the forklift)
You're unfinished, any maps with greybox textures from me are being marked 0 for both Visuals and Polish. I will talk about your layout to help you with future update. From my time testing the map seems like everything is going to happen very fast, which is fine but it makes the next issue a bit worse. I think CTs are going to be able to do a lot with flanking in this map. As it stands Ts don't have a lot of ways to punish an overly aggressive CT, there are one or two places, but I think you could come up with something. Remember when CTs flank it should be risk/reward. Emphasis on risk. Good luck with your map, I hope to see it finish some day.
Even though the map is obviously WIP and has some missing textures, there are some nice areas for whats textured/detailed. Biggest problem is gameplay. The alt route can easily be smoked by T's and almost rushed before CT's can see them. The bombsite has only 1 CT entrance and can easily be dominated by T's. Bomb plant area is confusing and not clearly marked.
Map looks quite nice, but currently all of the entrances to site are drop zones. Not a good idea in my opinion.
Visually quite dull, lots of detail given however to walls however; gameplay is quite narrow, not much use for grenades, too many drops into site; radar is quite nice, the clipping at CT spawn definitely needs some work
All ways into the sites are drop down (2 can be climbed out), bomb can be lost in the elevator shaft, hard to watch entrances from site due to the boxes and pillars, a bit bland on some corridors but looks nice, player clip instead of some clips
Map feels like every area is the exact same. Cinder block and cement everywhere. Nothing to really make any area stand apart besides the outside bit. Layout also leaves a lot to be desired, a very small site, combined with a lot of long hallways doesn't really help make the map feel interesting.
Map stays well with its theme. Some small details make up for the bland uniformity some of the hallways give off. The bombsite area might be the weakest part of the map with every entrance to it being some sort of drop down to it. (Also why can't I solo jump back up the fire exit from dumpster??)
Interesting visuals, main building looks quite nice. Clipping is done well. Both entrances to site are really rather small.
Repetitive brick textures in many areas, however the Ts first room looks quite nice; seems tough for CTs to hold positions due to the easy backstab possibilities for Ts, no safe plant for Ts and the planting area is very small; OK clipping but could be improved, nice upper/lower radar.
Ts get 2 one way flank routes on top of the direct route while ct have only 1 path, plantzone is small and doesn't give much options, some graves on the plantzone aren't clipped, flank route for cts takes too much time compared to the t ones, add a way for cts to contest the top floor
Nothing really spooky about Spooky Manor. If it's a spooky manor, shouldn't the inside be a house? With spooky haunted house scenes? Instead, we get a starry night sky with a couple of gravestones here and there. The site plays like a giant ring around the rosy, while CTs are placed in an awful situation of having to be ultra aggressive or get flanked from their own spawn. Like some kind of reverse vertigo.
Bombsite design feels weak and the area around it feels like a 'ring-around-the-rosy'. The alt path that leads up to the higher floor can only really be accessed by T's and the vent route for CT's to counter is weak. The map instantly becomes a flank fest. Lighting was a bit rough, too. Cute theme though.
Site seems simple enough to hold well. Visually needs some work, and there are many places the bomb can get stuck without clipping. I also see that toxic room is directly copied from Nuke.
Too obvious that it's just a reuse of Nuke props everywhere, could benefit from others used, certain areas seem to have been directly copied from Nuke; the layout looks ok, but the site seems very open; the radar is quite nice, but there is literally like 1 clip brush used, and that isn't even tall enough to work as intended.
T zirconium entrance is too big of a commitment, no good way to rotate if you get smoked out, cts don't have any reason to push and are better on site, don't see how plant could be done without either killing all cts or smoking their corner (which traps them or forces them to drop down) so after plants seem boring, doesn't look that great visually just nuke, player clip instead of clip
Thematically it's just flipped assets from nuke and not much more. Layout is pretty simple, I don't think CTs realistically have good options to be aggressive, to easily punishable. However, that might not be a bad thing since you give CTs a lot of options for holding on site. Overall the map feel like it needs more love.
Pretty much nuke style map (even with the entire toxic area by CT spawn). Gameplay seems to be very much in CT's favor with the entire upper area being in favor of them. There is no reason for CT's to challenge the chokepoints. Only way for T's to win would be to try and go to the upper area, with the only thing they can use is a ladder, or try to quick plant without getting shot.
Site is very small. Needs a lot of work on the visuals to bring them up to newer standards. Very nice start though.
The theme is quite boring and same-old, could do with some uniqueness, the lighting is ok; the layout is standard, the bombsite seems very tough for Ts to take and grenades don't seem too useful for taking the site; there are two plantzone triggers on the same bombsite, which is why the radar overlaps both "A" and "B", something to look at removing, the radar doesn't show spawn points or the bombsite, clipping is generally ok.
Plant and buy zones not on radar, bombsite is B on radar, squeaky doors too slow and one of them seems uneeded, simple layout that could work but doesn't seem that interesting, theme is boring, sun angle very off on ct side, player clip instead of clip in several places
CTs are going to have a rough time. You have 4 entries into the site, mind you that two of them require noise, but CTs don't get enough time/cover to be confortable. A good rushing T side will win on this map the majority of the time. Visually the map is pretty bland, but a lot of that comes down to the theme. I few things have unnecessary collision, but I found nothing game breaking.
Biggest gripe would be the bombsite design being very small, cluttered, and it even has a vent ladder that leads directly into it. Gameplay suffers greatly because of this.Map is pretty basic visually (probably exceeded some expectations for a warehouse theme though). Could use some more clipping.
Ts can get to site before CTs sometimes, and a bit more work needs to be done on the visuals. Good start however.
Nice use of colours but quite bare, clearly visible void; nice choice of routes for Ts, but Ts reach the site too fast currently, CTs have no time to set up; invisible walls at T spawn with no visual key for players, nice radar but could've used multi-level radar, nice use of textures to show the plantzone.
Invisible walls in t spawn, cts don't have a lot of options and can't watch the site properly without being vulnerable to another entrance, especially the squeaky, cts can't get on site without going through a drop down, unfinished and a bit bland and empty but the walls paintings are nice
I can only assume visually the map is unfinished. With no real skybox, and large empty feeling level. For this reason I have given you a 0 for visuals, a score I've given every map I don't believe is finished. However, I will still give you feedback on the layout. The layout is simple, and easy to pick up. I think it would play overall pretty nice but I would like to see CTs get more cover, specifically when trying to hold site.
While the visuals are simple, they are still nice for a clean, simple map. The bombsite area is cluttered for where you can plant. Not always a good idea to allow the bomb to be planted on smaller props like your map has with the few tables. T's seem to get much more map control then what CT's get.
Looks quite good visually, but there isn't a lot of cover on the site itself. Makes it harder to plant safely.
Visually quite boring as everything is a cream colour; the layout offers some options for Ts and a flanking option for CTs which works quite well, however it's possible to molly both CT entrances to the site from T spawn at the beginning of the round, allowing Ts to rush the plant, the plantzone is tiny and has no cover making planting tough; possible to runboost out of the map at CT Spawn, radar is hard to read as it doesn't remove non-playable areas from it, clipping is ok, planzone is marked.
Radar shows non playable space, buy and plant zones aren't on the radar, displacements walls don't look great, idea seems good though
Map feels tight and blocky, with displacement bleeding light. I so no obvious issues with gameplay but I also don't think that map has done much special either. I think the map overall needs more love. Also Ts can through away the bomb at the beginning of the round.
The routing seems like a bit too much for a 2v2. While the chokepoints are fair, there are openings throughout that can easily taken advantage of by either team. Visually not too much to see. Could use some better clipping.
Cousin Vladimir#5394
Visually very dark and blocky. Needs more work on detailing. Very hard to take for Ts.
Very dull concrete look, nothing really stands out, not great lighting; seems very tough for Ts to take any map control; radar has a nice look, clipping needs improving
Grid on radar looks really bad, buyzones not marked on radar, map too dark, squeaky door too slow, only 2 paths for both teams : above or below the bridge, very hard to see in the corners of the bombsite, slightly too many camping spots on site, cts can look at all t paths from their spawn since everything crosses the bridge, could use another path for more options like from the alley on site to t area before crossing the bridge, playerclip in multiple places instead of clip
Visuals are lacklustre. Some areas a bit to dark, texture scaling is all over the place, everything is yellow due to copy/paste lighting. Where you map shines though is in the layout. Very simple and to the point, perfect for 2v2. Enough options for both CTs and Ts to make each round interesting, but still easy to learn quickly. I enjoyed the bridge area but I do believe your site could have been a bit more interesting. Great job on the layout.
Chokepoints can be disregaded by CT's since there are so many different ways to hide in the bombsite area. That combined with the lack of lighting in the bombsite area on a darker map makes this very CT sided.
Looks quite nice but the textures don't have proper mipmaps and flicker a lot. Site is a little bit difficult to hold for CTs.
Visually very unique, but the texture quality isn't great, nice use of sparks and such; ok layout but the visual clutter in the underneath route doesn't help gameplay, the route from under to site is unique which is nice to see in a wingman map; generally quite bad clipping, possible to not die from the trigger_hurt at CT spawn, nice working multi-level radar.
Whole radar is green, buyzones aren't marked on radar, plantzone marked poorly on the radar, layout is confusing and feels complicated, ts entrance are hard to watch as a ct, theme is original but textures overall look really bad, staircase from below to site awkward to get up (can hit a pipe)
The theme is fun and light-hearted, but execution leaves something to be desired. No mipmapping on the custom textures makes them hard to look at from a far. Each area always feels like it's missing something in the detailing. The layout is a saving grace. I think you've done a decent job at handling the 2 decks of the ship, making for interesting game play.
Map has a unique theme and is overall quite a bit of fun. Lot of areas seem irrelevant for gameplay. Few minor mistakes like exposed nodraw, overly bright areas, and lack of clipping in some spots.
Site feels a little bit cramped. Visually alright but could do with some more interesting colours/artwork.
The house looks quite plain, but it's nice to see that some work has gone into the terrain outside the playable areas; there isn't any negative space in the map, it will be tough to work out where exactly players are from sound cues, seems very difficult for Ts to take the site; there are angles behind the blinds at CT spawn towards the outside areas.
Radar shows non playable space, plant and buy zones not on radar, looks unfinished but has some nice models and textures, bomb can be lost outside the map
Map feels unfinished. It's obvious to me there was some love put into the map but it still feels like you could have used more time to finish the map. Layout feels pretty boring but it'd probably work for the most part.
Visual-wise, the interior of the map is barebones and adequate on the outside area. Gameplay on the inside area is dull and feels bland with utility feeling pointless to use.
Map looks very bare, and there is no radar, making it hard to tell where you're supposed to go.
The visuals definitely need some work, but I can see what theme you're going for; the bomb doesn't seem as though it'll ever be planted due to the way the routes work, both T routes are too attached; there is no radar, the plantzone isn't outlined; clipping is ok but could be better.
Radar not packed, doesn't look great but the idea for details seems good (even though theme is not original at all), only 2 attack paths for ts that are very close together, not a lot of options for either team, map probably too small, some long dead ends on the t side that could really need being blocked oof
The blocky nature of this map dates it very quickly, combine with a lot of areas feeling very cramped due to low ceilings or cluttered areas, I wish more thought and time I was put into the map. No skybox also hurts you. If the layout wasn't so cramped and the site more thought out I think you'd have something more interesting. It's obvious to me that you've designed this map with wingman in mind, but I think it still needs work.
The routing is there and the bombsite works even with its 2 connected rooms. Very basic visuals all around,
Visually, the map is a bit plain and everything is the same. Site is very difficult to take due to easy angle holding for CTs.
Very repetitive and bare visuals; seems very difficult for Ts to take the site due to the straight and very similar paths they can choose from, lack of negative space, and the lack of grenade possibilities to counter CTs holding positions; some areas could be clipped better for player movement and to remove the potential for the bomb getting stuck (such as high up on the walls around the site), and there is a visual bug with the water at Long.
Decent layout start, all rooms are nearly identical visually, makes it hard to know where you are, site is bland with just a few crates, the « mid » and flank route feel redundant as they both give ts the same flank, most of the corridors are away from the site, pillars on the walls aren't smoothed out so you get stuck on them while running along the wall
Basic map. Basic visual with a basic layout. It might be hard for CT to hold given how fast the action happens and how much responsibility they'll have. CT could use more cover. Visual bugs with the water. Unclipped props may cause issues.
I believe you could of done a lot more visually. The map felt boring and plain to look at, and while it does gets its theme across, this being CSGO, you could of done a lot more to spice it up. (Also there's a spot on the broken vent that you can get stuck on).
Map looks very rushed, and it's possible to get out of the map very easily.
Visually lacking, very plain walls and lack of models; ok layout but could do with some love, doors are annoying; clipping is generally alright but it's possible to get out of the map without boosting at T spawn
Plantzone missing markings on the ground, map feels too big, door in the way of only ct spawn path, radar shows some non playable area, theme is nice, too many crates on site, yellow lighting doesn't look good, brushes doors hard to tell from the walls, first steps of stairs aren't clipped
Map feels odd, visually blocky, and overall underwhelming. The layout doesn't seem to keep 2v2 in mind with too many rooms and a confusing layout due to the open nature of the map.
Long corridors that lead into a prop clustered, deathmatch-like bomsite room. Visually, you can tell the theme, but lacks. Lighting and clipping could be worked on, too.
Map looks alright visually but no cubemaps built. Clipping and general polish is on the poorer side. Site is very difficult for CTs to hold.
Looks quite outdated and boring, but the bridge is quite nice; paths for CTs all come from the same direction so there isn't much variation in what they can do (especially on retakes), planting on top of the awning is terrible; clipping needs improvement as it is very easy to escape the map, I'd suggest adding outlines to the radar as it's very dark, can't shoot snowman's head off which has made me very sad.
Plant and buy zones not marked on radar, plantzone not delimited on the map, everything goes through the site which is just a big open zone, just gunfights around the entrances, you can smoke toilet entrance and get a sneaky plant, pillar on the window makes it hard to see through, barrel fire area near ct too dark, playerclip instead of clip, squeaky door too slow, clips are off in several places
Feels like a source map, texture scaling wonky, bizarre choices, claustrophobic. Layout wise feels a bit on the simple side, with Ts having no real good choice for taking fights.
Too many entrances leading into a giant open bombsite area. Lighting, texturing, and clipping could of used a lot more love.
It is possible to plant outside of the building by planting in the doorway and closing the doors. Visually looks a bit odd and plain too.
The aesthetics are generally very plain; the plantzone is way too big and grenades don't seem very useful; nodraw above a door in playable area, there's a black wall so I'm assuming something isn't packed, can easily leave the map.
Radar shows non playable space, plant and buy zones not on radar, plantzone not marked, looks bad but the idea is good, especially insice with the glass floor over the dirt and rocks, doors are too slow, too many doors, playerclip instead of clip
Theme could of been pushed a lot further. Layout is not well thought out for 2v2.
Map is very lacking visually and gameplay seems basic at that. No fun value in the map at all.
Very easy to get to site as T before CTs. Visuals look very odd.
Visually dated, poor lighting; the layout doesn't feel like CS, offers weird routes and seems too easy for Ts to rush site; ok clipping but needs some work, radar is quite nice
Map is too complicated, too many buildings and narrow pathways, feels like a small ttt map
Map is clausterophic, confusing and hard to figure out. This kind of approach to level design feels better fitted for deathmatch rather then a objective based team game.
Gameplay is severly lacking. Way way way too many routes to make sense for a wingman map. I found new areas I didn't even see during my 'first-look' stream.
short_Vang 266114315030.0%
The site is really small and there's only one spawn on each time. Visually looks good but I can see some invalid brushes around the roofs.
The architecture for the main building is quite nice and the func_precipitation adds a nice touch; the map is too open for a game like CSGO, and the bombsite is very small; bad clipping, no radar and only one spawn per team.
No radar, only 1 spawn per team, outside weird with small walls, plantzone really small not giving a lot of option, outside is too open and empty, map feels just like a huge empty space with a nice little building in the middle, playerclip instead of clip
Map is missing a spawn for each side, so I am marking it 0 for game play. Wingman is 2v2, not 1v1. I will still judge the visuals. The map feels empty and has a technical issues. Some areas are too bright, where others are black. However, it looks like a large creepy building in the middle of a mountain range.
Only 1 spawn works per team, so I can't judge gameplay. Visually, the centerpiece of the map looks great. However, a lot of the detail around the map isn't as well made. Clipping is lacking.
The map has two bombsites, but it's supposed to be a wingman map. This heavily favors the map for the T side.
The rocks/green foliage combo is actually pretty appealing, the rest of the visuals aren't as good however; two bombsites on a wingman map???, horrendous clipping, no radar, it's possible to exit the map in so many places, at least the ladder works.
Looks like a 5v5 map
You're unfinished, any maps with greybox textures from me are being marked 0 for both Visuals and Polish. The map seems to difficult for 2 CTs to hold, expectually if they run low on money. This will be a very T sided map.
2 bombsites for Wingman is a no-go. so I can't say anything on gameplay. Map is mostly devbox. I do like the area behind T spawn though.
I applaud the effort and the skybox
Good map. Could of used some kind of wall...bordering something. Not sure. great map though.
Ya made a meme. Got a good laugh out of it though.
"Wingman Untitled"
595196613.2%It is just boxes.
No details for outside of the playable area, solid colours; too simple of a layout, there's no chance the bomb will every be planted; possible to get on top of the walls anywhere with a boost, no radar.
No radar, layout far too simple, almost no options for cts and barely any for ts, visuals unfinished with no clear theme, can easily boost out of the map
The map isn't complete.
It's a tiny grebox. T's could just rush either 2 of the small routes and dominate CT's. Bomb would never be planted. Minimal effort map from the look and feel of it.