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Fri 10:00 amWelcome/Meet the FanGroupsA706 Meet the Staff, then hang out with & ask questions to the 501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, The Dark Empire, & The Jedi Assembly. Panelists: Tom Hutchens, Alex McKeel, Lillian Borno
Fri 11:30 am Star Wars: The Old RepublicGrand Salon E This is the FREE MMORPG you're looking for! Your SWatDC staff hands it over to the experts for this meet & greet style panel with some new surprises.
Fri 01:00 pmAn Hour With Billy Dee WilliamsCentennial IYou've loved him most of your life, and he arguably invented cool. Billy Dee Williams will be live, in person for your DragonCon Experience to be complete!
Fri 01:00 pmIntro to the EUA706 The Star Wars 'verse is vast-the Expanded Universe is even larger! Some of your fav podcasters & SW experts will be on hand to help you sift through. Brian Larsen, Nancy Schwartz, Daniel Eisenhauer, Tom Hutchens, Aaron Goins, James Clarke
Fri 02:30 pmWhat We Know About Ep. VII Thus FarA706 Rumors, theories, confirmed details, wishes, hopes, and fears. WE ARE GETTING A NEW MOVIE! Let's discuss! Presenters: Bryan Young, Panelist: StarWarsReport.com, Panelist: Riley Blanton, Bethany Blanton, Tom Hutchens, Shawn Rosado, James Clarke
Fri 04:00 pmMeet the Stars of SWRegency VI - VII Young Boba Fett and General Grievous! Always an entertaining time--they will be on hand to take your questions. Presenters: Daniel Logan, Matthew Wood
Fri 05:30 pmNew York Jedi Saber FightsInternational South Come see the NY Jedi demonstrate their acting, and fighting abilities. Perfect for the kiddies! Presenters: NY Jedi
Fri 07:00 pmYour Favorite SW AuthorsA706 You love them. We love them. They'll be on hand to take YOUR questions! Presenters: Aaron Allston, Kevin J. Anderson, Michael Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Bryan Young(M)
Fri 08:30 pm An Hour With InkMaster's Sarah MillerA706You've seen her on tv, her stellar SW tattoos, her graphic designs or other artwork, or maybe you have a SW Tattoo, you love? Chat with an InkMaster. Presenters: Sarah Miller
Fri 09:00 pm Setup/LightSpeed Dating RegistrationsA601 - A602Come scan the QR Code or register on our laptops to participate in DragonCon's own Speed Dating Event! 18+
Fri 10:00 pmLightspeed DatingA601 - A602 Get in line EARLY/pre-register, b/c we always fill up! Meet the love of your life!? Gay, Straight, Bi, we don't care, we'll have a circle for you! 18+
Sat 10:00 am DragonCon ParadeParade Go cheer on your FanGroups outside in Atlanta's biggest parade!
Sat 11:30 amPhoto-OpsA706 We know the parade runs long, and our SW friends are normally towards the end. Come hang out in the room and maybe snag some pics as the parade ends.
Sat 01:00 pmStage Fighting Interactive SessionInternational NorthFights look fun but what goes into creating them? An interactive session aimed at kids about creating choreographed fights for TV.
Sat 02:30 pmRace of the Tauntauns/Pod RaceSkyline - 10th Floor Tauntaun Sack Race for the young at heart. During the TauntaunRace, kids can make cardboard pods to run around in for the pod race. Spectators welcome
Sat 04:00 pmMeet the Stars of The Clone WarsCentennial I Talk to Boba Fett, Kit Fisto, Droids, Grievous, Bail Organa, Poggle the Lessor, & Wat Tambor-or at least their human counterparts! Voice actors rock! Presenters: Daniel Logan, Matthew Wood, Phil LaMarr
Sat 05:30 pmCostuming InsightsA706 Just how do you weather armor? How does that Jawa sound so realistic? That's the biggest wookiee I've ever seen. How do these awesome costumers do it? Panelists: Tom Hutchens, Greg Eisenhauer, John Ficker, James Clarke
Sat 07:00 pmBlogs, Podcasting, Vidding, and FanFicA706 They are your sources for new material, new interviews, and of course all of the latest news. Your favs will be on hand to discuss. Presenters: Bryan Young, Brian Larsen, Nanci Schwartz, Riley Blanton, Bethany Blanton, Anne Davenport, Aaron Goins
Sat 08:30 pmAlderaan Set-Up/Trivia QualifyingImperial Ballroom Take the qualifying test & see if you are the SW Trivia master.
Sat 10:00 pmLast Party on AlderaanImperial Ballroom D*C's Premiere House/Dance/Pop Party phenomenon! Let's dance & party like it's the end of the world! 18+
Sun 10:00 amYoungling Saber SchoolRegency V The NY Jedi will be returning to teach the younglings how to master basic saber skills. Parental supervision required. Foam Lightsabers provided. Presenters: NY Jedi
Sun 11:30 amWhere are the Women & Minorities in SW?A706 Where are the minorities, or did SW just redefine them? Leia, Mon Mothma, Mara Jade... Star Wars is a man's world, right? Maybe not! Presenters: Brian Larsen, Nanci Schwartz, Shawn Rosado, Amy Ratcliffe, Lucien Lockhart, Bria LaVorgna.
Sun 01:00 pmSW Costume ContestImperial Ballroom Pre-Judging Fri 4-7; Sat 1-5 in A706. Come Padmés, Sith, Jedi, troopers, & whatever else you can come up with! Always an awesome sight! Judges: Daniel Logan, Matthew Wood, and Sarah Miller
Sun 02:30 pmStar Wars Trivia ContestA706 Do you think you know more about Star Wars than anyone else? Take the qualifying test Sat 8:30p, then come compete or just watch! Stump the SuperFan! Presenters: Peggy Eisenhauer, Daniel Eisenhauer
Sun 04:00 pmMeet Billy Dee WilliamsImperial BallroomHe was a scoundrel, the inventor of cool, and even a General! Come hang out with Lando Calrissian. Presenters: Billy Dee Williams
Sun 05:30 pmZahn, Stackpole, & Allston: Conspiring For Fun & ProfitA706 Discussions of working together in the EU, how they brainstorm, support one another's characters/plots, & avoid looking like the 3 Stooges of sci-fi. Presenters: Aaron Allston, Michael Stackpole, Timothy Zahn
Sun 07:00 pmFarewell Clone Wars, Hello RebelsA706 Clone Wars won an Emmy & changed the cartoon genre. Sadly, it found an untimely death. Come say goodbye with us, and welcome the new Rebels. Panelists: Tom Hutchens, William Price, Amy Ratcliffe, Aaron Goins, Brian Novicki
Sun 08:30 pmTechnology of SW WarfareA706 Could Ewoks really win? How powerful was the Death Star? Star Destroyers? Star Fighters? The Millennium Falcon? And a Lightsaber? Panelists: Daniel Eisenhauer, Tom Hutchens, Anne Davenport, William Price
Sun 10:00 pmAdult Themes in Sci-FiA601 - A602 Shaun & Shauncastic discuss all things dirty in SW & all of your fav Sci-Fi. Prepare to laugh, though maybe also be grossed out/shocked. 18+ Presenters: Shawn Rosado, Laura Rosado
Mon 11:30 amWilliam Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New HopeA706A dramatic reading, or least discussion, of Ian Doescher's "William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope." Presenters: Dr. Carol White
Mon 01:00 pmAnakin's Fall & Order 66A706 Was Anakin's Fall believable? How long was Order 66 programmed? Let's be Conspiracy Theorists at this round table discussion!
Mon 02:30 pmHow Important is Continuity?A706 Continuity? What's that? Is Boba Fett dead? Darth Maul lives? Is there room for Episode VII, & can we just disregard the EU? Canon? What's canon now? Presenters: Aaron Allston, Kevin J. Anderson, Bryan Young(M), Shawn Rosado
Mon 04:00 pmOrder 66/ClosingA706 Another year in the bag. What did you love? What did you hate? Feedback is the key here!