Framework Action to Adjust Red Snapper Quotas for 2015 and Beyond
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3/2/2015 9:10:18Guy MathewsDocm@Kylevet.comKyle, TX 78132Private Recreational AnglerI am speaking from a recreational angler standpoint, who takes his kids fishing regularly. Outdoor enthusiasts constantly speak about how important it is to get kids fishing--well, Red Snapper are one of the most (if not the most) kid friendly fish out there. There are plenty of them, they pull hard, easy to catch, and tasty. They are a wonderful incentive to get us out on the water. Many other fish (for small boaters with kids) are really hit or miss--so it's nice to be able to go out, have our snapper for sure, then go for the hit or miss species. VS having the snapper season totally closed, and then everything is hit or miss. Not sure if that makes sense in a short e-mail--but I would much rather have a smaller bag limit and longer seasons--with kids, it's important to time the weather, too, something we just can't do with a ridiculously short season. Pick our days, get even one snapper a piece in the boat, then go target the hit or miss guys. VS pushing it on a rough day because we've only got a short season....For families, a longer season/smaller limits is preferable. Not even counting that there are so many snapper out there we can catch them on TOPWATERS without even chumming--my sounder picks up a false bottom there are so many....but you guys know that. You just don't seem to care. For all the spouting that gets done about how important it is to get kids fishing, everything done on your end is counterproductive to that. I'd love to expound on getting kids outdoors, again more than is possible in a forum like this but bottom line is even a casual, weekend family guy in a small boat can find plenty of snapper---we just aren't allowed to catch them when it's calm enough because as a family we have to pick our days..and I'd rather have longer seasons, more restrictive harvest (20" minimum or whatever) than bigger bag limits. More flexibility to go, okay with keeping less but still let us keep some, then we can spend time on the hit or miss guys. Because we can't go and keep kids interested on the hit or miss stuff--snapper are hit, every time.
3/2/2015 9:47:37Bill D'Antuononaplesspearfishingleague@gmail.comnaples, FL, 34112Private Recreational AnglerObviously the quota needs to be increased. Will you listen? The past management of the Red Snapper fishery is the shining example of the problems & ignorance in fishery management.

Why give commercial guys more rights than recreational? Bycatch is the #1 detriment to the gulf, yet it seems to be ignored. Not to mention shrimpers dragging chains across the bottom and ruining natural habitat. Lets not blame the recreational sector for COMMERCIAL pressure. If fish prices go up, so be it.

When I can go and buy Red Snapper at a fish market in the keys or locally and cannot get it myself, there is a problem with that.
3/2/2015 10:01:31Chriscclark@cnetsolution.comGainesville, Fl, 32653Private Recreational AnglerI'm a weekender in the Big Bend area. Last year the season was so short, that when timed with the weather, we were able to get out once. We didn't find any that day mostly due to the fact that we don't go out that far on a regular basis because we don't need to for any other species. The year before, we managed to catch two total on our one trip. We waited patiently for our "one" shot to get a chance to catch some ARS. These "seasons" we've had the last couple of years are a joke for us in areas where we have to run 40+ miles to even start looking for them. To top it off, you close AJ's during that time. Thus, I don't even have a back up plan. If we can't find ARS, then we could at least chase AJ's, but not under the policy for the last two years. As it stands now, it's not worth the tackle and gas money to target something I have a low likely hood of catching. Currently, my only options are to boycott the species altogether or to waste time and resources hunting them before the season opens in anticipation of my one shot. We need a much longer season in our area. Thanks.
3/2/2015 10:27:18robert itschneritschner@tampabay.rr.comSafety HarborPrivate Recreational AnglerOver regulating recreational fishermen has resulted in rebellion and a higher disregard for the regulations in general. It no longer seems to have anything to do with the health of the fish stock. If a season is open, it needs to be open to all and the season shortened for all...
3/2/2015 11:03:46Robert Bryantbob.bryant@subocorp,comSt Petersburg, FL 33710Private Recreational AnglerWhat difference does it make?
Give more fish, reduce number of days.
The council has shown that the Private Recreational Angler has NO VOICE and the council has NO EAR.

SO WHAT IS THE will do whatever is in the best interest of the people on the council not the fishermen out here..

All we want now is for the process to be defunded and put in the heap pile of other bad ideas.
3/2/2015 13:28:09Tim Lynntlynn@conde.comMobile, AL 36609Private Recreational AnglerIt is unworkable to try to manage a local resource (reef fish) with rules that cover such a large area. The council is clearly using flawed science to estimate the catch and the current reef fish populations. The reefs off the Alabama coast are covered up with Red Snapper to the detriment of other species. Turn over management to the locals.
3/2/2015 13:32:06Eric Brazereric@shareholdersalliance.orgCommercial Fisher, OtherPlease consider approving Alternative 3 - contact catch strategy.

It promotes conservation, will help continue to rebuild the red snapper population at a more rapid pace, and doesn't implement declining quotas over the next three years. Constant catch helps hedge our bets against the scientific and management uncertainty in this fishery, and promotes better commercial and charter business stability, and increased recreational access in the long term.

Thank you for your consideration.

3/2/2015 15:01:04Billy Sharpebigtrout@yahoo.comPrivate Recreational Angler, Commercial FisherI ask that the council vote ALT1 No action and this is why.
The only reason the Red Snapper have rebounded so well is because in all honesty the recreational fisherman have been all but shut out of the Red Snapper fishery in Federal waters, and the State seasons have no real effect on the Red Snapper inside Federal Waters which should be obvious by now. In others words all of these extra fish should belong strictly to the recreational sector, not the commercial or the newly created CFH sector.
3/2/2015 17:39:38Dean Millera1gunbuyers@yahoo.comMississippiAlt 1 No change is what I would like to see.
3/3/2015 1:26:23Jim McKayjdale_us@yahoo.comOrange,Tx. 77632Private Recreational AnglerUntil the TAC can support a commercial allocation and a recreational allocation that gives the recreational sector a decent season, the commercial season should be closed and all harvest allocated to the recs untill such a time comes that the TAC could meet both demands. This increase will not make a substantial difference in the recreational season, therefore I support Alternative 1,,no action.
3/3/2015 1:31:29Adam Agostaadamagosta@gmail.com70775Private Recreational AnglerLet's be real folks. I read everyone's comments. They sound good and all, but the real issue is about money lining the politicians' and lobbyists' pockets. The sad thing is that our votes put these people in office, but we don't contribute to they're pocket books. We don't have a voice it seems like. It's not about managing the red snapper. There are more red snapper than ever. I own a pretty sea worthy boat, and couldn't fish 2/9 days in 2014 season, and a couple other days were miserable. Wake up America!!! Then they cut our quota even more by giving it to the charter industry. Too much government !!!!
3/3/2015 8:18:31Jeffrey Bermanedgewater15@yahoo.comSarasota, FL, 34231Private Recreational AnglerMy family fishes recreationally out of the central west coast (Sarasota) where the only red snapper fishery we have is in federal waters as the red snapper live 35+ miles west in 110+ feet. As the current program exists we had just three days in 2014 to fish offshore during the extremely shorten red snapper federal season due to weather and the long boat run westward. Consideration must be given to those citizens that can fish in only federal waters due to red snapper location westward. We only fish 35+ miles out during red snapper season as otherwise we are catching 50 to 150 fish a trip and have to carefully release them all. It is difficult to target Grouper, Scamp, etc. past all the red snapper.
3/3/2015 11:08:14J.P. Brookerjbrooker@oceanconservancy.orgGulfport, FL, 33707Private Recreational Angler, NGOTo Chairman Anson and the Council,

Ocean Conservancy strongly urges the council to select Alternative 3, setting the total quota at the ABC of 13.74 mp for 2015-2017, as this option will be a boon to red snapper rebuilding, will reduce the chance for quota overruns, and will give stability to future management decisions.

We appreciate the opportunity to comment.

J.P. Brooker
3/3/2015 13:42:33James Antilljimantill@live.comHouma,La.Private Recreational AnglerWhy doesn't the abency sell tags like alligator fishing.Let licensed anglers buy up to a set number/There are days you can't go during the season.M
3/12/2015 8:28:05Bill Huddlestonbhuddleston@dequeenleopards.orgDeQueen,71832Private Recreational AnglerIm from Arkansas and we fish the Gulf each summer.We catch our limit of Snapper in ten minutes every year.You government idiots that count the Snapper each year must be doing it from the shore.Thanks for ruining the fishing.
4/27/2015 22:22:07Dave Registerusnrxdoc1@yahoo.comSt. Pete Fl 33708Commercial Fisher 4-27-15

When the ACL is increased new quota shares are given to IFQ account holders that currently have shares. What about giving any new distributed shares to those who need it most! Give it to the commercial fisherman that has very little or no shares, but that has landings? Is this not fair to help out the fisherman who needs it most? Why give more shares to the 10-15 people who “own” most of the shares.
If we don’t help the new commercial fisherman there will be no new young growth in our industry. How many GOM reef permit holders have little or none and have landings? Buying allocation from someone who was given the shares has made these armchair fisherman and big fish house dealers extremely rich! It is time to redistribute or at least give any new shares to those who have none or very little.

Dave Register
St Pete Fishing LLC

4/28/2015 18:31:01Capt Sam Youngyoung456@aol.comMarco Island, FL, 34145Private Recreational Angler, Charter/Headboat For-HireHello,

I have said this in other e-mail comments but I'll do it again.

Your "regionalizing" does not even scratch the surface. Florida should be regionalized into several regions as it relates to Red Snapper. The demographics, fish populations and access can't be compared between the Panhandle and the Naples/Marco area: SW FL. There are no red snapper in state waters in SW FL. We have to run 75-90 miles to get them. That's a long run for 2 fish bag limits where the panhandle fisherman can get 2 limits by fishing two half days in State waters. A very unequal distribution.

There are huge populations of big, healthy red snapper in SW FL. So think in fact that you can't get a bait down to other species because of the numbers of red snapper here.

What's with a 2 fish bag limit?

Can anyone on the council tell me when the red snapper will be rebuilt to remove these limits and include them in the 10 snapper aggregate bag limit in Federal waters? Or is this going last ad infinitum? Really, the red snapper populations have been rebuilt for years, just like the Goliath Grouper that has become a nuisance fish of huge proportions.

Please quit regulating us to death and spend more time on the water to see for yourselves just how healthy these "threatened" species are.

Thank you.
6/13/2015 22:03:31Tommy Williamsgreatescapefisheries@yahoo.comSlidell,La 70461Commercial FisherI would like to thank the Gulf Council for all their hard work on this Red Snapper issue. As a commercial fisherman I have seen the numbers of red snapper increase over the past four years. What I have also seen is recreational fisherman fishing in Federal Waters throughout the year during the "State Season" with no consequences for their actions. I'm sure this will lead to overfishing of the resources and only time will tell. I wish that there were ways to report these violations to law Enforcement. I can assure you that if I violate a law or regulation NOAA would take my privileges away....