Celebration and Hosting Ideas
Check out ideas on how to host and celebrate your community, no matter the occasion. Have an idea to add? Email us
What are you celebrating?IdeaDescriptionAdditional Info (Cost, Links)
Advisor AppreciationAdvisor and Staff GiftsSend your advisor a gift card to their favorite store to let them know you appreciate them!$25-$50
Advisor AppreciationSmall Thoughtful GiftsSend your advisor a small gift and handwritten note and mail it to them to let them know you're thinking of them!$5 - $15+
Advisor AppreciationSocial Media ShoutoutsFeature your advisor on your chapter social media, in your newsletter, or in an email blast! Try adapting this template to elevate your post and make your advisor feel celebrated!
Advisor AppreciationCreate a ScrapbookCreate a beautiful scrapbook of your best moments with your advisor and have it be signed by all chapter members with notes of appretiation!$10 - $20+
Advisor AppreciationSong or Video SerenadeDedicate a custom song or video from your chapter members and record it for your advisor! Feeling ambitious? Write a paradoy of a popular song and sing it for them at your next event!
Advisor AppreciationAdvisor Dinner: On us!Have members of the chapter or the chapter itself pitch in to buy your advisor a meal out to celebrate them for all the hard work they've done!$20 - $40
Advisor AppreciationSpa GiftcardGive the gift of relaxation to your advisor with a giftcard to a local spa!~$100
Big/LittleFamily TreeCreate a Big/Little family tree to track the lineage. Make sure to include contact info and picutres so you can contact your Great-Great-Grand-Big in 10 years!
Big/LittleConversation StartersSend the Bigs a list of conversation starters to get to know their Littles. Bonus points if you have a way for the Bigs to keep track of the answers to make a fun list of get to know you responses for the members of your chapter!
BirthdaysInstagram Story PostCelebrate your members' birthdays by making an incredible story or feed post to let the rest of the chapter know it's their special day! Use this template to make some awesome posts.
BirthdaysDrive-By ParadeOrganize a drive-by birthday parade for a friends birthday! If you want to go all out, decorate cars, bring baloons, and make signs to make them feel extra special.
BirthdaysChalk Their DrivewayGrab a few friends and decorate the special person's driveway with washable chalk!
BirthdaysBirthday Sign TakeoverWith their families permission, decorate their yard, their room, or a community space that you can surprise them with when they come home or walk in!
BirthdaysBirthday Party Call/Surprise PartyCoordinate a surprise Zoom birthday party for the special person! If you want it to be extra special, think of an excuse to get them on the Zoom and they'll be super surprised!
BirthdaysTreat Drop OffMake a simple snack or drop off a birthday basket or package at their house to make them feel super celebrated on their special day!
BirthdaysFavorite Birthday Song MomentMake a Google Form for all members to fill out with their favorite birthday song and when it's their birthday (or birthday week) everyone gets a special moment where their song is played and everyone celebrates them. Bonus if you incorportate this on a Zoom surprise party!
BirthdaysPhotoshoot dayTake the special person on a photoshoot and be their personal photographer.
BirthdaysCelebrate At EventsAt the first event of every month, celebrate those who have birthdays during that month. Bring a cupcake for each birthday person and sing happy birthday!
Community WinsCameosTo celebrate the success of any campaign (whether for membership, IC recruitment, summer experience recruitment, etc.) or even a competition, use a cameo as the prize and bring a celebrity "onto" your next event!Depends on the celebrity, you can explore Cameo here
Community WinsMovie NightCelebrate a win with a movie night! Elevate the expereince by dropping off popcorn and candy packages at your members' houses before the event.5-15 per person (you can order bulk for cheaper)
Life CeremoniesBeach CeremoniesHost the ceremony outside on the beach to change up the location.
New MembersSocial Media WelcomesWhen a new member joins, add them to your GroupMe/WhatsApp Group and on social media and welcome them with a nice message!
New MembersAIT/MIT BoxesWelcome new members in with all the essentials. Gifting BBYO swag from older members, a welcome guide with upcoming events and chapter contact information, and more is a great way to make a new member feel welcome!
New MembersNew Member of the MonthCelebrate an active new member each month by dedicating a social post to them and celebrating them at the first event of the month!
New MembersList of Great Things About YouAfter their first few meetings, have currents member share a compliment about the new member and compile a list to send to the new member.
New MembersNew Member BookCreate a scrapbook with pictures from their first few events signed by all members of the chapter!
New MembersNew Member MondayEvery Monday, post on Instagram and shoutout those who joined the week before! You can also do Senior Sunday to celebrate upperclassmen too!
New MembersLettersWrite letters to new members sharing how excited you are to have them in your community and mail it to them!$1-$5
New MembersBBYO "Starter Packs"Grab some BBYO swag and a Blue or Red Book and gift them to your new members as they start their collection and BBYO journey!
New MembersAZA & BBG Welcome PacketsShare some BBYO fun facts, history, chapter info, and a BBYO Glossary to help your new members feel welcome in your chapter!
New MembersPass Down BBYO ApparelDrop off BBYO apparel at new members' houses to make them feel welcomed!
New MembersNew Member Pizza PartyHost a pizza night for new member to get to know each other and the chapter better.~$25
New MembersAIT/MIT Class ApparelHost a program where AITs/MITs can bond and work together on designing an AIT/MIT class sweatshirt.~$20 per sweatshirt
New MembersLawn Signs for New MembersPut lawn signs out at new members' houses (with parents permission) have joined (or you can do door signs, bumper stickers on a car, etc.)Print these signs (12"w x 18"h) for your new members.
New MembersBBYO Swag Raffle Enter all new members names from the past month (or any timeframe) into a BBYO Swag raffle. Bonus points for entering their name into the raffle once for every event they attend.
Other CelebrationsGrade Level Programming Programs dedicated to each grade level reminds all members that they are welcomed, celebrated, and appreciated during their time in BBYO.
Other CelebrationsAward CeremonyHost an awards ceremony or banquet to celebrate members who won chapter, regional/council, and International Awards.
Other CelebrationsHandwritten CardsHandwrite and mail a special note to send to a members' house to celebrate them.
Other CelebrationsSinging-GramsSing to a friends live or send a recording to celebrate them.
Other CelebrationsShoutouts or MentionsOn social media or in person, celebrate BBYO and non-BBYO wins that members have!
Other CelebrationsSpooey TrayCreate a tray full of different types of pretzels, topings, icings, and sprinkles to celebrate a favorite BBG tradition and drop the tray off at a members' house.$5-$15
Other CelebrationsAttendance/Engagement Reward SystemKeeping track of attendance and participation at events throughout the year (and who wins at events with competitions) and award points for each. At the end of the year, reward the member with the most points. Be careful not to make teens who don't want to come to a lot of things or aren't the "most involved" feel like they're not as great of members!
Other CelebrationsDecorate Their LockerCelebrate a members' #win by decorating their locker, bedroom, or car. Be sure to check with school administration/parents before you decorate to make sure it's ok!
Senior AppreciationGraduation CordGift active seniors a graduation cord at the end of their senior year with chapter or regional/council colors. $4 per 50 cords
Senior AppreciationSenior SuperlativesHost an awards night for seniors! (Ex: _____ is most likely to be the President!)
Senior AppreciationSenior JarsHave members write comments to each senior and gift each senior a jar of compliments!$2 per jar
Senior AppreciationHost a BBYO Graduation CeremonyPurchase hats for your seniors to decorate, call their names, and have them walk around a stage!Find hats on
Senior AppreciationCommitment PostsPost on your chapters Instagram where your seniors are commmited to college!Find templates on
Senior AppreciationSenior DinnerAfter the final event of the year for your chapter (or community), host a seniors only dinner.~$10-$15 per senior
Senior AppreciationSenior ShoutoutsPost Senior Shoutouts in weekly emails, Instagram posts, chapter newsletters, and on your website!
Senior AppreciationSenior Gallery WalkDecorate a room with pictures of past events from their BBYO experience to celebrate their BBYO journey. This works best when paired with another event such as a Life Ceremony.~$40 for printed pictures and decorations
Senior AppreciationSurprise Graduation ParadeHost a car parade and drive past your seniors' houses with signs to show your appreciation!
Senior AppreciationGive a Stuffed Animal of your Chapter MascotDrop off stuffed animals of your chapter mascot to your seniors so they can take a piece of BBYO with them on their next journey!$10+ per stuffed animal
Senior AppreciationGoodie Bags Drop off little bags filled with fun goodies that will make your seniors smile and feel appreciated!You can go to a local store (Five Below, Target, Amazon, or any place that's like a convenience store) *BE AWARE OF FOOD ALLERGIES!*
Senior AppreciationSenior Class ApparelGift your seniors apparel with their graduation year.$15+ per apperal item
Senior AppreciationSenior BrunchHost a chill senior only brunch event! Have fun relaxing and celebrating your seniors, as they reminisce on their time in BBYO! Bonus tip: have other chapter members write cards to your Seniors for a sweet surprise!~$10 per person
Senior AppreciationMake a Senior ScrapbookMake a senior scrapbook with your chapter (and even other chapters in your community!) highlighting your seniors' best moments, and include their contact information, so they can stay in touch!
Senior AppreciationThrow a Graduation PartyThrow a graduation party for seniors, celebrating their time in BBYO, and having fun before you send them off to college!
Surprise and Delight MomentsBrother/Sister/Sibling of the YearHave one member pass down a special plauqe to another, celebrating their legacy in the chapter!
Surprise and Delight MomentsChapter Montage Movie Make a video of your chapters' highlights, to be showcased at the end of the year!
Surprise and Delight MomentsCookiesBake cookies and drop them off at members' houses with a little note saying how much you appreciate them!~$15 total for ingredients; *BE AWARE OF FOOD ALLERGIES!*
Surprise and Delight MomentsChapter Member of the Month During an event, celebrate an active member and give them a certificate for being amazing! You can also give them a shoutout on your chapter Instagram or in your newsletter!
Surprise and Delight MomentsExam Week Care PackagesDrop off exam week care packages at your members' houses filled with snacks, a stress ball, and positive vibes to help your members make it through exams.~$10 per package; *BE AWARE OF FOOD ALLERGIES!!*
Surprise and Delight MomentsCandy Drop OffsDrop off a treat at your members' house, to celebrate and remind them of how sweet they are!~$10 per package; *BE AWARE OF FOOD ALLERGIES!!*
Surprise and Delight MomentsBrotherhood/Sisterhood/Siblinghood SundayHave a Brotherhood/Sisterhood/Siblinghood bonding event once a month on Sunday!
Surprise and Delight MomentsHost a PhotoshootCelebrate your members by having a photoshoot, and take cute pictures to be featured on your community social media pages!
Surprise and Delight MomentsPet RocksGive your members pet rocks to take care of! Decorate them together and they can bond while having fun!
Surprise and Delight MomentsSend Memes/GIFsSend your members silly memes and gifs to make them smile.
Surprise and Delight MomentsPersonalized InvitationsMake personalized invitations inviting members to events making them feel wanted and welcomed!Find templates on!
Surprise and Delight MomentsBoard Member for a DayLet chapter members be an honorary board member for a day, giving them a taste of what it's like to serve on board!
Surprise and Delight MomentsChalk Their DrivewayWrite a special message in chalk on a members' driveway to let them know you love them! Be sure to get parent permission first.$10 for sidewalk chalk