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Tell me about the last news article you read online. What was it? How was your process from finding and then reading it?What did you hope to get out of that article?President Trump issued a refugee ban which became a trending topic. In cases like this, how is your process for reading up on this issue?How easy or difficult was it to find the core facts and details around the refugee ban?From a scale of 1-10, how biased or accurate is the news you consume?From a scale of 1-10, how boring or engaging is the news you read?Describe the variety of news in your newsfeed.How do you feel about the variety in your newsfeed?How is your ratio of reading news articles versus watching videos of news?How's your time split among consuming news on your smartphone and desktop/laptop?Tell me what's frustrating about how you currently get the news.If you had a magic wand, what would you improve about how you get the news?
Was an article online on cbs news about the comeback of New England against the atlanta falcons during the super bowl.general information on the game and as well highlightsanything political race issues or involves law enforcement I go to 3 party news sights because it seems that all the main stream is very biased and very objective.Was not all that hard. from I understand it was not a permanent ban. Just temporary to be able to filter out terrorists from refugees.78politics,local news, weather, gaming, terrorism, law enforcement, technology, science, discoveryI would say its pretty good but try and steer away from main stream news when I can.2/5/2017My usual intake of news is mainly done on my home computer or television.I guess with lower party news agencies disappear because they are getting filtered out by mainstream biased and object news agencies.If I had a magic wand one thing I would change is to be able to filter and read articles that interest me and filter out the ones that I done feel are deemed readable.
I get most of my news from twitter. It was an article shared there. The article was about President Trump being unaware he signed and executive order putting Steve Bannon in the NSCInformation expanding on the headline of the articleI mostly get my news from twitter. I like it because it's short, sweet and to the point. It wasn't very difficult, on twitter there were many infographics going around which helped explain exactly what to expect56I subscribe to anything from Silicon Valley updates, Pop culture updates, Domestic politics, foreign policy, international relations I'm pretty happy with it, but I am annoyed I can't go to one trustworthy site for all of it3:01I'm constantly on my smartphone. Maybe spend 2% of my time on my laptopThe biggest issue is the lack of trustworthy bias free news online. It is hard to get news on international relations and American Foreign policy which is unbiased even subliminally. I would like one site to get real unbiased news about the topics I care about
I received a breaking news notification on my iPad regarding a "pause" in Donald Trump's immigration ban. It was a quick process--I skimmed the article.I mainly wanted to be informed and get some "why" questions answered. For example, why is the ban in limbo now? What caused this? Who caused this? Why was this allowed when the ban was such a sure thing from the get-go?I try to form my own opinions, especially on trending topics such as this. So, the first thing I would do would be to visit different sites that offer differing perspectives on the issue and get informed on the basic facts. From there, I would visit sites (still a variety with differing perspectives) and get more details concerning what caused the issue, etc.It's pretty difficult to find information on the issue--perhaps a reflection of what was done during Trump's campaign. It has been a popular topic since its announcement but yet I am unsure of the true reasons behind the ban.83I have a pretty good mix/variety of news in my newsfeed, most likely due to my exposure to a diverse group of people, cultures, and religions.I appreciate the variety in my newsfeed. It is probably what has driven me to seek out all perspectives on popular issues.I mostly watch videos of news (about 70 %) and read news articles much less of the time (about 30%).I consume news mostly on my iPad as it is more convenient than a smartphone but has many features of a laptop. I consume less news on my smartphone, but even less on my laptop.I really have to seek out true news. If I'm not seeking it out and the news is coming to me, it's likely to be very biased.I would create an app that sends regular notifications to users to remind them of the "dose" of news they should receive. In the app (or website) would be the 5 W's (who, what, where, when, why) and users can read what they are most interested in finding out at that time in very small doses.
The last news article I read was on Politico about how the Democrats were supposedly using the media to paint Steve Bannon as a White Supremacist and the new evil puppeteer behind the administration. I Found it by being subscribed to Politico and CNN on Twitter. Politico had the news article posted on Twitter.Just an interesting update piece on the current situation between the Democrats and the Administration. I wanted to see how the Democrats were fighting, if it was successful and if others were backing down, supporting them, or outright fighting them. Mostly paying attention to my newsfeed on Google News, my CNN app, or my BBC app. All of these plus my feed on Twitter and subscriptions on Youtube help me keep up to date on the major issues.Fairly easy given the number of organizations covering it. Not to mention most plastered the word for word order online or at least paraphrased it. The irritation difficult points came when pundits and journalist began throwing their opinions in as facts rather than stating them as their opinions76I see TYT, BBC, CNN, FOX, Politico, Steve Crowder's Podcast, and Google News are the many apps and subscriptions I adhere to though I tend to double check in the NYTimes.Slightly liberal bias, though enough keep their opinions out and stick to the facts. It is finding the actual news and not fluff or he said she said articles that becomes difficult. Not to mention checking the large number of similar articles for differences.Probably 2/3 videos and 1/3 articles. The articles tend to pop up near the same time as video, and the videos usually use the articles as reference. I merely check the articles for facts, or if there is no possibility of a quick videoProbably 1/2 and 1/2. I'm on the go a lot and work from my laptop so when moving checking my phone is simple, or when focusing on work. But in my off time using my laptop is simplerThe large number of articles needed to check for facts over opinions. As well as the cluttered messes of general news-feeds like Google NewsI would love for more people to label their articles/sections of their articles as fact vs opinion. Failing that, I would love it if there was a simple way to compare conservative and liberal articles for similarities and differences.
The last article I recall reading was about Betsy DeVos due to her nomination to be secretary of education. I initially saw a clip of a video of her failing to answer some very simple questions regarding standardized testing vs. progress measurement on twitter. I then googled her to see what her background was and why she was the nominee. To get a background on who she is as a person, what she has done politically/what she stands for, what she plans to do and what her qualifications were for being picked as the nominee. Lately, due to my busy schedule I have been getting most of my information on twitter from articles that my friends have "retweeted." Due to lack of time, I've been mainly reading what they have to say about the article, the title of the article and the small summary if available. I would say it was fairly difficult to get a layout of the core facts and details specifically because most articles come with a lot of information. Oftentimes to get to the core facts or details, it requires reading or unpacking the entirety of multiple articles and dealing with understanding how laws are written or specific vocabulary.94Anywhere from the women's marches or Trumps "muslim ban" to reports of Beyonce having twins or The Bachelor. Most of the news I see is socially liberal (when its political). I would say it is a good variety but I wish I was able to see more of legit, well written articles posted framing someone with an opposite viewpoint from mineI tend to watch more videos than I do read entire articles. The majority of my news consumption occurs on my smartphoneI am reliant on others to repost articles they found valuable or important, so the information presented tends to often be one sided since many of the people I am friends with also have similar viewpoints.Paragraph summary of the article available, if possible a video summary of the article would be the best.
The last news article I read was from the Huffington Post about the issues regarding the recent travel ban. Finding it was easy (it was facebook), and reading was easy.I was hoping to get some basic information about why the ban was stopped, though I know the Huffington Post can be somewhat left leaning.I usually can just look on my Facebook page where many of my friends have already shared some articles about it, though I know they all have biases and have to take that into consideration. I also get notifications to my email address from the NYTimes about recent issues like wasn't easy. There was a ton of articles out there, but most of them were more focused on the "morality" of it. both sides tend to stay away from a lot of facts in individual articles in order to defend their view.67I have a lot of friends on both sides of the spectrum, and almost of all of them actively share news and pages that they support, so I see a lot of different views about the same topics and people, such as both articles that support Devos, and condemn her nomination. I like that the people I know have different opinions, but I also see that these opinions have brought out the worst in many people so I often refuse to engage in conversation, and just read the articles I think are worth my time.Most of the videos that I watch are more cultural than anything, and don't typically come from traditional outlets. Most of them are produced by small groups or individuals or entertainment companies. So I would say the ratio for real news 75 to 25.I use my laptop a majority of the time for looking up news. 25/75Everybody is so passionate about the news, and so not every article is really dependable. There is a lot of very strong bias and often aggression towards those who have different views. thus it's difficult to engage and ask questions about what I'm reading.I would take away a lot of the bias. In the general news "sections" there needs to be more focus on the entire truth and not the agenda that's trying to be pushed.
Swipe down on my iPhone and it gives me recent articles of my specifications. Recent article was about Donald Trump and Putin regarding Fox News calling him "a killer". My process for finding it was just clicking on it from my iPhone. I then just scrolled down on my iPhone and read the article in full. The process was very smooth and not difficult to complete. Took less than one minute total to consume the information.A brief synopsis of why Putin was angry with Fox News and what Trump had to say about it.Basically FB is infiltrated with articles...but they have all been found by my opinion to be heavy weighted to one side. The topic has been present in all of my iPhone headlines from my News app as well. Truthfully, pretty difficult. I feel that many of the articles involve that writers emotions or viewpoints and are skewed and not totally fact. They are based on fueling emotion more than straight information. Especially the ones promoted on my FB feed. The articles I find from my different news stations are more straight to the point but still very biased.85There is a large variety in my newsfeed because I chose to have selections from a large variety of news stations. They range from politics, to economics, to entertainment, food and wine, travel, etc. But they typically all look the same from a general article standpoint when viewing on my phone or computer. I don't really have a strong emotion one way or the other. I do feel that the certain topic for the moment that media chooses to perseverate on can be like beating a dead horse. I do know that they is a lot more going on in the world than refugees and women's rights and Russia, but I feel like thats all that is being shoved down our throats. So it would be nice to have more variety and maybe even more positive variety. I feel like there are a decent amount of videos, but sometimes I prefer just to read it. It tends to be much quicker. A more fun approach to the videos, for example someone talking about the article and other viewpoints related to the article. More time is spent on my phone. Roughly ~75%. I wish it was more categorized. It all just comes up in one big list and not separated out between topics. I would like to be able to choose an article based on viewer ratings based on unbiased and most fact providing article.
Local news article about meteor, found via reddit on my phone, clicked link...Find out about the meteor, read about itI listen to both sides of the argument (for/against) and read up on the facts they use to support both. Then I make my own opinion on the matter (which is often not solidified quickly)Kind of difficult. I assumed that Trump and his supporters were not being fully honest, but I also saw the knee jerk reaction to him immediately and was unsure if opponents were also being completely truthful54World news, local news, hobby related newsThere are perspectives I wish I encountered moreFar more articles, I save videos for Youtube-like contentAbout half since I'm on my desktop quite often for workI like outlets like reddit that bring you news up to date and with various sources, but at the same time there is collusion among the communities to avoid certain perspectives and sourcesI'd like all the relevant wikipedia articles and facts right alongside the news when it's reported
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